Heenim Oppa and #MrSimple8thwin, our Standom & Junho news


:/ ah, I don`t know! I`m kinda sad! Heenim Oppas last performance at Inkigayo… SuJu Leader cried on stage Photobucket DON`T CRY SUJU LEADER씨! Makes me cry as well!
I just cannot watch the boys cry! I`m not even a ELF but I cannot watch SuJu boys cry. I almost cried watching the winner`s video of Inkigayo… I swear! I don`t want to watch it again. I think I would really cry. T^T

Even though we know that Heenim Oppa can return to the dorm after 4 weeks, there are some thoughts running through my head. Still running through my head.
Will he be okay (mentally, physically)? Will they treat him good? (and by that I mean, treat him normal).
HAIZ! It`s our Heenim Oppa in the end! >< I`m worried about him. Seriously.
I will only feel better when he`s back! Aigoo… cannot even imagine how the ELFs are feeling now.
Sisters and SuJu, my heart goes out to you these days! Really. (Like Emmy already said)
And these times will come again and again. But don`t worry sisters, Cassiopeia & Bigeast is with you. We can make it together! *#cassiehug for ELFs & SuJu*
Let`s 화이팅 together! Aja! Aja!
(ELF had already endured so much tough, so the military thing is only the next obstacle now.)
Let`s stick with the SuJu matters a little longer: Inkigayo this Weekend also brought the 8th win for “미스터 심플 (Mr. Simple)”! #MrSimple8thwin
축하한다 슈주! 미스터 심플gogo!

And now let`s all together be strong and wait! Now ELFs and cassiopeia have waiting matters, so wae not wait together?

Something regarding HanGeng: He did well at the 2011 Xtep Concert in Chongqing! And he looked just cool ^^ (+ I saw him wearing the same earrings as Brian on the “SIICKness man”-photo!! OMG!)
Let`s look at some pics:
Aw! Happy Han makes me happy too!

the earring I`m talking about:
OTL purple background, Han, flowers = perfection of a photo!

아! 진짜! (ˆωˆ) *pinches Han* Cutie you!
Aww~ *giggle* HanGeng, I want to adopt you! … no… shit!!!! He`s older! Then I want HanGeng to adopt ME!! XDD *lol* *weird thoughts*

Next topic is our dearest Standom! (JYJ Fandom). Yeah, originally I planned to read the EunHae/KyuMin/HanChul FF but THEN I saw Mon`s blog entry about the Stans & UNAIDS matter… ><

I can`t stand you anymore! AISH!

Everyone, just take a look at that (it`s mostly in spanish, but the caps are partially in english, so you can read the important parts): Stans, UNAIDS and YunJae matter

My first reaction: Laugh.
My second reaction: facepalm.
My third reaction: RAAAANT!

What are these kids thinking? We already heard the -they don`t care about Jaejoong- thing before. [sarcasm] Yeah well, I understand you kids. We always plead to accept YunJae as what they are and accept Jaejoong as the human he is WHILE YOU go around and make up an image of him how you would love look at him. So I`m sure you are right when you say that we don`t care about him. [/sarcasm end]
This is almost too ridiculous to laugh about!

And JYJ are standing for WHAT? Higher causes? And as their fans you do too? Seriously, kids… Photobucket And this should be the reason wae we cannot stand you? Because we cannot handle you “oh so high up above everything”-JYJ stans? WTFness through the roof!
YES! We indeed don`t know how to handle you but that`s because of your arrogance & stupidity, so we indeed call you “brainless stans” because you ARE!
Have you kids ever listened to yourself while talking? You ever hear what you are talking the whole day? And it makes sense to you? Seriously, JYJ stans, you must be kidding me!

But the best thing was the “OMG! UNAIDS follows TVXQForums! Let`s them make follow JYJ3 instead!”. Aaaaalright, totally alright. Everything will be okay stans.
Do you even know what UNAIDS is about? It`s not another tool for your childish, stupid game to use for you. It`s a serious matter. You should care about the matter and not about who UNDAIDS follows.  (because this is UNAIDS` matter). Photobucket What da f*ck, kids, what da f*ck!
And then even want to tell them following JYJ666, oops! my bad…, JYJ3!? The worst stan-base EVER?! jeez… really… at least TVXQForum is not spreading hate like the stans!

Regarding the YunJae matter: Aaah! You are at it again! I waited for this to come up once more!
Now you even tell ppl what Avatar they have to use because you dislike their YunJae aca? And you are telling them to “watch what they are saying” because they will bring bad name to JYJ?
Let`s repeat: bring bad name to JYJ.
They bring bad name to whom!? JYJ?
You lost it definitely!
YOU are the ones who are bashing JYJ`s frieds (HoMin), YOU are the ones who are attacking other ppl for nothing and YOU are the ones who don`t see any wrong in the fact that “that person” only wants to use JYJ`s fame for her own things. (and these are just a view samples!)
So who is bringing bad name to JYJ? Just who?! It`s not us! It`s you!

And after all: You ever saw how Yunho & JJ reacted to YunJae banners? How Changmin reacted to YunJae banners? Our boys know that we shipp them, but they have no problem with us doing this. Spazz is spazz! Are you ppl new to this world or what? Photobucket
But that`s another point in this whole mess the stans are creating! The avatar we were talking about was a pic of YunJae simply being besides each other. And the stans were all set in fire like “OMG! put this away! Everyone will thinkg that they are gay, but they are not!” … WHAT DA HELL! WHAT`S UP WITH THIS BEHAVIOUR!?

