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This is the k-dreams year of 2014*: ・゚✧

The “Christmas meet up” dream
(ppl involved: HoMin, Emmy and me)
December 2014

This dream was cut in two shorter parts so let me tell you about part one:
I dunno where it exactly was. It looked like a school to me. But I went there with Emmy. For a reason. Because Yunho was there that day to visit the students.
Emmy didn’t know that and… she almost died when yunho waked in! xD SUCCESS! Also, I especially had instructed Yunho to talk to Emmy ㅋㅋ she couldn’t even, tbh. Merry Chrimstmas Emmy, there you go! This is my present for you =)
Part two of the dream was in a more private place:
I think it was maybe at Changmin’s house. Yunho was there too, I sat besides him on the couch and Changmin just joined us, sitting down on a chair. We just have had a lot of food for dinner and were now just chilling and talking. Christmas tree stood in the left corner of the room behind Minnie.
I can’t remember what he said exactly then, but it was something really sweet about Yunho that led me to say “Aww, he really loves you, that’s so cute!” to Yunho. Yunho got a bit embarrassed, thanked Changmin for the kind words. The Dark Lord was all nice and soft for our meet up. Maybe he was in christmas feels? ^^ who knows.
I was actually glad to be able to meet them shortly before christmas. Siwon is so far away these days (like.. Japan OTL) and so it made me happy to meet HoMin, I don’t see that often normally btw, again after not even a month.
I had a couch pillow again, as so often when chilling on a couch ^^, had it placed besides Yunho’s shoulder to lean there. You know, it’s great leaning on Yunho. It makes you forget about all the worries in the world or the worries you have at the moment. =) I am not exactly sure how he manages to do that, to tell the truth! lol
I wouldn’t say we were cuddled up, although I hugged him for some moments. Just sitting/leaning there talking with Changmin, not moving because we’re all way too full xD & chill. It was a pretty relaxed get together.
(note: and I do not have any guilty feels because in my kdreams world Yunho is a person I feel really close to. I never do something over the line, but as real good friends we’re just ok acting the way we do).

The “Cutest Leader씨!” dream
(ppl involved: HoMin and me)
November 2014

This was a happy one!
I was visited HoMin while they were filming the MV for a new dance song! The name of the song was “자!” (-Ja!-, which means “Let’s!”, if I remember right). Arriving at the scene I heard the music and saw them dance. The song wasn’t new to me, it wasn’t the first time for me to hear this beat. I had been visiting a dance rehearsal of them before and right now they were at the coolest move. Today was the last day of filming so I had decieded to drop by to see them before Christmas. I placed myself at the side behind the cameraman and silently watched. Didn’t wanted to dirsturb anyone or anything. There were a bunch of dancers and they made this cool group move with HoMin together. I totally loved this part and, on top of all, their costumes were really, really cool! It looked like TREE-Tour costume style but new of course. They wore something light, sand-colored (in different shades).
Shortly later they took a break. Changmin was the first one to come over and greet me. He seemed happy to see me, smiling widely. We greet-hugged and he gave me a friendly handshake by taking my hand in both of his hands when I told him that it looked awesome, then he walked towards a staff member who handed him water.
Then Yunho came over, very excited to see me, saying aloud “Oh, Yeoja-nim came! (^◇^)”. He hugged me tightly and stayed close to me while staff was around him. When we talked a little he held my hand like I was Changmin. Yunho was just overall really cute. He was in a great happy mood.
Later they filmed the end of the MV again and then everyone thanked each other for the great work. I told our Leader that I think the end is the coolest move was like “you want to try it?” collected together two dancers and Changmin again to do it again. It was happening so fast that I couldn’t even explain that I got no talent ^^° but Yunho said it’s easy and so I was on his side as exchange for the female dancer that would do this normally and actually it was only about mirroring Changmin’s moves. With Yunho leading/helping me to get it right it really wasn’t so hard and only about like three moves. Err… did I just dance with HoMin? xD I think I did!
A little later the crew was clearing the set, packing everything up. Yunho sat on a bigger box waiting and I leaned on it in front of him (means: his legs were left and right of me). There were so many hectic people on the set, I didn’t wanted to stand in the way of everyone so sticking with Leader씨 sounded good to me. He had been taking care that I wouldn’t ‘get lost’ anyway.
It was getting late and I was still tired from working night shift the past night. I yawned and stretched my arms up to the roof in a classic tiredness-move. Yunho had been talking to me and kept calling me “여자님” (-yoeja-nim-) several times. I figured he discovered that as my nickname. So when I stretched Yunho grabbed my arms (since they were at level of his face, directly in his view, because he was so much higher on that box) saying “Yeoja-nim, Ja!” immitating a move from their choreography and I just laughed! xD
Damn Yunho, could you be any more cute?

The “family ❤” dream
(ppl involved: Jaejoong, Junsu and me)
November 2014

This time there was nothing special happening nonetheless it was very important.
There was this little room. I think it was a restaurant korean-style. There was a table and the room was closed, means: Only for us, we could be alone without other guests. Jaejoong, Junsu and I were there. Junsu and me sat on the one side of the table, across of us Jaejoong sat (I dunno where Chunnie was tho… probably busy picking up his next award as an actor ;D ). We waited for our food and were talking. We had a bunch of magainzs on the table, all of them had articles about JYJ inside. It was like… we wanted to check on the latest media response. Not all of the magazines were korean, some where also from other countries. I have no idea where JJ got them from but they were there (maybe fans had given them to him?).
The magazines were not so important tho. First we just sat there and talked. JaeSu talked told stories fromt he Tokyo Dome Concert in Japan recently. A bit later Jaejoong made fun of Junsu repeatedly and Junsu didn’t get the hint xD Jaejoong and me laughed while it only slowly dawned on Junsu.
It was so nice! We were completely normal together. I cannot remember that we had been THAT normal and family-like since Junsu and I stopped dating in 2013. I mean we were all comfortable, I sat close to Junsu, falling towards his direction laughing when Jaejoong made fun of him and he just stared clueless for a moment. It was a pretty relaxed atmosphere.
Then my dream skipped to after dinner (it had been evening). We all sat on Jaejoongs side of the table and he told us how he would cook an american Thanksgiving meal xD and of course the things he said ended with wild additional ideas and I laughed a lot imagining this and we discussed if this or that was even possible and if his oven was big enough for that etc.. It turned to nonsense pretty fast.
A little later we were looking at the magazines, checking everything out. Junsu was in charge of showing the articles and we sat like Junsu-> Jaejoong -> me (from left to right). We all sat close together so we could all look at it. I remember leaning over on Jaejoong’s shoulder to look at the spanish magazine we currently had opened. There was a profile of each member in it. Too bad no one of us could read that. The boys were curious what they wrote there but I was the wrong person to ask ^^° me cannot read spanish!
Then my dream ended already.

We were just having dinner together but it was wonderful~❤
I guess it’s all thanks to Jaejoong that we are like that today. He made us meet after we broke up so we won’t drift apart. I had been so worried that our friendship would be over but thank god this isn’t the case and everything is as it should be in kdreams world~ (❁´▽`❁)*✲o*

The “Fishy nonsense~” dream
(ppl involved: Siwon, Donghae, my sister sis and me)
November 2014

This was a short dream again (lately I only have such, huh? ^^)
It all started that after work we met for swimming (indoors of course… it is WINTER after all). With Siwon and Donghae, after work and… my sister sis too was there too. But more randomly, I guess.
I remember that when I got off the car at the parking lot she was parking near me and we were surprised to see each other in this place at that day. She had her afternoon off at work.
The only thing I remember from the public swimming pool was that Donghae and Siwon were already there and we joined them swimming.
The next scene I can remember was the early evening.
We were at Siwon’s house. My sister sis was gone but Donghae was still with us. We sat in the living room but all on the floor, the fishy and me at the couch table, looking at his computer. My hair was still in drying process after swimming and I had my towel with me to get it dry faster.
I am not sure what blog it was Donghae was reading, but it was all in korean and all I saw what just a buch of hangul on the screen and I didn’t get a thing (of course I didn’t ^^°). I also started to be tired because I met up with SiHae directly after work and then the swimming. I let the fishy read and yawned. Was leaning on the table tiredly and there was a moment where I had my towel on the table and sunk down on it like ‘*roll, roll* I am so tired… can I sleep here?’; really didn’t know for how long I could stay awake anymore.
I turned around to see what Siwon was doing. He was sitting behing me, writing on his comp. When I turned around to Hae he had found something. He got excited about it and at first I didn’t get what it was about. Then he grabbed the coke bottle from the table and told me that he just read something. It was about the thing that happens when you put a mentos in coke, u know, it makes a fountain for a moment. Apparently there was an effect with another sort of sweets and coke and he happened to have it with him and wanted to now if it’s true xD wth Hae!
He wanted to test it right away, I already noticed Siwon had his attention on us by that time since Donghae was about to mess with the coke. Before he could say anything Hae threw the sweets into the coke but it only made a pretty weak fountain. Some bubbles, barely enough to make it overflow a little and after like two seconds it was over already.
Siwon was like ‘nah, don’t do this.’, frowning at Hae and taking the coke from him. But I was like “no wait.. ^^”, taking the coke from him to have a sip. Wanted to know if it tasted different now and… it did. But it wasn’t exactly for the better so I gave back the bottle to Siwon like “it’s not good. You can have it back.”.
LOL I have no idea what this random nonsense was but Donghae was happy because he tested it, I was awake again thanks to his random nonsense and Siwon seemed to be a little annoyed that his coke was messed up now. xD

Fishy messing with Shisus’ holy coke~ That boy has guts! *haha*! xD
besides that I like when we hang out with Donghae, Eunhyuk or both. I like these two =)

The “Finally!” dream
(ppl involved: Siwon, Jiwon, a random guy, me & pets)
October 2014

It was a short dream and a little weird but I will note down what I remember.
First part of the dream was that us, SangWon couple, met up somewhere with Jiwon and… a random korean guy. Turned out to be her boyfriend and I was like -woah! never knew she had one but okeh~-. We all spent some time together and before leaving the building we had met up the three of them stood in front of a window looking outside at something and were taling, when I rejoined them (I dunno where I was before). Jiwon had a grip at the arm of her boyfriend (ㅎㅎ really cute the kids, btw ;P ) while I arrived back at the scene only to come backhugging Siwon around his waist, carefully squishing him (a little).
Then my dream skipped forward and it was early evening. I went on a walk with the dogs and… even one more dog! It was a younger German Shepherd, if I remember right his name was Balou.., and he was running with Teddy. I was only looking after him for a day for the owner so I took him on a walk. The other dog that was around was… Lost =D Little grey thing! Finally! She was there! The dog Siwon found in china was with us on a walk!
I let the dogs run around freely, Balou didn’t always listen as I wished he would but generally it was okay. He was just still so young and wild and super curious about everything ^^
Teddy still acting like a brat a bit wasn’t really helpful in that case. He was a bad role model for our guest! (Teddy is too young to be a role model, tbh ^^°) . Lost, on the other hand, just followed Teddy. Guess she was too insecure to go somewhere herself since everything was new to her.

