News of the day: “Fate” TEASER!!!!

안녕 친구들! ^.^

Brother has a YouTube channel! =D and brother uploaded 3 super cute vids =DD  + there is a teaser for his new single “Fate”! Photobucket

OMG! The first thing I thouhgt was “Cool! … oh and that`s kinda like intoxication! ^^”
Yeah well, sorry brother, but noona is always thinking of Junsu, no harm meant.
Junho really improved from what I can tell! I`m so proud of brother!
(+ teaser vid is getting hotter the more you watch it 😉 )

In general I really don`t like to say they, Junsu & Junho, are the same bacause they are not.
And to the ppl on YouTube who “don`t like”ed Junho`s teaser: Don`t not-like my brother/my brothers vid! just STFU, turn around and go away! If you don`t like then don`t look! geez… 진심으로!!

I will never get this. If I don`t like something I just walk away from it. It`s NOWHERE that easy to do as on the internet.
Oh yeah, that`s the problem with hater-stans: they just can`t do that. The NEED to hate on something. *shakes head* well, as for me, I don`t hate on something without a reason.

well, back to the main theme-> brother on YouTube: The other vids are very cute. Really, you should watch them ^^ brother during the first vid of nihongo lesson (appearantly he had to look for a hint or had no clue what the teacher was talking about) : “*emberrassed* *grinning* CUT! *laughs*” XDD He sounded JUST LIKE JUNSU in that second! I SWEAR! EXACTLY THE SAME! Photobucket
Brother, I hope you didn`t claim to know it all before the teacher asked XD
Sometimes when I look at brother-in-law I see Junsu. But overall brother`s a whole different story, but the fact that they are twins can`t be denied.

btw.: Junho`s nihongo teacher seems to be a nice woman! Reminds me of Junsu`s “mozart” vocal coach, just… funnier! These are the kind of women I want to be around my family. Not women like “that person” -.-” hrrr… *annoyed sigh* let`s not start with it or I will have to rant again! ><

The vid from the dance rehearsal room, his teacher was really funny ^^ just sounded like my workmate umma *haha* and was Junho all like “just let me lie around here *rolls over*” XD poor brother with merciless teacher 😛
But I`m really proud of him. Working so hard to learn japanese.
I wish I would be as good in japanese like he is.

“YooSu of the day”
:3 really, I love you guys~♥
YooSu so cute ^^

Now what is the “YunJae of the day?”
ah! YunJae in paris! *haha* how cute, same hair! 😀
hm, I never finished watchig Bounjour paris just like paradise ranch >__< OMG! Moving destracted me from everything! so not good!
I will change that the next days! (at least I hope so!)

oh! just wanted to tell you: My “Prince in Prague” photobook arrived yesterday! The LA story book as well! (+ some Min fotos ^^ Ocean would like them!).
Now it`s really about time to take photos!

nah, bora bora is still not here yet, but I will take pics of the other stuff and will upload it later on my TwitPic acc as usual ^^
oooh, speaking of things that are not here… >_> my AquaSilicon is still NOT HERE EITHER >< ARGH! It comes from germany and should be here already. I think it got lost. Will contact the seller if it dosen`t arrives till thursday… HAIZ!… I want to work on my Terra and I just can`t… that`s so annoying!

back to k-pop: – the new 2PM album is really good! I love “hands up”, “electricity” & “Hot”!
– Ah, I just read on twitter about an iCassie project for JJ and his drama. Okay but there is still the OT5 project missing. By the kCassies, u know… The fundraising started and then the project was like poof>vanished>4ever gone.
No one ever talked about it again.
And please don`t tell me they still do the fundraising after… I think 2 month? no, it has to be longer already. If so: Nobody heard about it anymore.
This is something that really bothers me, because I donated for that project and then it never started :/ One of the saddest cassie moments ever-> You see something FAILING, that you tired to help building up, even before it started.

Aigoo… I was like “Photobucket hello, OT5 project? You still alive?” the whole time, but now I`ll give up my hope for it. I think it will not happen.
What a pity, this would have been nice. But on the other hand, this fail taught me… uhm… to not do a fundraising again >< I have no clue… is that the result of our STANdom? That there are just not enough k-OT5`s anymore? What will they do with the money then, now they don`t need it? (or: what have they already done with it?) WE WILL NEVER KNOW, because no one talked about it anymore. *shurgs* it`s a really strange mystery to me!

Okie, today was the last day I will bother with that anyway. Don`t want to think about it anymore. I`m tired of it. There`s a bigger problem on my mind these days. The stans.
After JJ deleted his “AKTF” from his bio they surely celebrated their “victory” all day long. Yeah, great stans, be happy about your “success” or what you like to call it. Go ahead and claim that JYJ “finally moved on” but the fact is that they will not lose their faith yet – neither we OT5 do.
Before you go to celebrate your great victory think about all this deeply: Is a persons faith really written down and measured in the bio? And when you put this bio away then the faith is autimatically gone too? ooooh, I see stans! Epic logic, I totally understand. -.- NOT!

It`s a riddle how ppl can even go and make a fuss over such things… and then even go on JJ bitchy and bother with that? kids, do yourself a favour and grow up!
We have problems that are way bigger: Fandom turns into a STANdom, JJ & Yoochun are too thin, no one knows about the next hearing at the court, our boys still separated and HoMin at SME… aish! Ppl, let`s solve these problems first before you bother with something like “he removed some words from his bio, omg! everything is over now!”
I`m sure JJ`s believe is as strong as always.
We cannot know wae he removed it from his bio, but it`s surely not because he lost his faith.

oh, how suitable! My VLC player just played “Rising Sun” & is now playing “survivor”.
Yes stans, WE will survive, u not. Because we share the same believe as our boys, u just trie to make others believe your imaginations with your “mind & gestures reading abilites”. *rolleyes*

oh! oh! there`s something I wanted to tell you: When I overslept on monday, it was near dawn and as I was driving to the city I saw the purple line on the horizon again! You never saw it? The purple line really exists! I never saw it in the mornings before. I saw it back then in the evening *.* This purple line was amazing.
The one from in the mornings was not that amazing, but still cool.

I could never believe that a purple line really exists and that exactly like Yoochun said (well, at least I think it was him back then, can`t remember it that clear). But the purple line really IS existing. 😀

ah, now I`m hungry! 배고파! Have to find something to eat! Sister is doing the same right now 🙂 I can hear her in the kitchen!

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I am cassiopeia from germany *^-^* OT5 all the way! AKTF & hope to the end! JYJ & HoMin hwaiting! An ELF heart is beating in me ^^ Love Super Junior (all Super15 of them), I´m 庚饭 -Gengfan- too. OTL: I do not own anything -most of the media or photos that are posted- and I`m not responsilble for the content of the sites I`ve linked~~*^-^*
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