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This is the k-dreams year of 2015*: ・゚✧

The “Wedding Party” dream
(ppl involved: Friends, family, workmates, Siwon and me)
December 2015

This was all a little confusing so I will just write what I got.
At the beginning there was Siwon, with short hair due to army, rather formally dressed this time. I wore something I would identify as a dress sort of like this one now and there were more formally dressed ppl around. There was a guy in front of us who held a longer speech and everyone was listening absolutely focused. I caught myself looking at Siwon way more often than usual with a pretty blank mind. I could only think about how much I love him. And he looked at me too and after a bit we just sat there leaning against each other and I felt the urge to let my head just drop on his shoulder and cry. Not because I was sad but just because I love him.
Buuuut I couldn’t because this was a pretty official event/ceremony/whatever.
My dream skipped to a later time, late afternoon or early evening, and I looked out for my co-workers. We had ordered stuff from them and I was there to make sure they found their way in. Because there was security outside this place who wouldnt let anyone in that wasn’t on the guest list. I saw my junior coming down the sidewalk with things to eat in her hand. At first she stared at me really puzzled, then heard the music going on inside and when I just smiled and led her inside, going through the door first she just said “I knew it!” xD hahaha!
Aaaah yeah well, looks like SangWon couple got finally married and she sort of knew this would happen. ^^°°
Then again my dream skipped forward a bit, the cake and stuff my junior and work unni had brought around was placed where it had to be and I was in a room with them, talking excited. I let them join the party so they had just come back with better clothing for the given event. Now there I was with my Junior, work unni and some other female friends & I was, for whatever reason, about to get into another dress. A pink one, something like this one! Because all the girls wanted to see it so badly they were in the room with me. When I showed it to them they freaked out. xD LOL as women who like this kinda stuff it was great to them.
It was evening by that time and all the guests were having fun, dancing to music and/or talking to each other. My junior then hurried me to change because she wanted to see how it looks when I wear it so I got behind one of these walls where you can change your clothes.
Getting from one dress into the other and being almost done, Siwon came into the room and over to me, asking me “Jagi, are you okay? What takes you so long?”. ^^ And I replied “I’m okay… I’m redressing.” and he said “You better come back now, your song is on.” . Hearing him say that I listened what was playing right now and it was Junsu’s “OeO” and I said “oh! you’re right! Let’s go!” and we all went back to the party.

that was pretty much it… the dream then moved into something unrelated and weird so no need to go on with this.
Still I find it interesting that I sort of got a wedding now!
I even know how this all came together in one dream. Was talking about wedding dressed with my mom the day before, was talking with my workmates at work about ppl who get married in december (we had a wedding cake order) and I was randomly strongly thinking about Junsu’s “OeO” yesterday xD
So my mind mixed it all up and I got a wedding ^^°
… and I said at work “what kind of person gets married in december??”.
Well, BIG SHUT UP for myself from myself now.  photo ehhehedrop.gif

Good thing is wedding date will be easy to remember because it was the same day my bestie has her birthday =) that’s called great timing, isn’t it? *haha*
Aaah, my kdreams are amazing. No movie can keep up with that!

The “Surprise Vacation” dream
(ppl involved: Heenim, Patti, Kyu, Donghae, Siwon and me)
December 2015

I am dying these days (because of work stress), still I found myself on a weekend trip to Italy/Rome with Siwon!
To be exact we weren’t just by ourselves. Some of the others were with us too.
Like Donghae, Patti & Kyu and Heenim.
We checked in at the hotel and then regrouped in the lobby to go see the city. I had a fun time with Donghae, to be honest ^^ Cannot remember what we talked about but it was something funny. He was very excited to tell a story and we laughed a lot. The evils, all three of them, were holding a city guide and Heenim was explaining where we should go first. Siwon joined us last, he had been in our room before.
He creeped around our group and just decently got me away from Donghae, apologized for interrupting our talk, made sure the evils weren’t looking and made us sneak away quickly. I could clearly tell he had no intention to be with the evils the whole day.. or the fishy… or anyone. He wanted us to have day alone.  photo 42_biggrin.png
so there we were, quickly disappearing between lots of tourists. Siwon had a city map. So we started strolling around, being our teenangers-in-love-selves  photo 2_blush.gif . Appart from looking at nice buildings and seeing big open places we were having a lot of childish fun. Siwon gave me a piggyback ride for a while, we hugged in different places, walked around holding hands, smiling and laughing a lot, always a little peck here and there & we got randomly excited about the most random stuff. I never think it is possible to fall in love with Siwonnie even more but he keeps proofing me wrong  photo 3_wub.gif
In the end we came by a souvenir stand who had such cute and nice little things that we decided to come back later once we knew who to bring a present.
I have no idea what the others were doing but we were having an extremely good day ^^ Another wonderful break from reality. And I can honestly have to say I really wasn’t thinking about it once. We don’t talk jobs or bad things on reality breaks like this. There are only a handful of calm days so SangWon couple gets away and enjoys them.
We’re on  photo 50_wolke_9.gif cloud no.9, definitely!

 photo ohlove.gif

The “Sad Returning Day” dream
(ppl involved: Siwon’s family, Siwon and me)
December 2015

Short and sad one. :/
Siwon and I were at a big store with some of his family members. Father, mother and aunt, to be exact. We spent a good while going through this big store to get what his mom needed. Basically the older ppl walked ahead, getting heir business done, while we followed rather slowly.
It was a day where Siwon had to go back to the army and it was almost spent. all in all this sucked pretty much because we were both sad and the only near entertaining thing was to find out that Siwon’s aunt has a black and white Pom – saw it in the car when his parents went to drive him back to the army after shopping.