Naaah, there we see how my dreams come to life: I watched an CSI episode with a german shepherd the evening before this dream and had talked about Lost to mom a day ago. There we go with the doggies then ^^
There was no Bugsy and no Laica so I think Siwon’s and my dog stayed at home. (and… tbh… to look after 3 dogs is already enough. Two youngsters and one insecure newbie… that is enough for one person to take care of)

The “Friday meet-up” dream
(ppl involved: Jaejoong and me)
October 2014

that one was a nice one ^^
I was at Jaejoong’s place, his house. We were randomly, casually hainging out after work (for him more like: after his vacay with friends). We sat on the couch, Jaejoong at his place on the right with his comp on the couch table, I sat besides him, hugging the couch blanket ^^
We ended up watching old footage of baby DongBangSuJu. Aww, it was so cute! JJ had found it in the depths of his comp ^^ I remember Donghae, Jaejoong and Yunho in a scene in a park. They were happy and hyper (especially baby hae).
We were watching that for a while, then Jaejoong got himself a snack. I was fine with the blanket on the couch.
He said he wants to buy a new couch table so we looked at couch tables for a while together. JJ told me what he was searching for and wanted to know if this or that one would fit in his living room here sometimes. He couldn’t decide so it took a bit longer. I got tired over the time, came more and more to lie on the couch while JJ staread at his tables. I think I slept for a little besides him, once I had that big pillow from the couch…
It was a short dream but just a typical friday meet-up with me: me sleeping soon xD

The “Rumor” dream
(ppl involved: my cat, tv and me)
October 2014

So I was at Siwon’s house, all lazy on the couch, with my grey tiger Cleo cat on my belly and was zapping through the tv channels. Played around with the cat for a moment and suddenly heard celebrity news on channel. Nothing so interesting to me, BUT they spoke about Genny. They reportet about the rumor that he’s probably going to get married with Miranda Kerr. I was like “what da… effin?! oO” and highly irritated. I knew Miranda Kerr had been in Korea at the moment (I saw this on the AKP co-account on tweeter), but that was far away from Genny and… wouldn’t I know too if he was about to get married? We were good friends after all.
I listened to this rumor report and couldn’t believe it because Genny never mentioned it and almost at the same time the report was still on I opened a mail on my phone. It was from Genny and he already talked about this rumor in it. I was a bit confused at this moment, did not know if I should hear out the report first or read Genny’s mail first. Well, I ended up with reading his mail and it was, of course, just rumor bla bla on tv.
That was already the end of the dream and it was really confusing o-O

all this chaos around Sungmin’s wedding lead me to this stupid dream because the last things I had looked at were pics of Geng and that stupid article on the AKP co-account on twitter …. = = oh my.
Still: Sungmin fighting! Genny fighting! (hopefully he finds a cute wife too …. soon!)

The “Horse & cat” dream
(ppl involved: My arabian horse, Siwon’s new cat, Siwon and Me)
October 2014

Once again the dream started with horse matter. A real one, u know. With 4 legs and stuff. Not Siwon. Will mention it still because it was one dream and therefore of part of it too. (like a -prequel-)
I was at the stable where my horsie is and was about to go. I was doing something before and before leaving there I wanted to check on him (the black arabian), but had to search for him at first. He was in one of the paddocks with other horses. Had to cross/walk through 2 or 3 (not so sure anymore how many) paddocks to get to him. I just took that way because it was shorter as to walk around it. Had to climb some wooden horse fences but I didn’t mind. In every paddock I was looking for him but it turned our that he was in the last one. There was a group of horses chilling in one spot at that time (the upper half of the paddock) and there I saw him. Walked through the other horsies, called his name (his name is “Black Tie” ^^) and there he already walked towards me. Petted him and talked to him. He was in cuddle mood and came closer, it was really cute =)
Stood at his side, in front of his left shoulder, leaning on him a little, his long mane fell over my shoulder and tickled my arm since I was wearing a t-shirt and a riding vest. Kept talking calmly to him and softly ruffled his mane. Had my arm around his neck and he was pressing his head against me. (⁎❛ᴗ❛⁎) ❤ cute horse was cute. (arabians usually have a natural close bond to their owner and are very loyal).
Said bye to Black Tie after a while and left the paddocks. Greeted a stable friend of mine when leaving and that was all.
My dream then skipped forward to the evening when I was at Siwon’s house once again. Was about to watch a DVD that had an interesting story. It was about two sisters and a random guy. Can’t tell what the story was about anymore but it sounded interesting to me because it was a more drama-like movie. I had put the DVD in the player in the bedroom, where Siwon and me were btw, and started reading on the backside of the cover. In the meantime the usual trailer stuff and so on was coming up on the screen. Was lying on the bed on my stomach, popped up on my elbows to read while Siwon was doing random nonsense behind my back. or more like… on my back xD
Like what was that? These were kitty feet I felt -dancing- over my back! Siwon was messing around with his new cat, Tory.  photo 43_rolleyes.png *rolleyes amused*
Siwon, please put the cat down and pay attention to the movie, will ya? xD

I almost wanted to cry over the horse scene in this dream! T.T this is what I used to do with my favorite horse at the riding stable I learned riding (it was an arabian mix breed mare).
Besides that it was a really nice dream about my two horses *haha* the SuJu one and the real one.

The “SM Town in Japan” dream
(ppl involved: My sister sis, Siwon, Sungmin and Me)
October 2014

We were in something I identified as a waiting room. Before the concert (SM Town in Tokyo). The only thing weird was that my sister sis was with me! xD okay, so we both were in Tokyo.
The SuJu boys were in and out of the room, my sister was standing and talking with Sungmin (I dunno about what) and I was sitting on this couch thing… or a couch similar thing.. something like that. Let’s just call it a couch.
Had placed myself besides the armrest on the left side of it, on a big/fat pillow like a cat xD It even was a bit funny to myself because I remembered our cat while sitting there (I already mentioned once that I feel cat-ish sometimes ㅎㅎ). But it was comfortable!
When Siwon came back from the hallway he walked over in an all natural manner, took one of the pilows, placed it besides me and leaned on me with his legs up on the couch. Of course I was like -ah Siwonnie, you’re here~  photo 20_love.png *hugs*-, wrapped my arms around his chest and hugged him. So we sat there for a while and Sungmin was telling a story from the rehearsal. I cannot remember anymore what exactly. At one point he mentioned something that went wrong and that Siwon almost got hurt which cased me to say “*gasp* oh no~ o:” and hug him tighter. Siwon then sort of scolded Sungmin for mentioning it, because now I would worry.

And that was already all to that dream. It was very short.
It makes no sense that my sister accompanied me to SM Town in japan. she’s not interested in Japan… or SM Town… or kpop… ^^°

The “Horsies~” dream
(ppl involved: My arabian horse, Siwon and Me)
September 2014

This dream started a bit unrelated. or… probably not so much xD either way it was horsie and horsie ㅋㅋ
I was at the riding stable, where my two horsies are, and was testing new tack. Had my black arabian horse “dressed” in western tack. Had a new saddle and two bridles. Saddle fit but for the bridles I only wanted to keep one of them. I remember that I went on a little ride with the split reins on ^^ I remember coming back and putting on the other reins, my horsie was standing patiently while I changed and I thought ‘what a good boy he is, behaving so well.‘. Left the stable again and I decided on a nice round to ride, far away from the roads. I needed a break from everything.
Then this part of my dream ended.
The next thing I remember is that in the late afternoon I went to Siwon’s house to see if he’s already back. He was supposed to be back for a little while. When I entered the house and walked in the living room I saw him sitting on the couch. Walked over, we hugged and chilled ourselves into the left corner of the couch. Siwon had taken a lot of pics of the members and all kind of things happening lately. And he showed and explained it all to me (⁎❛ᴗ❛⁎) ❤
So we were cuddling on the couch while looking at pics on his phone, interrupted with little kisses here and there. That was nice~ (⑅ ॣ•͈ᴗ•͈ ॣ)

another short dream but: all my favorite horses were in it ^__^ the real ones and MaSi~

The “Meeting up for lunch” dream
(ppl involved: HoMin and me)
September 2014

I went to one of these better hotels because I got a lunch appointment with our HoMoin lovelies there =) They were filming for their new MV and since they were near they aske me to come around.
Of course they didn’t need to tell me twice. I don’t see them so often. I dressed up a bit (to fit in in this classy hotel) and there we went!
I was a bit early so I walked around to check this place out. Went roof terrace of the hotel for example, enjoyed the wide view I had from the top there, petted a cute little doggie of a guest and then went down with the elevator again. I entered the hotel restaurant and directly found the table. Changmin was already there such as a Manager and some staff. Changmin was all dressed up in his suit and it was obvious he directly came from MV shooting. I greeted them all and went around the table to where Changmin sat to personally greet him.
To my surprise he directly got up and friendly greet-hugged me like an old friend. ^^ Was a bit surprised but of course happy that we had managed to become better friends lately (after he had been over for dinner and we had visited him at his house back then).
I wondered where Yunho was and Changmin explained that he is late due to filming. He wanted to re-film his last take from before and therefore he’s now a little late.
Sat down and we all waited for Yunho to join. Then my dream ended.

It was a short one but still nice. I haven’t had the chance to bound with Changmin much and was always a bit sad about it. But lately it seemed to change and it makes me happy =D

The “Hanging out with EunHae” dream
(ppl involved: EunHae, Siwon and me)
August 2014

Ooh this one. This one was a happy one ^___^ and weird! And… eh hehe ^^°° awkward~ (because I am a babo… obviously, not always aware of things I’m doing ^^°)
First thing I remember was that Donghae, Eunhyuk, Siwon and me were on a random walk in the village I grew up (whyever… I dunno!).
It was afternoon we walking towards our village’ center on the sidewalk, talked and had a funny time. It’s always fun with EunHae! =D Siwon and me, as the SangWon couple, also had a nice ‘couply couple time’ (once again~). It wasn’t even that I started with it (but I loved it ㅎㅎ I will never complain!). Siwon was the one who had started being very clingy the whole time, didn’t even let me go anywhere out of his reach. Not even one inch. We were walking closely together, either holding hands or clinging to each other nonstop. Between commenting something EunHae said/talking to them there were a lot of little kisses we shared, basically every meter along the way we walked.
( ˆ ω ˆ )❤ We are still like babos in their first weeks of relationship and… I DUNNO WAE! but… it’s so cute to me! This is the sort of relationship I had imagined for my life~ (˘‿˘ʃƪ)♥
Siwon kept turning towards me and huggled me, squished me, we kissed again, I was cupping his face and pecked his lips just because he was so cute. Aiiiigoo~ I have no idea how EunHae could live with us being an annoying babo-love-couple so well, but somehow they did (respect to D&E at this point!).

So we walked and suddenly Siwon noticed a suspicious pile of leaves in front of an abandoned (closed) garage aside of the sidewalk. EunHae and me had no clue what it was, but he had to go check it out. I said what if a strange animals comes out from under it. Donghae didnt say anything about it, but Hyukkie wanted to leave it and walk on. But of course Siwon couldn’t, he wanted to know now. With a small branch he found he carefully poked into the leaves and…. there were like 4 really… abnormally huge frogs under it (brownish-greenish frogs… the ones you usually find in ponds here). The boys were like -woah!- and I was like -omg! eww!-, grabbing Hyukkie’s arm in reflex because he stood besides me (fishy was some steps away), trying to hide behind him. Hyukkie obviously wasn’t really comfortable with me holding his arm hostage, decently trying to get away but… no way! Le me was sacred! D:
Of course Siwon poked them and the monsters hopped forward towards us and I now was REALLY hiding behind Hyukjae, clinging and eyeing the -monsters-. He had sort of given up on getting away since he couldn’t get rid of me and just patted my arm to calm me down xD omg, the SCENE! (I’m sorry Hyukkie… you were a random victim!)
Decided it was enough with the frogs now and EunHae really wanted to leave them too. I could only agree. Siwon was like -nah, ok. as you want.- but keept looking at them for another moment. Somehow I passed by the monster froggies, got Siwon’s arm and dragged him away from there before he got too fascinated. These animals were really creepy… they were way too huge for frogs but they… were definitely frogs oO so weird!
Once we had left the frogs some meters behind EunHae made a really stupid joke about this and we all cracked up (sadly cannot remember what they said, I forgot o: ). It was really funny with EunHae and I can honestly say I like them. Our walking got back to it’s form of ‘before frogs’. The two were in front of us and SangWon couple was behind them, behaving couple-ish ^^ He had his arm around my shoulders and I had mine around his waist. When I had lost his attention for one moment I lightly touched his face (no force needed) and he would turn around immediately.  photo 20_love.png Of course another peck was coming up. Myyyy~ (ღ˘⌣˘ღ) had the feeling we were misplaced outside today. We would have rahter fit on the couch at home, cuddling like stupids *haha* (because that was what we did here anyway, so…)
Donghae then said something silly and Siwon still managed to bro-hug him without to uncuddle with me. When they started to talk about where they would go this evening Siwon also talked about this evening to me. I cannot remember what he said anymore… I just remember that I said “but not with that shirt.”, patted his stomach and we kissed again (๑^///^๑) (too bad that I dunno what it was about anymore…).
When the sidewalk widened into some more free space in front of a building the boys discussed where to go now. Left? Right? Straight on? Siwon was fine with everything, so it was up to D&E, but guess what: They couldn’t decide. I explained to them what would be on the way when we go there or there so they could pick a path.
Doing so something happened. Let me explain the exact scene: I had halfway turned around to EunHae, talking to them but of course never stopped clinging to my Siwonnie. To his waist/hips, to be exact. I didn’t notice at first that I did something, because with some things it’s that I’m not aware I’m doing them. It’s when I’m so used to it that I don’t even notice it’s happening.
In the meantime EunHae finally decided to take the way at our right and the two walked ahead, following the sidewalk there around the bulding.
Only when we started walking again too I realized that I had been making Siwon… sort of weird with having my hand on his skin and kinda fumbling at the band of his jeans before… aah~  photo 5_animesweat.gif eh hehe… ^^°° how embarrassing. This was awkward. I really didn’t even realized it earlier. … Now he was somehow tensed and of course I stopped right away.
Just hoped the others didn’t take note of it, but I strongly believe they didn’t since they said nothing and just walked ahead. Aigoo… this only had happened once to me before (it was even in rl > .>) but never before with Siwon. I was sorry for making him weird out here. Squished him a little, eyeing him, wondering if he was ok… (・_・;).
Then he stopped walking and I asked myself if he would say something now. But instead he just leaned in for a kiss. (ღ˘⌣˘ღ) Nah~ so he was not angry or so.. good, good.
Eunhae were out of sight already, disappeared around the corner of the building as it seemed. Figured that they would eventually come back once they noticed we weren’t with them anymore. But still I thought there was enough time before this would happen so I pulled him closer to me and hug him closely (◡‿◡*)❤ So we stood there, hugging and ended up looking in each others eyes deeply once again. Damn… there was that strong feeling again, like when we had exchanged such looks the first time. (in a former kdream of mine, the day when Siwon had brought home our cat Penelope).
Then my dream ended. Right there. Even before EunHae reappeared.
Le sigh~ so much weird, so much feels! NAH! No wonder I become weaker and weaker these days! /)∀(\
We keep being a very couple-ish couply couple and… thank god it was just EunHae around. I guess they don’t even care so much anymore (like us, obviously xD c’mon, it’s justn EunHae! And in my village no one cares about the -korean tourists- they are in ppl’s eyes).
This dream was sort of everything: unexpected stuff, with pretty much love-couple-feelings all over the place, funny, weird…

