Yunho and Claudia say goodbye at “Kiss & Cry” + Soulmatesister love~♥

안녕 다들! ^.^

Just for Information: I updated the page ~Mäuse~*click* today & the About *click*-page a while ago.

–Auch hab ich gesehen das hier vermehrt nach zeugs gesucht wurde was die Mäuse betrifft. Ich hoffe die (im übrigen komplett deutsche) seite der Mäuse hier wurde gefunden! ^-^ —

More news: Sister Sis came back with a brand new, white, HTC smartphone yest! I was like “WTH? You bought a new phone a year ago?! o0” but sister only said that she wanted to have one because she`s the only one among her friends who don`t have such a phone.
Yeah. So what? I knew there was no point to discuss this matter with her, she never listens, but I really wanted to ask her: So your friends laugh at you because you don`t have such a phone? Your friends only accept you when you have a smartphone, or what is this about?
It`s the same with other things she buys. *rolleyes* Really, this is what I always say: If your friends only accept you when you do certain things or own/wear certain things then: Please go and find new friends! >//< WTFness!

OTL I have never fallen for things like “group pressure”. That`s wae I was very alone during my High School years! (I have to admit: You pay a high price for being yourself around kids in High School age -.-” no kidding)

Sometimes I really wonder wae Sister Sis always do such things.
Okay, I want to buy a smartphone too. Sometime later. Some day. When we finished moving into our new house and I bought a new closet ^^ but I would never buy one because my Oppa bought such a phone (yeah, he actually has). In fact I like my 2 1/2 years old Samsung ^^ Love the purple color! But this thing is soooo slow in loading my pics of the photo folder… IT`S KILLING ME!!!!! + this phone somehow don`t accept it`s 4GB micro SD and tells me after I uploaded 10 mp3`s that the memory is full… Photobucket
Phone, I really don`t hate you, but you want to be hated by me, don`t you? oO …

Good, more news out of my life: Mom and I visited our new house yesterday. Well, house is still not ready yet, but the basement and the ground-floor are made (bare brickwork right now of course). So we finally stood in our future kitchen and the living room ^^ At least the place where they will be then. There were still a few walls missing so we couldn`t see how big the kitchen and the living room will be in the end. But we saw how big our windows int eh living room will be =D And we stood on our terrace as well! ^^ Can`t wait until they added the missing walls at the ground-floor and build the first floor with our bedrooms! Photobucket *hyper, hyper*

and talking about a home: The home of 4 of my future mice is basically finished:
The terrarium rebuilt is done. Maybe I add one more rope? but I`m not sure about this. The two branches are fixed between the first level and the second/wall. This will be amazing for the mice! ^^ And I always like it when some branches are in the terra. Makes it look more natural~ *welli welli*

Yeah, the mice-calculator said in this terra can live 6 mice, but 4 would be better. Yeah, it was meant for 4 right from the start. But maybe, when I go to get my new mice sometime later, I cannot behave because they are too cute and I bring home 5 instead of 4 XD …although I don`t wanted to have so many in it. I already had 6 in there before (when my Tifa had babies) and… it was a bit much for this little Terra – yeah, as a responsible mice mommy I consider 80 x 60 x 60 terra with levels as “little”)

Then: Today I sacrificed a model horse by not buying it on ebay only to buy two Duna`s (some kind of habitat boxes) for my mice. I need this when I have new ones. For quarantine and when I put a new group togther (so I can watch over them carefully, if they are nice to each other or if they are aguing).
Yeah well, aaaaallll for the mouse Photobucket Photobucket They are sooo cutie! =)

News of brother: Junho went out to eat a lot ^^ Eat well brother~

oh! And Junsu tweeted today… like this:
Junsu: „I thought it would rain but…the weather’s great~~~“
Brian tweete back at Junsu, like this: „Go out and play now. ㅋ ㅋ ㅋ ㅋ basketball? ㅋ ㅋ“
XD *haha* Sounded like a father talking to his son!

We had the “Yunho quits Kiss & Cry” topic again. There was some sort of goodbye-vid:

WHAT A CUTE PAIR! Yunho and Claudia… It`s said they were called YunDia ^^ yeah, I don`t care about that. but… OTL Yunho & CLaudia, could you get married please? ^ω^ ㅎㅎㅎ I LIKE YOU TWO!
They were really amazing together!
^^ and it`s really cute! Claudia is so skinny and small… she looks even smaller besides Yunho~Photobucket
It`s sad that they didn`t do Kiss & Cry together anymore, they were amazing. But I`m glad too, because Yunho got hurt constantly while rehearsing for this show so my happiness about this is bigger than the regret that we won`t see them together anymore.

Next topic: WhatFangirlsDo tweeted “2 types of STALKER. 1) fans who stalk wherever their idols go. 2) fans who only stalk their idols’ page for any updates.
uhm… I don`t think I`m a stalker then °-° I do none of those two things! Photobucket hm, I just don`t think there`s a need to stalk their (the boys`) twitter account or whatever else there is. It appears in my tl so wae stalk it? I`m not that obsessed! Okay, nobody believes this but I`m at least still a little bit normal – even though I`m a fangirl 😉
But I would always prefer that ppl stalk their twitter accounts/websites instead of following them to their houses or wherever else they go… because invading someones life like that is really too much. This has nothing to do with fandom anymore.
I look at this matter with big concern, very serious and without any understanding towards the stalker. This is a thing that cannot be forgiven. There`s no excute to such a behaviour, no reason do to it in the first place and it`s only selfish and so NOT caring towards the person you claim to “love”.
I think this “love” stalker have is pretty much… err… misplaced. Totally. I know I repeat myself but: Stalker, please go to see a doctor! Your behaviour is NOT NORMAL ANYMORE! OTL: YOU . PEOPLE . NEED . HELP ! . DEFINITELY .

