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This is the k-dreams year of 2013*: ・゚✧

The “What a great day! (っ˘ڡ˘ς)❤ ” dream
(ppl involved: The evils, JaeChun, Siwon and me)
December 2013

At the beginning I was peacefully sitting at home, watching a show with JYJ on tv. They were in Italy, in Venic to be exact, and it was basically them doing nonsense while hanging around there just as they did as 5 in Bonjour Paris! xD It was really funny, Jaejoong really cute and clueless as always LOL he also had a ‘mission’ again while being on a small ship. I was very amused. ( ˆ ω ˆ )❤
However, it happened that the evils came around and ask me if I would join them going to the water park somewhere near and since I haven’t been to a water park in aaaages I agreed.
As soon as we were there the evil couple got very excited and soon got lost somewhere. >_> tbh I never expected anything else to happen. Before I could think about wae I came here again I met a trainee of ours there and talked to her for a bit. We used some of the water slides together and then I had enough of water and sat around with my towel, monitoring our trainee with her friends and the general happening.
I thought if I should got eat something and then go home, but basically I could only think that I don’t care about the water park at all. I missed Siwon T~T ah dammit. But he has said earlier that he was busy so what to do? Work is work. So I just sat there in my feels for a bit.. ;~; *sigh* Not that I have something against his work but I needed some time to deal with myself u know :/ meeh~ being an emotional idiot sucks sometimes.
Lately I am going through realization process second level and… hnngh >//< sometimes my feels mess with me. But THEN, while being in my thoughts, I noticed something cool and my mood got from ‘meh’ to excited. I knew the voice I was hearing right now just to well! There was this tower thingy besides the water park, it was a radio station and I could see JaeChun being there through their glass front. Of course, the radio program was aired in the water park as well through the speakers! =D Hey! I never knew they would do a radio show! But nonetheless it was really cool! They were their dorky selves and it was really funny. They had just started their show and so I decided to stay sometime longer. At least for the time the show was aired. The evil couple maybe got lost but my JYJ friends were here! =D (sadly without Junsu… hm, I wonder where he was? oO).
Then my dream skipped some time and I was home again. Was doing my hair after the warter park, it was almost dry ^^ yayy! (it always takes some time for my hair). I went downstairs to get something from the fridge but I didn’t made it there. There was a car in our gateway. I curiously made one step back and stopped halfway on my way into kitchen and looked out of the window from where I stood. There was Siwon. I thought ‘wth.. o.o thought he’s at work? and.. wait, what is he wearing??’. He was dressed rather formal like… wae would he come here like that? I mean he wasn’t dressed too formal but still in this nice jacket and… damn, he looked good! >//< and… what’s up with these flowers and ribboned gift stuff he is holding? (?・ω・) He sorted his stuff two times. It looked like he double checked on everything. Could it be that he was somewhat nervous? oO I immediately thought of what Yunho hinted sometime before. But what could this be? It was not our anniversary yet, it was not my b-day and christmas was also already over. so… (。◕.◕。) what was he up to now? and: yeah… at work huh? Could it be that you only needed time to prepare stuff, Siwon? >//> *embarrassed*

I DMed unni-ya on twitter nervously-irritated with ‘I think something is happening… O-O ‘ and when I looked up from my phone again Siwon had vanished from where I could see him.
Yeah well that was because he already stood right behind me in our living room. Guess Mom had let him in like a ninja. I didn’t notice. (*eyes her* I suspected her to be informed about this! Wae else would she know when he would be here?)
So Siwon appeared besides me saying “hi there~ ( ˆ ω ˆ ) “, I said “I thought you were at work.”. He explained that he’s here to tell me something, presenting me the flowers. Roses, to be exact, some single ones yellow the remaining main amount of them red (which shows a really deep understanding of him. not roses because ppl ususally bring roses, no, these are the colors of my 4ever fandoms). That was the moment I somehow knew what he would say. I dunno wae but I just knew it looking at this widely smiling face of his. While I took the flowers somehow paralyzed by the moment Siwon said he will cut this short and said “I love you.”.
I almost cried but of course was too happy. I could only smile happily, hide my face in my hands and said “I love you too” then hugged him like we haven’t met each other for a really long time. … And then we kissed of course – for a really long time. Eh hehhe.. (*^///^) *embarrassed*
Think this was the important thing he wanted to tell me. This time it finally really happened that he told me. For the record: This was the first time it was ever actually mentioned between us.
I really couldn’t with the feels at that moment. He could have as well just asked me to get married, this was how meaningful it felt. (˘‿˘ʃƪ)♥

please excuse me but what is happeing?? Cannot believe it really happened in kdreams world!
Can’t believe he really came around dressed like that with flowers and stuff just to tell me this. What are you Siwon? ;﹏; ♥ you can’t be a real person. This is too nice.
…and he needs to stop bringing gifts along because… c’mon, I don’t want to get spoiled like this (´ ~ `)❤ I don’t want him spending money on gifts for me.

The “A bit chaotic” dream
(ppl involved: Siwon, me and our pets)
December 2013

I met up with Siwon in the “famous” restaurant/bistro once again. Inside of course, it’s winter after all.
We had some tea and he told me about work for the next time. His schedule seemed busy once again and he lacked time so he asked me if I could maybe look after Bugsy for some days since Jiwon couldn’t. ‘I thought.. woah, it’s christmas tomo and… you just got him’. I was surprised but looking after the cute little puppy is something I do happily. (note: I was surprised that he really has to go full round with work on CHRISTMAS… but well… basically expected this. I just had that little hope he could spend it at home with his family. At least in the evening.).
After we left the bistro we had a quick talk while walking a bit, cuddeled a little and then Siwon already left again.
Then my dream skipped some time and I found myself out in the fields with my first dog, Teddy (my second dog) and Bugsy on a leash. Teddy ran around like crazy, I couldn’t take my eyes off him for too long. He was really hyper. My old dog was busy sniffing here and there – on top of that I told her to stay near. It was enough when Teddy was running around like a mad man. So we walked a bit and, of course, puppy striked then. Bugsy had enough of walking. He just sat there and didn’t wanted to walk anymore. Yeah, puppies do this so I just picked him up and carried him. When I walked on with my older dog near me I was like “… where’s Teddy? oO ” hrrr… great -_- he was gone. So I walked around the area, calling him, with the puppy on my arm and my older dog followig me.
After a bit I found Teddy behind some bushes, playing with a giant branch that lay on the ground. My older dog was wildly interested as well right away, but the puppy didn’t wanted to be carried anymore so I told them that we would leave. I was all a bit chaotic with Teddy being hyper like this and the puppy. I made a mental note not to let him off the leash but the puppy instead the next time. (because the puppy will just follow my older dogs).

And once again my kdreams are something!
After I woke up from this dream I found a tweet of Siwon on my timeline that said he is still rehearsing on christmas eve. OTL OTL
So it happened again!

The “Photoshoot day” dream
(ppl involved: SuJu boys, Prince Manager, staff, some ELF, Siwon, me)
December 2013

The SuJu boys were out for another photoshooting, almost all of them. I wasn’t with them for the whole time, I joined when they were already halfway done with everything. I was with them because I had time and Prince Manager didn’t say no – decent of course, not drawing any attention. Stayed away from Siwon and was always near the staff. And in the end: I am interested in their work(life) ^^
When they put everything together after the photoshoot I saw that the photographer woman had a lot of things in her hands to carry. I asked if I could help since I had nothing to do anyway and she was glad that she could give me some of her stuff. While cleaning up the set she took good care of me like a mom ^^
Then everyone moved to a little restaurant near the photoshooting location. We sat around a big table, photographer noona to my left, Sungmin to my right. Prince manager was seated at the head of the table near the entrance, Siwon sat accross the table in front of me. The rest of the members were somewhere between the photographer noona & Siwon’s side and sungmin & prince managers end of the table. Couldn’t see so exactly who was seated where, dream was a bit blurry.
So we all ordered our drinks and food. While we waited I talked to the photographer. Her name was Lucy, she was a korean-american and a really friendly person.
We waited for our food and even before it arrived some ELF were suddenly around. They had seen the SuJu boys and showed up besides Prince Manager, asking for autographs and stuff. But Junghoon-ssi told them to please give the members sometime to eat and that they should please respect that. Siwon quickly said they would meet them outside later and the other members agreed to that. I was really positively surprised that the like… 10 fans they were, really listened and indeed left to wait outside. oO hooo~ so there are still some sane ones around! Although I wondered where they came from because this restaurant was in a rather not popular location where not much was around… the next bigger place was some miles away. *shrugs* oh wellies, but at least they were not of the psychotic kind of fans section. It appeared they were nice ones.
However, our food was served and we all ate. When everyone had finished in peace the members prepared to meet the fans who were waiting outside. Some of them already got up and walked outside, Sungmin besides me grabbed his stuff like phone and jacket. I found it really nice of them to take time for the fans. Before Siwon left he turned at me and said “It will take a while till we’re back.”, I said “It’s okay. I will just go check out the surroundings.” then Siwon said “But I don’t want you to go alone.” . Oh?! he was worried about me? Aww~ you cutie you (ノ∀≦。)ノ stop it!
But Lucy said “I will go with her”, so Siwon was reassured and left as well.
So we creeped around the surrounding of the restauraunt, the backside of it. Of course there was nothing interesting to be found so we soon went back to the restaurant. In front of it the boys were of course still busy with the fans. When we wanted to go inside again Lucy saw someone she knew who had just arrived, a woman, and they started to talk. So I went inside by myself. The restaurant was empty like… wow, never noticed before we were the only guests. I saw that there was a little side-room and checked it out.
Inside that room I found the house animals =D two Chinchillas! HAHA! How cool! Would I have known before that the really interesting stuff is INSIDE and not outside I would have never left this restaurant.
I spent some time in the chinchilla room, could even pet their fluffy fur a bit and then returned to the main room. Still no one there, so I decided to wait. I just sat there, checking out every detail of this restaurant, and watching the person Lucy talked to before getting something to eat “to go” and leave again. Although it already had been some time since I came back from the chinchillas it still took a while for everyone to come back around.
Prince Manager announced that they would get the cars ready and leave soon, so he left with Lucy to pack all the remaining stuff into the cars. This left us with some time to mind our own business. The others checked their phones and made sure they had their things all together for leaving, while Siwon came over to me. He apologized that it took so long but I said it’s not a big deal. Of course I made sure he won’t miss the chinchillas and showed them to him in the small side room. I told him how I found them and ended with “..and then I found them here. aww, they are so cute! *strokes chichilla excited*” but somehow Siwon seemed not to be so excited. He smiled but I saw there was something wrong with this smile of his. It was like he wanted to cover something I should not notice but of course I did so I turned to him and asked “What’s wrong?”, he said “I’m sorry to leave you alone so often… You know how much–“, “I know.” I said, suddenly hugging him “Your money is earned with hard work. Please don’t worry.❤ “. Aww, lookies at this cutie Siwon here! I cannot even (愛˘‿˘愛) worrying about that… what nonsense. But he seemed really troubled about it. Then we just hugged for some moments in the chinchilla room where we still were.
When it was fine again we rejoined the others in the main room then Siwon suddenly remembered something. He said “Wait, I got something for you.” and went straight to the small table which was behind the big table we had eaten at before. He got a bag from behind it like… really hidden there. He had to go around the table to get it ^^ I had followed him a bit irritated because… uh, wae you buy me stuff? I do not want. >//< okay, it was almost christmas but… yeah. Still! So I was like “what did you..?”. He said “I came across this earlier and thought it was what you were searching for, so I got it.” and presented me a really nice rain jacket in some of my favourite colors and some of these especially super cute socks you cannot buy here around. I mean… Hello Kitty and random cute stuff. Just what I love *___* and they were all super cute and colorful and perfect and… (。◕.◕。) I stared at the stuff for a bit, somewhat petrified for a moment, because… SIWON! How did you know?! ..wae? ..how? I feel spied at! But sakdfsajffsf!!! You’re impossible! (ノ∀≦。)ノ
Yeah, of course a very satisfied grin was on his face. I said that this is all really nice and thanked him. I looked at the stuff he gave me againa and said “You’re crazy. (。◠‿‿◠。) “. We hugged over the edge of the table that was between us and shared a really quick kiss. After noticing it’s really still only our group in the restaurant he quickly came back for us to hug again and for a kiss that lasts a bit longer than before. (#^_^#) eh hehe… *embarrassed*
Then everyone was ready and we went to the cars. One car was almost full with stuff from the photoshooting. Just a view seats for Lucy and two members were left. The rest of us was told to sit in the second car with Junghoon Prince Manager-ssi.
I remeber we were on the backseat with Donghae. from left to right it was Donghae, Siwon and me. Other members were behind us (it was one of these big vans, u know), Prince manager in front of us. I think he was the driver, but not entire sure. The fishy wanted to watch a movie and picked one. We had quite some time ahead of us to get back so this was not a bad idea (cool that this car had these little monitors =D ). It was a movie I knew well but I cannot remember what movie it was exactly.
So while the fishy got excited when the movie started playing like a kid (*haha* cute, btw!), Siwon sunk into his seat and offered me a place at his side. aah~ had missed some cuddling anyway, so of course I was right there. We were glued together/cuddle up to watch the movie with Donghae ^^
Oh wellies, the car had pitch black toned windows, so what? ( ˆ ω ˆ )❤ at least there we could cuddle (when we already behaved for half of the day).

That was where my dream ended. ^^

The “Pre-christmas surprise” dream
(ppl involved: Siwon and me)
December 2013

After work I went to the city because I had to get some things. I wasn’t really familiar with the area I had to go to because I normally never go there, but there was this specific shop I needed. So I kept staring at my phone (more like: on a map on it) to find it and I ended up in an area of our city I had really never been to before.
When I looked up from my phone I saw Siwon nearby. I wondered, never knew he was supposed to be around but oh wellies ^^ It took him only a moment to notice me as well. We meet in the middle of this bigger place we were standing right now and he was suprised to see me. I explained I was here (after work of course) because I really had to find that shop and Siwon said he was about to met a friend of his and was supposed to come home later.
We agreet on meeting after we are done with our businesses and separeated again. Just saw for a moment how Siwon already met his friend before I walked on – I think it was this ajeossi we visited at his house back then.
So I kept searching for this shop and… randomly got lost oO …. in my own city. That was just so… me again. Then I was like ‘oh screw this, will order it online‘ and just wanted to get back home already. But had to find the way back first. While I tried I met Anna, a trainee of ours, who was also on the hunt for christmas presents. Walked around with her a bit then got back to trying finding my way home. After some fails I walked through one last street and thought that I’d either call a taxi to get me somewhere I am familiar with the surrounding again now or… wait, there was this big mall again! I had found my way back! =D
Great! I was where I had started again and Siwon was also already there. Thank god. So I could stop getting lost now =D Since he was not looking my way I just walked over to him. I sneaked up on him from the side, let my hand slide down his arm and took his hand. He turned around, surprised at first but then smiled when he saw it was me and we hugged. Then we even kissed ♥(ˆ⌣ˆԅ) and… got a bit lost doing so. ^///^ like… oh well after the third time we left the scene. Not that anyone would care in our city but… well c’mon, it was enough “show” for the public already.
My dream then skipped to us being already at home in the evening. More like: Siwon’s house.
I was done in the bathroom and went to the bedroom while Siwon went to shower (could hear the water in the shower in the room behind me on my way to the bed). I entered the room and already saw the moment I was entering it that there was something on the right side of the bed. It was a rolled up, dark blue towel and there was something in it. I walked closer and when I was besides the bed I saw it was a little kitten! AWW! KITTEN! (◕‿◕ʃƪ) omg!
I carefully took the towel with the kitten in it, got under the blanket and placed it on my belly. It was still sleeping and it was a little red-tigered kitten. I just stroked the little thing carefully and it was purring and being cute! aaaAAAAAHH!!!!!! ;A I cry! kitten!!! SO CUTE!
For a good while I stroked the cat and then it got up and wanted to play. So I played with the kitten on the bed until it had enough and jumped down to lie onto a pillow on the ground in the corner besides the closet.
A moment after that Siwon came in and stopped at the mirrow for a moment.
“Is it already christmas?” I asked, talking about the kitten. Im the reflection of the mirror I saw him grinning for a moment when he simply said “no.”
But…! aaaah, you got a cat! ajsdhfasdfjsakdf!!!! baby cat! *__* and it wasn’t even a christmas present. I always thought this house could use a cat (or a dog) so it would be less empty but never actually told him. Same with my love for red-tigered cats. I wondered how he knew? o.o mysterious Siwon.
Then he came over to the bed and climbed over me ^^ obviously not bothering with walk around to the other side of the bed to get in. But okay, I had taken his side of the bed so he was allowed. And while he did so and got under the blanket I couldn’t fail to notice that he was only wearing his shorts. Like… ^^° where are your clothes, Siwon? It is winter! But at the almost same moment I realized that the shirt I was wearing wasn’t mine so… sorry to steal your clothes shisus ^//^°°° *embarrassed* (…this is a really bad habit of mine … and a serious problem ^^° stealing random clothes of ppl). Must have happened in the bathroom *shrugs*. Besides that, I always turn up the heater to a good degree so the bedroom will be warm according to MY feelings. Maybe that was the reason he didn’t mind to only have half of this clothing. (or he just likes to run around half naked? what do I know? xD LOL)
Anyways, he got under the blanket and came closer to me. (ˆㅅˆ) time to cuddle up~. Not lying down completely but almost completely leaning over me. The little lamp that was still on somewhere (I think it was on my side) still brought enough light so I could see his face. Smiling lightly there was this intense/meaningful look on his face again. (●˘‿˘●)
I smiled at him softly, gently put my hand on his cheek, stroking over his face and just looked into his eyes. I just… can’t with him! like… never! *sigh* Also I can’t with myself, because I cannot remember when I lastly or even… ever looked at someone like this. o.O We were having a silent convo at this point and it really felt as if it was an important one/an important moment.
Then my dream ended.