Obviously, my dreams help me to feel perfectly fine these days ^_____^ This one had me smiling for 3 days!
My kdreams world rocks! *embraces it* I am my own best cinema!
and the best thing was: It all felt absolutely real =) …. besides for the frogs… it wasn’t so cool at that point… >-> because they appeared real to me as well.

The “Poke, poke~” dream
(ppl involved: Sungmin, Kyuhyun (a little) & Siwon, me)
August 2014

It was the end of the day and the members were chilling at the dorm, even Siwon was there and somehow it happened that I met up with him there again.
First, when I got there, it was him and Sungmin in the living room sitting on the couch. I took the free space besides Sungmin and we sat like Me→ Sungmin→ Siwon then. It was okay to sit there. I don’t need to get into the room and shoo away everyone around Siwon *haha* ^^ I could just sit there, that was fine.
So we started to talk about tons of things. Siwon told stories from filming lately, I told stories about work (about ajeossi and my junior’s -pretty tensed- working sitiation and so on). I think Sungmin got tired of our bla bla sometime and left the room. But for him Kyuhyun entered and sat down between us, just where Sungmin sat before.
Kyu watched TV then and we soon were done talking. We looked at each other for a moment while Kyu was facing the tv and not paying attention to us. Then Siwon looked at the maknae, back at me, grinned and then poked the evil. Aah! Now I got what he meant!  photo 666_devil.gif ㅋㅋ what an evil plan!
Of course Kyu first ignored, then I poked him as well (on his arm) and he glanced at me irritated-frowning. It probably started to dawn on the evil what this meant.
ㅎㅎㅎ It was time to annoy him!
So we poked him in turns and you could see his frustraton growing xD It was probably… a comepletely useless thing to do, but oh well~ LOL It didn’t take long for him to groan annoyed, mumbles stuff I couldn’t understand and leave the room while we just laughed like idiots xD *hahaha*
(omg… Patti will be mad – she already told me the last time not to ‘touch’ Kyu ^^° …. but sorry not sorry xD)

That wasn’t the end of the dream yet.
Dream skipped forward and we were at home, chilling in the bedroom. Siwon was lying on the left side of the bed (usually my side but we maybe switched?) and was watching Tv. I just came back into the room from… wherever I was.. dunno ^^ (bathroom?? no clue) and hopped back on the bed. Carefully of course. Like a cat ^^ Curled up at his side and glomped his arm, because… mine mine mine~  photo 20_love.png *giggles* oh… (≥///≤) *embarrassed because is too much in love here in kdreams world*.
Like Kyu today he kept paying attention to the tv. I used this time to study him for a bit. He seemed to be relaxed today (and not overly stressed or so). I knew he worked so much lately and didn’t want to be annoying so I observed him first.
Figured he was in a good mood today so I huggled his arm a little tigher and a smile appeared on his face, but he was still facing the tv. Creeped closer, watched him for a moment and rubbed my face on his shoulder (again: like a cat.. I’m cat-ish sometimes *shrugs*). He grinned and glanced at me but without turning around and I was like ‘yah… is that all? attention! *pouts/frustrated*’. …. had a little feeling that he was probably ignoring me to frustrate me… /le gasp! o: The impossible him!
I just proceed to poke his arm like we did with Kyu that day. It didn’t take long until it worked. It was like poke poke… hm nothing… poke poke? … He then suddenly huggled attacked me and rolled us around so I ended up on top. Was just laughing because it all happened so quickly. Siwon is really a pro at this, I have to say.
End result was that we started kissing while huggling close ^///^ hehe~ oh my~ *hides*

Then my dream ended because my god damn alarm clock rang = = forever mad at that thing for doing this to me! *kicks it out of the window* go die!

But: SangWon couple these days:  photo 50_wolke_9.gif
yep. This seems to be where we are. Cloud no. 9 ^___^

Not to talk about the funny free time activity we had! =D Bothering Kyu! HAHA! xD
Annoying the evil just because. Would we do it again?
Nooooo, no…………. YES! 8D

The “Our pets & a SelCa” dream
(ppl involved: Siwon, me + our pets)
July 2014

The first thing I can really remember is that I watched the cats in the garden. Penelope and Cleo were outside and sniffing on everything. Their first time outside the house together. Teddy and Bugsy were running around too, not being interested in the cats. They crossed each others way for a view times while sniffing but got all along well. I was watching them satisfied. It had been my wish to see our pets like this. I was sure that they all were young helped a lot. (although my oldest dog wasn’t present…)
Siwon was busy packing stuff in the meantime. He had only come back to get some things. He didn’t really have any time because he had to directly go back to filming in China.
I stood at the opened terrace door and had an eye on the pets, sometimes Siwon would ghost around the living room, getting his stuff together. He seemed focused to not forget about something from his list. My eyes followed him running around. Suddenly felt the urge to hug him… but of course didn’t want to disturb him in a way. I let him pack without doing anything. One time, while passing me by from right to left, crossing the room, he asked what to do with -Lost- (the dog he found in China) and I said “Bring her home.”. HAHA! Of course I said this! I wondered wae he even asked me. He probably only wanted to hear it to confirm my thoughts about it.
I guess that means we will have another dog soon…. (。◕.◕。) we need to stop now ^^°°° enough pets! Enough! ^^°°°

Hearing Bugsy bark in the garden, around the corner of the house (the other side of the garden I couldn’t see), reminded me of the animals in the garden and I went to see what he was barking at. Turned out to be the neighbours cat… on a tree. omg… Bugsy, you’re not supposed to shoo the neighbour’s cat up a tree. My cats and Teddy were not even looking at the other cat, but somehow Bugsy didn’t want it in his garden. I said “Bugsy, no!”, lifted him up to bring him inside so the cat had time to come down the tree ^^°
Side-comment: Bugsy surely has grown a lot lately… like… woah, you can stop growing boy! compared to the first time I had seen him he got really huge in the meantime!
I had to carry him away since he didn’t want to leave the cat alone… He was sort of hyper and waited for the cat to come down, staring at it but of course it wouldn’t come down again ^^°°.

With Bugsy still on my arm I went to look for Siwon. Had only made two step on the stairway, since I heard him upstairs, but there he came down already. He hugged me and/with the dog all in one, said he was done packing and would leave soon, then he randomly hit on an idea: He suddenly made me sit down on the stairs with him and said “SelCa~”, getting his phone out, pulled me and the doggie closer and took a photo!
I was sort of taken aback… I surely didn’t see that coming! So I quickly posed in a random photo-pose (as far as that was possible with Bugsy on my lap) and that was it.
Siwon was then very satisfied and said he wants to have it with him in China.

and that was the very end of my dream. like… wow Choi Siwon, that was random! But cute of him too (⁎❛ᴗ❛⁎) ❤
Still the best part was to see our dogs and cats together. Maybe someday I manage to dream about ALL dogs and cats in one place. …. and Bugsy eventually stops scaring the neighbour cat ^^°

The “A couply couple” dream
(ppl involved: Siwon, me + someone with a surprise guest appearance)
July 2014

The first thing I remember is that I was at a store, looking through stuff. I did it more out of boredom because I was actually waiting for Siwon. So the clothes weren’t interesting to me so much. He had not even a whole weekend to spare but wanted to meet so of course I wouldn’t say no. Short on time as always but I appreciated his effort. He tries really hard to make time a little here and there.
To meet up he came to the store where I was at right now and when I saw him I technically jumped over to him like a bunny. Just so excited!

Mofy_jump (yeah, like Mofy here *haha*) WEEEEEH~~!!
So I jumped at him, we laughed, quickly kissed and then walked upwards the shopping mile. We wanted to go to the mall. And Siwon was so excited to be back for just a little and I was so excited because he was so excited! haha! We were two excited idiots, laughing stupidly happily, telling little stories about what happened lately at each of our places, huggled around while walking and… technically had a quick kiss every meter of the way cute cookie
We were such a couply couple… omg… since when is that? Never felt so stuidly excited with happiness for basically no reason. (⁎❛ᴗ❛⁎) ❤ Just having the feeling you are super stupidly in love with that person (going fast towards the 1 1/2 years mark it finally started to sink in, I guess).
He was obviously in a joyful-playful mood and so chilled in our city. I think he really super chills because there are no annoying stalkers and he can be like every other person. It felt like overflowing happiness that day ❤♡ʚ⃛꒰ᴖ͙◡ुᴖ͙꒱ɞ⃛♡❤ felt so idiotically happy for him being happy!
When we arrived at the mall Siwon asked where I wanted to go and I started explaining, walking ahead and pointing at the shops I had thought about going to. Was barely done with my explanation I got glomp-attacked from behind, lifted up and huggled. Unlike Hyukkie Siwon didn’t just fake this attack *haha* and I didn’t even get a heart attack. I sort of (have to) expect such things with him nearby. (AND IT’S ABSOLUTELY ADORABLE BTW!!!!)
I guessed that day we were openly this kind of couply couple everyone hates looking at, because they will realize that they never ever can come close to that level of stupidly happy and everything in order. Eh hehe ^^°° Sorry ppl around~ (would be jelly of myself too, tbh)
Some huggles, a lot of giggles and kisses later we entered the media store and looked at a lot of DVDs. Oh yesh! 8D That’s what I enjoy more than looking at clothes!
After I found 3 or 4 DVDs we left the store and Siwon said he has a little duty to do (company stuff) and that we would meet up again later.
He told me the time and place, then we separeted. I looked at some shoes for a while in the mall, observed some nore stores and then went to the location he had said we would meet at.
Arriving at the scene it looked like SM was shooting something there o.o A lot of staff around and… oh lookies! The rest of the buffet in a corner! They must have worked here for longer.

