Habbits I dislike in our fandom & JJ reached 500.000 followers!

안녕 친구들! ^^

Yes, today was less… bad. Compared to the past two days today was rather good.

BUT what would our fandom do without ppl who make all the mess even more complicated, eh?
Yes, we would have a “too easy” life as a cassiopeia, therefore we have our Max Matsuura today, CEO of AVEX, and he said he didn`t know a thing about the “Wasurenaide” incident + he kinda blamed the chinese singer for the mess. uhm… hello? WTF? Photobucket YES! WTF! WTF! (is this everyone`s standard excuse for everything? -China stole it-? WTFnesssssss!!!! this excuse it getting old, do u know? *face palm* )

but wait, wait… Hold on for a sec! Gimme a short break, Matsuura. I cannot catch up with everything right now. All starts to blurr in my mind. Aaah, you can say I lost track of the situation now… Photobucket
What`s a lie and what`s the truth now? It all sounded different in the chinese singers statement yesterday… oO and now that?

Well, whatever. Whether Matsuura knew/knows about this or not, dosen`t matter. He got one point in his next tweets: ppl go around and tweeting hateful messages to AVEX/to him without knowing what is going on. They all just went wild because they heard “wasurenaide”, “AVEX” & “china” from someone.
Okeh *junsu style*, this leads us to the point where I will tell you the two habbits in this fandom I dislike these days:
1.) the habit of starting petitions for every little thing (even though it`s completely useless)
2.) be quick with sending hateful words to ppl via messages/boards/websites/tweets

And #2 is what many ppl did.
I said yest: I don`t want to curse on AVEX. And I still didn`t do that.
They only do their business and even with AVEX unexpected things can happen. Maybe they really never gave permission for Wasurenaide, who knows?
But many ppl just run around, knowing nothing, and go totally bitchy at AVEX before the case is investigated. They just run around like chickens with their heads cut off.
REALLY! I HATE THAT! This habbit has to stop. I don`t like it to judge someone that quickly.
(you can curse them for yourself but before you go fast forward with something and make it official you should be sure it`s true/you should know what is the real case)

I don`t want to defend AVEX. I just want to say: Please do your reasearch before cursing on someone.
To the ones who wrote angry to AVEX yesterday: Can you surely say that they sold Wasrenaide?
ooooh! you cannot? hm, wae am I not surprised?
Everyone was just like “OMG I heard from someone who heard from someone who heard from a friend of someone who heard from someone that AVEX sold Wasurenaide to china! *sends angry/hate message*”
Isn`t this a little irrational?

Okay, one thing is for sure: AVEX is a company and companies cannot be fully trusted, never, but if they say they didn`t know anything wae shouldn`t we give the whole thing a try, eh?

AVEX, you say you are innocent? ok, fine by me. Prove it and we are aaaalll cool with it, né? Isn`t it like that?
I hope they don`t lie. For the love of god, I hope they don`t lie! It will be for their own good.
Actually nobody knows what`s real, what`s the real case or who`s lying right now. Chinese singer says this, AVEX say`s that, fans heard another thing and JJ is inbetween all that with his TVXQ5 memories… *한숨*


Like I said: Everything is just so weird at the moment! AVEX, please clarify!
and to my point one on the “dislike” list: PETITIONS.
Yeah, it`s not like I don`t expected them to show up again after I heard the thing about Wasurenaide…
But that`s not the point. Once again it`s all about the principle!
Since we had the JYJ petition we send to the court back then everyone`s answer to everything/every problem is a petition. *face plam*
The petition we did for the court was a good thing, and, really, I`m not an opposer of petition in general IF they are not useless/hilariously useless.

I mean, c’mon! A petition to give Wasurenaide back to JJ or a petition to protect JJ`s rights to wasurenaide? Fandom and Standom, please think! You both act equally ignorant right now.
Our problem is that JJ ACTUALLY HAS NO RIGHTS TO WASURENAIDE, and this is where the word “useless” appears on the scene.

If JJ gets a ticket because of a parking violation you would do a petition too? o.O I WONDER!
But please don`t answer me, because I have the certain feeling the answer would cause me a headache… =_=

It it really true that half of the fandom is that ridiculous? No wonder we started to lose our face in the eyes of others. I heard Cassiopeia once was a very strong, unwavering fandom. Now it seems like it`s only full of stans and “chickens” (u know, the ones who run around like chickens with their heads cut off… – D: omo! After the hater-stans the chickens are the new scary sub-group in our fandom! *sighs* Wae has it alwaye to be me to discover new sub-groups?)

