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This is the k-dreams year of 2012*: ・゚✧

The “A Giraffe and a Letter” dream
(ppl involved: Our dear chinese man, SunLe & me)
December 2012

This time I decided to go into the mall in the late afternoon! I`ve read there was some kind of SM exhibition thingy going on and it was the last day of it. So I just wanted to go check it out.
There weren’t too many ppl anymore because it was already late and the last exhibition day. ALSO, it was only an exhibition of differnt things, no artists present and such. (I guess that’s wae no one was there anymore xD )
I walked through it and looked through the more or less interesting things till somehting caught my eye: There was a newspaper article in a frame. It was about Yunho and it was with a big picture of him and it was from an american newspaper! I thought ‘…that’s interesting. I never knew there was an article that huge about Yunho in America… *stares at it* I wonder if Emmy knows about that. Have to show her!’ so I got out my phone and took a picture of it. After I was done I wanted to walk on but theeeen: *waves with arms* A wild SM person appeared… or more like… popped up in front of me and said it’s forbidden to take photos. I was like o__O WTF… it’s a freaking article in a frame so… JUST WHAT . DA . FACK ???’. I said “what? oO”.
-What- not like in -I don’t understand- it was more like in sense of -you serious? wth…- .
SM person repeated that it was forbidden and that I should delete it. hrrr… ==”’ so I deleted it frustrated while SM person was monitoring me. After it was deleted SM person left again and I… ㅋㅋㅋ quickyl took a picture of it again like a ninja and walked on like -lalalalaaa~ I did nothing~ – . xD hehehe… As if I would listen to what random SM ppl say… ㄱ.ㄱ in their dreams maybe, but only there! Because… IT WAS A FREAKIN’ ARTICLE IN A DAMN FRAME?! SM WAE YOU NO LET ME TAKE A PHOTO OF IT, EH?! щ(゚Д゚щ)
When I reached the end of the exhibition I decided to walk through the shops in the mall since I was already here. There was one famouse new shop that had opened recently so I went there to check on it. When I entered it I saw it was a pretty big shop. The clothes were actually cool but… *sighs* the prices. Just no. I walked through this shop only looking at the things, not even thinking about buying them. And while I was walking there just like that two ppl caught my attention. I wasn’t even done thinking ‘Ah! I guess there are SunLe and HanGeng. Cool. I noticed two women, maybe in their mid 30ties, who were kinda stalking them hard, destroying the shopping fun for them. I thought tsk, wae u have no manners? You just wait…(¬_¬) and so I went to disturb the stalker women! (ò_óˇ)
They were still keeping a bit of distance but for my taste it was already too near so I disturbed their ways of walking/crossing their way exactly in a way that they had to back off again.
Some moments later Geng’s Manager, SunLe, gestured me to come near and so I did. When I arrived in front of him I slightly bowed to him and said hello, then looking over to HanGeng who nodded at me. Me nodding back. No big greeting in such a public place ppl! OTL FIRST RULE OF ALL. (btw, SunLe knew who I was, we already met for the SuJu-M/HanGeng CF filming back then).
SunLe said thanks to me becaus he saw what I was doing xD and told me that he would take care of this now. Then he directly walked over to the 2 women and had a little talk with them. I was listening from some meters behind him and… uh, he sounded so serious… °.° … I guess I was staring a bit and was happy he wasn’t lecturing me. What made me come back to reality with my thoughts was HanGeng appearing besides me or more like walking past me closely, giving me a quick side glance. I understood and followed him walking around the shop, but with a bit of distance, walking away from the two women.
A moment later SunLe came back and the women were gone. Apparently he sent them away and they obeyed (wow, at least that). After this was done now SunLe went to the checkout to pay for some clothes they had choosen before (apparently with Geng’s credit card because these clothes were clotehs for him). When I was looking over to the checkout area I saw that the lady at the checkout got some things from the shelf behind her.
HanGeng and I were some meters behind him, waiting. Then Genny suddenly asked “Hey, do you like giraffes?”. I was a bit irriteted by this very random question but said “…yes, I do.”. Giraffes are nice~~! But what happened then was even more irritating: SunLe was looking at us and Geng waved at him with something, SunLe nodded and turned around to pay the shop lady. HanGeng then turned back at me and put what he was holding in my hand. “There you go.” he said and walked away grinning. SunLe and HanGeng left the shop and I stood there like WTF…..?. Then I looked at what he had given me before and it was a little stuffed Giraffe, about 10 cm tall as a keychain. I was even more in WTF-mode then! … I stood there speechless and only thought ‘HOW DARE YOU TO BUY THAT FOR ME, GENNY?!??? (((o(ò_ó)o))) JUST HOW!? ( ̄_ ̄|||) oh gosh! How can he dare to buy me something?! ‘. hrrr… *annoyed sigh* and then walking away with SUCH a grin. I absolutely don’t approve of him buying me things…. no matter how small they may be. … …. =_= and he probably knows that very well! Walking away quickly, huh? What coincidence Genny… what coincidence… . On top of all I only realized then that I stood directly besides a shelf with such keychain stuff and little stuffed animals in general. I didn’t get wae they were selling this here xD Maybe for the kids? I have no clue. But at least I understood now where Geng got that thing from all of a sudden.
Oh well, since they were already gone and I decided not to bother and chase them down because… it would be just too weird to behave like that, there was no need only because of that issue and I was still in a huge public place. So I just put my giraffe in my bag and left the mall. When I was walking home I suddenly had the idea that Genny maybe checked by at home to greet my mom. Dunno wae I suddenly had a feeling that it would happen. I just had it! I tried to walk home faster to maybe catch them before leaving. But unfortunately it was snowing like cray and the way I was walking was also full of snow like… piled up HIGH. I had a rather long and difficult walk home, cursing myself for not driving with my car right from the start. == …
When I was finally home it was still snowing like crazy. I searched for mom and asked her if someone was here while I was gone. She told me that ‘my friends’ (HanGeng and SunLe) were here before but left soon after they came. They technically just said ‘hi’. Then she walked over to me and gave me a letter, telling me they left that for me. Mom then went back to her work I started to read the letter.
It was from Genny and the letter said “I’m sorry we were rather busy today, a lot of work is ahead!”. I stopped reading and thought, more like as a joke, ‘aigoo… can’t you arrange your schedule so you would at least have a bit of time? Photobucket (well… not time as in to meet up with me, just time in general and not always being so busy). Then I read on and the next sentence was “And NO, I cannot not arrange my year-end schedule~ 😉 See you the next time!”. THIS made me laugh! LOL xD
Damn you Geng… seriously, damn you! Photobucket
What is this!? Reading my mind?? JUST WHAT IS THIS? ^^° Either he has abilities I don’t know about or I’m too obvious. Obviously something was wrong here *haha* ^^

A short dream but… I cannot with that boy! Genny, wae u read my mind? ^^° HOW?? (and more important: how dare you to buy me little giraffe, eh??)

The “Concert with mom & a year-end date” dream
(ppl involved: Junsu, Ailee, my mom, me )

I really couldn`t believe it! In that dream my mom attended Junsu’s concert with me!
WOW! So I saw Junsu again & mom saw him for the first time in her life.
We had seats which were just daebak. We were 3rd row in the middle of Super VIP area. I dunno how we got these seats, I surely didn’t buy the tickets. That’s something I`m sure of. Guess Junsu helped out to make us attend the concert 😉
Mom sat to my left and…. you will never believe it, Ailee sat to my right! ( ˆ ω ˆ ) YES! AILEE! it was just cool! But I wasn`t thinking about it too much. I just noticed it and thought it was very cool. There were more important things to do at the moment than being all worked up because of Ailee. I was busy looking at Junsu and was busy enjoying the show!
Junsu picked 4 fans to play a game with him on stage. Little fans were very excited. *haha* ^^ cute. Too bad that I have no idea what kind of game it was, because my dream skipped that part.
The next part took place after the concert. We were in a big living room of a hotel suite. Junsu was there, Ailee was there, mom and me also. Yeah, Ailee again! This hotel was a bit weird. Junsu and Ailee had to share the living room. They both had separeted rooms for themselves but the living room was the one room they had to share. Well, not that important.
The important thing was that Mom talked with Junsu Photobucket Aaaah, finally! Yes mom, you talk with my Junsu. ACCEPT HIM~ ≧◡ ≦
While mom and Junsu talked I sat on the couch with Ailee. She tried to fix her hair and was not very successful which frustrated her a little after a while. I asked if she has trouble with her hair. She said yes and said that today her hair just dosen’t wants to do what she wants. We had a little women’s hair talk then! I know hair trouble way too well! Ailee was very nice to talk to and in the end we laughed a lot. When I remembered that I actually have my pen with me I asked for her autograph. Of course Ailee was willing to gimme one.
I gave her my red marker and looked into my bag to find something for her to write on. Strangely there was my Saipan photobook in my bag and I just gave her that ^^° ( xD WEIRDNESS, I KNOW! but in a dream everything is possible!)
On an empty page in it she drew a little smilie and wrote ‘to Sangmi~ It was fun to meet you!’ and signed it. Aww! How nice of her! Le me was a happy idiot then! I really like Ailee so it was really cool to meet her!
Just when she had finished giving me her autograph Junsu came sit besides me and leaned into the couch heavily. He really looked very tired. (*´・ω・) my poor Junsu.
Meanwhile my mom was checking out the furniture of the hotel room now xD it seemed she really liked it. She was not paying attention to us 3 (Junsu, Ailee and me) at the moment.
When I looked at the clock I saw it was already getting really late and Junsu really had to rest, so I decided it`s the best when Mom and me would leave. But just when I wanted to get up from the couch I remembered something and I turned to Junsu.
I said “Ah, Junsu… *reaching for his arm*” then he blinked at me tiredly (CUTE! btw! Photobucket aww!) and said “hm?”.
me said “before I go, could you sign something for me?”
Junsu nodded and said “okay.”
He put himself into a more upright sitting position and I stroked his arm saying “Kamsahamnida~ ♡^ω^♡ “.
Once again it was time for my red marker & Junsu signed Tarantallegra album for me. Thanks a lot Junsu~~♡
While Junsu was at it with writing, he seem to remembered something he wanted to make a note of so he won’t forget. A second later he had a post it in his hands and put it on me to write on it ^^ on my upper arm to be exact. Uhm, Junsu, you DO know that this room has a table, don’t you? xD Wae using me instead?
Oh but that wasn’t the most disturbing. Actually it was cute but… while Junsu was careful not to destroy the paper while writing on me/the paper (u know what I mean… humans are just not that good to write on ^^° ) his free hand was on my lower arm and…. >///< ah damn you, Junsu! … Somehow it`s always okay when I`m the one touching him (first) but as soon as it`s vice versa it`s making me nervous! (≥///≤) *embarrassed* I don’t know… my feels are very messed up…
I was thinking exactly about THAT while he wrote his little note carefully. I was like ‘*getting chills, feeling nervous and stuff* aigoo, I`m going crazy…’ in my thoughts. Dammit! The first time I was so irritated…!
After some horrible long seconds he was done and mom and I left.
My dream jumped to some days later then.
Junsu had come to visit us at home and we went for a walk. His last free moments this year so what else to do as to go on a couple walk? So this was something like our 2012 year-end date, we were walking alongside a little lake and just everything felt like fluff ^///^° eh hehe.. *embarrassed laugh* I`m such a hopeless case.
But it was just so nice! Even the weather was okay for this time of the year. So we just walked around, not talking too much and were just enjoying ourselves. Junsu was holding my hand (^//^) *blushes* and I was practically cuddle up to his side while walking (^////^) *blushes more*. Then there was a small forrest part on our way (a really small one) and we walked through it, in the middle of it we stopped, hugged and… kissed (^///////^) *blushes madly, giggles* (although it was more like a peek but still), then walken on.
Once the forrest path had ended and the normal path continued there was a person with 5 little puppies + the puppies’ mom and we got really excited because of the puppies.
Then my dream ended. (^///^) *giggles*

Well I would say…. *cough* JunMi couple is definitely less awkward together *cough* …
but it also embarrasses me in a way. >///< too much couple-ness at once.

Edit: … …
o-O *blinks in disbelieve* Junsu released “Thank U For” today. One day after I had the dream above and… it`s ridiculous HOW SIMILAR the lyrics’ content (english trans here *click*) is with my dream…. it`s… ridiculously similar, OKEH?! *faints*

The “Only hanging around” dream
(ppl involved: family, me + and the usual suspsects xD )

In this dream I was first out with the younger members of my family. well, “out” means that we were hanging around. My younger cousin, his girlfriend and my older cousin, his girlfriend and me. Just doing nonsense and talking. It was very much fun and when it was the late afternoon we went to hang around at my place (from hanging around to hanging around ^^).
Mom was in the kitchen like…. often and we were in the living room. We continued to have fun and were being noisy. When someone was at our door mom went to open it and came back with Siwon xD ㅋㅋ surprise, surprise! long time no see!
Mom was technically dropping him off where we were and went back to do her work. Just like that. As if it would be very normal that he comes to check by.
So mom also dosen`t care about Siwon being here too much just like she did with Genny. That`s rare! OTL
Uhm… SiHan lovelies, what did you do with my mom? o.o (LOL guess mom’s already under their spell Photobucket I swear, they brainwashed her or something! *hahaha*).
Apparently Siwon came to pay a random visit. The rest of family was fine with him staying (they really didn`t mind at all) and Siwon was fine with my crazy family members, so he came to sit besides me on the couch. I wondered if he just came to hang out here since really nothing special was the matter. o.O oh well. whatever.
My younger cousin & my older cousin’s girlsfriend were bickering the whole time (they don`t get along too well) but it was funny becuase my older cousin’s girlfriend is a person who always has something funny to say, no matter what my younger cousin throws at her xD those two… really! They were practically making the show and my older cousin and me sometimes threw a comment into the scene. Siwon didn`t commented anything but watched the two with an amused smile and sometimes we talked. (I couldn`t only pay attention to my cousins when Siwon’s also there)
So far everything normal besides a thing I noticed with time going by: That Siwon to my right kept moving closer. I already wondered because it was unusual that he keeps the distance like that but oh well, maybe it was because my cousins were around.
Because at first he was like 30 centimeter away, then 20. When I randomly leaned back a bit later, like when you’re still sitting only leaning back on your hands, then there was Siwon’s hand I almost leaned on it with my full weight. YAH! Choi Siwon, you just come here and sit where you want to sit. Stop doing this nonsense, or I will hurt you by accident! -_- aigooo…. *sighs* that boy…
Sometime later he finally sat right besides me and his arm rested on my shoulder like random. yeah. like random. As if someone would believe that xD LOL Couldn`t believe I turned into his armrest… guess this is a classic case of ‘welcome to the club’. Photobucket (it looks like he`s ‘abusing’ HanGeng and me the same way now *haha* wae, Siwon, wae? ^^)
The end of my dream was very blurry so I really cannot tell what else there was but as far as I remember in the end everyone just left in the evening. I remember that Siwon was the last to go home. We hugged goodbye and he left like the others.