At first I waited around and nothing happened, then a random young boy walked up to me and carefully asked if I was with Siwon. I didn’t dare to answer because… who da hell was that? oO I don’t answer such stuff to strangers.
So I carefully asked who he was first and then… haha! ^^ listen what happened!… then he introduced himself as EXO’s Chanyeol and I was like -ooooh sorry kiddo for not recognizing you! ^^° I dunno about you guys- xD
A little awkward, I have to say but… c’mon. I cannot even tell most of the EXO kids apart from each other so… sorry little one ^^°
Now that he said it I remembered seeing pictures of him on tumblr some times before and the face started to look more familiar to me, then I said that I was indeed waiting for Siwon. He told me Siwon was still filming his part of the SM message vid and it would take a little. Then he ask if I wanted something to eat since he was going to get cake. Oh! THAT was really something I didn’t need an invitation to. =D caaaaake~!
It was pretty obvious that we seemed to be the last ppl around the cakes there because there wasn’t so much left anymore. Although I didn’t know this kid he was a litle cute with always calling me Noona ^-^ My my… like every sentence started or ended with him calling me that. Amusing (it was like he tried hard to be nice since I was the girlfriend of his senior).
At one of the tables we sat down to eat and he told me something about the filming they had done today, but I cannot remember what excatly he said.
My dream ended with me starting to eat my cake. That was pretty much all to it.

like wth! Chanyeol?? I dunno these exo kids! must have been this stupid fake “EXO on FB” post on tumblr where I got this element of my dream from. I laughed way too hard about this nonsense xD
It was a little confusing to me to meet him and I am sure I won’t recognize him again the next time. So sorry kiddo, but noona’s memory isn’t so good with you babies. (since I am basically not interested in them #ForeverIgnorantCassie #SorryNotReallySorry )

But being a really stupid, in love, idiotically happy, couply couple with Siwon was really great. And it’s crazy how his energy rubbs off on me like each time. Really couldn’t love him more (˘‿˘ʃƪ)♥ *kdreams self starts dreaming and spacing out about Siwon now*

*coughs* eh yeah!… where were we?

However, this makes visits in kdreams world more exciting! =) → when we actually still fall in love and make progress.
(this is how love should be in real life too – sadly only like 1% of couples have it)

The “Strange Relatives” dream
(ppl involved: strange relatives, friends, me and someone REALLY unexpected)
June 2014

It was family meeting time again! This time at our old home/house, my dad made a family meeting for all my cousins, aunts and uncles. Fact is: I didn’t even knew most of them because due to family problems in the past we haven’t had contact to 80% of them in the last 20 years.
I dunno, dad wanted to make a reuniting meeting for everyone. When I got to my dad’s place many of the relatives were already there. In my dad’s garden/on the terrace there was a bit of a chaos of ppl, all talking to each other… yeah, how it is at big meetings. Things like that usually scare me away because I am shy but well, I went to say hi to everyone because I had to. It was all very confusing for me. Besides my two male cousins I knew none of these like… 6 others or more people around our age. And they were strange and loud and… I stood there like … O_O oookay. let me sort out how to deal with you first. .
Being there for a while, I slowly let myself drift to the edge of the group of ppl gradually. This is how I planned to deal with them: Not going too near. Then I got weird messages from KYU! Yes, the EVIL(!) on my phone.
I was thought what da…? what does he mean? so weird…. Then I already saw him walking around the corner with Patti, Hyukjae followed behind them. Apparently Patti and one of my unfamiliar female cousins were study friends…oO At least they were very happy to see each other. While she was greeting my cousin I said to kyu who was almost there “You. you, come here!”, first pointing at him and then at the place in front of me. He only grinned and walked over to me. I stood on a smaller stone besides our garden to be taller than him ( to “look down” on the maknae, made me taller than him around 10 cm xD *haha*) and when he stopped in front of me I poked his chest more or less aggressively for two times, asking wae there was a need to send me so weirdly-mysterious messages that irritated me. Of course the evil wasn’t sorry but amused… *le sigh*
When I was done with Kyu (who didn’t care anyway) I walked over to Patti to greet her. We hugged but she was very busy showing that one cousin of mine something on her phone and talking to her. Strangely enough that they knew each other they were talking about Geng getting married on top of all xD As if Patti would care so much and… LOL yeah of course. I just thought ‘oh? again?’. According to the madia he was -almost surely married- for like 5 times already. I walked away without commenting these -news- to greet the late arriving Hyukjae. He really chilled. Didn’t bother to catch up to the evil couple, he just let them walk ahead ^^
So we greet-hugged and talked a little. Kyu had joined Patti and the other ppl were strange to me. I didn’t know these guys! D: … so I rather talked with Hyukjae since I knew him better. Of course I wasn’t mad at him for the nonsense that happened due to my sister at the lake the last time anymore and I guess he always knew I didn’t mean it when I randomly shouted at the two ^^°° We had a nice talk and for somehow we ended up fooling around for a moment. Dunno because of what anymore. I think I made a teasing comment and it was his revenge. However, he caught me off-guard with his faked attempt to pack me on his shoulder and I thought Omg! I will fall down! and I squeaked and laughed at the same time. Of course he didn’t carry me anywhere. As if I would have allowed that in the first place >.> I think he knows that he’s not even supposed to…
However, he let me down again on the spot. I was sort of embarrassed because half of the relatives I were looking at me… he so surprised me with this action and dared to laugh at me on top of all! I could only keep laughing embarrassed, hiding my face and pushed him away (playfully of course). Then Patti and Kyu came over to tell him that they would leave now. Oh my…  photo 43_rolleyes.png this is what we have become in the meantime. Idiotic friends? Hyukkie went from -the member I have never talked to- to -this silly friend of Siwon I know- xD Interesting change! First it was only the fishy,but I guess it was unavoidable since EunSiHae is all I say (and I really like EunHae!).
Well they were gone then and dad told me to go inside the house since we were supposed to stay overnight because we would go an a trip early the next morning and dad wanted to show us where everyone would sleep. Originally I planned to sleep in my own room but there were these weird, strange, loud ppl around too. Caliming it their zone… I was like WTF!?! again I was still highly irritated by them and dad didn’t even kick them out. It was such a chaos where they were… I thought no WAY IN HELL I would stay here overnight. not with THEM!. On top of all these ppl totally ignored me oO so no. Absolutely no. They were this kind of arrogant party girls who thought they were SO great and I was suddenly happy that they ignored me. But still: I was also so super annoyed that I even had to be around them, I needed fresh air. My other relatives were still outside and suddenly I spottet someone familiar among them, talking to my aunt: Sofie.
oO What da… this day got stranger and stranger by minute. How da hell did they even know each other?! I wondere if this was also because of this chinese cultural event my aunt had managed last year (where Geng had performed)?? I was now completely confused, BUT then I saw that Geng was around too! BLESS THE GODS! HE WAS AROUND TOO!
There was still this hotel thingy besides my dad’s house and that was where I saw him. It only took him a second then he saw me too. Apparently he waited for Sofie right now. He had his backpack with him and was ready to leave (I assumed he waited for a cab they had called.. at least it looked like that to me). Figured Sofie quickly wanted to say hi to my aunt. Whatever business they had to do here I was just SO thankful to see Genny. I walked over to him and we hugged. He said he was here for movie business & a photoshooting (I think there was a T4 event happening… what other movie could he mean?). I told him the story of these relatives that scared and confused me. Then Geng said they would be back very late today so I could go to his room in the hotel and stay there. I stared at him because I was sort of speechless once again… he just always helps me. I said that this would be great and if it’s really okay for him. He said yes and handed me the key. We saw that Sofie was done talking and walked the same way for some meters. He ask what I would be doing now and I said I would go back to my weird family meeting and added “I will not stalk you, don’t worry.”. He grinned, I grinned and my day was made.
Walked back to the family meeting like -I don’t care anymore bishes! I got a hotel room LOL you keep being strange! ( σ ¬ ‿ ¬)-σ I do so not care~! –  ㅋㅋㅋ
So cool of Genny!

Still: ….what a weird dream! OMG~ one of the strangest I ever had!

The “Preparing for comeback” dream
(ppl involved: Jaejoong, Junsu and me)
June 2014

Another short dream.
I found myself near Jaejoong’s house and decided to pay him a visit since I haven’t seen him in a while. So I rang the bell and entered. JJ came down the hallway and we greet-hugged. He said he was in the middle of work but I should just come with him to the living room. And so I did.
He was doing some composing work for their new songs at the moment. We talked a little while and then I really didn’t wanted to keep him from working any longer. I asked him about Junsu. What he was doing and if he knew, by any chance, where he was at the moment. I wante to visit him too.
JJ told me that he was in the practice room with some dancers. I said bye to KJJ and went to the Cjes building. (strange enough that it was around and… that I knew where it was xD oh well~ ╮(´▽`)╭ )
Indeed Junsu and the dancers were there. I silently sneaked in to not disturb them. Junsu still noticed me, smiled and waved at me. I sat down at the side since they were discussing something at the moment and started dancing again. Looked like a new choreography.

Then my dream ended =) but still! I saw Junsu and JJ, Chunnie before. Have now seen all of JYJ before comeback in kdreams world! I am completely alright now! =D

The “Surprise!” dream
(ppl involved: Chunnie and me)
June 2014

This was a really short dream. But I met someone I didn’t expect to meet!
I was at our cinema, waiting in line to get my ticket to see Transformers 4 and… it was a long line since I didn’t make it earlier to the cinema.
Then suddenly, while I was thinking of no evil, someone covered my eyes from behind and said “guess whooo~~!”. Of course I knew who right away. How could I forget this voice? It was Yoochun! We hugged and I said “It’s been so long!” and we started talking. I was happy to see him after along time. He was here to watch T4 as well so we decided to go together. No one cared anyway since no one knows Chunnie here xD how fortunate!
Then we got our tickets and walked to the cinema hall 2. We talked on the whole way about stuff going on lately, never being quiet until the movie was about to start ^^

Sadly then my dream had already ended. But still so happy! I saw chunnie again!

The “Complaints? ^^” dream
(ppl involved: family, Siwon, me, Kyu and the neighbours dogs)
June 2014