What a timing for my dream to end again. but… aksjkdfaskdf!!! Siwon brought home a kitten! *____*
and… aksjdkasdjk!!! the silent convo moment was a bit mind blowing.
I have more and more the feeling my kdreams show me what my past relationships should have been like. I’m thankful that I can experience it the right way through my dreams after getting it the totally wrong way in real life. ^__^
I think that’s wae my dreams make me happy!

The “Aigoo ^//^… *embarrassed*” dream
(ppl involved: SuJu boys, Siwon and me)
November 2013

It was the home of a member (dunno who’s) where I was supposed to meet(/find) Siwon.
When I got there a bunch of SuJu members were gathered in the living room when I walked in. Sungmin, Heechul, Eunhyun, Donghae and Shindong. I greeted them and looked over to the tv. They were watching something together and I realized that it was a concert DVD of SHINee. I randomly gasp about this cuteness saying “SHINee?! Oh my god you’re so cute!” and randomly hugged EunHae fangirling which caused them to be a bit irritated. I realized my randomness was maybe too random this time and also… wth, wae was I like that in the first place? ^^° I just got so excited about them watching this… I dunno wae xD
So I saw the irritation on EunHae’s faces, although they tried to cover it with a poor smile LOL I said “Oh, I’m sorry ^^°” then looked around and couldn’t find Siwon. “Where is Siwon? Did he go to get stuff to eat or so?” I asked the members, but right at that moment he walked into the living room and answered it himself.
“I’m here. I went nowhere.” he said and directly came over to hug me “Where should I go, waiting for you?”. Aaaah~aigoo! (#^_^#) the way he said this and… he was smirking. No, no.. ^//^, what’s up with that smirk here, Choi Siwon?
I giggled and hugged him back. He whispered something to me, not too loud so the members nearby wouldn’t hear, (cannot remember anymore what it was, I forgot) and that caused me to giggle more. Sadly I cannot remember anymore what I replied (I forgot after waking up), but I did reply something. Quietly of course, so the others won’t hear (ˆ⌣ˆԅ). Members were already looking at us amused at that time (but yah! Sungmin! Your smile was way too amused! … oO wae is it always him? Just remember the bistro where he appeared.)
Anyways, we huggled and kissed (for a short moment) and were couple whispering. Then my dream ended.

what a weird timing to end this dream but well. I don’t think we stayed with the members for long ^^° We were only supposed to meet up there, not staying with them anyway.
… and: You may put on the record that I am a bit startled. Behaving pretty shameless for my standards but *shrugs* it was just the members so… haha! (⌒.⌒)
Although I’m sort of sorry to EunHae ^^°°° *looks at them* eeeh, sorry for randomly just hug you. I’m normally not like that and… pretty much just did it because I’m a little familiar with you guys.
Also, I dunno what’s wrong lately. We’re rather teenager like, isn’t it like that?  photo ehhehedrop.gif

The “So tired” dream
(ppl involved: Siwon and me + as guest star: my sister o.o)
November 2013

It was friday again and I was SO DEAD from work. We had a full christmas stress-week and I was just done.
I knew Siwon would be back so I went to his house with my dog. I had no clue when he would arrive that evening and I knew I wouldn’t be able to stay awake anyway to wait for him so I just lay down on the couch. Rolled myself in a blanket, dog placed herself in front of the couch and I looked at some videos on my phone.
Saw some movie trailer of Geng’s movie, a movie with Yunho and Siwon’s -Helios-. The last thing I can remember before I fell asleep was my thought of  uwah! =D so cool! I hope they all will be up online so I can watch them all!, then I passed out like… really. It felt exaxtly like that. This was how tired I was.
When I woke up for the first time it was still night, I somehow realized the dog was running around hyper and Siwon was already there. The only realized in my sleepdrunken state was that he stood besides the couch, bringing my blanket in order while saying “sleep some more.” and then I already passed out again. Had to catch up on all the sleep I missed during the week to regain some energy.
When I woke up the next time it was now morning. Dog was back in front of the couch and Siwon already up again. Seriously wondered how da hell he could be like that already when he had come back really late at night. I blinked several times to even see enough through my sleepy eyes to get up.
When I stood up the dog was of course also on her feet right away, running around the whole living room and Siwon came over to me. When he stood in front of me he said “good morning ^^ so you finally got up.” while I was just like “I’m still so tired *half-whining, still blinking sleepily*”. Then he was like “aww, noona” and just hugged me. I drowsily hugged him back and was tempted to just fall asleep on his shoulder again but Iiii~ couldn’t because I saw the dog that was now standing at the terrace door, wanting to go outside. So while Siwon went to have breakfast I took care of the dog.
Later I had time to take care of myself and went to the bathroom. When I came back downstairs I was really surprised of the guest we were having: At the table was Siwon and my sister on the opposite side OTL having coffee and talking about whatever (I don’t know). I really wodered that these two now could get along after my sister randomly offended him back then ^^°°
And anyway! This was the first time that they were talking again since… yeah, a year now. oO pretty impressive.
Either sister came along herself or, and I think that is more likely, Siwon got her in (however that happened while I was away, I have no idea xD).

I said hi to my sister (who was sitton on the place I sat when I came to Siwon’s house for the first time, btw) and walked over to Siwon. “Do you want to have breakfast?” he asked me while directing me on his lap, I said “no, not yet. I’m not even fully awake.”. He laughed amused about me being so sleepy and cuddled me, while my sister was now looking at us a bit weirdly xD haha!
Yeah well sister… you have to deal with the cuddle couple, get used to it. ( •ॢ◡ -ॢ)

Then my dream ended and…. it wasn’t even so far away from reality.
This WE I really slept till middday, I didn’t felt like being awake for a long time and I was really just so done on that friday that I couldn’t even.
Also, my mom told me she took out the dog in the middle of the night and then brought her back again. At least that part was true ^^ (although she neither had her hands on my blanket nor did she say anything to me, she just let the dog back in my room).

The “that was actually no. 2 ^^°” dream
(ppl involved: Siwon and me)
November 2013

Siwon was randomly ninja coming back between schedule for a bit so we met up.
We had just come back with Gabriel from wherever (I don’t know), walking from the garage to the living room.
On the way we talked about Gabriel. Don’t remember anymore what it was about but it was a fun conversation. When we entered the house I made a funny comment. I’m almost sure I said “the best drive is a Polo ride.” (my old quote xD) and of course Siwon had a funny comment about my little Polo. (sadly I also cannot remember what it was but it was a teasing one!)
Then I was like “Don’t you say that, he’s awesome” but Siwon didn’t stop teasing of course and we ended up in a huggle fight again (ˆㅅˆ). Just too bad that I was totally loosing, was rolling around on the couch in the end (we stood besides it before), getting defeated.
Just some moments later we had rather suddenly stopped the huggle fight, were looking at each other and then kissed (ˆ /// ˆ) eh hehe, yeah well then… eeeh… things started to naturally unfold, I would say *cough* and then my dream ended already.
I randomly realized this was actually couch no. 2 then (๑^///^๑)°° eeeh hehe… *embarrassed laugh* I start to see a pattern ^///^°°°°
I cannot explain this! ╮(´▽`)╭ *admits*

The “The cuddle-couple” dream
(ppl involved: Siwon and me)
November 2013

It was finally WE and I was at Siwon’s house (the one near ours ^^). It was friday and we were both tired from working hard this week so no watching tv, it was too exhausting. We went upstairs (to bed) early, got ready and cuddled ourselves up on the bed. ( ˆ ω ˆ )
Siwon was comfortably just lying on his back, eyes closed and leaning in his pillow while I halfway rolled myself into the blanket, only half, because it’s not winter yet so being in it half is totally enough. Siwon of course didn’t bother with the blanket but c’mon, I’m a woman, I need my blanket ^_^ (and my living blanket as well, haha! *looks at Siwon*).
I remember I was wearing my red Toyota t-shirt xD hahaha! #fail (total betrayal since our cars are the ‘Audi family’). Anyways, when I was done rolling myself in I curled up in his arm to his left side. ♡ʚ⃛꒰ᴖ͙◡ुᴖ͙꒱ɞ⃛♡ felt like some tiny little thing but well protected~❤

We stayed like this, not sleep right away, just lying there doing nothing besides resting and cuddling. Monitored Siwon for some time but he was not moving at all. So I was just cuddling him like the puppy he is to me. Playing around with his hair, squishing him carefully. While doing so I noticed that he was indeed of a rather big framed, just like Donghae had said once, this suddenly came back to my mind and this was what made me feel somehow tiny~ (。◠‿‿◠。) After I had minded my cuddle business for a while like that Siwon rolled himself on his left side, towards me, hugging me to get closer. Then not moving at all again.
It seemed that I was the one more active of us two I suddenly thought of something. After another cuddle round I saw my chance for random nonsense. The chance of a counterattack was very low so I wanted to test something: To have a better chance the next time when I get into a random huggle fight with Siwon again I had to make sure about his weak points. From what I remembered there was probably one in the area of his lower back and… I was right.
At first he pretended it dosen’t affect him/he dosen’t care, but then he started grinning more and more and then suddenly laughed and quickly rolled over on his back again. *haha* but it was cute!  photo 41_excited.gif I was very amused. Yeah, you try to pretend, Siwon LOL xD But I observed you well ㅎㅎ I knew this was going to work!
Oh what to say? Poor unlucky Siwon, unable to counterattack because he didn’t felt like doing anything anymore, was not save from my tickle-tests yet. Because that wasn’t my only idea where to attack best. Although he was wearing a t-shirt (and shorts, btw #justsaying) it was really not too difficult to get on his skin ( •ॢ◡ -ॢ) *mufufufu~ -imitating Emi’s laugh-* especially since he was alredy so nice to roll over. So I found out that the middle of his chest is also good xD *haha* but I’m completely innocent of course~  photo Engel2.gif
He chuckled and said “Ah, noona~”, halfway rolled over to the right side, but it didn’t even took him 5 seconds to roll back to his old position. *haha* Siwon, is there a chance that you actually LIKE to ‘suffer’? But awww, I almost pitied him now. Poor, weak Siwonnie ㅋ Since I had my informations I went back to carefully taking care of the tired soldier. Couldn’t be a meanie any longer (because it was clearly unfair ^^). This was the longest time we were able to spend together in a whole while after all and… most likely for a whole while as well. (He is too busy lately OTL)
In the end even I got to tired for anything and after he was pulling me closer once again I fell asleep leaning on his shoulder, hugging his waist.

hehehe (๑^///^๑) *a bit embarrassed* yeah… our life pretty much consists of work, cuddling and… teasing.
We’re the cuddle-couple! ( ˆ ω ˆ )❤( ˆ ω ˆ )

The “Waiting for the Manager” dream
(ppl involved: Siwon and me)
October 2013

After work I got a random call from Siwon that he’s near the station and if I could drop by. Of course, since I had time now I did so.
Left my car nearby and could quickly find him. I asked him why he was still here, thought he would already be working again today. He told me that he had to leave a bit later as expected and was now waiting for the mananger hyung to pick him up. It was their meeting point here. When I asked him when he would return he couldn’t exactly tell. Oh well, as always huh? I’m already used to this.
But he said he called me to see me before he would leave and so he just tried to call me since it was the time I could be home from work. Aww, how cute of him! ( ˆ ω ˆ )❤
So we stayed there together – hugging of course. We were talking about what to do when he comes back and other random stuff while busy ppl were passing by, going to the station nearby. Although I knew he would probably leave for a good while (mostly it was for longer rather than a short time) I wasn’t sad. I knew he would come back so we just enjoyed the time while waiting for the manager.
I think it was like 10 minutes then Prince Manager arrived and picked Siwon up. I told them both goodby and they left.
I thought about what to do now? Since I was already in the city I decided to go shopping! =)
and shopping without Siwon means: He cannot even think about paying for anything!
( ◕ヮ◕)b

The rest of my dream was then about me shopping *haha* not interesting or relevant for the kdream.

The “The first snow~” dream
(ppl involved: Siwon and me)
October 2013

I was a bit frustrated. While I was at work it randomly started snowing. When I first see snow I always think ‘oh nuu. it will be so cold again now :/ meh.‘.
BUT when I got home after work, guess who was back! SI~WONNIE!  photo 50_wolke_9.gif
sjkdsjfhklj! (●ˆ ω ˆ●) I couldn’t even! This time it was a really nice surprise because I didn’t think he would be back already.

So now the first snow suddenly appeared in another light! Siwon wanted to go on a -first snow-walk- so I went to get my winter jacket because it really was too cold for the normals jacket I left with in the morning.
I got my jacket quickly and then went back to the waiting Siwon. Of course we happily cuddle up and went our way cuddle-walking. Just as always when we’re walking somewhere, sometimes even cuddling more, giggling to ourselves and enjoying our cuddle ways ^//^ eh hehe *a little embarrassed*
After a while we stopped somewhere, huggling of course  photo 2_blush.gif , discussing if we should go back now or not. I thought it was feeling a bit cold so Siwon said we will go back home then and yeah, cuddle of course *giggles* (because cuddlebugs are cuddly)

Then my dream ended. It was another short dream but nice! ♥(ˆ⌣ˆԅ)
It’s almost too silly how happy I am when I only see him for 10 minutes. I’m pretty much satisfied with everything since he’s such a busy person.

The “Unexpected meeting” dream
(ppl involved: A very special guest star and me, indirectly Siwon)
October 2013

Okay so… I’m not 100% sure where this dream took place. I just know there was this beach house I went to because I was supposed to stay there. I think it was somewhere in Thailand from what I could say. How it happened that I was staying there while I could have been also at home I dunno.
Siwon was working in Thailand these days and it happened that he somehow made me go with him. More like: Following him a day later.
When the taxi (from the airport I guess, because I had my luggage with me) dropped me at the house I checkd out the surrounding area a little by looking around. It was a quiet little place here. But before I would go checking out more there I decided to put my bag inside first.
Door was not locked so I went inside. Arriving in the living room there was already a person present. A woman, to be exact. She must have arrived just some minutes earlier because she took her jacket off right at this moment. I already wondered if I was in the wrong house when she turned around and I was speechless for a moment. ….. Because it was Jiwon, Siwon’s younger sister. I knew her from pictures.
Now THAT was really a surprise! Never met her before. So when I snapped back to reality out of my surprise she was right in front of me, saying that I must be ‘Sangmi noona’ her brother always talks about and went on with introducing herself. So I did as well and couldn’t help myself from expressing my surprise to her because I really didn’t know that she would be here. She then explained that Siwon wanted us to meet. Oh.. that was another surprise because he didn’t tell me. So THAT was wae I was here?
However, we came to talk a little and she seemed to be nice. In the end we ended up turning on the tv because Jiwon said there would be a live show with Siwon on it. Since we were already here we could watch this. When we found the right channel it seemd that the show had already started a while ago but it was just some moments till Siwon appeared. On the show the host and Siwon were somewhere to meet a handful of iFans (4 girls) at a hotel. When asked where they were from it came to light that one was from germany. I acknowledge that moderately surprised but it indeed didn’t happen too often that they meet german fans.
BUT the biggest surprise was still about to come: Siwon said “Oh! Germany!” and said he can say something in german. This was already the point where I went like ‘oO You can what?!’ and then he said that one sentence he learned, only slightly accented (cannot remember what he said but he spoke well) and I stared at the tv like ‘-jaw dropped- WTH Choi Siwon!? Since when… omg!‘.
Jiwon looked at me amused and laughed. She said this was the main reason wae we were supposed to watch this. It was a surprise for me and he wanted me to hear it so we had to watch this. This was her secret mission.
Oh yeah, I could clearly see this! Ts~… this explained pretty much this stupid grin of his and random look into the camera. Yeeeeah Siwon, it was not because of the fangirlies being excited about your abilities.
So while I just couldn’t even (once again) Jiwon kept being amused.

Then my dream ended and… woah. Siwon randomly learned some german, I now met Jiwon… while being in Thailand… OTL I never saw that coming! Not one of these things. WTH!
…. o-o *stares blankly* I just hope that IF I am supposed to meet his parents one day he at least “warns” me beforehand.
I can only say: Not only my randomness is pretty random… > .> *eyes Siwon*

The “It’s been too long! ( ˆ ω ˆ )❤” dream
(ppl involved: SuJu, HoMin, sis, me and mom as guest star~)
September 2013

There was this k-pop fanmeeting sis and I went to. It was a DongBangSuJu one ^^ Of course, we had to go there. Something like that doesn’t happen every day!
We were sitting in a big hall, relatively in the middle. Good seats, we saw everything. The Fanmeeting was already almost over, HoMin were having the last speech to the audience before they would do the closing performance. SuJu stood at the side, a bit left from the stage (they had performed before), and were waving at fans who were looking over to them. Sis and me were sitting near the side of this left side and so it happened that Siwon directly spotted us and then went on “randomly” noticing other fans.
When the performance and therefore the meeting was over and HoMin had already left the stage SuJu passed us by when they left as well, telling the fans goodbye. At this moment Siwon and me directly looked at each other again for a moment while they walked past us. He slowly blinked at me with a smile I knew too well and I knew what this was supposed to mean.
I kept looking at SuJu until sis wanted my attention, then I turned around to her. She told me her boyfriend would come to pick her up so I had to leave the scene alone. This came a little random but okeh, what to do? I went home alone by bus then.
Of course this damn bus really annoyed me like… wae was it moving so slowly? I wanted to be at home already!
Then there was even a little bit of traffic and I got more annoyed xD *haha*
Later than I had expected before I arrived home. I went into the kitchen right away, not even bothering to take my shoes off and of course Siwon was already there.
He was helping my mom and I smiled widely, only by seeing this scene. So glad that they get along well =) But of course, I was also overly happy to see Siwonnie~  photo 20_love.png like… REALLY see him. Not like at the fanmeetingings or concerts before.
Mom and Siwon both looked at me now. He put away what he was holding before, said “So you’re finally here.” and opened his arms for me to hug him. Basically no need for this ‘invitation’ but I happily accepted it!
So I quickly came over to him, glomped him and said “It’s been too long! ( ˆ ω ˆ )❤ “. While huggling I thought for a moment about what Yunho said the last time but the next second I thought ‘Ah screw this. I couldn’t care less now.‘ .
(on top of all I cannot let Siwon know Yunho said something about it when he wasn’t supposed to do so in the first place. #1 rule in fandom: Never put your Leader씨 in a troublesome spot OTL)
But my dream ended anyway then so there was no chance to say/think anything more.

