I will list up my k-pop related dreams. Look forward to it! *haha* and read what`s going on in #AFangirlsInsaneMind !
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This is the k-dreams year of 2011*: ・゚✧

The “Searching for the lost dog” dream
(ppl involved: Some stupid aunties >< , me & Siwon…oO agian?!)

Once the weekend comes… a new weird k-dream comes along!
This time we had a “makes no sense, but okay…”-scenario again.

I was at a house and visited some realatives I had never ever seen in my whole life oO
Okay. So I was at their house. Two aunts, one uncle and my little younger cousin lived there. Well, I never ever saw them before but knew they were relative. My little cousin (girl) had a cute dog. But aunties didn`t liked the dog much.
First incident was: I was at the playground with the dog because I walked him. (it was a male dog). We climbed up somewhere and the I realized doggie cannot go back down that easy because it was too steep. Aunts were having a picnic nearby, I asked them for help and they were only like “none of our business” like they would say “who cares about the stupid dog?”. Well, FINE! ==” Stupid aunts! I was pissed and somehow, with some difficulties, I was able to come down from there with the doggie again by myself.
In the evening someone showed up at the house to visit my uncle. And who do you think it was? Huh? yeah… of course! Pastor Won! I was just thinking ” o: … *jaw drops, /me wonders a lot* WHAT DA EFFIN’ HELL!!!??!!????” Photobucket SIWON???!??????? I couldn`t believe it! That guy… really. He`s really everywhere, eh? I really wondered wae he knew my uncle oO appearantly he had to do some business with him. Well, at least that`s what Siwon told me. For the rest of the evening I was in some kind of “WTH, cannot believe”-mood. Eh hehe… *embarrassed laugh* ^^° I was so absent-minded that he thought I was ignoring him ^^° OMO! I didn`t meant to! D:< I have to say… errr… oops? I was so in wonder about Siwon appearing everywhere and even at the house of my aunts too that I wondered about it the whole time. I was thinking about what Patricia said before XDD *insider* And my poor friend Siwon tried to talk to me but I didn`t replied that much.
But since he said he comes back around tomorrow I simply decided to not -ignore- him tomorrow.
Okie then! The next day!
In the morning I got up, went downstairs and noticed the ruckus in the living room. I went in and saw that my little cousin was crying while aunts were somewhat angry. Uncle was not at home right now.
Little cousing told me that her dog ran away when she walked him this morning because he was frightend by something. She said he ran up to the mountains. Somehow I was like “OMG! But there are mountain lions (Puma) up there!”. (well, whatever oO mountain lions? in germany? oooh yes, I see oO)
I wanted my aunts to come with me to search for doggie but they refused. They were somehow glad that the dog was gone… they never liked this dog (dunno wae). I was in such an angry “WTH you freakin’ b*tches???!!!!You serious with that?!?Photobucket“-mood when Siwon showed up again.
Seeing my little cousin cry, seeing me with a “Photobucket I will SO kill you aunties…”-expression he ask what`s wrong here. I told him about the missing dog and that aunts refuse to go with me to search for him. Siwon`s expression also became darker, he opened the terrace door and said to me “Then let`s go.”.
I was shooting one last ==”-death glare at aunties and left the house with Siwon to search for the dog.
Well, we walked around in the mointains for a while without finding a single trace of doggie. We decided to take a break and Siwon wanted to know what`s wrong with those aunties. I told him about the happening at the playground, that I think aunties never liked the dog and I started to rant and rant and rant about my stupid aunts. At some point Siwon tried to calm me but I couldn`t stop ranting XDD oops! Ranting again about random stuff with no end… and this time it was Siwon`s first time to endure my gigant rant XD
We continued our search a little later and then I woke up.

The remaining question is if Siwon has nothing better to do as to creep around in my dreams?? xDD
+ What a pity that I never witnessed how we found the little dog but I`m sure we did! =P
Siwon-Sangmi-Searchteam can find every dog! Call us under… PWAAHAHAHA! XD okay! forget that part! *runs away laughing now*

The “Kangin is back! =D ” dream
(ppl involved: Patricia, me & SuJu =D )

The dream I had recently was a really short one but it was coooool! =D

I dreamed I attended a SuJu concert together with our favourite ELF Patricia!
It was the first concert they did with Kanging together again! YAY! He returned from the army and they did their first concert together now. Patricia and I were very lucky! It was such a big venue and we were in the first row =D OMG! So cool!
I was so happy to see Kangin on stage with them again ^^ and the best thing about this was that the concert was in Germany and we SO had no problems to attend!
Cynthia wasn`t with us because her mom didn`t allow her to attend ==” aaargh! >< sucked sooo much! That was the only negative thing about it.