The first thing I can remember was us, Siwon and me, gathering with the rest of my family for some sort of family celebration. We were having dinner at this restaurant/bistro thingy that had opened last year (where were already were with Prince Manager). We had like 5 tables reserved for our family and needed them all. I found it nice that Siwon got invited as well ^__^ My sister sis was there with her boyfriend too and my aunts and cousins and so on were all there. T the side there was a big buffet and I just thought that this dinner was going to be wonderful! buffet! ٩(⊙ヮ⊙)۶ YAYYY! The best!
Then my dream skipped forward a bit to a point when most of us had already finished dinner, the rest was already at the after-snacks xD *haha* at this point Kyu came by, saw us and wanted to say hello. But as soon as he was at our table, and my one aunt saw that he was a friend of Siwon, she made him sit down to stay xD
And so we had a long evening with food and talking. Sometimes we were just sitting around talking on others family members’ tables, then randomly went to get snacks again. In the late evening Siwon and I sat in a round with my cousins and talked. It slowly got cold and I mentioned it to the girlfriend of my younger cousin and guess who instantly gave me his jacket? (ღ˘⌣˘ღ) aaaah haha~ *laughs weirdly embarrassed* Yes of course, Siwon! He had stopped talking to my cousin right away and took it off. Oh my~ I got so embarrassed! eeh hehe~ *laughs even weirder* (#^_^#)
So I put it on and closed it. It was this casual black jacket of his. Seemed like at least one size too big for me but who actually cared? It was keeping me warm. =)
A little later one of my cousins left our round and I sat down on the empty chair to sit besides Siwon. Naaah~ And suddenly had cuddle feels, but… >_< had – to – behave. AISH! damn… T~T We were with all of the family so we couldn’t cuddle shamelessly. It ended with me bringing my chair as close as possible to Siwon’s chair but of course the outcome, even with me leaning towards him, was not satisfying…. 😦 meh.
Again, a bit later: My sister sister sis and her boyfriend left the gathering. I had been at the buffet for the x-ed time already to get one of the little snacks (4ever foodmonster OTL~), had talked with my aunt and when I came back I saw the two leaving. This meant that Kyu, Siwon and me were alone at our table now.
Siwon and I had a bench on our side of the table so we could at least sit glued to each other there. What we did *giggles* oooh we totally did!
My sister had left behind a magazine and Siwon was doing some sort of a game, or whatever it was, from it. My sister had started with it before but didn’t finish when she left. He wanted to finish it and Kyu was helping. Since I was away before I didn’t exactly get what they were talking about and wae they were doing this stuff in the magazine but they solved it pretty quickly and Siwon ended up drawing something on the free space of the page. It had to do with the game and our location here… I cannot remember what it was but I remember that I was once again impressed by his drawing skills.
When he had finished he wanted to know what this place here was called again. I told him, he started writing it down, stoped halfway through and asked again (the name was somewhat complicated ^^). I repeated, Siwon repeated to make sure he got it right and Kyu repeated it again, spelling it out slowly, to make sure Siwon would get it right. *haha* ^__^ but in the end he got it right. In the end he said we should give it to my sister so she has it finished and I put it in my bag to do so whenever I would see her again.
When our family meeting was over Siwon and I helped one of my aunts to put the dishes together (glasses and stuff) for the waiter to pick it up and make their work a little eaiser. Then left as well.
We didn’t go home directly, we went on a little walk. There was some sort of public garden near the restaurant and we went there to see it (it was decently illuminated at night). And it was indeed nice with roses and other nice flowers. Being there for a while Siwon started to speak up about the family meeting. How he loved family meetings and stuff but how it felt so weird that we couldn’t cuddle. I almost laughed at this cuteness xD omg! He said “That as awkward…” and I had the impression that he was sulking. I just thought Omg! you are really serious about that! d’aww, you stupid ball of cute! :3 Let me love you! askdjaksdjf!LOL but really!
Nyah~ (◕‿◕ʃƪ) wasn’t that adorbs!? He was so serious, not joking a bit. But well, I couldn’t oppose any of this. It felt really strange that we had to behave. We are used to do whatever we want when we want while being in that house of his. So that is of course weird when we can’t. I totally got his point and I knew he didn’t meant anything bad towards my family, because in the end I wanted to agree on everything he complained about.
His complaints were finished then and I got a real nice backhug.  photo 3_wub.gif And of course I got cuddled and squished a little. We stood in that garden place like that for a while, saying nothing – just cuddling, I leaned on him and was holding his arms close (…not that it would have been necessary but… ^///^° hehe~).
We would have been standing there for a while longer if there wouldn’t have been this little dog. Suddenly Siwon was like “Who’s dog is that?” I looked around and in the garden there was indeed a little doggie… I knew it was the one of our neighbour! I was like “Einstein, what are you doing here?” *haha* yeah, his name was Einstein. ^^ ㅋㅋ (it was a Maltese)
Since the dog now stayed in the garden with us I said I would take him with us once we leave. We sat down on a bench and, of corse, had another cuddle round, enjoying the calm evening. After a while a second doggie, a brow one, walked out from under the bench besides my feet and I laughed. It was Elli, the second dog of our neighbours (dunno since when I know these dogs… not from real life, so much is for sure. they were new in my dreams!).
That was the clear sign for us to go home. It was late anyway so it was okay. We could still cuddle at home ^^
I picked them up and arranged them on my arm so I could carry them both home. I was careful not to drop one of them and held them safely. I had a bit trouble with Elli since it seemed to get carried wasn’t her thing. I had Einstein on/over my shoulder like a baby and Elli besides him on my chest. Holding them with both arms. When Elli sat up stiffly and looked around I said “Relax Elli, lie down.” and she did ^^ so cute. Then I was carrying them home like this and Siwon commented “You look like a mom.” and I said “They are my babies” ❀◕‿◕❀

The “Leader씨… ;﹏; ♥” dream
(ppl involved: HoMin, JYJ, me)
June 2014

Where to begin? It was all so messy so where to start…
I went somewhere here around to see Junsu at an event. It was with a lot of students and like only half of the ppl present actually knew who he was. But that was exactly the reason wae he was there: to introduce himself to ppl. I think it was some sort of korean culture week or whatever for the students.
He performed for a little and the fans among us were all excited. Some of the others went with the flow because they actually liked it and others I heard discussing “Who is he?”, “I don’t know him”, “where did they say he comes from again?” *haha* aaah yeah. ^^° the usual.
Then there was one day without an event for me. Because only the following day was a HoMin event about to happen where I wanted to attend as well. I spend this time near the hotel I stayed in. There was also a soccer field nearby where ppl gathered to watch others play. I am basically totally bored by soccer but what to do? it was the only thing to do and they sold ice cream there! I even met a fangirl I knew from twitter a little and so we were hanging out there for the day and it was nice.
The next day we kept hanging out too because the event was only starting in the afternoon. But somehow this day was different. There was suddenly a guy she was all interested in then and it seemed like she instantly forgot about me. She never bothered to talk to me again or even notice me. I had turned into thin air in no time while we just had walked from the hotel together. I walked away disappointed and irritated. What kind of person behaves like that? Like… wtf!? Once again I really didn’t get ppl.
But in the end walking away was good for me. While aimlessly walking around I came across a place where fans had gathered, getting excited so I walked over to them to see what’s the deal.
And… the ‘deal’ was unbelievable! There were JYJ and… HOMIN! (((o(゚Д゚)o))) *waves around with arms* They accidentally met in front of a shop and since many fans were around because of the events these days it didn’t take long before they had noticed them. Right now the boys were having some sort of hug fest *haha* ^^ They seemed so happy that they met, all smiled very brightly and laughed. Finally no one gave a fack about SM anymore – yeah, these were my thoughts! It made me smile again too. I was so happy that they could meet. We have never seen them interact together privately, there had been no real light at the end of the tunnel for us. And not it was happening. It felt like… SiHan meeting at Jackie Chan’s bday party!
Then my dream skipped forward a little.
It was evening already, HoMin event had ended and I came back from having dinner somewhere. Walked past two guys who were talking about how disappointed they were in some ppl and this reminded me of that girl from before again. I started wondering what I did wrong? Another person just stopped talking to me for no reason (since that had happened some days ago on twitter with a person I was supposed to be friends with I really wondered…). It was slowly becoming darker outside and I was pretty much the only person around but I didn’t mind. I was a bit of a gloomy mess anyway, walking back to my hotel, and felt like being alone. Being alone with my thoughts about how ppl keep disappointing me.
Although… my mood was irrelevant once a wild Yunho appeared! I had no idea where he came from all of a sudden, but apparently he also walked back to his hotel at the moment (because near my hotel there was another one). We hugged and greeted each other, then Yunho noticed that I looked sad. He asked what’s wrong and I told him. I got even more upset while telling him and realizing that this keeps happening to me with ppl made me emo and in the end I almost cried… wth! ><
Then he was liked “Aww, come here!” put his arm around my shoulder, squished me and so we walked to the hotels together. He talked about ppl and friends to me, really tried hard to console me as best as he could. Like basically always when I meet Yunho I just clung to his side while he gave me some words of cheer. I sadly cannot remember anymore what exactly he said, I forgot after waking up. >< But I remember that it made me feel better and forget about that stupid person.
Why thank you Yunho! ;﹏; ♥ you’re such a good friend! 。・゜゜⌒(ㅠOㅠ)⌒゜゜・。 *cries like a baby*
On top of all our Leader씨 gives off such a cordial and protecting vibe that makes you feel really protected and warm. Something better as to meet Yunho couldn’t have happened to me at that moment. Because Leader씨 is Leader씨. He cannot be compared to someone else and he’s the realest friend to others. So you can imagine that I really totally felt okay when we arrived at my hotel. We said bye and Yunho walked on to get to his hotel.
That was all. Yunho is great. BYE!

The “A summer evening” dream
(ppl involved: Siwon and me)
June 2014

Now that it finally wasn’t that hot anymore I could LIVE again! For a person with zero heat tolerance summer can be pretty hard so I really enjoyed it when it was colder in the late afternoon/early evening (colder as in…. not 28°C at 8pm or so… OTL). No risk of sunbun anymore since the sun was only semi-present.. I was excited! =D it was still warm enough but not too hot.
It was a nice temperature for me outside so I grabbed a blanket, a pillow and a magazine to stay in our garden for a while (tbh, I was at Siwon’s place ^^). My older dog was with me and had placed herself at my feet in the grass (the other animals were not around atm). I was lying on my back and reading the magazie by holding it above my face ^^ I was totally chilled.
A little later I heard the garage door closing and assumed that Siwon must be home. It didn’t take long for him to appear in the garden. Actually, he had placed himself in the grass and just stared at me from above. Since he didn’t said anything I put down my magazine only to be met with Siwon’s grinning face above mine… not that far away… and upside down of course. xD *LOL* I giggled because… wth Siwon? haha! ≧◡ ≦
He had a look at what I was reading before (it was some kind of tutorial for something, dunno anymore for what it was) and asked “Does this work?”, then leaned in and kissed me… upside down xD *hahaha* I had this stupid spider man scene in my mind and I almost laughed. Almost.
Then we looked at each other, smiling. Yeah well, that worked better than anything of course. I changed my position a bit so it was less upside down-ish and we kissed again… aah~ and again to tell the truth.  photo 41_excited.gif *giggles*
Who knows for how long that would have continued, but then we heard EunHae’s voices. Apparently they were coming to visit. I could even see them walking over our drive way already.
That was the end of my dream.
Pretty short but… stupid fun xD

The “A summer day” dream
(ppl involved: Siwon, me, my sister & EunHae)
June 2014

It was one of these stupid hot summer days. I didn’t even want to move but my sister wanted to go to the zoo. Okay, so I went to the zoo with my sister. We could feed giraffes with grass there ^^ *haha* and later watch how they gave the elephants branches and stuff. (but these were the only things I can remember from our zoo trip, my dream was a bit chaotic)
Later then sister wanted to go swimming. I am not a fan of being outside when it’s hot so I decided to get a book and just read in the shadow for as long sister was swimming. On our way we meet EunSiHae and they wanted to join us at the lake later.
Then my dream skipped a bit forward and I was already at the lake with my sister sis. She was running around totally excited while I had my nice place in the shadow, reading in my book. I didn’t plan to go swimming but still had my blue bikini on and also my short black undertop since a tshirt was too warm to wear according to my feeling. So I was lying on my roll mat with my towel over it, on my belly but leaning up on my elsbows to read my book. It was totally fine until EunHae appeared and opened their -camp- near my shadow place.
With EunHae the action begun! First thing they did were going to the water – while fooling around of course. In the meantime I saw Siwon walking over too. He placed his towel besides mine and put down all the stuff he was holding. Meanwhile Eunhyuk came back followed by my sister. My sister had a bucket filled with water in hand (oO wherever she got it…), running after him. I had no time to figure out what was actually happening because Hyukkie was on the run, jumping over me, my sister came right after and splashed the water all over Hyukjae… and me…. =_= ”” like WHAT DA HELL, SISTER?! My whole back and legs and all was covered with water and… if Siwon would have been lying there already they would have got him soaking wet too. I almost had a heart attack being suddenly struck by the cold water on top of all. So I turned around and shouted at them “HEY! Can’t you be silly somewhere else?  photo 26_Angry_very.png ” because I was really so mad at this moment, I really was so taken back and hrrr -_- …. but while I was still glaring at the two Siwon was already right on the spot getting the water off me with his towel and told them so go somewhere else. Hyukkie was immediately sorry, while my sister just laughed her ass off and ran away.
Like… hrrr…. == wth… since when is my sis getting along with all of them so well? It is really strange with her since she made peace with Siwon. She already got along well with Jaejoong too and now Hyukkie?? It started to scare me!
But on the other hand it was really sweet of Siwon to immediately starting to dry me. He was totally careful and it was just… sweet. (◕‿◕ʃƪ) So I was mad at these two, but a second later already like –  photo 20_love.png *looking at Siwon*- again.
Later then Siwon also was swimming for a while, I kept reading in the shadow. EunHae had come back first, a moment later Siwon and my sister appeared. She was telling him a story about her friends’ dog. Hearing that said dog was a frensh bulldog Siwon told her about Bugsy. They were just standing there besides our place, talking. I was done reading in the meantime and joined them when they came to talk about dog training. My sister said her friend wants her dog really well trained and Siwon said Bugsy didn’t learn so much yet, then I said he needs more training. …then the dog talk was pretty much finished because the cuddle couple striked again!
I dunno, we were suddenly just huggling and having couple talk~ (ɔˆ ³(ˆ⌣ˆc) ㅎㅎ it’s almost never to hot for huggling!
My sister had just walked away because she couldn’t stand us xD LOL not my problem! haha!