Aah yes, it really has been some time. I never complain about his schedule or so but that dosen’t mean that I’m not waiting for him to return (。◠‿‿◠。)
Because I do. Every day.  photo ohlove.gif*blinks*
(shisus christ… do I sound like a fool in love now!? What a scandal! Time to roll away! ^///^°° *rolls away embarrassed now*)

The “Mysterious Leader씨… oO ” dream
(ppl involved: Yunho and Me, Jaejoong as side-appearance + indirectly Siwon)
September 2013

We were in a really big hall, filled with ppl. I sat besides Leader씨 directly below the rather high stage. First row. We both were formally dressed. It was an Award event after all! (how I got there? what do I know? ^^° I was just there. Ppl must assume that I’m a person from the business in the meantime. First JYJ make openly b-day wishes for me on stage and now I’m seated besides Yunho at an Award show… *haha*)
We were at the Seoul Drama Awards! We both knew that Jaejoong won the Award for “The Hallyu Drama Soundtrack” for the song he did for ‘Dr. Jin’. So we were waiting to see Jaejoong receiving his award. (I dunno why Yunho was there tho… *shrugs*).
Right now a host was holding a speech for the next award that would be given. Yunho and me were decently talking, means: Leaning a bit over towrds each other when we said something, not talking too loud, eyes on stage to not be rude or look like that we wouldn’t pay attention.
We somehow came to talk about Siwon and Yunho suddenly started on something strange. Yunho: “Siwon acted a bit strange when I met him the last time.”, me: “Eh? Wae? (。◕.◕。) *clueless*”, Yunho: “He seemed to be nervous. He said he really needs to tell you something and it’s important.”.
In the meantime Jaejoong was announced, ppl clapped for him as he came on stage. We stopped talking and also clapped for him. We watched how he received his awards and making his acceptance speech. At the end, as he thanked ppl again I leanded over to Yunho again, to pick up our talk from before.
Me: “So what about Siwon now?”, Yunho: “I think he even wanted to record a message for you as well.”, me: “Eh?  photo 43_huh.png *clueless* Why should he record a message? He could tell or text me.”, Yunho: “I’m basically not supposed to tell you anything. I already said too much.”, me: “….. o.O .. ok. *keeps wondering*”.
So I stopped asking and that was really the last thing Yunho said about this. … .. …. WHAT IS THIS?! Making mysterious hints or something and don’t telling me what’s going on in the end?? Ways to be mysterious, Leader씨! And WHAT IS THIS AGAIN, CHOI SIWON?! So we’re back with important things you want to tell me?? Aaaaah! Drives me crazy! I wanna know! (╯°□°)╯ ┻━┻ *flips table once again* Wae u no tell me already?!

… what is that boy planning again… ʕ¬㉨¬づ *glares a little* I wanna know! It dosen’t sound like it’s something bad so: What is he up to? and… will I ever get to know it?
Because knowing my k-dreams it will 4ever just be mysterious hints and I will never know what it was T^T (sadly my dreams suck when it’s about continuning with such details, but I still hope I will get to know it sometime soon.

The “Happy b-day ^^ ” dream
(ppl involved: a lot of SM artists, JYJ, me & family)
August 2013

Okies, it was a bit early for this since my b-day is in september but I won’t complain ^^
The start of the dream was weird so I really don’t remember much. It was too messed up.
The first thing I can clearly remember was this bigger concert hall we went to when it was my b-day. Once again one that was more like a theater with a very wide stage. It was more like only 3 stairs up and there was the area that was the stage. My whole family was with me. Even my cousins and my aunts and uncles. I didn’t know why they had dragged me there.
The venue was filled with ppl around with my age and according to the whole scene and the fact that I saw BIGEAST members here I slowly got that my family has dragged me to THE k-pop concert I heard about: TVXQ, JYJ, SuJu and SNSD in one concert! Craaaay! (this was already the second time SME was doing a concert with JYJ together… I still wonder how Cjes made them agree to this! O.O )
I remembered to have read about it and the tickets were freakin’ expensive (hrrr… thanks SM… == ) and I counldn’t afford it. So they all came together to make it a big b-day present for me.
As the concert started all the groups came on stage. starting from the left side to the right there was SNSD, then JYJ, SuJu and then HoMin. My sister and me were first row and sat directly in front of the stage (╯°□°)╯︵ʎʇıuɐs *randomly flips sanity* THE FREAKING BEST SEATS EVER! It was more the left to middle side. So we sat in front of JYJ/SuJu. The rest of my family sat in the 2 rows behind me.
For the beginning of the concert Leader씨 delivered an opening speech and announced that the first song would be a Tohoshinki song. While he spoke I could only stare at him… he looked damn freakin’ good! ლ(́◕◞౪◟◕‵ლ) Omg! And his hair! *___* I really couldn’t. HNGH! Yunho how can you look so perfect?? My sister side-glared me once weirdly xD not knowing why I was staring like weird xD hahaha! Sorry, le me has le major hair weakness! ^^° (not to start with general Yunho feels!)
But the best was when they were singing the song! HoMin started, then JYJ joined and in the end SNDS and SuJu too! It was a very popular Tohishinki song of the old days they were singing… but I forgot which one it was! I almost cried when they were singing it together. I looked at HoMin, looked at JYJ how they were singing and smiling, looking over to TVXQ. I sang along. Haven’t heard them sing together in ages!  ;﹏; ❤ MY POOR FEELS! I was an emotional mess at this moment and as happy as they were!
After that SuJu performed a song together with SNSD but I couldn’t tell what song it was. When they were done Jaejoong spoke up. Thanked everyone for coming around for this special concert. Bigeast was screaming “Jaejoo~ng!” behind me xD hahaha! As usual  photo 38_laugh.gif (love them… they are so cute ^^)
Then suddenly I listened up when he said that it’s a special day for someone here today while he was looking at me. I thought … damn.. he won’t now…!? o: , staring blankly. Then I looked at my aunt only to see her smiling. WTH! You did it again?! So she told them we would come today… I see! She keeps plotting things behind my back together with my JYJ boys! I see what you are doing Auntie! (((o(゚Д゚)o)))
Then Jaejoong said, already laughing, that it’s Sangmi’s b-day today and if I would come up on the stage.
I stood up totally awkwardly embarrassed and walked towards him. He walked towards me with the members for the last meters, I laughed, one hand covering my embarrassed face, and the boys smiled widely. I was moved and got hugged by Jaejoong when we met at the last stair on the edge of the stage, then Yoochun and Junsu joined the hugging. In the end even Sunny came over to deliver her b-day wishes for me. Eh what?! Sunny, you remember that we once met and talked a bit in… 2011 at this “Cassie/Bigest meet SNSD” thing of SME? I really wondered!
All in all it was a really special present of my dear JYJ friends (and family). Making an onstage b-day greeting for me! I couldn’t even. Aww! love you boys!
 photo Panda_lovely_wink_zps58d7ca0d.gif

The “Meeting before work ^^” dream
(ppl involved: Siwon, me + our cars as guest stars)
August 2013

It was night. The time for me to go to work, to be exact. I left my house a bit earlier because I had to get my car first.
I walked the direction to Siwon’s house (which isn’t too far away) because my car was there ^^ (dunno wae it was there or wae I haven’t taken it home before). Almost reached my destination then I saw Siwon already walking down the street, into my direction. He knew that I had to get my car and he also knows when I have to go to work, but I really wondered why in da world he was up at this hour (half past 3 in the morning #justsaying).
So when we met I couldn’t help but to laugh. One, because I was happy (always ridiculously happy to see him lately ^//^) and two, because it was really unexpected that he was up at this our and even here to meet me. He grinned, knowing that I was surprised and wondering. We hugged and then walked together towards his house.
I asked him why he’s up at this hour and Siwon said he was out with EunHae and came back just now so he went to see me because the timing was perfect match. I told him that I would wish to sleep now because the heat these days makes me tired but have to work again today. Then we suddenly were like “*stop walking* wait, where are we?” and realized we already passed Siwon’s house. We walked 2 houses too far away, were too focused on talking! oops! ^^°°° eh heheh… how could that happen?
We laughed and quickly turned around to walk back. So when we were now finally in front of the open garage I saw my little car on the left side and besides it Siwon’s Audi, Gabriel. ^^ The garage was really big and so there was enough space for both cars (although I found it a bit funny to see my little blue Polo besides Gabby… ^^°).
But my car wasn’t the only thing I had to get from there. I quickly went inside the house and got my bag from the couch (aigoo, wae was it even there?). Back at the car I threw it on the passenger seat and returned to Siwon. Still had to tell him goodbye after all. So first we hugged and then stayed like that for a moment. Siwon wanted to know what I would be doing after work today, I answered that I had some business with a company I had to go to in the city but that’s it. He said I should call him once I’m done.
I nodded, we huggled a little, kissed for a second and I said goodbye. When I wanted to go back to my car I got back-glomped by Siwon, he said he reconsidered and won’t let me go to work. I was like “ah~ what is this~? *haha* I have to~ (⌒▽⌒)” and Siwon said “I don’t think so~ ㅋ”. Then I was squish-back-huggled and… tickled! WTH! xD ah haha! How can he and more important, how can he know that I’m ticklish, I never told him?! (for a reason …. for a reason like this xD – but I guess he probably just tried his luck because most women are ticklish).
Wanted to run away but couldn’t … because Siwon is obviously too strong without any doubt and… I wanted to roll on the floor laughing because of the tickling but also couldn’t because I was squished. (●ˆ ω ˆ●) aigoo, that babo! So this was some kind of (unfair!) huggle-fight  photo 41_excited.gif . Childish laughs and giggles of us were all over the place and I was like “*dying* stop it! *(((o(≧ヮ≦)o)))* the neighbours!” – don’t forget that it was the middle of the night, guys!
I dunno how, but I survived and could even convince Siwon to stop the nonsense and let me go before i would be late for work. Seriously, I would have approved of not going to work but duty is duty.
So I told him goodbye AGAIN and even told Gabby goodbye for some reason ^^ (cannot explain, I’m just silly like that~). Said “Also goodbye, my little.” (little? wondered abiut myself! He’s a killer and also not little xD) to the Audi and opened my driver’s door.
Siwon couldn’t stop himself from reminding me to call him after work, he said I shall not forget, and I said “Don’t worry, I will. ^__^” .

This was seriously one of the most silly episodes we EVER had but *giggles*… u know, VERY HAPPY!  photo 50_wolke_9.gif
+ I realized he still has this problem to let me got to work. We already had this waaaay back and again, it was time for him to sleep and I had to go to work. So it happened again ╮(´▽`)╭

The “Interesting Dinner” dream
(ppl involved: Siwon, Prince Manager again and me)
July 2013

The dream started when I found myself in this bistro/restaurant from the last time again. Where the weirdo guy was when Sarah has brought Yuri along the first time I was there. We sat on the terrace in front of it.
So there was a bigger round table half-round bench on the one half of the table, on the other side there were like… 5 chairs. It was evening, relatively dark already and the lights of the bistro were on. There was Prince Manager to my right, two Coordi noona’s (they seemed to be around Prince Manager’s age) and a guy I didn’t know across the table. All of them korean. We were still waiting for the others to arrive, including Siwon, so everyone just talked. Noona’s and the guy talked together, I just sat there being a good kid with all these elders around. Although I had no idea who these ppl were I didn’t felt weird while waiting, because there was Prince Manager and I already knew him so I didn’t feel like a lost puppy.
And said Prince Manager then suddenly started talking to me. I cannot really remember what it was but it was something very random. So I talked with him while the others were busy with their talk, he seemed to be in good mood and was very friendly. He didn’t seemed stressed at all that evening and I thought to myself that he only appeared a bit standoffish and annoyed to me when I first met him because he was stressed. Cuz now I had the feeling he’s okay with me, even likes me and dosen’t find it annoying that I was there.
So we waited a while, I watched the ppl at the table and asked myself ‘how did I end up here again?‘ becaue these were all ppl from the business. I was not sure if this was supposed to be a business dinner meeting or if they met randomly to have dinner together.
Theeeen finally Siwon and two more guys arrived. The other guys sat down besides the Coordi Noona’s, Siwonnie sat down to my left. So I was an happy idiot again (hehe because Siwon arrived  photo 2_blush.gif ) and we could finally order food. So after everyone exchanged some words for greeting and stuff Prince Manager was in charge of food ordering. Tonights concept seemed to be “let’s try a lot” so he ordered a lot of different things. A little later our whole table was technically covered with different kinds of food from the restaurant. eeeh… Prince Manager what did you do? ^^°°° but: UWAH! (。✪‿✪。) my foodmonster feels! *sparkling eyes*
When one after another started to pick some food Manager told me that he already ate here before. So I thought that he maybe he knows what he did xD
However, when it was Siwon’s and my turn to pick our food (we were the last ones because the elders are first and we were the youngest at the table) we tried all the things from our side of the table. Everything that was in reach was no longer save! ㅎㅎ We kept talking about how it tastes like “oh this one is good” “that’s better!” “you already tried this?” “no, is it good?”. We were finally having dinner here when it was already… err… “delayed” the last time °//° *cough* yeah. u know.
I noticed that Prince Manager sometimes looked at us amused… what! again!? he keeps doing this… (|||-_-) *sigh* Wae u watch us??
So while we were having food analysis Siwon and I came to sit closer and closer together. I mean we weren’t even sitting far apart before, no, it was close but still quite normal. But by the time when we had found something we agreed on as the best food we sat like glued together. It wasn’t planned but it just happened like… magnetic attraction … it keeps happening. I almost want to say we were “heavily” leaning onto each other in the end like this~ ( ˆ ω ˆ)(◠▽◠ ) because… we really were ^//^°. We were quietly talking so the others won’t hear it. They were busy with having their own convo’s anyway, but well, we were having couple talk, laughing and giggling. It was totally “be right back, in our own world”, us ignoring the other ppl away for a while. We looked more like  photo 20_loveyouplz.gif in the end and Prince Manager laughed about us, then said something to the ajeossi besides him. No one seemed to be interested in us much but that manager to my right kept being amused about us… Σ( ̄。 ̄ノ)ノ …….
After everyone was done eating (and Siwon and I were done couple-ignoring xD ) Siwon excused himself for a bit and left. But he wasn’t even away for long then two random ajeossi’s came around and they turned out to be friends of Prince Manager, randomly being around. So he told then to sit with us and I wandered to the end of the half round bench so they could sit with him. Then some business talk followed at the table. Junghoon Manager-ssi talked about a tv show that would be aired next with his friends and the others. As far as I got it they talked about “Thank You” with Siwon and BoA which will be on tv soon.
Before I cold concentrate too much on the business ppl’s talk Siwon came back. So I got up to let him sit but then it appeared that the bench was actually not lone enough anymore after the two random ajeossi’s joined us. So what to do and what was Siwon’s idea? He told me to sit on his lap ^///^ aigoo… *embarrassed* like seriously… when Prince Manager is here again and these ajeossi’s? I wasn’t sure but that wasn’t actually my main problem with it since everyone wasn’t interested in our couple-ness anyway. Well, so first I almost moved, but then didn’t move because I reconsidered things mentally. Siwon laughed amused because I was irritated with this and he had noticed (again). He asked “Wae?” and I said “( 。◕.◕。) … are you sure I’m not too heavy?” (since we were supposed to sit here for another while and I had no idea when or IF the two ajeossi’s would leave I was kinda worried about him because a grown human is no feather OTL).
Siwon smiled, now even more amused (oh dear lord… -///- *is embarrassed*), and then replied “No, no. Not too heavy. (。◠‿‿◠。) “. So I was like “… .. ok.” and this was how I ended up sitting on his lap and being lightly, inconspicuously cuddled in a decent way in the end. photo 3_wub.gif (we’re able to handle these matters in a mature way, elders ignorning us or not, but… u know! *waves with arms* it’s inappropriate to be like the evil couple! *looks at wild Patti & Kyu*)
So there we were in the end, side-glancing at each other and smiling to ourselves about this… situation. Oh, and did I already mention that I was wearing a skirt that evening? No? Well, I was. It was one of these VERY RARE days I actually do this and thank god my skirt has appropriate length (knee-length, I never buy shorter ones) otherwise I would not have been very comfortable to take place err.. on Siwon.

