[PICS]☆☆ It`s Junho day! ☆☆

안녕 친구들!

1.) I finally make a new blog entry! ^^ I already felt incomplete while not blogging… oO (but I was too tired to do it properly the last days… I`m not on vacation anymore, you know… -.- )

2.) I took many photos today! (30 in total, will split them three and I will share 10 per entry)

3.) The pics I took today are all from Junho`s first photobook! 😉 I believe not that many ppl have it. But don`t worry! Noona has her book now and noona is willing to share (at least a bit)

OTL Brother! Wae you not wrote something in it for your sister-in-law like Photobucket… “here you go. have fun~” or something, eh? ^^
+ BEWARE OF MY RANDOMNESS! I will comment on these pics and cannot tell if this will end nicely or totally embarrassing ^^°

Well then, this is it:
Brothers first photobook. I assumed it to be DIN A4, but it`s a little bit smaller. Well, it`s not that I would care about that 😛
Brother & AVEX: Good job! This Photobook is 짱!

Let`s take a look inside, starting with today`s pics!

In the streets…


I like this thingy in the background! Is this some kind of stadium or somestingß looks cool!

ㅋㅋㅋ when I saw this I thought: “what happened? rolling on the ground for fun? *remembers something* yeah okeh, it`s brother so maybe exactly that`s the case XDD ” (< talking about GoroGoro-Vid from YouTube *squeak* THAT WAS SOOO CUTE! (≧∇≦) )

Aww! ~Photobucket *pinches*

hehe… soccer field? If yes, then Junsu should have been there too! ^^

Ah haha! Brother is such a kiddo! 😉

YAY brother!! The stadium is yours! … but: What do you do with it now? °-°

Love the light here~~

The 10 photos I will show you with the next time were the ones I talked about on twitter before *dies only by thinking of it* OMG SUN! >//< I… cannot…! too… embarrassing… >///< I feel guilty and it`s brothers fault! >//< DON`T BLAME ME! I cannot even… ghnn… JUNSU, HIDE ME! *runs to her hubby to hide* >//<

— some minutes later —
*cough* uhm… I CANNOT EXPLAIN THIS! ➚ But really! You will know when you see it the next time!
*mumbles* and I already thought I was dead after the photos from BIAS Entertainment (China) back then… aigoo ><

Okie now, so what was new with brother on Twitter?

Junho had delicious meals!
*.* Want to eat that too! (damn! it looks more yummy everytime he posted something… Ottoke??? I . want . to . eat . that! >< )
He was out to eat on the 06th and the 07th this month. (at least those were the days he shared it with us ^^ )

Brother yesterday:
(≧∇≦) KYAAAAHHH!!!! *squeals* OMG Sun! That`s cuuu~te!
btw: HAIR!… fluffy… want to touch it! >< *has to resist the urge…*
yes brother, for capturing Noona with your hair (always, btw… >.> ) you`re really a “천재” (cheonjae, “Genius”) *haha*

Junho today: "(…) is full of goldfish"
uwah… *.* yes it is!
On this occasion: first, I like goldfishies! =D second, *.* THIS LOOKS JUST SO AWESOME!  (ah yeah, you too brother XD *only talking about fish*) & third, have I ever told you that I like it to pet japanese Koi? Photobucket Those fishies are sooo… cute!

Photobucket eh hehe *embarrassed laugh*… yes, I`m calling a japanese carp cute.
But they really are! They are slick and a little slimy *haha* but they come to you and let you pet them! *gets excited* I stroked them at the zoo! two times! =D Anyone tried this before too? They really are amazing fishies and really pretty!
My best friend Celebrian was laughing at me back then and she still does when I say I want to pet the fishies again when we go to the zoo *pout* But it`s really cool to pet them… *pout*

*wearing JYJ jacket* (< the white one with the red zipper) hm, this jacket fits perfectly with my AKTF-bracelets (they are white & red too!)

Ah ye! This leads me to something I wanted say:
Soulmatesister has read my childhood story about “picture blue”. My roleplay back then ^^ pretending to be in a band and such stuff.
@ Cynthia: Aww, sis! You don`t have to cry because of that. I`m okie now. I was lonely. ok. But I always had enough fantasy and animals to overcome this. I will tell you the story *hugs*
(Junsu is so right: animals can help you to overcome loneliness indeed! Don`t call him crazy, it`s true!)

aigoo, my soulmatsis is always so worried about me T__T I`m moved!
AND I really want to meet my Soulmatesister one day! Although we are both a little shy, we would get along very well!
Sometimes I just imagine us in my room, in the everning, we both on twitter and writing to our t-list “Off to watch drama with my soulmatesister! 😀 ” *haha* would be fun!