The “OMG! WTH!? NUUUUUUUU!!!!!” dream ><
(ppl involved: me + guest appearance of a Newspaper oO … …)

My dream: I was doing some outdoor activity. I was going on a ride with my bike (okay, I don`t even have a bike! so WTH 1 !)
When I was taking a break I found a newpaper and randomly started to read in it. Yeah… but newspaper said with huuuge headline that Super Junior`s Yesung is leaving SM. I cannot remember what exactly was written in the article but something happened that pissed him off so much that he left.
I was like “…. O: DA HELL NUUUUUUUU!!!!!! WAAEEEE???? O:<<< ” WHAT DA EFFIN’ HELL 2!!!

Aigoo… >< Wae do I dream stuff like that? SUCKS & I DON`T LIKE IT! (and wae da hell is this on the first page of german newspaper? o_____o )

The “Fanmeeting…→FAIL! *facepalm*” dream
(ppl involved: Cassiopeia/Bigeast, Siwon, me + guest appearance of JJ!)

As if I was not talking about just a few days ago… What`s the point, you ask? I had a k-dream again!
Yeah *haha* A strage one again!

There was a Cassie/Bigest meeting, more like a fanclub trip, arranged by SME. I dunno in which land, I only know my best friend was going with me and we had to travel there.
We ended up at a, pretty beautiful looking, airport. It was a modern and nicely constructed building. It had a warm atmosphere althought it was very modern. This airport was just cool! It was said the meeting place would be outside the airport so we just walked through it.
We walked, and walked (airport was big) to reach the exit. I was thining about how many cassies would already wait outside and such things. So thinking of no evil *haha* someone suddenly ran up to me, trying to catch up to me. I was like “…what da?!” but then I saw that the person who called out for his Noona was Siwon! OMG! Siwon! Again!? Photobucket
Well, I didn`t think it`s that of a surprising to meet Siwon at an airport but to meet him again was indeed surprising. (OTL my already old friend Siwon in my dreams xD too cool!). Somehow… in my dreams we always end up running into each other *haha* I cannot help myself, it always happens!
My best friend didn`t pay that much attention to him because she was walking a little bit ahead of me and is not interested in koreans in the first place. So I was behind her with a smiling Siwon who asked me wae I was here and where I was going. I told him about the cassie meeting and he said he`s sorry that he cannot attend it with me because he has to go somewhere. I was thinking ‘okeh~ but why da hell would you want to attend a cassiopeian fanclub meeting with me xD Siwon you`re so weird!’ LOL funny!
While talking with him Siwon was smiling at me like an idiot. He said he cannot talk for long to me now BUT he has something that he wants to tell me. I was really wondering what Siwon wants to tell me but then he said his goodbye and ran over to his manager Hyung who was already calling him over. Only then I realized that half of SuJu was at the airport, but they were on their way to get the schedule of today done. Well, whatever SuJu, whatever ^^/ *waves goodbye* .
I was on my way to a fanclub meeting!
After this short episode with Siwon my best friend and I arrived outside and saw many ppl in red t-shirts =D GOOD! That was the right place! And I immediately found out that my Bigeast Unni was there too! Photobucket OMOOO! Shizuka Unni~~~~! I greeted her and she told me we are supposed to wait for the SM representative for this event. Okay, so we did. More and more cassies/bigeast gathered and then the SM person showed up. The man told us to come near him and then said THIS about today`s ‘event’: Cassiopeia/Bigeast will spend a day with special guests of SM family.
At first we were like “=D KAAAAAH! (((o(*゚▽゚*)o)))” . but… yeah, it was NOT the guests we thought! We thought of HoMin and then… SNSD showed up! oO WEEEEEIRDEST MOMENT EVERRRRR!!!!! + very awkward silence °__° ….
Our fanclubs were like “EEEEH????? WHAT DA EFFIN’ F*CK?! *collective jaw dropping / disbelieving* ”
SM man said we would go on a tour in the town together. fanclubs were like “:/ well, since we are here…. FINE! Then we go on a tour with SNSD *disappointed*”
So our group started to walk. We all, in our PEARL RED shirts, walking around with SNSD xD LOL Weirdest thing in history!
Fans talked to each other and wondered wae da hell we were with SNSD now. I think this was some “Cassiopeia/Bigeast, learn to love SNSD so there will be less fanwar*-activity. but… WHAT DA HELL! I wasn`t too happy about that nonsense. SME, are you freakin’ kidding us?! Sending us on a trip with SNSD for one day oO
While we were still disappointend, SNSD started to act nice around Cassiopeia/Bigeast and they all talked to us. Taeyeon tried to invole me in a talk with her for a while, but I didn`t show much intereste because I was thinking about different ways to kill this SM man =-=” who was the leader/guide of our whole group. What were they thinking?! I mean: SNSD? WITH our clubs?! On a tour? Oh yeah… great idea…ㄱ-ㄱ