The “In Busan” dream
(ppl involved: Jiwon, Siwon and me)
May 2014

I was in Busan and… I didn’t know wae xD *haha* at least at first.
There was Jiwon dragging me along into a big building. From the inside it was a hotel, really nice hotel. There were ppl (most likely fans) outside but really no one cared about us. I don’t even think they recognized Jiwon as Siwon’s sister because really no one gave a fack.
We walked through the lobby towards a big stairway with expensive looking carpet on it… ground level were the hotel’s restaurants (there were two). The next thing I remember was one of these long hotel hallways. A moment later we stopped in front of one door, Jiwon got a key out and opened the room. She said we would stay here and now wait until Siwon comes back from the International Motor Show. (this was the point in my dream when I re-realized wae I was in Busan… had already forgotten about this event again OTL)
The room itself was really hard to describe. It didn’t look like one of these classic hotel rooms. It was totally cool looking, had a warm atmosphere, nice colorful funiture and stuff… two beds OTL (so I assumed we would stay here overnight as well). It was refreshing! I liked it!
So we were waiting. Sitting in the back of the room around a small couch table. On the left side there was this little couch and accross from it a heavy chair. Jiwon sat down in the chair and I on the couch. I had my backpack with me and started unpacking some stuff while we talked a bit. I haven’t seen her in a while so that was nice.
Later then she got busy with her phone, texting… whoever, and I got busy with my comp I had brought along. Using the hotel’s WiFi I investigated on different cars mom and I COULD buy in a few years. We were already thinking about what our next car would be for a while before (we love to prepare early) and now with the Motor Show going on I got inspired to pick up my research again.
I looked at different models and printed some info about them out like: List of extras in/on the car, price etc… to compare and show mom later. (now don’t ask me wae this hotel room had a printer there… it was maybe a room for business ppl? IDEK, it was just there! xD )
When Siwon finally appeared it was late but we were still awake. Jiwon noticed first and said something like “you’re finally here, it’s about time now”, I don’t remember exactly anymore, but it was something like this.
I had been sitting cross-legged so far with my mac on my lap, but put it away on the table… and dropped my papers ^^°° eh hehe…
Siwon dropped down on the couch besides me, I picked my chaos up and he helped me. The paper he had in hand in the end was about the Audi A3 (I was looking at it because I had fallen in love with it almost a year ago). He took his time to read what it was about then ask if I want to buy it. I said that I cannot tell now and that it was only reserach so far. Then I put all the papers away and Siwon started telling us about the Motor Show happenings.
Watching him dring I couldn’t fail to notice that he seemed tired. Although he liked it there it must have been a long evening. I figured he would want to go to sleep soon, but that was all fine by me. I was tired too (it was already and I was already over my usual sleeing time of course).
When he still talked to Jiwon I sat besides him, clinging to his arm, seeing him blink tiredly. Acknowledged his sleepiness with rubbing my face at his shoulder/neck like a cat~ by leaning over, then resting my head on his shoulder – totally forgetting/not caring about Jiwon… well, she will need to take this when with the cuddle couple ^^° (but I guess she’s cool with this). Siwon was leaning his head against mine and ended his story about the evening while I mentally already chose on the bed on the right left of the room for us.
That was all to that dream.

Short meeting with Siwon! YAYY!
but once again I was a bit creeped out by my dreams accuracy.
I had this dream from 130528 to 130529. I knew Siwon was attending the motor show in busan. that was probably the explanation wae it was about cars and busan in my dream.
BUT I didn’t know that he was presenting an A3 there… a red one… I want a red one… and I couldn’t know before dreaming about it… /justsaying … >o>
I mean… how?? I found out about this after waking up the following morning. Strange that the connection was made in that way!
……. guess the key is to not question anything anymore. My dreams are… o-o yeah well.

But what I really enjoyed was being the cuddle couple with Siwon again. cute cookie
It was that one element of my kdream that felt the realest :3 *goes to thank herself for her dreams, good memory and existing of kdreams world during the night*
Made me have a really good sleep (◡‿◡*)❤

The “Meeting her again” dream
(ppl involved: Ailee and me)
April 2014

Ok, this was a bit crazy.
I was somewhere with dad… I think it was when we visted my aunt, and in the city there was this k-pop/j-pop event thingy going on. I wanted to go there, dad did something else in the meantime.
I got a front row seat since someone was leaving (for whatever reason)! The event was about some younger artist performing there, of course I didn’t know them ^^° *4ever too ignorant to know them*
Towards the end of the event Ailee suddenly appeared on stage and performed one of her japanese songs. After that she talked to the fans and asked if someone from japan was here. There were indeed some japanese students in this small hall we were in and they told Ailee that they loved her songs.
Then…. she left the stage just to sit in the audience to watch the last artists. But before the next artist was supposed to perform the host talked to some of Ailee’s japanese fans. In the meantime she sat down besides me and, to my surprise she remembered me. Hm… how long was it? The first and only time we have met had been end of 2012 and she still remembered me! o: I was surprised! “We met in the hotel back then, right?” she said.
After our short greeting the Ailee fan wanted to sing one of her songs and the host allowed her to. And she could really sing damn well O-O Everyone was sort of blown away by her singing. Ailee and me looked at each other surprised and she gave her fan an excuted thumbs up! After that the next artist finally came on stage. No clue who actually was it, I was talking with Ailee for a moment. And the funny thing was that she said she wants to get some sweets for her journey back and said “Let’s share some gummy bears!” and I agreed *haha* she is so funny!
When the event ended and everyone left I walked outside with Ailee. Dad came back to our meeting point and I introduced them to each other and told dad that we would go to that sweets kiosk near the hall before leaving.
Ailee gave some autographs to some fans and then we went there. Ailee bought her sweets, we had some gummy bears, walked outside with her to the car of her Manager, we said bye and then I left with dad.
That was all ^^

The “Songs & Lyrics” dream
(ppl involved: My workmates, Siwon and me)
April 2014

Not really anything happened because it was a weird and short dream.
I was at the mall with some workmates. We met up to wander through the stores. We were talking and laughing, had something to eat together and then continued strolling the shops. While on the way from one shop to the next I had started LINE-ing with Siwon. I cannot remember who of us started this but we ended up communicating over Songs and lyrics we sent each other.
While the others were still talking and stuff I just focused following them and not losing the group while we were sending stuff back and forth (。◠‿‿◠。) in the end I really wished to meet him but of course he was busy with work. I just thought “damn, that’s too bad. *a little frustrated*” and then left the mall with my colleagues when it was already becoming dark.

The “SJ-M recording in China” dream
(ppl involved: Some of the SuJu boys, random girls, Siwon and me)
April 2014

It started when a bunch of girls and me were somewhere backstage at a recording studio (in a building). SuJu-M boys were recording a show today – although I had no idea why we were all in China at this recording but we were there. In this building were different waiting rooms and side rooms and… I was completely clueless what’s going on and where I had to go or could go or… am allowed to go… ;~; HELP! Half of the other girls seemed to know each other and everyone knew where to go besides me. I ended up with just followed them. Then there was this room where a staff guy showed us some lock boxes that looked somehow like the ones at the station, just with glass doors. He explained we could leave our belongings there and then he left. He seemed really busy and didn’t “waste” more of his time on us than necessary. Most of the boxes were already filled and the other girls put their stuff there. I went to look if there was still a free one and… must have looked really lost because one of the girls showed me one by saying “Take the one besides mine”, so I did.
Exactly same girl then dragged me along to one of the rooms nearby. There was a table at the one side of the room and a couch in the middle, also a tv. Some of the other girls already sat there on the couch and watched tv, eating snacks and chatting. I had a look around the room and everywhere was girl stuff around xD *haha* like clothes (jackets) and bags and phones in girlie cases etc.
But I couldn’t look around for long since the girl from before told me to sit down between her and another girl. They both looked friendly so I did. I was clueless and confused anyway ^^°°° (had to get a clue of this all first). Before I knew what was going on I had some chips in my hands and got a blanket and stuff. Like… wow… people ^^° wow! They were really nice!
The like… 4 girls in the room weren’t exactly familiar to me but when I saw the last one that had entered the room I thought that it must be Ryeowook’s girlfriend. I remembered this picture of her an eternity ago and so I just assumed the other girls around were also girlfriends of some of the SuJu members. Would make sense since we were backstage while SJM recorded. Sometimes I could hear noises from the stage but, tbh, the girls and the tv were noisy as well so I couldn’t understand anything.
A little time passed by in where I was on twitter, texting unni. A bit later I had to get up because my sitting position from before was about to make legs go numb (you know what I mean, when you sit weirdly and then ‘oh, I can’t feel my legs anymore’).
I wandered around, back to the locker room and then saw Siwon there. Apparently they had a little break right now, staff was running around and some members were to be seen as well. I watched him for some moments as he was searching his bag for something. Since he didn’t seem to find it I walked over to him and asked “what’s wrong?”, Siwon said “Can’t find my lipbalm and my pen.”, I said “Wait, I can help you out.”. Got my bag because what he was searching for was what I always carry with me since… it is simply LIFE! (I don’t get how people can leave their home without lipbalm and a pen! OTL)
I quickly found it and handed him the stuff. “That really helps, thank you.” he said then and I said “no problem”. Then we grinned stupidly at each other for like two second, then just… huggled up and kissed (#^_^#) And it wasn’t even a peek, no. Although some people were around but… c’mon, the like two or three who were in and out of the locker boxes’ room.. they couldn’t care less *giggles* so in the end it was a longer (but not too long of course) kiss. The kind of kiss you have when everything is on order and you’re perfectly fine with each other. Like… da hell with the fact that we couldn’t celebrate our 1 year couple anni. Who cares anyway? We’re fine! That kiss was really sweet and loving (ღ˘⌣˘ღ)
 photo 50_wolke_9.gif aksjfksajfksad!!! *speechless*
Well, that still wasn’t the end of the dream: Break was over then and I went to find a place from where I could spy on the recording. And I was successfully spying on it. It was playtime. The members were playing a game with the fans. 4 members were doing something at that time, the others stood lined up at the side. Siwon was in the waiting line of members and I caught myself staring at him just like… one year ago.  photo 3_wub.gif what to do with myself? I have to admit that I’m a fool in love. *sigh* Where did all these feels come from?? (I mean, a year ago already… and it’s still only getting worse T~T *cries weakly*)
Maybe you can tell that I didnt get much of what was going on with the game they did since I was spacing out on Siwon really, REALLY bad. *siiiigh*
That was the very end of my dream.

haaaaah~~ I cannot even~ Just… happiness! cactus_pup

The “Short celebration” dream
(ppl involved: Siwon and me)
April 2014

So it was like two days after Siwon’s b-day. This meant our couple anniversary and his birthday had passed already without any chance of celbration and now we could finally meet for something like… a moment.
It was already evening and we had come back from the cinema. Of course we had watched Cap2 (ㅋㅋㅋ)! Siwon asked me how I liked it while I roled myself into the blanket. And… oh he better shouldn’t have! xD because I was all hyper of course, kept talking about how awesome this and that was and… Steve and Natasha and Steve and Natasha xD haha! Shipper here! And I told him how I would have let this movie end and so on, and so on. I saw that he was grinning amused but as if I would care! Since he asked he had to hear it now LOL ( •ॢ◡ -ॢ)
And that was really all to it. Very short dream. Very short “celebration” (if we can call it something like that).

Well, not that I would need a big celebration but sometimes you find yourself a bit annoyed that he’s super busy around these times. Of course I would never say something. It’s his job in the end.

