ㄱ_ㄱ oh… you think? *faceplam* + [AUDIO] SuJu`s “Mr. Simple”


Seriously, sometimes I think I should open up a blog category that is names “WTFness!!!!” or something like that. *faceplam*

The case: The thing with KBS cancelling JYJ`s appearance at the Jeju7Wonders concert…

Yeah, well… where to begin?
We all know that KBS released another ridiculous explanation about this. They blamed the production`s crew and said that changes of the line-up can happen even in the last 5 minutes of an event.
FINE! Blame your production`s crew, I don`t mind who you blame of your OWN PARTY *faceplam*. (this is so laughable… how old are you ppl? it`s like in playschool when everyone is saying “I didn`t do that! it was him! *points with finger on someone*” Photobucket)

But the point is, that netizens are split into two groups now. You can basically say the ones who still think this is all too ridiculous and the ones who think this is okay >__<

The -okay- ones said things like:
— “I understand the production crew’s statement that Girls’ Generation would be more effective”
Comment: Wae? You are a Sone or what? I`m still lmao about the reason that they would be more effective. And KBS came to this conclution 4 days before they start their event.
ㄱ-ㄱ yeah, SURE!

— “A change in the line-up of a program is something that can happen at any time. Aren’t JYJ overreacting?”
Comment: Photobucket HAVE YOU LOST IT?!? Are you serious with what you say?! Thinking about JYJ`s current situation, banned and removed from everything, you can still claim that JYJ/Cjes are overreacting? WTFness through the roof!!!!!!
There`s a system behind it and you should know! Say again that JYJ and Cjes are overreacting and I will slap you,kids. REALLY! How dumb are you? this is UNBELIEVABLE! *shakes head* (and here we go again with kids who know nothing and start to talk… -.-”)

— “They need to be more precise on whether it was a decision by the broadcasting company or a decision because of external pressure.”
Comment: Wae? We already know that it was SME. They cannot say it, but we know! It`s obvious. The whole story is too suspicious. All what KBS stated was bla bla bla. And they never appologized properly to JYJ. Cjes is right to take legal action. This cannot go on like that. Really!

The whole thing about if KBS explanation is ridiculous or reasoable is a joke! I mean: Reasonable my ass! Photobucket
Like I said: If they really think that SNSD is more effective then they should have choosen them right from the start.

Quote dongbangdata:

“Also, if someone had to be removed from the list because of time restrictions, there must have been a team of real low awareness that could have been taken out instead of JYJ. Even if KBS were put in a situation of having to choose, it was illogical for them to remove the honorary ambassadors.”

EXACTLY! Makes no sense at all! ><

Generally, changing the line-up so close before the deadline to the start of an event is… like you kill yourself. It was said that the atmosphere was chilly… the atmosphere in the crowd was so chilly that it was embarrassing to catch on camera.
Yeah, what have you expected, KBS? Many JYJ fans wanted to see the boys, booked their flights and then? It turned out to be for nothing because you cancelled them out of the event!
The whole Jeju event became a great mess. Aigoo… SME`s power must be even more great than we can expect. because everything is always more worse as we can imagine. (always remember what Eric Oppa said when I think of this).

Even Junho said something similar to what Eric stated before. And I really believe we have no idea about how horrible everything is in real.
SME is much more rotten inside as we can know, it`s much harder for everyone as we can imagine and SME keeps on manipulating ppl to their heart`s content.

Once again I say: Who`s supposed do believe what they made Leeteuk say a while ago, eh? NO ONE! And everyone knows that this cannot be his real statement when he sees his friends and his members suffer within SME and because of the (JYJ) lawsuit. He`s in the middle of this mess himself, so who`s supposed to believe that the things he said were what he really thinks?
This is way too illogical, SME. I don`t buy that!

The worst thing with all this is that SME involves his artist in THEIR war. They use them for their dirty games and this really pissed me off!
It`s okay when SME`s higher ones hate on JYJ (and HanGeng). They are stupid and butthurt so they are that way. But to drag in their former bandmates/friends is so evil… What is that company thingking?

In case JYJ really win their lawsuit completely, and I think they will, what`s about to happen afterwards? SME will not stop manipulating everyone. They don`t even do it now after they are forbidden by the court. Okeh, no one can officially prove it but we know they are still working in the background. Just look at the KBS matter!
And that`s wae KBS cannot admit that it was SME, because then SME has to pay the penalty the court said they have to pay when they hinder JYJ. But then they would make KBS bleed because they stabbed them in the back – that`s wae everything is still so messed up for JYJ and KBS gets lost in their own nonsense.

