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안녕! ^.^

I just found an interesting Interview with Han!
Okay, It´s a little old (from november 2010):
Hangeng : Shares His Thoughts On An Interview With Southern Metropolis Daily

Let`s pic some passages for the ones who are to lazy to read it all:
→→ “I don’t want to use my current experience to deal with the past, there is no need to. I don’t care whether people say that I’m ungrateful or that I’m biting the hand that fed me, it’s fine with me, since I’ve already walked this far, I should just look to the future, not caring about anything else and continue walking.”
Comment: Ye, ye! *nods* After you have walked that far… jeez, good you give a damn about those ppl!
Nonetheless I always wonder about ppl who call Han and JYJ traitors and even ungrateful. Do they even thing one second about theese ppl`s life, well being and happiness? I think it`s pretty selfish to judge them because they showed SME what they are not their puppets. Do you ppl ever had a job? Imagine this job would eat you up in a very bad way, making your life super bad, you don`t see your family anymore and you have to work almost the whole day super hard as long as you can even stand at least a little bit… REALLY, SME makes you work even when you are sick and really don`t feel good at all. And on top of all they don`t pay you well/fair for your hard work. They wearing you out as much as they feel like to and making you run around like their god dammit lap dog. So what would you do?
Wae do this hater/basher ppl not try to understand the position Han and JYJ were in FIRST, before they go judge them.
OTL just die you hateful ppl! Photobucket
→→ Han Geng expressed that even though during the time he was with SM Entertainment he experienced a lot of hardships, his experience with Korea was definitely not only “painful memories”, at least, currently, the relationship between him and Super Junior members is as deep as before, “Even though I’m not with the company anymore, the feelings I have for the members are still there, now I still maintain contact with them, after all, we matured together. Actually, if the law permits, I hope I can return to Korea and perform on the same stage as the other SJ members once again. I have this dream that the 13 of us can play the same internet game at the same time and there sing and dance?”
comment: How sad T_T When I hear him saying this I could cry. What sweet imaginations. Well, but this is actually a almost one year old interview. In the meantime he won his lawsuit and Han`s contract was set to invalid. It`s really too saw but it looks like SuJu as 13 will be a impossible dream. At least when they stay under SME.
and this leads us to the point of what SME`s contract, which Han singed back then, said. Han told us a little bit…
→→ (…)at that point in time, in the contract he signed with SM Entertainment, one of the key points was: The thing the artiste must do is “fully obey whatever the company arranges”, hence, even if he is sick, he still has to work. His current stomach problems was due to that. But now, Han Geng said that he doesn’t give thought to it, and was even grateful to his experience in Korea. “
comment: Look. That`s our oh so nice SME for you! All the SME defenders should take a close look at that! We know from DBSK that they made them work without mercy (like I said: you have to work untill you faint, SME shows no mercy). And what kind of contract is this when it says -“fully obey whatever the company arranges”-?! OMG! How can you expect kids (they are still kids when they sign their contract) can understand what this will mean when they have no idea of how hard SME will work them and what it means to endure this for the next 13 years of their lives! Kids cannot understand! Not at a age of 14 and not even at a age of 18. They have no idea of how long 13 years really are.
And what is this with let sick ppl work or let ppl work until they faint? this is something SME is doing all the time. That ppl are sick can happen. No one is always healthy like A+. Who cares! Let the ppl see a doc and at least in a few days they are able to joing the team again. I will never understand this company *shakes head* this would have been like c-jes forcing Chunnie to do the schedule when he was sick… -.-
And Han even got problems with his stomach due to that? Yeah, I can assume what he had… usually it`s called stomach ulcer. GOSH! Everytime I read something like that I want to slap SME`s higher ones. Making ppl that sick… unbelievalbe. unforgivable.
And we all know that HanGeng was grateful for what he was able to archive. Before he released his Album he was so happy and wanted to call his mentor, the person who bought him into SME, and wanted to thank him for everything. Yeah well, but somehow he was not able to contact him in time and then he was really sad. Han is not ungrateful like some haters or butthurt fans like to say. He has never forgotten wae he is where he is now. So #WaeYouNo stop calling him ungrateful.
→→ Han Geng is especially independant, he said that this is because of his growing up experience. At the age of 12, he went alone to Beijing to study, in 2002, after graduating, he stayed in Beijing to work. After that, he went to Shenzhen to become a performer, then he went back to Beijing, finally, from Beijing, he flew to Korea, “Thinking back, every period of time left deep memories. (…) in those years, I met with a lot of different hardships. But I’m just like that, whether it’s good news or bad news, I don’t usually tell my parents. (…) I don’t want them be be worried over me. When I’m down, I usually look for my friends to chat, to talk about how they are recently, but I won’t say too much. I’m not good at expressing myself; if there’s anything, I’ll just keep it to myself. (…)”
Comment: oooh *.* really, an extremely independet person! And what a caring son *pats HanGeng*. Thinking of his parents first all the time. But it`s not good to always keep everything to yourself. It wears you out over the years. Believe me ><
→→ “I’m quite lucky, ever since I’ve been born, till today, I’ve met a lot of talented people who helped me in different phases of my life. For example, the Bei Jing teacher who helped me to enter the dancing world, the big brother who brought me to Korea, and my manager Sun Le who is helping me in this phase of my life. He was with me through the toughest period in my life, and also in my new beginning.”
Comment: oooh, and now there are ppl who say that he`s ungrateful to anyone? yeah, GIMME A F*CKING BREAK!
→→ The usual problem: (…) from Han Geng’s point of view, at this point in time, he still does not want to, or dare to find a girlfriend. “Right now I don’t have the time to think about that problem. Everyday my schedule is packed, making my head ache, how can I find the mood to go look for a girlfriend?! What’s more, everyday, my circle of friends is the same 5-6 friends. There isn’t much chance to come into contact with girls.” Han Geng still has some misgivings in his heart, and he doesn’t dare to have high hopes that people will be bold and like him, “I’m like that, everyday running around, even if I have a girlfriend, I won’t have time for her. Even if I have time, I can’t accompany her for shopping or watch movies with her. It’s unfair to her. Tell me, will any girl want to find a boyfriend like that? So I can only leave it to fate.”
Comment: sad, sad. I wish he would find a nice girl. He`s such a nice person, he deserves a nice girlfriend. On the one hand, what he said is true. He has very little time for a girlfriend and this would only create trouble + in the end would make them break up. It`s the same problem as our boys had/have. But on the other hand it would be nice for him to have a girlfriend who can accept that he has just little time for her and supports him. A strong person who would really understand him. I think something like that would be good. But then we have Han who`s right again: Where is such a girlfriend to be found? 90% of the woman in fandoms would love to be the girlfriend of their idols BUT they would not be willing to accept what they love to do: Their job. This is a really questionable attitude. I know who I`m the girlfriend of and then I have to show some understanding and respect towards this person.
When I`m the girlfriend of an idol I cannot go around and scold then for not having enough time. You say you don`t want this and just don`t date that person OR you can accept it and then you can be happy to be the supporting woman behind that man. It`s as easy as that.
→→ Han Geng’s unusual actions do not end there. Normally when people earn money, they wish that they can move to a bigger house to live, but Han Geng doesn’t want to. He just likes to ‘live humbly’ in a small house. Only he himself is using it so it’s enough. “I’m still young, I don’t have a need to live in luxury, fighting on is better.” However, don’t think that the reason that Han Geng “lives humbly” is just because he lives alone. He gets along well with his neighbours.
Comment: OTL What a nice person! Photobucket

