I will list up my k-pop related dreams. Look forward to it! *haha* and read what`s going on in #AFangirlsInsaneMind !
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(in 2010 it was not so much because this is when I came to my fandoms: mid 2010)

This is the k-dreams year of 2010*: ・゚✧

The “The most embarrassing happening >///< ” dream
(ppl involved: Donghae and me!)

The first time a SuJu member was in my dreams…
This dream was very short and I don`t know wae I dream stuff like that. Maybe becaseu I watched the mini-dramas way too often XD
But I was walking, looking at my phone and then pumed into Donghae – or more exact HE into ME becaue he was walking at the wrong side of the way. We both fell and… >< ended up in the KyuMin position… you know, the one of the mini drama “roommate” >///< Of course… le me on top of him Photobucket OMG! THIS WAS THE MOST EMBARRASSING… WHAT EVER… WHAT EVER HAPPENED TO ME! GOSH!
It was even more embarrassing when I realized that it was Donghae who bumped into me Photobucket
>< I said “D: sorry! I`m so sorry!”, he said “No, I`m sorry. It was my fault” … Aigoo! I only thought “God, please kill me already… this is too embarrassing >//<” (not because it was Hae, just because it was so embarrassing! >////< )

Haiz! It`s even embarrassing to write about it again although this dream was months ago!
Never expected Donghae to be in my dream. o-o WHAT DA F*CK!
But he was the first SuJu person in my dreams ever. Okay, it was the most embarrassing happening of all times in my k-dreams, but… yeah, at least it was a k-dream! *have to think positive!*

Additional Dream! (basically)

The “Having a little rant” dream
(ppl involved: JYJ and me!)

To begin with: this dream is really, really old. I never wrote it down on the blog so I have to remember it from my mind now. I dunno exactly when this dream took place but as far as I can remember it took place after I met HoMin (before the Donghae dream). On top of all it was such a little episode of a dream but still…
So what happened:
I was in some kind of hotel room with JYJ. I was randomly visiting them. Again ^^.
So far the nice part. Because somehow we came to talk about the lawsuit and how complicated the situation has become since they left SM. Suddenly I felt like everything sucks and listed up all the things I’m annoyed with in this whole lawsuit matter.
Jaejoong and Yoochun sitting on a couch and Junsu on a chair in front of a desk near me while I was walking up and down the room, getting lost in a rant about… just everything. After some moments it seemed like Junsu couldn’t stand me walking up and down anymore, because when I had a short stop to gesture near him grabbed my wrist and directed me around the chair (I was standing somewhat behind him/the chair) and somehow I came to sit on his lap in the end.
But I couldn’t care less since I really complained about everything I thought was unfair to them and told them how it botheres da hell outa me. They all were silent and just let me talk (maybe they knew I wouldn’t stop anytime soon ^^°°°°). Junsu was looking straight ahead with a serious face, looking at the carpet on the ground and only nodding from time to time when I made another remark about something.
T.T this was so…. *gestures* it was the time when I`ve kept silent about everything, the whole lawsuit and my feelings regarding it, for so long and suddenly everything had to come out.
Not like it was planned that way or so. It just came out.
Damn… even though this included a moment with Junsu all I could think about was my despair regarding everything and I was glad that I could let it out.
And Junsu endured my rant well ^^° (basically the other 2 too, but in the end I was mostly talking to him then).

The “JYJ/HoMin” dream
(ppl involved: HoMin, JYJ and me!)

One day I heard that there will be a k-pop concert at my old school. Good, I asked myself “wae da hell is this held at my old school” but I did not care! I thought I will just go there! Of course I would!
So I walked to my old school and wondered that there are not that much ppl around. oO did nobody know about it? Yeah, but I couldn`t care less at this moment. I walked around to the back of the house and wanted to see if I could find JYJ. Haven`t met them for a long time. After a short while of walking around I found then. We talked for a while (you know, JYJ and noona already know each other ^^) and in the next moment I found myself with their manager hyung in a room. He talked about the upcoming concert and also picked up the lawsuit matter and talked about SME and the difficulties in korea. It was a general “what to do next regarding this”-mood in the room. Not really pleasant… >_> Everyone was pretty frustrated and I really felt sorry for them.
BUT I have absolutely no idea wae I had to be there with their manager hyung. Maybe Junsu just took me with him? I have no idea!
My dream then skipped to the next day. I was walking around the area, JYJ were gone. But I found HoMin instead! O.O Ai! HoMin! Changmin was walking around the area, checking it out a bit and our Leader just sitting there on the side and waited for their manager hyung to arrive. I walked over to him because I haven`t seen him for a long time (yeees, me and Leader씨 somehow knew each other *thumbs up*). Yunho was also happy to see me and greeted me. I sat down besides him and we began to talk a little about how they are doing right now and wae they are here. So I came to know that they are here for the second day of the k-pop concert. We didn`t talked about JYJ or the lawsuit. Leader씨 asked me how I was doing and told him it`s okay these days. I didn`t want to bring the JYJ topic up so I said it`s okay (but of course I was totally not okay because of the whole lawsuit thing). I sighed and said that I`m glad to see the two of them again (changmin was still cheking out the area XD like a little, curious kid). Aigoo… I couldn`t help myself and leaned on our Leader씨`s shoulder. I felt despair and wanted our Leader씨 to stay 4ever.