A little later Sunny was walking besides me and made a funny comment about our VERY awkward situation and I had to laugh. For the rest of the day everything was just too weird! I mean… the whole atmosphere. I dunno what SME was thinking! *facepalm* well, at least cassiopeia and bigeast were able to meet up and AT LEAST we had fun together. So in the end we were happy nonetheless.
Later in the afternoon SM man suddenly told us the rest of this event is cancelled because SNSD were called back to the headquarters because there was a sudden schedule for them or so. Whatever. We all were like “*shrugs* okie, bye then oO *still confused*” and SM man left with SNSD.
What to do now? We all were hungry and went back to the airport. Some of us went home and a smaller group, where my best friend and I were in, of us found a restaurant to eat. It was inside the airport and it`s walls were fully of glass and you could see what was happening at the airport. You could see ppl walking around and the shops on the other side of the big hall ^^
We sat down at the restaurant and soon we noticed that JJ was there too =D OMG! BIG WIN! Finally the day had it`s highlight! We were like “uwah! so cool to be here with JJ!”.
JJ greeted us and said he was only on his way home and wanted to eat here. Yeah, we said we are doing the same he said “Let`s eat together then!”. HECK YES! And we did!
So everyone ordered and then suddenly there was a list. Everyone of us wrote her name on that list. It was said this will be given to JJ with presents later. Just to record who was there that day ^^ *haha* silly us! xD
So we were writing our names, my best friend got the list before me. She decided to put her name on the list too. As I watched her writing I was like “O___O WHAT DA—!” because I saw that she was writing her name in perfect hangul on the list. In fact everyone was writing the names in hangul Photobucket yeah well, as the fangirls we are… Wae not? Or course, I did so too! (wrote “김상미” on it =P ).
Then we were eating. I noticed that we had more guests of surprise in that restaurant! Ryeowook & Sungmin were there now too! =D I wondered why they choosed to eat in a restaurant full of cassies & with JJ xD but there seemed to be no SM ppl around (like manager or something) so I guess it was okay. (but… they acted weird nonetheless, they didn`t talk to each other >< I mean, the two to JJ… ah, I don`t like! >-< )
Looking at those two reminded me of Siwon. I really wondered what he wanted to tell me and why he was smiling like cray while he was talking & announcing that to me. oO He still hasn`t showed up yet and I also wondered how he planned to find me after he had left before with not knowing where I would be? Strage Siwon! oO really…
I was thinking: “I cannot just call him and ask him about it. Too embarrassing. Too obvious. I will just write him a message to his phone tomorrow morning and ask him what he was doing today, so he will tell me all by himself then =P *making perfect women`s plan*”

Then I woke up and saw on my clock that I had already overslept REALLY BAD ^^° I wanted to fall back asleept but I really had to get up! AISH! I finally had a k-dream again and I couldn`t find out what`s the matter with Siwon announcing mysterious things!
To be honest I wondered half of the forenoon at work about different things he could have wanted to tell me. o__o + I really ask myself wae in the world I got his number from (in my dream)…
Maybe I will find out about everything when I meet him in my dreams the next time. Maybe not. We will see ^^

The “A real friend” dream
(ppl involved: Mom, me and Siwon!)

Okay, my dream: It was weird (as always), my mom had some kind of shop and somehow I was always hanging out there.
One afternoon there was some kind of party there and many customers came. I was there too and looked around the ppl, checking if I know somebody. Yeah well, sadly I did… -.-” My Ex showed up and wanted to start a talk with me. I was like “F U” and went outside in the garden of the shop where also were ppl. Lucky as I am I saw something: At one table there were 3 koreans and I walked over to them because *hehe* Siwon was one of them. Lucky me!
They were in the middle of a talk when I sat down on the empty place besides Siwon. I sighed, Siwon asked “What`s wrong?”, I made him look back to where my ex was standing and said “Save me.”, Siwon said “oh, no problem” and involved me in their talk XD aah haha! Siwon, thank you so much! You are my hero! *haha* xD ㅋㅋㅋ
Good thing to be friends with Siwon in my dreams! He would always save noona! Siwon keeps being a real friend! *so thankful*

The “JYJ concert/couples” dream
(ppl involved: Best friend, Soulmate, JYJ and me!)