*listening to Brian`s “내 여자” right now* *sings* 내, 내, 내 여자~~♪ … hm, 여자?-> 여자친구?-> *shouting* I`M JUNSU`S WIFEY! ARA?! ㅋㅋ the world should know! ah haha! sorry! I just felt like doing this!

Another matter: I`m still searching for a name for Ocean! Because she don`t want to tell us her first name we are forced ㅎㅎ to give her new names. But I haven`t found something suitable by now. Of course I thought of korean names. Well, when I have to name her it dosen`t matter, né?
MinYoung? JinYeong? … Photobucket
I don`t know + I don`t know if she would be fine with it. and… I don`t thinkt this is it. I like those two names but dosen`t sound like “emp-ty” at all XD *insider*

@Ocean: Ah ye! Wanted to say: Thanks for commenting on my blog 🐱 in the middle of the night ^^ Was this your time or my time? (was it night at your end or at my end? don`t know which of the timezones wordpress chooses when you post a comment). anyways: Thanks for reading! welli welli! *huggles* (welli welli… the new future couterpart/allroundword to -bongzoo-? oO )

Now lets do the couple series!

“YunJae of the day”:
ㅋㅋ YunJae on AADBSK Season 2 couple talk! I should watch my DVD one day… Eh hehe…. ^^° *drop* Yes, you are right, I have this DVDs for some months and still didn`t had the time to watch them ><
And: They are so cute! JJ looking like… Leader씨`s puppy here =) too adorable YunJae!

*lol* regarding yesterday and Ryan retweeting YunJae tweet while playing with John`s handy: XDD *lol* this kid is so cool! *haha* I`m sorry mr. Egg that I have to say this to you but: Ryan got something right! Photobucket

But I will say it again: I don`t expect Mr. Egg to believe in YunJae or ship them. We should accept that there are ppl out ther who just don`t like to ship pairings like that because of their religion or something. As long as they don`t insult YunJae I`m fine with it. And I`m pretty sure my korean Ajeossi dosen`t ship YunJae either. Is this making him a bad person? I don`t think so. So I absolutely don`t get it wae some Fans dislike Mr.Egg because he maybe don`t like YunJae like we do. oO
OTL WTFness!!!
Where did this come from in the first place, this behaviour I mean? The stans? Ppl, please act like rational and mature humans. Accept other ppl`s opinions. We are not the stans. We don`t force our believes/affections on others. #justsaying

Let`s continue!

“EunHae of the day”:
*giggle* The drama making! I love all the things regarding the mini dramas. The making`s are EPIC! XD
btw: cuties! *squee*

Then let`s to the couple Ajeossi never heard about 😛 “YooSu of the day”:
Chunnie! You troll! My poor Junsu baby! XD Junsu, your wifey understans your “curse”… -.- *always get`s trolled by friends too*

Ah, okeh *junsu style*, let`s read my tl together!