And just in case someone wants to point his finger at me now: I SO would have supported this petition for JJ & wasurenaide if there would have been the smallest chance that we are right with it/that we are on the right track with it. But sadly JJ has no rights to wasurenaide. I wish he would have the right to it.
Even if he would still be under SME he would have no rights to it because no matter what you do, due to the fact you signed a fateful contract at SME, you don`t own anything as long as they don`t allow you to. (and we all know SME never allowes anyone anything >< )
+ due to the fact that wasurenaide was released in japan the right to it all for AVEX.

I really love our FIVE(!) Oppas. They are like my family. But if we want to help them we should do it in the most useful way. Instead of bringing up new petitions everyday for every imaginable matter we should give them our official (“tweetal”? can we say it like that?) support! This will have much more effect.

So go and tweet your support kids! Say that you will always be there, that you believe in our Oppas and that we will make it together. (but please don`t say it if you don`t mean it, otherwise it`s useless too)

No matter how many hardships anyone wants to throw at us, we will stay strong & survive! Because we always survive! We survive during the last 2 years.
Since I`m in this fandom I have to protect my faith so it can survive. I don`t know it any other way. I want to keep my faith and my hope for my oppas to the end~♥

When it comes to this matter, I`m really proud of Junsu right now.
He became stronger during the last months. I don`t want to say that he has no more weak moments, we all have weak moments, but he improved.

hmmm…. I hope that he was able to meet up with Hyukjae. And even if they didn`t met in person, I hope they can email or text each other.
But Hyukjae following Junsu now is surely something Junsu appreciates very much, I think. It`s his close friend Hyukjae after all!

And thinking about this today (Hyukkie following my BB) I realized: We know that SME will dislike it because Hyukjae is totally avoiding/ignoring SME`s (butthurt) hate against JYJ with by doing this. Basically this is a punch in SME`s face somehow, né? Don`t ya think?
No SME artist is followig a JYJ member, really NOT A SINGLE ONE – except for our Hyukjae now Photobucket
Let`s check the follow lists or our Oppas a little (just because we are talking about this matter right now): Ah, Junsu still following “that person” =_=” BB, when do you change this? We know sometimes (maybe almost never) you just don`t have the heart to say ‘no’, but could you be a little more… uhm… more fierce just for once? Photobucket
Chunnie & Junsu both following Brian, JJ dosen`t. Hm. Wonder wae. but well, whatever. Never mind!
I`m pleased with the boys`s following-lists except for this >>defective appearance<< in Junsu`s list! *is in meanie-noona-mode again Photobucket * ooooh, hoho! 여보-BB, please allow me to ‘remove’ this failure XD *continues to be mean*

p.s.: of course “that (ridiculous) person” took part in the petitions as well. Nice thought of her, but an #EpicFail in the end because… nah, I explained it above! she didn`t do her homework either (once more).

OH! Now I have an idea for a more useful petition: “Save HoMin from SME”
What about that, hm? SME keeps making them run around like their lap dogs. I don`t really like that.

And: When is their contract running out? *looks at her TVXQ.lexicon_official* ? The new contract was signed over 3 or 4 years? I cannot remember anymore, so I don`t want announce something official about that.

There was a translation around on twitter today (SYC posted it) of an article from a news site that was titled “Has JYJ Became The Symbol Of Injustice?‏”. Let`s take a quick look at it:

(…) The weirdest that happened in JYJ’s activities was the unability to appear in news articles, television dramas and not able to participate in variety programmes, in addition to the frequent “sudden cancellation without a reason” incidents. The trio of JYJ recorded QTV’s programme in 24 hours and in the end this programme was unable to be broadcasted by QTV itself. Park Yoochun, who was supposed to attend KBS’s Win Win was canceled, together with this time’s “sudden cancellation” of Jeju island promotional performance even though the receipt of the cue sheet.

(…) But the situation of Jeju’s promotional performance is completely different. With them being appointed as ambassadors, they have greatly influenced the promotional effects but was yet omitted in performance. The sudden cancellation was incomprehensible, especially when the schedule was already confirmed. There are lots of overseas fans who have planned to fly over to Korea for this public performance and this has worsen the problem. It feels so regretful especially when this happened in national-managed broadcasting company KBS.