I had a k-dream this night again! Aigoo… it was a total chaos somehow. The first part of the dream was totally useless because it simply made no sense oO
In the end it was the day of the concert in Berlin. Me, the all hyper being, was heading with my best friend to the Tempodrom. It was a weird area somehow, but… my dream itself was weird and sometimes blurry so never mind. *shrugs*
When we arrived at our final destination I saw that alredy a lot of ppl were there. But due to some unknows reason no Stephi Unni and no Soulmatesister! D: aaah! WAAAEEE????! And on top of all I had forgotten to take my phone with me! *facepalm* Babo I am! I couldn`t even phone my sis!
My best friend told me her “c you later” and I was about to go inside.
Okay somehow my dream switched from outside of the tempodrom directly to it`s inside and I was already placed on my seat. It was a big room. Bigger as I had expected it to be. And the seat I had was just perfect! Not the first row, but the third. I could see the stage in just the most perfect way possible. AWESOME!
Suddenly my best friend took the seat besides me and told me “Surprise! *showing her sVIP ticket* I will watch this with you ;)“. ah haha! Great! This is my dream: To attent a k-pop concert with her! So the show began. I saw JunJaeChun… they were super near somehow. Chunnie looked just amazing! He was the one who was the closest to me and he looked happy and… damn good! ^^ JJ and Junsu were a little bit further afar but I could still see them clearly.
Yeah the concert went on, we heard Mission, Emty Remix & Be My Girl ^^ *hehe* and did the fan dance to it! The only weird thing was: I saw ppl doing some weird dance for Emty too oO Never knew a dance to empty exists and I was like “WTF?” but okeh~~
So the first few songs were played and after these 3 they paused and talked to the audiences. JJ said “Annyeonghaseyo, JYJ imnida!” and everyone replied “Annyeonghaseyo, Oppa!” *haha* This was the coolest moment of the concert so far ^^ Then the boys talked a little and the show went on.
After the concert ended we waited a little till most of the audiences were gone. My best friend wanted to go too but I said I have something to do and somehow I thought that I have to search for my soulmatesister. Somehow I was responsible to bring her home and it just came back to my mind in that moment. Okeh, so I found my way backstage ㅋㅋㅋ Junsu`s noona can do this! I always find a way (at least in my dreams) and once I was there I heard my little sis talking and laughing. I followed her voice and… naaah, guess where it guided me? XD RIGHT into JJ`s room. JJ was talking to her and she laughed. Appearently he told her something funny. I came in and could only see JJ, sis was in a small side room to get something and I only heard her.
I said: “Sis, were are you? We have to go.”
Sis answered giggling: “I`m not here!”
I said: “Stop kidding me, I can hear you…”
Sis then said she called her mom and she will go home with her later. Fine then, so I told JJ to take care (of her) and decided to search for Junsu. As always I first found Yoochun. I`m used to it by now. I asked him about his health and if he`s fine. He just nodded and said “It`s okay, don`t worry”. I gave him a critical look because yeah, would Yoochun really tell me the truth even if he`s not perfectly fine? -_- I was afraid he would hide everything from noona just that I don`t worry about him! But before I could say something more he said I should go and look for Junsu. For him, Junsu appeared to be a little mad lately because I didn`t came to visit him for a long time. (yeah well sorry? I don`t have the money to fly to korea oO My hubby must be kidding me… OO….)
okay, I thought a mad Junsu isn`t good so I searched for him in the next room before the situation will go worse. Yeah, once I was there I found out that Chunnie was right. Junsu was somehow… sulking. oO eeeh? Junsu! Wae are you like that towards noona? T.T
I wanted to ask him about it and talk to him but Junsu didn`t really wanted to talk. yeah, but if he thought his Noona would let him escape just like that… hoho! Junsu really don`t know his noona then! Since he was walking around the whole time I was semi-annoyed. Aigoo, I couldn`t even talk properly to him! Junsu was walking up and down the room was about to driving me insane >< AISH! So I stopped him and said “What`s the big deal? You want to be mad at me 4ever now?”. Now Junsu somehow looked guilty as he relized that he overreacted a bit. I sighed, but… ㅋㅋㅋ then glomped him, hugged him tightly and gave him a kiss! Photobucket 아ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ! *amused laugh* Then Junsu hugged noona back! What a couple moment! ^___^
Nah, but: Ottoke??? He looked so pityful, sad but also cute! What have you guys expected noona to do?
What nonsense for Junsu and Sangmi to semi-fight about such a stupid matter! aww! So this was not only a concert and soulmate dream, but also a “the first kiss of the JunMi couple” dream! (≧∇≦) KYAH! I`m still SO super embarrassed only by thinking of it!
>/// < I mean: WHAT DA HELL! ^///^° Of course we were a happy couple again afterwards. Photobucket (Omo! Just like in a k-drama! =D )
I spent a little more time around Junsu then and later I had to go. meh. sucked. But the boys had to do their things and I had to go back to my, by this time annoyed, best friend. She told me to hurry because otherwise we would be late to catch the last train back home. We searched for a taxi that would bring us to the station and found one. But our taxi driver was a really strange guy and… and… *pout* super unfriendly! >< AISH! THAT GUY!
As we arrived at the station I realized that I`ve forgotten to give my soulmatesister her presents and immediately said “Oh crap!” and facepalmed. My best friend gave me a weird look like “what`s wrong with you? oO”. Yeah, the we went into the station and my dream ended.

