“Mission Joo” starts! :D

안녕하세요! Photobucket

I started my “Mission Joo” just some minutes ago ^^
For those who don`t know: “Mission Joo” means-> Listening to Brian Joo`s songs. I really likes his “in my head” cover.
From that what I heard from his first album “The Brian”… I like it so far! And my Soulmatesister would like it too, I`m sure!

And: I thought about Brian this morning while getting up.
People like Brian are like a connection between K-Pop and our western culture. Brian, as an american citizen, being in K-Pop… this is good. Connected with both cultures.
Just look at SNSD`s Jessica ^^ same with her.

After I finished listen to Brian`s songs I want to listen to MBLAQ`s songs ^^ ah, all thanks to Stephi Unni, she “infected” me with MBLAQ. I`m really curious if I will end up as a MBLAQ fan in the end. (same with brian *haha* let`s wait and see)

Good, so what else is new in Noona`s k-pop world?
My Soulmatesister is gone for 3 weeks, followed by another 3 weeks holiday! Photobucket HOW CRUEL IS THAT! I already miss her so much!
*pout* so mean… taking my soulmatesister away from me for so long… You meanies! *pout, pout* It`s like… taking Junsu away from Yoochun :/
But that means I will do the record I`m writing for her extra properly! For the time she`s away I write a document for her with everything in it what`s important ^^
btw: I found the present I want to give her again today! In one of my moving boxes! 😀 It`s not lost! I immediately put it to the other things for her, so that it can`t get “lost” another time (well, it was never really lost in the first place but… argh! You know what I mean!) <– noona is bad in explaining things >//<

Oouh yes and: Junho had a little fanmeeting and got presents again ^^ ah, good! I`m happy for brother! Besides some haters there are many ppl who love him. =)

Okay now let`s do some YunJae okie?!

So what`s the “YunJae of the day” today?
Photobucket *squee!!!!* A YUNJAE STARING CONTEST!?! *lool* looks like it suddenly turned out as a “OMIGAWD, your so cute! *puts Yunho`s face in his hands*”/ both thinkin> “OH MY GOD, UR SO LOVABLE!? *hugs*” or what? =D
And Yoochun is like “Oh my! Those two… XD” (well, don`t hide that you`re a YunJae shipper Chunnie! We already know!)
*haha* oh so cute YunJae!!!! Photobucket ME-> LOVES THEM!
but wait… Leader씨, you lost, didn`t you? XDD I think JJ won!
So far, so good.
What`s up at the YooSu end today? “YooSu of the day”:
*squeak* Junsu, wae are you so cute?! Melting noonas heart every day… AISH! How am I supposed to live when Junsu makes me go crazy all day? ^^
Oh, I know: I`m destined to live a fangirlie life! *confident* That must be it. *serious* I`m destined to be a fangirl and my best friend already said I`m the “fangirl in person”. *feeling proud about it*
aaaaand noooow~ *ㅋㅋㅋ* let me show you the new secret couple series that will be not that secret anymore in a few seconds  Photobucket
And the secret series will be….

*TA~DA* “EunHae of the day”!!!! (at least for a while!)
So… let`s take a look at the first “EunHae of the day”: Scene in the SuJu Mini drama XD
KYAAAHHH!!!! (again) Photobucket My second fav scene in that drama!!!! EunHae! EunHae so cute! =DDD OMG! *confesses* I`m a fan of EunHae couple! *support*
You may ask now -so what`s your 1th fav scene then?- and I will tell you: I will show you later! ㅎㅎ

+ *grins* my little soulmatesister will SO like that! 😉 Once she`s back from her 6 weeks of vacation she will be able to read all the entries she missed here and she will love the new series!

After the kick off_official of the new series let`s do some EunHae quotes to celebrate it!

— Eunhyuk: “Donghae, thank you for your birth. I’m really thankful that we met in SJ. We are together now. We’ll be together in the future.”

— Donghae: “Eunhyuk is handsome.”
Eunhyuk: “No.”
Donghae: “You’re the most handsome guy in Korea.” (cuuuuuute~~!)
Eunhyuk: “No, no. I’m just the second, second.”
Donghae: “Who is the first?”
Eunhyuk: “It’s Donghae. Donghae is the most handsome.” (*squeals* even more cuuuute~!)

