#MrShfly3424day, Brian & Brother *^^*

안녕! ^-^

Aish! I have to say… twitter is weird these days! At first it destroys my trasparent twitter sidebar, then TwitPic has an error, yFrog is bitchy and twitter just won`t send my first two tweets! oO

Yeah well, but this is not that importnat. I know that my twitter is crazy since it changed his own headline to japanese one day XD
But this day should not be about twitter & Co.`s fails.

Let`s take a look at what`s happening in the K-Pop world:
Siwon & Kyu were interacting cute togehter today ^^ (sounded a bit like my sis and me), Donghae is still sorry and emo because he`s injured and cannot do what he wants :/ Aigoo… OPPA! What are you doing? scaring me like that…
I was taken aback when I heard about it yesterday, but there`s no need to be sorry for him! Everyone only wants him to be healthy again! I just hope he will get well soon and he can rest well. (SME… Photobucket let him rest!)

The most important today: Today is #MrShfly3424day!!! YAY! 생일 축하한다, 종운 오빠~~~!!! Photobucket
And because I like Yesung, I have to say: Oppa, I really like your voice, like you being cute & I love your nice, fluffy hair! I want to touch it!!! *writes Yesung`s name on my -ppl I want to touch the hair- list*
^^ It also looks like we had a YeWook couple moment ^^ Ryeowook tweeted some kind of a love message for Yesung? Translation was a little weird (as always) but it sounded like some kind of love message ♡
OTL I learned another engrish term: “굿나잇”. This is how “good night” looks when it`s written in Hangul. I learned this from Ryeowook today!
hm… according to korean age he turned… 27 years old, né? If an ELF is around please correct me if I have an #EpicFail with that now, I`m not exactly sure anymore. I only know for sure that Yesung is older than me.
Then: I was looking through the older pics of Brian today . There was a cute pic with him and Siwon… wait, I will share ^^
Brian: “My sick day at home and @Siwon407 came by to say wassup & cheer me up^^” (tweeted on December the 20th 2010)
OMO! I have to pin this up on my wall someday ^^ somehow I really love this pic *pinches the two*

Then there was his really stylish sun glasses pic ;D
Brian said: “Y’all need to go to http://www.nooka.com and order yourselves all the cool NOOKA items~ SIICKness man~!!”
*lol* “SIICKness man!”? I like that! =D OTL Brian, I ike you!
I will remember this the next time when it suits into a situation. */me is learning from Brian these days* *imagining the look on my Oppas face when I use this sentence at work XD *
btw: 우와! 진심으로… *__* 브라이언 오빠, 이거 멋진데… 정말 맘에 들어요~! (I really like this! this is cool!)
+ I love this earring! It`s nice!  /// hair… I think I want to touch Brian`s hair too! *pretty hair-obsessed today again*

Then there were pics from christmas 2010. Brian had a nicely decorated house. Not too much decoration, it was just nice. I was interested in how his house looks like and started to look through the pics and was like “oh~! It`s his house! woah, nice house! *see the big sized TV* Photobucket WOAH! NICE TV! *.* It`s as big as JJ`s tv!!” (Brian, please buy me a TV that big too! *puppy eyes* ^^°)

Before I saw all the pics, I found an interview on a site Stephi Unni linked before. Please go there ->> Interview mit dem koreanischen Sänger/Entertainer Brian Joo JA, es ist auf deutsch 😉 (sorry iFriends, this article is in german – und das ganze ist noch gar nicht mal sooo lange her).
Really interesting interview! It`s so… Brian! Photobucket
I really hope he will come to Germany one day (like he said in this interview: he wants to come to europe and especially to germany Photobucket love you for that Brian! OTL I will wait! #FanOfBrian_official)

Oooh, and talking about this whole ‘k-pop in germany’ matter: Looks like Stephi Unni learn the “fortune dreaming” from me XD IF(!) JYJ come to germany, it`s very likely they will come to Berlin (Stephi Unni once had a dream where they came to Berlin!).
Nuu, not because Unni dreamed about it. It`s just that the general informations are pointing towards an possible event in Berlin IF they should come here. But please note: This still is all rumor.

+ Have I ever told you that Mr.Simple album was voted on the top of the album charts online, here in germany? On the Popcorn site (yeah, THAT magazine`s site I visited to read my sis` comment on their horrible k-pop article XP ). Well, they had an #EpicFail with it on their charts too (not only with their article): They wrote “Mr. Smile” instead of Mr.Simple… errr… oookay, I really don`t know if I should laugh or better cry about that Photobucket, but after all it was good to see that the SuJu album was no.1 with so many votes ahead! 4000 votes ahead of the album placed on no.2. I have forgotten what no.2 was. It was something american… well, not important. The important thing was: Everything on that chart list was american but our SuJu boys made it anyway! YAY! For k-pop fanbase in germany! 😉
And, lucky as we are, we had brother today again too!
Junho was/is in Osaka today! (≧ω≦) 준호야, 넌 너무 귀엽다! Omo! Sooo cute again! Like Natali said: There`s something about Junho that makes me go -awww- each and every time.
*haha* XD I have funny thoughts because of this pic! I`M NOT GOING TO TELL HERE! Photobucket
and… /ME APPROVES SHIRTS IN COLORS LIKE THIS ONE ON YOU BROTHER!!!! Photobucket (and I like this bracelet… *.* ni~ce!)