Ai! Cassiopeia will kill me for sure after that dream! I mean… ^///^ I kissed my hubby! KYAH! XDD Daebak k-dream! weird as always but still daebak.
This was mixing up things again. I mean, the perfect scene just like out of a k-drama, the concert in Berlin, my best friend and my soulmatesister with her beloved JJ. Yeah, you see what happens when I mixe all this up. 🙂

The “my very first HALLYUcination” half-dream
(ppl involved: My Alarm clock, Siwon and me!)

I had a really weird morning experience! The alarm of my clock rang like every morning. noona turned it off like every morning and refused to get up ^^° I always stay in bed for 15 minutes longer.
But this time I had chilling 15 minutes! I woke up for the first time shortly after I turned the alarm off because I thought I heard someone talking besides my bed. Okie, I woke up, heard no one and chilled again. Then, half asleep, I woke up like shocked for a second time and somehow I thought Siwon was just here… oO Really! Wae? Siwon? In my room? yeah, of course… NOT! So I chilled again. Now the most weird part of all this: I woke up for the third time and was really like “WHAT DA HELL!?? Photobucket WHAT DA F*CK!?” I heard Siwon`s voice like he would stand directly besides my bed! I mean… WHAT DA FAAAAACKnesssssss!!!!
I clearly heard him calling me and say “Noona, get up!” as if he would kick me when I don`t get up now because I will be late to work… REALLY! I haven`t had such a weird feeling getting up in the morning for a long time!

Well, well… Siwon makes it possible!
*shakes head* UNBELIEVABLE! How weird am I? #Hallucinations4ever … 진심으로! 아이고! >< Am I slowly going crazy? (like back then, when I heard Ajeossi talking about some choclate chips I should bring him from the basement and I understood “The ones from -Heechul-” … oO )

The “Big Bang!” dream
(ppl involved: Audiences, indirectly Big Bang)

Two days ago I also had a blurry k-pop dream. I cannot remember much but I think it was about Big Bang… I cannot even tell you what it was because it was totally blurry and scrappy… I know there were a lot of ppl around and I only heard someone say “That`s Big Bang!”. Well, maybe it was a fortune telling dreams again? ^^ You remember! I linked the AllKPop article about Big Bang being nominated for the Mtv European Music Awards!

Edit: Big Bang won the Mtv awards b^^d #justsaying
My fortune telling via dreams was accurate once again!

The “Two days of concert” dream
(ppl involved: JYJ, SuJu, my best friend and me + some special suprise guests v^^.)

Guess what guys?!
I had a weird k-dream that night again! Nu, actually there were two weird k-pop dreams!