And talking about help… SME, I think I have to help you remember that I`m still mad at you! and I think we have to have a serious talk again! Photobucket YAH! What did I see yesterday, eh? Eh?!!???!!
Siwon went to bed and came back with a -good morning- 2 hours later! WHAT DA HECK IS THAT!!!???
SME, we know that you don`t grant your artist much sleeptime (JJ talked about times they had 3 hours) and now Siwon comes back after 2 hours?!? You want to piss me off, né? Don`t you?
Jeez… do you want to bring your artist down to zero hours of sleep? Train them that they don`t need to sleep anymore so you can work them day AND night? Photobucket 진심으로, SME… 한번 붙을래? I swear, don`t mess with me! I`m not only pissed when you mistreat HoMin, u know… =.= *eyes SME*
LET THE BOYS SLEEP, DAMMIT! They are exhausted and you arrange their schedules like this? That they have to get up after two hours of sleep? OTL WTH! If you SM ppl want that they can do their work well grant them at least 5 hours of sleep. And even 5 hours are basically not enough either, but enough to stay alive… at least a little (instead feeling like a zombie after getting up).
아이고… 진짜! This company! >__< #EpicFail in treating their artist right aaaalll the way!
But let`s cut the rant! I wanted to say the following, because I cannot make it colorful on twitter…
☆☆♡♡♥♥♡♡♥♥♡♡♥♥♡♡♥♥*saying it like JJ to Yunho back then>>* I love youuu~! *doing heart sing* I love you~~! ^ω^ ♥♥♡♡♥♥♡♡♥♥♡♡♥♥♡♡☆☆
@ Cynthia: Love youuu~ will always love you! *confident* I hope the colors are cute enough for you! ^^ Couldn`t find the right purple but… ehm, whatever ^^
and: YAH! Don`t you cry again! ^^
(Soulmatesister always cries when I do something for her… Waeyo, Sis? Is it that horrible? XD 😛 )

Talking about cute… that leads us to the end of this very irrelevant XD entry of today!
The couple series!

And wonderful YunJae are doing ____? What are they doing? Let`s take a look! “YunJae of the day”:
ah haha! Yunho all cracked up! ㅋㅋㅋ

What are lovely YooSu doing? “YooSu of the day”:
oooh! cutie! YooSu in their own world, Jae is about to touch his kiddo Min (Min watching carefully XD ) and Yunho looks a little… left out. Oooh, our poor Leader씨! ^^ I feel sorry for you Yunho, your family is too busy right now.

“EunHae of the day”:
*squeals* KYAAAAH!!! I remeber this tv show, but forgot the name of it ^^ I watched some parts of this show on YouTube. This “EunHae of the day” is very cute! :3 *haha* how they look all naturally while doing this =D Imagination in my head: when EunHae watch tv together, they doing it… 어머! like this?! =D *gets excited* ^^ just imagine they fall asleep like that! *squee* cu~te! Althought I would feel sorry for Hyukjae then with Donghae`s weight on him XD But don`t listen to me! I only have strange fangirl imaginations in my head!
Somehow… it`s a little bit (just a bit) weird on one hand, but on the other hand it`s the cutest thing I HAVE EVER SEEN! Photobucket
I think the person that walks towards them was HanGeng… the hair, the style. Looks like Han to me. The second person could be… hm… HeeChul? But I never saw this part of the show, so I cannot tell u this with 100% certainity aka don`t shoot me when I`m wrong ^^°

NOTE: today was a good day! Nothing bad happened,  Soulmatesister is back on twitter (for the second time today! WOOHOOOO!) and Junsu tweeted… That`s how I like my day in our fandom.
…*thinkin* let`s get rid of all the wannabe`s, stans and stalker, “that person”, free HoMin from SME and reunite them with JYJ and it would be really perfect (*faceplam* *laughs* Okay, a long way to go to have a real percet day in this fandom)

Extra of the day: SuJu`s Inkigayo comeback stages…
“Super Man”

This is… cool as well! Uwah! Heenim Oppa so cool! ^^ They look great!

& “미스터 심플” (mr. simple)

Hyukjae amazing! all so 짱!

About Sangmi

I am cassiopeia from germany *^-^* OT5 all the way! AKTF & hope to the end! JYJ & HoMin hwaiting! An ELF heart is beating in me ^^ Love Super Junior (all Super15 of them), I´m 庚饭 -Gengfan- too. OTL: I do not own anything -most of the media or photos that are posted- and I`m not responsilble for the content of the sites I`ve linked~~*^-^*
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  1. babyredocean says:

    welli welli ❤

    I have to admit that your eunhae a day's are really cute ~and even though I only know them through the gifs u pick, they are still adorable.

    yundia???? OTL *inserts self* She really is small though. I'm glad she was Yunho's partner too.

    I'm so glad to hear about your house too! Progress is progress~

    • Sangmi says:

      BONGZOO~~ 🐱 welli welli Ocean! *glomps*

      Yes, progress is progress, that`s right. I`m curious what the progress shows us this weekend 😉

      Yeah, I have read they were called YunDia ^^ cute!
      HAHA! and you insert yourself? *hehe* everyone is crazy about our leader! (no matter who your bias is – even the JJ biased ones cannot resist our Leader씨!)

      😀 EunHae are indeed cute! Soulmatesister said this as well! Ai, cuties! ^^ How can I not go all cray cray with/about them? ^v^ Couple series is getting more interesting with EunHae.

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