The “Invited for dinner” dream
(ppl involved: Some of the other SuJu boys, Changmin, Siwon and me)
March 2014

The first part of my dream was really short but I still know that we awaited Changmin as a guest for dinner ^__^ I was busy preparing soup because I was cooking ramyeon, but not instant ramyeon, that’s why it took me longer. I remember that I decided to make more after I had already started preparing, because Changmin eats for 5 people or so xD *ah haha*
My guess is that Changmin showed up at our (means more like Siwon’s) house because he wanted to invite us.
Because the following evening we were at Changmin’s place for dinner. Some of the other SuJu boys were there too. I think I saw Kyu somewhere and there were Donghae, Eunhyuk and Zhoumi too. So we had dinner at Changmin’s place and the evening grew long. Very long and… even longer ^^°. The ppl who know me will assume right now that I am not good in staying up extrememy long and so didn’t make it. My sleep-wake cycle works differently. I still remember that we sat on this huge couch and I somehow fell asleep. It was funny because I realized how I fell asleep like… you hear the others talk but you cannot make sense out of what they say anymore because you only hear them bla bla in the distance (slowly fading out).
The next thing I remember was that Siwon woke me up because everyone was leaving. I had no idea how late it was in the meantime, but I have had a good nap! ( ◕ヮ◕)b Changmin’s couch was really comfy, I have to say. Almost like a bed and… who had put a blanket over me? *looks around* I was wrapped in a blanket when I woke up but ther was none when I had fallen asleep. o.o (if I can make a guess: Shisus~ OTL)
So we said goodbye to the rest and walked home (strangely enough that Changmin’s house was within walking distance? xD omg… wae is everyone moving here?! I don’t get it but I also cannot exactly complain! I like the boys ^^ ). Of course right from the start the cuddle couple was BACK! It was cold outside but even if it wouldn’t have been: I love to cling to ppl… uhm… Siwon! *cough* (≥///≤) … *gets embarrassed*
So even before we had walked out of Changmin’s door we were totally glued together and that was how we were walking home as well.
Maybe my unni-ya knows what I mean when I say: Like when I am like a cat around her legs I was like a cat to Siwon as well at that moment… (っ˘ڡ˘ς)❤
We walked like (ɔˆ⌣ˆ)ˆ⌣ˆc) *cuddle, cuddle* and suddenly I had the feeling I have to tell him what was on my mind right now and so I whispered something to him. I cannot remember anymore what it was but he then suddenly stopped walking and hugged me really tight. Aww~ (愛˘‿˘愛)

The “two cats” dream
(ppl involved: My Sister and me + Siwon’s house and pets)
March 2014

It happened that I found the grey tiger kitten from last time somewhat sick-ish outside so I took her home. To Siwon’s house to be exact (somehow it was nearer to go there). I let her rest on a pillow in the bureau and gave her food. When I checked on her again the next morning she was better and ready to play. Our red tiger cat, Penelope (yes, she has a name now! I called her that in my dream ^^), was already curiously sneaking around in front of the door. I let her in and watched what would happen now with the two kitten. It went pretty well since after a short time being shy they started to play and ran in and out the door, chasing each other.
I texted my sister about the thing that I took the cat home and she said she would drop by – she wanted to see both of the kitten anyway.
When my sister arrived the cats were still busy playing. She played with the cats and after a bit she asked me if I would keep the grey tiger cat now. I said I dunno but on the other hand Cleo (the grey tiger) really needs a home. I told her I would let both of the cats stay in the bureau together and see to it later. Also, we could shut the dogs out of this room for the time being.
We were both sitting on the ground, Penelope had curled herself up on my legs and I was patting her while my sister played with Cleo. Then my dream ended.
All in all the dream was a short dream but I don’t think my sort of adopted cat will ever leave again ^^°° just because I know myself and… I don’t think Siwon will kick her out either, so: Welcome, new family member! ⌒(o^▽^o)ノ

I also foud it cool that I now know what out red tiger cat is named! Penelope! And my adopted cat Cleo! I am satisfied, I can live with these names.
So we have 3 dogs and 2 cats now? o.O hm…. when did that happen? *haha* xD I totally knew it would end up like that! I just knew it!
There you all go with our house full of pets… (^‿^ㆀ)

The “Well… things happen xD” dream
(ppl involved: Siwon and me)
March 2014

Siwon and me were at my aunts place! We had visited her, it was evening, dark outside, we were in the guest-apartment of the house (no joke: she really had that!) and we were getting ready for sleep.
This means: Siwon was showering in the biger bathroom, I was getting ready in the small bathroom. So I stood in front of the mirrow and then…. darkness all of a sudden. I groaned annoyed. Power blackout while I was only halfway ready… Just great!(¬3¬)
But I had an idea: I wanted to get my phone and use it’s light to at least see enough to remove my mess in the bathroom and get fully ready. I walked over to the bedroom (luckily there is not much in the hallway of this apartment so there was nothing I could trip over) and searched in the almost complete dark for my phone. Take note: wearing my underwear and my shirt OTL (like I said: i wasn’t done yet when the lights went out).
I was like “*pats around the place* where is my phone..?? C’mon, I know I left you here!”. I was completely focused on finding my phone so I got a mega heart attack when someone glomped and squished me from behind but I quickly realized that it was only Siwon. Oh damn him, he scared da sh*t out of me! aaaaahasdfjaskf! Really! (-_- I almost screamed! thank god I am not thaaat jumpy). So it happened we started huggling, talked random nonsense and giggled. While moving around in the dark we bumped into the bed and fell on it. I had a random laugh attack because that always had happened to me when I was younger and went to bed after turning off the light and just NEVER knew where the bed was and always somehow fell into it xD
Aaaand… did I already mention that Siwon was just wrapped into his shower towel? No? well so now I did. *haha* ≧◡ ≦ oh wellies, what to say? Just so much so for sure: Things happen~ ╮(´▽`)╭ *cough* NEW YORK 1965!!! LOL (no seriously! I woke up and had to think about it xD so silly!)
The rest is up to everyone’s imagination.  photo ehhehedrop.gif
I only want to add: Siwon is IMPOSSIBLE! Sometimes I wonder how he can live being such an impossible tease!
That is all. BYE! ≧◔ε◔≦ *haha*

 photo giggle_2_zps5fecc849.gif
(I think that was revenge for the last time! Aah, maybe we’re both impossible ^^° TOUCHÈ SIWON! TOUCHÈ!)

The “Media report” dream
(ppl involved: Siwon and me + our tv)
February 2014

We were walking home from… whereever, I dunno ^^, but it was already evening. Halfway home a young cat came to me and I saw it was the grey tiger cat I had taken care of a bit lately because she had no one. I took it on my arm and introcued it to Siwon, telling him about how I found out the cat has probably no owner (that’s why I took care of her).
After that we left the cat and finally reached Siwon’s house. It was not too late yet so we curled up in the corner on the left side of our couch lazily, flipping through some of the (german) tv channels and ended up watching news of a random tv magazine. To my surprise they reportet about SuJu and their last fanmeeting or concert here around (not exactly sure what it was). They refered to them as -the popular group from South Korea-. Of course it was mostly just general bla bla, they had no real idea who they were and all. Something about the event itself was shown, we saw some of the members backstage and then the magazin speaker on tv started talking about how some fangirls maybe would be unhappy because one of the members was seen with his girlfriend and…. xD haha, well. They meant Siwon and I was like Dudes, I wasn’t even there… (why should I when there was media running around?). Nonetheless, the best was still about to come: Their girlfriend talk proceeded with a picture of Jiwon and I thought Oh? she got a new haircut!, not commenting this nonsense. Siwon also just sat there silent, grinning, not commenting that either. The grand final was that they had seem them hugging and I, who just had been stretching my problematic right leg at that time, let myself fall back down on the couch again, rolled over to Siwon’s side (kinda bumped into him because I rolled too enthusiastic ^^° oops!) and sighed “Oh seriously~?”. Then I just leaned my legs in a comfy position on him (from the side u know..) and he switched the channel.
Our stupid media, everyone. xD So no!

The “pre-preview” dream
(ppl involved: friends and me, Siwon)
February 2014

This dream was a cool one!
There was this big hall with a lot of chairs and tables, everyone was dressed formally and it was some kind of VIP event for “the Hobbit 3” where they would talk about the movie and show an exlcusive trailer before anyone else would see it, like… OoO YOU GUYS!!  REALLY!??
Some of the main actors were there too and a lot of secondary role actors were present as well. It was all pretty cool and I was pretty excited! =D I mean: THE HOBBIT 3! KYAH!!!!! (((o(≧ヮ≦)o))) I was screaming in my mind! *haha*
I looked at everything with glittering eyes and when it was time for the speaker to open then event I noticed the stage setting they had done: It was replica of some parts of Rivendell as decoration and it looked really cool like… did they bring the original parts of the set here or what?!
But I wasn’t there alone. Siwon was with me and sitting right beside me. We were last row in the hall and everyone was paying attention to the speaker. Even I was listening interested. Well, at least for as long as Siwon wasn’t doing nonsense. With that I mean that he was playing around with the back decoration of my (of course red!) dress xD like… yah! it tickles! Will ya stop?!  photo 41_excited.gif
I really tried hard not to giggle or laugh. It was really hard work! … I wanted to hit him! xD Especially when I saw his amused face while pretending to pay attention to the speaker. You’re such a scandal Choi Siwon! Being amused about torturing me! Tsk, if we would have been at home then…! (reveeeeeenge!!!)
Unfortunately we weren’t, but my luck was the SuJu boys (the others were also there) got the signal for their performance. So Siwon had to go, but not without came dangerously close when he got up and I thought he would risk a peck but he didn’t in the end. With all the ppl around it was for the better. But damn, what a tease! tsk… >///>
While SuJu boys left for their performance in the hall next to ours the speaker was done with his speech. So I wandered around a bit, checking out who was there and what was going on.
There was no press around at this event, it was all like totally secret and VIP. There was only one official photographer and it was…. Lucy! (◕ヮ◕) The korean-american photographer noona I met last year when she worked with the SuJu boys. She was present with her assistant today so I went to greet her. We both were happy to meet again, talked for a bit and then we let her assistant take a photo of both of us like (v^∀^)(ˆㅅˆv) before they had to work.
I continues to stroll around the area and then spotted a good friend of mine directly in front of the stage and walked to her. We were overly excited to meet again (apparently after a long time). She told me that she was a secondary actor “in the hobbit 3”, as one of the elves, and I thought this was the coolest thing ever and got even more excited xD because: Hey! my friend acted in the hobbit, what is cooler than that? ʕ⌐■㉨■づ
Excitement knew no end, especially because someone came by to hand out little snacks to us and it was…. mini donuts! xD hahaha! how weird! but everyone was like “omg! sugar! sugar!” no one wanted a chocolate one xD
We just had finished eating them then the speaker called everyone’s attention to the big screen and we saw SuJu perform on stage. They were the special guests tonight and part of the entertainment program.
They had changed into other clothes and performed a small number of songs for a small number of ELF. Everything was fine. Sungmin talked to ELF, Shindong acted cute and Siwon stripped. ……… WHAT?! (☉_☉) ….. OH DAMN HIM AND HIS RANDOM STRIP SHOW FOR ELFs!
My friend beside me stared at first just like me, then started laughing, poked me and said “isn’t that your man! xD”
I didn’t bother how she even knew but… I stared and… then got really embarrassed!!! While my friend just laughed more I was like “jaskldjfkasjdfkas!!! *tries to hide*” I wanted to flip our stupid table! (╯ ≥///≤)╯︵ ┻━┻ … but I couldn’t! was too embarrassed! /)∀(\ So I just covered my face embarrassed.
Thank god cameraman only filmed it for a short time because the boys were already done with their performance and going off stage.
So it wasn’t too long anymore till they would show the trailer so we just spent the time talking. Luckily no one around found it necessary to discuss the 10 yuan show any further °///°
Instead my friend and two more girls talked about the movie. Later the SuJu boys had returned, gathered on a table technically on the other and of the room. We were still directly in front of the stage and they were at the right side of the room, almost last row table.
I saw it when I was looking for Siwon just to see where he was and what he was doing. Just locating him ^^ then I kept talking to the girls. We came to talk about the little play they were doing on this stage here after the previewing of the trailer on and around this Imladris copy. Later my friend and me went to the place girls always go as two *haha* and we were back in time to see the trailer.
It was all cool and I was like… ‘WOAH! a pack of white wolves?! WOAH! Bilbo what are you doing?! OMG! *le gasp* what happenined?! YAH! wae is this the end of the trailer already?! D: ‘ Really great scenes going on, sadly no smaug in this trailer. But still!
Then my dream ended.