Dream 1:
It all started with some kind of -event- that was about to happen outside. It was said that there was a k-pop open-air concert and SuJu were supposed to appear. I was like “OMG! WE WILL SEE SUJU?!? FOR REALZ?!?? Photobucket *super excited*”
Soon many ELFs were around and some cassies too (at that point I didn`t know wae they were there – I thought they wanted to see SuJu ^^).
Then SuJu really appeard on that small stage. Not all of the members were able to come, but the concert was daebak anyway. ELFs were dancing to “Sorry, Sorry” & “Bonamana” Photobucket while we cassies cheered for them. Siwon and Donghae were at the side I was standing Photobucket *happy, happy* 아! 진짜! Too 짱! This dreams was really too Jjang! It felt so real again! I really thought this was happening here and now. It was an awesome feeling to be there. In this dream I saw everything so clear in front of my eyes… oh, wonderful! The best part was really the ELFs dancing to “Sorry, Sorry”!! I wanted to dance with them! It was like… nothing could hold me back! ah haha! And I was singing that song so loud ^^° *embarrassed*
I think I woke up for a few seconds after the SuJu concert dream, but then my second dream started.

Dream 2:
Most of the ELFs were gone and more cassies appeard on the scene. After the first concert day was over, and SuJu went back home, the second concert day could start. This time it was JYJ`s turn to appear. Now I knew why the cassies came the day before. Not just because they wanted to see SuJu, nu, they were actually waiting for JYJ!
The place was relatively small but was crowded by many, many cassies soon. Somehow I managed to bring my best friend Celebrian, my sister Sis & my mom there with me (OMG! how did I manage this? XD make them go to a k-pop concert? YES! I GUESS I AM THAT GOOD!) *giggle*
I was fully excited when the concert started. This time there was not even a real stage. It was just JYJ standing in front of us and, as the good fans we are, we stood around them, behaved (what means: we left them some space to performe) & enjoyed their show.
My best friend was looking critically at the scene, not sure what to think about it XD *haha* Maybe she was a little scared of the cassies I don`t know. My Sister Sis (what means: my real sis) was somehow annoyed that she let me drag her to the concert because she dosen`t even likes k-pop. My mom had fun, even though she had no clue what JYJ were singing about.
At the end of their show the boys said they have some surprise guest for today XD ah haha! And guess what? The special guests were their dogs XD Xiahki, Vick & Harang were suddenly there and everyone was like -aww! how cute!- Photobucket.
Harang ended up standing right in front of me. I talked to him and petted him ^^ Somehow in my dream Harang was a smaller than I expected a Malamute to be but that didn`t matter to me. The point was that I stroked Chunnies dog =D
It was awesome, before the concert finally ended JJ came over to where my best friend and I were standing and shared this drink with us XD AAAH! TOO AWESOME! This dream was the pure awesome-ness!!!
When it ended Mom went back home with my sister sis and my best friend stayed with me till all the cassies were gone. We started to walk home and saw JYJ who were just about to go into their Van to drive to the airport. But I only saw Junsu, shouted and waved “bye, bye!!!” XD totally random and Junsu was waving back “Bye darling!”
At first I giggled like an idot and then turned to my best friend like: “Wait…! Did he just really say -bye darling-?!?!? *squeals* OMG! *blushes* *LOLs like an idiot because of happiness*”. My best friend only was like: “*grin/roll eyes* Photobucket Always the same with you.”
Aw! But it was just so nice!!!! So Junsu has not forgotten about his Noona! Photobucket awwww~~! Look what a nice hubby I have! Photobucket

I wish I would have such dreams more often! I mean: How awesome is that?!? I dreamed of a 2-days-concert with SuJu and JYJ?!? Well, sadly there was no HoMin but the dreams were great anyway!
And it was even yesterday when I thought “damn! the last 2 days my dreams SUCKED! I want to have an k-dream again!”.
Yeah well, here we go with the awesomeness again!

It was weird that Harang was smaller than he should be but I don`t care! In the end it was Harang! Dosen`t matter how small or big he is! Photobucket (+ don`t forget that I stroked him! =) )

The coolest thing was definitely that my best friend stayed until the end although she didn`t know exactly what to think about all this. I think she would do this in real life too. *hugs Celebrian* That`s just how awesome my best friend is *throws confetti for her*

The “Action movie/Seminar” dream
(ppl involved: Siwon, Henry and me)