Are they really serious with what they say? (answering to myself: Yes, I`m afraid they are -.-”)
Two man besides each other is a symbol of gay-ness?!
— 1.) Since when? Have all man to stay away from each other at least 2 meter and are not allowed to hug or come in contact anyhow? How da hell were these kids educated?!? oO and that today, in the time we live in! UNBELIEVABLE!
— 2.) just in general: What is this with the stans being sooo afraid of the gay-topic? Being gay is not a horrible sickness or something, so even IF(!) they would be gay, where`s the problem?! Wae always making trouble because of that? I`m pretty shocked that in our century are still ppl aroud who talk so retarded about this topic!… This is scary, sad and a pity at the same time. There`s #nothingwrongwith being gay. Just take a note of that, bapo`s!! >< #justsaying
— 3.) Who`s the one who has no decency?! Stans talking about things like “decency” is as laughable as Stans talking about things like “caring about Jaejoong”.
— 4.) Since when do Yunho fans not care about JYJ? oO Listen to me: Surprise, surprise… I`m a Yunho fan and I care about JYJ. Yeah well, that`s because I`m OT5, kiddos! Photobucket You didn`t thought such a person can exist, né?

And I really want to know what`s the problem with YunJae all the time? YunJae is not the only couple in K-pop! Just where`s the problem now!?
But let me think a little: Stans dislike YunJae and are kinda allergic to the BoyXBoy love topic. Soo… wae do they love to make up JaeChun couple and HoMin couple???? And even YooSu is okay. *makes no sense!!!* o_O I don`t get it anymore. Nu, wait… actually I never got it!
That`s illogical on a really high level! I`m so tired their idiotic logic!
For them YunJae is totally wrong and they running around like chickens with their heads cut off when someone mentions the YunJae matter, they start to bash every YunJae shipper they can find and show their anti-gay-opinion all the time BUT when it comes to JaeChun everything is okay?
Really, anyone here who thinks this makes sense? I don`t think so.
On the one hand they are so strong opposers of YunJae and being gay and on the other hand some of their own party are shipping JaeChun. Really, shipping JaeChun would be okay WHEN we cut out all the illogical rest of what they say!

And the thing with YunJae shippers are dragging JJ`s name through the dirt because they ship Yunjae… YOU PPL ARE REALLY COMPLETELY INSANE!
The only thing that drags JJ`s name thruough the dirt is the fact that ppl who think and speak like you calling themselfes his ‘Fan’!
Yeah, fell free to screencap all this sh*t! I`m really waiting for the day you Stan-kids finally find out about this blog and do it! Stans, just do it! What are you waiting for?! Because I don`t give a damn! (oh, and I`m really sorry if you kids will die bacause of all the YunJae-ness here around!

Stans, there are some lyrics in the Final Fantasy XIII Serah-theme which you should always remember: “Fate will not leave you, hate will not heal you.”
This is damn right and really the only advance I can and want to give you anymore.
-.-” And what da hell is this with the new petition? This time it`s a petition because of the “My paper”`s anti-Hallyu article? Oh, my kids, please… Photobucket
Once again we have a weird petition… My Paper wanted to be anti-hallyu and they will never, you hear me? NEVER, apologize to JYJ … What are you kids thinking? Once again I tell you: We have bigger problems than that! We shouldn`t waste our time on little trouble makes like them.

Sometimes I really think the stans and some of our own OT5 kids are searching for every matter they can make an issue out of. It`s a little bit weird and I think I`m too old for this kind of sh*t.

Yeah well, sorry for this enormous rant again. But I was so angry about the stupidity of the stans… I couldn`t hold it anymore!

But now I`m done with ranting [trolling mode on] and I want to dedicate today`s couple series especially to the stans! My dearest stans, this is for you!

“EunHae of the day”:
KYAAHHH!!! Photobucket My fav scene no.1 in the SuJu mini drama! ooooh my god sun!!! 어머! 어머! This was just… too hot! The bathroom scene was… perfection! Like… straight out of a good FF!
And this scene continued like disss…
*giggle* omg! They had so many NG`s because EunHae were always laughing during their kissing scene XD
“YunJae of the day”:
Ooooh! YunJae and dogs… ^^ Our boys and dogs in general… is`s always the same. =) adorable! They are like little kids! YunJae are like “hi doggie, we want to pet you~ nice doggy *pet, pet*” & Dog is like: “*chill-relax* Whatever YunJae, whatever.” XD
“YooSu of the day”:
KAWAII!!! Photobucket Tiny but kawaii! YooSu so cute!
But what was that Junsu? A -oh nuu! You filmed us? ^//^-  reaction? ah! Junsu so cute! ♥
[/trolling mode off]

And last but not least: BROTHER!

Junho signed many, many photos yesterday.
=D *excited* I wonder! For what?! Photo, for what? Another Event?! =D well, don`t care that much. The photo is nice and I want to have one Photobucket

+ Junho was recording again today!
Brother always working hard ^^ hwaiti~~ng!
So now… finally it`s time to read my FF! Thanks to the stans my plan to read it this afternoon was gone as soon as I saw the new display of their stupidity. But I like to read FF`s at night more than read them during the day so it`s okay. ;D

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