Now let`s all love Han a little more ^^

now something funny from recently:

Which women are searched most often on Google?

COED Magazine has compiled a list based on Google search results that is flying around the Internet, sporting some surprises — Justin Bieber comes in at No. 7 — and some givens — Lady Gaga tops the list at No. 1.

Here are the top 10:

1. Lady Gaga

2. Kesha

3. Madonna

4. Beyonce

5. Rihanna

6. Britney Spears

7. Justin Bieber

8. Miley Cyrus

9. Paris Hilton

10. Avril Lavigne

LOLOLOL!!!! XD AH HAHA!!! XDDD I JUST KNEW IT! Bieber kid is a woman! OOOOH MY GOD! *can`t stop LOLing about this* So much win!
Same as with this XDD OMO! Junsu`s laugh! *haha* And some cute TVXQ moments XD

AH HAHA! XD Even more funny than the Bieber kid! Junsu = #EpicWin.
(but: I`m scared of Junsu`s evil laugh O.O )

Dorky JYJ at A-nation 2010 (from memories in 2010 DVD)

Kawaii Junsu ^^ (also from Memories in 2010 DVD)

Junsu hides in embarrassment? XD *haha* And we can hear JJ laugh ^^

Yeah well, what`s new at my end: I`m still sick, so that`s not really breaking news.
I thought it will get better but it´s so-so right now. My cold is getting better but… nah, yould be more better! Generally I have to say it could be more worse but it could also be a lot better. So what to say? Let`s wait and see.

At night it was super hot, I couldn`t sleep. So I ended up watching over 4 hours of CSI XD I love this sereies! I saw it since the first episode of the first season aired in germany! I have all the DVDs and I will buy Season 10 soon =)
And now? it`s still hot *dies* Photobucket Please just let me die here.

Twitter is really quiet today. Spanish sisters spammed a lot this night XD I saw Siwon and Brian in my tl.
Oh yeah, looks like Emmy wants to troll me with Siwon now too Photobucket (even though I talk about HanGeng more often these days ^^ – yeah, it`s just… I miss him *pout*)

But it needs more than prince charming to take me away from Junsu!
And: I don`t hide that I like Siwon. I never did. Noona always said Siwon is Noona`s prince. But this dosen`t mean that I would leave Junsu. NUUU, I NEVER WOULD! Photobucket

But talking about Siwon reminds me of something: The pic he posten with Donghae-woman declared as his ‘girlfriend’ was in a korean newspaper the next day XDD
Donghae posted the pic! It was only a small article in the middle of the newpaper but… ah haha! How cool is that? XD

I also wanted to share a live since a while: Super Show 3, Bonamana:

uhm… now… although I`m very aware of the danger to be trolled once again after saying this: SIWON! YOU ARE ALREADY ALMOST NAKED SO #WAEYOUNO JUST TAKE IT OFF!? Photobucket

… this reminds me of an Intoxication live when I was like “*dying* OH MY GAWD! Junsu, take it off! >//<”
Junsu: *stripes jacket*
Noona: “* Photobucket * OMFG! * faints> dead Photobucket *
*sharing her fangirl ways with you once again* eh… hehe…Photobucket  yeah well… uhm… Intoxication is no good for me! *hides*

Now, before I got lost on perverted thougts! *blushes* *hides*, let`s do the couple series!

“EunHae of the day”, how they did the SelCa I shared yest:
ㅋㅋㅋ EunHae alone on the field?

“YooSu of the day”:
Photobucket I don`t know what they were doing but it looks so cute! ^ㅅ^

“YunJae of the day”:
This is… some kind of YunJae magic I don`t understand XD but it`s as cute as YooSu with their teddy… errr… bunny… uhm… whatever! ♥♥ + it looks funny! =D
*lol* seriously! Boys, what are you doing? ^^
Okie now, I really have to stop being lazy now and get ready to go shop the food with my mom. C ya the next time!

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