My dream was like disss:
It was a pretty weird dream – as always.
Many ppl were at some kind of seminar. Me included. There was a big room filled with all the ppl and the seminar was about to start.
There were 3 big, long talbes and like… hundreds of ppl sitting around them.
I really asked myself wae I was here because I knew no one of the ppl in this room. But somehow I was told by my boss to be there so I had no choice.
I was a little annoyed and searched for a free seat. As a few moments after I sat down someone came to sit on the chair beside me.
*hihi* guess who!
It was Siwon. Photobucket
I was happy to finally have a person around I know (I already met Siwon in a dream before and somehow he remebered that we have met before XD). Siwon said he has no idea wae he had to go to this seminar (oh yeah, then we were actually two xD) and told me that Henry was around as well, but he lost him somewhere because there were so many ppl. I said “We will find him later,” and grabed Siwon`s arm “but you don`t leave me.” (because he was the only person I knew there, otherwise I would have been all alone again). Siwon laughed and said “okay,I`m not leaving.”
Yeah well, the (pretty boring) seminar started and I have no idea what it was about. Well, maybe because I didn`t listen to what the seminar-guy talked about xD Noona and Siwon were busy chatting. *ah haha* We are such bad ppl! Told by our bosses to go there and then paying no attention to it at all. I don`t remember what we talked about, but I remember that there were two woman on the other side of the table eyeing us the whole time. They kinda looked pissed ;P Dunno wae! (*hehe* maybe they were jealous? who knows! This was our freakin’ Captain Choi Siwon in front of me! =P )
And then the part where my dream started to be super weird began: Suddenly 3 men ran into the seminar, shouted something and took us all as their hostages oO WTF!
But it was only a short time until some police ppl kicked in the door of the room and freed us XDD It was just like in a movie! oh my god! My weird dreams are so strange all the time!
Back to the story: All ppl hurried out and Siwon and I were only thinking -we have to find Henry now!- . We separeted and started searching for Henry. Yeah well, it wasn`t easy because the hundreds of ppl were running around like chickens *rolleyes*. While searching I arrived at the outside of the buildings area and was about to give up when someone called “noona?!”. I turned around and it was Henry, smiling big now. *haha*
My, oh my! Our cute Henry!
I was like -omg! my little bro!-. I was just happy that he was save, smiled like an idiot, I ran to hug him in relief and we both laughed and were happy.

Yeah well, the next part of this dream dosen`t made any sense because it was a few days later and I bought an iPhone with 191GB xD (yeah, I know that such a iPhone dosen`t exist, but in my dream it existed!)
And after I got it I thought -buy one for your sister as well- and brought home two new iPhones xDDD (OMGZ!!! I`m such a rich person! Can buy two iPhones at once!)

Yeah well, all pretty senseless but it was fun!
And… I have no idea when Henry and I met before because we already knew each other but oh well *shrugs*

The “Meeting HanGeng” dream
(ppl involved: HanGeng & me)

I had a k-dream again! Yest. Well, it was about HanGeng this time Photobucket but it still counts as k-pop dream for me because he`s a former SuJu member!
This times` guest appearance in my dream: Mom XD
Okay, the dream began… hm, thinking about it… good question! Where did it begin? oO cannot tell so exact anymore. But it was after I came home from work and wanted to rest a little because later there were some things I wanted to do with mom before I had to work at night shift. (yes, this was because I had night shift that night ^^)
So I took my Laptop and sat down at some kind of a park area outside (wae are my dreams always at a strange park area lately?!?! WTF is this with the parks! o_O). There were more ppl around, walking, chatting with each other. Some of them came to this large park table I was sitting at and sat down on the other end of it. I didn`t mind them much, I only wanted to check my twitter before I had to go xD (hello reality! *haha* so true!). At first I didn`t mind the next person that came to sit on the table that much either. But then the person began to talk to the other persons sitting near and I thought “WTF?” because I only know one person who talkes like that: GENG!
I looked up and… *hehe* yes, it was HanGeng in my dream babies! ;D Sitting there and facing me from the other side of the table. I was even more thinking “WTF!!!! Photobucket” then! *dies*
I mean: Hey, I was just enjoying myself with my Mac after work and the there`s suddenly HanGeng with his iPad at my table? If that`s not a WTF-moment then I don`t knwo what it would be! And… I swear! DAMN! This dream was so real, I thought -this really happens right now-. I didn`t know that it was only a dream while I was dreaming.
However, first I didn`t said a thing. My OMG-mood soon changed to a “damn, Heechul was right”-mood (about feeling comfortable around HanGeng). Soon I really didn`t feel nervouse anymore. I silently watched him (not staring, only watching) for a few minutes, he looked at me and smiled. Then I said “look! it`s the same ^^” and pointed at the two bracelets he wore at his right hand *haha* because I wore exactly the same on my left! Please don`t ask me why! I have no idea! 🙂 Geng looked at it and said “oh, you are right.”
After we had compared them in detail we found out that they were really exact the same ones. At this moment HanGeng pointed at my other hand and said “wait… They are the same too.”
Only then I noticed that I wore a silver bracelet with a small plate on top and butterfly on it. HanGeng had the same too and was all fascinated. At this point I had to laugh and only said “haha ^^ I like that!”
This whole situation was too strange. Meeting HanGeng like… out of nowhere and then we have the same bracelets? Oh my! What is that? Photobucket
As I aked him what he was doing here he said he wanted to practise his english *hehe* Waeyo, Geng? In Germany? Okie, I don`t get this but it`s not like that this would be important when I meet you for one time in my life xD
Then I heard my mom calling me. She wanted to start our afternoon transactions and I was like ‘WTH MOM! Photobucket Wae come at me with that NOW? I`m talking with HanGeng here! Arasseo?’ in my thoughts…
Well, what to do besides replying to mom “Gimme some time!”… errr… well, especially because HanGeng`s iPad and my Mac were already connencting with each other via Bluetooth and Han was busy to show me something on his WEIBO account! ^^ Ah haha! Too weird! This dream confused da hell outa me, really!
After minute my “not able to wait 5 minutes”-mom was calling out for me again *rolleyes* I thought “WTFness, Mom!?! You see HanGeng here, eh? I don`t care about shopping right now! *facepalm*
The last thing I could remember was some kind of a… strange looking WEIBO ‘chat’ or something where Geng had sent me a message. I wanted to read it and my Mom was already walking over to me, asking what is it that takes me that long and then I woke up. -.- Pretty disappoited in my dream at this point!