I`m still shocked about my mom in my dreams *laughs* she accepted both of SiHan very well. (unlike my sister sis who had some kind of fight with Siwon before…).

The “Coming over” dream
(ppl involved: Junsu and me + guest appearances of Uncle and Umma)

The dream started with me being done at work and walking to my car. I saw that I got a text message, looked at the screen of my phone and thought ‘oh. *raising eyebrows interested* it was Junsu… *wonders & reads what he wrote*‘. Text message was from the morning and said he`s free this afternoon and if I would like to come over and yeah… if I could bring food for the dogs. LOL what da heck, Junsu?? xD Kinda destroyed the message. ^^
But since I do everything for my Junsu and the doggies + since the pet store was on my way anyway (which was probably why he asked ^^) so I texted back “-Great! Yes, I will bring the doggie food. Just have to pick up the little one before and then I`m on my way.-”
Ooooh I couldn`t believe my luck! =D Meeting up and having a couple afternoon or something like that at Junsu’s place? How cool! Cannot say that meeting up like that happened often in the past(k-dreams)… oO well, it actually never happened to tell the truth. (we only had an emo moment regarding time problems ^^°)

So I went home first, got my ‘little one’ ^^ , drove to the pet store, bought food for the doggies and then moved on to Junsu`s house. There were some free parking spaces near the house so I stopped my car there. I had a little trouble getting out of the car since I had the doggie’s food + the bag with my ‘little one’ in my hands. I was busy to not let anything fall down or fall out of my car because of too much things in my hands xD
btw, my ‘little one’ was a dog. My dog. It was a little, brown doggie and had a face that reminded me of a teddy bear. ヾ(@^▽^@)ノ Just so cute! That was the reason why he was named TEDDY! Photobucket And I had one of those bags for very small doggies to transport him.
I think Teddy was my 2nd dog in that dream and my (real life) big doggie stayed at home with mom. Whatever, I know for sure that Teddy was new and I brought him along with me since I wanted to show him to Junsu. Photobucket
After I managed to get our of my car without any accident ^^and I wanted to cross the street to walk to the house, but then suddenly my UNCLE came down the street. From the side where I was parking. While I was like ‘oO what da….???? why is he here?!‘ in my mind he already started talking to me how surprising it is to see me here and such stuff. Oh yeah uncle, that`s what I wanted to say too. I could only give it back. Then he was like “Oh, you have a new dog?” and asking questions about Teddy – which I answered a bit offhanded.
1.) I was not about to tell him about Junsu since that one uncle of mine is one who tells the whole world everything as soon as you told him something & this would lead to MAJOR trouble.
+ 2.) the things in my hands were getting heavy. ( ̄- ̄;)
So I talked what`s necessary with him without being unfriendly and then excused myself. I said that I really had to go now since some doggies are waiting for their food (which was basically not a lie, I just didn`t tell him about Junsu). So uncle said he wouldn`t be far from here (because there was a park nearby) and if I could spare some minutes to talk so I agreed…. *sigh* since my hands were about to fall off by now and I haven`t met my uncle since a while so… oh well. I just gave in to not make him suspicous. (or even more suspicious?)
SOOOO uncle fiiiiinally continued walking and I fiiiiinally crossed the street and entered the house – #LikeABoss because I knew the code for the door ㅋ 😉 *puts on shades of coolness* (⌐■_■)♢ I`m da WO-MAN! HELL YEAH! (looks like Junsu already trusts his noona so much that I got the code sometime before b^^d )
After I entered the house I piled up the dog food in one corner and looked around a bit. This was the moment I realized that I have REALLY never ever been here before so I was a little bit lost at first, saw no Junsu but heard doggies downstairs. So I thought I should go there first.
I went downstairs and there was a bigger room like a living room and through the big windows you could see the garden and the terrace. I let Teddy out of his bad and he started running around. ^ㅅ^ very cute. Only a second later the other dogs came around a corner because they noticed me. I was a bit surprised since there were 4(!) big dogs. Xiahki and Hoki were first ones to reach and greet me. They were closely followed by Caesar, another Golden Retriver who was slightly smaller than Hoki & Tyson a big Rotweiler. ^^° oops, WHAT DA FACK!?
I have no idea why the other two were there any why I knew them but they were all cute. Maybe they were only guests because their owners were on vacation. Well, whatever. I knew them and they seemed to know and remember me so all doggies were friendly and nice… and I petted them all Photobucket yaiyyy!
After the doggie greeting I heard ppl taking behind the corner where the doggies came from before. I walked over there and said “Annyeonghaseyo~Photobucket ^_^”. But when I fully came around that corner and saw who was there I was a bit surprised. There was Junsu sitting on a couch and his mother standing in front of him. She had Charlie (her little dog) on her arm and she was about to go home again. It looked like she only came for a short visit.
I said “Oh? Umma-ssi?” ^^ and thought ‘aish! Junsu could have told me that she`s here too! >< *mentally not prepared to meet Junsu’s Umma*‘ *facepalm* and… wae didn`t I say something better than ‘Umma-ssi’? *double faceplam*.
She greeted me and said that it`s good that I`m here now because Junsu was having a bit of a bad day today, practically telling me to cheer him up. She seemd to be right because Junsu indeed looked somehow down.

:/ Nyaah, I didn`t like!
So I asked what went wrong today and Umma told me that he had some kind of a fight with an ajeossi and Junsu explains he thinks it`s all his fault that the ajeossi was angry and stuff. OTL I mentally faceplamed because this sounded just like one of my stories: Bad day at work with an ajeossi.
Then Junsu’s Umma said she would leave since she still had some things to do today and we bid our goodbye to her.
When Junsu told me a little more about his bad day with that ajeossi I said that he should forget about it, that it`s surely not his fault and I hugged him. Then I said that we will chill this afternoon and he should pick a movie to watch. Just something he likes, no matter what it is, I would watch it with him. Then I explained that I should go to quickly meet up with my uncle while he would be thinking of a movie and then I would come back. Junsu agreed and I left the house.
But I didn’t go alone ^^ I couldn’t find Teddy at the moment since he was racing around, checking the house out so I took Tyson with me to walk him. =D I really wanted to walk him! I like Rottweilers! They are nice~
My luck that he was educated well, because he was a really strong.
Well, so I walked him and my uncle was taken aback when I met up with him in the park and he saw Tyson on a leash behind me. LOL wae was this dream so silly?? Uncle expected Teddy and got Tyson. Result: major confused uncle.
So I talked to him and tried to do it as quick as possible to not let Junsu wait 4ever. When we were done with the talk how I was doing and stuff I went back to Junsu’s house.
I went downstairs again to bring Tyson back to the other doggies. Teddy was also back now and played with the big dogs in the garden, Tyson joined ^^ They were all really interested in the new little doggie and Teddy was not even afraid of these 4 big fellows.
But what now? I saw the doggies but no Junsu. I looked on my watch and thought if I maybe took too long with my walk with uncle in the park or if Junsu had a sudden schedule that came up and had to leave. Started to search the area, calling for Junsu and even Junho once (no idea wae I assumed that Junho could be here too. hm. Because of Hoki? But Hoki is always with Xiahki even when Junho wasn`t at home so this dosen´t really made sense… hm, oh well, it was a dream ╮(´▽`)╭ ).
So I went upstairs again, Teddy saw me leaving and that little crazy thing ran after me like wild xD to catch up to me and join my searching.
When I searched the house for Junsu I came to know that it`s really big. Once again I was lost. °-° I only thought ‘where to search? I dunno where anything is here… I have no clue.‘ (if I wouldn’t have been such a babo I could have hot on the idea to used my phone ^^°° #justsaying)
I went upstairs again and found Junsu in a room that looked like a bureau. He was organizing some documents or whatever.
Me: “*sigh* aigoo, there you are. Thought you maybe suddenly had to leave. This house is so big, I had no idea where to search for you. You could have left a note downstairs or something, u know? *somehow a little bit angry because I had to search for a while but still composed* “
Junsu: “oh, I`m sorry noona.”
Me: “ok. I will go and give the doggies their food now. Let`s meet downstairs then, né.”
Then I wanted to make my way back to the dogs then Junsu asked: “Noona, are you mad now?”
xD haha, aw, that Junsu. Really. I cannot! I smilied, walk the remaining two meters over to him and we hugged Photobucket
me: “no, Baby. Not really. ^^ “
We hugged for some more seconds and then I went to give the hungry doggies their food~

Sadly my dream ended then. But was fun! Made me smilie like an idiot for a whole day ㅋ =D

so what was this? something like our first real date in peace or so? o.o seriously Junsu? oh, I cannot! >///<
And Junsu saying things like “I refuse to date carelessly. I’m the type that dates only when I see her as my future wife.” in real life dosen’t exactly make me feel less embarrassed >////< ai, Junsu wae? >//<
Even if it`s only in my k-dreams but still! (((o>////<)o))) *waves with arms embarrassed* How would you feel when you dream something like that about your bias the whole time and he once said such things?! *faints because of feelings overkill*

…and it was once again mixed up reality: I`m running around even after work, ajeossi problems & family meeting. oh wow, all topics in one k-dream.

The “Listening to HoMin all night” dream
(ppl involved: no ppl but lyrics)

ok, this was a bit strange. It was NEITHER a k-dream in the normal sense NOR one of my hallyucinations…
It was like a looooong, long, empty, black dream but it was not scary at all. I heart HoMin sing the while night. I heard the Lyrics of “I Know”, “Humanoids” and “Still”. It was playing from my mind. Again and again. Parts of the lyrics from these 3 songs the whole time.
Maybe that was the reason for my good sleep that night. It was like I would listen to it with my iPod =)
…but it maybe shows my sad truth in life to never really see HoMin and always just hear them (maybe that`s why my dream was all black)

The “Attending SuJu concert” dream
(ppl involved: ELFi and me)

In that dream I was with my ELFi friend!
We went to a SuJu concert but the weird thing was that it was a concert with them as 13. WTH do I know? Old-times-reuninon-concert or something? Wae were they doing this? It was a bit strange.
I can explain this as good as Geng filming a commercial with SuJu-M in one of my former dreams: Not at all! I absolutely cannot explain it.
(and I can only repeat myself: as if SM EVER would let this happen! tssss, no way! but in my dream it was -yes way!-)
Anyways, we arrived at the venue and still had some time. We looked around and saw that they sold fan items in front of the hall. *o* Hello fangirl paradise!
ELFi bought some things and I… *haha* I bought waaay too much! I was like “oh, I like this and that and… this one too *hands full with stuff*” xD
Oh well I’m sorry. They had all the items I wanted to order from ebay anyway and when I saw it in front of me I only thought “when I buy it here I don`t have to wait 4 weeks till it will arrive! *grabs it all*” Photobucket
I can remember that the last thing I had in my hands in my dream was a T-shirt with some print about HanGeng on it. Actually there were shirts with the names and prints of each of the 13 members. I remember I had the SiHan lovelies shirts in my hands and was like “Omo! Which one to buy (۳˚Д˚)۳ *having SiHan crisis*” , because Iii~ had not enough money to buy both (and I never thought about giving back one my photobooks I already bought, nuuuuu! NO WAY!). After thinking for a while I ended up with buying the HanGeng shirt because it was the first I had in my hands. While I was having my crisis thinking about which one to buy ELFi told me a view times to hurry up because we had to go inside the concert hall now. Concert was about to start and we already wasted enough time outside.
Since my fangirl problem was (kinda) solved anyway we went inside and searched for our seats. We found them relatively in the middle of the venue, maybe a bit right in front of the stage and we were 2nd or 3rd row. Cannot remember exactly but I know we were extremely close to the stage. It was a small hall, there were not too many ppl. We were lucky to get tickets for that show and we were able to take good photos during the concert! ^^d hehe, WIN!
Our “stage side” was the side with SiHan and Kyu xD Most of the time they were on our side which was very good for us. Photobucket
That day we were only their fangirls and nothing else. We didn`t meet up with them before or later. Probably they had no time, I cannot tell. We were only there as their fans like everyone else, enjoying the show.
We had a great time and after concert has ended we walked to our hotel. When we arrived there we saw that some other ELF were staying there too. They were noisy doing nonsense on the hallway because they were still hyper from concert xD I wondered that the other guest didn`t complain about that. Well, maybe we were on the ELF floor. I guess we were all Fangirls there so no one bothered. ELFi and I went into our room where we watched SuJu vids from my external HDD! Photobucket EVEN MORE WIN! b^^d
Although it would have been very funny to meet up with the boys after the concert but.. uuuh a bit dangerous with all the ELF around. ELFi and I were so busy with fangirling and spazzing together anyway that we had no time to even think about it. This was our first event together! Aaaaand this dream makes ELFi`s appearances in my dreams 2! Photobucket

The “Having a fight? oO” dream
(ppl involved: sister sis, a certain PASTOR and me)

I was random outside with the dog and arrived at home after our walk only to see my sister sis being in a discussion with someone. At first I only saw her. When I came round the corner I saw Siwon standing there as well and talking to her. I was like “WTH, wae would my sis talk to him? oO “. I mean, she dosen`t even like him. I had a bit of a bad feeling and my eyes wandered back from sister to Siwon. And… oh-oh… he had his arms crossed and was making a I-judge-you face. I was even more like “WTF!” because what was there for them to fight about? They have nothing to do with each other. Well, normally.
Siwon was talking calmly (to keep my easily-going-mad sis calm… eh hehe… ^^°°°° and because it`s just so him) but… the way he looked at her and talked to her was different to how he normally talks to ppl. Not loud or unfriendly but… u know what I mean! I could just tell that he was angry at her right away.
I walked closer until I stood besides them. I listened to their discussion for a while, trying to figure out what was the case here. I wasn`t able to get a full idea of what had happened before sis threw one sharp comment at Siwon (it`s what my sister can do well: offending ppl ><°). I thought “o.o wait. what? she didn´t just say that…. well that was… rude. O: *stares at sister in disbelieve*”. At first Siwon was the same. He was frozen for a second, maybe wondering if this was even real life ^^°°°°, then he just turned away offended, without any further comment and wanted to leave.
(((o(゚Д゚)o))) NYAAAH! Sister what are you doing?! O:< Making Siwon go away?…. Photobucket nyaaaaah!!!!! *panic mode ON* (aigoo, that sis of mine!)
Well, well. But that horsey was going nowhere because le me grabbed his arm before he took the first step away, saying “Oppa no. Please stay.”. So Siwon turned back around, not leaving (YAY! WIN! ^^d always works!), and I spent the next minutes to be sorry for sis and doing some damage control *facepalm*

And that was my k-dream this time. ㄱ-ㄱ yeah. I could imagine funnier things to do.

