I had a dream about k-pop again ㅋㅋㅋ

안녕 다들! ^v^
Let welli welli greet you today! -> ~~~ (< yeah, that`s -welli welli-)

Okay, 미스터 심플 is still on replay ^^ Can`t wait for my copy of the album to arrive!
I totally love this song. I`m sure the album will be 대 to the 박! Photobucket
Ai…! And the MV is to watch 1000 times a day! Ryeowook is so cute ^^, a little too thin but so cute :3  Okay, I don`t know what they have done to Siwon`s/Leeteuk`s hair at some parts of the MV XD but it`s okie.
+ when I hear that song I wanna dance the dance but… unfortunately my dancing abilites are lacking on a major level so… eh hehe *embarrassed laugh* Photobucket …can I do the finger dance instead? XD *faceplam*

SuJu Leader씨 said that there will be no SuperShow due to the military but they will do a worldtour. hm. okeh. I`m curious now. Is this one of those typical “worldtours” that only include asian countries? XD
*cought* sorry, sorry *starts singing -sorry, sorry- again*
I just wonder. #justsaying
I hope everything what they do will go well.

Then, to stick with k-pop: I had a k-dream again! Yest. Well, it was about HanGeng this time Photobucket but it still counts as k-pop dream for me because he`s a former SuJu member!
This times` guest appearance in my dream: Mom XD
Okay, the dream began… hm, thinking about it… good question! Where did it begin? oO cannot tell so exact anymore. But it was after I came home from work and wanted to rest a little because later there were some things I wanted to do with mom before I have to work at night shift. (yes, this was because I had night shift that night ^^)
So I took my LapTop and sat down at some kind of a park area out side (wae are my dreams always at a strange park area lately?!?! WTF is this with the parks! o_o). There were more ppl around, walking, chatting with each other. Some of them came to this large park table I was sitting at and sat down on the other end of it. I didn`t mind them much, I only wanted to checl my twitter before I had to go XD (hello reality! *haha* so true!). At first I didn`t mind the next person that came to sit on the table that much either. But then the person began to talk to the other persons sitting near and I thought “WTF?” because I only know one person that talkes like that ;D HANGENG!
*hehe* yes, it was HanGeng in my dream babies! XDD Sitting there and facing me from the other side of the table. I was even more thinking “WTF!!!! Photobucket” then! *dies*
I mean: Hey, I was just enjoying myself with my Mac after work and the there`s HanGeng with his iPad on my table? If that`s not a WTF-moment then I don`t knwo what it would be then! And… I swear! DAMN! This dream was so real, I thought -this really happens right now-.
However, first I didn`t said a thing. My OMG-mood soon changed to a “damn, Heechul was right” mood (about feeling comfortable around HanGeng). Soon I really didn`t feel nervouse anymore. I silently watched him (not staring, only watching) for a few minutes, he looked at me and smilied. Then I said “look! it`s the same ^^” and pointed at the two bracelets he wore at his right hand *haha* because I wore exactly the same on my left! Please don`t ask me why! I have no idea! 🙂 Han looked at it and said “oh, you are right.”
After we have compared them in detail we found out that they were really exact the same ones. At this moment I didn`t notice, HanGeng pointed at my other hand and said “wait… They are the same too.”
Only then I noticed that I wore a silver bracelet with a small plate on top and butterfly on it. HanGeng had the same too and was all fascinated. At this point I had to laugh and only said “haha ^^ I like that!”
This whole situation was too strange. Meeting HanGeng out of nowhere and then we have the same bracelets? Oh my! What it that? Photobucket
As I aked him what he was doing here he said he wanted to practise his english *hehe* Waeyo, han? In Germany? Okie, I don`t get this but it`s not like that this would be important when I meet you for one time in my life XD
Then I heard my mom calling me. She wanted to start our afternoon transactions and I was like “WTH MOM! Photobucket Wae come at me with that NOW? I`m talking with HanGeng here! Arasseo?”…
Well, what to do besides replying to mom “Gimme some time!”… errr… well, especially because HanGeng`s iPad and my Mac were already connenctig and Han was busy to show me something on his WEIBO account XD Ah haha! too weird! This dream confused da hell outa me, really!
After minute my -not able to wait 5 minutes- mom was calling out for me again *rolleyes* thought “WTFness, Mom!?! You see Han here, eh? I don`t care about shopping right now! *facepalm*
The last thing I could remember was some kind of a… strange looking WEIBO ‘chat’ or something where Han had sent me a message. I wanted to read it and my Mom was already walking over to me, asking what is it that takes me that long and then I woke up. -.- Pretty disappoited in my dream at this point!

And really… I thought it was all real when I woke up. I heard my mom, HanGeng and myself talking so clear! No kidding! I thought this was real O-O
아! 진짜! I had to come back to my senses first. I was already about to get up and complain to mom wae da hell she interfering when I`m talking with HanGeng but then realozed it was a dream. *hehe* I would have confused da hell out her XDDD She would have had no idea what I`m talking about and what happened.
My k-dreams 4 the win!