:/ sad.
The Pom was cute and Siwon’s aunt talks a lot, but otherwise: sad.

The “Worried about Jaejoong” dream
(ppl involved: Jaejoong and me)
November 2015

Oh man… this dream started bad.
I received word that Jaejoong was in the hospital and was like ”  photo 4_pffffft--1.gif  WTH?!? D: ” and after work I immediately left for the hospital.
It was friday and it was already 3pm (means: a long day for me already) and I was basically done with everything but no! Had to see what’s the matter with him and if he was okay.
So I got there and someone told me number of his room, I knocked and entered. Jaejoong was awake and happy to see me, still he looked a bit weak. I sat down on his bed and first thing to do was to hug him. Then I asked what happend. He told me that he fainted somewhere and then woke up here. o: Man! What are you even doing???
I kicked off my black adidas shoes (I could see in my dream that I wore them) and sat on his bed cross-legged, telling him how much of a heart attack I had because I imagined far worse – even though this was bad enough. Jaejoong was sorry that he got me worried like that but said he would be alright and could probably leave today already.
Then I stayed for like 3 hours where we just talked about how life was going and watched what was outside of the window. Because directly besides his bed there was a big window from where we could see a big sand paddock with lots of Quarter Horse (there was a stable besides the hospital xD weird enough!). There was actually a lot going on, many people training their horses and even horses running around freely there. I wondered how they managed not to collide.
However, Jaejoong suddenly said that he would want to learn how to ride a horse one day. I was like “Really?” and he said “yeah, that would be cool.”. That was surely something new! Okay, JJ, okay. xD
A bit later a nurse came to escord Jaejoong to another room where she wanted to do some tests to see if they can let him go home. I said I would come too so I walked with them there.
Outcome of the test was so-so for Jaejoong and he had to stay one more night as precaution to make sure he is alright. He wasn’t really fond of it but took it like a man ^^
Since there was nothing more to do for me then I said I would go home now. Checking the clock Jaejoong said it would probably be best since my mom would be worried already. I agreed since I never told her that I was going to the hospital and then stayed that long.
At the entrance we said goodbye and agreed on a get-together once he was feeling well again.

My dream then skipped to a later time and I found myself with Jaejoong at a big supermarket. I had never beent here and this thing was so super huge… o.o
We were out to buy some stuff to eat for an afternoon at home and apparently Jaejoong knew where to find it. We walked the shelves with linked arms, collecting things in a small basket. When we passed by the area with the games Jaejoong remembered there was this new game he wanted to buy and got it. I had to smile about him because he was so excited for it. He then asked if there was something I wanted and then I remembered that pic of this white chocolate flavoured Starbucks stuff Unni posted the other day and told him I wanted to try that. We found it and he bought it for me ^^
At Jaejoong’s place we sat down for a cosy afternoon in the living room, drinking hot chocolate/coffee and eating what we bought before. Just like: ( ^-^)_旦” “且_( ˆ⌣ˆ *) .
Jaejoong told funny stories that happened lately and I really enjoyed it. Before I left we discovered that we both had bought these new Casio watches, Jaejoong had the blue one and I had the pink one. Comparing them and looking at them we agreed that they were really cool. *haha* ^^
Then we hugged and I left. That was the end of my dream.

It was really nice to see Jaejoong again, it has been a while since I was at his place. Although this dream started with a small heart attack ><

The “A Relaxing Time” dream
(ppl involved: Siwon and me)
Okctober 2015

A day out! Or more like an afternoon.
In this dream it was about couple time! ヽ(^。^)ノ♡
There is rarely a change to enjoy a day like this for the SangWong couple so I absolutely loved it.
We spent half a day walking around the city, just looking through the stores. It wasn’t about buying something, it was about spending time together … while being unbelievably coudly and giggly.
There had been a day long ago where we acted like that but it seemed like it gets better each time. We just went out being the impossible happy couple everyone else hates because we get along far too well. I don’t know but it felt like on casual days like this we have the most natural and therefore the most “real” chemistry.
I have no idea if people usually see him like that but Siwon can be the most adorable person on this planet and that day he definitely was at it again big time. (˘‿˘ʃƪ)♥ I really love him! Cutest little boy ever~  photo 3_wub.gif
We were joking around, being clingy and relaxed until it was early evening and we decided to go have dinner in a restaurant we randomly passed by.
That was the end of my dream.
It was nice because it was a completely chilled day full of couple love and adoration~
Happy day!

