On the hunt again but… FAILED! + even more fails

안녕 다들! ^.^

I was on the hunt for the photobook again but… nah, I was not successfuly :/ FAIL! TOTALLY FAIL!

Junho: “Noona, you mean this one? Photobucket
/me: “Yes brother, exactly this one… -.-” thanks. *sighs* … AND what is that?! You start trolling me here?! O-o WTF…?! *shocked*” (Now I even get trolled by my own brother-in-law? … what a world!)

Then twitter liked to play tricks on my Sister Lina today. Twitter made her unfollow me and another sister – without her knowing oO She fixed this problem and the other sister posted this:
*lol* yeah, sometimes you really feel like that!

Once twitter made me unfollow Yoochun oO WTF!??! I NEVER DID THIS!!! Twitter has a life of it`s own… =_= *eyes twitter* I know it!
I wonder how twitter can make you unfollow someone… it`s really strange!

oooh, and that leads us to the next thing that was strange somehow: Viva`s airing of the VMAJ 2011… uhm… I mean, WHAT WAS THAT?!?
I left my bed to watch SHINee and SNSD and then? 10 seconds of SNSD and 2 seconds SHINee. (at least it feelt like But we had to endure 2 times super long stage time of Tokyo Hotel & Lady Gaga?! Photobucket ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!?!?!? Photobucket VIVA, YOUR BROADCASTING SUCKED SO MUCH!!! ARGH!!!! >< Are you for real with that?! I thought it was an april fools` joke or something…

I stayed up late, out of my bed where I would have been able to lie around comfortable, and for what? For almost nothing!
jeez… woul I have left the room for 1 minute I would have missed SHINee! The time they showed the japanese bands was already short, but SNSD and SHINee were broadcasted even shorter! Aigoo… to everyone who didn`t saw it: You missed nothing!

I don`t know how the show was broadcasted on Mtv (mtv is pay tv in germany so I cannot tell), but the broadcasting on Viva was a joke!

OMG SUN! *drop dead* WAIT!
My Soulmatesister just praised my like a god?
*looks for a second time* NUUU! She said I`m a “writing god”! Photobucket …. *speechless*

OMG! OMG SUN! *drop dead* Photobucket

@ Cynthia: OMO! I only ranted all these days! And I really cannot hold my horses when it comes to stans! They pissed me off so f*cking much with their stupid essays! And this “more” person as well! And now you praising me like that? OMO! OMO! *fans, fans* >///< *get`s totally embarrassed because being praised on that level* OMG! *fans* this… you… that`s just… you cannot! :O … >//< 너무 감사합니다!!!!

Natali posted something really cute! Our Junsu at today`s NII Fanmeeting:

Photobucket 어머~~~!!! O(≧∇≦)O 준수야, 넌 너무 귀여워!!! *dies* 왜 너무 귀엽다 (항상)? 준수… 진심으로! stop killing me all the time! ^^ Hair cute, junsu cute. But he didn`t do the angel su for the fans. Aw! 왜요, 여보? *pout*

You cannot see it on that vid but, like Natali said, Junsu was like “nu, nu, nu” when fans called out for angel su… :/ what a pity! WE LOVE ANGEL SU! And he will be always angel su for us~♡

…but somehow… it looked like junsu was a little stressed from time to time today. ah! but at least Yoochun looked a little better than before. (but he`s still way too thin, not to talk about JJ – it`s even more worse with him! >< )

HoMin news: HoMin were at a-nation. Nah, I didn`t saw their performance, but I`m sure they did great. They must have had mixed feelings… their first a-nation after a long time… *sighs* HoMin 화이팅! And haters: STFU and GTFO! Thank you &… uhm… F U, okeh?! ><
Like ocean alredy said: I don`t get ppl who go on YouTube only to watch HoMin at a-nation just to say that they don`t support them and hate them anyway oO OTL: WTFness!!! … Would be like me going to the twitter account of “that person” and then tweet shit to her because I dislike what I see… *rolleyes* YOU PPL DON`T LiKE? FINE! THEN DON`T LOOK!
And using quotes of someone who survived the holocaust to explain your silly side picking IS NOT FUNNY! That`s not a thing to joke about! O.o What are you thinking? Cut this out! AISH! *faceplam* These kids… they really, really, really become dumber every day!!!
1.) Stop joking about the holocaust like that, ya punks! & 2.) As if the holocaust and JYJ/HoMin matter would have the slightest thing in common! ARE YOU COMPLETELY CRAZY!? #EpicFail again! FAIL! FAIL! DOUBLE FAIL! #Notinamillionyears will you get anything right regarding the JYJ/HoMin/SME matter. YOU . ARE . 4EVER . RIDICULOUS !