I know very well wae I dreamed of HanGeng: I wanted to scan some pics of his album before sleep, but was too tired in the end and thought I can still make it today. And the thing with the bracelets… I think they were two because I always wear my two AKTF-bracelets these days and I keep staring at a pic -what means in fact at a bracelet- of HanGeng while wondering about what kind of bracelets he likes.
ㅋㅋㅋ obviously the same kind as me XDD *LOL* #EpicWin (at least accoeding to my dream)
Weibo because of the update 2 days ago.
But I have no idea about the butterfly bracelet thing. Really. No clue. This is just weird, without a reason.
And now: I already told ya I will find my older k-dreams and will translate then. Let`s start with the first episode right now: The first time a SuJu member was in my dreams…
This dream was very short and I don`t know wae I dream stuff like that. Maybe becaseu I watched the mini-dramas way too often XD
But I was walking, looking at my handy and then pumed into Donghae – or more exact HE into ME becaue he was walking at the wrong side of the way. We both fell and… >< ended up in the KyuMin position… you know, the one of the mini drama “roommate” >///< Of course… noona on top of him Photobucket OMG! THIS WAS THE MOST EMBARRASSING… WHAT EVER… WHAT EVER HAPPENED TO ME!
It was even more embarrassing when I realized that it was Donghae who bumped into me Photobucket
>< I said “D: sorry! I`m so sorry!”, he said “No, I`m sorry. It was my fault” … Aigoo! I only thought “God, please kill me already… this is too embarrassing >//<
Haiz! It`s even embarrassing to write about it again although this dream was months ago!
Never expected Donghae to be in my dream. o-o WHAT DA F*CK!
But he was the first SuJu person in my dreams ever. Okay, it was the most embarrassing happening of all times in my k-dreams, but… yeah, at least it was a k-dream! *have to think positive!*

Good then… I need mor time to translaste my first and most epic JYJ dream. So that`s it for today with my dreams.
NOTE: Somehow… you guys somehow like my weird dreams/weird k-pop happenings with my mom, né? ^^ everytime I post something like that the viewer counter is off through the roof. Eh hehe… this feels kind embarrassing ^^° hehe… *nervous/embarrassed laugh*

Yesterday something really cute happened while I was checking my tl before sleep: Brian and Siwon had a “love battle” Photobucket 어머! 어머! LOVE BATTLE!
Just like dissss:
Brian: „@siwon407 야~ 대박내라~ 내 동생^^ I love you my brotha“
Siwon: „@Brianjoomuzik I love you more x 10000 !! 😉 hahaha“
Brian: „@siwon407 ㅋㅋㅋㅋ 시간 날때 형 집 놀러와… Eugene’s moving out after this week, 그래도 와야한다 ㅋㅋㅋ“
Siwon: „@Brianjoomuzik 다시한번말할게 I love you more x 10000 ㅎㅎ 당연히가지형 ^-^!“

Ah haha! Toooo cute! CUTIES YOU! *hugs the two*
This sounds like when my soulmatesister and I have a “love battle”. ^^ Speaking of who loves who more… and we always end up with some crazy 1000 x more and everytime one more time more than you – or things similar to that.

*redas twitter* aww! Siwon just said good night again~♡ If he goes to the military and disappears for most of the time for 2 years… D: omo! I will surely miss him a lot. The others too (of course). And I don`t even want to imagine when our boys have to go… without JYJ/SuJu twitter is a lot more empty.

hm… but empty-> M.T.-> Ocean`s name-> due to the fact that she only told us her initials of her first name we have to give her new names. Natali found Emi and I… uhm… name searching is in progress! ^^ I will do it, but not today. My brain is good for nothing after night shifts ^^° *drop* (yes, I worked this night and so my brain is totally gaga because of being deprived of sleep)

News from the rumor making section: It`s really funny! Some kids said that C-jes is treating YooSu better.

PWAHAHAHA! Stopp kidding me! I don`t know where they get this from, but: Please, wae should they do this? This is… totally illogical again!
WAIT! now I understand! The stans, back then, made up this rumor that SME makes money with the YunJae couple. So this means C-jes treats YooSu better because couples like them are a good money source! AH! I understand!

*/sarcasm end*

Aigoo… some kids! *faceplam* unbelievable… *shakes head*
I laugh harder each time they show up with something new. I would do some more lame jokes about this but my brain… XD you know, the night shift!

and that`s really wae I will go to sleep now.

Hm. Somehow soulmatesister didn`t found her way into the internet. And me, as the bapo I am, missed her yest and had no time 2 days ago *faceplam* OMOOOOO! WAE?! T__T
Okay, but I wouldn`t be able to talk properly. I feel really, really tired now.
So let`s continue the show tomorrow, né? (at least I hope I can do a entry tomorrow). Bye~

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