Howsoever, my dream ended then.
I think if we were to sit there for longer I would have went to steal a chair from one of the other tables. But there were ppl on the other tables so it was a bit difficult. But oh well, I can’t exactly complain ^//^° You better take care Siwon, or I start to like this in the end (^_^°) *giggles*

All in all a very interesting dinner. I have no idea who all these random friends of Prince Manager were but there was no problem with them as in: we having to hide everything from them. It seemed like they already knew oO wonder if Junghoon씨 told them before and… since we were having dinner in my hometown where no one cares about idols anyway: perfect setting. (my hometown should get renamed to “ignore/no one knows k-idols”-paradise xD )

The “little sister” dream
(ppl involved: Jaejoong and me, soulmatesis as guest star ^^)
July 2013

This k-dream was part of a gigant, very weird dream. I don’t remember what was going besides the k-dream part with Jaejoong. =)
Sis had visit me and I brought her to the station so she could take her train home. After “delivering” sis to the station safely I walked home again (yes, walked. had no car with me … which was weird but oh well ^^).
Halfway home I ran into Jaejoong. When we met we greeted each other and then Jaejoong asked “Oh? Where’s little sister?”. He was talking about my soulmatesister and was looking around to find her. I tried to explain to somehow hyper Jaejoong that he missed sis, but he was busy asking “where’s my little sister?” and kept looking xD It was kind of cute but I got a bit irritated and said “…but she’s MY little sis *pouts*”.
I have seriously NO idea why Jaejoong wanted to see sis so badly and wae he was so hyper. Maybe it was only Jaejoong having a good day and he somehow heard that sis was with me so he wanted to see her. I think that’s very likely. They haven’t met in a long time. ^^

The “Backstage” dream
(ppl involved: SuJu and me)
July 2013

Aaaaand another short dream! omg… I keep dreaming about SuJu here! what is this?! *irritated*
In that dream I was watching their performance but: from backstage! Could see the ELF in front of the stage, waving their lighsticks. Looked cool! And it was Super Show 5! =D hey! how cool is that?!
Watching things from backstage is always really cool because you can hide there well and still see everything (like at the chinese cultural event when Geng performed). Ok, most of the time I only saw the boys’ back’s but that was also okay. Show is show, even from the backside *haha* As if I would be picky about my place to watch it. As long as I can see them better as during the Fanmeeting -_-” hrr… Sis and I really had bad seats.
Anyways, this was my first Super Show! (another time I went to SuJu concert with Patti but that somehow wasn’t a Super Show). I was happy to finally see them in Super Show! I remember that they were performing “A-Cha” at that moment! \(◠▽◠ )/
After A-Cha I cannot remember what was next since my eyes and mind were already only following Siwon around, sort of ignoring the others  photo 3_wub.gif
You can say I was kinda spacing out on him ^///^ uhm… OOPS?!

Eh hehehhe  photo 5_animesweat.gif Sorry, cannot help myself from spacing out (on him *COUGH*). I have such moments easily anyway and.. it just happens. *shrugs*

And that was it for this dream as well. Not sooo satisfied with my dreams lately. They are just way too short. meh. sucks. :/

The “Korean Culture and K-Pop event” dream
(ppl involved: SuJu, a bunch of random ppl and me)
July 2013

Aah lately I keep having short dreams! This was one too.
So I heard that near my aunts place was this event about korean culture and K-Pop. I thought ‘how suitable! Its just in the time I visit her! Will go there!‘.
So when I was at her place I went to the next city by train. Arriving at the venue I saw a relatively big hall with a lot of chairs for the visitors/audience. Like with the chinese events I was at with Geng there were mostly ppl older than me. I found a place to sit down relatively far away from the stage == … hrrr… again?! Was already so far away when I was at the SuJu fanmeeting with sis!
I got a bit irritated when a person sat down besides me and started talking to me. It was one of the few ppl I went to High School with and I actually don’t hate (because she never did a thing to me). We said hi and had a short random talk and found out that we both have to go to the station later. When I said I’m not familiar with the surroundings here so I’m not sure if I will find my way back to the station, my former classmate said that she was here once before and is confident to find the way. So we agreen on going together when everything would be over.
Then the event started. Despite sitting so far away, I could still see the guy on stage, holding his speech about korean culture now so it was still okay.
That guy, a korean but talking in german, talked for a whole while till he finally got to the really interesting part: K-Pop. I got irritated when he announced “special guests” from the genre. Yeah, and now you guess who suddenly appeared on stage? SUJU!
Yes. SuJu. All members. Even with Henry and Zhoumi! I was like “O.O WHAAAAAT?????” and could only stare in disbelieve. When I had read about this event they were never mentioned once so I… could just only stare. My former classmate was glaring at me a bit confused because I just couldn’t hide my irritation.
So they were on stage and I looked over all the ppl, trying to find out if there were any fangirls beisdes me but all ppl seemed calm, not a single fangirl scream. I thought ‘okay, guess really no one knows who they are oO‘. Although the man on stage explained who they are and other stuff about them and their career no one seems to care much. Oh well, wae should Ajumma’s and Ajeossi’s care much?
But that wasn’t all! After the speech about SuJu was finished the man annoucned they would perform a song now. So music started to play and they performed. (cannot remember which song)
After the performance they answered some questions from the audiences about their idol live and the k-pop industry.
Till the event was finished they just kept being on stage, sitting there on chairs, all lined up.
At the end the guy closed his speech with the usual things like thanking the ppl for coming around today and bla. Then all ppl were leaving the hall. Being in one of the last rows, former classmate and me were also among the last ppl to leave this room. When we finally arrived at one of the two exits besides the stage I saw SuJu still being there, talking to the korean man (seemed like to be a professor or something o-o *blinks* dunno) and I just froze on the spot, realizing the current situation.
The last Ajeossi’s were passing me by, leaving the venue, and me just stood there, looking at SuJu. My former classmate had also already stopped walking because she noticed wasn’t following anymore. She was first looking at me, asking me what’s wrong and telling me to move. I looked at her, then back at SuJu. My mind was only thinking ‘Should I..? naah, but afterwards I will regret when I don’t go now. aah damn >< ‘, then I looked back at her and only said “…excuse me.” turned around and left in direction of the stage. I mean, c’mon! Only older ppl around, fangirl fail on top of all and the spokes person also will not give a damn! Especially after the fanmeeting… well, sis and I could just leave with the other fangirls. No other option available. So I really felt the urge to go over there. No one can tell when I will see them the next time anyway because of their shedule. But ‘them’ already seems to much said. ^^° eh he… even before I was only focused on the left side of the stage for… obvious reason *cough* Siwon’s place OTL >//<
So I went up there, quickly greeted the members and the ajeossi while walking by and stopped in front of the person before the second last chair. Henry and Hyukjae stood besides him. Of course it was Siwon and he looked at me surprised but smiling widely. Of course he couldn’t know that I was there ^^
Le me could barely hide my excited happiness, was like “Siwon!! (っˆ ω ˆ )っ” and just hugged him.

And that was the end of my short dream. Really too bad~ ^^

The “Random fanmeeting” dream
(ppl involved: SuJu, soulmatesis and me)
June 2013

Things happened really random in that dream!
Suddenly I found out that there will be a SuJu fanmeeting/mini concert somewhere beyond MUNICH so I informed sis. We met up and went there. I didn’t understand why all of a sudden but I didn’t care.
You could pay to attend when you were there, at the venue, but they only let a limited number of ppl in. Sis and me still got cards when we reached there and so we went inside. The venue was rather small.
Sis and I had our seats in the right corner but due to stupid seat arrangement we could only see half of the stage from there. So we always only saw half of the boys on stage. We were too far out… *sigh* -_-” wae, seat planer, wae?
The boys talked to the fans and performed a handful of songs. I remeber Marry U, Bonamana and Mr. Simple (⌒▽⌒)
When they were not performing I said to sis “I don’t understand this, I stalked tumblr for the last WEEKS and there was never even one word about this fanmeeting!”. Sis said that it was maybe not planned from the start. Ah yeah, we know our ways around randomly happening concerts here already *facepalm* but at least this one was close enough for us to reach it quickly.
When the fanmeeting ended audiences were told to leave first (oO weird), the boys were still on stage and told the fans goodbye while they were leaving/walking past the stage.
When sis and I walked past the stage we saw Kyuhyun, Siwon and Sungmin. Siwon was looking at sis and me when he said “thank you” *giggles* but other fans of course had no clue. Sis and I just giggled and continued to leave.
When we were outside we started thining about how we will get back home now. I said that sis can sleep at my home and go home the next day so we only had to think of if we would go by train or the bus. We decided on the bus since we both were annoyed with our german train company xD

This was all really random and our seats at the fanmeeting were… meh. :/ not so good. but heeeyyyy! SuJu in germany!
…but I judge SME for not annoucing it. =__= what if we wouldn’t have been able to get our cards?! EH?! stupid organinzing here *highkicks it all*

The “Cuddlebugs~❤” dream
(ppl involved: Siwon and me)
June 2013

It was friday evening. Lay on the couch, between a bunch of pillows and zapping through the programs on tv. Nothing special was on, but I found a music show on arirang in the end =D I wasn’t really feeling familiar with this living room, because it was Siwon’s house~ OTL the one from last time. and I’m still feeling so new to this house. (I wonder… how did I get in there? I mean: Do I have a key to Siwon’s house? …… oh. *starts to smile*
(。◠‿‿◠。) *suddenly satisfied*

It was a later, around 9pm when I received a text message of him that said he would be home soon. And really, it didn’t take him long to arrive. But out-spacing person I am when focused on something I only noticed him when he was already standing in front of the couch ^^°.
I was very happy to see him being back, especially since Siwon brought a movie to watch! \(◠▽◠)/ yayyy!!
So we placed us on the couch together and watched it. Cannot remember what movie it was, only remember our extremely cuddly behaviour. On that couch, me on the inside, Siwon on the outside, wrapped in a blanket together, huggling.  photo 3_wub.gif
aah~ very happy~ (●ˆ ω ˆ●).。.:*❤
After snuggling into Siwon for a while, having a little talk and cuddling closer -although that was not possible anymore ^^°- I began to feel very sleepy and so it happened that I fell asleep on my Siwon-pillow  photo 20_love.png
I must have missed the second half of the movie I guess because when I woke up there was no tv anymore and the location also changed. I woke up in a bed, being hugged by a peacefully smiling horsey. I had a quick look around and identified the locations as the bedroom, just thought ‘So this is what Siwon’s bedroom looks like.‘. Was a bit irritated because before we were in the living room and now I had no idea how I ended up here. Siwon must have brought me here after the movie had ended. I wondered that I did not wake up (because I normally cannot be moved without to be woken up), but I just cuddled up at his side since I was tired and then drifted back into sleep quickly. (I’m useless after a week of work aka on fridays *sigh*)

This was once again a dream where I fell asleep whiel I already was asleep (since I was already dreaming).
but what a nice cuddlebug dream I had!  photo ohlove.gif

The “Having breakfast” dream
(ppl involved: Siwon and me)
May 2013

The first thing I can remember from that dream is when I was at home and getting ready for the day like always. Did two braids hairstyle, because I haven’t done this for a long time. One left, one right. Ready. ^^
I got dressed with random things from my closet which would fit my idea of cute for my mood today and then had a random look on my phone. There I saw Siwon has sent a message and was calling for “late breakfast”. Checked the clock. 10am. Oh late indeed, Siwon, late indeed.
Was a bit surprised since normally I always automatically assume he’s working at the WE’s/visiting his family (or something). But I replied I would come, got my light blue/red FLY jacket and my blue Googims FLY bag (oh seriously I have a thing for their FLY series *sigh*) and left.
I went to the address the message told me to go and… please take note that I never was at Siwon’s house or whatever before so I had no idea what it actually looks like. When I arrived at the place I was surprised that I could reach it that soon by walking. It looked new and I seriously wondered, WHEN he got that house? o.O
(but hey, at least one of Siwon’s houses near my home! I don’t really want to complain about this 😉 )
I followed a path besides the house and partially through the garden. The garden wasn’t too huge, but also not exactly small, very neat and with different flowers/blooming bushes. I really liked it, looked peaceful and nice.
When walked around a corner I ended up in front of the front door. I wanted to ring the doorbell but could already see that Siwon was already at the door to open it. Thought ‘oh.. glass walls? He must have seen me coming‘. Because the house had glass walls on the backside and I only notice it at that moment because I was too focused on the garden before ^^°
A smiling Siwon let me enter the house and told me I should just have a seat since he was not done with all preparations yet. He went back to the kitchen while I was starting to have a look around the living room/dining room I was standing in right now. The room had partially glass walls just like we have at home in our living room just… nicer. It made the room become very light. The interior was modern and light, but still gave a homelike feeling. It looked like a mix of Mamonde message videos rooms and…Oppa’s house! (means: Brian’s house, and I know: What a description OTL).
I wondered if I fit in here with my… kind of… fashion terrorist outfit and… I felt a bit like in my aunt’s house: No matter what I wear, I think I’m underdressed ^^°°° Oh well.

In the end I had a seat and just waited.
The middle part of the dream was then very blurry so the next thing I remember was when we were already having breakfast.
Aigoo! Really so many things on that (btw huge) table! Siwon sat on the opposite side of the table and was reading his economy newspaper, drinking his coffee. I smiled to myself amused because he exactly looked like how the members imitated him back then  photo 41_excited.gif *giggles* I could totally recorgnized it.
Nyaah~ but dosen’t he look just cool reading like that~? (ღ˘⌣˘ღ) aigoo~
After I was done with amusing myself/admiring reading Siwon I focues on my breakfast/my own business again. This meant: He reading newspaper, me reading my tweeter timeline on my phone ^^ *hahaha* #faaail~ (economy newspaper? nothing for me. I’m more like our Leader씨: Eyeing the economy from afar … while hiding ^^°°).
I have to say that it was really nice to have “late breakfast” together. Just the two of us calmly/peacefully eating. =) oh, and reading!
While I read my tl I suddenly had a thought regarding this whole breakfast thing and got lost in my thinking a little. I thought: When did he get to know about my habits? That I get up that late, that I don’t eat breakfast or at least not at normal hours but can eat later? I never told him! Then I wondered if he really delayed his own breakfast solely to do all this here? Judging from HIS habits to get up at 6am every day. How in da world could he wait for so long? o:
Somehow I started to feel guilty because he had put so much effort into all this and changed his daily plans/habits. I looked up again and when I was doing so I caught Siwon looking at me. Uhm… °//° only shisus knows for how long he was already looking at me. HNGH! (≥///≤) Was he checking on my reactions to my timeline reading (which would have been embarrassing enough..) or was he back with watching me while I was spacing out because of my own thoughts? (very embarrassing!!) (≥///≤)
And anyway! At first I though he was maybe looking at something behind me. In the garden. I almost turned around to check that! Almost! OTL #justsaying Then I thought if there was maye something wrong with my clothes but no… turned out to be only Siwon
staring at watching me and not even trying to hide it. He just kept looking at me a little longer and then turned back to his newspaper, smiling a… quite special smile. I was looking at him curiously because I tried to figure out his thoughts. o.o but couldn’t categorize it. It was a mix of being amused and… this special looks he was giving me that one day before.
Although I caught him looking at me it rather felt he caught me doing something.
I’m not used to get looked at with all these looks he’s giving me lately, so… YAH! Siwon!? Stop being amused or… whatever! It confuses me and… it’s embarrassing-aaaah~~!!!  *starts rolling around* (≥///≤) SAME GOES TO PRINCE MANANGER! *rolls around embarrassed*

After breakfast he started to put the dishes together, I wanted to help and so I came to his side of the table. As if he didn’t wanted me to help he hugged me before I could do something and we were (am I allowed to say ‘finaly’? ^//^) having a little cuddle-session.
That was the end of my dream.

OTL Siwon has a really nice house & a nice idea ( ◕ヮ◕)b
but him looking at me is… still embarrassing sometimes >///<

The “time to.. take time °///° ” dream
(ppl involved: Yuri, a random guy, Siwon, me and a very RANDOM Sungmin ◑-◑…)
May 2013

This dream started when I was just hanging around somewhere and suddenly there was a friend of mine I haven’t seen for a long time so we were hanging out together. We had an afternoon of talking about girl things and eating ice cream.
In the evening I went to a bistro that was having some kind of opening celebration (it was new here around) wanted to have dinner there. Siwon wanted to come too, but he couldn’t exactly say when he would arrive (bcs of work stuff).
I just went on my own for now and ran into my friend again! But she wasn’t alone. She had a girl with her and to my surprise that girl turned out to be SNSD’s Yuri… o___O I was looking at her like -oO eeeeh, ok Sarah, whatever..?-
I was A BIT irritated by that and even forgot to ask how it happened she knows her… oh well. Wasn’t that important anyway since I don’t really care about SNSD.
Since we already met we decided to sit on a table together on this terrace of the bistro. It was already quite crowded and we were lucky to get the last table ^^ Looked like the opening of the bistro went well! So we were sitting at our table, 3 woman, talking about random stuff. Yuri was actually ok, she was friendly.
But I couldn’t help myself to let the two talk alone sometimes to scan the place. OTL le me was waiting for Siwon after all. Sometime later suddenly a random guy started to talk to Sarah and Yuri. They both started talking to him and this guy also talked to me then.
Of course, when strangers are talking to me I’m like “stay away please, weirdo!”. It was not like this guy was bringing up any pick-up lines when talking to anyone of us or something, but I was happy when I could go to get me another drink because my glass was empty. When I turned around from the bar to go back this random guy suddenly popped up and -again- wanted to talk. …. …. hrrrr… =__= seriously… wae so annoying and I ALMOST HAD A HEART ATTACK, OKEH?! popping up like that… god dammit… ==”
I just wanted him to get lost and didn’t talked more than necessary to him. Just enough to not to be too rude.
Back at the table the guy went to the bar himself, Sarah and Yuri were giggling over how handsome they find this guy. They then constantly wanted me to aggree to their nonsense and I just said “…whatever”. I mean even if he would be the most handsome guy on earth, wae should I care?? I have absolutely no interest and no business with him.
Aigoo, they were like two schoolgirls. I was sipping on my drink and was silently judging them.
A little later this random guy returned and Serah wanted to go dance with him, Yuri thought this was a good idea and the three went to dance. Me stubbornly staying at the table >.< But a moment later I saw another friend of mine sitting on the ground (because there were not enough chairs) at the side and I went to sit with her. Far away enough from this… guy… *still irritated*
Sitting there with the music playing from the bistro in the background and talking was perfectly fine. Sarah wasn’t thaaat of a good friend of mine anyway. Ok to hang out for a while but that’s it. After we`ve talked for a while there was suddenly someone standing besides us. At the first moment I thought ‘Please don’t tell me it’s that guy again -_- ‘ but then a very familiar voice asked “Wae are you sitting on the ground? ^^”. We both looked up only to look at a smiling Siwon. … omg! he finally arrived ;~; I got up, said “finally!” and glomped him. Omo finall really save from the random guy! I couldn’t even. (。◕~◕。) Siwon chuckled amused and wanted to know “Did I miss something? ^^”. I was side eyeing the (for me) irritating guy with the others over there, clinging to Siwon saying “no.. no..”. I got randomly again-irritated by this guy, Siwon noticed and pulled me closer for some huggling (*cries* I get irritated by ppl so easily ;~; I bet Siwon found out about this already.). So we were just standing there for a while huggling while watching the others enjoy themselves and listening to the music. *sigh* I just enjoy huggling sessions too much, I admit it! >//< When I looked at him he was looking at me too. Our glances meet. … °//° Oh. The look on his face was meaningful. We hug even tighter like… really. No one would have been able to put even a little piece of paper between us. I was suddenly asking myself if it’s only me or if the weather has gotten hotter her… but oh, we’re outside… and it’s already night… (≥///≤) *embarrassed mental facepalm of fail* most likely not. Siwon then whispers only for me to hear “I want to leave here with you.” …… oh god dammit, Siwon.. °///° *faints* dammit… you know that I love you so wae are you doing this to me? ;~; *cries weakly*
But: I agreed, although I thought my heart almost skipped a beat and shivers were running down my spine when he whispered to me and we huggled tightly some more. It was seriously the… the tightest hug we’ve ever had. Everyone sure that it hasn’t gotten warmer outside? >///< Da hell with the weather and what is dinner? We were leaving only 3 sconds later! So we walked away, cuddled up of course, and in the corner of my eye saw SUNGMIN randomly arriving too, greeting Yuri. But oh well, Sungmin… *shrugs* we were leaving because it was time to… take time… for us. *cough* HNGH, omo! *still faints embarrassed* I’m not exactly sure what Sungmin was saying when he was shouting something after us… first no one cared at that moment & second we were already too far away.
(but I thought I heard him say “be careful” or something… oO oh well whatever Sungmin. I don’t even want to know what you meant and wae… errr… yes. *irritated*)
*sigh* and now the part Patti wants to hear about the most and… will tease me with 4ever with =////= *flustrated to the max*: The last thing I remember from my dream was us being in our room “safe” from the others… kissing and >///< so on, on a couch or a bed… whatever >///< ugh… *mega embarrassed* cannot tell… I… wasn’t really able to focus on useless details u know? AND NOW I GO DIE! *passes out for all eternity* (but from what I actually can remember it looked more like we ended up in the living room (≥///≤) … HNGH!)

