News, news, news…

안녕! ^.^

oh, we only have news since yesterday!

Junsu has blonde hair now ^^, Yoochun was at Seoul Drama Awards 2011 and looked so nice (*cough* but still too thin *cough*), it appeard that A-nation staff is OT5 Photobucket, then we had Siwon and the thing with the coast guard uniform again *almost fainted* (WOOOH! This is kinda… hot stufft! looks really good in him! That got style!) +  around SuJu in general is a lot happening now!

Ai! So many news!
First the not so good news: I heard some chinese ELFs are wishing Sooyoung (SNSD) bad things. Appearently she`s sick or so? I don`t know about it. But I heard from my tl that they even wish her death. oO Haiz! What`s wrong with you ppl?!
This lead me to the question: Wae do ELFs care about SNSD in the first place? The only thing that came to my mind was -jealousy-. Yeah, many ppl envy SNSD for their looks.
But no one has the right to wish such bad things to them because of that. Really what da f*ck, kids, seriously… Did your parent educated you this way? Really? To go around and wish other ppl death? oO I don`t think so.

I can only wonder.
There`s something going on with chinese fans I don`t understand…
First then almost overran JJ back then because they couldn`t behave and acted like completely insane womans & now they bring up this sh*t?

I wonder, ELFs. I really wonder.
Donghae is injured, Heenim Oppa is about to go to the military and everyone is worried about him (even the cassies and bigeast are) and you have nothing better to do as to be anti SNSD? These days? Are you serious with that? You sure you don`t have bigger worries right now? oO
*shakes head* it`s unbelievable. Just… stop it.

You are ELFs, god dammit! Wae da hell do you chinese ELFs care about SNSD then? (and this in such a bad way)
If you don`t like her, then don`t look. It`s as simple as that.
(I cannot believe that ppl make me say this over and over again… -.-)
But this was the only bad thing today. There were also good news! Just like when we look at the Popcorn online charts:
YAY! SuJu still no.1 ! BUT: As you can see they still haven`t corrected their #EpicFail yet… -.-”
POPCORN!Photobucket It`s not! DAMMIT! Photobucket *mumbles* stupid ppl… it`s really unbelievable! Not even able to copy the album namein properly their chart? What da hell man, what da hell… Photobucket
OTL Wikipedia can be your best friend, please learn how to use it! (and let someone give you a lesson in copy/pasting! AISH! >< )

And also, on YouTube charts, Mr. Simple is high up!
Here`s the AllK-Pop article to it.
This is just… WOW! So cool! I`m happy ^^ Althoguh I`m not an ELF, I`m happy when SuJu is doing well! I love these boys too like… a lot. Photobucket

But… reading the name -Kanye West- brings back bad memories about “Ayy Girl” >_< oooh, wae oh wae!? Kanye West was not needed! T_T

Well okay, dosen`t matter anymore. It`s all in the past, like our dear stans always love to say.
To make the SuJu news complete today: SME released a “MV” for SuJu`s “Super Man”:

Oh, this is some kind of passing by-moments vid. I saw peris, I saw Super Show, I saw shooting the former MV…
And to the ppl who complain like “This isn`t a real MV *bla bla*”: You kids ever thought about WHEN they should have filmed a real MV for Super Man? They had endless promotion for the album, Siwon has to film Poseidon and Heechul… nah… He has to leave soon too! So please stop being stupid and start to think. At least one single time in your life.
(comment: cannot believe how ppl can act so ignorant and still say about themselves they are “fans”… °-° As a Fan you should show a little more understanding)

And just in case this vid will not work because it say`s “This video is not available in your land” or some sh*t like that, go there: SMTOWN main site on YouTube
In most of the cases it COULD(!) work then.
Otherwise: I`m sorry then.

So I hope the last one will work: Mr. Simple making film:

*lol* XD at 01:40… Yesung is having problem with button his jacked =) and is then like “oh, okay. then not.”
and at 02:22… Yesung playing the creep once again XD Just think of the photo on twitter! He was behind Leeteuk like that before =)
SuJu always working hard! Hwaiting boys!

Yeah, What else? I`m waiting for my Soulmatesister to be back from her dance lesson. The last time I waited I have fallen asleep ^^°

OH! crap! I haven`t read her mail reply from yesterday & have not zipped her iPhone videos! (yeah, I wanted to give her some and had no time to zip and send to her so far).

So what to do now? I already had my dinner (I ate while I was typing here ^^ ), I watched the SuJu MV for Super Man & watched the mr. simple making…
Yeah, let`s do the couple series! We have no bad news (besides chinese ELFs >.> ) today and I have nothing to rant about (I reanted everything out yest XD ) so wae not?!

“EunHae of the day”:
aww! what to say besides cuuuute! (yes, I always say this but: it IS cute! 😛 )

“YooSu of the day”:
ah! I loved this scene! ^^ YooSu reenact the Titanic-Scene! :3 kawaii!

“YunJae of the day”:
awwwwww! Photobucket YunJae soooo cutie! *pinches YunJae*

D: oh my! The blog entry was so short today!

What to do?

Hm, stories of my life?
I`m on vacation so there`s nothing really happening. It`s all about K-pop now *haha* you can say: as always ;P
what to do? I already ranted about the stans, read some FF last night… oh, and in this FF it was starting to get dramatic! D: The time when Han filled his lawsuit >< what a sad story!

Due to the fact that I`m on vacation I cannot even rant properly about Ajeossi ㅋㅋ another 2 weeks without Ajeossi! YES! YES! YES! HECK YES! ah haha! *evil laugh*
That idiot.
Annoys da hell outa me and then always wants to start sweet talk afterwards. jeez… Ajeossi, do I look like a fool to you? *raises eyesbrows*
If he thinks he can be bitchy and moody all the time and then come to talk sweet again he is so wrong. I have nothing more to say to persons who are like this. Really. I just cannot stand his behaviour. It`s so ridiculous, childish and… just not to understand. Photobucket Makes no sense. My work Ajeossi himself makes no sense…

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