[PICS] I accidentally… & pre-debut (SuJu)

…”bumped” into some Siwon pictures while I was on the “hunt” for JJ pics ^^

Well, 안녕 fist ^.^ *haha*

Let me say: I really like Siwon. Siwon is… such a BLAST (to be honest) ^^° (…. sorry Junsu!! >_< noona says -bad- things again…)

Siwon is “prince charming” for real! No kidding…

*o* … OMFG SUN! *dies*
Google said trans is “Adam sculpture”. Yeah google trans, I know what you mean…!

(Off comment: The weird thing is, my Oppa called every korean band member gay so far, but as he saw Siwon back then he said “he`s okay, actually dosen`t look gay.” Photobucket uhm… okay, I don`t get you Oppa! Wae is Yunho not “okay” then? … I will never know what`s going on inside my Oppa`s head!)




Siwon always reminds me of our Leader씨.
just btw.: Our Leader is GOD okay?!
oh my gawd! :O Leader씨 looks so glorious! Like an angel *.*
Yunho-ya, I want to touch your hair. It looks so nice… *hair-fetish* (…one day I will touch his hair, I`m SURE! 😛 )

Okay, now let`s take a look at some other pics I bumped into by chance today: SuJu pre-debut pics!
It`s about Sungminnie & Hyukjae mainly ^^

from left to right: Heechul, Donghae, Sungmin, Yesung & Hyukjae (^^ ah, I always liked Hyukjae and today I found out that he was such a cutie as “baby”! Photobucket )

*thumbs up* Yesung & Sungminnie, you were really cool, even back then! 😉


*squeeeeak!* CUTIES! SO CUTE BABIES!!! *haha* Sorry I can`t hold my horses when I see pre-debut pics!

And here we have the… uhm… EunMin couple? I dunno ^^ but the pics are funny and cute!


Ah haha! ^^ SUNGMIN! XD too cute! + I really like him with longer hair! *long-hair-fetish shows up once again…*

First funny & cute, then the dead-serious-expressions (kinda ^^):

nah, funny & cute is better!
OMG! Hyukjae & Sungmin so cute! aw! I love this pic!
and last but not least we have a pre-debut Donghae pic:
hm… at first glance it reminded me a little bit of the young HanGeng + I like Donghae with longer hair 😀 *<< as expected*

Recently, on thursday, my work-umma talkey about how stupid my ex boyfriend was and that I need a guy who treats me well. A nice and friendly one who`s like me ^^° aigoo, aigoo… a little embarrassing. But at least she said that my ex was stupid XD
Yeah, work-umma, I know that myself. Now I have our boys and brother and I`m so happy Photobucket

Before I came to know them I never thought it would be possible, but it is!

but… our sales woman want to find a man for me >< ew! Nuuu! Just don`t start to look after a man for me! You don`t even know my taste! >___<

*lol* that reminds me of something… Oppa on Thursday…
Oppa: “*comes to me, stands beside me* Kiss me!”
me: “NO!!! I`m mentally married, I can`t do this!”
Oppa: *walks away*

On friday: Oppa: “*stands besides me* touch me!”
me: “aaarh! NU!>-__< I`m mentally married!”
Oppa: *walks away*

see? Oppa tries do seduce noona, but Noona is strong! *proud of herself*

well, it happens often that oppa tells us to kiss him, but I`m always told him the same: I AM MENTALLY MARRIED (To Junsu!)!

+ Oppa & Ajeossi at work… I was pretty amused by Oppa & Ajeossi!
Ajeossi said he wants to marry Oppa. Oppa said he won`t paly the woman in their relationship so he won`t wear woman clothes.
First because of the thought of Ahjeossi in a dress XD, secondly about the fact that they even talk about such things + thirdly I thought of my soulmatesister and that she would have liked this so much.
Well, Oppa and Ajeossi did some strange things on that day too but i don`t want to tell this here XD *lol* Yes, you can “imagine wilder” (like Junsu said about a-nations “it”)

Aish! Wanted to make YooSu and YunJae of the day today too, but I don`t like too many pics in one entry. It takes so long to load then entry then ^^ So there is no YunJae & YooSu today.
But I will do tomorrow the update of Junho and then let`s see what else is new then.

okay now, I go to sleep. I`m tired.

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