… ……. UGH, SERIOUSLY! *rolls around all over the place 4ever*
Hope Patti and Vicky had their fun now! I’M SO EMBARRASSED!(((o(≥///≤)o))) *waves with arms* DAMN YOU CHOI SIWON! … I still hear his voice and it keeps killing me, OKEH!? *DIES THE MOST MAJOR DEATH EVER NOW*

The “meeting randomly” dream
(ppl involved: Siwon, HanGeng and me)
May 2013

So I was on my way home, thinking about nothing, I saw there was something going on on one of our companies’ areas. There were quite some ppl and I wondered what kind of fest they had. I looked over the crowd and suddenly though that I’ve seen Siwon and then I saw him again and was sure ‘oh no doubt, that’s him.‘. I decided to wait a while so maybe the event will be finished soon (it already looked like closing-action over there ^^). I thought I can still walk home when it takes too long since it’s not that far anymore.
But I haven’t had to wait so long. I was standing at the side of the area and ppl started to come out. Just had to wait till Siwon was out too and when he was I saw there was GENNY as well!  photo 19_w00t.png
Yaaayyyy!!! This was my lucky day! ^^ randomly meeting my SiHan lovelies again!
Genny saw me first and waved at me to come over.. although I was already on my way. *haha* Siwon was randomly talking with an ajeossi behind him, a good meter away, his back turned to us, so I said hi to Genny first. He then poked Siwon so he would turn around ^^
Siwon seemed to be a bit irritated first because I was suddenly (for him suddenly) standing there but then we hugged and we were like: hug> glued together> having babo huggle seesion while talking to Geng. ^//^°
After sometime almost all other ppl had left by now so we decided to go home too. Means we separated as in.. Genny went to his car and Siwon and I left together to go to my home.
*cough* that means we walked like  photo 20_loveyouplz.gif , Siwon’s arm around my shoulder tightly, my arm around Siwon, clinging to his jacket and us just basically clinging to each other like… yeah, the cuddly idiots we are.
We were walking down a sidewalk on the right side of the street, me on the inside, Siwon on the outside of the sidewalk (which is REALLY old-school gentleman manners btw, #justsaying letting the woman walk on the inside).
He told me about the event, that HanGeng and he haven’t planed to go and that it was really random they went there in the end. Seemed like Siwon really liked this event of our city’s company because he kept saying that it was really cool. ^^
I listened interested and looked at him how he was happily talking. I like happy Siwonnie  photo 20_love.png because it’s cuuuute & good for him to be happy!
He sometimes looked at me while talking, but it were looks I’ve never seen before from him ^^ aah~ I felt really well protected and important somehow ^///^ . After some of these looks I smiled to myself and thought ‘If I address him now he will… *silent mental giggles*‘. So after another two of his looks I said “Siwon..?”, just for the sake of it *haha* ^//^ but he got a call just at that moment. He said “ah! Just one moment.” and picked up. He had a short talk with the caller and then put his phone back in his pocket.
I asked “Who was it? Junho?” (… xD randomly thought of brother again… sense? xD #fail). He gave me a kiss first ^//^ because I addressed him before and then answered “No. HanGeng. He said we should come over to his apartment later. We have to celebrate ‘something’.” . I smiled knowingly and said “ah~ ‘somehing’, huh?” and we laughed, because we both knew what Genny was saying (aigoo~ooo! Genny that’s… that’s a bit embarrassing ^///^…). “It will be a loooong day tomorrow.” I commented, knowing that SiHan will drink quite a lot this evening (because Genny can drink and drink, even the whole night, and it will have no effect on him, he stays normal – and since I don’t drink SiHan will be VERY tired the following day… most likely me too because I stayed up to long ^^°°).
So now we arrived at our house but walking was so nice that I just didn’t want it to be over yet. So I wanted to go for one round around the block before we go in, looked down the street smiling and said “this way?”. Siwon nodded, grinning to himself, and went down the street as if he would have already known. … o.o ooh~ Siwonnie you’re good in reading noona! (…I’m not exactly sure if this is a bit scary or just good *haha*)

Then my dream ended. A little short but… nyaaah~ (っ˘ڡ˘ς)❤

The “Chilling together~” dream
(ppl involved: JYJ and me)
May 2013

In this one it was documentary time once again!
It was just one of those rare times a tv station aired a report about JYJ. About their solo works and group activities.
We all met up at Jaejoongs house to watch this together. We wanted to see how it turned out.
I was there first, Chunnie and Junsu arrived just some minutes later. Jaejoong already told me that Junsu would also come but I wasn’t sure till he walked in with Chunnie. I was like so… reliefed that he really came over too. Although he already said he wasn’t mad I thought he was maybe lying about that and therefore doubted he would really come. But oh well, there he was!
So the documentary started, we all sat on Jaejoong’s gigant couch like (From right to left) Jaejoong→ Me→ Chunnie→ Junsu. In that order. We were hanging around comfortable and lazy and… I was peeling mandarins xD WHAT DA FACK!
But it is true! I was peeling mandarins, really, one after another *haha* (⌒▽⌒) it’s better for the boys as eating chips and I loved doing this little work for them. So I was busy with madarins while watching and when I was done I gave one to Junsu first and then Chunnie. They thanked me and started eating. When I gave Jaejoong his mandarin he also thanked me but… keept staring for a moment. I chuckled and said “Oppa, what’s wrong?”. Jaejoong rolled over his part of the couch and laughed a bit embarrassed, saying “oh, you noticed?!”. xD haha! He’s so cute! Yes Jaejoong, you stare. I notice. Is that so much of a surprise?
*shrugs* LOL oh well, it’s Jaejoong after all. ㅋㅋ that’s normal.
He said “Your eyes are very interesting. Are you wearing contact lenses?” (he meant my eye color) and then he started with telling me his lenses (he’s wearing sometimes) are very expensive and stuff. I said “no, ^^° that’s my natural eye color.” and Jaejoong said “ah~ it’s pretty.”. Aish, Jaejoong stop it! I still cannot handle compliments! So I just thanked him a bit embarrassed. I mean he really meant nothing special with that, but still.

I think Jaejoong’s awkward ‘you caught me’-laugh was the best in that dream xD *haha* that was SO him!
+ ppl really keep telling me they find my eye color interesting in rl. well.. it’s a greyish-mixed-green. Dunno if that is so rare. *shrugs*
but… was it really necessary to invite all of us over? *looks at Jaejoong* or was there someone who wanted Junsu and me to meet?

The “Oppa,the master chef!” dream
(ppl involved: Brian & our tv -although it’s not a real person-
May 2013

This dream was basically very short. I was watching tv and then there was a preview of a cooking show. Technically nothing special BUT I saw Oppa (Brian) on tv and this was all about Oppa being the master chef of this show and the preview was going all excited about this new show with Oppa and me was like… “Brian in a cooking show?? like… reeeeally? O.O *stares at tv in disbelieve*”. But yes really.
And shortly after this dream I found out that there is really a cooking show with Oppa in real life!!

sometimes… my dreams…. no comment.

The “Clearing things up >< ” dream
(ppl involved: Junsu, me and Yunho as guest appearance…)
May 2013

I was walking down the street, on my way to go somewhere, minding my own business. Then suddenly Yunho was in front of me! We almost bumped into each other because he was only minding his own business too xD . Oh I was happy Leader씨 didn’t walk into me because we all know Yunho’s walking style ^^°°
So we said hi and Yunho said he’s in a hurry but wanted to tell me that Junsu wants to talk with me. I said “Yeah, I know. Me too.” and was a bit irritated because I seriously asked myself how in da world Yunho knows about these things…? oh well. So we both continued our walking and a little later I finally reached the meeting place where Junsu already was.
He sat on a random table in a park and I sat down besides him. Junsu talked first and at first I had no idea what he wanted to say since but with him continuing speaking I slowly got an idea. He talked so much, and didn’t stop, that I could barly comment anything but… I guess Junsu thought it was not necessary… and I suddenly heard the word ‘Siwon’ O-O … I wanted to say something but Junsu continued in saying he’s not mad or anything because he thinks we have not enough time for each other (he meant himself and me), we can meet up too rarely. I sat there like… yeah… speechless and sad somehow. I said “I see.” and Junsu continued his speech adding that we may should go back to how it was at the start, we should stay family and friends by all means.
I could only agree to what he said. Seriously, this speech of him still had me speechless. Especially since I sat there and saw his face while he was talking… very serious, but also sad that things happened like that. I also felt very sad at that moment. :/ It was really not a talk you want to have.
Although he was right and I saw SiHan lovelies way more often (and this maybe caused… all that) and he said he was not mad I felt guilty like hell (of course) but all this was also exactly wae I wanted to see him to talk this out. Things just didn’t turned out like we thought they would before and so we agreed on going back to the start.

So in the end we said goodbye and it was just… woah, so weird… oO I really hoped it was true what Junsu claimed (that he was not mad) and that I would see him ever again after this here.
I was afraid to lose my family (because that’s what the boys are to me) and walked through that park thinking and confused for a while, panicking over my family D: WTF!

But, on the other hand, he wanted to talk, me wanted to talk. It was about time to get things clear before it would have started to be a huge mega mess no one can get out from anymore.
…and Junsu already visited my soulmatesis on the beach and kissed her way before… oO I start to suspect something…. uhm…. yeah.

….130702…. Junsu wrote a break-up song?!? ㅠ~ㅠ WHAT DA HELL! HOW?!
I mean when I listened to it the first time I already just knew what it was about without even understanding it fully! (to be honest I only understood very little but still knew it)
….. you know why I am always shocked with my kdreams happening and real life happenings? because they always fit together like it was all real or… at least part of a big, planned out movie or drama!!! *waves with arms*
“11 o’clock” just fits in right now just too well again!
Kim Junsu releases ’11 o’clock’…“The composed confessions of a man after a break-up”
now someone tell me how this can fit AGAIN so well into my kdreams world?! Just like the christmas-date song! *cries* (“Thank U For”)
*cries a river of pearl red tears of blood* I GOT IT JUNSU! OKEH! My heart died… T^T MY FEEEEEELS!!!! I can’t with your emotions!
And because it’s Junsu he had to make a song about it to deal with his feel. T^T aigoo…. excuse me while I go crying (again!) *runs away crying*

The “traffic jam” dream
(ppl involved: Prince Manager, Donghae, Siwon and me)
May 2013

I really have no idea how I ended up in that car. Really, it is a riddle to me. But there we were, standing on one of our interstates, trying to get somewhere. Yeah, I said standing. Because there was a huge traffic jam on the interstate and it was already so long that we couldn’t even see what was the reason for it.
So we were all in that car. Prince Manager was the driver (of course), Donghae sat besides him on the passenger seat and the backseats was were Siwon and me were sitting.
It has already been a while since we were stuck in the traffic jam and all we could do was to wait. Donghae and Prince Manager were talking, also talking to us on the back seat sometimes. But after a while they got lost in a random discussion about whatever (cannot remember anymore) so Siwon and I started our own talk. Since we were really not moving at all I got out of my seat belt to sit more comfortable and… spy through the rear window what the other ppl are doing. There were some who got out of their cars to do whatever (couldn’t see it). This reminded me of something crazy I already saw ppl doing on the interstate, then I turned back around to Siwon to tell him the story. I sat down closely besides him as in… really close ^///^° *cuddlebug is*, sitting with my legs folded up/crossed-legged on the seat and told him about it.
So I talked and talked and only realized at the end of my story that I was already… kinda… uhm… sort of… err… technically *coughs embarrassed*… halfway sitting on his lap… >///< oh embarrassing! So while I realized this and acted a bit irritated-weird because I was… technically… sort of… uhm.. sorry >//< *facepalm* Siwon seems to be very amused. Yaah~haa! what da-?! nyaah, Siwonnie, thats not of help in any way! (≥///≤) aish…
hrr.. =///= on top of all I saw prince manager looking in his driving mirror at that moment and… YAH! D: I saw that amused smile you had on your face! WTH! D: Prince manager?! щ(゚Д゚щ) .. … *is speechless* stop this, or I will call you Ajeossi! >//< *rolls away embarrassed now*

That was the end of my dream. -_- hrr… *annoyed sigh* and this prince manager turns out to be a bit troublesome for me… *eyes him irritated*

The “On a walk ^^” dream
(ppl involved: Mom, Siwon and me)
April 2013

I was at home with my sister and an old friend of her. The cool thing was that this old friend of her had become a k-popper lately. She kept talking about Yesung *haha* really cool! (^__^)d
Around midday my sister and her friend went to the city for shopping. Mom and I wanted to go for a walk since the weather was finally better than the days before.
When we left the house mom already went ahead while I was locking our door. She greeted someone and when I turned around I saw that it was Siwon!  photo 2_blush.gif
To be honest, before I was a bit afraid meeting him after he returned from his journey with Prince Manager maybe could be a bit awkward because of… well, what happened before. But it wasn’t an awkward feeling at all, I was only feeling so happy somehow to see him again after a week and we both just smiled widely. ( ˆ ω ˆ )
While mom already walked ahead I walked over to Siwon. When I was only a few steps away from him he held out his hand for me to take it. I quickly came at his side, took his hand and cuddled up to him. We followed mom and for a moment I was leaning my head on his shoulder, he leaned his head on mine. aah~ we just felt so cuddly!  photo 3_wub.gif (and good thing we can because in our area we are save from ppl who know/care about k-pop OTL)
So we walked so meters like that, having silent convo, quietly chuckled to ourselves, looked at each other and… shared a short kiss ^///^ *embarrassed*.
After that we catched up to my mom then, who wasn’t looking back once btw. She maybe was giving us the time we needed… aigoo, mom… ^///^° what is that supposed to mean…? (OTL good that prince manager wasn’t present this time… I fear I will giggle uncontrollable the next time I see him xD ).
We walked the way over the fields, sometimes talked about random things with mom. Mom was walking ca. one meter before us, Siwonnie and me following as the cuddly idiots we are. While walking he sometimes squeezed my hand and so I did. ^//^ aah~ just so… oh my! *giggles and hides*
When we were walking the forest trail there was a barrier on the way (a bigger branch and stuff), he carefully helped me to get over it, making sure I won’t trip.  photo 20_love.png *sigh* (it was… just so sweet – almost heartwarming, since I’m not used to the fact that anyone is taking care of me♥ ). I felt really comfortable with him. Since when is that? I cannot exactly tell. (maybe what Dr.YF said helped? ^//^° )
Mom then started to talk about my work ajeossi for some reason and having a little rant about him being the worst as a person, coming up with some recent stories about him I had told her before. I added that he really is a pain and mom then told Siwon that I already had some arguments with him. Siwon wanted to know if that is true, I said yes. Mom then brought another example of Ajeossi being impossible, I nodded and said “That’s why. I mean, do I need to accept this?” (from ajeossi). Siwon shook his head and said no.
And this was the end of my dream.