— first of all-> scrolling down… D: *scared* tl is feakin’ long! >< *scrolls, scrolls*
— O_O SIWON! You were up again shortly after I went to bed? Wait, let`s see… then he had… about 5 hours of sleep yest, okie, that`s better than the 2 hours from recently!
— oh? Su will be off to turkey for a week? Hope she comes back save ^^
— Heenim Oppa tweete a pic of his version of Mr. Simple album. YEAH WELL! I was about to buy his version, but ended up with Kyuhyun`s… oO don`t know wae, just bought it totaly hysterical *lol* XD At the beginning I planned to buy Yesung`s version… eh… hehe… #EpicFail in buying SuJu album somehow XD (still waiting for it to arrive!)
— awww! How cute! The kim twins as little kids appeared on my tl! RT! RT! *retweets*
— okie baby (@BoAyJae), I don`t get your RT-> “i will try to put austria and germany on different sides cause i think they are like— Spain and France but without kpop involved? XD” have Austria/Germany k-pop involved? oO I don`t think so! and… Involved in what, btw? O_O *completely confused*
— *haha* today is Yunho-day on twitter! My t-list is aaall talking about Yunho 😉
— Eeeeh? Ocean found a second 2U shipper? =.= *eyes that scenery* I`m a jealous person, u know?! =P
— OTL what is iTunes? … no really, what is iTunes? I don`t even know how to buy a song there. I never bought a song from iTunes. I prefer to hold the album in my handsss!
— *lol* Natali using Ocean as her TVXQ.Lexicon_official too? funny!
— seriously Ocean and Natali! Do you have all vids of the boys on this earth? oO I`M SCARED! of you two!
(goes to grab something to eat…. *seconds later* is back with something to eat – okay, now we can go on!)
— OH! Kyu posted a SuJu-M pic! *reads* They will do a concert or something? In 5 days? Oo not sure about the trans of the chinese letters! *dies*
hm… so that`s wae Siwon asked henry a few days ago when he will be back in korea! AH! now it makes sense!
— ah, finally! something useful for my soulmatesister! *doing her weekly record* -> [News] #JYJ has been appointed as a honorary ambassador of The10th International Congress on AIDS in Asia and the Pacific(ICAAP10) (this was the useful thing ^^)
— quote Ocean “*looks at profiles* who is TVXQ5/TV5XQ/TVXQ2/TV2XQ?? i didn’t know those bands existed.” *nods* exactly. I only use TVXQ5 when I rant about stans… normally. And on my profile it`s written as ONE TVXQ since 4ever. =)
— ah, there`s the pic with brother and the goldfish in my tl!
— WhatFangirlsDo: “Remember when we all used to understand only one korean word which is ‘Saranghae’.” OMO! True! ^^ my first word indeed. and it was the first thing I was able to write in hangul – among with ‘good night’, ‘sleep well’, ‘good morning’ and ‘Oppa’ *haha* sweet fangirl beginnings!
— WhatFangirlsDo: “Feeling irritated when the cameraman zoomed in & out very quickly on their shots cos you tried to observe their faces.” … seriously, THAT annoys da hell outa me! ><
— ewww! to choose between BEAST & 2PM is mean… If I would have to do it… I would not know who to pic. ^^
— eeehh??!? a fangirl that don`t ship any of all the couples? IMPOSSIBLE! I hear of this for the first time! ^^ either these fangirls are anti boyXboy or they are too delusional to imagine something other than themselfes + *insert idol name* o-o
— Omo! Omo! BROTHER! =D WHAT IS THAT?!? Wine? Champagne? uwah! A present?! =D *curious* *reads* ah, so it was a present after the Event ended! How nice! ^^
OTL thank you brother! This was the second pic of you today! (but makes me miss Junsu even more… :/ Junsuuu, where are you??!? Photobucket *is Junsu-deprived* )
— YAY! -> “SUPER JUNIOR WON M!COUNTDOWN!!!! First comeback stage and they snagged the first spot!!! #MrSimple1stWin !!” Everyone, rejoice! *throws confetti*
— WhatFanfirlsDo: “Randomly saw a hot guy who looks like a kpop star but never see him around anymore.” Seriously… recently: I was walking to my car from work. The there was a parked car in a side street, the guy in it staring at me, I looked for a view seconds and then thought “seriously… only because you look like a european version of Sungminnie you don`t have the right to stare at me -.- *walks by, never ever looked again*” aigoo… sometimes weird things happen (weird like… me goes home from work on a saturday morning, after night shift, and I`m talking to bird on the way saying “hi there, how are you? good morning!” < he looked with a -WTF- expression at me! Omo! so embarrassing!… Got caught while talking to a bird in english… how embarrassing is that! *dies* ) — *.* still so proud. HanGeng did his first movie acting… oh, a real movie! congrats! — *haha* ouch! XD -> @SMentertainmnt: “#IfIWereU, I’d start saving up. We plan on charging double for all our artist’s CDs, and triple for DVDs, starting in 2012.” (seriously, this account is so daebak! funny and true)
— What, what, WHAT!!!?!??!?!?! O.O -> naoh12 asked: “Is there any date to Han Geng comeback?”
answer: “No specific date given yet, but it most likely will be this coming fall.”
Should this really happen then I would be like… Photobucket AI! I`m waiting for Han! Hope this can be true… would be too nice.
— JJ posted a pic again? Thought this was only for the beginning? Will he do this after every episode? ppl, JJ should sleep and he should not be forced to do some photos only because some kids are demand this of him… uhm… not sure what to think about that or… what to say. (+ JJ is so horrible thin… D: OMFG! Please eat more! I`m so scared/worried/shocked… don`t know what to say about that either! *dies*)
— *LOL* Mr.Egg! He tried to imitate JJ`s pose? XD OMO! yes John, #EpicFail! really needless to say XD
— oh! this is wonderful for the end of my timeline blogging:
RT: “I don’t want JYJ returning to a company they don’t feel treats them right. I don’t want HoMin bullied or judged into making a move they’re not comfortable with. TVXQ should not stay together because we want it to; it has to be together because they want it to.”

EXACTLY! If you want to hear my opinion: JYJ should never go back to SME. We all know wae. And I`m not comfortable with HoMin being there… or… any other artist. I`m looking at this with major concerns.
But we still don´t know the whole story. We don`t know what it was that made HoMin stay. I only hope they will be fine :/ and OF COURSE, if they should return as 5 it should be because they want it. That`s the first important point. It`s of no use when they don`t do it out of their own will and love for their music.

okie, not I blogged a lot ^^ yet I will finally publish all this!
Jeez… it`s so late again! Have to go to bed! (and… I`m sorry for typos I made, I will not re-read all this now, would take too much time 😉 )

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