^^ Soon!

안녕 친구들! ^.^

Soon, very soon, noona wil be a very happy k-pop fan again. I receifed some money and after my calculation I had some money left so I bought the AnAn magazine with HoMin in it!

Ah, and I ordered 2 of Brians albums! “Manifold” & “Uveiled” were available, the first album… err… no where to find :/ Me dosen not like it!
nah, 어떻게? I was not able to find it on ebay (but found it on google before). I´m a little sad because I really wanted to buy it but I`m fine with the end results. 2 out of 3 is good!
sadly I wans`t able to find Brian`s cover single of “in my head” too :T ebay, YOU SUCK! (at times… – normally ebay makes me a happy noona! 😛 ) ><

Oh yes and like I said: I bought “Melody & Harmony” too! Right after I received money from my bosss 😉 Was the first thing I bought this month! ^^

Now I only have to sit and wait for it. Aigoo! but that`s the most difficult part!

아, 예: today I was able to write “어떻게” without failure for the first time! Let`s see if I can remember it next time too!
I think this is a little difficult because I always want to write it like –어떡해– but that`s totally wrong!

At work, when I have the time of course, or during my break I think about different hangul and sentences in korean. I keep in replaying them in my head and I even remember some sentences of Paradise Ranch from time to time. The more I use korean, the more I will improve with it.
Actually I can read many hangul, but I don`t know the meaning of the word then.

hm, talking about korean related things> korean ramen> I will buy my new ramen after I finished this entry Photobucket I love ramen! Can`t live without ramen anymore! ^^ Ramen & rice = very important. Essential for noona! I could eat ramen & rice three times a day!

oh! yes! there was something: Hyukjae was on a radio show with A-Pink members. but that was not the important part. Important was, that Hyukjae said he will meet Junsu tomorrow (what means, since it was yest, it would have been today).
I wonder! Did he really mean OUR JUNSU?! eh? Eunhyuk, you sure SME will be cool with that? Is there a mozart stage today (well, clueless noona dosen`t know… >< )? Then this could have meant that he goes there to meet him. Ah, but anyways: I really hope they have met today! I would SO approve that! I really want them to stay friends and meet despite that the lawsuit is still going on… *sighs* I really want everything to be good for them.
For our 5 boys, for SuJu, for every artist at SME. but especially for our boys and SuJu. They were friends since so long, this friendship should not break.

Ah haha XDD 어머! Just noticed: I`m not even ashamed to squeal in front of my sister anymore XD
me becomes a shameless cassie over time Photobucket

and YES, it was because of the “EunHae of the day”:
Ah haha XD EunHae! What is THAT?! I mean, I really approve this, but ^^ *haha* cute.
Well, I still wonder if that`s really EunHae… It could be them! I know too little about SuJu that I can tell when this could have happened. But well, it was classified as -EunHae- somewhere on the web, so here we are now =)

And what are YooSu doing in the “YooSu of the day” today?
awww! we all knew what happened there ^^ Ah, I have a .gif of this scene around somewhere in my wood of YooSu pics/gif but I will share it sometime later. Can`t tell when ^^
But this scene was really, really cute! And: Is is just me, or is Yoochun having a -want to kiss you- expression? at least it looks like that to me.

But actually(!) Junsu was the one that kissed Chunnie back then! You remember that quote?! He said it.
XD and then we had JJ kissing Changmin because of almost the same reason (because he looked so cute/sweet/adorable while sleeping). But that`s a whoooole different story. Let`s move on!

“YunJae of the day”:

Soooo, what to do now? I have done everything I wanted to do today besides cooking ramen…
I have nothing to rant.


Since WHEND do I have NOTHING to rant about? (okay, I will not start with a rant about Ajeossi now, because I don`t like it here on the blog).
But back to the rant-thing: I can`t even rant about “that person”. I don`t follow her account or go there to read only to rant. I`m sure I COULD rant if I would go there, but I simply refuse to go there *pout* NOONA DOES NOT WANT!

But… I wanted to talk about something but have forgotten what it was Y.Y Aigoo, and it was SUCH a good topic to talk about.
I think it was something HoMin related, but I can`t remember.

Okay, so I will tell you something from work: The last days I noticed an older asian guy, around… 40 years. He comes everyday at the same time to buy something. I always end up meeting him in the corridor. He`s friendly, fluent in german ^^ My work Umma went fast forward today and asked him where he is from. He said he`s from Japan! ^^ Noona . is . excited . ! We have a friendly, older japanese Ajeossi as a customer! =DDD cooool!

But talking about Ajeossi… I complained to my work Umma about his mood swings & general moody-ness (XD WHAT A WORD!) and freaked out a little. I got into rage… eh hehe… Photobucket
Umma said: “I know what you mean. When he`s moody again just come to me and we`ll talk ;D ”
me: “*calms and is excited* =) YES! I will!”
*hehe* then I can tattle about Ajeossi ㅋㅋㅋ uuuh, Umma you are so great! =D
I really hope I can remember what I wanted to talk about soon. My blog entries are sooo short 😦 I don`t like it when the entries are that short…

Well, since I have nothing useful to say anymore ^^ I will got to cook my ramen now! I will go shop my new ramen while eating the ramen later =D 어머! That sounds like a good idea!

At last just one more thing: Vacation counter: Just 2 more days to go! HWAITING ME! YOU CAN MAKE IT NOONA! *cheers for herself*

About Sangmi

I am cassiopeia from germany *^-^* OT5 all the way! AKTF & hope to the end! JYJ & HoMin hwaiting! An ELF heart is beating in me ^^ Love Super Junior (all Super15 of them), I´m 庚饭 -Gengfan- too. OTL: I do not own anything -most of the media or photos that are posted- and I`m not responsilble for the content of the sites I`ve linked~~*^-^*
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