I finally made it! & a random YunJae story

안녕 다들! ^.^

I finally made it and saved aaaall my smilies from the old blog. aigoo, this was not that easy! Old blog was bitchy as always and it took me sooo long to grab them all. YAY! YAY! Photobucket soo YAIIIY! *says it like Tidus in dissidia* (< okay, maybe most of you have no clue about tidus, but it`s not that important ^^ it`s just a final fantasy thing)

So please beware of the fact that I will use them again today and on every other day 😀

+ I finally found a good header for the site! ^^ I`m happy about it!

Something that happened just now: I thought of JYJ and that their concert ended since a while and that they must be asleep by now ^^ Then I thought of brother-in-law. I looked at the clock and thought that this should be the time je usually goes to bed. Then I thought “I always come to late or I`m not even here when he goes to bed. hm… want to tell him good night today somehow… I wonder if he is already asleep? Photobucket” Well, just a few minutes later he tweeted us good night! OMO! Just sooo perfect!

Well, noona`s wish of today came true and I was able to tell brother good night :)))
but the best thing about that: 10 minutes before brother showed up Jing Yee said “May all your wishes come true!” aw! my sister!Photobucket
I`m sure! It was only her wishing for me that this happened today! Noona believes in such things ;D

okay, now what`s the “YunJae of the day” today?
oh! A whole YunJae series today! YunJae/DB5K at Asian Song Festival!
uwah! What a nice award! :O

Doese Yunho think YunJae should take care of that award? I think so ^^

YunJae can`t decide who is supposed to hold that thingy, eh? XD

Yunho seems to be like: “Jae, just gimme that thingy, ’cause I`m the LEADER!”
JJ is like: “eh? Do I really have to..?! DO NOT WANT! ”

YAY! Leader씨 won! (leader got the award 😉 ) -> JJ: *-.-*
ah, I`m sorry for you Jae, but *whispers* JJ, you can take it back after Yunho has fallen asleep later 😛

ah! JJ seems to like noona`s idea 😀 But our Leader is sly! He thinks something is a bit fishy here…
“Boo, wae so happy all of a sudden =.o *eyes JJ, but still grins and bears it*”
… *giggle* Leader씨, you better take good care of that award XD

Omo! This “YunJae of the day” turned out as a little YunJae story! okay, so nuuu YooSu today! Yunjae needed all the space for themself Photobucket

Hope you enjoyed Noona`s random thought & the YunJae show o^.^o
oh! oh! Just btw.: Brother made the cuuuuutest smilie on earth yesterday as he apologized to his nihongo sensei for missing the class: He said “Teacher, σ(^_^;) sorry” Photobucket awwww! this was really the cutest smilie I have ever seen! oh my! How can someone be mad at his student when he apologizes like that? It even melted Noona`s heart and I`m not even his sensei!
(original by Junho was-> “せんせい、ごめんなさいσ(^_^;)” )

next topoic: Terrarium rebuild.
I want to show you the Terra and what it looks like right now, after I worked on it a little that WE. (well you can over-scroll it if your not interested)

It finally looks better inside:

Just to show you: Back wall was cracked…
It begun there, I think *points* (not my fault! The terrarium was like that as I bought it second-hand – therefore it was very cheap, but the back wall needed to be fixed)

And that was exactly what I did! I fixed it.
As you can see, the damage was rather… errr… major. But some stripes of acrylic class and some aqua-silicon solved the problem. It was really instable at the beginning and I was afraid the wall would fully crack and break, so I fixed it even before our moving activities back then were about to start.

Let`s see what I can make out if this Terra during the next two weeks.(<< – yes, it might takes me that long because I still don`t have all my material for my work at home -aquaSil still won`t come- and I will adjust some things here and there until it`s ready to be a mice-home ^^).

and at least, look at my new cool logo ^^ You will see it here again – from time to time.


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I am cassiopeia from germany *^-^* OT5 all the way! AKTF & hope to the end! JYJ & HoMin hwaiting! An ELF heart is beating in me ^^ Love Super Junior (all Super15 of them), I´m 庚饭 -Gengfan- too. OTL: I do not own anything -most of the media or photos that are posted- and I`m not responsilble for the content of the sites I`ve linked~~*^-^*
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  1. shin says:

    oh yunjae ! miss dem su mooch LOL~

    • Sangmi says:

      *sigh* ah yeah. YunJae, our eternal pain these days T.T Who is not missing them? (well, except for stans & haters *rolleyes*) YunJae = always epic win!

      But: Hi there! Thank you for checking by! Hope you had fun! (v^_^)v

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