I will list up my k-pop related dreams. Look forward to it! *haha* and read what`s going on in #AFangirlsInsaneMind !

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This is the k-dreams year of 2016*: ・゚✧

The “More Meetings Long Overdue” dream
(ppl involved: Choi siblings, a friend and me)
November 2016

After work I went to a bistro to meet up with Jiwon and a friend after a really long time again. I dind’t get to know the name of the other person but apparently we both knew her well since we were a bunch of happily laughing girls together. I think it could have been Stacy unni.. mayhaps. Not sure tho…
I hugged Jiwon especially and told her how happy I was to see her then someone appeared behind us and said “And what about me?”. The voice was more than familiar. When I turned around a grinning Siwon stood there and I couldn’t believe my luck! I think Jiwon arranged this…
However, I hugged the hell out of him :3
Man, I havent seen my husband in quite a while. Damn this army thing! >< still it was a pleasant surprise that he appeared!
 photo Mofy_jump_zps9c017d35.png

The “Finally Meeting Again” dream
(ppl involved: HoMin and me)
October 2016

I keep having short dreams but they are wonderful mamegoma sheep
Somehow it happened that HoMin came to perform at an event even tho they are in the army now xD Well, I happened to be there and they were there. It was an open air performance.
During Yunho already saw me in the crowd and smiled and winked at me while he sang.
Later then I was admitted backstage and when our Leader씨 and I saw each other we quickly came together to hung happily. I said “It’s been such a long time!” and we laughed and happily kept hugging. After a moment Changmin came round the corner too and when he saw us he ran towards us and hugged us both. ^^ It turned into a super hug fest because damn! It’s been so long! o:
Changmin was super cute and energetic and not awkward a bit this time. I think we’re finally warming up to each other at long last  photo 37_thumbsup-1.png
I can only say even tho I could only go quickly see them before they had to go it was so nice to actually see them both again. And hugging Yunho is nice! Emmy will be so jelly! 😉

The “Good old Times” dream
(ppl involved: -indirectly- TV5Q and me)
August 2016

idk if this was a sad one or no….
Was sitting at home, unable to sleep, thinking how long it may be in weeks until the boys come back from the army. Siwon and HoMin and everyone.
I ended up sitting on my bed and looking at pictures. Like I had a box and held them in my hand. I don’t even know how I ever came by these pics but suddenly I was looking at TV5X pictures. Private pictures that never got published. Like them sitting in a messy hotel room. Junsu gaming while sitting on a bed, Changmin reading sitting on the ground besides it, Chunnie and Jaejoong and Yunho in the background doing whatever. And so it went on and on. They were all a good deal younger in these pics and seemed pretty happy. I was sighing and reminiscence-ing, having a smile on my face. The good old times.
That was not the baddest thing to look at.

The “Visiting Korea” dream
(ppl involved: Patti and me)
August 2016

Patti is currently in Korea due to her year abroad while studying and I visited her!
She lived in a small-ish apartment with some rooms together with 4 guys. The afternoon I visited her at this house all the boys were gaming and not paying attention to me at all. Well, fine by me!
Patti showed me around the apartment and said she enjoyed living with 4 guys. She thought it was easier as with girls – and I secretly wondere if she took ‘advantage’ of any of these guys ^^°°, but I never asked!
I talked with her for a bit, she told me about korea and the ppl they met as we stood on the balcony. After a while I got distracted looking around and realizing that the crowd that had formed below in the streets actually gathered around an interview stage where HOMIN sat! I was like… ‘wtf… they are in the army. when do they find the time to hold a public interview?’. Patti caught me staring, followed my glance, started talking about idols and finished with “they don’t like all about their job either”. I only replied “I know.”, being aware that in another life they would probably want to enjoy a completely normal life without sasaengs and all the eyes of the world on them.
Patti kept talking but I got lost in thoughts about HoMin. Or more like Yunho. Thinking how long it has been since we last met, that I actually missed him and what a good friend he is. I really wouldn’t want to miss him.
Also Changmin. I came to really like this kid before his enlistment! Well, liked him always but got to know him better before they had enlisted.
Sadly my dream ended pretty unrelated and weird so that was all to the k-dream part.

The “Sleepy and Cuddly” dream
(ppl involved: Siwon and me)
June 2016

It was a short one but I indeed liked it.
It was the middle of the night and the baby was crying. Siwon got up right away while I was still too sleepy to realize where I was because I was deadly tired.
Shortly after silence filled the house again and he was back. I cannot remember what I said but I mumbled something to him and he answered that everything is fine.
The rest was just cuddling sleepily, enjoying it lots because Siwon was actually home like never during his army time. We huggled the f*ck out of this you could say =) of every minute.

The “Baby Party” dream
(ppl involved: Friends, family, workmates, Siwon and me)
February 2016

Aww man! What a way to start the year! So beware, baby was due in Feburary and timely here we go with my dreams. (can’t believe it once again…)
At first it was all a little weird so the first clear thing I remember is that I was driving to our house (the one Siwon has the street down), coming back from grocery shopping and turned into our street. I directly saw that -our not exactly small- driveway was completely full with cars. I said “woah… okay.” to myself, drove out of it backwards and parked somewhere at the side. LEaving the groceries in the car I wanted to know what’s the matter first and so I walked inside.
There were a lot of ppl inside waiting. My Junior jumps forward “surprise!” and I thought ‘ah yeah, I can see that. who are these ppl??? o: ‘. I was very confused at first. That was until my work unni joined too and they explained to me that this is an actual baby party. xD oh . my . god !
There were a good bunch of Siwon’s friends and my Junior told me all proud that it was her idea and she organized it.
Everyone had brought presents and stuff… ah how embarrassing! ⁄(⁄ ⁄•⁄ω⁄•⁄ ⁄)⁄
The dream didn’t went on for much longer the last two things were my Junior explaing, on my baby, a trick to get them quiet when they cry (she learned that with her niece).
Then happenings jumped from the party to the middle of the night. I was in bed sleeping. Lay on this big bed in the middle because I was alone. Rolled around sleepily when I heard something and turned out to be Siwon who had come home from work, trying to sneak in. Well, he failed since my sleep is easily disturbed by movement in the bedroom xD
So the last thing was receiving a kiss and hugging him tightly.

Conclusions of this dream were:
– we have a GIRL. So Yoobin is her name ^^
– baby is born, now everyone can calm down again.

question: who watched my kid while I was grocery shopping??? Mom? xD I couldn’t find out about that.