The “Sunday Morning” dream
(ppl involved: Siwon and me)
Okctober 2015

It was a Sunday morning and I was up and out early! It was fall after all and I knew certain little animals wander to their winter habitats but keep falling into human-made “traps” where they cannot get out again on their own (it was something like a small, empty pool).
When I went there it was early in the morning but the place was already full of the little amphibians. And I could also see some really big ones I haven’t seen in a long time.
After a while I returned home to tell Siwon about it in an excited was like “and that other one was huuuuge” and gestured around while he just listened to me, smiling.
In the end he hugged and cuddled me and wanted me to stay home for breakfast. Tried to convince me with kisses. ^^ But my work wasn’t done so I wiggled my way out of this saying “oh wait. later, later. I first need to finish this.” and went to rescue some more little animals~ cute cookie

The “Reunion on the Stairs” dream
(ppl involved: Dogs, friends, Junsu and me)
September 2015

There was a wedding of… idek who ^^°. I just know that everyone was invited. My girls and I and even the boys! All of them, to be exact (however half of them managed to get army vacation for this I cannot tell).
It was already after the wedding ceremony and everyone went to some kind of.. castle? Or something similar. It was a huge, old building and the restaurant was inside. But before the lunch there was photo time. People got gathered on and in front of this huuuge, long staircase of the building. And there were quote some guests at this wedding.
At first we were all enjoying ourselves. At the almost very top of the stairs I sat with my friends and we talked about funny things, laughed, watched the people below take some single pictures with the wedding photographer. I saw JYJYC taking group pics, not only serious ones 😂, posing and having fun. I felt happy watching them. It was like they celebrated their private reunion once again (after they already met sometime before). It was like they still came to get together seldom these days but when they did it was a happy celebration of some sort =) I could say they were pretty much enjoying themselves.
So now it was slowly time for the -all wedding guests together on the stairs and the bride & groom in front of them- picture. Photographer started gathering the people and everyone took place. I dunno who started with this but someone had the idea to get all the dogs on the picture too. Yes, there were dogs. Dogs of the guests. We had been allowed to bring them. Of course they had been separated from the event for the ceremony but now we wanted them back. Another person and me went to get them, they were nearby. The dogs were in a space where they had enough room to play and run. It was indoors and closed with glass doors. So walking there I could already see Xiahki playing with a German Shepherd. I haven’t seen this dog in SO LONG! It made me super happy that Junsu had brought him
along =) When we were close enough I called him “Xiahki!!” and he stopped playing and got excited to see me. Aaah~ he still remembered me ;A; … never thought he would since it’s been quite a while.
The other person and me just opened the door and let the dogs out, they could see the people so that was where they would go. Their owners already waited for them. I missed my little one but he was just around a corner and when I said “C’mon, let’s go!” Teddy ran after the big dogs with his little feet ^^ it was cute.
I climbed back to my place up on the stairs where my friends were. Doggies also took place where their owners were. Teddy sat on my friend’s lab, to my right. When I sat down there too I saw Xiahki making his way up to us and Junsu came as well. I dunno where the other boys were, but Junsu sat down to my left. I was pretty happy to see him. It’s been a while since our last meeting too… we lastly met in November 2014! D: Omg! It’s been almost a year!
Junsu sat down as close as he could, because Xiahki was sitting between us one stair below the one we sat on, and we hugged. Happily-excited we greeted each other and I felt like meeting a brother I haven’t seen forever. I told him that I was so happy to see him and then leaned over to kiss him on the cheek. (ˆㅅˆ) Not too quick, long enough to express -you’re my family and I love you-. This caused Junsu to laugh in his usual cute manner, maybe a little shy too. I don’t know, it just came over me so I did it. We’re comfortable with each other in the end. We had a lot to talk about too but first we would take this wedding photo.
The photographer guy instructed everyone to sit properly for the pic now and Teddy jumped on my lab. Meanwhile Junsu leaned over and his head dropped on my shoulder. Holding my little doggie I laughed and said “we can’t take the photo like this.” and he sat up straight again, grinning.
Then my dream ended. I am pretty sure there was a nonsense phase ahead when we went inside to eat but sadly I didn’t get to know about that in my dream.
Nonetheless I am really, really highly pleased with how we fixes our broken relationship until now. Big thanks goes to Jaejoong who looked after both of us, getting us together so we would stay in touch. And now look at us! =) I’m happy that in kdreams world the world is in order. I’m good with all of the boys and I totally loved to meet Junsu and Xiahki again! (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*: ・゚✧
Made me really happy because it had been my wish for a while.

The “Still the same” dream
(ppl involved: Siwon and me)
September 2015

So, apparently, this was the event where SuJu would be at. I dunno where this was… at a film studio??? It looked like one at least.
The first part of this dream was me watching ppl being in post-production of a series, working on a scene with two girls. One was on the run and the other caught up to her in the mountains. They had some sort of fight but it was not really fair since the second girl had the ability to manipulate time and space or… at least make it seem to the other person as if things around would change/would be different. But in the end someone helped the good girl to escape by taking that other bish out and that was all I got from that scene. It isn’t so important anyway since it was not actually kdreams related ^^ (just here for the record because it was sorta cool)
After I was done spying on a series I didn’t know yet I walked to another room, a bigger hall. I figured that must be the place because this room looked like a convention room. It was empty and I waited there until SuJu came for their rehearsal. Music started playing and I placed myself somewhere at the side. When they walked in they were all already in their stage clothes. Seemed as if the the show was about to begin soon.
They all wore suits. I saw Hyukkie, Teukie and then Siwon coming out from behind the stage near where I was. Still I can’t tell what colors their outfits were. Well, when I see Siwon I see nothing else anymore (๑^///^๑)°° but I know that Masi wore a blue one. Sadly I can’t remember what song they were singing. I just know it wasn’t one of their songs, it was an english song I knew very well and recognized right away after the first 2 seconds of the music playing. It was a nice one I really liked. It delighted me to hear them sing it.
Hyukkie sang first, the second part was Siwon’s. I just smiled widely, remembering again how I loved hearing him sing. He looked at me when his part was almost finished and I couldn’t be helped to walk over. It wasn’t like there was anything to disturb during this rehearsal. They didn’t dance and I didn’t think twice to be honest  photo 20_love.png *sigh* if only I would’t be so in love with this idiot (◡‿◡*)❤ I had to hug him! Wonder if he knew… because I felt called!
He probably expected me reacting to this since he held out a hand for me to take. Pulled him out of the square marking he stood in and he walked with me to the middle of the stage where we stopped. There was another singing part they did all together to be done. Waited until it was over and hugged him. He smiled happily at me and we kissed like the stupid idiots in love we were. Then Siwon wandered over to the front of the stage with me. They rotated their positions during singing and this was his next stop. I just stood quietly by his side, leaning on him and glued to him as the rules of cuddlebugs demand it. He was holding the mic with the other hand than before so he could put an arm around me. Another part came for him to sing and you know the feeling when you’re so close to a person and -feel- them sing? I dunno how to explain, it was calming. Yesung did the last part of the song so we could pretty much chill over there then *haha*  photo 50_wolke_9.gif *idiots in love* Means cuddling and kissing a bit. I couldn’t be helped to noticed that even after over two years as official couple it did not feel a bit different. I mean I still feel so very much in love ^///^ it’s almost embarrassing.
I don’t know, is it obvious that we haven’t had really any time together lately? ^^° We feel especially cuddly lately. (yeah, even more than usual is possible!)