Quote dongbangdata:

“Whether it was because of SM’s external pressure, or whether it was because of the production PD’s individual decision, all that matters is that the event did not live up to what it had strived to do. Though these unreasonable actions may work in the backyard of the entertainment industry, they aren’t enough to convince the public. This is the reason why the voice of criticism isn’t coming just from fans of JYJ. If KBS or SM believe that the movement against them in this issue is merely that of a fandom, then they are sorely mistaken. Before KBS explains for makes excuses, they must understand the popular sentiment that lies behind the JYJ issue.”

I had some “follow me back” request but the ppl who know me know: I cannot follow every follower of mine back. It`s impossible. (and I DO NOT WANT >< Some ppl only follow others to make them follow themself back!)
I already spend an hours or sometimes a little longer each day on simply read and answering the post from the day before and then I tweet my own stuff. If I would have a longer timeline I would be dead!
Folks, I`m a working woman with a baby (my dog) and a time consuming obsession (DB5K/k-pop in general) + I have my mice too. Do you really think I look like as if I have the time to read a enormous tl of 100 ppl`s postings? *raises eyebrows*
Sure not.
So to inform the new followers that I don`t want to be mean to them I told them that and that I will read my mentions instead. This is a lot easier for all of us.

Spanish sister had something to said as she saw this (but I follow her, she`s one of the lucky ones *haha* XD )
Lina: “your message to new followers is very long!!! :D” (^^° *drop* yes, she`s right… it was a little long)
/me: “eh hehe… yes ^^° *drop* grew longer as I expected… you maybe know: I`m not good at making things short. eh hehe…*embarrassed*”
Lina: “hehehe I know you’re just… you XD”
(I said I consider this as a compliment and she said it was a compliment ^^)

And SarangGyu even said: “hahaha it’s okay. i understand you. that’s why i don’t even care to check everthing……. too lazy XD”
OMO! You don`t read your tl? O-O …only read your mentions, eh? ^^ I couldn`t do this! I want to know what`s going on and what my sisters tweeted.

It`s part of the “job” as an Unni to take note of the things the younger ones say.
Some more twitter news of today: Ooooh, *ah!-moment!* stans and other ppl are hating on our Leade씨 again. =_= hrrr…. *annoyed sigh* great…

You hate on a man who`s really hard working all day and all night, u know? Do you know how long a day in that industry is? (especially when you are with SME… they make you run around like a lap dog until you cannot walk anymore!)

From the early morning till late at night everything the artist`s do is working hard. How can even some so called “fans” say they are disappointed? Because of that:

[NEWS] Due to Yunho’s busy schedule, he had no choice but to voluntarily leave SBS Kiss & Cry (cr: newsen & TVXQHOME)

Oh, as for me I approve that. Because it`s true: He constantly got hurt while rehearsing for this show.
I`m fine with everything that lowers the risk for him to get hurt.
I wondered how he was able to rehears for Kiss & Cry while he was fulltime busy with SME`s regular stuff. Like I said: You ppl have no idea of nothing.

And wae is it always Yunho? You cannot imagine the weight in his shoulders! Wae always bashing this man? Have you the slightest idea how strong our Leader has to be all the time? Have you haters and wannabe-fans the slightest idea what it means to be under SME? Do you care about him as a person or do you only care about what he`s doing?

The person Yunho is always my first priority as a good fan. I want him to be happy and healthy. I don`t mind if I have to sacrifise my own happiness a bit to gain this goal (what means to give up on some TV shows, concerts, events or photoshoots).
Like stephi Unni said: This is the point where the wheat is separated from the chaff – or in our case the caring cassie from the “fan”.
If you really love a person you would always put him/her happiness and health on top of your list. And this is a point where we don`t have to argue about.

To end this I only want to say: Our Leader씨 is GOD, okeh!? *junsu style*
Eat that haters and keep quiet – or I will eat YOU! *making innocent face Photobucket *

Aigoo… I had a big rant again, eh? sorry. But you all know me ^^
What I wanted to say was basically something different.

It`s just… that… *hihi* a miracle happened!

Junho: “…and this one`s for sister-in-law Photobucket
Yes exactly, my brother! ㅋㅋㅋ
Photobucket random blog readers, t-list & Celebrian: GUESS WHAT! Photobucket ㅋㅋㅋ

You all know I was on the hunt for brothers photobook, né? You wouldn`t believe it but I WAS SUCCESSFUL in getting one! FINALLY!