The “TV report” dream
(ppl involved: our tv & me ^^)

Maybe it wasn`t much that happened in that one dream but it was interesting. A little bit like watching “Very Close Distance” with Geng.
I was in our living room, randomly going through all the channels to find something to watch and was like “boring… boring… boring… WATI! *goes one channel back* Isn`t that Minzu University? o.o ” .
well, IT WAS Minzu University indeed! At first I thought they wanted to repot about the Uni but then it turned out to be a report about HanGeng. But especially about his earlier life.
HanGeng appeared in that report too, telling some stories. I was watching it like “^________^ hehe… great!”.
The report didn`t showed me something new but more of Minzu University. They also showed some of the new students during dance lesson. It was pretty interesting. When I looked into video text I saw that I already missed half of the report and was like “Oh nu! >< dammit!”, so I simply watched it till the end. Of course, the closing of the report was a cut of different performances of Geng. Geng Xin and Hàn Géng performances.
Then the report was over and my dream too. =)

The “Open k-pop event” dream
(ppl involved: SuJu, some brats, me and Blackie Chen as guest star xD)

Ok, the first part of my dream was weird and somehow involved Geng for a second but I really cannot say anything about it. It was too short and unclear.
But the second part of my dream was about my aunt having that huge hotel. My aunt had some friends of her visiting with their two annoying kids. The brats messed up one of the empty hotel rooms, I saw it, kicked the brats out and wanted to clean up. I went back to get some stuff to clean the mess and somehow got lost in the hotel since it was really confusing and huge ^^°. I walked around like a lost person for a while and… did I already mention that the hotel was really huge? I arrived at the wrong room, but didn`t noticed it at first. The door was open just like the door of the room the kids messed up so I walked in. Buuuut this was actually Blackies room. He was unpacking his stuff at the moment, I excused for interrupting and left again. I finally found my way to the room I wanted to clean up and while walking I thought “hm. … that guy looked like Blackie Chen. No way! Was that really him?”. I kept wondering and wasn`t really sure. But it wasn`t really important either, since all I thought about was the mess in the other room.
When I arrived at the right room I~ cleaned up the mess, brought the stuff back and since the ppl with their annoying kids were still not about to leave I decided to check out the rest of the hotel. Hotel area had more than one building. There were 3 buildings.
The funny thing was that I found SuJu in one of them Photobucket
I remember Shindong & EunHae playing with their PSPs xD Donghae`s was red ^^ I dunno wae, but I remember that his PSP was red! #UselessDetailICanStillRemember
Sungmin and Teukie were there too. They were waiting for something and having fun. I only payed them a short visit to say hello since half of them was not present anyway & I was on my checking-everything-out mission!
Later there was something like a open k-pop converence with the press and european fans. Including SuJu of course and Blackie was one of the guests to watch all that. I have no idea wae xD He has SO nothing to do with k-pop but oh well *shrugs*. I was watching it too and in the end I was even sitting on the table next to him. the press wanted to know about k-pop and some fans explained why they like it and in the end the ppl could ask SuJu questions too.
The next part of my dream was something completely different and weird.
The ending part of my dream was that I saw SuJu again after the event & they were already preparing for leaving. :/ This was no k-dream, just to begin with, but when ppl I like are leaving it`s always so… Photobucket sad (no matter if it`s JYJ or SuJu in my dreams. … btw: HoMiiiiiin D: wae do you leave me alone?! I want to see you again in my dreams! *runs away crying*)
Especially since they really only had such a short appearance. Since I had nothing better to do and the event was over anyway I decided to walk over to Siwon and Donghae who were waiting for the others besides their car. Since we haven`t met before Siwon and I were like “oh~ hi! yaiy! *hug each other for greeting*”. Then Donghae started to talk to us and we listened interested. Cannot remember what he said in detail but it was a crazy story about the other members xD. Something really surprising, unexpected and in the end funny. Of course there had to be an embarrassing part in all this too. And so it happened when Teukie showed up to announced that everyone is ready to leave now and… eh hehe Photobucket Siwon and I only realized THEN that we have stayed in half-hugging position while Hae has told us the crazy story…aaaand ^^°°° eh hehe… we were still half-hugging when Teukie came. AngelLeader was looking weirdly/a bit irritated at us. xD
^^ This was just like in ELFi`s FF! NO KIDDING! Teukie ruining the scene (kinda, not as much as in her FF xD ). Aigoo! *laughs* Wae? … *thinks* more important: Wae didn`t Hae say something o__O that`s the most strange thing. He was looking at us and talking the whole time! (Hae? ㄱ.ㄱ something to say to defend yourself??). Guess Teukie was more irritated than we were. haha! oh, don`t look like that Teukie! If you want to know what made us freeze ask the fishy! ㅋㅋ
We were like “(⌒▽⌒) well then, bye~”, Siwon patting my back before I walked away and they left. That was all.
In the end it was ALMOST a real k-dream. But the whole hotel thing before with my aunt and the stupid kids of her friends + Blackie at the k-pop event on top of all irritated da hell outa me xD

yeah, and now I already see a certain ELFi of mine laughing and smirking her evil smile. *siii~iiigh* I already know what she will say. I can already hear her. ╮(´▽`)╭

buuuut I have to say: Actually the scene with teukie wasn`t half as embarrassing as this drama filming before! D: OMO! don`t remind me about that! LOTS OF AWKWARD FEELINGS! (((o(゚Д゚)o)))

The “Filming another Drama” dream
(ppl involved: Drama cast, Siwon and me)

I have the feeling this dream came all because I looked at some Poseidon stuff on the internet yesterday xD
This was another drama filming dream, just like the one with Geng the last time.
It was a prequel story to Poseidon. In that dream the character I played for this drama was a girl that was about to graduate from trainee status of the SSAT (Special Sea Attack Team of Korean Coast Guard) to … how to say… a ‘ready for mission’ person ^^
(I will write from the point of view of my character in that drama filming now + beware of one hell of a storyline again xD LOL)
The training time would officially end at that day for all the trainees and there was a ceremony for everyone to attend. So I was alone where I`ve lived for the training time and getting ready for the ceremony. I was about to pick my clothes when my mother stormed in, starting to argue with me loudly. Apparently it was about a letter I wrote to her and my boyfriend a while ago. Now the letter finally reached her and she was not amused about the things I`ve written.
Our fight was about an old topic: That I would become a person in duty for the SSAT. My mother never supported that, neither my boyfriend did. But as the stubborn girl I was I left home and became a SSAT trainee nevertheless.
I was annoyed, argued with mom while searching for the things to wear. Mom wanted me to quit and come home, I opposed. Then my (that means: my character’s) boyfriend also showed up and made a even greater mess together with my mom. Even more because I broke up with the useless him who never supported me. I didn`t even wanted to discuss everything with them for them 1000th time and kicked them out. And as if this stress wasn`t enough I was about to be late now all because of them! Photobucket
I qickly changed into my clothes: A nice dark shirt with some print on it, tight black jeans & really awesome boots ^^ (I loved them! not really with heels, they were more the flat ones – well, this was no disco party, this war the graduation ceremony of the SSAT trainees after all!).
I looked at my watch and was like “damn! I will start soon!”. Mom and my (ex)boyfriend were still outside but finally gave up arguing with me when I said that nothing could change my mind and that I would leave for the ceremony now.
Since I was alerady a bit late I took a shortcut to the ceremony`s place. On my way I heard that the first part of the ceremony had already started. Some music was playing (a song that wasn`t bad!) while ppl took their places. A lot of family and friends of the trainees, the trainees themselves and a large group of dancers was performing an opening show for the ceremony (well, whyever there were dancers xD I don`t get it but I don`t care, it`s my weirdo dream!). I hurried up a bit more. Would be so embarrassing if I would be late for my graduation ceremony. This show was not important but I wanted to make it in time for the speech!
I had to climb over a fence in the end but I made it just one minute before everything really started! And ㅋㅋㅋ… on the stage there was our team leader now, Kang Joomin ^^ (YAAYYY! Joomin from Poseidon! =D ). He was about to hold the opening speech and I wanted to sit down. I took a look around and all the ppl were already sitting. Not far away from me there was a bench-like thingy with some of my trainee buddies sitting on it and… xD Yesung! (LOL WTH!? Yesung as guest star character in Poseidon prequel drama? oh yes, I see. Makes perfect sense … just like me being there xD). Of course Siwon was one of them too. There was still a bit more space on that bench and I really needed a place to sit down now. So I just walked over to them, made one of them move aside so that I could sit besides Siwon. Photobucket
Ah yes, what would a Poseidon prequel be without Siwon in it? Of course he was part of that drama too. (and we had Joomin as our leader *__* omo… *speechless*)
Anyways, he smiled at me. Silent convo-telling me that I was late. Yeah, I knoooow~! (all thanks to stupid mom and ex boyfriend OTL). As soon as I sat down he looked at me and then, like it would be completely normal, took my hand in his… (god, who skripted this?? >//< ) our fingers somehow naturally entwine. It was like some kind of reflex, I dunno. … …. GAH! seriously! >////< OH GOD! WHO SCRIPTED THIS????!!! щ(゚Д゚щ) I… I mean… *waves with arms* okeh! It was a drama filming but still! >///< *blushes* I was squish-hugged by Siwon before but… but… we were NEVER holding hands before *waves with arms* drama filming or not: differnet story! different story!!! (((o(;゚д゚)o))) *waves with arms even wilder* and on top of this that damn Siwon was leading me in that moment! >< AISH! Siwon! >//< But ok, ok. No room for panic! We had to get an acting job done here! Although I was feeling irritated/nervous inside I didn`t fell out of #ProfessionalMode and just continued acting like it had to be in the drama. He still smiled at me and I smiled back at him. While Joomin was still talking Siwon leaned a bit over to my side and said “The passage you wrote about me was very interesting.” . I don`t know how it happend in this drama before that Siwon`s character came to read what my character wrote to the mom of me and I have no idea what this letter said in detail. But I just knew it was about the letter when he said this! (like I would have a perfect idea about the drama plot in my dream, like I would have read the scrip for realz ^^ ) I looked at him irritated. How in da world was it possible that he knew about it? I was like “…what? *surprised*”. Siwon said “What do I mean to you? What am I for you?” . &($/%))$(%§! Aigoo >//< that drama prequel! Okies, so these two characters of ours seemed to had something going on since a while, huh ;P and it seemd that I also told this my mom and the stupid ex boyfriend of mine in that letter ㅋㅋ ooh, I completely got the story at that moment!
Siwon was still smiling at me like he new the answer would turn out to his favour (what he practically really knew… when it`s a drama both of us have read the script before). Me stared at him in disbelieve because he was asking this now. I mean NOW, while our leader Joomin was talking ^^ . I was taken aback and still not feeling less irritated/nervous, looking away for a moment and then said “Something… like my boyfriend.” ^////^ AI! Awkward, awkward! *haha* He smiled widely, we looked at each other for like 2 seconds and chuckled. Then we both got a bit shy, looking at the ground, up to Jooming who was still talking, then at each other again and smiled like two idiots.
Then my dream ended. ^///^

What kind of dream was this? I was trolled by my dream with another Poseidon drama, trolled with Siwon & awkwardness.
Note to myself: NEVER look at Poseidon stuff again before sleep!
The most awkward drama filming in my dreams EVER! Also, I wonder since when I`m an actress? So I have 2 jobs now? o.O
And: Choi Siwon! You dare to lead me while we are acting?!  photo 43_rolleyes.png You`re a never ending pain tease!
Filming the drama with Geng in my drama-dream before was different. With Siwon it left some awkward feelings behind and I`m pretty sure we both got scolded by Joomin in the end for not paying attention to his speech at all (in that drama) ^^°°°

The “Photoshooting” dream
(ppl involved: friends, me, Siwon)

It was a short dream. Most of it was weird and not even k-dream related a bit.
I was on vacation with some friends. We had just arrived at our hotel and were checking out the surrounding of it we noticed that there was something going on nearby. A lot of busy ppl were walking around and we soon found out that this was the location of a photoshoot. We wandered around a bit and everyone was checking out one end of the location. I think there were so many ppl on this set that maybe no one notice that we were only checking it our there ^^
Well, (⌒▽⌒) after a while guess who I ran into?
Yes! Of course, it was Siwon! o(^▽^)o
He was having a photoshooting today and he just had a break. So, of course, we were hanging out together. Siwon was walking round the set with me, explaining what they were shooting today and said he has to stay for 2 days. He showed me the hotel he was staying at and it was near the hotel my friends and I were staying at. We really thought this was a funny coincidence and agree on eventually meet again in case he has time after the job was done. Then Siwon`s break was over, we hugged and separated again.
The following part of my dream was about my friends and me having fun outside on a lake, playing childish games xD
At the end of the day, when we were returning to our hotel I saw Siwon and we walked towards each other. He said he has time and that we could go somewhere for a while. So we got ourselves a taxi.
The last thing I remember from the ending of this dream was that I was sitting down close to Siwon in the taxi, that we were smiling and and then the driver drove off. I cannot even tell you what we wante to do, dream was too unclear but still! better than nothing ^^d

The “Misreading something for 3 times #LikeABoss” HALLYUcination
(ppl involved: Twitter trend, Siwon(indirectly) and my weirdo brain xD!)

Does this count as HALLYUcination? ^^ I let it count!

When all you read in that twitter trend-> ” #moviesiwontforget ” is -Siwon- then… xD ah haha! *is amused about herself*

That`s what I just did 3 times and I wondered about this trend until it dawned on me that it has nothing to do with Siwon at all. ^//^ eh hehe… *embarrassed laugh*

Yes, I`m obvious. shoot me. ╮(´▽`)╭

The “Dozed off (●ˆ ω ˆ●) ” dream
(ppl involved: SiHan lovelies, me)

I was sitting in our living room, having my lunch. I just had arrived back home from work and mom was around in the kitchen, but since she had to go somewhere soon so she couldn`t eat with me. Normally I would have complained about that, but I felt tired after work and so I just nodded when she said she would leave for the city later.
I haven`t even finished eating completely the doorbell rang and mom went to look who came. Oh well, you can say I was A BIT surprised when she came back with…. ㅎㅎ ^^… no other than uri Geng!
Mom kinda just put him in front of me and left the room. She was really busy not to forget something before she would leave and didn`t care too much about HanGeng being here because she already knew him. (well, you may remember that he was already our guest once… but still… mom, you`re fine with him just like that? o.O *wonders about her mom*)
HanGeng sat down on the other side of our dining table and told me that he just came back from work too (means: finished his schedule for today… however this is possible for him to be here when we`re not even living in the same country… oO ASK MY DREAM, NOT ME! I`m cluless~ ╮(´▽`)╭ ) .
So we started a random talk and somehow, dunno how it happened, I came to mention my new room and how much work I`ve put in it so far and that I`m still not done. After I had mentioned my photowall he got interested and I said he can look at it while I would finish my lunch. Okies, so HanGeng went to take a look while I finished my lunch.
After some moments he came back – this was also the time when mom started to do something in the kitchen again. I asked him what he thinks about it and he got a bit shy, smiling, giving a sideglance to my mom. Apparantly he couldn`t say it out just like… saying it. Because my mom was around he seemed not sure if he should say it or not
(ˆ ω ˆ) *giggles* It was somehow really cute!