That was all to that dream.

The “Managing things” dream
(ppl involved: Siwon and me )
September 2015

short one!
I cannot exactly tell where it was but we were standing around somewhere backstage, cuddling, and discussing over an event ahead. SuJu had an appearance at a convention somewhere and Siwon wanted me to be there too. So between cuddling and a few kisses (^//^) we talked about how to manage this around my work and how I would get there.
There was really nothing special happening besides us discussing that while some people walked around left and right and in the end it was all settled and Siwon said “Okay, it’s official. You will go!” and hugged me ^^

The “Siwon can’t believe it ^^” dream
(ppl involved: Siwon, his friend, the doggies and me )
August 2015

It’s the end of summer and what do ppl do at that time? Yes, have BBQs. So it happenend that we were invited to the apartment of one of Siwon’s friends. Siwon got there earlier because I had to get ready first and that took a while longer because I had come from work not too long ago.
When I got there I saw them through the open terrace door standing in the living room. I had my older dog and Teddy with me and when I opened the garden gate they already ran ahead where the ppl were ^^
Seeing the dogs they knew I had arrived and they came out to greet me. When I looked at the dogs I saw Bugsy too. He was busy with my dogs and Teddy was pretty hyper to see him, tbh. I saw him bouncing around Bugsy xD
Siwon’s dog had not noticed me yet so I called him. He turned around immediately and ran to me. When I had greeted him I asked the guys if I was already late but they said they were still preparing.
Bugsy was still around my feet, not paying attention to Siwon anymore and Siwon said to his friend “See? That’s what I told you. He ignores me, I can’t believe it.”.
LOL! So apparently Siwon had some complaints that his dog loves me, ya? I picked Bugsy up and held him on my arm and Siwon was just shaking his head, saying “I mean, look at that!”. His friend just laughed.
Haha! Did I hear a hint of disappointment there? 😂

I’m good with many dogs, deal with it Siwon xD

The “Meeting before enlistment” dream
(ppl involved: Yunho and me)
July 2015

Aah~!(‐^▽^‐)I was so happy that this one happend!
I was about to meet Yunho for the last time before enlistment. I was already afraid this wouldn’t happen anymore but he could actually make time for me.
We met up at a random Café in the city near my workplace one afternoon. We haven’t met for so long, in fact I couldn’t remember how long it has been. So when Yunho arrived, a little late tbh, he apologizes and smiled a lot. Couldn’t get the smile out of my face either, it’s just always very pleasant to meet him. After we were done hugging and greeting we sat down at our table, ordered something and talked about everything that happened in the meantime.
Of course I couldn’t be helped to tell Yunho about the baby news and he was really happy to hear about that. Well, it was a well kept secret so far so of course he hadn’t heard about it yet. It was really cute how he freaked out a little about it xD Yeah well, welcome to the club of -I didn’t think this would happen-.

Sadly my dream ended at that point. But it was good to see Yunho again! Who knows when it will happen the next time. I already miss him a lot ;o;

The “Wondering Cousin” dream
(ppl involved: My cousin and me)
July 2015

Another short one here.
I was grocery shopping with my cousin and when we were at the checkout then he asked if the (wedding) preparations are going well. I said it’s all okay so far. He asked if he could help anything, like me. I said I’m fine, it’s not like I’m in the 7th month pregnant. My cousin then “But soon in the 3rd.”, and I said “I’m fine, thank you.” (so apparently we will have a baby???? ^^°° oh god!).
Some moments of silence while we watched the the cashier woman scanning the stuff then my cousin asked “Can I hold the baby when it’s born?”, me “yeah why not? ^^”, he “idk, I never handled a baby before.” and I was like “Me either. You will do fine.”. Then he asked if it would be born before or after the wedding. I said I didn’t know because it depends on when the wedding takes place and that was not scheduled for an exact date yet.
And that was the end of this surprising dream.

gosh… never knew baby was already in the making??? Ai! When I wanted my kdreams to surprise me I didn’t exactly mean it like that ^^°°°

The “Preparations” dream
(ppl involved: Siwon and me )
June 2015

Very short one.
Siwon and I were about to leave the house and we discussed wedding stuff since a while. We were about to go shopping/look at things for the decorations. Siwon asked me if I had anything in mind already, I told him about some of my thoughts on it, he said he knows a store where we could look at things and I got randomly very excited ^^
Siwon was a little amused with me and just said “Let’s go shopping.”.