A bit weird that mom had to talk about ajeossi at the end… oO well. whatever. *just ignores that part*

The “wait. what? °//° oh my… shisus..” dream
(ppl involved: Siwon, me + Prince Manager as guest star ^^)
April 2013

ok I don’t really know what or where the start of this dream was, because it was all in all very weird. Only the last part finally made enough sense to remember it.
(and I’m pretty sure I’m dead after writing this which means going through it again! >//< )
I had a meeting with some friends before. We were out eating ice cream. Now I was on my way to a (seemingly) random house.
It was the house of Prince Manager. He let me in and then I waited for a while, he was busy with his stuff in he meantime. (wth.. prince manager’s house?? oO well whatever.)
I tried hard not to annoy him since I felt I already annoyed him enough with only being here. He seemed to be stressed/in a hurry preparing things. So I just sat on a chair quietly, checking the room with my eyes and watching Prince Manager being busy. After some time, when that startet to be really just too boring, I got up and looked out of the window. Not much ppl were on the street. I only saw 2 random ajumma’s passing by on the other side of the street.
Then I notice Siwon’s car standing in front of the house. Didn’t notice when he got here but couldn’t have been long so I thought he should be here any moment. And indeed, Prince Manager already went to open the door and came back with Siwon.
He wore a black jacket and jeans that day, didn’t bother to take his jacket off since Prince Manager already prepared to leave with him.
Sooo, why we all were at Prince Managers house now? Siwon’s schedule is rather tight these days and he was about to leave with Manager-hyung anyway so he came here. But before he would leave he wanted to meet up with me and somehow Prince Managers house turned out to be the most save and practical place for this.
Prince Manager was on the phone when Siwon walked over to me and we hugged  photo 2_blush.gif (of course we did, we always do).
I wanted to know wae he wanted to meet up so suddenly and Siwon told me that it somehow happened that he had a little birdie of a friend of him at his apartment. But now that he’s gone for a week he cannot look after it so he asked me if I would look after birdie.
Ah~ of course I would look after birdie! I was already curious if it can talk! =)
Prince Manager, now off the phone and was getting his documents from the desk behind us, told me to take care and be careful (I knew what he meant). I asked him if there is any rule or something by SM I have to follow. He said no, smiled and added that I only have to do what he said.
I turned back to Siwon and he said that he basically dosen’t has time for pets but he just couldn’t say no to his friend. (whatever that friend of him thought to give the birdie to SIWON who’s so busy himself… must have been a real emergecy, huh?)
We have been standing ridiculously close while he told me that and he said he is relieved now that I agreed to look after the birdie. I said it’s not a problem at all and we hugged (for no real reason once again ^^° eh he…). Prince Manager told us that he wants to leave in some minutes but with a special tone in his voice (in other words: he said that we should hurry up with… whatever, I guess ^^°°). We looked at him for a second and then laughed a bit embarrassed as if we were caught doing nonsense.
Well, what happened then was… pretty random. *cough*
We looked back at each other and it was like 2 seconds of silent convo I cannot even put into words. It was like a very strong strange gavity all of sudden. What do I know what that was °///°… *already highly embarrassed*. So we looked at each other, hugged again and… kissed! O-omona.. I dunno wae! (((o(>//<)o))) *waves with arms helpless* But the thing is… it wasn’t only one kiss (。◕//◕。). First it was a short kiss, more like a peck, then we hugged tighter and kissed for like 3 or maybe 4 seconds >//< ugh, cannot tell that exactly! HNNNNGH! *dies* AND ALL THAT BEHIND PRINCE MANAGERS BACK?! What da hell were we thinking?! We somehow didn’t think at all care (I CANNNOT EXPLAIN THIS!!! D: ). I don’t think Manager-ssi saw anything… °_° *looks around nervous* uhm… at least I hope so. >< aigoo~

OH MY.. SHISUS! WHAT WAS THAT JUST NOW?! I have no idea.. °///° My dream ended when we looked at each other again, smiling shyly. (≥///≤) nyaah~ *passes out*
Great… *sigh* feels chaos is now perfect. ><

;~; dammit. Shisus…
My feels for him these days…. *gestures around weirdly and dosen’t know what to say* … ….
No joke: I’m f*cking doomed! D:
And it’s NOT helping that sworn sister refers to Siwon as “your man” now! (≥///≤)
*rolls around dying in weakness and then… rolls away embarrassed*

(… ….. =///= *glares at Patti embarrassed now* yeah… I hear you laugh… there you go. hope you had fun. I’m done now! *passes out again*)

The “…a looot ^^” dream
(ppl involved: one of the usual suspects ^^°, me + some random teens as ‘guest stars’ xD)
March 2013

Too bad that this dream was kinda short! It started to be fun at the end ^^ But first things first. Let’s start at the beginning.
Siwon wanted to go see some friends of his and it happens that these friends somehow lived near my hometown (oO oh well, this is weird but: dreams make everything possible. That’s what’s great about dreams!). I didn’t know these ppl but we went there together to hang out together after his visit. Apparently they were fine with us BOTH coming to visit them and these ppl were really friendly. The Ajumma and Ajeossi lived in a bigger house and had a nice, bright living room where we happened to have tea with them ^^
(and… Siwon wore a WHITE SHIRT that day! aigoo *sigh* just one of these damn white shirts… but somehow it didn’t bother me in any fangirling way or… way of my damn weakness for white shirts. YAYYY!!! PROGRESS!!! White shirt was not able to irritate me! ☆*:.。.(งˆヮˆ)ง.。.:*☆ … Nooo Siwon, nooo. Just no~ not this time! *puts on glasses of coolness* (⌐■_■)♢ … ㅋ noona is too cool for this today #dealwithit (σ‾▿‾)-σ _).
So the couple talked about this and that with Siwon and even asked me some questions about my work and such. ^^ In the end we somehow came to talk about their house and they said they were just done renovating it some days ago. Somehow it happened that they showed us around a bit in their house, showing some things to us they renewed lately. They especially showed us the 3 rooms of their kids (who were not at home btw) and were really proud because they did it all on their own ^^ *haha*. Each one of the rooms was nicely decorated at the walls and each room differently (according to what the kid liked ^^). And to be honest the kids’ rooms were impressive! Complicated decoration/paintings… they really put much effort in it for their kids. What cute parents they were!
So Siwon and I followed them from room to room but… *giggles* kinda clinging to each other a looot for no actual reason. … eh hehe… ^///^°°° *embarrassed* The ajumma looked at us once, smiled amused and then went on with explaining about the rooms with her husband as if nothing had happened. Yaaah~haaa Ajummaa~aah! (#^_^#)° Way to embarrass me~ *semi-whines* (that’s all I say)
With the last room I got extremely fascinated and I looked at it very long. So the others already walked away to go downstairs back to the living room while I was still staring, kinda getting lost in thoughts for a bit. But then I realized I was standing there while the others already went ahead (oops! there I go with another spacing out moment of mine!). The couple was already on their way downstairs, Siwon was standing approximately 10 meters away, waiting if I would move nor or not ^^°, looking amused about the fact that I was spacing out… Yaaah~haaa Siwonnie~ Don’t laugh! >//< *semi-complains* omg… do not do this! Embarrassing! >//<
I quickly catched up to him and we were back with being clingy a looot and following the others back downstairs (seriously, that day was just… one of these days of us again. I really cannot. … and *looks around nervous* I… cannot explain this!! *runs away*).
So after another while we left Ajumma and Ajeossi. We bid our goodbyes and we went for a walk in the surroundings/streets. OTL what luck that Siwon’s friends live here where no one cares about k-idols. I mean in our small villages and even our little city… no one recognizes k-idols there and ppl rarely know about k-pop in the first place (well, maybe Gangnam Style because it was in the clubs last year, but that’s it).
So we two clingy idots walked like …(ˆ⌣ˆ)(ˆ⌣ˆ) thi~s … through that village and when we were done walking around we went back to the bus station we originally came from to wait for out bus back to where we had left our cars OTL (…I dunno we we didn’t just DRIVE there with our cars, maybe because we are weirdos and thought ‘hey, we haven’t had a ride on the bus for years so let’s do this! =D ‘ … oooh, I can totally imagine this + actually I really didn’t use the bus for years..o.O)
So while we waited for the bus standing around like… (ˆ⌣ˆ)(ˆ⌣ˆ) thi~s, we watched some kids on the other side of the street who were supposed to be the “cool village gangsters”. You know what I mean? Since they acted strange in our eyes (what was “supposed to be cool” btw) we kept monitoring them and exchanged some random comments about their behaviour. In the end the kids were so strange that we were like “… wth…. LOLOLOL fail! hahaha!” xD They wanted to play cool but totally failed and it turned out to be rather embarrassing but they still thought it was “cool”. So while we burst into laughter (which suddenly irritated the kids on the other side of the street) our bus arrived and we just got in, still highly amused.
hehe…. randomly irritate random kids: ✓ CHECK! xD
The next day: I was shopping with mom in the mall. Even before we had arrived there I received a SMS from Siwon, so now I replied while mom was looking at something in a clothing store (that bores me anyway, because mom always takes sooooo long for that ^^°). As soon as I sent my reply I got a message back again. And somehow we kept texting and texting. Texting about random nonsense and that a looooot. Like really! A looooot! Since I like writing and it looked like Siwon was bored since he kept texting back… well, ╮(´▽`)╭ let’s SMS party then! xD
Normally I only text so much with my Soulmate or my ELF friend ^^ *giggles* Then I was like ‘Omg, just notice the kids of yesterday are here too…‘ in my last SMS and….. I got a call! xD
But… omg… °////° I noticed only then under what name Siwon was in my iPhone…. *embarrassment grows to the max* caller was named “TI AMO”.. exactly like this, in big letters! I could see it very clear in my dream, but: Da faaaaq!!!! (((o(゚Д゚)o))) *waves with arms* random italian on my phone??? And.. waaeeee???? What kind of name-?! O: How could this happen?! HNNNGGH!!!!!! LET ME DIE!  photo 29_umkipp.gif *faints*
I wondered when I typed THAT in and most of all… wae…… O-O. Assumed it must have been after night shift and my brain didn’t know what I was doing… or I didn’t know what my brain was doing… but OMG SUN!!!!! EMBA~~~RRASSING! (and yeah… =///= *looks at Patti* “Someone” will “ohooo” me again now and will be smirking widely … .. *facepalm*)
So I picked up, still irritated by my phone, while curious Siwon wanted to know what the kids were up to today. So I described him what they were doing right now (I was on the first floor above them, they were on the ground level of the mall)… and of course their “supposed to be cool” acting failed again. xD When I cracked up because of that Siwon complained that I need to report him what they did because he cannot see the kiddos. So I calmed myself again and told him what had hapened just now.
Then mom was done looking at the shop we were so I ended the call with Mr. Siwon.
Through the time I was in the mall with mom I received more random text messages and replied, but once I was home “TI AMO” *trolls self* called again. *giggles* le me getting calls that day a loooot! Everything was a looot! xD
But that was already the end of my dream then.

All in all it was somehow… irritating. I mean… ◑▂◑ … DA FACK MY PHONE SAYS??! I got trolled/teased (whatever) by my phone! OMG! I should really find a better name to lable him…!!!!
On top of all I was randomly embarrassed by an ajumma I don’t even really know + Siwon witnessed how I started to mentally space out D: WHAT DA HEEEEEEELL!!!!!!
OTL And now I don’t even want to know what Dr. YF and sworn sister will say about this. HNGH! (≥///≤) *rolls away embarrassed*

The “One of the best days EVER!” dream
(ppl involved: the usual suspects xD and me)
March 2013

On this all was pretty random but fuuuun!
However they managed to do that these days (k-dream makes it possible~) but SiHan lovelies had a free afternoon and we quickly decided to meet up! (ˆ ω ˆ)d
Since they could really use some (peaceful) rest we went to the countryside with Siwon’s Jeep. Ah yeah, sorry Siwon, it’s name is “Michael” right? xD Well, so we went to a random location with “Michael”.
Pretty nice random location, no one there, weather a bit more spring-ish than before these days: Very good! It was still a bit cold but not too much.
I`ve even brought the new video camera I`ve bought some days before, while SiHan lovelies were already running around the area, checking everything out. So I was the last to leave the car because I had to get my cam ready ^^ I wanted to do a little documentary of our trip as the first thing the cam would film.
I quickly followed them the direction they walked off before so I won’t lose them. While walking I was already filming and commented what we were doing here. I also commented that SiHan just ran off and were maybe a bit too hyper right now xD LOL
I was ca. 50 meters from the car then I heard Siwon calling me over to come looking at what he foud. Well… he was between some bushes and trees so I really wondered what he could have possibly found there. oO
When I arrived where he was standing and saw what he had found: A little fawn! OMG! BAMBI!
I only commented “Aww!! =D *gets excited* Bambiii~~”. The little baby didn’t even run away! (to be honest: some really don’t run away. Some are not afraid of humans a bit)
Geng appeared now too, telling Siwon not to touch it. I quickly agreed. Never touch a bambi or it’s mom will reject it when she comes back. (note for those who don’t know: Deers let their babies just lie down somewhere hidden when they leave for a while so you can -in the right area- sometimes randomly stumble over them-. I already found one in real life! =) )
Okies, so Siwon didn’t touch it. But in the end he started to feed it with things he got from his car. Like… with bread or something xD *haha* It was so cute because it was eating happily, not to say greedy! BAMBI we found! ^___^d
So we had fun with little bambi and when Siwon had nothing more to feed it with we wanted to leave it alone again but it started to follow Siwon around because it wanted more to eat xD LOL . OMG! Can you imagine the cute?!??? Little Bambi following Siwon around xDD Baby following the horsey!  photo 38_laugh.gif This was fun!
Le me filmed all this of course! Genny and I were really amused. We watched/filmed from the side and Siwon walked around for a while to see if it would still follow him or get bored after a bit. But no, it kept following him like… 4ever. (note: this also already happened to my dad in real life! There was a bambi that following him in the fields… 2 days in a row. WITHOUT him giving it something to eat!)
Bambi really wasn’t shy a bit and it didn’t even run away when Siwon cracked up in the end because of the constantly, enthusiatically following fawn (●ˆ ω ˆ●) I randomly commented for the recording I was still doing “Congrats, Siwon. You just got yourself a baby. Be a good father now. xD “. Then we all laughed.
My dream skipped ahead a little after that and I found us three back home. It was Genny’s home to be exact. Wow! First time for me being here!
It was already evening and we hit on the idea to cook something together. Geng had already something in mind what we could make for dinner but said he has to go buy some things for that. So he left, Siwon and me stayed behind waiting.
While Siwon sat down on the couch I went to film Geng’s Chinchillas ^^ little cuties! And I also filmed his Gundams thinking uwah, they are interesting! But I shall not touch them ^^° *resists the urge to touch the holy Gundams of Geng because he might not like it*. When I was done with my round of filming I came back to the living room where Siwon was still on the couch. He hasn’t moved an inch. Just sat there with eyes closed. I walked over to him with my cam, asking “Are you sleeping? ^^”. Siwon answered tiredly “mh-hm… maybe.” ^^ Poor tired him! But cute ^///^
Then I heard the front door being opened and Geng came back. He had his hands full with things so he went to put the stuff into the kitchen first, then came back and took off his jacket. Siwon was wide awake again now, coming around the corner fast and joining us in the hallway, calling out “Hyung is back!” while hugging him! xDD ah haha! Lordi, Siwon, wae are you like that? It’s not that he was away for thaaat long. Of course: I was still filming ^^d
Somehow this was the first time today I saw Geng without a jacket on, I looked at him and wondered if he MAYBE gained a bit weight again. (what I would approve of course! He’s too thin)
I asked “Hey, could it be possible that you slowly return to your old form ;P ” which made him laugh and he said “yah, what do you mean? ^^”. ;D haha, yeeeeah Geng, you know damn right what I mean! ㅋㅋㅋ I giggled and Siwon smirked, saying “well well, there” and was patting Geng’s stomach xD LOOOL OMG! We were ridiculously laughing about that although it wasn’t that of a great joke but it was just that we were in ridiclous good mood (and you know, when you are in ridiculous good mood everything is just too amusing ㅎㅎ). Siwon was hugging Geng again now and I was like “Wae you keep hugging without me? ^^ *joins them*”, then Siwon was hugging both of us (I’m pretty sure that part turned out pretty weird while I was filming with my little cam because we were actually hugging the cam too xD).
Once we were done with our nonsense in the hallway we finally went to cook dinner but sadly my dream ended at that moment.

Aaaaah~! It was such a fun episode of my k-dreams! I really still cannot even! *rolls around happy*  photo Mouse_rofl.gif
It was much fun and really cute! My adventures with SiHan lovelies… I’m speechless! HAHA! Great!
What a fantastic first filming for my cam! =D So much happened!
It’s just like… that I don’t have a video camerea in real life. I just always think of buying one… maybe xD

And now listen what my Unni-ya found out about my dream:
“To see a fawn in your dream symbolizes true friends and faithfulness in love.”
…like… seriously Unni-ya? That’s amazing! *.*
This is just  photo Cinna_Heart_zpsa293b4ac.gif
(。◕.◕。) Wow. A little mindblow! I’m a bit speechless now.

The “Unexpected reuninon” dream
(ppl involved: Siwon (indirectly), HoMin, me)
March 2013

There was a huge festival with food and entertaining things in our city and tons of ppl came. A friend of mine and me decided to go there too. Once again with the goal to get some food! =D
There was a fence around the area where the festival took place and so there was an entrance too (you had to pay a few dollars for entering the festival). My friend and I stood in line before the entrance quite a while and when we finally entered the area it was crowded. We placed ourselves in front of the first kiosk, near the entrance, to get an overview of the area first before we would walk through it. But it wasn’t only that. I, once again, looked at my phone. It was already about time for someone else to appear here too. We agreed on this time before. I just thought “Damn Siwon, hurry up. I have something important to tell you.” . I looked around but he was not here yet. I thought it could maybe be his schedule again and turned to my friend to tell her that we should wait a little longer. Then I turned back around to monitor the entrance area.
I kept scanning the ppl who entered the place and suddenly saw… another person!
In the middle of the crowd there was Yunho! And right behind him Changmin came along ^^ aaaah, great! To meet them near my home was indeed unexpected! WTH were they doing here!? But I didn’t mind! Leader씨 also saw me after a second, smiled warmly and came over to where we were. Aaaah! I was so happy! Yunhoooo!  photo 20_love.png Never expected to meet him again that soon after our recent dinner gathering with SuJu! =D uwah! So happy!
While Changmin walked directly to the nearest food stall (LOL MinFood! xDD ) Yunho came to greet me first. I was like “OMG! Why are you here?! *glomp hugs/squishing Leader씨*” Leader씨 was pretty much amused because he surprised me well. *haha*
So my dream ended with me clinging to Leader씨. *giggles* oh well, he knows how to deal with me (as one of my long-term friends).