— ELF: “Is Eunhae or Haeeun?”
Eunhyuk: “Because I am more handsome, so it’s Eunhae.”
Donghae: “It’s Haeeun!!”
Ah haha! XD Start of a couple fight? ^^

— Eunhyuk: “You keep taking everything away from me”
Donghae: “I never took myself away from you” (awwww!)

And while we`re on it: A short TVXQ quote:

– *local kids at photoshoot*
JS: “Super Mario?!”
Kid: *excited* “Yeah, I have it!!”
JS: *even more excited* “Do you want to compete?!”

OMG! Junsu! Ask me that!!! meeeee! I have no clue about Super Mario, but I would try *haha* I would not mind if I lose out very big. ^^
but we`re not finished with that now:

– *Junsu wins game* JS:”When it comes to playing Super Mario, I’m a professional~!”
Kid:”You’re NOT a professional!” ):
JS:”I won didn’t I?!”

*haha* yessss! face it kid! Junsu won, that means either he`s a professional or was extremely lucky XDD depends on how good the kid was! ^^°
But talking about quotes… I have saved so many on twitter, I should do some quotes days again soon!

Best/funniest question today on twitter was: “Who`s @ heedictator ? Isn`t that a female celeb..”
*giggle* XD nuuu, kiddo, just nuuuu!
1.) does “heedictator” sound like a name a woman would choose to you? definitely not.
2.) okay, if you`re not a SuJu fan in general or an ELF you maybe can`t know, but to ask that in puplic… errr… it`s nearly as funny as the question “Who`s ryeowook?” XDD

Okay no, wait! I have to correct myself: “Who`s Ryeowook?” was a dumb question, not even funny at all. Ppl can be so ignorant! (← that was a stan`s question, btw…. #justsaying)
ts, ts, ts… claiming to be a k-pop fan and then ask such questions? WOAH! 진심으로! this was one of the first names I came to know when I started to listen to k-pop! I knew who Ryeowook was even before I knew all the surnames of our boys XD 지짜! those kids… ^^

Ah, ye ye!
I heard that it`s Heenim oppa`s b-day today! okay, due to the fact that I´m not an ELF I have n clue how old he is now… eh hehe … Photobucket but: HAPPY B-DAY HEECHUL anyway! With these words receive good cassiopeian wishes for your b-day! May lady Hee Hee last 4ever! *lol* (I love Lady Hee Hee!)

btw.: Heechul RTed a cassie`s tweet today. Okeh, not about a cassiopeian matter, so be at ease ppl! realaxxx~~~ I just noticed that and wanted to tell you.

hm… and now? *stomach wants to eat* 배고파… T~T I have to go and find something to eat. really, I`m feeling like Min today! Hungry the whole day and I don`t even know wae. But: It`s good! So I can eat lots! I enjoy eating! It`s one of the best things in life Photobucket

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I am cassiopeia from germany *^-^* OT5 all the way! AKTF & hope to the end! JYJ & HoMin hwaiting! An ELF heart is beating in me ^^ Love Super Junior (all Super15 of them), I´m 庚饭 -Gengfan- too. OTL: I do not own anything -most of the media or photos that are posted- and I`m not responsilble for the content of the sites I`ve linked~~*^-^*
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  1. babyredocean says:

    UNNIE. hi~~your yunjae today killlllleeedddd me. that is one of my all time favorite moments and gifs to ever exist TT___TT. they’re so into each other and …they grabbed each other’s faces? i mean who does that?? OTL

    Junsu in a pink shirt=makes fangirls+Yoochun happy puahaahahaha.

    i miss junho today XDD. also~~u have u have me for 3 weeks to hold you over unnie muahahaha //hides//.

    • Sangmi says:

      Yes, you are right! I forgot to write about brother-in-law, but I already updated! ^^

      ah, yes, this YunJae is one of my most loves ones too! Oh my! They are really so into each other! <333 YunJae 4ever loved/4ever love!

      *haha* XD yes, pink shirt is good for Yoochun & fangirls! indeed! that`s right_official! 😛

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