So he grabbed the blank paper that was lying around with our newspaper on the table and wrote approximately 3 sentences on it while smiling. I was really curious what he would write and watched him – also smiling. After he finished he handed it over to me with a smile and I read it. I cannot tell anymore what exaclty was written on it although I could read it very clearly in my dream (sadly I forgot about it). But from start to end it was something really sweet and I couldn`t help but to feel a bit embarrassed.
Just at that moment a wild xD SIWON appeared in our living room and complained to HanGeng that he should have waited for him! AIGOO! THOSE TWO! Are they hanging out the whole time lately? First in the zoo and now again? xD Anyways: SIHAN LOVELIES IN MY LIVING ROOM! Photobucket (btw, kinda “pissed” Siwon complaining to Geng was adorable in a way xD It was more like a little kid complaining to it`s mom. ㅋㅋ cute!)
At first I wondered how in da world he came in because no one opened the door, neither the doorbell has rang. But then I saw that in the meantime mom was outside in the garage and had left our frontdoor open. But nonetheless! Wth, Siwon! xD *haha* Only because you have to complain to Geng (first! before doing anything else #justsaying) you walk into our house like it`s totally normal? *hahaha/keeps laughing amused* funny!
HanGeng talked to Siwon a bit so he would calm down. Saying that he didn`t know when his schedule would end and so he thought about going to my place first and let him follow. He also said something about a text message he had sent him.
So this way I found out that they had indeed planned a surprise visit… Photobucket you guys… *speechless*
Howsoever, Siwon left for a moment to go greet my mom (yeah, finally Siwon xD ) before she would leave and… probably intorduce himself too because so far mom dosen`t know him at all in my dreams (∩_∩)
While our horsey was gone Geng said he had some questions, he took out his phone and started searching for something while saying it was about my wall. In the meantime Siwon returned and saw a picture on Geng`s phone, asking what this was. HanGeng said it`s the wall in my room. Whilst I was thinking “^^° eh, Geng? you took a photo of it?… oh… Photobucket *feels embarrassed again* ” Siwon wondered aloud why there are so many pics of HanGeng on my wall xD LOL *hahahaha* xDDD I really behaved not to laugh, because he said it so irritated-surprised. I couldn`t even!
Geng smiled widely, I smiled amused and couldn`t spare him with the question “Are you jealous, or what?”. Curious Siwon asked me if he could have a look on it too and I said yes (my room is not a mess right now, so I`m really not ashamed to let ppl see it… actually my room rarely is a mess ^^d ). All this was just so funny! oh my, those two were really amusing.
ok, so Siwon was gone again and I decided to come back to Geng`s questions. I asked him what he wanted to know before and by that he came around the table and sad down closely besides me (to understand this: we actually have a bench on one side of our table OTL). He showed me some photos from my photo wall and asked me about different photo of different ppl. You know, just like when this and that was. I remember he showed me a picture of Yoochun and wanted to know when it was taken. So I told him all I knew about different pics and ended up telling him that one of them was taken before JYJ`s european concerts in Spain and Germany. Then he re-realized that it was their first time here, that I went to see JYJ and wanted to know if I enjoyed the concert. I answered that it was really awesome and great fun. But then another wave of sleepyness showered over me and I yawned and blinked tiredly. Right after that I apologized (not that he would think I was bored with talking to him) and explained that it was a rather exhausting day at work. HanGeng said he understands that very well and at that moment I noticed that he also looked really tired.
Somehow tiredness made us stop the conversation now and we just waited for Siwon to come back. … … maybe you can assumed that every second was very long as tired as we were. And once you are that tired sitting around really kills you. So while we made the biggest mistage in that situation, leaning back and rest, we could not stop ourselves from dozing off slowly. Or more like… rather quick. xD
I really felt like as tired as after some workdays → dead tired. So I absoutely don`t remember what we said shortly before really dozing off. But I know it was something about work HanGeng said I could only agree to. I tiredly replied something and wanted to pat his arm in a random gesture but practically was already asleep as soon as I reached him.
OMO! What kind of weirdness was this? This was like witnessing yourself dozing off for realz! (and I WAS already alseep… it was a dream after all!…. *waves around with arms*)
Oh yeah, and… the way we dozed off was interesting too.
>///< ai! We ended dozing off in that posture : ( *◡‿◡)(◡‿◡* ) … which was actually not bad so no one was falling down from the bench… but still! Embarrassing!(≥///≤) OMO! Embarrassing! The next moment I only remember an amused Siwon waking both of us up…. AISH! >///< the next embarrassing thing! Only Shisus himself knows for how long he was watching us before he decided to wake us! >//< PLEASE SOMEONE LET ME DIE! Wae, oh wae? (屮゚Д゚)屮 Wae me? Wae us? Wae Siwon seeing us like this????
Wae??? щ(゚Д゚щ)

All in all was this dream really something, sadly it displays my poor work life too: I`m often so tired I could sleep everywhere… on the floor without a pillow or blanket, while sitting on a table, besides an interstate or wherever. I don`t care much where I can sleep as long as I can lay/or sit down and sleep.

The “In the zoo” dream
(ppl involved: SiHan lovelies, me)

It wasn`t a real k-dream. it was only a short appearance of SiHan!

I went to the zoo with some ppl, among them my cousin. If it was my family or my cousin and his friends I cannot tell. Dream was blurry.
Anyways, I wanted to see the dolphins in the zoo. This was the reason why I was there. So wanted to see the dolphins! (ˆㅅˆ) (junsu fangirl wants to see dolphins… yeah, no comment! xD )
When we reached the dolphins and I was done looking at them I ran into SiHan lovelies! =D haha! yes! SiHan lovelies! We said hi to each other and HanGeng explained to me that they went to the zoo because Siwon wanted to go xD
hahaha! OMG! what was that?! SuJu-M reality & my own reality mixing up!
Sadly there`s nothing more to say because my dream went on with something completely not k-pop related. Basically my whole dream was chaos and useless but that one part at the zoo was fun!

But heeeey! SiHan lovelies toghether in my dreams for the first time! *throws confetti*

The “Visiting a friend” dream
(ppl involved: some SuJu members, my ELFi, me)

In that dream, I found myself at a school. But I wasn`t there alone. Hyukjae, Donghae, Ryeowook and Kyuhyun were with me.
It was quiet on the hallways because the studets had classes and it was the day when my ELF friend Patricia had her last exam. We were just checking out the school building quietly and then waited outside for Partricia to come out. In the end she appeared earlier as expected because she finished her exam before the others and was allowed to go outside.
ㅎㅎ she didn`t know that we came to visit her today. So she war really surprised when she saw us and freaked out a bit Photobucket *haha* We had a little hugging session with her and then walking around the school yard. Patricia was showing the surroundings to us, we were talking, laughing and having fun. After a while I saw the two evils (Patricia & Kyu) breaking away from our group. Kyu was talking to her and they were laughing. Photobucket Ah yeah, I understand. So the evil couple is having private talking time. Iiiiii see~~ ;P
EunHae were some meters behind me, messing around and not paying attention to the evils. *haha* those cuties! They were somehow huggle-fighting over something. It looked weird but funny xD
Wookie was the nearest to me of the ppl of our group, talking to me while looking at the evil couple ahead of us. He wondered what they are doing and what they are talking about over there.
Well, I had no special thoughts about the evil couple since I was feeling somewhat restless for a reason since a while. There was someone who was supposed to be with us and still hasn`t showed up yet. I was looking back, searching the area with my eyes and thinking “Siwon, where are you? Why are you so late?”. Then I wondered if he will come anyway today and my dream ended.
Dream ended with Siwon not showing up at all. … :/ I miss Siwon Photobucket

Damn dreams… always like reality… =(
(since Siwon really dosen`t show up *much* lately… aaah! Dream was good when you cut the end out! >< )

The “OMG! HE(!!!!) is getting married???” dream
(ppl involved: some SuJu members, me and “HE”?! o: )

I found myself at a wedding celebration again (all thanks goes to my junior, we talked about her wedding yesterday! OTL). We were in a huge room, like a restaurant, and all the other wedding guest were there too. I sat at a table with Ryeowook, Hyukjae & Siwon and we were eating cake ^___^ We sat like Wokkie→ me→ Siwon→ Hyukjae.
I barely had finished eating my cake then Hyukkie suddenly stood up and said that we can go now, I was like ” (゜_゜) ? …go where?”. While Wookie & Siwon were just following him I was like “eh?? What`s wrong now??? O_O running away like this… you guys… *confused*”. Then Siwon came back and dragged me along with him, following the other two.
We were walking through lots of guests till we reached bride and groom. I knew the bride and she came to hug me. Not sure if it was a person I know in real life but in the dream I just knew she was a friend of mine. She was german and what was even more of a surprise was that the groom was Yoochun! Photobucket
I cannot deny that I was a bit shocked! I never knew that he wanted to get married! On the other hand: This explained why the SuJu members were here…
So we talked to the couple and congratulated them. It came to light that what Hyukjae said before was based on the number of ppl who were around the couple. There were so many congratulators before that we had to wait to reach the married couple.
Sadly my dream ended then and went on with a completely unrelated super weird thing… :/ not satisfied #justsaying

I really wonder why da hell Chunnie is getting married in my dreams but thinking about it: Maybe he married Stephi Unni??? =D (she`s Yoochun biased!)

The “The wedding party” dream
(ppl involved: Family, Geng, me)

It was the wedding party after the wedding. In this dream, somehow my whole family was invited to a wedding of friends of our family. I found myself in a sea of men in suits & women inbeautiful dresses. Myself wore a really pretty dress too! I really liked it! ^^ Also I saw in a mirror that my hair was made all pretty. Oh hell yeah, I was looking like a princess on this wedding party! =D Awesome! Seemed like mom and I visited a stylist before! This was just cool!
You have to imagine the scene like one of those wedding parties in a huge garden like we see it in american movies. Everyone was chatting with someone, some kids were running around and Mom was busy to talk to our relatives. Not only my two cousins, no, there were a lot of other ppl around my age too. There were also a lot of ppl I`ve never seen in my life… and their kids. Starting from around 8 up to 14 years old.
Oh well, most of those kiddos were pretty annoying. They behaved like the celebrities of the party and I search for a place where NO stupid teenagers thought they are the stars in here. Sadly the whole place was covered with them and I was like ” -.-” OMG, this can`t be true…”. I couldn`t even run away even if I would have wanted to, because my dress was one of the more ‘fit tighly’ ones! D: WAAAH! WHAT WAS THIS?!?
But I wanted to avoid them and just that I couldn`t run didn`t mean that I cannot walk away fast ^^ I thought going inside the house was a good plan. The food (buffet ㅋㅋ) was placed there & I wanted to eat!

When I had almost reached it I heart someone behind me calling me with “Oh hey! Wait!” I turned around because I knew this voice. Oh, guess who? xD No, not my stalker! It was HanGeng!
Okay, this was mood change in a flash! I was annoyed by the teenagers before but now super happy! I was like “Photobucket Heee~y! Hi!“, walked some steps back and sat down besides him. OMGZ! How could I walk past Geng?! I totally overlooked him at the side with looking back at the kids and making my way through the crowded garden. Well, due to my massively changed looks that day it seemed like Geng needed a moment to recognize me *haha* some sort of double fail, so we were even.
He ask “How are you?” and of course I had to tell him about the kids and that I was annoyed by their arrogance. He stood up then and gestured me to come with him and said “Come. ^^“. Photobucket hihi! No need to tell me twice! (((o(*゚▽゚*)o))) So cool! Or course me wanted! HanGeng was taking his time for me and I was a happy idiot again! Sure, I was thinking to myself wae da hell he was here and stuff, but for me there was no need to ask him. And just like with Siwon appearing everywhere I don`t even bother to ask anymore xD LOL
We walked through the ppl, around the house to it`s backside. There were only the smaller kids playing and we sat down for a talk, having a good session of friends-time. We were talking ourselves away for some time, then the annoying teenagers appeared there and began to tease the smaller kids so it got really noisy. We decided to go back to the other guests.
We were hanging out there, watching ppl and sometimes randomly commenting about them. Then mom suddenly walked up to me and said I had to come to some of our relatives. GAH! >< Wae! Le me didn`t wanted to! :/ Very disappointing. *sighs* What to do? I excused myself and went with mom. While walking to the house with mom my mind was crying! Waaaae mom, waaaaee??? Relatives are no fun! HanGeng is fun! I don`t care about relatives I`ve never ever seen in my life! *pout*
Okay, I had to hang out with them there for a while. After we finished this relatives meeting (I didn`t even payed attention to ^^°) I went to search for HanGeng with the hope that he hasn`t left yet. So I scanned the ppl to find the only really outstanding person (^^ because he really was with his blond hair) and OH MY LUCK! I found him again.
Sadly, after we ‘reunited’ my dream ended.

I have no idea where the wedding thing comes from but the thing with annoying ppl who thing they are the celebrities comes from Patricia and the stupid ppl in her grade! I won`t lie and say that I really appreaciate them in my dream when they are the reason for me running into HanGeng again! Photobucket

The “Walking Xiahki~” dream
(ppl involved: Xiahki, my sister, me)

This k-dream was short. Really short ^^
I dunno how this happened but: Xiahki was with my sister and me. I had to take care of him and we went on a walk. After we walked along the street of a village for a while, I think it was where we live now, I let him run freely just like I do it with my dog. I don`t know where I had the confidence from that he wouldn`t run away ^^° but Xiahki didn`t run away. I could even call him and he came back Photobucket *proud dog person*
So Xiahki was having fun & sis and I were talking about how funny it was how hyper he was running around xD *haha* he was really excited, running over the fields and exploring the new area. So we were doing all the stuff doggies and their owners do (ok, I was his babysitter but still!): Playing, walking & of course stroking. =D Xiahki`s fur was all fluffy and soft!
Short time later we came to a house where a sign before it told us that this is the home of a Samoyed breeder. Ooooh, what conincidence that we “run” into this house with XIAHKI (well, like many of you know he IS a Samoyed). Xiahki was very interested because there were some dogs. They were a bit smaller than him and seem to be young. However, he was able to play with them and so Sis and I could watch my hubby`s dog run around in the garden of the breeder with 3 youngsters Photobucket I SWEAR! This was so cutie!
I jokingly said to my sisster if it wouldn`t be funny when we would find out that they would be cousins to him or so. *haha* well, very unlikely but this was a dream!