…to be honest the end of my dream was pretty confusing… somehow. I never got to know what I wanted to tell Siwon. oO And, thinking about it, it is the same with him wanting to tell me something at the airport back then (when I went to the Cassie/Bigeast meeting). I never got to know what he wanted to tell me.
Result: We both have/had something to say but actually never said it. OTL→  photo fail.gif
Seriously WTH…! *sigh* CONFUSION!!! I wonder what this is about. Reeeeally… oO wae? what?…. what were the things we wanted to talk about?? And wae can’t I never find out what this is about??
(and… uhm, I’m afraid what Patti will make out of this… *looks around nervous*…. O: )
BUT: At least I saw HoMin again! =D and hugged Leader씨 again after a loooooooong ass time! #happy

The “Big gathering” dream
(ppl involved: SuJu, BoA, HoMin, me)
March 2013

It was a rather huge gathering this time!
After I`ve spent the forenoon with my sister sis looking for fishies in a river (we wanted know if some live there or not #4everKids) I got myself ready to see the others.
We all met at the dorm (however I managed not to be seen… o.O I’m a ninja! =D ). The meeting took place in a bigger dining room and we all had dinner. There was a big table in the middle, two benches and two chairs around it. It was really full, to be honest.
We were already done with dinner and it was noisy since everyone talked. But it was fun since everyone was just happy ^^ As for me, I was extremely happy to see HoMin again! YES! They were there! It’s been aaaaages since I’ve seen them! But not only they were there: I also saw BoA for the first time! (⌒▽⌒) YES! she was there too!
We sat like this: On the bench to the right side of the tabel (from bottom end end to head of it) there were Sungmin, Yunho, BoA, Changmin and Yesung. At the head-side of the table Shindong was sitting. On the bench to the right side there were Kyuhyun besides Shindong, then Donghae, Eunhyuk and me. The chair at the end of the table, between Sungmin and me, was empty (where Kangin, Ryeowook and Heenim were…? I really have no clue….  photo 37_-.gif that is a good question, but I cannot answer it).
I watched our Leader씨 and BoA happily talking and laughing. ㅋ . I was silently shipping them hard at that moment! (งˆヮˆ)ง hahaha! But since there was quite something going on around the whole table I quit looking at them soon (I didn’t wanted to stare… I mean…. that’s inappropriate!). So what was going on? There were a bunch of phones on the table. One or two Samsung but mostly iPhones. Somehow everyone was showing stuff around and everyone looked at the stuff from the other’s phones and so I soon lost track of who was the real owner of these phones going around xD It was a bit… confusing.
While I was wondering about the phone chaos another person entered the room. It was…. SIWON! (of course, who else?  photo 42_biggrin.png)
He just came back from his schedule. Our eyes met for a secon and he smiled at me before he greeted the others. The members told him that he was late and that he just missed dinner. Siwon apologized for being late but also said he wasn’t able to make it in time. Then he went over to greet TVXQ and BoA. In the meantime, Shindong told us his Siri story (Apple software OTL #justsaying) and then Siri’s functions and fails were discussed over there. While the upper half of the table was talking about Siri now, Eunhyuk and I were having a random talk about funny things you can do with an iPhone. I guess he noticed that I’ve followed Siwon running round the upper half of the table, around TVXQ and BoA, with my eyes and maybe looking kinda… lost. He suddenly wanted my attention and when I turned to him he showed me something on a iPhone 5. We haven’t really talked since I know the boys and… to be honest: In 95% of the cases I totally only meet up with Siwon (or SiHan). So this was the first time we ever had a real talk. Sungmin joined our talk and told us about funny things which come out when you let google re-translate certain words from one language to another and showed us some funny examples. It was nice to talk with them! (⌒-⌒) They were very friendly and I had the feeling they wanted to take care of me a bit.
While Hyujae, Sungmin and me were all leaning over the tabele towards the phone in the middle so that we could all look at Sungmin’s phone Siwon suddenly appeared and placed himself on the chair that was between Sungmin and me. Looked like he was done with his rounds at the other end of the table. Oh good!  photo 3_kawaii_onionhead_67.gif I approved~ :3
He joined our fun about the weirdo things that come out when you let google re-translate words. Siwon showed us some re-translation from thai to… whatever language. I cannot remember ^^°. Since his phone was in Sungmin’s hands right now (he was playing a new game Siwon had downloaded before) he showed it on mine (we were with Safari on google translate site! I could see it very clear in my dram! *haha* too funny!). Hyukjae and I were curiously looking at it and of course also these translations were fun with google + sometimes a bit weird. Everyone knows what google sometimes translates out of random stuff: Nonsense! ^^d
After that Siwon excused himself to take a shower because he just arrived after all, grabbed all of his stuff, got up and was entering a room behind us. He kinda hurried because he wanted to be back quickly. I watched him disappear in that room, then turned back to the table and only then realized that my phone was gone. I was thinking for one second, then looked at the room Siwon had just disappeared in again and said: “My phone…?”. Then turned back around to the ppl at the table, Sungmin was still playing with Siwon’s phone so this could only mean… SHISUS JUST CARRIED MY PHONE AWAY?!?!  photo 43_omfg.gif what a scandal!
But O-K-E-H. I’m sure he didn’t do it on purose. with the ongoing phone chaos Siwon just took the wrong phone with him (eeeeh well, at least I hope so *eyes shisus* but then again: There’s not even one strange thing on my phone so: who cares. I have nothing to hide. + it’s Siwon we talk about here. He will not even look at the phones content once he noticed that it’s not his phone. And even if: OTL what I said before!).
Hyukjae laughed and said “He just stole your phone! xD “. I said: “yeah… *cannot believe*” . Sungmin only looked up from his game for a short moment and said “You have to bear with him” and gamed on. …. I mentally facepalmed.
Thanks Sungminnie, this really helps me…. … NOT. ( ̄- ̄)
Then my dream ended.

Really too bad! I would have been interested in Siwon’s excuse xD but it was really crazy. So many ppl and everyone had at least one phone on the table… and out of all MINE get’s kidnapped.
Oh well, but guess he soon noticed it’s the wrong phone (because of the Hello Kitty phonestrap and the pink-purle glitter case xD LOL)

The “Misreading something right from the start #LikeABoss” HALLYUcination
(ppl involved: Twitter trend, Siwon(indirectly) and my weirdo brain xD! again! *haha*)

I was randomly having a look at the twitter trends once again and then there was this trend-> ” #SiOneDirectionFuesenEspañoles “.
I was looking at it for one second and then I was like “ㅎㅎ *amused to myself* -SiOne-… sounds like SIWON to me when I read it! *laughs*”

Aigoo ^^°° It’s really horrible with me!
My brain only needs to see something similar and it will be 4ever Siwon. When I read that all I saw what the first two words, ignored the rest of it. This trend will never be something normal to me. It will be forever Siwon xD LOOL … hehehe… SiOne=Siwon… *laughs amused and walks away*

The “Oops ^^°” dream
(ppl involved: the usual suspects xD , Heenim, Sungmin, the evils, me)
February 2013

THIS WAS SUCH A MIXED UP DREAM! Waaaeeeeeeeee *Changmin style* did I decide to make notes of our stupid scenarios yesterday??? *looks @ Patricia now* yeah, you don’t laugh like that now! ㄱ_ㄱ …. ….. YAH!
So what did happen?
It was evening and we were having some kind of gathering. Maybe it was because Siwon was back from his 3 weeks-trip he mentioned the last time we met.
We were in the living room with the evil couple (means: Patti & Kyu). And when I say ‘we’ I’m talking about Siwon and me ^^ (btw: Siwon, already back? So 3 weeks have passed by very quickly in my k-dreams world! xD LOL ok, all fine by me!). The place we were was not the SuJu dorm, it was the house of someone. Quite big actually. Have no idea who’s house it was *shrugs*

There were two doors to that living room, one to the left -which was near to Siwon and me- & a second to the right side -which was behind our evils-. At first we were talking, then the evils started to smirk and said something about they want to play a game. Siwon was eyeing them suspicious while I was already thinking ‘…O.O oh hell to the no! They want to play -Truth or Dare-! We are screwed!’.
AISH! NUUUUU! >.< We cannot play this stupid game with the evils! >_< they have too much fun embarrassing us! We were about to be in big trouble! BUT then something really funny happened and that pretty much saved our lives: Like 2 seconds after they have said that they want to play a game Heenim appeared in the doorframe behind them and said “Yah, you two! We will play a game now. Sungming suggested it.” and a smiling Sungmin appeared behind Heenim. xD You maybe can imagine how the evils’ jaws droped when Sungmin said he wants to play ‘Truth or Dare’!! 아아아아아ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ *extremely amused laugh* The situation they wanted to avoid because those two, Heenim and Sungmin, would give them no couple dares ;P They would only give them dares which make them “suffer”. You can maybe also imagine that my smile couldn’t be bigger at that moment xD I couldn’t believe it! The evils tried to save their lives now, trying to avoid playing with Heenim and Sungmin, but Heenim was far from giving in to them. So while they started to complain, Siwon looked at me and silently gestured that we should leave now because of the obvious and only chance we were given. ㅋㅋㅋ Very sly Siwon! Time to save ourselves before Heenim and Sungmin hit on the idea to make us join the game. This way we ended up practically sneaking out of the second door and awayyy~~~
We left the room quietly, closed the door and walked down the hallway. We could still hear the evils complain and Heenim saying “No, no. You have to”. We looked at each other for a moment and then burst into laughter. xD This was too hilarious! The evils were about to come up with an evil plan but their plan stabbed them right into their own backs when Heenim appeared. LOOOL so who was screwed now? ;P not us! ㅋㅋㅋ (σ‾▿‾)-σ deal with it, evils!
Since it was late already we decided to go to sleep. We had a shared room. It was one of the guest rooms in this bigger house. There was this bedroom with the two beds, one to the left side and one to the right side + a little bathroom attached to this room on the left side of the room. For getting ready le me changed in the mini bathroom and Siwon changed in the room where the beds were.
After everyone was ready with getting ready for sleep we were sitting on thed bed on the right side of the room, still laughing about the evils’ situation, imagining what they will suffer from while playing with Sungmin and Heenim. And so we talked on for a while, it kept getting later. Then it randomly happened that we changed position from sitting to halfway lying – so that we could still look at each other while talking (you know, like when you lie on your side but leaning on your elbow). When the talk about the evils was already long over we had found another random topic to talk about. Cannot remember what it was but it was something silly just like the nonsense back at this utterly boring seminar we had to attend because our bosses said so. Then Siwon teased me about something, I complained and we ended up fooling around.
A look at the clock told us that it has become really late in the meantime. We wanted to end all this with a hug to say good night. But… eh hehe ^^° *embarrassed laugh* like some ppl already know we sometimes have a little “problem” with hugs: They just never end. And since Siwon made another remark about something then it led to the next topic so this turned into a huggling session with discussion and…. errr… eh hehehe ^^°°°°°° *drops* *major embarrassed laugh* … we accidentally fell asleep then because it was already too late. Oops! ^^° … … … ooh (≥///≤) . Embarrassing, embarrassing.
We to end conversation and go to sleep properly—-> #fail. MEGA FAIL!

OTL Just to begin with, wae were we put into a room together, eh? щ(゚Д゚щ) ppl should have known!… …. ….. no, wait. We should have known. xD haha! oh well! *runs away giggling*

This dream was a mixed up dream of several scenarios Patti and I have written so far + thoughts we already had… oO just what da hell.
(๑>◡<๑) But I totally liked the turn of things when Heenim appeared!
And… basically I cannot and do not want to complain about anything (⌒///⌒) *giggles embarrassed*

The “3 weeks?!? :/ ” dream
(ppl involved: the usual suspects xD , a friend and me)
February 2013

In this dream I accompanied a friend to her job interview. My friend was also a confectionist and was looking for a new place to work. That day she finally had a job interview at a hotel. She didn’t wanted to go alone since she was so nervous so she asked me if I would come with her. Of course I didn’t rejected this request of my friend since I had time (dunno who this friend was, I only remember that it was a friend of mine).
When we arrived at the hotel I was a pretty big one and looked nice. I thought ‘wow, if she’s going to work here this is awesome… upper class, huh?’ . We walked into the hotel and we were punctual as hell! We were there a bit too early. My friend was told to wait a bit by the reception lady so we waited. We sat down in a corner in the lobby where two couches were placed together like L-form (and a expensive looking/designer-thingy-looking couch table was in front of them).
Some minutes later some kind of employee manager in a suit showed up, asked which of us is the applicant and then told my friend to follow to his office. I was supposed to wait till her job interview was over.
I waited and waited… job interview took a while. I wondered whether this was a good or a bad sign … and who was actually more nervous right now: me or my friend in that room ^^.
To distract myself I started to look around the lobby, checking everthing out. But it wasn’t like there was so much to look at just because it was only the lobby. So I ended up staring at the door of the room where my friend was still in again.
Oh well buuuu~t then something happened: All of a sudden someone sat down besides me like… VERY close (close as in -almost sitting on me- Photobucket YAH! WTH!!!). And you know, this was that kind of really soft couch that sinks in into the directon a person sits down besides you. It practically made me lean towards that person! I just thought ‘WTH! Photobucket Who dares to-?!‘ even more.
I turned around to find out who this shameless person was who was not keeping the distance to other ppl so bluntly (since I expected a stranger so this would have been a very weird situation). yeah, I turned around only to look at shisus’ smiling face!
Aah~ ^^, okeh! Then I understood! Scratch the shameless, it all made sense now and was not feeling weird at all anymore ㅎㅎ that’s just natural behaviour of shisus. ╮(´▽`)╭
Well, since it was him it was okay. I only was a bit shocked at first because I was so focused on that door ahead of me. ^^° Yah~, Siwonnie, don’t gimme heart attacks please! Will ya? This could have scared me a lot at that moment because I was focused on something else! Luckily it didn’t (since I’m not that… jumpy normally).
He asked how come that I was here. I told him about my friend having a job interview in this hotel and that I play pillar of support for her ^^. Siwon told me that he was staying here because of work for a while and is now waiting for his manager – who’s on the phone right now to fix some matters before they would leave. I asked him what he’s doing these days (for work). Siwon said “I will go to Thailand for 3 weeks.” and me said “3 weeks?! That’s long. :/ *disappointed about the fact that there will be NO CHANCE of seeing Siwon in 3 weeks for SURE*” (otherwise we at least have a chance to meet by accident -like this time^^- but this now meant that he would be away for SURE… although… thinking about it it’s not thaaat long, but yeah *shrugs*).
I didn’t asked what he was exactly doing there since I didn’t wanted to be too curious. It’s none of my business after all and… I really don’t want to bother too much about or with his work all the time. I really think so many ppl are doing this already so there is no need for me to join all the others. #justsaying
Siwon leaned onto me (or more like: even more as the couch already made him before ^^) and said “But I will come back ^^” and smiled. I thought ‘yes, you better! *haha* You have to! ^^ ‘, also smiled, also leaned towards his side more and said “yeah, you will.” .
Then we just stayed on that couch silently like ( ^∀^)(^∀^ ) *leaning, leaning*, smiling for no reason at all after this convo. ^^° Babo us!
Then my dream ended.
Ts. And I didn’t even get to know if my friend got that job or not! AISH!

