News of our boys & the FF I`m reading right now


Yessss, ladies, I`m still on vacation!

I lie around lazy and have nothing better to do as to eat in my bed ;P
And I SO know that I will regret what I`m doing now later… I`M EATING WATERMELON NOW!
This simply means: I will run to the restroom every 5 minutes later XD seriously, with watermelons it`s even more worse as when I`m drinking tea… 진짜! But 난 어떻게~?! Everyone likes watermelons, né? So I do!

OTL want to prepare watermelon for my soulmatesister and me and then eat it together ♥
@ Emmy: *pat, pat* You can have watermelon from mommy too Photobucket
Yeah well, so far the watermelon story.

Now the news: YooSu at Protect the Boss Set *click* ah! isn`t that nice?! They visited Jaejoong! ^^
+ JYJ video message from Busan *click* hwaiting boys! Keep it up! ^^ proud of our UNAIDS ambassadors!
Oh yes and Chunnie is about to hold a Fan meeting in Thailand on September the 17th. It`s called “A date with Yoochun *click*“!
@ Stephi: Unni, how about you going to Thailand for a date with chunnie? ^ω^ (well, I don`t think she goes there but I think she would want to go there – she just likes him so I thought of her as I was reading this).

Let`s look at some charts again: SG K-Chart Weekly Top 10 (29th August 2011) *click*
WOW! SuJu is still doing well in the charts everywhere! And HoMin`s Superstar is there as well!

What else is new?
The work on our family`s house is still in progress… The bare brickwork is not completed now. BUT the last time we were there the stairway to the first floor and to the basement was finally there! FINALLY! Since 2 weeks I was waiting for the stairs! =D I took some photos of the chaos outside and inside as well as of the corner on the first floor where my room will be later.
In the meantime living in our apartment feels more and more like living in a dorm XD Really! no kidding! After I saw the vid of HanChul in their dorm recently i realized how similar their dorm and our apartment look… O.O Aigoo!
And to be honest: Our apartment is only a little bit bigger as the the rooms at their dorm and because all our rooms are on the same floor it feels even more like a dorm XD #AFangirlsSillyThoughts
=_= hrrr… *annoyed sigh* Twitter is a little annoying lately… It has some fails in posting, fails in loading the normal twitter site and has some fails in loading the DM site… *tries to load bambabya-site* yeah, like I said… =_= FAIL! Photobucket
Twitter, as the bad thingy that you are you will not load now, eh?! bambaya site (DM site) dosen`t feel like appearing… Yeah well, what to do? I will try again later!

(OTL YES, my goal is to abuse -bambaya- more from now on Photobucket )

And… to susprise my Soulmatesister now I will tell you a little story: First of all I surprised myself when I opened the packet I got yesterday! There was my Boys in the City photobook Season 3 (SuJu) and the little thing that fell out when I unpacked the book was the “O” 정.반.합.-Album. Ooooops! I had totally forgorten of this thingy! I thought about it and remembered that there was this -special offer- thingy when I bought the photobook. So not only the book was a little cheaper the old albums were to. It was sold for 8-9€ at that time and this brought back the memory to me: I bought this for my soulmatesister because the special sale was about to end on that day. Photobucket And I know that she will never be able to get this. Her parents won`t order it for her because her mom has no idea about PayPal and her dad said he has had bad experiences with sellers from abroad….
nah, so here it is now ^^ @ Cynthia: I hope you don`t mind and you are not too embarrassed again ^^° I only thought the opportunity was good so eh hehe… Looks like i did it again… errr… back then Photobucket Sorry, I know it will make you feel ashamed a lot again. It`s all my fault! I will take resposibility for whatever happens with you =)


1.) AH! Brian Oppa just had a successful first performance with his RENT Musical! YAY! 축하한다 브라이안 오빠!!! *hugs Oppa* =)
Brian quote:OMG~ my first musical performance ever… it was so much fun, though I was so nervous~ thanx to everyone who came to watch tonight;)
T.T Oppaaa~… I want to watch too but you are too far away. (so I will continue to send you lots of hwaitings from here =D #FangirlSpirit)

aaaaand…. *drum roll*
2.) we have somehting hot here: [PICS] Yunho Filming Poisedoin *click*
Ah! SYC Team is good at bringing the news as always! // 우와! Leader씨! 이고 멋진데! (That`s so cool! *_* Leader-ssi is cool! OMO! And Siwon is in Poseidon too?! Poseidon will be a overkill drama! Yunho AND Siwon?! OMG!)