Well, the only question is: Where was my dog? At home with my mom? ^^

The “Seoul on TV” dream
(ppl involved: our TV xD , sister sis and me)

okay, it wasn`t a k-dream with much fun but at least it had korean content xD
I was watching tv in the living room while organizing some of my stuff. There was some kind of documentary about South Korea, especially Seoul. It reported about the city and later, of course, K-Pop! ^^d I thought “oh awesome! I need to see this!” so I made my sister sis wait after she entered the room and wanted to watch something else. I told her she can watch once the report is over. So sister was waiting annoyed on the couch and staring at the tv too while I almost died because of what was on tv now!
The point was that the guy on tv said they`ve met an idol to follow around for a while. And now you guess, who was that idol? ㅋㅋㅋ of course it was SIWON! OMG! xD
I couldn`t even! I was laughing when the tv guy said “Choi Siwon of super idol group Super Junior”. I was like “out of all ppl… xD ai! Might have known it!”. It was too funny. So they were walking around in Seoul with Siwon. When he was at the airport with fans, meeting some little kids at a combat sports dojo & being with him when he pays his grandma a visit, bringing flowers for the old lady. ( ˆ ω ˆ ) His grandma was such a cute little lady. Siwon and his grandma were just adorable together!

I was watching all this like “^_________^” while my sister was annoyed about this idol report. She said “they are all so gay! *rolleyes*“. Of course, she just HAD to give her random stereotype anti-comment without even really looking at Siwon. I`ve already waited for her to say something like that. I said “C’mon! Look at him. Isn`t he nice?“, then sister looked for a few moments and got insecure with her own saying! xD LOL good work Siwon! You made my sister doubt her own opinions!
Then she said: “…okay, maybe he`s a bit nice.” *haha* of course she had to say something like ‘a bit’ Photobucket
At the end of the report she said she remembers that she saw Siwon on my posters. Well, more likely she meant my fangirl wall in my room she was looking at recently in real life!

Another funny “k-pop on tv”-dream! It was a short episode again but ejoyable! (⌒▽⌒)

The “Searching for a boyfriend for Unni” GUEST dream!
(ppl involved: Kyu, my ELFi friend & me)

Okies! This was the dream of my ELFi friend Patricia! It was kinda cute so I decided to post it here!

“Had a really nice and funny dream though I can’t remember much of it anymore.
I only remember that I was Kyuhyun’s girlfriend and that I was looking for a boyfriend for @Vinya85 unnie ^^”
and since I had some problems with that I told her that I should check Kyu’s friends….
I didn’t realize in my dream that I had the SJ members in my mind OTL especially a certain horse there ><
so basically I wanted to make Siwon as Unnie’s boyfriend, since I had the chance as Kyu’s girlfriend ^^”
oh and I remember Kyu’s smirk when he heard of my plan………”

*fangirl giggle* hhihihihihihihihihi~ *giggles herself away* I still cannot believe this!
Just because my soulmate started a talk about someone should gimme money just for the sake of me receiving money, Patricia talked about a rich guy and in her dreams Siwon came out… ^^ yeah, this is how fangirls kinda “produce” their k-dreams.
Well, but that`s not the point. I mean… *giggles* ^///^ aah, ELFi, waylt? Embarrasses me so much but so thank you! Really nice you thought that much about a guy for me.
Well, now the only thing that scares me is the part with Kyu`s smirk… °.° oh-oh. I don`t even want to know what the evil couple made up as a plan for this… “mission”. (^_^;)

The “Geng, you serious? *。* ” dream
(ppl involved: HanGeng, me & not needed but present: my ex -__-”’ hrrrr… *annoyed sigh*)

This dream was one of the weirdest again but the mid-part of it was clear enough for me to remember.
I was staying at a different house, not ours (maybe a hotel?), and there was some kind of street festival and a funfair down on the street. It woke me up so I wanted to go check it out since I thought I could get something to eat there ^^° (always thinking about delicious food). I was walking through it like chill~, then I saw this stupid bapo called my ex -.-” . I thought ‘Great. I`ll leave before he sees me‘ and so the visit I payed the festival was rather short. On my way back I saw someone walking into the hotel near the festival street and thought this person looked like HanGeng, but I was busy with vanishing from the scene so I didn`t bother/cared too much.
The next day: I thought ‘let`s give it another try!‘ and walked through the street festival/funfair thingz again. It was great for a while but then suddenly my ex popped up in front of me. I was like -rolleyes- and walked a different way through the festival. I just totally ignored him. But he couldn`t stop stressing me, asked if I don`t want to say hello to him (yeah, you wait for this to happen… that you die before I say hello to you ever again is more likely ==”’ ).
While ignoring him I saw the person from yesterday again and this time I was sure that it was HanGeng ^^ My mood immediately raised to better levels and I decided to pay him a visit. So I just walked away from the stupid Ex of mine while he was still talking his bla bla at me. Me was walking away from him and he was left behind like -…wth…?- xD
When I looked at the hotel you could somehow see the doors of the rooms of this hotel from outside. It was build more like in the style of one of those typical US motels but not that cheap by far. It all looked very clean and like it would have higher standards. The point is that I saw which room was Geng`s because I saw him walking in before. So I went upstairs, his room was on the second floor, walked up to his door and rang the door bell. :3
Geng opened the door, smiling then and said “Oh hey, it`s you! (⌒▽⌒)”. I thought ‘Hey wow! Is he really so happy to see me? aw~❤ ‘. For the next view moments we were both only like two happy smiling idiots Photobucket. I thought for a short moment if I it would be ok to hug him but then decided not to do this. Our friendship is not like this… not yet (*haha* yeah, I have such thoughts in my dreams). I just thought it was not appropriate. So I just explained that I`ve seen him and decided to check by to say hello. Geng said he saw me leave the day before and asked “Why did you not come to visit me earlier?”. By that I got a little shy ^//^, dunno exactly why, and said that I`ve seen him too but that I wasn`t sure if it was really him or not. At that moment my ex walked past the hotel down on the street and yelled something up to me. Nothing special. Just something about that I don`t talk to him but to -that guy- like he said xD. What to say about my ex then? ‘Just STFU, butthurt!’ *haha
I only gave him a quick look over my shoulder. He was leaving but I had such an uncomfortable feeling like I always have when he`s around. When I turned back around to HanGeng I saw him glancing at my ex, kinda… eyeing him suspiciously. ^^ ah for some reason he had such a dark expression on his face for a second. It was almost funny. Then he said “If you ever have a problem, just come to me.”. I was like ‘O.O WOAHW! Wait! what?!‘ in my thoughts. I mean… OMO! He offering me something like that… Okay, we became friends but… wow. Just wow! I was speechless and a bit shocked for the first second. But then I quickly said “thank you, I really thank you.”

That part of the dream ended then but… Geng, you serious?! Photobucket I`m so touched!

The “Visiting Seoul” dream
(ppl involved: SuJu, Unni, me)

This afternoon I had a cool dream!
I was visiting Seoul for 3 days and to make it weird, I was staying at Marta unni`s home. (yes, she was living in Seoul in my dream xD). She had no vacation and needed to go to work so I couldn`t stay with her so much but at least we saw each other in the morning and the evening. During the day I did what I mainly wanted to do: Visiting SuJu Photobucket
They weren`t too busy during my stay so they could spare some time. I remember that I was with them on my second day in Seoul. Judging from the location, I think it was at their dorm. Teukie was talking to me for a longer time but don`t remember what he said, dream was too unclear. Besides Siwon all of them were present that day. In the end I was having a longer talk with Donghae, getting more comfortable with him. We haven`t met that often before, when we met for the first time back then it was reeeally super awkward. Not to speak of the “acting game” happening (all thanks to the other members) so… yes. Something like that was needed to finally reach a normal level. ^^
The 3rd day, which was my last day there, Donghae called me to another location. It was a rather big house. When I rang the door bell he opened it and we walked throught the house to get to the garden. Since the house was big we had time for a short talk while walking. Talking about when I have to go back today and that I have been staying at unni`s house. He was really nice to me. And that fishy was so cute. *haha* well of course, it`s Donghae after all.
When we arrived in the garden all the boys were there and having a lazy afternoon. Oh yeah, guess who was also there :3 My stalker friend Siwon!
This was really the best day of my trip. It was fun with SuJu in the garden and after some all member-time the rest of the afternoon was Siwon/Noona-time. Talking and watching the members while doing so.
I`ve already missed the Pastor and it was a bit furstrating at the CF filming the last time. Basically I was with Geng, just to begin with, and with all the ELF it was impossible to meet up. I saw him but we couldn`t meet. It appeared to me that he most likely thought it has been a long time too since he was relatively clingy, never moving away an inch. But it has been really a long time already!
At the end of the afternoon Teukie announced that they will bring me to the Chang-Dong station, because I had to to take the train to the Incheon airport. Before we left for the station I went to get my things from unni’s home. I packed my Mac and left.
When we arrived at the station I saw it was rather small one and very clean. BUT it was very crowded. A lot of ppl came from work at that time and even walking to the platform my train would go off later was difficult. That was the moment Siwon took care of me. Shielding me from the ppl and even helped to carry my luggage. *.* oooh~ how nice of him!
Well, in fact I didn`t wanted him to take my luggage on top of all but it wasn`t like I had a chance to refuse! >< ah, damn you Choi Siwon! Why are you like that? You are not my servant! It didn`t felt right to let him do this!

When we arrived at the platform there was another foreinger. An older woman (around 40) and she also wanted to go to the airport. I remembered that I`ve seen her when I arrived in Seoul.
It was still crowded and Siwon became completely clingy. He took care of my luggage, was standing very close to me the whole time, putting me out of the way when a random Ajeossi was about to bump into me. tsss~ such an unfriendly Ajeossi! :/
Interesting was just one thing: I was staring after that Ajeossi angrily for a second because he obviously didn’t care a bit, but then I noticed that Siwon was not about to let go ^//^ Ajeossi was gone now but he was still holding me close. Aiyeh, Siwon could it be that you are taking advantage of the situation a bit? ^//^ aigoo~~ *is embarrassed* what to do with you?
When I looked at him I saw he was looking somewhere else already, smiling amused. I looked where he was looking and saw that in the meanwhile some of the members talked to the other woman. Somehow it turned into a funny conversation because there were some difficulties for the members to talk to her. Somehow I was able to understand her well because I understood that she said she only came to visit Seoul but now she started to like these guys and she pointed on SuJu. Photobucket haha! They quickly made a new fan out of her before she would leave. Good job!

When the train arrived I said goodbye to the members and went into the train with the woman. The display of the train said “Nam Chang Dong” in big letters and was moving to the next station shortly after we`ve entered.
Checking my things I noticed that I`ve forgotten my LapTop bag at Unni’s home. I only thought “oh crap!… but wait, I will text her.” so I texted her that I will get my LapTop bag the next time. ^^

The crazyest thing about all this was: I never saw Chang-Dong station but I googled pics of it and they looked really similar to the station I saw in my dreams and… can u imagine the moment when I realized that you can REALLY go to Incheon via the subway line from Chang-Dong…?! My dreams, seriously. I have no words! *waves around with arm wildly*
How is that possible?! I was never there and I didn`t watched a documentary about the districts of Seoul or the subway lines there (because Line 1 INDEED goes from Chang-Dong to Incheon… and where is the airport I had to go to? yup. Incheon!)

The “CF filming” dream
(ppl involved: HanGeng, me + SuJu-M… oO )

Okay, this was basically a longer dream but not all of it was a k-dream and it was extremely blurry and weird. But I could at least get the k-dream part right.
I was in a car with HanGeng. The car was driven by his Manager and we just stopped at a parking lot. Why da hell I was with them? No idea. Really no idea. oo …
We both sat in the back seat. I looked out of the car`s window and I saw the beach and the sea. I looked at HanGeng and he kinda looked tensed. He tried to gimme a confident smile but horribly failed. I tried to cheer him up but it wasn`t working too well. It was because of what he had to do at this location: Filming a CF with… SuJu-M! Photobucket
Yeah, right. It´s a bomb, né?! I really wondered why in da world SME agreed on this… oO
Down at the beach we could see the set of the CF and SuJu-M were already there. ELFs were standing at the side too, waiting till the CF filming would beginn, fangirling, cheering.
But HanGeng in our car had many thoughts on his mind. Besides the fact that he also wondered about SME it was that he wasn`t together with them for so long now and he also wondered how ELFs would react.
Short time later he went down to the set with his Manager. I took another way down so ELFs won`t see me being with them. At the beach I stood a bit behind the camera team, making sure to be away enough from the ELF and near enough to the filming team so I won`t draw much attention. You can say that way I was able to give silent company to Geng from afar.
(staying away from the ELF was for my own good so that I can continue living Photobucket eh hehe… if they would have suspected something I would have been in trouble and… even more when my stalker would have tried to save me again then ^^°°°°° *lots of drops* I would have been so dead!)
During the filming nothing bad happened. ELF were fangirling like always ^^, accepted our chinese man being back with SuJu well. SuJu & Geng themselves reunited well. I watched them filming their CF on the beach and then the k-dream ended.

Very short and very strange.
I mean, why whould SME agree to something like that? They would rather die as to let SuJu-M filming a CF with Geng! OTL!!!

The “My new friend ^^” dream
(ppl involved: HanGeng, me)

I finally had a short k-dream again! =)
Okay, dream was weird but I could get some things.
I dunno why we were there but there was some kind of… no, not a park but a place where you could do funny things outdoor. It was soe kind of… funny outdoor course/activity trail. Whatever. Dream was too blurry.
More ppl were there and also Geng and me. We didn`t went there together, we met there. oh! but I don’t want to complaint. It was a nice surprise! 😉 We naturally went through the area together then – since there were no other ppl we knew. We only knew each other. It was immediately super funny with Geng. Aigoo, he was in such a good mood! He laughed a lot, I laughed a lot. He was joking around and we really had great fun at the first 3 stations.
The only weird thing was, after I went to ‘go for little fangirls’ (u know… ^^) I met Hyukjae on my way back to the course. Why da hell was he here too? I have so no idea why Hyukjae randomly appeared. But we only said -hi-, and had the usual talk you always have when you meet ppl you know. Nothing special. And since Geng was waiting I really had no time for Hyukjae anyway, so I excused myself. Photobucket
Once I was back with Geng he dragged me away to the next station of this trail. He said that he heard this one is the most fun to do. But when we arrived there a lot of other ppl were already there. Aigoo, we had to wait in line. WTF! IN LINE!? Photobucket THIS IS A FREAKING OUTDOOR FUN TRAIL! >.< So it looked like this was really the most funny station. It was like all ppl of that area were there all of a sudden. *sighs*
Good, so we sat down and waited. Watching the others and waited. Yeah, and… waited and waited… Man! We really waited quite long. HanGeng asked how long this could still take. Le me sighed, I said I dunno, leaned over to him a bit and put my chin on his shoulder (somehow it reminded me of my doggie when she`s tired xD ), pouting. Waiting was too frustrating. Damn.
We started to have a longer talk to kill the time then my dream ended.