I still wonder if I will ever dream of the actual wedding too? SURPRISE ME, K-DREAMS!
I would love to, tho =)

The “Our baby ;A; ” dream
(ppl involved: Siwon and me & the foster child )
June 2015

This dream was not too long and also a bit confusing at times but some things I remember well ^^
So somehow we happened to have a “foster child” at home and were pretty excited. It was a really, really little puppy. Little as in ‘needed to be fed with special milk from the vet and didn’t even had it’s eyes open yet’. Puppy had no mom anymore and demanded a lot of care. I was on vacation for a couple of weeks for this especially, to get the little guy on it’s feet.
As soon as the tiny doggie had arrived we had all the parental feelings for the baby and it was so cute! ;A; We names him after Chunnie’s brother, Yoohwan ^___^ No idea wae, it was his name then.
I was carrying the puppy everywhere. I had some kind of bag to put him in so I could carry him in front of me and had a small towel inside to keep him warm. =)
So little Yoohwan was going grocery shopping with us. He was missing out on it by sleeping through (little puppies sleep a lot) while I walked through the shelves. Much more interesting as the puppy was Siwon who let me literally do nothing and I was like ‘I’m alright, it’s not like I’m in the 9th months pregant.’. xD
He was really worried and it was cute but also most amusing to me ㅎㅎ
Dream then skipped to a time later, when the puppy was already a pretty active little one and turn out was that my aunt had adopted him ^__^

The “the other love” dream
(ppl involved: Siwon and me & “the other love” ;P )
May 2015

Another very short dream. And it was only a k-dream because of Siwon xD
So it happened that I introduced him to the other love in my life: My arabian, Black Tie.
I had an an arabian native halter for him and so it was the perfect time to show Siwon my horsie. And Black Tie was such a good boy and he was so cuddly ( ˆ ω ˆ )❤ hehe~ And I hugged him and had his beautiful black mane in my face ^^
Told Siwon about how my horse was so weak when I got him. He was sick, but now he’s strong and beautiful. People wanted to buy him already but he is not for sale.
I don’t know for sure, but Siwon probably got a bit jelly xD
Btw, there live goats at the horse stable too. I saw them!

The “traumatized” dream
(ppl involved: Siwon’s friends, Siwon and me)
April 2015

A short one!
Everyone was up the attic, searching stuff. Siwon, me and I think two of his friends as well. We randomly helped that other person searching something. Although I cannot remember what it was and how it happened we went on a group-search.
We weren’t pretty successful, to be honest. We couldn’t find the thing we were looking for and I ask him if he was sure that it must be here. He had barely answered me when I looked down because something tickled my leg around the ancle. To my horror I saw that it was a huge spider and I just screamed “OH MY GOD! OH MY GOD!” ^^°, threw what I had in hands at it but missed the target horribly of course ^^°°° (was too shocked to aim properly). The spider started running, since I had thrown things at it, and so did I.
Didn’t get too far because I directly bumped into Siwon who had hurried over when he heard me scream. He stopped me and ask what’s the matter. I was like “Spider! *pointing towards the corner* put it away!” having the shock of my life! That damn spider was as big as a bird spider and entirely black.
One of Siwon’s friends was quick to put an empty jar over it that was around so spider was locked up. He then said that this is indeed a pretty big one. Yeah… you don’t say!
Meanwhile Siwon tried to calm me down. I was still freakin’ dying from a heart attack and I did not wish to touch anything anymore in this attic.
The other three had to continue searching without my help… although Siwon couldn’t really go anywhere anymore because I was too suspicious of everything, to traumatized and too spider-shocked to un-cling from him (backhugging him like we were glued together, not letting go!). But the other friend found what we were looking for shortly after and we could finally leave.
Thank f*ck. Eww.. spiders! D:

and all that just because my junior had told me her spider story: she was in the basement the last time, cleaning up, then one of the giant spiders showed up and she let something heavy fall on it. (it was pretty flattned then, she said, so she saved herself ^^°°).
Well… now I had an even bigger spider in my dream. >__> great. really great. just what I needed. …… not.

The “random woman” dream
(ppl involved: A random woman, Siwon and me)
April 2015

So we were at this hotel kinda place. I remember an area with a nice fountain around. Siwon and I were vacaytioning for some days. Dunno exactly where tho… the style looked italian to me (。◕.◕。) but I really cannot tell.
My dog was also there (only her, none of our other dogs) and I prepared for walking her. Before leaving I saw a woman walking over to Siwon, asking something at first. But somehow then she didn’t stop talking anymore and kept being around. I… think I glared at her for a second ^^° because I thought wth.. is she hitting on him??. Couldn’t deny that jelly feels were rising up in me, but I didn’t want to act as the hysteric girlfriend or something, swallowed my jelly feels down and just walked the dog. Because what could the matter be with that woman? Pfft!
When I came back later the woman was gone. Wanted to go to our room with my doggie when I already saw Siwon walking towards us through the lobby. I noticed that something was in the air since he acted… strange. As in uncomfortable somehow. Notice that this woman was still sneaking around and when I ask Siwon about what was wrong he said he could hardly get rid of her before.
I have to admit I only heard half of his complaints about her since I was busy thinking so she WAS indeed hitting on him… that bish! How dare she?! ^^° and had all these jelly girlfriend thoughts, ya feel me?
That woman sorta spied on us but… not for so long. Siwon made it overly obvious we were the couple, putting his arm around me and holding me more than close. Guess she gave up then and vanished as fast as she had appeared.
quite end note about the place we walked then: Somehow the hotel happened to have stables with beautiful horsies! We went there to look at them ^^