Then: I just read that there are some ppl complaining in Japan about the hallyu wave coming into their land. That the artist are only after the money and bla bla.
Yeah well… __1) The artist`s COMPANY tells them where to go, it`s not that most of them really have a choice when they are told to go to japan.___2) Yeah well, money will be a reason as well. That`s for sure. They LIVE on what they are doing, so they have to earn money as well. It`s their business. How would you ppl react when someone complains about that you only do your job because of the money? When you love your job you do it partly for the money and partly for the love of doing it. __and__ 3) What is this these day with everyone calling everyone ‘greedy’ and telling them they are only after the money? oO

It`s a crazy world we`re living in nowadays, isn`t it?!
Now they even call ppl greedy who do their job and want to be payed for it? WTFnesssss!!!!!
Those ppl should think about what they would do and then write their article again. I don`t think it`s soooo-uuuh huuu-bad that the korean artist earn good money in japan. It`s their job and when they are doing well… yeah, it`s okay.
And they even complained about that the japanese tv stations show so much k-pop. Yeah well, those tv station-ppl are only doing their job either! A tv station aires what the viewers want to see. It it`s k-pop they will air that. that`s all. There`s no “mystery” behind it or so.
I don`t understand this anti-article…
Next topic: My t-list was talking about the japanese article JYJ666… errr!… JYJ3 translated a while ago. there was a huge ruckus about this matter and I only thought: Wae do some butthurt JYJ stans post a translation of a RUMO(!!!) article?!? Stans, posting OT5 matter?
+ We all know this is only rumor for sure. The lawsuit of JYJ is not closed yet. HoMin`s contracts are not running out yet. HOW should they return as 5 under these conditions?

*faceplams* Rumor, go back to where you came from.

Talking about OT5 matter… this leads me to something my Unni RTed these days:
Exactly. We will call out for our boys and wait what happens. We will continue to believe untill they tell us to stop. But like someone said: The most and only really important thing is not that they return as 5. This is what we hope for, what we wish for. But as a true cassie and as a caring OT5 you shouldn`t be focus on that mainly.
The most and only really important thing is that our boys are happy. No matter what they do, they should be happy with it. If it`s reunion and returning as 5 it`s all fine by me. As an OT5 #ICanHonestlySay *abusing Twitter trend again* that this is what I would appreciate. But as long as they are happy with their lives even them giving up on singing would be fine by me. Sure, it would hurt. No doubt about that. But as a fan who really cares about our 5 boys and their feelings we should be able to even accept (and maybe support) such a decision.
Like I always said: I want them to be happy. If this is on stage as 5 or completely offstage… I don`t care. They should be happy with what they do. I don`t want them to return one day only because they think they have to. As a fan I want to give them the freedom to be happy. =)
No need to add a long comment to this. It`s somehow the story how I started to love cassiopeia and our 5 boys really much. It was exactly that feeling.

btw.: loving cassiopeia… @Emmy: You always say that you are thankful that we speak your language so that we can be friends. but it`s not you who has to be thankful! It`s us! I`m thankful that I learned this language ^^ and that I love it so much to be a good student. So I`m able to blog in english with (hopefully) not so many epic fails XD and talk with you. I`m so happy I can talk with you! *huggles* *haha* and there we go hugging again, né? ah, you deserve a nice hug! Please feel glomped by me! 😉

@Cynthia: And I`m happy my little sis is a good english student too! So we can always practise our english together! You will get a lot`s of A`s in english in the future! I`m sure! *huggles you as well*

OTL I became a lot better at english since the last 6 month. Nu… since I`m on twitter I never stoped improving. I mean: You tweet in english almost the whole day because of many ppl from many different countries and you want to talk to them all. So you start to talk in english even to the ppl who could speak your native language ^^ #TwitterEffect

And now, to end this (I hope interesting) entry: The COUPLE SERIES!

Today dedicated to my Soulmatesister Cynthia, because she love it so much ^^

“YunJae of the day”:
awwww! just awww! ^^ Sooo cute! Look at them! Look closely! sooo cute! */me is #YunJaeShipper_official*
JJ is like: “Yunnie~ *wants attention*”
Yunho: *making contact*

“YooSu of the day”:
awwww! just awww! ^^ Look at our cute YooSu couple! Surrounded by ppl, but holding hands Photobucket What a scene!

“EunHae of the day”:
ooooh! Their wedding in Thailand! Photobucket
Photobucket this means: When Donghae is now Siwon`s girlfriend without protesting… :O … OMO! Donghae is cheating on his Hyukkie for realz! Hyukjae! Do something to hold your fishy`s horses! XDD (or should I say: to hold the one -horse-? →→→Siwon)

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