…the ridicoulous thing with that dream is that I know wae I had it.
My Junior is constantly talking about her Thailand trip in 2 weeks, le me had a “little Siwon crisis” again because of King Of Dramas (too much hair porn and… anyway! *waves with arms* too much of… too much! o: but nyaah~ THE HAIR *____*) the day before that dream + my job was on my mind too so this is what it led to xD

The “Cultural Event – 2” dream
(ppl involved: parts of my family, Geng, me)
January 2013

That dream was somehow cool!
There was this hotel and the organization who has partners in China held an event again (the one from my k-dream last year). Somehow my aunt was part of the organiziner team. I cannot tell exactly what I did but that she joined that project/event but it was thanks to me. The Organizers had money issue for this one and I somehow made my aunt help them out (note: let’s just say some ppl of my family are not~ exactly poor ^^° *cough*) by joining this event as some kind of sponsor.
So the event was not canceled and we even got to stay at the hotel for free! YAYY! =D my sister sis was also there with me.
We checked out the hotel while my aunt was busy with the organizer team during the first part of the event. Sister was only interested in the hotels’s pools because the cultural event was nothing for her. So I went to take a look at the pools with her (not swimming, only looking).
I have to say the pools looked quite nice. Since the hotel was more a classy one everything looked neat and not exactly cheap. Sis wanted us to go swimming like…NOW but I told her I cannot since I wanted to see the closing show (for a reason! Σ (ˆㅅˆ)ノ ).
So I went to the hotel’s big hall for the closing show. Organizers had prepared the stage there and the room was already almost completely filled up with ppl. Not too many ppl but still a whole bunch. All older ppl more at the age of Ajumma’s and Ajeossi’s or slightly younger. I think most of them were hotel guests.
Thanks to my aunt I went backstage and watched everything from there once they had started. First there was a talking session of the hosts with the guests. There was a female singer I didn’t know and Geng. They introduced them to the audience and asked some questions. Of course they also talked about their partnership with China. The usual thing.
The female singer performed her song first, but I didn’t pay that much attention to it. Eh hehe ^^°°° I was on my phone and checked on twitter LOL poor her, I was only interested in Geng’s performance xD #BadPerson ㅋㅋㅋ
When it was finally Geng’s turn I watched it all excited. He performed “My Logo” and “Clown Mask”. It was cool since it was the first time I saw it from the other side of the stage (not from the adience side).
After Geng was also done with his performance the hosts came on stage again and also the female singer. Geng and the female singer gave their closing words, expressing their thankies that they were invited, granted to spread about chinese culture and such. Then the hosts thanked them for coming and putting up a great show. Also very much the usual talk again. Then the whole organizers team and staff was called on stage, one group after another, to introduce the team to the audience that worked hard for this event. So there was their staff, some ppl of the female singer, my aunt and even SunLe in the end.
So far so good. … ….. Besides the fact that I knew I was doomed once Geng turned around when the last staff ppl were coming out and spotted me on my position only some meters behind them in the background of the stage.
He smiled widely and quickly came over to me. I only thought “…oh-oh. o__o don’t tell me he’s going to… oh no, he is! D: *dying inside*”. When he reached me he was all like “You come too now! ^__^” while I was going “no, no, no, no! Are you crazy?! *does not want*”. But Geng was like “C’mon MeiMei! You must, you must!”. AISH! DAMMIT! >.< and so I was dragged on stage *facepalm* luckily at least not directly in front of all the ppl. Thanks Geng, you at least let me stay in the background *sigh* It guess he knew about me making my aunt helping out for this event and so he thought I should be with the staff. hrrr… that troublesome Geng! It was such an awkward feeling… I couldn’t even! ><
Maybe that was wae Geng was suddenly besides me, putting his arm around my shoulder, wanting to tell me that everything was fine and that I should relax.
Well, I relaxed when we left the stage with everyone a minute later ㄱ.ㄱ
Geng then made a teasing comment and I glared at him a little because it was all his fault.. hrr… == *frustrated*. After that he made another comment that made me laugh because it was so silly xD , then we randomly hugged until it was almost awkward for our standards (LOL although it wasn’t a long time of hugging ^^°). Geng then told me that he and SunLe would go have lunch now and he asked if I want to join them. Of coursed, asked like that I would never say no! So I said yes. Geng said: “Great. But first I need to go shower. ^^” and laughed. I thought ‘Since your clothes are kinda glued to you, it will be for the better.’ (I`ve noticed when we hugged). I said: “You go shower then, I will wait.” and Geng left for shower OTL
I went back to the hotel room my Sister sis, my aunt and I were staying with my aunt to get some things. I met sis again who still wanted to go to swimming. I told her that I will have lunch with friends now. She was disappointed and said she will go swimming now with or without me then.
oh well, rather without me sis, because le me is le busy with other things ^^

Then my dream ended. Too bad. but it was fun nonetheless.

The “WTH…” dream
(ppl involved: my family, JYJ, a weird Ajeossi, Siwon, me)
January 2013

This was… well, where to begin? I came back from a walk with the dog and saw that our living room was already crowded like… REALLY. oO
My cousin, his girlfriend, my sister, her friend AND Jaejoong and Junsu were already there. I was still like ‘errr… where did they come from? *wonders wae they are all here suddenly*’ when Jaejoong told me to sit with them. Okeh then~ I sat down on the table. We sat like: Jaejoong→ my sister sis→ me, on the one side of the table. On the other side there were my cousin→ his girlfriend→ Junsu→ my sister’s friend.
Jaejoong told me that they will play a game now, my cousin added that it’s a new game and that he brought it. I seriously wondered wae he came to visit us only because of that new game and how it happened that JJ and Junsu were here. And anyway! Where was Chunnie?? o_O I couldn’t see him (actually… it has been a long time since I lastly saw him #justsaying).
So we started playing. It was a card game and… how to explain?… there were ridiculous and funny things written on the cards. You had to take one and then tell what you think about it/what you would do if you would be in a situation like the one the text said. It sounded weird but it turned out to be fun.
Junsu was first who had to get a card. He took one, read and he had a very funny comment about his card which made everyone die laughing (while Junsu tried to be serious xD LOL poor him).
After we had played for a while I noticed that one of my Juniors has tried to call me. I excused myself to go outside to phone her back, because the others kept being very noisy. While I got up to leave the room I heard how my sister and Jaejoong got excited in a talk about pink hair and I only thought “oh… my… GOD! o____O Please don’t convince him to dye his hair pink!”. WEIRDNESS! And that my sister was actually getting along well with Jaejoong was… (屮゚Д゚)屮 WEIRDNESS through the roof! I really wondered about her… but oh well.
So I went outside to phone my junior back and once I was outside I heard something break. I looked around and saw that it was a car where something got damaged and a person who quickly ran away. Only a second later there was an ajeossi rushing towards the scene and… started yelling at a random past walking person, automatically assumind that it was that person who damaged his car. I only saw THEN that this randon person was a randomly passing Siwon who was first concentrated on his phone but then really taken aback by the wild ajeossi. He totally appeared in the wrong place at the wrong time.
So da hell with the call I wanted to make. I ran over to the ajeossi and stopped him only a few meters before he had fully reached our really irritated Siwon. I told him that he cannot go and yell at random ppl just like that, let alone the fact that Siwon didn’t do a thing. When the ajeossi kept complaining loudly a second ajeossi joined the conversation and told him that it was really another person who did it. Then the two ajeossi’s discussed together and I thought this is the perfect moment to leave the place. So I got Siwon and went back to our house.
This was where he wanted to go anyway. And while Siwon wondered what’s up with that ajeossi here I only thought about my sister and that she would hopefully behave this time. I didn’t even worry about Siwon and JYJ (who were more like… J&J because Chunnie was not present oO *feels weird*) but my sister… since I already know that she seemed to have some kind of problem with the horsey… (however it is possible that someone can have a problem with him, I will 4ever not understand… and I really don’t understand my sister in general *haha* just to begin with! xD )

BUT about my sister and Siwon this time I was not supposed to find out, because my dream ended then. It was really only a short dream.
To be honest I was really angry at that impossible ajeossi. That guy really couldn’t happen at all! >< GOSH!
…. ㄱ_ㄱ *glares at Ajeossi* Yah. What are you yelling at my Siwon for, EH? *glares more serious* ==. U tired of living? ( ̄_ ̄”) Leave him alone, ara?!

Tssss~~ always these ajeossi’s! what’s wrong with them?? o-O just WTH… *shakes head*

The “Yearly Event” dream
(ppl involved: many k-pop fans, some friends, me)
January 2013

Somehow it happens that I dream about this every year oO This was actually the second time!
So there was this event organized by fans. Again. Mainly it was a event for k-pop related stuff and it was like a huge meeting of different fandoms, but they were also to show anime highlights of the past year (so 2012 in that case).
Ok, I thought, cool. Will attend this again. (since I was already there last year)
It turned out to be even bigger than before because it was such a huge success the last times and it was said that this year the ppl who mainly organized this managed to bring some idols here. I heard someone mentioned NS Yoon-G would come and I was like “cool! I want to see her!”.
Somehow mom and even my sister was with me. I dunno how I made my sister go with us xD she hates all this!
While we were making our way to the main hall, through all the ppl, I thought I saw someone I knew for a moment. And yeah, not just someone as in someone (you know what I mean! *waves with arms*)… I thought I saw 2 SuJu members but it was so crowded that I wasn’t sure. I totally lost focus on this when I bumped into 2 former classmates from trade school while I was in thought about that! haha!
I was surprised to see them there but we went into the hall together then. Inside the hall there were many chairs arranged in rows and this place was really big! There was one huge screen in the front. You can imagine it like a gigant cinema screen. Random k-pop was playing for the time ppl were taking their seats. Mom and sister went to get something to eat (in a corner there was something where you could get food), so my former classmates and I took our seats without them.
The place was crowded with european ppl and korean students (who study here).
Then the event finally started! Anime highlights were the first thing to be shown. I’m pretty much not up to date with all the animes so I found it quite interesting to watch this. After a while ppl got distracted and everyone started talking.
Two ppl appeared like random, taking the two seats besides the rows like 10 meters ahead of me. oh yeah well, and who was it?? No, not NS Yoon-G! SIWON AND KYUHYUN!
I just thought: ‘OMG! So I really saw them before??! Wae were they creeping around in the crowd? ^^ aigoo.‘ . Hehe… but I thought it was funny that they were able to creep around like that ㅋ
Howsoever, Anime was no longer that interesting ^^ so far it was only our corner (because we were the ppl nearest to them) who had seen them so far. It was dark in the hall after all – besides the light from the screen but screen was far away enough from us. #justsaying We were told to be quiet, because fangirls start to scream easily xD , but everyone was talking then. The korean student to my right kept talking to her Unni 2 rows before us xD TWO ROWS BEFORE US. aigoo! I understood nothing besides that she said “I love you” to her at the end (for whatever reason, I didn’t understand what she was saying). I have no idea how many ELF were present in this place but ppl surely couldn’t stop talking in our corner.
Anime were still playing on the screen and our two SuJu boys were watching it intersted, sometimes talking to each other. Sometime Kyu imitated one of the anime characters in a funny way which made Siwon laugh at his nonsense. They were cute ^^
After a while I tried to concentrate on the animes again but totally failed since watching Siwon and Kyu was more fun. Well, of course my thoughts wandered off then. I thought about what they were wearing today. They looked really good ^^
Then I thought ‘Dammit. Wae did I come here? Now I want to meet up with them but… *cries inside* no way with all the k-pop ppl here… T^T so no no.’. Besides that, I was pretty sure they had really no idea that I was here with my family. There were so many ppl, they surely didn’t see any of us. (and da hell, I surely wouldn’t bother, it was of no use to make them see us/me anyway so wae? but it was sort of frustrating *sigh*)
But nonetheless! Although that it was cool that they came I was crying inside when I had this thought … and had to fight the ridiculous strong need/wish (whatever) to hug Siwon ㅠ~ㅠ *cries* omo… how bad this was! What a cruel world… *sobs* T^T
My dream made a skip then and so I dunno what was up with Siwon and Kyu in the end. If they only talked to the audience or what. I don’t know.
So half of the event was already over and I found myself complaining to my former classmates about when they would finally play HoMin’s MV of “Catch Me” for the japanese version. LOL 4ever impatient Cassiopeia!
This was the end of my short dream.

Aiiiiigoo, what was this? I was surely suffering on my seat. T^T I see, I see. I’m really too weak lately. oO seriously no joke. What is this? *blames all on Siwon xD *
Ts… and I already see how my ELFi friend is smirking again when she reads this.
@Patti: … yeah, you be amused when I’m crying inside! T~T … NOT FUNNY!

The “Surprising happenings” dream
(ppl involved: JYJ, TVXQ, my friend Jing Yee as a guest, me and my lovelies~)
January 2013

It was concert time again! ^^
But not an ordinary concert. oh, and this is a bomb now: JYJ & TVXQ were holding a concert together! *dies*
My friend Jing Yee and I were there. Oh so cool! My little dongsaengie and I at a concert that is something like a reuinion concert for us! DAEBAK! Photobucket
Although I have no idea how we were able to get tickets for this…, because there were only a bit more than 1000 seats for this. The location was a bigger theater, the stage wasn’t too big but also not too small. The venue was like stage in the front and each row of the seats higher than the previews one. Jing Yee and I had our seats in the last third of the rows. Not the last row but in the last third of rows. We were maybe realtively far away from the stage but we were happy that we were even able to attent so no complaints OTL
When the concert started it tunred out to be a bit different as we had expected it to be. Take note that this was not a real reuninon concert as you would think of it when I tell such a story. The first ones to come on stage were TVXQ. They performed like 2 HoMin songs, then they left the stage while JYJ were coming on stage. Then JYJ performed some JYJ songs and then it was Yunho’s and Changmin’s turn again.
And so the concert went on and on till it was over. A bit weird…. oO and our thoughts were racing after it has ended.
Jing Yee said: “At least they are togehter backstage now ^^ but I really wonder how it was possible for this concert to happen.”
I said: “I wonder too. I mean HOW did Cjes make SME agree to something like that…” (aparently this concert was initiated by Cjes… otherwise, wae should I say something like that? ^^)
After a while of talking Jing Yee said she would go to her hotel now since she was still feeling jetlagged like hell (since she came from malaysia). Other fans were also going home. And 4 hours later really no one was there anymore. Not even JYJYC ^^° – which was probably wae not a single fan was to be found at the theater and surroundings anymore. I was like our boys were rather busy because they had left soon after the concert’s end.
Wae I was still there? I was waiting for someone.
I already had several Pepsi and was somehow bored. On top of all it was not that warm in the room I was and I silently cursed myself that I had only one jacket with me (since it was warm inside the theater hall during the concert). It was still winter outside *facepalm*
I had already read 2 of the magazines which were lying around on one of the tables and now I caught myself constantly looking at the clock, wondering if they will still come today or not. Checked my phone for eventual messages but nothing. While I sat in some kind of café in the lobby of the theater I already saw ajumma’s and ajeossi’s coming for the next show of the theater. Besides that nothing much happened TILL (oh, and now there we go!) a couple in their 20ties appeared on the scene. They stopped in the middle of the entrance of the café and the woman was yelling at the man. They were having a huge fight about something and they were making a ruckus that big (and couldn’t be calmed down by theater ppl) that the theater lady in the café called the police ^^°°° eh hehe….. peeeeeople, what da fack?!

I really wondered what their problem was but a while later the police came to solve the problem. The first thing they did was guiding the wild couple out of the building. Exactly at that moment, while I was still staring at the scene with the the couple and the police, someone entered the café through it’s side-entrance: IT WAS GENG! ( ˆ ω ˆ ) YAIY!
So he came in and the first thing I saw was his really gree jacket (tbqh, it was almost neon… very shiny~ oh genny, what are u wearing? *laughs*). ^^ and the jacket was from Xtep, I saw the logo on it. Never knew they have neon green jackets but oh well *shrugs* ╮(´▽`)╭ . It still looked cool, tho. (and it was a dream so everything is possible!)
Geng looked at the police and the couple before he looked at me and said: “What trouble here.^^ Sorry that we’re late.”
I shook my head and said “Nah, it’s ok.” and walked over to him to properly greet him. When I was only like 2 steps away from him something surprising happened: He came towards me for a hug! (∩_∩) Omo! So Genny is fine with it now?! I could only smile like an idiot and, of course, hug him for greeting. It turned out to be a pretty normal hug. Like I would hug one of my juniors: Over the shoulder, not awkward, not too long, close but not too close. I never bothered much with the hugging thing the whole time before since… I’m very well aware of things other ppl might don’t think or care about. So I always thought if he wants us to hug I will know then.
(●ˆ ω ˆ●) So now he was fine with it and it was all fine by me! Aw, nice! ^^
BUT the next surprise was about to come! When we were done hugging and about to separate again a wild Siwon came running to us calling out “Heeey! (っˆヮˆ)っ GROUP HUG!” …. LOL xD and before we knew where he came from he happily squish-hugged us. He was very fast with his “attack”. Yah, Choi Siwon! *laughs* what is this?? Photobucket It was like all the time he had been only waiting for us to hug so he can do this. It was really amusing how happy he was. But while Siwon was enjoying this we were like “aah, it’s okay Siwon. Can you stop squishing us please, it hurts.^^°” . Siwon overdoing it a bit as always Photobucket
On top of all I had to go for little fangirls after all the pepsi…. >< yeah, pretty bad timing but oh well. So I excused myself quickly but told Siwon before I left “You just wait here. Right here. Don’t move, okay? (^-^)”. He knew what I was saying. I could see by his expression that he knew + he smiled at me amused because I was somewhat hyper-happy (^^° oops~). Then I was away.
When I came back I saw that SiHan had wandered to the table in the left corner of the café. HanGeng sitting on one of the two chairs around the table(there was also a bench seat #justsaying), his green jacket already off. Siwon was standing close to the table and was holding one of the magazines around in his hands, reading in it. He still had his blue jacket on (the Super Junior one we saw they got recently) but it was open since he was indoors here. So I walked towards him, he looked up from his magazin and opened his arms so we could hug (yeeeah, it was still not enough with greeting hugs ^//^ it’s like we are never done, eh hehe… ^//^° *embarrassed laugh*).
Of course our hug was different from how I hugged with Genny. Just because in the meantime, and I have to admit that now because it’s true, we have quite some routine with hugging. So now let me explain the scene because…uhm… just because! ^//^ *has no words* : I came to hug him bu~t not around this jacket. >< no way! No hugging around winter jacket, it’s no good. So when I hugged him I was hugging him under the jacket so we could go for a hug properly and no stupid jacket was in the way ^//^ (I’m allowed by Siwon to do so, otherwise I would never do this OTL).
Genny was like… not caring about us. He was just drinking his coffee and reading in a magazine, probably only waiting for us to be done. But it looked like he had to wait a bit longer because in the end we were rather huggling instead of hugging. eh hehe ^///^°° oops? (???). It’s always really nice to hug Siwon and he was holding me close so I cold warm myself on top of all (since I was still feeling a bit cold). nyaah~~ (っ˘ڡ˘ς) the nicest hug I ever had (so far).
Some moments later, we were still hugging (eh he…(≥///≤) it’s slowly getting embarrassing…), Siwon was holding up the magazine again and told me to take a look because he found something in it while reading. He said “They mentioned Super Junior there.” . I was like “Where?!” and scanned the article he was showing to me for the mention of them, because I couldn’t believe something like the article about PSY in our newspaper happened again (only this time with SuJu).

And that was the final scene of my dream already. Then I woke up.
But what for nice, unexpected happenings… errr… happened in that dream! Concert of our boys (although it was a bit weird with separated performances), having Jing Yee with me ヾ(@^▽^@)ノ, hugging Geng now & a huggle session with Siwon (since the last time it’s been a long time *nods to self*)?
*waves around with arms* what am I supposed to say about that? I LIKE! ^///^ (dreams with SiHan lovelies are somehow always the best lately!)

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