The “Things are happening so fast, I cannot even!” dream
(ppl involved: Relatives, Siwon and me)
March 2015

It’s not even april, not even our second coupel anniversary yet and I already got at least another heart attack! O: the following is one hell of a story! (at least to me because… like wut?!)
First part of the dream was we, the Sangwon couple, causually walking down a random sidewalk when Siwon said he wants to ask me a question. On very well, wae not. Ask away!
But then he suddenly kneeled before and asked me if I would want to marry him. O: and I was like ‘did he really just say this?! WUT?!’ and like ‘wtf is going on! .. I mean, yes!.. but WHAT ASHJDKFASDA FACK IS GOING ON?!?!”.
I was pretty shocked and taken aback but couldn’t say no because I love him! alsjdlajsdf! /)∀(\ *embarrassed as hell*

Second part of the dream started.
There were my cousins, mom and some other relatives. I had just finished getting dressed and showed myself to them. They were impresed and liked it. We were supposed to leave soon to another place so I was basically already out the door when a random person came and asked me to have a look at something.
Okay, followed the person into the bureau in a sideroom and on the comp screen there was the first result of friends and family speaking up about SangWon couple. There was still quite some work do on it since they wanted to make a while vid to show at the wedding out of this, but the guy wanted me to see what Jiwon said.
She talked about us being a great couple and that she adores us and the most impressive thing is that we had the ability to calm each other down like no matter how angry one of us is, one touch or leaning at the others shoulder would instantly calm us down.
Aww, the cute her!
I dunno exactly wae but it sorta made me smile and cry at the same time. Jiwon expressed it in such a sweet way. But of course I couldn’t cry because we had to go to some sort of engagement photoshooting or whatever for announcement to the family member. Something like that.
My family wanted to tag along so we all got into a car and I think my aunt was driving ^^
Sitting in the car I realized what my outfit looked like. It was a white A-line dress, with a white lace bolero (short sleeved) over it and I had something like a red sash around my waist that was tied to a bigger ribbon to my right side.
That was not my wedding dress of course! It was just for the shooting, wedding dress would remain a secret secret until day X!

I have no idea what the shooting was like since my dream ended then. but HOW THE FLYING F*CKNUGGET DID IT COME TO THIS?! O: when did that happen? (ah yeah… the moment I said -yes-, probably >o>)
And now I wonder if I will have a kdream about the actual wedding too or… if we just skip that and we will go straight to the husband/wifey-life thing.
anyways: HOW CRAZY IS THIS?! We’re getting married?! kjasldjfask! No words! … I need to invite all of the boys!

Side info: looke up pics and found one that comes really close to the dress I had in my dream. So I was in a dress like this one, just add a red ribbon-ish sash~

The “RPG-in in weird places” dream
(ppl involved: Jiwon, her friends, Siwon and me)
March 2015

This one was maybe a little weird.
Siwon and I met with Jiwon and two of her friends, a male and a female one, to have a look at an abandoned building. During the day of course! (it was afternoon, to be exact) No idea wae we felt the need to to this but yeah ^^°
So we explored the inside of this sort of hotel or whatever. It was pretty dusty and I hoped not to encounter any giant spiders. We found what must have been the dinning room or so and it happened we all pretended to be ghost hunters. So a little rpg-ing happened xD
When it was a bit dark outside (and therefore also inside) it was too creepy for us and we left the place. Also, I think I saw a rat in there… >o>
Jiwon’s friends were actually nice and we talked with them before everyone went home. Her friend’s left first then only the 3 of us were left. After a bit more talking we said our goodbyes and randomly group hugged. Maybe a bit too enthusiastic because our hug-ball was not very well ballanced and I stumled over something behind me. Landing in the grass. This was ridiculous, I laughed, stretched out both my hands to Jiwon and she helped me back on my feet.

She went home then and Siwon and me walked back to his house.
Of course we were pretty cuddly and soon stopped around a corner to cuddle up and kiss ^^°° (it’s a little embarrassing, really. It always sounds like stupid teenager love or something)