But before I start to rant too much again: the couple series!
So what is going on at the “YunJae of the day” end today?
awwww! YunJae holding handsPhotobucket (I wonder what JJ said what cracked the guy in front of them up ^^) And: in the background we have a ChunMin moment? OMO!)
#justsaying: YunJae are so cute!

Let`s look at YooSu! “YooSu of the day”:
*giggle* JunsuBB, what`s up with this face ^^ cutie you! (Is this Junsu`s -kiss me- expression? Photobucket ) cute little baby YooSu!

And last but not least: What are EunHae doing? “EunHae of the day”:
(oh, super tiny “EunHae of the day” today!) ^-^ Anyone noticed: Donghae is always glomping Hyukjae Photobucket cuuute! Ah haha! So cute!
So, what else to say now? Ranting about SME and that they make HoMin sign 5Songs so much theses days? Nu, reallt pointless and I`m really not in the mood to rant about SME again >< OMG! I did this sooo effing much during the last few entries. I don`t feel like ranting today.
Not after I saw brother`s pic today! (the one with the photobook way above *points there* Photobucket
Aigoo… he`s so cute! Wae so cute? And his hair… ~♥! :3 (yeah, I`m obsessed with brothers hair! so all of you, leave me alone! *pout*)

OMG! I`m truely the most silly person on earth:

I want to open up a school to teach my t-list weird german words I made up by myself? XD *facepalm*

@ t-list: But to teach all of you my self-made german words would be cool! I can only imagine the spanish, greek and Bigeast sisters saying “welli welli” (my name for the ~ letter), but you all have some experience in english so I`m sure this could work! :3

OTL always wanted to teach some german to americans… eh hehe Photobucket yes, this is some kind of confession right now.
Because I really think it would be cute when they could speak some german words! ❤ (…somehow reminds me of the UK Ajumma I meet back then while I was on a walk with the dog – her german was very good because her husband was from germany)

I always wonder about this: Do our boys feel honored when we try to learn korean? As for me, I would feel honored if someone would learn my language for me. ^^ It would be like… Ocean says that she will learn some german (besides welli welli XD) now because she likes me.
And this is basically what happens to our boys the whole day: ppl talk in korean to them because they love then! I`m honest now when I say that I only started to learn korean because of our boys (and because learning a new language is fun & I liked how the hangul are written!).

To end my entry of today I will share the twitter art we had this week:

ㅋㅋㅋ XD OTL soooo true! THE FAIL-WHALE! This was so funny! Everytime twitter is down then the whale appears! this means “twitter is a fail right now” XD
I wish they would show this twitter art instead of the birdies and the normal whale! *haha*

p.s.: I love it to post blog entries in the middle of the night/in the morning around 01:00am… but my vacation will end tomorrow! >< Too sad. I really enjoyed my vacation with cassiopeia and tons of FanFic`s!
And my Soulmatesister is gone again too… AISH! 2 weeks without her again! Life, wae so cruel? TT__TT
*sighs* I will have a midnight snack now, although it`s not even midnight anymore, but it`s in the middle of the night, so I think it will count as midnight!

About Sangmi

I am cassiopeia from germany *^-^* OT5 all the way! AKTF & hope to the end! JYJ & HoMin hwaiting! An ELF heart is beating in me ^^ Love Super Junior (all Super15 of them), I´m 庚饭 -Gengfan- too. OTL: I do not own anything -most of the media or photos that are posted- and I`m not responsilble for the content of the sites I`ve linked~~*^-^*
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2 Responses to On the hunt again but… FAILED! + even more fails

  1. babyredocean says:

    welli welli unnie ~
    JUNSU ANGEL IS FOREVER i dun care if Junsu doesn’t want it XDDD. he’ll always be the shining cute angel innocent baby forever (ignores his hips). *whispers* he might be jealous of your love for Junho soon >.< …jkjk
    yoochun and changmin approve of midnight snacks, so it's an excuse to keep enjoying them. at least i do haha.

    • Sangmi says:

      I SWEAR!
      Cool that you still remember -welli welli-! *hehe* (I will bambaya you on twitter!)

      Yeah well, the thing with brother: If there would be a photobook about junsu, I would buy it too/would want to buy it too!
      Oh wait, there was one and… I bought it! (MOZART photobook 😉 Omo! Omo! This reminds me: Junsu on the musical concert DVD was soooo cute! *faints* I still cannot get over his cuteness during the rehearsal! OOOOVERLOAD CUTENESS! *drop dead* (you should watch it!)
      And… it`s not my fault that brothers hair looks so fluffy that I want to touch it… I also want to touch Yunho`s hair! 😀 *hair obsessed*

      eh hehe… ^^° you think so?! Aigoo, but I can`t help myself, I have a weakness for cute things… *pout* But you know, brother is brother and junsu is junsu. These are two different stories. 😉

      ㅋㅋㅋ normally I don`t have midnight snacks, but I was hungry somehow that day and so I ate muesli! 😀

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