Pre-appointed ambassadors scheduled performance was yet suddenly canceled without any special reason, this is obviously an injustice issue. Gaining the promotional effects and omitting them in the end, this shows the vile side of the establishment.

The invisible backdoor pressure rumours were unbelievable. It is obvious that there is special reason and this reason have caused the cancellation. Before any judgment by the court is passed, there should not be any obstruction to their entertainment activities. Korea is a lawful country. In Korea, it is unimaginable to know of power who disregard law and there are no way to confirm if such power existed. If they say that there are not outside pressure, then wouldn’t it be impossible to stop the broadcasting based on one’s effort?

Therefore I hoped that KBS television company will give a proper explanation to this sudden cancellation of JYJ’s broadcasting. What is the exact reason for canceling JYJ’s broadcast. I hoped to receive a convincible reason.

Hopefully KBS can relay to the public the message that “Republic of Korea is a lawful society and there are no injustice.” If KBS’s reason is not convincible, that would be very regretful, very pitiful. This proves that under the law of our Republic of Korea, there are still certain power existing or that KBS has to depend on certain establishment’s power to produce programmes. If it is really so, then undoubtedly, JYJ has bear the injustice sacrifice and they have became the symbol of injustice.

Quote: ‘Korea is a lawful country.’ I HOPE SO! :/
All what happened to our boys is really injustice.
Like Eric said: It`s win and survive.
I think everything is really much more worse than we can imagine. Junho said something like that, Eric did… We can really only see the top or the iceberg as fans.

we have to keep the faith! For everything, not just for OT5.

TVXQquotes admin tweeted “Faith makes things possible..not easy.”

There are still ppl out there who think they know “more” than other fans. Fine. So they think they know more.
okeh! *junsu style*
The only problem with this is: Not even korean -right from the start fans- really know more than iFans do. Because there are simply things our boys cannot tell us now. Don`t you understand that, you I-know-more-ppl?
If you are not a close friend of our boys, you cannot know ‘more’ than others. Oooh, yes, except for the fact that…

– you are a stan and have great mind reading abilities
– you do fortune telling and that with success
– you are at C-jes or SME
– you are one of the employee`s at the court who works on JYJ`s case.

If you cannot say “yes, I am” to one of these things (close friend, mind reading abilities, doing fortune telling, being at a company or at the court) you should not go around and tell other ppl you know ‘more’ because there`s simply no change for you to know ‘more’.

I hate it when ppl go around and claim they know ‘more’. And this happens, believe me! That`s another habit in our fandom I dislike!
Well, at first it were only the stans, but in the meantime we have some OT5 who copy that stan-habbit and go around, telling others they know something… really, that`s not what we should do now.

ppl please behave! This is no contest of “who knows more” here. Act more serious, because it`s an all serious matter.
진짜! AISH!

okay, back to something more happy: Uri Oppa JJ reached ★ 500,000 ★ followers on twitter!!!!! Photobucket
YAIYYY!!! 축하한다 재중이 오빠!

ah, for the sake of celebration, let`s do some JJ pics!!!
I liked these pics of him back then:




He looked really good here! (besides the fact that he`s too thin…).
JJ looked even younger than before with that hair color ^^


*cough* about the pic: cute jj + I like his ling hair~♥

Anyways: Congrats JJ! You will reach 1.000.000 followers in future as well! =)

Good, I had a lot of serious talk today (AGAIN! >< ) so I want to tell you how my first official vacation day was.

It all begun with sleeping/hanging around in bed until 09:30am. Then I wanted to get up, but decided on reading FF`s. FATEFUL DESICION!!!!!
I read, and read and read… until my mom came to kick me out of bed.
Mom: “what are you doing? Do you get up now or not? I`m going to eat lunch. *leaves*”

I wanted to reply “YEAH, I`M FREAKIN’ SORRY MOM! I CANNOT HAVE FREAKIN’ LUNCH! I`M READING EUNHAE FF`S RIGHT NOW!” but I didn`t say a thing. Photobucket
Mom wouldn`t have an idea what I´m talking about anyway so I simply got up.

oh my! I was so into searching for a good EunHae FF and I finally found one, but it is on a current hiatus with the sequel chapters so I searched for a new one and ended up reading many fics in a row (one shots as well as more chapter fics) and so I spend almost 3 hours of my morning on reading! =DD

After lunch I started reading again for… another 3 hours XD Then mom said she wants to go buy food, I went with her.
After coming home again I realized that I haven`t spend a second on twitter today D: GREAT SHOCK!!!! *dies*
So I went looking for Junho first because he had his live event today.