Aaaaai! Another Geng dream and it was fun! Also the feeling changed somehow. Looks like Geng is becoming my new good friend =D ME LIKES! Photobucket *clicks LIKE button* I appreciate that we can be good friends now! So I`m friends with both of SiHan lovelies now~Photobucket

But I wonder: Where`s my stalker? oO (Siwon) *starts to miss him*

The “Open Air Concert” dream
(ppl involved: Big Bang, k-pop fans, me)

It was so cool! =D
I was bored, went to visit some friends. We walked around outside and talked but when we had walked for a while our way was blocked by a huuuuge crowd of ppl. There was an open air concert and I really wondered because I didn`t knew about it beforehand. Oh yeah, and this in our area… ts! Who would come here?
We walked closer and then I heard it: There was “Fantastic Baby” playing! Friends gave each other weird looks, asking what song this is and what band, while I was like “OH! Listen! Photobucket Listen! Now! *already hyper*” because it was the part when they would say “What?! Fantstic Baby!” like at their live performances on tv. I was totally hyper-happy and scremed exactly that with the crowd! OMGZ! How cool was that?! Big Bang concert & k-pop fans everywhere! I found a way closer to the stage and someone said there must be 20 000 ppl here today. (oh, this is surely much but it was a dream! So who cares! xD )
Aah~~, it was so cool! =) BIG BANG CONCERT! Photobucket
Somehow I lost my friends in the crowd but I didn`t care *haha* I didn`t even know if they wanted to stay here but I wanted to stay. I did until the concert was over and then my dream ended.
I couldn`t see Big Bang well but I heard them well!

In fact was this the second dream regarding Big Bang in a short period of time now. I had a really short dream before where I heard “Blue” playing on the radio! While other ppl wondered what song this was I was singing along xD *haha* I really wait for such a moment!
The moment a k-pop song starts playing on the radio and while everyone is like “oO WTH?” I sing the song Photobucket would be so fun!

The “Filming a Drama” dream
(ppl involved: HanGeng and me)

Oh, I had a cool dream!
I dreamed that I was an actress and I was filming a new drama with… xD HANGENG! *HAHAHA* so cool!
I dunno how this drama was supposed to continue, because I only dreamed that we were filming the beginning of it so I don`t know what the whole story of this drama was about.
My role in this Drama was a girl from a rich family who really had everything, but her father never let her do what she wanted to do. She always had to do what her father thought is best to do. So one day she decided to run away but she was caught by her father and then chased by some of his men. While on the run she decided to hide in a shop alongside the street where an event was going to take place and many ppl were there. It was just perfect to hide there in that crowded place. She watched the men of her father run past that shop and then, while looking at the men failing to find her, she bumped into someone. This person was the character played by HanGeng, who was also on the run from his father for some reason (cannot remember what he said the reason was, dream was a bit unclear there). So they decided to side with each other and hide there together for a while. In the meantime the event in the shop was starting. It was a bookstore where a guy presented his new book and it was really not interesting ^^°. I only remember hearing Geng in his role say that this looks like a good hideout because by hearing this guys`s presentation no one will come here and stay because it`s so boring xD
LOl So funny! All in all it was great fun filming a drama with HanGeng. Dream was short but cool!
Nonetheless, I don`t get why I was an actress! I really wonder…

Edit: A little addition to the dream where I was filming a drama with HanGeng: Shortly before the director said “action” for the scene in the bookstore there were 3 seconds or so where we were standind all ready for the scene and waiting. In that short time we were exchanging glances with super fast silent convo in which me was like “Omo! So excited to film a drama with you! =D ” and Geng was like “This will be fun! Great that we met again! =D “. Well, this was the meaning. You know, it`s a little hard to transform a silent convo in exact words ^^

The “Shinhwa Changjo” dream
(ppl involved: Shinhwa Changjo, mom and me)

I really dunno why I dream about this but it was somehow fun!
It all started with the news that Big Bang will come to germany. Everyone was like “Yaaaaay!!!!”. It was rumored that they will come to airpiort XY (dunno the name) and I decided to go with mom there.
When we arrived there it was the same Airport where we had the Cassie/Bigeast fanmeeting FAIL with SME xDD
BUT there was something wrong: There were huuuundreds of ppl but… oO all in orange shirts… WHAT DA HELL! I was like “heeey, you got the wrong… number color! o.o”. One thing was for sure: This won`t be Big Bang who will arrive at that airport! Area outside of the airport was flooded with orange and I told mom that we won`t see Big Bang but since we are here we will wait with those ppl to see Shinhwa ^^
While we waited I explained to mom that these are Shinhwa Changjo and no VIP, then ppl started to be all cray because Shinhwa were walking out of the airport, waving to their fans and then getting into a minivan. The place was so extremely crowded that the minivan could only leave the place very slow – which made the whole horde of Shinhwa Changjo walking with the van ^^
Mom and I went with the crowd to see where this will go and I started to wonder if Emmy was here too. But how in da world should I find her? Too many ppl.

I woke up then and the dream ended. Okay, for me it wasn`t a big event since I´m no Shinhwa Changjo but the massive amound of ppl in orange was impressive to see! (even though it was only a dream)
…I bet this was all because I was watching Shinhwa`s “Venus” MV yesterday!

The “No time…” dream
(ppl involved: JYJ, staff members, me)

Okay this dream was kind like… blurry from beginning to end! But I could get at least some things!
Somehow I managed to visit JYJ. I haven`t seen them in a long time! The only trouble was that they were busy. They had to do two interviews, photoshooting and… ah, I dunno what else! I only knew their schedule was full!
But since I was already there I ask them if it would be very inconvenient if I accompany them. JJ said they don`t really have time for me but it`s okay to come with them. So it happened that I was creeping around the area when they were doing their first interview. It was some kind of hotel or so and JYJ staff members were around too. They were discussing the next things to do for todays schedule. I was watching over the boys (literally) from the top of the stairway where you could see the whole hotel lobby below. I thought to myself that this place looks somehow expensive. I mean: The inventory looked like it would say ‘don`t touch me, I was too expensive’ o.o …
I waited till the interview was over and the reporter has left. Staff members were also leaving the building with Chunnie and JJ to discuss something outside. Junsu was staying and I went downstairs to talk to him.
T^T Aigoo, it was such a long time since I´ve seen him! Junsu apologizes that they are so busy, but I said it`s no big deal because it´s their job. I also told him that I´m happy when I can run around with them, that`s at least something. Then Junsu said he planned to go to a restaurant with me when I come to visit but it looks like that I have to go on my own now because he has no time. Me was like “nuuu, I only want to go with you :/ “. Then we had a little couple emo-convo regarding the time problem (*cough* while holding hands (ˆ///ˆ) eh hehe… couple ^///^° eh hehe… ), with much regret that there isn`t more time, till a staff member came inside and told us that we will leave now.
Ok. So we all went to the next location. It was time for the photoshooting. Boys were doing their thing while I was sitting around and waiting. Once again I was monitoring the staff and what they do. One of the staff ladies came to talked to me for a while. She wanted to know who I am and how it comes that I´m with the boys. Uhm… a bit embarrassing to tell her the story ^///^° *shy*, but since she was busy she left after I`ve answered her questions.
After that we were leaving to another location but I cannot say where to. Dream was too blurry and ended then.

Really not long enough that dream! Meh. sucks… :/
Well, at least I saw Junsu! *thinks positive*

The “Lifesaver” dream
(ppl involved: Weirdo guy, Siwon, me)

I had this dream shortly before I got up for work. It was short and in fact it was my alarm clock which destroyed the dream! >< ARGH!
It all began when I found myself in a place where many ppl were. ELF were gathering at a bus station further afar, on the other side of the street. There was an event they wanted to attend, maybe a fanmeeting or so. Anyways, the whole place was covered with ppl in blue shirts. =) I dunno why all of a sudden but somehow I thought I just saw my ex walking around over there at the busstation so I decided to go inside the public building nearby so he won`t see me. I really have no nerve for that guy anymore!
It was such a pity that I couldn`t stay to watch the ELF but I needed to avoid that bapo called my ex! BUT, as it appeared shortly after entering the building, it was a FAIL to be inside the building as well. While I was looking around a weird guy suddenly popped up in front of my face and started to talk to me. I thought -no, not again. Why do I only meet weirdos???-. AND WHAT KIND OF FAIL WAS THAT?!? Outside my ex, inside this building the weirdo?? On top of all I thought this guy was kinda scary so I walked away but he kept following me. While I was still thinking about how to get rid of this scary weirdo, thinking if slapping him when he comes to near would help, somebody practically jumped on me out of nowhere. Photobucket I almost tripped because I was jumped on and I was totally taken aback by this “attack”. I had barely a second to recognize that it was Siwon because I already got squished (once again *sigh* … this guy needs to controle his strength better) and was hugged tightly. Scary weirdo was looking like –WTF?? oO– while I was thinking
WTF?? oO– .

I couldn`t even say one word. Not only that I got squished by Siwon once again, no, he even talked nonstop. He asked where I have been, that he was looking for me, what I´m doing here, that it`s time for us to go and such stuff, then I got him! He was acting as my boyfriend to save me from the weirdo guy! Thank god I have a stalker with good ideas! Or should I say: Thank god that Shisus is watching over me? xDD
Siwon totally was my lifesaver! That was actually the second time already! Nonetheless, very knightly.
yeah, ^^° eh hehe… but the moment he said “Have you forgotten? You, me, date, later? :3 *typical Siwon-sweetness-puppy-face* “._ OMONA! (≥///≤) Siwon, that`s… you`re… you`re too much, really. (≥///≤)

Maybe it was good that my alarm clock rang then… *cough* because he really cannot do this! He cannot squish-hug me and talking stuff like that. If it`s to save me or not, it embarrasses me >//<
Aigoo, that Pastor Choi!
On the other hand: The weirdo guy`s wtf-face was epic! ^^d It would have been interesting to see what happened after this.

The “Kiddo Hae & weird Ajumma” dream
(ppl involved: A weird woman, SuJu, DBSK, me)

This dream was a short one again.
Somehow I found myself with Jaejoong, Yunho, Yoochun, Leeteuk & Donghae… who was like their kid and they all were Appa/Umma to him xD It was like everyoe was babysitting Hae! LMAO It was a very funny scene! Well, whatever boys, whatever. xD HAHA!
But: WHAT DO YOU NEED ME IN YOUR GROUP FOR? I had SO no idea wae I was with them. I was just… with them for a unknown reason. We were about to go somewhere (dunno where) when a weird woman appeard and always tried to steal Hae. AISH! >< It was really getting annoying after a while! She just didn`t stop trying! The weirdest thing was: She was an Ajumma! o.o …. But with all the Appa`s & Umma`s of Hae around + me who was getting angry by now -.-” she had no chance. She was like a freaky stalker!… nothing to say about this… ㄱ-ㄱ After some time, and it was way too long for my taste, she finally gave up. I found this was quite suspicous and while the boys wanted to go to the mall I told them to go without me and began to “stalk after” that weird woman. I found her soon. She saw me, came over and started to argue with me. Of course I asked her what kind of weird stalker-person she is, who she thinks she is with always trying to steal Hae and such things. But woman won`t admit any fail in her behaviour which only made me rage at her more. (yeah, that`s what I get for hearing all the stalker stories lately: strange stalkers in my dreams *facepalm*). So I got even more annoyed, starting to have a longer argument with her then. At some point of the conversation it was just too silly for me. I told her to never show up around us again and walked away. When I turned around and walked away guess who I saw somewhat ahead of me standing on the sidewalk? =) ooooh yes, right! SIWON! Exactly him. Of course him. My good friend Siwon, always there ^^ I was still totally annoyed & stressed because of that woman when I arrived where he was standing. Woman even yelled something after me while I was walking (dunno what she said, I didn`t listen to her). Me let out a heavy sigh and hid behind Siwon frustrated. Siwon gave the whole scenario a weird look and I only said “Oppa, put her away… she`s so annoying >< ” and Siwon said “No, I can`t do this.”. What he actually meant was that we cannot be disrespectful to an Ajumma woman. I was like –My, my…*sigh*– in my thoughts and said “well, whatever. Let`s go.”, pushing Siwon down the streets. ^^ I had no idea why he was there or where he wanted to go but one thing was for sure: I was going with him and therefore faaaar away from that stupid Ajumma! AAAH! That woman!

The dream ended then and I really wondered… such mixed up stuff in that dream! *irritated* … 0-o

The “Cultural event” dream
(ppl involved: HanGeng, some k-pop fans, me + guest stars: BEAST & Beauties)

In that dream I found myself in a place where already some ppl were waiting and talking. Older ppl, younger ppl, even some kids. It was mixed. Oh yes, and there were dogs too! Many ppl brought their dogs with them. It appeard that this was an event for/about chinese cultur and some german organization was celebrating it`s friendship with a chinese partner organisation. Okay so far.
There were tables, chairs and at the side some kind of big couches to sit for the ppl. But everyone was standing and talking with each other. I knew some ppl who were there with their dogs and played with the dogs.
This event was kinda half open air and a little further away was a crowded place. On the big screen over there you could see BEAST and the Beauties before it were already in fangirl mode xDD *haha* they held a lot of colorful banners! Then BEAST appeard on a small stage and their party was surely starting now. Looked like some kind of open air fanmeeting or something.
I thought –hm, maybe I should check out what`s going on there later-. But for now I`ve met some k-pop ppl at the event I was. One was also from germany, the other were from other european countries. In the end we were 5 k-poppers. I wondered why they were here, but since they were here it was fine by me!
Anyways, the event started. The organisers were around and on a big flatscreen a video about the event was playing. So we listened to the speech of the organisers and watched that vid. We fangirls then realized someone appearing in the crowd: HanGeng! OMGZ! He was accompanied by his Manager and one friend. We k-poppers wondered why he was here all of a sudden! But the organisers then made the situation clear for us when they greeted him officially on their small stage and introduced him as the special guest of today`s event!
FANGIRLS WERE HAPPY! :3 Other ppl had no idea about him but we had! Photobucket
After HanGeng was introduced to the guest the organisers kept talking for a little time longer and… *giggles* while they talked HanGeng and I were having silent conversation through looking at each other, smiling and me slightly shaking my head at him in amused disbelieve. It was like –I cannot believe you appeared here just like that!– and Han was like –yeah, you can never know 😛– LOL funny silent conversations! (like my dongsaeng and me at work xD )
So this was how I was supposed to met him again? At a chinese cultural event of a german organisation… ^^ (how weird, but never mind! At least we met again!)
After the organisers were done with their opening ppl begun to take their places at the tables and such. HanGeng, who knew that the group of our 5 were all fangirls signaled us to sit with him. Oh of course all of us did! We would have never moved to his place on our own but since he offered us the empty space… ;D OH WELL, WHY NOT?! WHO WOULDN`T? (only a cray person wouldn`t!)
He was friendly, shy and oh so adorable to the fangirls(‐^▽^‐)KYAH! Geng live, babies! He had a short conversation in short english sentences with the 3 from the other countries & then even shared something to eat with all of us so fangirls were happy again! Photobucket
Later the 3 other fangirls left the event to join the BEAST event nearby. Other german k-popper and me stayed with HanGeng to have a little more fun. Since the other 3 were gone we moved to where they were sitting before and sat closer to him then. We talked with him and in the end it indeed was better that we stayed and ignored BEAST event nearby, because HanGeng noticed that there was something behind the couch and starte to do nonsense xD OMGZ! We were laughing a lot! xD It was really, really fun!

