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This is the k-dreams year of 2018*: ・゚✧

The “Making everything better” dream
(ppl involved: family, Siwon, me)
November 2018
This dream was like… so weird again.
Basically it started out not so bad. I was meeting with Nat and everything was good, we had fun. Then I received a call from mom and decided it was best to go back home and check out the situation. She told me a bunch of weird things that didn’t made sense. I cannot even tell you exatly what happened but somehow my sister wanted to adopt a child oO which is a super weird thing for her to do. The reason was sorta stupid and she was not at all prepared for this I thought, but don’t ask me how all of this exactly went down. This part of my dream was very confusing. However, our discussion about this turned into a little argument, mom and sister said something that somehow hit home for me and I was like ‘ok, I gotta get outta here right now. BYE.’ before I was saying something bad because I got angry.
My head was still spinning from this conversation when I was walking my anger off when I unexpectedly found out that Siwon and Donghae were doing a photoshoot-interview thing in the park. Donghae was shooting at the moment and Siwon stood at the side, watching. I went over to my hubby and hugged him. He noticed right away that something was off. I told him that something happened at home with mom and sis and asked if I could stay with him for a while. Of course that was okay for him so I stayed at the set, we were watching the fishy work and Siwon was holding my hand.
A little later he was doing his interview part with the ppl from the magazine they had been shooting for. I was quietly standing there still, not disturbing anything. I let him do his work trying to be as invisible as possible, if that makes any sense. Siwon clearly didn’t bother because he did not ask the magazine person if it was okay that I was there or nah, in fact he acted as if it was completely normal like ‘yeah that’s my wife. Now ask me your questions.’. ^^
But it was only peaceful for so long. towards the end of the interview some fans gathered. They had spotted the boys and I wondered where the hell they came from now. At first it was totally okay, they kept their distance and it was like five of them. But then there were more and more until SiHae’s manager said “Okay, we better go.” so everyone packed up quickly. I was still with them and Siwon did not intend even once to leg go of me, always keeping me by his side. Manager and staff led the way while the fans followed close enough for my taste. They tried to keep them away as good as they could, but there were almost too many for comfort, I daresay. Siwon kept me close, trying to lead me the safest way possible. I could tell he was uneasy about the situation. o.o
I wasn’t feeling uneasy about it. It was just fans but getting surrounded by them wasn’t everyone’s dream goal, I knew. That would not be so nice, so I totally understood. I also get that Siwon just tried to protect me, but I really wasn’t bothered much. I only worried a little if the press would say something stupid about me since I was dressed so utterly normal today… well, it was what you wear when it’s fall and you basically planed to stay at home – doesn’t mean I was out in sweatpants, but still (never leave the house like that #justsaying). But maybe I was going a little insane in this kpop world. It surely changes your thinking because things could fall back on Siwon rather quickly in a bad way too. Then I thought that this was ridiculous in a way, because over clothes? Really? Even -if-, I was sure my husband would have my back. So maybe I was going crazy a little >.> but the fans were surely not the problem.