The “Walking with the dogs ^^” dream
(ppl involved: Siwon and me)
March 2015

It began with us walking away from the area where our (or Siwon’s) house is with our dogs. More exactly Siwon with Bugsy and me with my older dog (Teddy seemed to be at home.. I remember -leaving something- with mom when I left from our house, but couldn’t see it clearly. Must have been Teddy).
We then walked down a small path behind a block of houses and Siwon said he wants to get coffee before we leave here. So he went ahead to the nearby mall, it really was close to where we stood already, and I took care of the dogs. This meant I slowly walked down the rest of that path, watching over then, taking care they would not do any nonsense.
My dog was following in an okay distance, Bugsy was lagging behind. I just let him since the dogs had a lot to sniff out on that path, maybe he found something very interesting. When I had fully walked down on the way and stood near the mall already I turned around to see where the dogs are; it was time to collect them together. There were a lot of ppl around here and the street was over there (to my left) and it was just too dangerous. Had my dog on the leash quickly, but I saw Bugsy up the hill on the path, still sniffing. I called him and he was a bit confused xD guess he hadn’t noticed how everyone left because he was so busy checking things out. Called him again and I saw him running to find us. At the end of the path he stopped, looking over the place and back and forth between the ppl. He was sorta disoriented so I was like “here, come here!” and then he saw us and paced over with the enthusiasm of a puppy (⌒-⌒) he is a young dog after all – not to be compared with my ‘I don’t care about stuff’-old dog.
While he ran over I was encouraging him in my ‘doggie mom’ tone of voice, you know… this sort of baby voice you talk to dogs as a dog person sometimes. They love that ^^ So I was saying “weeeh~ that’s a good boy! come to mommy!”, opening my arms so he would come to me  photo 38_laugh.gif that made him even more excited of course. He was definitely hyper-happy then! I was going down on my knees to meet his height better so I wouldn’t be knocked over *ah haha* ^^ and he just jumped around/up and down when he reached me.
With my dog on the leash (I had tied the other end around me so my hands would be free) and Bugsy in my arms I went to look for Siwon. Was better that way to minimize the chaos with two dogs in a mall full of ppl. Still I couldn’t be helped to notice that Bugsy is a big guy by now. Compared to the last time I had him he had grown again.
When getting to the coffee store Siwon had just payed so we could leave now. (and I still think he rather needs sleep intsead of more coffee OTL)
We left the mall behind and the city as well, going somewhere where we could also let the dogs run around. We just enjoyed a nice, quiet lone-time. It was a sunny day, not so warm yet but nice for a walk and the dogs also liked it. We weren’t walking fast at all, more like super slow. Most likely because we were busy cuddling and clinging~
We shared some work stories, Siwon talked about L.A. and I talked about the newest ajeossi story. We were being absolutely calm (and absolutely cuddly), breathing in the peace in the lonely area. It was like we were creating our own lovely couple scene, very relaxing and very loving. Nah, that’s really hard to describe actually! It was as exciting as one of the first dates but more calm, like… butterflies still flying in the tummy but you know you can be safe in this haven~ loooove *starts talking nonsense in attempt to explain*
yeah well, how do you explain the feeling of a cuddlebug-idiots’ stupid perfect love, just to begin with? That’s pretty hard! Nah!
We were enjoying ourselves and when we found a bench we sat down there for a bit. Dogs were still around sniffing and we kept being clued together. I dunno what it was anymore but Siwon said something, I replied something and we were about to get closer and kiss. But halfway there we stopped in awareness. There was something wrong. Siwon smiled and I already sensed what it was. I could technically feel it in the air! OTL
Turning around I saw Kyu and.. Patti wasn’t far either. The evils were on a walk as well and I said something like “not in front of them” xD haha! And that was it.

Man what a stupid ending! Damn evils ruined the romantic OTL how dare they??

The “It’s happening…” dream
(ppl involved: Siwon and me)
March 2015

First thing I remember was this big, nice house. Modern and stylish, but not too much of it. I had no time to admire it tho, because Siwon had decided it’s time to take me to his parents… and this was actually THEIR family house.
I played it cool of course, but internally I was cursing nervously a lot for a christian…
So we sat down in the dining room at this big table, Jiwon was also there. First there was only their mom and later their father joined as well for a while (he had been busy with some work stuff).
While Siwon was like the happiest person alive I was sorta sweating blood and tears… I was so not ready!!! I only went like fackfackfack whenever I wasn’t sure if what I had said was plain stupid to them and if they would dislike me for it now … which was like the entire time… and didn’t got better when Jiwon, who had been sitting on a chair to my right, left the room(/house) because she wanted to go somewhere with a friend. I was like wait.. no! Jiwon! were are you going?? *panics because familiar person
(((;゚д゚))) ‘
in my thoughts. I had honestly no idea how things were going for me until their parents invited me to a family trip. Like… wut?! I must have stared blankly for a second before I went back to -playing it cool-.

Dream then skipped to the next day.
I was in the bathroom in Siwon’s house, had just taken a shower, was wrapped in a towel and prepared to get ready for leaving in a while. Overly excited Siwon could barely sit still. Had never seen him that hyper… oO like woah, stop walking around you making me irritated.
Just wanted this trip to go well and somehow survive it. I felt a need to…. -not mess up-. I felt like this trip was something like a test. Maybe it was indeed… maybe it wasn’t. But I didn’t wanted to mess up to find out! but then again I was somehow  s-u-r-e  it was a test!
We met up with his parents at a station a bit later. yeah, a station. Odd enough, I know. At least Jiwon was with us too and I could relax in her presence, sitting next to her in the train.
Sadly I couldn’t figure out wher we went to. Would have been interesting to know. But my dream ended at this point.