And now let me dance! Photobucket *celebrates her luck*

ㅎㅎㅎ still cannot blieve it! After 4 days of psychotic searching for this book I finally found it! *dies*
Let`s hope that it`s not about to get lost like my first Bora Bora photobook… :/ and the second one still hasn`t arrived yet.
And this proves again: When I want something, I find it! Sooner or later (another sample: Junho`s “Secret Diary” from his showcase over a year ago… You practically never bump into it on ebay. NEVER EVER.)

It think i will make a party out of unpacking this book because I had to search so hardcore for it!
This reminds me of myself when I was unpacking Intermodulation… *giggle* I was soooo hyper! I squealed and hugged this book… good thing my mom had left the room just a moment before I started unpacking it ^^ And I was SO DEAD while looking at it… aigoo! (and the funny thing: I got my intermodulation earlier than the american and malaysian cassies… Oo I mean: WTF??! It`s logical that I get it earlier than american cassies because germany is nearer to Korea but I even got the book earier than the malysian cassies? they are so close and weren`t able to get it sooner although they pre-ordered it like me back then. OTL: World, wae so stragen? I don`t get you!)

btw: Junho had another successful Fan meet event today ^^
I`m so thankful for the support he receives! this is so… IN YA FACE, HATERS!!! 😛

back to the book: I`m overly curious about the photobook`s content! =D I mean… it`s brother after all! His first book! *throws confetti* I should put it together with the mozart photobook of Junus ^v^
Awww, but speaking of it: I still cannot get over Junsu (on the musical concert DVD) during the mozart rehearsal Photobucket Sooo cute! I squealed several times but… is this really a surprise when I see my hubby being cute like that?  아이고… 진짜! ˆωˆ *pinches Junsu*

My first k-pop dream was about JYJ. It was an epic, weird but funny dream. I already shared it on my old blog but all in german. Now the announcment will tell you that I`m about to find this old, old entry and I will translate it into english ^^ I cannot tell you when I will be able to finish this but I`m #justsaying that I will do it!

More news out of noonas world: I still haven`t answered the mail from way back then of my soulmatesister >< okay, our twitter messages are much more important all the time but I wanted to reply to her small mail!
+ I have to do the #100factsaboutme thing for her too! But I have one more week to do it ;D.
@ Sis: I still do the weekly record for you! It will turn out good ^^
oh, and before I forget to show you!
Here`s SuJu`s “Mr. Simple” audio:

This song is cool! At first I had to get used to it but it`s cool when you listen to it for a while ^^ I like it! Even thought there a songs of SuJu I like better, but I won`t say this song is all bad! It`s addictive! ^^
AND: It`s said that SuJu will make their comeback at MusicBank this friday. =D COOL! Can`t wait to see them! They worked hard for during the past time and I hope it will be cool.

+ something out of the Album: Donghae in his “thanks to” → “After 5jib we will temporarily not release a Super Junior album but we will always be together!” “You know that! You will wait for us right? To ELF I don’t know what to say except for loving words! I won’t write I love you, I will write let’s create more beautiful things together ^^ I love you, I love you, I love you!!!!”
T__T Oppa wae? Really wonder what this is about. If it`s all only because of “that matter” (I cannot say here, my Unni would not approve!)? I wonder!
But I approve a break for them. They worked so hard during the last years. I don`t know what they will do (besides, maybe, the military service) but I hope ELF`s will wait with us now for the return of our boys (for them it`s SuJu now and for us it`s still the 5).
Maybe dreams come true one day.
Now I have to go to ebay… have to buy SuJu album! =DDD Photobucket
(OMO! and I wanted to save money >__< ARGH!)

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  1. babyredocean says:

    unnie, really i think your yunho status is increasing LMAO. wae u chose such a godly gif //crying//. now i can’t stop staring at it.
    wahhhhh it’s so great to see Junho at a successful fanmeeting. he must be very happy now. i think pretty soon junho’s merchandise will be easier to find on ebay ^^.
    And you’re a busy person unnie. take care okay? don’t scroll through tline too carefully…it’s probably just me spamming.

    • Sangmi says:

      ^^ Ah, I choosed this gif of Yunho becasue haters and JYJ stans always talking bad about him and put him down… Our Leader씨 is god and they should finally get it with that *hehe*
      If you feel like staring at it, then please do so 😀 I can`t stop staring at it too!

      As I saw the pic of junho`s fanmeeting I was like “WOHA! SO MANY PPL?!” this is really cool. And yes, he`s really happy ^^

      Yeah… I`m always wayyy toooo busy with fandom and other stuff. That`s just me. That`s just how a virgo woman is: workaholic/always busy/perfectionist. 😉

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