Howsoever, after a bit everyone made it to the manager’s room in a nearby hotel so we were good for the moment. While staff began sorting out their things there, packed for leaving and Donghae went to the bathroom to change into his normal clothes again Siwon and I were in the middle of it – taking care of our own business first. I was really glad that I had found him today. I don’t always know what he’s doing at the moment. He is out so often that I do not even try to keep up with everything anymore, so I didn’t know they were in the city today. Yet it was a good time to be there so I could find them. We hugged a lot, kissed every now and then and I somehow started telling what went wrong today. Of course I couldn’t get into the story so much… there were too many ppl around. Didn’t want to tell it in front of them. However, we were there for a while and Siwon told me everything would be alright and all. Generally he made me feel better and less sad about it, also, there’s something about him that makes me believe it when he says it will be okay. I dunno, maybe because I am still stupid in love with this cute man ♥(ˆ⌣ˆԅ) eh hehe~ *silly laugh*
Later we all went into a car and accompanied the staff to the train station. They would leave today, their work was done for this. For the last part of the way we had to walk a bit. We let manager and staff go ahead, literally, so I could tell Siwon the full story of today. I started at the beginning with Nat and went on with my sister, her plan to adopt a child and told him about all my concerns regarding this. Siwon listened patiently to my story, at times telling me it’s not so bad and that my sister would figure it out and probably reconsider etc.
That was not the main point tho. Telling him about it made me feel a lot better. Also, my ‘activity therapy’ distracted me enough to not focus on being angry. I had to focus.
On the place in front of the station were stones of different sizes in a formation like a stairway. They started small, became bigger and then from the biggest one became smaller again. It was possible to climb them and I did. This sculpture or whatever it was supposed to be was not too big or too high. While I did so Siwon held my hand for -literal- support so I would not fall. It was actually very cute of him (๑^///^๑) , because it came along so natural for him and I wasn’t thinking about it at all either until I was almost down the other side and done telling my story. Only then I noticed that he had been quite attentive and basically ready to safe me anytime I would slip or something. Man, being married to that guy is the best thing in my kdreams world =)
Well, however, when we waited for their train to arrive Siwon and I talked business. His business. What he was about to do next and so on. He said they were doing a photoshoo in Budapest next. Wth! xD Wasn’t sure why but I asked how long they would stay there. He said 5 days and I was already doing the math… I am on vacation now, having 8 days left so that checked out well. Also, I really wanted to get away from family after all this to let things calm won. I said “I’m coming with you!” and then we discussed if I would take Yuna.
Hey! First time she sorta appeared in my dreams! ^^ I said, yeah, would be good to take her because she’s such a ‘mom child’ and Siwon wanted to know what to do with her food since I do always make her food myself. We went into details about that and I only went home later once to tell mom I was going on vacation so she at least knew I wasn’t home. that was it.
So looks like I’m going to Hungary with SuJu xD LMAO but for me it’s mainly with my hubby. When it is about that I do not really care about the others as long as Siwon is there. My cuddle feels had suffered a lot lately so this was a nice change.
There was quite a lot cuddling and being close in this dream so it was a good one despite the bad start. =)