Brother was all fine, he said it was a success. Photobucket GOOD! *happy for him*

Then I read my tl and expected the worst, but it wasn`t that bad after all. But the thing with the petitions and the “chickens” bothered me very much because it reminded me of the bad habbits that our fandom/standom has these days *rolleyes*

p.s.: the EunHae FF`s were really funny most of the time. Okay, they were really sexy and hot too, but there were always such moment like heechul or leeteuk bursting into the room while EunHae were making out XD ooooomoooooo! #EpicFail timing!! XD *lol* these awkward situations all the time… I couldn`t help but laugh because I really imagine SuJu in their dorm and this happens… The characters were so natural and Heechul SUCH A TROLL! *loool* I laught so hard! XDD poor EunHae! really, I felt sorry for them in one way.
Some of the FanFic`s are really cool. Okie, they are rated, but some of them really have an interesting plot and taking place in SuJu`s daily routine. I like my FF`s that way. more the ‘natural’, real way instead of made up surroundings like highschool and exchange student. nuuu, I don`t like that.

and now, instead of the couple series I have something special for you all!

3rd asia tour concert, MIROTIC in Seoul – the Dance battle of Junsu & Yunho!

Intro & Junsu`s part of the battle:

Photobucket guy in white! korean guy dressed in white!!! I-N_W-H-I-T-E-! oooh junsu, you know my weakness! Photobucket *almost faints, but keeps watching*
어머!어머! Junsu-ya, my heart is racing! And wae it`s so hot in here all of a sudden *fans air on her face* I can barely bear this hotness! *fans, fans*
[fangirl mode] 놀라워!!!!!! GO JUNSU! GO JUNSU! GO JUNSU! woohoo! SOOO SEXY!!! That`s my baby!!![/fangirl mode]
(really, as I saw this on DVD -yes, I own this DVD *^w^*- I nearly fainted… it was late at night and my mom left the room before the dancebattel begun > she watched the concert togehter with me and then got tired so she went to bed… the good thing was: she didn`t heard me squeal and didn`t watched me nearly fainting while watching Junsu dance…)

OMFG! Simply the intro made my heart beat fast… 아이고!

Yunho`s part of the battle:

우와! *fangirl scream* LEADER씨~~~!!!!! You are soooo hot~~! That`s 짱~!!!!!!
I love “Checkmate”! I love Toho-dancers! (INCLUDING the female dancers!!!)
But sorry Yunho, this was the battle I talked about way back then: I cheered for Junsu ^^° *bows a thousand times in front of Yunho* Leader씨 I´m so sorry but… eh… hehe… my hubby… uhm… and so… uhm… OMO! cannot explain!!! *runs away, leaves Leader씨 behind with a -WTF was that just now? oO- expression on his face* )

Oops! I just realized that I had a giiiiigant rant entry today :O OMG! I`m sorry! I wasn`t supposed to rant that much again today! It just happened! *bows in apology* Photobucket

About Sangmi

I am cassiopeia from germany *^-^* OT5 all the way! AKTF & hope to the end! JYJ & HoMin hwaiting! An ELF heart is beating in me ^^ Love Super Junior (all Super15 of them), I´m 庚饭 -Gengfan- too. OTL: I do not own anything -most of the media or photos that are posted- and I`m not responsilble for the content of the sites I`ve linked~~*^-^*
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2 Responses to Habbits I dislike in our fandom & JJ reached 500.000 followers!

  1. babyredocean says:

    unnie i can’t even. *bows* This was a wonderful read, it made me laugh and cheer and facepalm.

    don’t scare me like that with the parking violation example!! I just imagined at that moment, omg that it could very well happen….

    haha i was cheering for Junsu too in the dance battle XDD. sorry yunho! it’s because he’s just so bubbly, so he wins automatically for me.

    • Sangmi says:

      ^//^ *turns red* oh thank you very much. Glad you enjoyed it so much!

      *hihi* junsu is bubbly indeed! *giggle* our cutie Junsu!
      If Yunho would be my hubby I would have cheered for him 😉 well, he`s my Leader씨 but… uhm… that`s not enough to make me join his side when he`s in a battle with Junsu. I AM SO SORRY YUNHO *runs away and hides somewhere*

      Yes, with the example of the parking violation I only wanted to say: Everything can happen. They are just too stupid to be true. *facepalm*

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