My dream ended then. Maybe a bit too early but it was fun nonetheless.

The “House full of SuJu” dream
(ppl involved: Half of SuJu, me)

GOD! If my ELFi would have been with me I dunno if she would have killed me ^^°° But it really wasn`t my fault!
The dream I had started in our new house. We were already living in it.
I had a day off and just found out why my dog became so fat after we moved there: The neighbour ladies were feeding her sausage every morning D:< WAE, neighbour ladies, WAE? You want my dog to explode one day?
After I`ve spend some time outside explaining to the neighbours that they cannot feed my dog such things I came back inside and… our house was relatively crowded. Yeah, guess what? Half of SuJu in our living room, being noisy and waiting for me!
I had no idea what they were doing at our new house all of a sudden. oO It was really a long time no see! It has been aaaages since I saw an other person of SuJu as Siwon. *haha* too weird. Really no idea what this invasion was about.
Leeteuk, Heenim, Donghae, Hyukjae, Yesung and I think Sungmin was around too. I`m not sure who the last person was, but maybe Sungmin. I was a bit surprised that my stalker (Siwon xD ) wasn`t around but well, it wasn`t like I had much time to think about anything. Leeteuk announced we would play a new game. It was called “the acting game” and I thought -…okay?! oO WTH…- and it goes like this: There is a song and the lyrics are the story of it. Leeteuk said it`s a bit like one-shot filming the MV for that song. Two ppl need to act according to the song`s story. Yeah, this was already weird enough and… WHY DA HELL DO YOU GUYS NEED TO PLAY THIS IN MY LIVING ROOM?!?! D:< *scared*
Aigoo… -.- guess what happened then… I cannot believe it. The others chossed Donghae and me to do the first song. I was like “Photobucket WHAAAT!?????”. It´s not that we ever would have been friends. We only met by chance 2 times! This was going to be so weird… but maybe that was why the others have chosen us. YOU EVIL SUJU BEINGS! ;P
So what was the song`s story about? It was about two frieds. Their friendship slowly changes, they are somehow irritated when they notice it but in the end they become a couple. Okay. After a little time of thinking about how to do this we started while song was playing. It turned out not to be as difficult as I thought. We started the story/the game outside in the garden and ended it in the living room, sitting on the couch. It was pretty easy to do with Donghae and not that difficult to “act” for me. (you know, when you lived a life like mine in the past you surely know how to put up an act for other ppl… + I did a lot of roleplay when I was little/younger)
The others had fun but Donghae & I said we won`t do that again! ^^°° because in the end it was “A BIT” embarrassing nonetheless.
A little later: SuJu still had no intentions to leave our house xDD No problem, since mom herself let them in in the first place there shouldn`t be a problem. Leeteuk & Heenim explained to me that they came to check by to celebrate that we moved into our new house and they did a silly dance for celebration then xD *hahaha* DORKS! I still don`t get why they came… okay, they explained but… why? It´s not that we would be so close. Well, whatever.
Other boys were either hanging or fooling around while some music was playing. I noticed that Donghae was missing and went looking for him. I found him in the hallway with his laptop and wearing headphones. He was checking his twitter ㅋㅋ & was listening to his music. I ask him what he was listening to and he handed me his headphones. Somehow I recognized that song (I really did! It was so strange! o.o how should I know?) and I immediately said a chinese name because it was a song of a female chinese singer. I really have no idea why on eath that name was on my mind! oO But I just said it. Donghae noded and told me the name of the song. I said I once heard it on tv. oO weirdness through the roof but it was cool too!

My dream ended then but I was somehow cool! Weird but cool! ^^d
+ as expected ELFi was (is?) eyeing me now because of Hae… ^^

The “JYJ fanmeeting” dream
(ppl involved: The boys, me)

This one dream was also completely useless in it`s first half. I only have super duper blurry and confusing dreams lately! ><
The first thing I can remember is that I was searching for my ticket like a mad person. Somehow a person I don`t know at my old school found the ticket and gave it back to me… oO okaaay. So much for that. It was a ticket for a fanmeeting. I somehow had a ticket for JYJ fanmeeting and they wouldn`t have a normal fanmeeting, it was a promotional fanmeeting for NII. At least I think so. Dream was too blurry!
I arrived very early and there was a shopping mall so I decided to walk through the stores. I bought a shirt and then I went to the place where the fanmeeting would start soon. 10 ppl already waited in line before the entrance and you could see maaaany, maaany ppl more all walking towards that building from the area around. The security started to let ppl in and judging from the inside of the bulding I think it was another shopping mall. We went up the stairs and there was a big hall on the first floor. To make this weird dream completely weird I met 2 old classmates (the only 2 I actually don`t hate >< ) and I was really susprised to see them there. They said they came to see JJ xD

Good, since we were among the first ppl to arrive we walked towards that small stage and took some of the first row places. Directly in front of our barrier was a long table with 3 plates on it. Like a frame that contains squares in different sizes and each square had a cap. These things were weird and we wondered what this was about. Maybe for a game the boys would play with us? As the curious fanirls we are we shamelessly checked it out, touched it, even lifted the caps xDD Well, the WTF-moment was complete when we saw there were chinese symbold written on the squares when you lift the cap. oO We were like “Eeeh????? What is that?!? oO *blink*”
More ppl were coming fast and it started to be crowded. Lucky us! We arrived early enough to get places in the first row! ㅋㅋㅋ ;P
While we were waiting I started texting my soulmate that I now arrived at the fanmeeting (wait: why da hell wasn`t she with me? oO ) and I told her about what I`ve bought. Other ppl were busy with their phones too. So some minutes passed and then our boys appeared. JJ was the first to greet us. He even came down from stage to shake hands with ppl from the first row ㅋㅋ (●`∀´●) Did I already mention that we were the lucky ones of first row? MUAHAHAHA!
We were like -YAY! JJ! =D *practically throwing our phones away/ignoring phones from now on* Photobucket
Since there were still ppl to come JJ said we will wait for everybody to arrive and so we waited together. JJ was chatting with fans and YooSu were doing some nonsense with the stage decoration xD LOL we took photos!
Too bad that my dream ended then. but it was cool nonetheless.

The “Tv show fangirling” dream
(ppl involved: ppl I don`t even know..oO, SiHan lovelies, me)

Another weird and short dream!
The first half was totally unrecognizable – again! == *annoyed* I cannot remember a thing. In fact, the first thing I can clearly remember is that Mom took Sister Sis and me with her to some ppl she knew. Yeah, well, I didn`t knew them! >< ppl I´ve never even seen once in my life! And the worst thing was that there was a tv show I wanted to watch! I asked the weird ppl if I could use their tv to watch it. They said yes so I happily went to watch it.
With that the funny part begun! Photobucket
The show I wanted to watch was on german tv ㅋㅋㅋ and guess what? SiHan lovelies were on that show! OMGZ! Siwon and HanGeng on german tv? Yes, pretty unreal and unlikely but I was so excited! This was such an OMG-moment! I mean: SiHan on german tv! And that for realz babies! THIS IS AWESOME!
When I turned on the tv the host was just ready with introducing them to the viewers and HanGeng started to talk. So I still came in time! Phew! I already thought I would miss half of their appearance. I cannot remember what GeGe talked about. I only know that I was very amused because it was something really funny! xD and behind him you could see Siwon laugh himself away LOL It was really too much fun watching them! SiHan lovelies were really hilarious! They performed together after the talk. I think they sang a song… o.o but I cannot remember that part so clearly. The only thing I know is that I was totally excited about it! :3 #fangirl + I thought ‘I know these two hehehe ;D ‘. (meeting HanGeng twice & Siwon is something like my best -stalker- friend by now xD )
Mom then called me to have lunch with her weird friends so I went back to the other room. These ppl even had a son and that guy wanted to talk to me the whole time. Hrrr… *annoyed sigh* Photobucket WAE ME? WAE IS IT ALWAYS ME?
First, I didn`t like him. Second, I was annoyed that he even tried to talk to me & third, my mind was still in spazz mode! Ts. I didn`t knew that guy! Why da heck was he talking to me? Can`t he just leave me alone? I was soooo NOT interested!
So since that guy started talking I had to talk back to him ㅋㅋ and all I did was fangirling about this tv show from earlier. As the guy tried to tell me that there is nothing interesting about SiHan I totally talked myself away about how he could know, that he has no idea and how exciting SiHan`s performance was. Photobucket Guy ended up frustrated and he surrendered in the end xD
Problem with that guy was solved!

The “Taking care of brother” dream
(ppl involved: Brother, me)

This time the dream was short and extremely blurry. Only from the middle on I can remember some things better.
I was walking along the streets somewhere in a city, dunno where, and it was evening. I wanted do find a location to eat dinner at. Then I past a restaurant and thought “oh, wait! I know that person.” and went inside. And look who I found! It was my brother-in-law Junho. =)
I greeted him and asked him if I can take a seat. Yeah, of course brother said yes. We started talking and after a while I somehow thought brother`s talk began to be a little strange. You maybe know the moment when you think this is starting to become nonesense? xD Oh yeah well, it wasn`t that worse, really. But I thought brother was a litte bit drunk now. ^^° Brothers evening seemed to be a bit too easy-going… ㄱ.ㄱ
I decided that it`s time for both of us to leave as he became more and more clingy & kept talking stuff about my clothes and I was only like “Photobucket yeah, it`s not like we meet everyday. You don`t know about a lot of my clothes. No, these are not new. Let`s go now.”. However, besides that it was a bit funny xD I also thought –Junsu, you owe me some! You`re not here AGAIN… Now I need to take care of your brother alone…– .
I took brother home (to HIS home, not mine) and told him he needs to sleep. What luck for me, he wanted to and went to bed. It`s not like I would have been able to force him. Brother is much stronger than I am. OTL.
Althought it was indeed cute because Junho became so clingy and stuff (hehe… cutie! Photobucket ) it was a good thing he agreed on going to sleep. It was for the better.
I wonder why I dream stuff like that? I haven`t had dinner in the end and the only thing I´ve done was taking care of Junho… and anyway! I wonder how I knew where his apartment was…???!! Photobucket I cannot remember that I would have been there before. It`s the same mystery as with how I got Siwon`s phone number in my other dream xD
K-dreams are mysterious!

The ” Boooored~~!” dream
(ppl involved: The usual suspects xD )

The dream began really weird and it wasn`t even a k-dream starting from the first minute. But towards the end of my dream I had to go somewhere. To a room. I had to listen to someone who held a speech. Aigoo… == how interesting *sarcasm*
I think this was some kind of stupid seminar again. >< nuuuu, do not want!
As I entered the room and it was already relatively crowded in there. There wasn`t even one single chair D: I just thought -I need to listen to that guy`s boring speech and cannot even sit while I fall alseep? O: NOOO!!! Photobucket
So I stood at the side where I found an empty space and the guy begun his freakin’ boring speech. I don`t even know what he was talking about, I can only remember that it was super boring stuff and I was annoyed as hell. So my eyes wandered around the room. I decided to check out the ppl who were there just because this seemed to b more interesting as to listen to the speech. Everything was better as to listen to that guy… ><
But then, of course, it had to happen again xD Across the room I saw a very familiar person behind all the ppl, leaning on the other wall: Uri Pastor Choi Siwon! Oh, why wasn`t I surprised a bit? *laughs*
Since the guy still held his speech we exchanged silent glances to express our boredom to each other. OMG WAS THAT GUY BORING UP THERE! *facepalm*
btw.: Why do we always need to go to stupid seminars? oO I really wonder!
But we were lucky, the guy took a break soon and ppl started to talk to each other. Siwon and I immediately went to meet up with each other in the back corner, a bit away from the other ppl. No one was standing there and it was the only place in that crowded room where you had space to breath and move without bumping into the others. *rolleyes* (they at least could have choosen a bigger room!)
We smiled when we met, happy that the boredom has an end now, and begun to talk. I don`t remember what we were talking about but it was something funny Photobucket We really had much fun talking about nonsense and then totally… *laughs* haha!.. totally ended up fooling around like kids! =D
The other ppl were already giving us strange looks but it wasn`t like we would care much. In the end, when the guy at the speaker`s desk started to talk again, we at least tried to stop fooling around. Which turned out so-so in a 50:50 success, because we still couldn`t stop laughing about the nonsense from just now. We really tried to suppress it – what made us giggle in the back of that room.