And really… I thought it was all real when I woke up. I heard my mom, HanGeng and myself talking so clear! No kidding! I thought this was real O-O
아! 진짜! After I woke up I had to come back to my senses first. I was already about to get up and complain to mom wae da hell she’s interfering when I`m talking with HanGeng but then realized it was a dream. *hehe* I would have confused da hell outa her xDDD She would have had no idea what I`m talking about and what happened.
My k-dreams 4 the win!

The “Kim Twins” dream
(ppl involved: Junsu, Junho, me! and… my dad?? oO )

My dream was about Junsu & Junho going somewhere and it was said that they will be away for quite a while. :/
Of course, me was all sad about this. 😦 Don`t wanted Junsu and brother to leave me! It`s boring without them! This surely sucked! >< But they were about to go and then somehow my dad was there to drive me to the airport where they would start their journey. I was like “oO WTF?! wae is my dad in my k-dream!?” D: Well, but I didn`t cared much about him on that situation. I was about to say goodbye to the Kim twins so I didn`t care about dad! They had to hurry because they were already a little late and once at the airport Junsu hurried ahead and was gone really fast. ( oO Aigoo, Junsu don`t leave noona that soon! *pout* ) He said something about their tickes or so… err… cannot remmeber anymore. So there were Noona and Junho left. We walked from the parking area to the airport *hihi* and Noona was holding Junho`s hand (all naturally oO strange.) while walking with her brother to the airport entrance ^-^, asking him when the two of them will be back and such things. Brother was a little sad and said he`s sorry that they have to go again (appearantly they just came home before for a short time and now leaving noona again :/ world is so unfair!) Argh! I don`t even know where they were going to or what they exactly wanted to do there >< I think they were about to film something (Drama?), but I`m not sure. Dream was a little blurry too so I cannot tell how the surrounding area exactly looked like.
back to the story itself: so finally I left them both at the airport and back in the car dad said something to me but I didn`t listen. I only thought about that I miss Junsu and Junho like crazy and stupid schedule takes my family away *pout* was too upset to listen to dad.
A little later in my dream I was at a totally different location. It was some kind of… a large park or something, weather was nice.I was there for a short 3-days-vacation. I walked around and… bumped into Junsu XD OMO! He was filming there and I hugged him in excitement. Both of us where not expecting to see each other there so it was a great surprise. The last thing I remember was that junho was around somewhere too but I woke up before I could got to see brother or know the exact ending of my dream… was weird anyway but somehow cool =3

Soulmatesister said: “ahhh how cool is that *______* but you were holding hands with junho ;D *insert wuuuuuh sound*“
*lol* ^///^ eh… hehe… yes, I was ^^° But brother is still brother, I can do this! ;P no trouble with that! (but I think not only my soulmatesister will keep trolling me for that… *eyes Emmy* YAH! Don`t say a word!)

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