The “Random Meeting” dream
(ppl involved: Shindong, EunHae and me)
Octover 2018

Sooo I was casually walking into the city, doing a little shopping. It was one of these warm but not too warm fall days so it was perfect.
I wasn’t thinking much when I went by a restaurant of some sort and who do I see there? Shindong, Eunhyuk and Donhae! I was like ‘no way!’ and went over to say hello to them. They told me to sit down with them so I did, also, I hadn’t seen them in a while so why not? I had no idea they were in the area and it turned out that they had decided rather randomly to come around. I had something small to eat as well and spent some time with them and the talk quickly shifted, as in.. first we talked all together, then Donghae and I sorta drifted away from the other two in our own topics. The fishy and I had always gotten along quite well and we were talking about past things and were like ‘hey, you remember this?’ and were laughing about stupid things that happened. Time flew by quickly like that and when the others wanted to leave we paid the waitress, even made it to the -getting up part- but then got stuck again barely a meter besides the table still talking. Then I noticed Shindong getting mildly annoyed and Hyukkie asking for the third time for Hae to come along so I took my leave. ^^° Had stuff to do anyway and I didn’t want to be the reason they are angry with our fishy.
These random encounters are always fun!

The “Chilling outside~” dream
(ppl involved: Siwon, me)
August 2018

aaah, I really, REALLY loved this one!
Finally Siwon was on a small vacation we could actually call one. You know, from Super Show 7. Next concert wouldn’t take place until end of November, so show practice would not start for end of October, I figure. If even.
So what did we do? It’s summer and this WE had a good temperature to actually endure it outside (it was too hot before). We had went to a lake and made camp there.
I had my tablet with me but wasn’t using it at the time. I rather spent my time being clingy as hell, which means being cuddly cuddlebucks with Siwon. Means: He had his laptop with him and was watching something and reading articles. I occasionally watched with him over his shoulder but mostly just grinned like an idiot, basically bathing in my cuddlebug feels, hugging Siwon~~ ヽ(愛´∀`愛)ノ ☆*:.。. .。.:*☆ ooooh~! These nice, nice cuddlebug moments!
GOD DAMN! How I had missed this! Felt like I had to make up for all the missed cuddle time.
Of course Siwon didn’t mind. I had the feeling that was just how he had imagined today xD haha! If there is something we had always agreed on the same level of intensity then it was cuddling for sure. There was no ‘too much’ like… NEVER!
When I was paying attention to the stream of a show on his laptop I noticed it was about a rich man and his two brat-daughters. Total princesses who never worked hard in their entire life, even tho old enough to do so, to get ANYTHING. They just kept taking their fathers money (for mostly makeup and clothing). I was judging them a little, telling Siwon in an unimpressed tone “wow. I bet if these two barbies want something else tomorrow they throw it away and just ask their dad for something new. *sarcastic laugh* Imagine if my sister and I had received all the stuff we wished for in the past…” to which Siwon said “*grins* You should have wished for me.” xD
haha! what kinda comment–?! I was baffled for a moment, trying to make sense of it. Dunno what was funnier: The fact that Siwon was hinting on my girl’s wish for ‘a horse’ (yeah well, I didn’t mean YOU back then, you pabo LOL xD ) or that he actually thought it would have worked.
Anyway, he laughed then, closed his laptop and cuddled me.
We had a blanket in the grass and I had a big towel (like REALLY big) as cover since it was a bit windy today and I just had gotten rid of a cold. So when cuddling up I used it as cover for us both. It was cuddle-nap time now! ^3^
Since this wasn’t korea no one cared ㅎㅎ and there were not really any people around at that time of the day either. It was a week day aka working day for most and it was only us on vacation. So other ppl would appear later.
Still I toned it down a bit and resisted to actually nap ON Siwon *haha* cuddlebug habits~ ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ sorry.
But I didn’t, ok. I didn’t! I was really quite… uh… civilized as a cuddlebug here.
So we just napped weirdly knotted up besides each other.
This was a complete cuddlebug story, so nothing else happened. oh besides me being a little shit when I found a tickly spot on Siwon’s hand and continued to tease him until he burst out laughing, glomping me tight in revenge.
Well, squish me all you want Shisus. First, I’m used to that. Second, I do enjoy that LOL
this is no punishment for me.

We rolled around a little until I was bear hugged from behind and that was the final napping position.
In conclusion this dream was completely lovely and cuddly and ❤️❤️❤️( ૢ⁼̴̤̆ ꇴ ⁼̴̤̆ ૢ)★☆

thinking about it I find it quite amazing how life settled for us in our k-dreams marriage here! Just being married cuddlebugs is actually amazing! We have our house, our kid our pets and we are still as stupidly in love as ever =) aah, life in kdreams world can be so good~~! (愛˘‿˘愛)

The “Dream-ception! 😱” dream
(ppl involved: Siwon, me)
August 2018

This one was weird… >o>
I dreamed Siwon and I were at home but it was a weird mood in the air. Like he was avoiding me and I couldn’t figure out why. It seemed like he was mad at me but I wouldn’t know why. In the end it even made me cry. Then I woke up only to discover that I had been dreaming this shit in my dream! DREAM-CEPTION! Wth! ◑▂◑
It was still night and Siwon asked me if everything was okay. I was still pretty shaken by my shitty dream and told him about it while hugging him. He said there was no reason why he would ever do this (be like that) and I should go back to sleep.
So I did, fell asleep soon and guess what…. Dream-ception continued and I had another dream in my dream but this time things were in order. The in-dream dream Siwon was just the usual cuddlebug he always was and I could happily enjoy cuddling as if this in-dream dream was to make up for the nightmare I had to endure before. It was the complete opposite of the first one.
Left me wondering how Siwon can so easily fix my dreams like, damn! You got some mad skills there xD *haha* but I was glad he did. It was not fun to face a cuddle crisis in my dream… in my dream… you get it?
in-dream dream. Dream-ception. Totally crazy.