Two things today were nice: One, Emmy wants to be my real kid (Emmy quote: “O__O I AM UR REAL KID! >__<“) & second, brother found this things in a store (again) ^^

*o* I see purple. I love purple.
If only our CD stores would look like that too! I WANT TO SEE JUNHO´S & SUJU`S AND OUR BOYS` STUFF IN OUR STORES!!! ㅠ~ㅠ #ImpossibleGoal #notinamillionyears
Photobucket *runs away crying*

*cough* yeah well… whatever. *cough* COUPLE SERIES NOW!

“YunJae of the day”:
ah haha! Yunho you cutie! ^^ I loves this part of their photoshooting! And I SEE PURPLE! I love purple. *___* #4everrepeatingmyself

“EunHae of the day”:
MACRO! ^^ Eunhae macro today! AI! Donghae you are so cute! *pinches* And Hyukjae too of course! *pinches* ah haha! I love the EunHae couople! Photobucket

“YooSu of the day”:
ah! Yoochun pising for Junsu? HOW CUTIE! (good old mirotic-times *sighs*)
+ What I wanted to say: I`m running out of YunJae pics… again.
Photobucket Nuuuuuuuuuuuu~!!!! HOW COME?!? WHEN? WHERE? and most important WAE IS IT ALWAYS YUNJAE?!? (/aswers herself: because it`s always YunJae, bapo! always and everytime with everything.)

And… the blog entry is so short again today. What to do? I don`t even reached my 1000 words yet! *gasps!!!* D: OMFG!!! (I always have my 1000 words in my entries… and they are even short when they have their 1000 words… -.-”).

Yeah well, what can I say? this is the tradition and the trademark of my blog: Long entries.
My entries are normally longer than my life *haha*
ah! but I know! I will tell you a little about the FF I`m reading right now!

It`s still the HanChul/EunHae/KangTeug/KyuMin/YeWook FF.
Aigoo ^w^ YeWook couple is so cute in this FF! Really. And Yesung and his turles area always a hilarious matter to involve in a FF! It`s really great! Like Yesung calling from their room while Ryeowook was in the kitchen  “Wookie, where`s my turtle food?” ^^ *haha* I can totally imagine that!
Or when Heechul was mad a Han, don`t wanted to sit in the same bus has Han and was then in the bus with the other “couples” ^^ It was like this:
Quote FF: >>He then lays his head on Sungmin’s shoulder. Kyuhyun doesn’t like sharing his Sungmin hyung with anyone, even if it’s his Heechul hyung. “Hyung, get off my Sungmin hyung. He’s mine.” Kyuhyun said, unknownst to him that the one they’re fighting for is blushing. “You have too much of him. Sungmin, aren’t you tired of Kyu? Don’t you want some of me?” Heechul teased and Sungmin couldn’t answer. Of course he’s not tired, but if he answers the second question, he’s dead for sure.

“Aish!” Kyuhyun muttered and hugged Ryeowook instead.  “Kyu~!”  The other maknae beamed.  “Yah. Maknae, go back to your Sungmin!”  Yesung shouted.  “YAH! What’s with the commotion there?!” Leeteuk shouted from the back seat of the van. “Kyuhyun won’t let go of Wookie!” Yesung complained.  “Heechul hyung won’t let go of Sungmin hyung!” Kyuhyun added. “AISH!” Heechul complained and completely let go of Sungmin and the two couples went back to each other.<< (©kiwibubblecat)
ah haha XD too cute! like little kids! *lol* but poor Heechul! *haha* at some points this FF is just too funny! *totally has this scene in real in her head*
Although this FF has lot of drama in it as well…: HanChul couple has to separate because Han was filling the lawsuit. There were some very sad chapters *sniff* But before that happened, they confessed to each other and even told the others during the breakfast that they are togehter now XD I could totally imagine this scene! The english failes a little in this FF at some points, but it`s still enough to build a good FF (I assume the autor of this FF is not from an english speaking country).
The next couple to separate was KangTeuk because Kangin entered the army. Aw, how sad again!
And the KyuMin couple always FAILED on making a move on the other one *haha* and even when it almost happened always someone distrubed them ^^ poor KyuMin. And Yoona is acting as cupid and doctor for the problems of couples Photobucket too funny! (and Siwon helped the HanChul couple before!)
Well, with the EunHae couple things are not going that well right now… Donghae confessed but… eeeh… Hyukjae doesn`t take it very well ^^° Ai! This FF! Really interesting!
And now even Kibum appeard on the scene!

Aah! I really love my FF reading nights! Ma vacation is great when I can talk with my cassie friends and read FF`s tonight! (btw… I have to try to talk to my best friend in ICQ again, I haven`t talked to her since a while).

So now… the kids are doing their homework right now. At least I hope so… né, kiddos? Photobucket ㅋㅋㅋ Unni is watching you kids ;P

OTL WOW! I`m so early with my entry today! Girls, be proud of me! =D

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