I dunno how I got into this VIP thing, but I am pretty sure Siwon had something to do with it :3
and it was SO cool! HNNNGH! Hobbit 3 preview! OMG!

The “Message” dream
(ppl involved: My sister and me, Siwon -indirectly-)
February 2014

A very short little dream ^^
My sister had to go somewhere and she wanted me to go with her since it was about to be very boring. So I accompanied her. So we went to that bureau building and waited quite a while, then she had her appointment with an insurance lady. I waited outside of the room they were in, wathing them through the glas door.
But then my phone beeped because I received something on Naver. It was a message from Siwon (dunno wae there was a sound, no one ever gets push notification-setting for anything on my phone (#^_^#) *giggles* but for Siwon everything is different I guess, eh hehe… *laughs embarrassed*)
I knew he was busy working, having a meeting with PJ for 3rd wave project. So i wondered and looked at LINE to see what was about. There was no comment, just an audio file he had sent me. I was like “okay~” and clicked it. And then it turned out to be a recording of him playing guitar and singing! (ღ˘⌣˘ღ) OMONA, he didn’t?! but yeeeees~ he did!
I stared at my phone and listened to Siwon’s english singing like ❤。◕‿◕。❤ ~ till the audio file had reached it’s end. It was really nice and I wanted to click on -play again- but then I already woke up *giggles* too bad!

nyaah~ I can’t! ヽ(愛´∀`愛)ノ so nice!

The “Meeting for dinner” dream
(ppl involved: Jiwon, me and a very unexpected guest appearance o.o)
January 2014

I dunno how it happened but I was at Jiwon’s apartment. We met because we wanted to cook dinner together. I had just arrived, was taking my jacket off and stuff, while she told me something about her university life. Ah! So she’s a student! (guessed she’s only her parents’ home during WEs)
We were in the kitchen and collected everything from the fridge to cook while she told me something that had happened with some people of her class and she wanted to know my opinion on the things. Wow, Jiwon! I don’t even know these guys but well, I love analysing stuff so why not? ^^
After a while she said that something of the ingredients is missing. I cannot remember what she said it was but I said I would go get it. Since we were waiting for Siwon to show up too she stayed home. The market was near so I thought I would be back in 10 minutes the latest anyway.
I left the house and wanted to go around the corner to the market, when I randomly noticed Siwon’s parents at a restaurant on the other side of the street. Thought they were just out for dinner at first but then Siwon showed up as well, walking over and talking for a bit to them. He didn’t sit down, he just talked for some moments. I kept walking towards the market while looking at this from the corner of my eye.  … NO way I would have walked over there! No, I am absolutely not ready for a parents meeting, especially not “uninvited”, if you know what I mean.
Nontheless: I had never expected to see their parents around there! I admit that I had a little random heart attack (⊙_⊙) … of course they don’t know me but still.

The “A good day” dream
(ppl involved: Siwon, me and doggies as guest stars ^^)
January 2014

This dream started when I was visiting a neighbour of us who’s Bernese Mointain dog had babies. I came to see the puppies ^___^ And they were (of course) all very cute and fluffy! KYAH! (((o(≧∇≦)o))) And I sat down on the ground to play with them and and all I noticed were fluffles on my lap because the puppies climbed all over me
≧◡ ≦ This is how I like my days! Full with fluffy puppies!
Our neighbour Ajeossi then asked me if I wanna help walk the puppies and of course I wanted.
Later in the afternoon I went to Siwon’s house with my dog. Arriving there I was leaving my shoes in the hallway, leaving my jacket on the couch and the doggie just somewhere around there too xD and went upstairs to the bathroom. Dunno wae I didn’t do this at home but I wanted to have a bath (on the other hand: doesn’t matter if there or at home I guess ^^). Bathroom door was half open. I saw Siwon in front of the mirror, obviously he had showered before because he was wrapped in a towel. Of course we hugged, exchanged some words and… *cough* ^//^° never thought things can happen there but they indeed can. Eh hehe… *laughs embarrassed* Let’s leave it at that. (Dr.YF will say again that this is ‘really hot’ LOL xD )
YEAH WELL! *haha* anyways, my dream skipped a bit forward and brought me back to the living room. It was early evening, already somewhat dark outside. I sat on the ground before the couch, cuddling with my doggie. Siwon sat on the couch at the other end and had his guitar with him. After adjusting it a bit he started playing a song I knew from waaaaay back when I was a teenager. I could still remember this song well, it was one of my fav tracks back then and he even sang half of the (english) lyrics! It was really cool because in my deam I understood every word very clear. Not sure if he didn’t know the rest of the lyrics but: Like I would care! asjdksadjflksakdf!!! OTL
Nyaah~ (っ˘ڡ˘ς)❤ do I need to mention that I’m dying for Siwon singing english songs? (sadly, after waking up, i forgot what song it was exactly :/ that sucked a little)
When he had finished I turned around, leaning a bit up the couch and said “that was great!” – smiling like an idiot of course. Siwon grinned, put his guitar aside and came to my side of the couch, half lying down at my end leaning down towards me and i gave him a little kiss. He said “I love you.” and that was the end of my dream.
Oh btw: the couch is completely white, even the pillows. ^^ That was what I could see in this dream.
It’s really beautiful, I love white couch! ( ◕ヮ◕)b

But… I see this kdreams writing of mine here is no good. YOU ALL STOP READING! haha! xD You shall not know! Damn! what is happening here?? *haha* cannot believe!
And… seriously, this dream reminded me of something sis once said back then and I was like “…. ….. damn. Wae does she have to be right now.” when I woke up because what she said technically happened now.
YEAH WELL! (((o(>_<)o))) *waves with arms* ……. *stops* (゜_゜) …. ◑__◑ … I cannot explain this… and… *mumbles* things can happen… it’s not our faul.. *gets into random gollum-quote mode* mustn’t ask us, not its business. … jskdfjksals.. *mumbles incomprehensible stuff while walking away*

It was still a good day!

The “Bubble gum” dream
(ppl involved: random guy, SuJu boys, Siwon and me)
January 2014

I was out with the SuJu boys once again and they were… yeah, where were they? oO I don’t even know. It was somewhere outside where no one normally goes to. It was out in the nowhere, to be exact in the fields, and they were filming for some SME video stuff. What do I know, i was just a guest. It was something where they tried out what normally other ppl do as their job or so and it turned out funny (of course ^^). I watched them filming took some pics and was hanging around behind the camera while they were working.
Only the filming team, Prince Manager and the boys were there. No disturbing fans. So the filming proceeded without delays.
A little later they had to move to a different location but it was withing a walking distance so they went there, leaving for a while.
I watched videos on YouTube with my phone in the meantime, waiting for them to come back.
Then randomly a guy showed up i knew from some years ago. Haven’t seen him often but still remembered him. Asked him what he was doing here and he said was doing traineeship with the filming team here. So I talked to him random stuff like how his life is going and such, because when I actually know him I should ask and be a bit polite, but at a certain point that guy showed too much interest in me. I got irritated and left him behind quickly. Was afraid he would throw a pick-up line next… *highly confused* no, no… really.
So I found myself a place away from that guy and got busy with my phone so he won’t talk to me anymore. I didn’t only pretend, no, I was actually sending mom pictures from the recording of SuJu, telling her what had happened so far. I can remember I put some fancy stuff around some photos with my LINEcamera app! xD LOL that was so real life! ㅋㅋ
When I was done I was hanging around waiting. Mainly for Siwon to come back so I wouldn’t have to bother with that guy anymore and… feeling more uneasy about exactly this guy from before like… stop looking at me you creepy-!? HELP! D: go away! >~< …. Shouldn’t have talked to him in the first place. I learned again that I just shouldn’t break my own rules in the first place. He wasn’t even a friend and now I got myself into this…
Σ( ̄。 ̄ノ)ノ hrr, weirdness. Only because I wanted to be nice. (I really shouldn’t)
So I ignored da hell out of him and he eventually stopped looking in the end. I couldn’t tell because I was not checking again xD (because in ignore-mode). I just sat there waiting, and eating that new bubble gum I had brought along. Strawberry of course. It tasted really great *___* nyaah~ like one of these bubble gums I had in my childhood!
To my delight it wasn’t long from that moment on when I saw Junghoon Prince manager-ssi coming back, announcing a break from filming to the rest of the crew that stayed behind. I got up to see if Siwon was also anywhere near and then he already appeared! ヾ(愛ˆヮˆ愛)ノ #excitement!
I was like ♡ʚ⃛꒰ᴖ͙◡ुᴖ͙꒱ɞ⃛♡ and walking towards him happily, Siwon was like
“Noona~! (っˆヮˆ)っ~~❤” when he saw me and welcomed me with open arms when I had almost reached him. Then he stopped to catch me while me was jumpin onto him like a cat on someones lap. You know, ( •ॢ◡ -ॢ) Super Show style like Donghae jump-glomps Siwon on stage (and… I have to say I couldn’t not-notice that he really has strong arms (っ˘ڡ˘ς)❤ ). We were both somewhat overexcited ^^ for whatever reason. Hm, I think just because, there is no reason needed.
Of course the hyper-excited us we were also kissed for a longer moment and then Siwon was like “Wow, Noona, what are you eating? ^^”. Ah ye right, I still had this bubble gum xD ah haha! Realizing he tasted it I giggles extremely amused and said “bubble gum! ^___^” .

and that was already all to it.
Like… damn Siwon, you keep bringing out my private personality. It’s incredible, really, how playful he gets me. (^‿^ㆀ)
But in the end I was just relieved that I don’t have to worry about the random guy anymore. Always the strange weirdos creep around me… °-° it’s really scary. >-< *hides behind Siwon*

The “XIA 10th Anni Fanmeeting” dream
(ppl involved: Junsu, Hea Unni and me)
January 2014

Oh this was a nice little dream to start 2014!
I was in this theater again where I already visited the TVXQ/JYJ concert with Jing Yee last year. This time it was a 10th Anni Fanmeeting Junsu was holding. Unni-ya and me sat in the middle of the rows in the room, around us some other german fans. First he sang some songs, then he sat down on a table and on the huge display in the middle of the stage there appeared photos from debut till now. Junsu was commenting it and shared some funny stories to some era’s – the translator by his side translated into english. Sometimes he laughed so much about something he remembered that he had a hard time coming down to tell us the actual story xD we were of course very amused about this.
Junsu was so happy and so cute. It was really such a nice thing to watch him during this fanmeeting. It was not an heavy atmosphere at all when talking about the past 10 years. And he talked quite a while of course and many pictures appeared in the screen. Also some we had never seen before. Must have been from Junsu’s personal collection or so.
While he talked he kept looking over to our side, I guess he had notices Unni and me since a while. HE repeatedly looked at us. It happened several times while he was talking.
After a while Unni got some cookies out of her bag to eat for us *haha* then we were having a little snack while listening to Junsu. I had my shoes off so I could curl myself into my seat with sitting in my feet. So I was eating my cookie and leaning my head on Unni’s shoulder since she was tall enough (●ˆ ω ˆ●) heheh… I felt like a little squirrel with it’s mom!
Later on there was a break in the fanmeeting so everyone could get something to eat in the lobby of the theater downstairs because this was a really long, special Anni fanmeeting. Unni and me got us something and came back to the main room, the fans from before were also there. We came to talk to them a little. Most of the other’s were still downstairs to get food. Then Junsu suddenly showed up in front of us, asking if we are all fine and how we like it. He looked at unni and me when he asked that. =) Aah nice of him to check on us. I think he wouldn’t have come up to our row if ot wouldn’t have been for unni and me.
We said that everything is fine and that’s really fun. Junsu said he wants to hold a fanmeeting outside someday but this time it was too cold of course. He was all energetic, ambitious and smiling, it was really contagious. ^___^ He had such a happy energy that day!
I didn’t know what made me more happy: to be here with unni or to see that Junsu is really well. That’s the happiness I wish for him.

It was all just great because of happy Junsu and I was there with Unni-ya~ ヾ(愛ˆヮˆ愛)ノ

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