Since I always keep running into funny things regarding K-Pop I will post them here! So have fun!
Newest spazz is always on top! ;D

Fun 6: Your very own K-Drama

 photo D1_zps2440681c.png
 photo D2_zpsbff95162.png
 photo D3_zpsa8ceb0a2.png
 photo D4_zps8ae15bc0.png
 photo D5_zps62772f58.png
 photo D6_zps09a5d7ff.png
 photo D7_zps481342cc.png
 photo D8_zps6e833047.png
 photo D9_zpseac6b180.png
 photo tumblr_n2oywylnmJ1s5rcvuo10_500_zps1aabcb6d.png

Fun 5: JYJ Game


My result said: “Junsu hugged me because I`m pretty.”
*giggles* hehe… ^///^ uuh, thanks Junsu!

Fun 4: SuJu Game 2


>///< OMG SUN! My b-day is the 16th of September and the color of my socks was green so…. my game result said “HanGeng slept with me because he things I`m cute.” >/////< *blushes madly*
$%/)§457J93$)%/SE%/§%/P§§99!!!!! I CANNOT EVEN! *dies*

(OTL Waaaaeeee??? Wae is it always Geng? Wae oh wae? Aigoo, squishy what are you doing with me… *fangirl sigh*)

Fun 3: SuJu Game 1


*haha! Great! AngelLeader loves me!
My result said “Leeteuk invited me on a date because he loves me.” =D I`m loved by AngelLeader! That`s great!

Fun 2: Timetable!
*haha* I wish my timetable at school would have looked like that!


Fun 1: Rules of a fangirl


HAHA! EPIC! This is all so true! I almost pity the boys on earth, because fangirls are not easy as girlfriends. And in most of the cases they don`t even want to a the girlfriend of someone else than their “already hubby” aka bias xD

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