Aish! Stupid lawsuit! >< messes up even my k-dreams! OTL wae do even my k-dreams have to be so reality-alike? Wae JYJ and HoMin sepeareted?

The “My first JYJ dream ever” dream
(ppl involved: JYJ and me!)

This was the first time JYJ appeared in my dreams, and it was like disss:
I dreamed we moved into a house that wasn`t fully built insinde (note: this was wayyy before we knew that we would end up building a house like we do now, so I don`t know wae I was dreaming that) and our neighbours were really not good ones. I was annoyed like hell! ><
On top of all the moving stress and the silly neighbours I had to work long everyday and somehow I thought “When I have to work all day I cannot visit the boys anymore! *grr* =_=” ” (well, whyever I thought this! ^^ I don`t know. It`s not that I would see them normally XD would be great, though *haha*).
And the worst thing was that we lived somewhere I didn`t even knew the surroundings a bit. and… my sense of direction is as good as our Leader`s so… eh hehe… ^^° I got lost on the way to work because it was night and dark >< OMG! Some days later (yes, my dream made a time leap of 2 weeks or so) I told my mom I would be out this afternoon to visit the boys. I somehow knew where to find them and didn`t had to search long. I didn`t have an exact idea of what they were doing, but I think it was filming a MV for one if their songs. I only knew they were busy right now so I didin`t wanted to interrupt what they were doing and started walking around the area. While doing this I tough any strange thingy standing around and… eehh… wrecked it ^^° oops! I was like “lalala… it wasn`t me! *walking away*” XDD It was a bit boring because the boys were still busy and I was tired of waiting. So I started walking around again and found some dogs! 😀 I ended up talking to them and pet them, when suddenly Chunnie found me there. Yeah well, we said hi and started to talk (yeah, in my dream I was a friend of them ^^ *hihi* good dream!). Yoochun asked me wae I was here today and now. I told him that I was working like a mad (wo)man for the last time and I haven`t even seen Junsu for over 2 weeks *me-> Junsu deprived*, and so I mainly came to see Junsu… XD yeah, I admited all that in front of Chunnie… eh hehe… a bit embarrassing, but he`s the Yoo in YooSu, so what?
At this moment JJ appeard out of nowhere and interrupted our talk totally excited. I couldn`t remember what he was saying exactly but I remember that he wanted to show us something he said it will be extremely funny! He said he just found out about it today and he will demonstrate it with that thingy *points to thingy* (I don`t know what this thing was, I couldn`t see it in my blurry dream… -.-).
Well, whatever. Yoochun and I came to see what JJ wanted to show us. JJ started his demo and somehow it looked a little abstract *haha* and we were only staring at first, without knowig what JJ wanted to show. We were like “WTF, Jae, what is that? oO” then Junsu appeared and asked what`s up. I said I don`t know.
We all 3 were stainding there: *staring*
JJ: *doing some crazy moves/things*
we 3: *looking at each other, raising eyebrows in wonder*
Chunnie after moment later: *lol*
Junsu/me: *lol XD*
The most confusing thing was that I didn`t knew what JJ was doing anymore after I woke up but it must have been… uniquely special (funny) XD
Well, how did the dream continue?
JYJ were still busy. After JJ`s funny demo they were about to go somewhere else today after they finished filming here. Yeah, Junsu and Noona didn`t even know what to say. Goodbye came faster than the hello and their manager was already calling them.
It ended in a little sad and awkward goodbye-moment and I went home becuase mom told me in the morning that my aunt wanted to visit us this afternoon. the strange thing was: When I came home we were all back in our old house oO (yeah, we were back there although we already moved out of there before Oo )
I went straight into the bathroom, doing my hair a little (what means: fixing it) and then the doorbell rang. Mom opened the door and my aunt came in. She came to me into the bathroon and said hello. The second thing she said was that she has a surpsrise vor me for this afternoon and she brought someone with her.
Not really excited I wondered who she brought with her and WHO APPEARD IN MY DAMN BATHROOM??!?! eh? just who?! XD ah haha! Yeeees, exactly! The boys! OMO! OMO!
JJ entered first, then Chunnie and then Junsu. JJ walked over and only grinned at me (I`m sure he planned this together with my aunt! 😛 I would bet on it!).
So there was Kim JJ standing in our bathroom in front of me, I burst out laughing happily and was grinning like an idiot. I just said “No! That`s not true now… not for real! ^^” and jumped to hug him.
After that I woke up and was still grinning happily! XDDD OMG! Sooo cool! I was SO happy after that dream. And this in the middle of the night (04:00am) XD
I mean: How cool is THAT? This dream was more than amazing! *lol*

I was very amused for the whole day!

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