❦The SuJu Game❦

You can use the following game for your own blogs too, but please give credit to the creator of it. I will do so too.
All credits for this game goes to: ShinYin from Singapore, autor of the blog http://shinyin.xanga.com

NAME ALL SUJU MEMBEERS IN ANY ORDER (do not think through their names), NUMBER THEM:
(this includes Hankyung, Zhoumi and Henry)

Okie, I will! *starts*
1. Siwon
2. Leeteuk
3. Kangin
4. Donghae
5. Eunhyuk
6. Yesung
7. Ryeowook
8. Kyuhyun
9. Shindong
10. Henry
11. Zhoumi
12. HanGeng
13. Heechul
14. Kibum
15. Sungmin

1. If 8 punched you, what would you do? (Kyuhyun)
– react like this: “…Photobucket … … … YAH! *holds her arm* What was that for?! I haven`t broke your PSP… T~T”

2. If 15 is a girl, what is your reaction? (Sungmin)
– I would freak out about it in a positive way, like: “You serious?! Sungminnie is a girl? =D Well, that explains a lot! I mean… the cuteness, the love for pink stuff and all! *gesture*” (okay minnie, will you go shop with noona then? Photobucket *wants to do girl things with him… errr… ‘her’ then!!!)

3.Will you ever tell your secrets to 3? (Kangin)
– Kangin? Oh, I think he`s trustworthy. So: Yeah, I would tell him my secrets.

4. If 7 was chased by fans, and he grabbed you with him, what will you do? (Ryeowook)
– I would say “OMG! Wookie, are you nuts?! Your fans will kill me, u know?! ><” (wae is he doing this in the first place? I never exprected Wookie to be like that… oO *irritated*)

5. What is your impression of 1? (Siwon)
– My impression of Siwon? Our captain. Polite. Friendly. A gentleman. Has a warm heart. Lovable person. Prince charming ^///^ (noona`s eternal prince~♥ Photobucket )

6. If it was the end of the world, what will you say to 6? (Yesung)
“Yesungie… you always did a great job and… I love your hair! >///< *cough* well, let`s go to watch the last sunset on earth~” (OMG! How embarrassing is that?! am I really supposed to say THAT? oO weird me!)

7. If 5 confesses to you, you… (Hyukjae)
– first: *blank expression/in shock because of the never expected happening*__then: “Photobucket OMG SUN! *hugs the monkey*” (<< I`m sure this would make him laugh ^^° but: most of you know I always liked Hyukjae ^^)

8. If your mom told you that 9 is your blood brother, what is your reaction? (Shindong)
– WTF MOM? You serious? Shindong and I will be the greatest #EpicFail together! ><

9. If 4 and 12 were fighting over a teddy bear(weird), what would you do to stop them? (Donghae & Han… ONE MOMENT! Donghae and Han? xD WTH! *haha*)
– I would try it with “Han~~! Teach me your awesomeness of dancing!” at first (<mayb distracts him from the fight) … if this will not bring success: “YAH! Stop that! Or I will tell the Umma! (Leeteuk)” XD

10. If you were to switch lives with 14, what is the first thing you will do? (Kibum)
– hm… good question. If I would switch lives with Kibum… would take my chance to visit HoMin at SME and the rest of SuJu! =P

11. If 10 were to kiss you suddenly, how will you react? (Henry)
Photobucket For realz?!? My little Henry?! Doing this?!? Well, I would freeze in shock! + I would be embarrassed as hell of course! >///< (ooh, this will create trouble with Hyukjae who confessed to me before >.> )

12. If 13 was to give you a present, what will it be? (Heechul)
– Hm. Maybe… a pic of himself so that I don`t forget… to adore my Heenim Oppa? xD I have really no idea!

13. If you were to prank 2, what will his reaction be? (Leeteuk)
– He would forgive noona ^^ And I wouldn`t be too mean, it`s Umma after all ^ω^ I cannot be mean to Teukie-Umma!

14. 11 is having problems learning english, you… (Zhoumi)
– I would help him with his exercise! + I would call Henry for help – just in chase one of my random english blackouts comes back while helping Zhoumi … ^^° (yes, this could very well happen! I tend to forget some words at times… °-°)

15. You are crying, you expect 7 to… (Ryeowook)
– Wae is it always Ryoewook today?! Well, I expect him to make me stop crying. Maybe he would try to make me laugh but if I don`t stop he will probably cry with me and then Yesung has to comfort both of us in the end… *scenario already in my head*

16. You are at SUJU house, and 2 and 15 announce they are going out, what is your reaction? (Leeteuk & Sungmin)
– say: “Oh? You two are going out? Have fun SuJu Leader씨 and Minnie! *turns around* KYU! Let`s meet up in 5 minutes in front of the game console!” (ㅋㅋ Kyu will be bored with minnie gone so we can play while they are out! Maybe I would lose to him REALLY BAD but dosen`t matter ^^)

17. If 14 told you he took drugs, what is your reaction? (Kibum)
– I would look at him like “WTF!” and I tell him to never do it again! And I would try to figure out the reason wae he did it. Maybe he has some problems and needs to talk about it. #justsaying: Kibum, out of all ppl in this game, wae do you tell ME? o.o I must look very trustworthy!