…..anyone else thinking I’m slowly going insane for good? o__O

The “Dinner” dream
(ppl involved: Siwon, me)
July 2018

Finally Siwon had a little more time for a visit! =D
I remember I was super overjoyed and we were having a gathereing in the evening with friends. We put things up on the terrace of our house and we talked about the people we had invited. I was, of course, especially looking forward to see Yunho and Changmin again. Had personally told Changmin to drag his Hyung here no matter what, as I explained to Siwon, who listened amused. I think the whole thing of me being so over the top about everything made him smile.
So we prepared things, occasionally kissed and I always took time to circle back to him to hug him for a moment. Because a cuddlebug just has to~ ❤♡ʚ⃛꒰ᴖ͙◡ुᴖ͙꒱ɞ⃛♡❤ and I was really happy my hubby was back!
It was all just really joyful and light and I seriously couldn’t wait for dinner time when everyone would be here.
I felt super good about this one! It’s been a good, good damn while since the last dinner gathering after all!
Sadly in k-dreams world it’s as rare as it would be in real life to get the bunch together. They are just too busy *sigh*

The “Unexpected Visitor” dream
(ppl involved: Yunho, me)
May 2018

As some of you know I started at a new workplace in May, so naturally it foundit’s way into my dreams. Never expected it to be like this tho ^__^
So I dreamed I was at work and was about to have my break. Was clocking out for break when my boss came over with… you won’t believe this… someone who he said wanted to see me. It was none other than our leader YUNHO!
I was freaking out surprised a little, saying “No way!” and Yunho and I hugged for greeting. My boss left and I asked Yunho why he came here. Turn out was that he had heard I had started a new career and wanted to formally congratulate me on my fresh start in work.
Ah~! That’s just so our Leader-씨! Such a Yunho thing to do~
(⁎❛ᴗ❛⁎) ❤ thanks a lot, Yunho!

Naturally my break was delayed a little. I asked him if I shall show him around a bit and he said yes. Then we linked arms like an old married couple and I walked him through our warehouse, explaining things while we went here and there.
When we had completed our tour Yunho decided to accompany me to my break. Well, I loved that of course! 8D
Always a pleasure to see my good, good friend Yunho again. Even more so when he makes random surprise appearances to my new work *haha*! ^__^d
That was awesome and really delighted me! =D

The “Not much Time” dream(s)
(ppl involved: Siwon, me)
April 2018

This was actually more than one dream, but they were so short and basically always about the same thing so I decided to summarize them: Super show was still going and I really missed Siwon a lot. He had not been around for a long time now and he could only pay very short visits every now and then.
One time I could only meet him at an event which was good enough for me.
However, all these dreams had one thing in common: I felt the need to get a hold of him whenever I could, to be by his side and hug him… my poor cuddlebug feels were suffereing very, very mucho from being seperated from my hubby for so long (ಥ﹏ಥ) … god dammit! And always the moments passed like seconds and he had to go again.
I understand his work but I still suffer by his absence – which is ridiculous because in kdreams world we’re together since …uh… 2013(?) was it, right?… 2013 in k-dreams world, it’s not getting better in any way! 😱
Damn my feelings = = …….

Actually, these dreams left me kinda sad after waking up, tbh 😦 …….

The “Quite cute!” dream
(ppl involved: Changmin, me)
February 2018

In this one I decided to check by my buddies HoMin again. Hadn’t seen them in too long.
Super Show 7 had started a while ago and Siwon was always out. So I missed seeing someone lovely and went to… what I think was the SM building, but not sure.
The furniture around was quite nice, that much I can say ^^
I remember I asked someone if they had seen Yunho, perhaps. The person said he’s busy right now but would be back soon. They kindly sent me over to Changmin instead.
First I thought they were mistaken about his whereabouts because I couldn’t see him. But when I walked around that couch I was approaching and saw that he had fallen asleep there!

I immediately started grinning to myself in delight since IT WAS THE MOST GOD DAMN ADORABLE THING I HAD SEEN IN A LONG TIME!!!!!
AJSLfjasl-fs!!!!! HOw?!? (((✿ฺ≧▽≦)ノ彡☆
He was fast assleep so he didn’t notice when I sat down at his feet. I couldn’t stop grinning so stupidly tho. I really suppressed my urge to squee loudly at that moment, also, the urge to pinch these little bambi cheecks of his! aljdsjasldf! (๑>‿<๑)❤ To see him there like the little bambi he still is was almost painful, that much cute it was. I wanted to adopt him!
The amount of restraint I gathered not to squish him, pinch his cheecks and what not was other-worldly, but I managed to do it!

That was already everything to this dream.
Afterwards I just kept thinking how weird it all is with me and Changmin. I mean at first I had a really, REALLY hard time warming up to him and now he is like the cutest baby in the world to me…. WTF! xD LOL