Maybe it was for the better or I would have died while -trying not to mess up-.
So meeting parents, huh.
Now it finally happened.
…. I think that was Siwon’s attempt to kill me before our 2nd anni, because I ideed felt like dying o:
can we please not do this so soon again? I need to recover > o>

The “Out with Mika” dream
(ppl involved: Siwon and me)
Janurary 2015

Another short one!
Siwon and me went out with Mika at a weekend’s day. We had no destination, it was more like looking where the road would take us ^^
After all it was more about spending time together generally. The last time we went on a (sort of) trip was with Genny and that was aaaages ago! o.O
We ended up in a small village. At the parking lot I saw some ppl I knew from high school but ignored their very existence. We left this place anyway and walked around to check this place out.
We passed by a gas station that was closed. Well… of course it was closed. It was the WE and the small gas stations here are never open on WEs. I said “In some places it’s really annoying, they are always closed at the weekend. I hope you don’t have to tank up Mika, we will have no luck here.” and Siwon said “No, I don’t have to. I did yesterday. But you still have to, right?” and I replied “Yeah, but I will go on Monday. I am not so sure of it yet.”.
We kept walking around for a while, holding hands, talking about random stuff. Once we reached the end of this place we saw there was really nothing here and decided to go back to Mika to go somewhere else.
On our way back I was surprised to see a Thai snack shop or whatever to call it. Well, I wasn’t hungry but… I really had to go for little fangirls ^^°° eh hehe~
Siwon wondered if I could go there without buying something and… the lady was also cleaning up arleady but I just asked and she was very nice and let me~ (note: I have no idea where the weird happenings/things of my dreams come from… absolutely no idea!)
Back at the parking lot the high school ppl were still hanging out there and this time they were staring. I ignored them away again and we drove off.
In the car I randomly found 50€ lying around. Since it wasn’t my money it had to be Siwon’s. I thought it shouldn’t lie around like that, especially not in the car. Took his wallet out of the middel console to put it back there. I was actually surprised how much money Siwon was carrying around, like… what for? 20, 50, 100€ notes. But that wasn’t what made me look at it longer. It was rather that I tried to figure out the money order system he had. Wanted to put it in the right place. At least I thought there was system but then again it looked like there was none so… I just sat there with both things in my hands (the € note and the wallet), looking confused at it.
After some moments I side-eyes Siwon, he was already grinning but looking at the road. I hate it how he always notices when I am irritated… embarrassing >//> .
Then he asked me “Do you need help?” and I was like “No. This is going to work, it’s going to work.”, put the money in the wallet (into a place that looked right to me) & put the wallet back in it’s place.
That was already the end of my dream.
Nonetheless it was a nice one! Haven’t had a real meeting with Siwon for a long time and I really felt he especially took time for me that day.

The “SuJu Fanmeeting 2015” dream
(ppl involved: SuJu, me and a good bunch of fans ^^)
Janurary 2015

Dream started with me meeting Siwon somewhere along the way I always walk with the dog. We met besides the street, near the fields, outside the city. I happily hugged him since meetings had been rare lately.
Then my dream skipped to later in the day.
We all were in a big mall. SuJu boys, organizers, staff, manager-ssi and me. A lot of fans had gathered there. It was the place their fanmeeting would take place soon. There were like 3 levels to this mall. We were at the top level under the roof. Ground and middle level were -taken- by fans. Security made sure to keep them on these levels. No one was allowed to stand on the escalators, way to our top level was blocked.
SuJu then stepped forward so the fans could see them and the crowd went cray xDD I had never seen so many fans go cray like this. There were some makeup noonas besides me to my left and half a meter to my right there was Siwon. We all stood at the handrail/balustrade thing, looking at the fans. The boys were waving to the fans and I said “This is totally crazy, I have to film this.” got my phone out and filmed the fans.
I was really glad I was on the safe-level, because as fascinating as the screaming fans were… they creeped me out a little as well ^^° eh hehe~
Strange thing I noticed while standing up there: The boys’ business is not so special to me anymore. Like it has become a normal thing to me being with them while they are at work. I feel like part of the staff just.. more useless xD since I can hardly do anything useful for the event~

The “About acting” dream
(ppl involved: A familiar face 😉 , ex-classmate, me & Siwon)
Janurary 2015

Pretty short one but cool ^^
Somewhere near my city happened to be an event where someone famous would talk about acting and the film industry and so on. I thought this would be interesting, I always like to know about acting and stuff. So I tried and was able to get to this event. It wasn’t too big of a thing but still all tickets had sold out in the end.
First thing that happened when I got there was that I met an ex-classmate from trade school. It was cool because I liked her. So we talked a little since we haven’t met in a while, until the star guest of this event walked in.
It seemed most ppl in the room didn’t even know who he was but I thought noooooo! him?! you got to be kidding me! =D. What a familiar face for me to see there! … because it was LUKE! xD Luke Evans! I could hardly stop myself from laughing excited and happy. Like… oh great! ꒰๑˃̶͈ ∀ ˂̶͈๑꒱੭ I really like this guy! Never in my life would I have guessed that someone of the Hobbit cast appears!
Turn out of this event and talk with some sort of interviewer/host and Luke was pretty funny! I totally enjoyed this, it was interesting and hilarious!
At the end of the even Luke said he hopes to see us coming back for part two of this event next week and I was already sure as hell I would come back!
Talked again a little with my ex-classmate after we left the location and then went to the city to meet up with Siwon.
We have had no specific plan for the day, just randomly walking through stores and looking at stuff. While we did that Siwon asked if it was fun at the event and I told him all bubbly how cool it was and that Luke was there and that he was so natural and funny etc. My excitement seemed to amused him since he grinned the whole time.
My dream ended after I had told him that I would totally go to the other event as well.

I have no idea wae Luke suddenly appeared in my dream out of nowhere but I don’t want to complain xD

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