All in all it was a pretty fun dream that still makes me smile when I think about it. Siwon was really too funny to be with!
And this time no crazy gangsters invaded the meeting & took us all as their hostages!
Yay! Progress! b^^d

The “strange places, strange ppl” dream
(ppl involved: Siwon, me + a bunch of strange ppl I don`t even know! )

Okay, where to begin? This dream was very, very weird at it`s beginning and only got a bit better from the middle on.
Somehow, there was a place where everyone liked to hang out. Some kind of park where you can rest and do different activities if you feel like doing them (it was outside and it was summer). It looked a bit like… LOTTE World for outside activities with a park area like touch… oO a strange place, but still nice.
Two friends and me were there often because we liked to sit at some kind of park table, being lazy and talking about all kind of nonsense ^^ To be honest: I have no idea who my two friends were! I only knew they were my friends.
We went there a few days in a row and suddenly we noticed strange ppl hanging out there. Ppl which weren`t supposed to be there normally. Then we heard that some guests of the park dissappeared and maybe got kidnapped. We suspected the weird new ppl to be involved with this incident and spied on them. And they were indeed doing strange things oO They acted like employees of the park but they actually were none. However, we left them alone and were sitting at our table again.
Hehe… Photobucket and now guess who appeard at that park too that afternoon? It`s really so too funny! xD
I guess I don`t even need to tell you, but…: It was Siwon again! xD (← seriously, how does this guy manage to find me all the time? I really wonder! Is this his special skill or something?). Okay, we didn`t really met that day but still! Wae is he aaaaalways where I am? This guy is unbelievable! Photobucket

The next day my friends and me went there again. Not that much guest were at the area that day but the strange ppl were still there and… they were ever creepier than the day before! >< Looked at us in such a creepy way! On top of all, as we wanted to sit down at our table, 3 of them wanted to grab us. We ran away, men were chasing us. But we kicked them like a pro and managed to run away anyway. Ts… as if we would be to kidnap that easily!
Somehow we thought we had to go back and find the other guests. We prepared ourselves that we maybe would need to kick them again but when we came back the police was already there and fighting the creepy ppl, turning the whole area into a hectic place. It turned out that these guys really kidnapped the guests of the park – for whatever the reason was… oO Have no clue.
After the creepy ppl were arrested the boss/manager of the park gathered all guests of the park. He formally apologized that this happened and keept talking random apologetic stuff. Friends and me were listening for a while then a certain person, one I`ve already almost forgotten about, came back to my mind. I said: “Uuuhm… wait. Where is Siwon?!”. I thought -Crap! when he got kidnapped, too!? *worries*-. I started too look around between the ppl that were gathered in front of the manager but couldn`t find him. >< That`s the problem with my stalker: since he`s always creeping around you have to worry about that bapo then! …
Just when I thought about if I should go search in panic or not I was back-hugged by someone! I really didn`t saw this coming and turned around to that person in surprised (maybe kinda shocked too, because I didn`t expected to be hugged). And guess who was that person? IT WAS SIWON! Of course it was him, who else?
He only grinned at me as if he wanted to say -what are you panicking about?-. I only felt super relieved at that moment! I said “OMG! You`re save! You`re save!” and fell round his neck… You could say I hectically hugged Siwon and he laughed.
Aigoo, aigoo. THAT GUY! This isn`t a laughing matter! ts… wonder if he watched me from somewhere behind only to wait till I almost started to panic Photobucket
Anyway, the day ended and the manager invited all the guests for a short holiday for free because of the inconvenience that happened to us. It was a 3 days trip.
Location change in my dream then! ➜ Somewhere on a beach at a hotel complex: Guest of the park where enjoying themselves on the beach. Me and my friends were there too. Of course, since Siwon was a guest of the park before too, he was also there. Half of the guests of the park were placed at building 1 and the other half was placed at building 2. I dunno who of us was in which house but my friends and I were in the one, while Siwon had his room in the other. I only remember that I saw him on both mornings we were staying there from a distance. Ai!… and that bapo dared to grin at me with his ‘I`m Price charming (●ˆ ω ˆ●)’-smile that somehow embarrassed me! (≥///≤)
YAH! Siwon! I saw that you were laughing about me after you did that! Photobucket … Does he start teasing me now!? == *me is frustrated with her friend Siwon*

The dream ended when my friends and I enjoyed the last day on the beach. The rest was blurred away. This was really a strange dream with strange ppl again. I have no idea why da hell I dream about such kinda stuff o____O Really, WTF….
(+ I think my dreams turning into an action movie again…)

The “Hug me~ :3 ” dream
(ppl involved: Siwon & me )

Photobucket GUESS WHAT!?
I had a short k-dream again!

The beginning of the dream was a bit weird. I didn`t understand how this happened: All of a sudden it was said I had to go to trade school. oO My mom and my sis brought me to the station. I needed to go to a school in another city. oO okeh… WEIRDNESS!
I was already super annoyed because I had to go to trade school again but I was even more annoyed after I realised I had to buy train tickets again too (I used to do this when I was really in trade school and I was still moneyless in my dream >< ). To make everything even worse the first card that came out of the ticket automat was a complete mess, nobody was able to read it. I had to buy another one!! AAARGH!!!! WAAAAEEE???? Photobucket I was so angry at that silly ticket automat! Wasting my money on that thing twice! ><
Later I took the train and arrived at a house of a rich lady who rented out rooms of her house. I had one of those rooms. Okay so far. I was stying there. Somehow my mom has sent my car to that place so I thought -oh cool, I don`t need to take the train to trade school then =) -.
Some days went by in the house of the rich lady and I went to trade school each day with my car. HA! no train! But… now the fun part about my stay there!
One day I noticed that… *raises eyebrows* ….guess who? …. yeah, no other than SIWON was staying at the house of the rich lady too. LOL OMO! LET ME DIE! COINCIDENCE?
No, it was only Siwon stalking me as always xD
We shared the double garage for our cars. One day when I wanted to drive to trade school like everyday Siwon just came back from his schedule of the night. He was doing something around his car/in the garage. Me, being the weirdo I am, had a silly idea and so I walked up to him.
It felt a bit awkward because I haven`t thought about it beforehand (if I should do this or not) but then I said: “Oppa, I never ask for such a thing before and it`s maybe really silly, but can I have a hug before–“
xD I couldn`t even finish my question because Siwon was already hugging me Photobucket
*giggles* originally I wanted to say “before I go to trade school”.
OMO! I was kinda taken aback! I looked at him and he was giving me his usual cute-silly smile I know too well by now… AIGOO! THAT SIWON! Silly Oppa ^^
I couldn`t help myself but being amused, giggle and hug Siwon back. My first thought? He`s taller than me! =D *notices difference in height* *likes*(←well, I knew this before but… c’mon! Siwon never hugged me before! >//< ). My second thoughteh hehe… ^^° Oppa, may you stop squishing me, will ya ^^°°° *still gets squished*LOL but my third thought was:hm, I wonder if Siwon works out much/oftenPhotobucket Silly me! Why thinking so much and then such things?
All this turned into a longer hug and I said “Oppa, I need to go to trade school… *#justsaying*”, but this stalker of mine called Siwon wasn`t done yet and this turned in some kind if huggling session. Aww!
He had his eyes closed and looked so tired♡ Photobucket somehow really adorable-cute! Cute, tired Siwon was cute! Adorable that he became that clingy because he was tired.
Althought the hugging session with Siwon was really nice I`m not his huggling thingy when he`s tired especially not when I still have something to do, so: Oppa→ to bed, me→ to trade school!

My dream ended after I got into my car to drive to trade school :3 awww, but it was really cute! Aigoo, my k-dreams!
I can only recommend hugs of Siwon/hugging Siwon.
It`s really nice~ Photobucket

The “Teach me the dance!” dream
(ppl involved: HanGeng & me )

I don`t know if I can call it a real k-dream because it really wasn`t much: I dreamed tonight that HanGeng`s new Album was out and I went to get it ^^ and later I came home, turned on TV and saw Geng on TV! =D YAAY! I found out that there is a flashmob dance to one of the new songs and he was teaching it to us via TV =DD cool! Just cool! Photobucket ah hahaha! In fact it was too epic!
Well, sooo FAIL but sooo epic! (HanGeng on german tv? yeah, dream on babo! *talking to myself*)
The thing is… while I saw him on tv I was thinking “damn, we should meet again ^^°” … HAHA! Weird me! I will never learn and: No way I would stay away from him! I like him – even after my last dream which kinda shocked me xD but nu… I guess I will never learn. *me is 4ever unteachable regarding HanGeng*

EDIT: It’s almost ridiculous that we actually were REALLY teached a dance via internet by geng for “Hero” some months later… My fortune dreams 4ever awesomely accurate o.o

The “Cinema” dream
(ppl involved: Some friends/family & me, Siwon + SuJu)

It was a really short dream.
I went to the cinema with some friends and my family and we were about to choose a film we want to watch. My sister sis then pointed on a movie and said she wants to see this movie. I said “But I heard it is boring.”
That moment Siwon appeard besides me and said “It is. ^^ We`re just done watching it.” I looked at him, then at the rest of SuJu who was coming out of the cinema just now XD ah haha! Hello Siwon – AGAIN! xD (seriously, that guy is stalking me! I swear! LOL)
I said: “So since you went to see it more ppl will come to watch it because you guys watched it. *haha*”
Siwon: “*laughs* Yes, basically the cinema should pay us for making ppl watch this movie.”
We both laughed and in the meantime family & friends had decided on a movie and we went into the cinema =)

LOOL Funny! Funny little episode with our PastorWon again! Photobucket

The “THE HanGeng” dream
(ppl involved: Han, me & as special guests: Emmy & my Grandma oO)
January 2012

I just LOVE my start into the new year! (okay, it was very embarrassing as well >< aigoo..)
Tonights k-dream was all about *fangirl scream* HANGEEEENG~! Photobucket

It all started with an event HanGeng would appear. Some kind of show on TV. And it was here in Germany (already weird enough oO ) BUT Emmy was with me (OMGZ! WEIIIIRD!). She was here because of studying at a german university and she lived at my aparment with me. Of course I made her go with me to this event! I was like “OMG SUN! He`s back! *hyper* I want to go there by all means!” (you may remember: I already saw HanGeng in one of my dreams before ♥)
Somehow it turned out to be a pre-recording and… of course, the ppl who were there had no clue about HanGeng – besides Emmy and me. So we watched the recording and HanGeng was singing a new song from his 2nd album. ah! It was such a beautiful song!
When the recording ended I wanted to wait for Geng. Emmy waited with me. HanGeng finally re-appeared after almost everyone was gone and, wow! He remembered me! =D *happy* He asked me how I`ve been and I said: “Fine. Everything is the same, u know. Emmy and I living in a small apartment, you are still in China…”, secretly talking about SuJu things. He smiled and said: “It`s better that way.”, obviously knowing what I wanted to said with that. >< aigoo… wae did I say this in the first place? so embarrassing! >< Sorry Han!
He went to get his things and I thought “What to do? what to do? Make him stay somehow! Think, you bapo, think!!! *talking to myself in my mind*”
Meanwhile Emmy complained about being tired from New Year and not feeling well anymore. She asked if we could go home now. Emmy was already lying on a bench, half asleep anyway. She was like that from the beginning… oO #justsaying I wondered that she wasn`t even really interested when HanGeng came to talk to us. She was only… more like… dead-asleep xD LOL
As the HanGeng crazy Unni I was I said she can go home and so she did. I talked to Han again when he was back and since he expressed he wanted to go eat something now I said he can come with me to my mom! ㅋㅋㅋ This was how a prefect woman`s plan works out: Treating HanGeng to eat at our home and so making him stay longer Photobucket ➜ WIN! ㅋㅋㅋ I am so good! *perfect plan*
So my dream went a bit forward and we were at home. At our old home, to make this dream even weirder… Photobucket Dad not present, Sister sis rather uninterested in Geng (she couldn`t care less ^^) & Mom not really interested either.
We were done eating, HanGeng & I were standing in the kitchen and talking about random things. We had a good and funny talk. I gave him a small package of little jelly fruits and he was happily eating them. Photobucket Aww! He was so cute! *giggles* Smiling all the time.
I cannot remember the things we talked about while still standing in our kitchen but suddenly Han came up with the story of he once was here in his student days and my grandma let him stay at our house. (WEIRDNESSSS!)
I was like: “You are kidding me! *does not believe*”__HanGeng: “^^ No, it`s true! I slept upstairs.”__me: “Maybe in the meantime the room has changed.”__HanGeng: “Dosen`t matter. =) *putting arm around noona`s shoulder* I will show you. *opening kitchen door, leading noona to the stairs*”__me: “*giggles* Let`s check it then.”
I was really amazed that he really seemed to know his way. He went upstairs, me followed and then he stopped in front of my grandma`s living room (in our old house my grandma lived upstairs).
me: “There?”__HanGeng: “*nods* Yes.”__me: “Okay, I will go in first. My grandma is in there.”
Okay, besides the fact that my already dead grandma was alive again everything was fine so far xD So I went in and said to grandma, who was watching tv, that we have a guest and he wants to say hello. Grandma said he should come in. I was signalizing HanGeng to come in then ^^ but he seemed a little uncomfortable to disturb my grandma. aww! How cute! (again!)
Well, I was like “Photobucket It`s okay, come in *kinda dragging Han into the room*”
So we stood in grandma`s living room and he and grandma exchanged their greetings. I said “Grandma, he said he once stayed here for a while, is this true? *still in disbelieve*” Grandma said that it`s true but she cannot remember his name. But she assumed it must have been something with “H”. HanGeng introduced himself then and grandma said “Ah, yes! *remembers* That was the name! ” Aigoo… =) I really wondered what kind of reality this was here? HanGeng knowing my Grandma ond once stayed here for a few days? Dae to the bak, ppl, dae to the bak! hahaha!
We left grandma alone again and back in the hallway HanGeng seemed to remember more from when he stayed here and asked me if my sister and I sleep upstairs too. I said yes we do pointed at the two doors. He wanted to know wich one is mine and seemed very interested. It was a bit embarrassing because we already prepared for moving and so I said that I will show him but “It`s a mess.”.
Since my room was really a mess ^^° and it`s not really big we were done looking at it really quickly. We decided to pay my sister sis a visit as well. She was in her room listening to music while packing her moving boxes. I asked if it`s okay when we come in and she said she`s fine with it so we went into her room. Han looked around the rooms and the first thing he saw were my Katanas ^^ All of them were in a corner of my sister`s room, waiting to be packed.
HanGeng thought they are really cool and begun looking at each one. I proudly presented him my real Katana from Japan and once again it was really fun to talk with him! Photobucket When HanGeng is present everything is fine ^^ So nice with him! I really loved it!
Soon after that we left my sister alone again and went downstairs. *giggles* I haven`t even fully closed sister`s door again then I saw him already coming at my side again (*cough* NEAR! >//< ), putting his arm around my shoulder again and taking a rather tight grip on it >///< Aigoo, GENNY! I was a bit irritated (OF COURSE I WAS! >//< dammit! It`s HanGeng, he`s cute & way too lovely and… he`s near! >///< ) but he showed me a shy smile and… somehow I couldn`t help but smile too.
So we went downstairs again, smiling like the two shy idiots we are *haha* ^^ and were back in the kitchen then. OMGZ! Still so embarrassing! >///< aah, I mean: So cute! I cannot even tell you ppl… you haven`t seen his expressions when he was talking, the cute smile… Aigoo, jinjja! Too much! Way too much for my fangirl heart! >///< *keeps blushing like an idiot only by writing this now* He said it was time for him to go, I was like -damn, sucks…- but I understood. He couldn`t stay 4ever and I had a really great day with him ^^ I wanted to lead him through the door from kitchen to garage outside, but then suddenly he stopped. I wanted to ask if he forgot something but I wasn`t even able to! >///< because… he… he… *mega blush* (≧////≦) he KISSED ME! *dies of embarrassment* OMO! I`m halfway to a heart attack only by writing & thinking about it agai! >////< He really did it! And not even once… *dies of embarrassment even more* twice! GAISSS!!!! *imitating Emmy* I was kissed by HanGeng twice! He did it again after the first kiss! *dies more and more* This even surpasses my embarrassing Donghae dream! I swear! You cannot… he cannot…. I mean I… you gais…! >///< I CANNOT EVEN!!!
Han with his 181cm in height just 11 cm taller than I am and… and… I cannot even describe the look on his face and… >//////////////////< *super fangirl blush* believe me it felt way too real!!! It was just like my ELF friend`s dream with Kyu! It was like… like… this was real life! *waves around with arms* REAL LIFE! >////< OTL Dream felt way to real!!! #4everrepeatingmyself

But then I woke up and was like “>///< OMG! This was a dream?! *get`s embarassed*” and hid under my blanket for a minute only to giggle #LikeABoss when I came out of it again. I was still half asleep but I laughed and giggles like a idiot but was still embarrassed at the same time!
Photobucket I`m the most blessed fangirl today. I swear! (and the most embarrassed too…)

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