18. You were getting scolded by your teacher for no reason, and 11 stood up and protected you, what will you say? (Zhoumi)
(okay, I`m already out of school, but let`s assume I`m still in school!) ” Photobucket You`re so brave~ of all ppl, you were the only one. Thank you~~” (maybe that`s how he repays me for helping him with his english problem! ^^ )

19. 1 asked you out for lunch but you already promised to go out with 3, what will you do? (Siwon vs. Kangin)
Photobucket this CAN`T BE! CRULEST DAY EVER! Siwon, OMFG!!!!, SIWON asking me out on the day I promised Kangin to go with him to have lunch? WORLD, #waeuno stop being so cruel! ㅠ~ㅠ Well, since I promised Kangin I will go with him I will keep my promise! Or course I will do so! I cannot make a promise to him and then abandon him because of prince charming. Wouldn`t be fair (Kanging asked first – *lol* OMG! I`m such a -most wanted- woman, eh? =P)

20. If 12 were to cook something for you, what will it be? (HanGeng)
– =D Beijing fried rice!! =DD And it will be super delicious, I`m sure! (*lol* oh my, I`m so freakin’ random right now! xDDD)

21. If 9 likes to read yaoi fanfics, how will you react? (Shindong)
– I would ask “Does Nari know about this? ㅋㅋ *evil grin*” and then I would ask: “IS IT ABOUT YUNJAE?!?”

22. If 5 was caught sneaking into the girls bathroom, what will you do? (Hyukjae)
– O: My Hyukjae, who confessed to me?! I would scold him! He`s not supposed to do this! NU, NU, NU! Behave, Lee Hyukjae! Don`t tell me it was an ‘accident’! (how suitable that I`m listening to “Sorry, Sorry” right now, because that`s what he better says to me when he even got caught!)

23. If you see 13 fangirling at his favourite singer on tv, what will you do? (Heechul)
– =D How perfect! HEENIM OPPA?!? What could be more suitable for fangirling! Heechul is just perfect! I would jump on the couch beside him to see over who he`s fangirling so hard and… maybe start to co-fangirl! Photobucket (hehe… It`s really fun at the SuJu house! I like this game!)

24. You are at SUJU house for a slumber party, and 10 treats you like a pillow and hugs you tightly, what will you do? (Henry – AGAIN! OO)
– 어머! 어머! *fans* Henry, should stop this! I`m his noona >< …but … to say I wouldn`t enjoy this would be too much ㅋㅋ (OMG! Hyukjae will kill us both! *takes a look* Ah nu, wait, he`s cheating on me with Donghae right now *EunHae> are huggling*, so this will be my revenge!!! *huggles Henry*)

25. If you see 8 gazing into the mirror and kissing the mirror, what is your reaction? (Kyuhyun)
– Ah haha! The evil maknae is that narcissistic? XDD I would burst out laughing, run away while shouting “I will tell Minnie now!!! *lols while running*”

26. If you found out 4 cutting his wrists like a emo, what will you do? (Donghae)
– OMG! I would stop him from doing so of course! (now and in future) And then I would hug him T-T omooo~ *whines* Donghae, wae did you do this?!? Do you know how much you make Noona worry?! It`s because of SME, isnt`it? =.= *eyes SME* When I`m done hugging you then… =.=

27. If you saw 6 putting up make up in front of a mirror, you will.. (Yesung)
– …what kind of make-up are we talking about here in the first place…? But I would stop and watch all curious of course, just like “o.O Yesungie…?”

28.If 11 were to draw a drawing of you which turned out hideous, what will you say? (Zhoumi)
– Zhoumi: “Do you like it? =D” Noona: “It`s your present for me! Of course I like it! ^^” (it`s the thought that counts!)

29. If 12 and 15 were fighting over who gets the swing, who do you think will win? (HanGeng & Sungminnie)
– HAN! Because if aegyo-Minnie continues to be a stubborn kid and fight on Heechul will come to help HanGeng ^^ and… Han definitely owns the swing! ;P

30. If 5 tells you he like 10, will you help him? (Hyukjae & Henry)
– *faceplam* You guys are definitely kidding me, aren`t you?! Henry is practically glued to me for some reason and YOU, Hyukjae, confessed to ME first! Aigoo… *headache* But I love couples, so we can try, but are you sure Donghae is okay with this? XDD (aaah, I don`t want to die so young! Donghae will kill us both!)
*lol* This was great fun! It definitely took it`s time but it was worth it! =) I hope you also enjoyed!

(done by Sangmi Noona at September the 15th, 2011)

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