“People will always fear what they don’t understand… hate what they can’t conquer… and secretly admire anyone who’s doing better than them.”

___________________I`m listening to:
DB5K * JYJ * HoMin * Super Junior * HanGeng * Brian Joo *
SS501 * Big Bang * BoA * Ailee *

Me says: “Sorry, but would you please marry me… Junsu-ya, Yunho-ya, Siwon-ah, Junho-ya!? *JK*”
Well, if I could really pick one, so gimme Siwon ^^ that`s enough~♡♥♡♥♡

About the bands/artists: Okay, HanGeng is really more c-pop but since he was brought to us via k-pop I let this count!

There`s really no music on earth I love more. With k-pop I finally found what I was searching for all the years. It makes me happy and I never regreted entering the k-pop world!
Although there is drama sometimes and it’s not always just fun. Nonetheless it`s wonderful! A shared experience with a lot of wonderful ppl!
K-Pop is Photobucket!

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