“MY PANTS RIPPED WHILE PERFORMING”… (+ JYJ at Daegu closing ceremony & SM Town at 도쿄돔)

… is trending!

안녕 다들! v^^.

oooh my! I was shocked when I came on Twitter today! At first Henry`s tweets made me go like “Photobucket WHAT?! O___O ”
Well, see for yourself. That`s what I`m talking about:

OMFG! OMG! AAAH! asjfkhjskadlfk!!! MY POOR BRO! >_<
Okay, it`s indeed a little funny. But ppl, think about him first before you laugh your ass off about it. It`s really not a pleasant situation for him… errr… and even on stage… aigoo… *pats Henry`s head * Noona feel sorry for you. (ai… the other SuJu members will laugh about this 4ever… Henry, this is surely not your day!)

well, but pants aside: We love henry anyway. Ripped pants or not. Our Mochi is so cute! *pinches* Smile again Henry! smile ^^ Photobucket

BUT: “my pants ripped while performing perfection” is the most epic sentence EVER! No doubt about that! And It`s trending since the morning…. nu, it was midday here xD! But these are over 6 hours now!!!!!
Yeah, what`s less epic is what I hear from Brian these days: He`s sick, he`s really sick. And he said has “back to back performances” with RENT…
Photobucket Oppa~~~ *whines* You have to see the doc and rest! *pulls Oppas arm* I will bring you to the doc. Come with Noona T^T
Before today`s performance Brian Oppa said he`s really sick. ㅠ~ㅠ I know, he IS INDEED really sick. I hope he knows his limits. But what if he faints on stage!? Photobucket
I know it`s a very bad timing for being sick with RENT but… haiz… *sighs* ><

Then we had Siwon showing us his warm heart by tweeting about an indonesian ELF who died from leukemia. Oooh, Oppa T^T. And now “RIP Melody” is trending. It`s really touching how the boys always care about such things v.v *sniff*
At first I didn`t knew what was going on, but soulmatesister told me. What a sad story. We had this in our fandom some time before too. It`s always sad when something like this happens. You don`t know the ppl, but they were somehow sisters and so you kinda feel connected to them anyway.

At least I heard something good today too: Super Junior wins Inkigayo Mutizen.
TRIPLE CROWN FOR THE BOYS! This is #MrSimple10thwin!

…and I always thought to gain the triple crown is only possible in horse racing ;D –>> like this: Kentucky Derby > Preakness Stakes > Belmont Stakes. That`s the triple crown in horseracing. At least the one I know.
But I think I heard that the triple crown thingy is also used in different sport disciplines. Well, but that`s really far off topic now XD Sorry, sorry *starts singing SuJu song for the 100th time*

Also, 도쿄돔 (tokyo dome) was a huge success for SMTown ppl! (OTL besides for Henry, who ripped his pants…). Leeteuk said it was awesome. We saw pics and vids of HoMin`s performances & my japanese Unni said it was totally great. (yes, she was there)
SMTown in Tokyo Dome brought another changmin-surprise for us: Minnie kissing the SuJu Maknae on the cheeks ^ω^ AND he even took a photo with Sungminnie like this… OKAY! thinking about it: SME, what have you done with our Changmin?! Who`s that man? Minnie going around almost kissing the other Minnie & kissing Kyu on the cheeks… Where do you hide the real Lord Voldemin? This person we see must be a double or a clone. ^^
ah haha! Seriously, either our Min is really changing lately or they replaced him secretly with someone else XDD

While SM ppl were busy in Tokyo, our JYJ boys did something crazy but lovable: JYJ holds fanmeeting which includes high-five segment with 2000 fans.
WOAH! BOYS! How did you do this without your arms falling off? I mean… high-five is okay but with 2000 ppl? That`s an enourmous amount of high-fives XDD

And while we are talking about JYJ: This were our 3 boys at the closing ceremony in Daegu today!!! (you can also watch the part KBS aired when you follow the link) The closing ceremony was daebak! The firework was sooo nice *__*
But let`s tell the story from the start: My soulmatesister and I were dying to watch this performance! We watched an useless live stream for over an hour only to find out that they will CUT THE FREAKING CLOSING CEREMONY OUT!!!! Photobucket They were not airing it! Our TV stations were airing the whole sports event but they cut out the closing ceremony part as well. It appeared that they rather felt like broadcasting some stupid talking session instead! The CNN live stream was also A COMPLETE FAIL! Photobucket and not even the second live stream we found showed us the closing ceremony. AISH!
Then it was said KBS will stream too. Fine. We went to KBS site and choosed the channel but nothing appeared…. live stream didn`t work.
We were frustrated and angry. BUT for luck there are still some people out there with a heart and a mobile phone. We watched the ceremony on KBS via a cam of someone who streamed it with his/her phone. *relief* So we saw at least a bit of it. Ai…

Well, and talking about Twitter and it`s trends… Bieber kids were abusing OUR k-pop trend about the ripped pants!
Let`s simply say: We are not amused ;P Photobucket

They should just STFU. This is k-pop matter and seeing THEM using it for other purpose… well, this OFFENDS MY HONOR and PRIDE as a k-pop fan! ;P So I`m a little… pissed (maybe that`s a hard word to point it out but I cannot think of an other word now).

But as I was looking at the trends today I saw, besides Henry`s trend, a stupid bieber trend again. This time it was -Dirty Bieber Secrets-.
Dirty Bieber Secrets? WHAT IS THAT? oO
You kids want to know the secret of your beloved kiddo? well, I will tell you: he`s not as wonderful as he claims to be. NOT BY A LONG SHOT!
This boy is being far from being good to his fans -.-” and this is what annoys me the most. Not that I don`t like his music, nu, it`s the fact that he`s… faking so much. But sometimes you can see his real character and… I don`t can exactly say it`s nice what you can see then.
Speaking in general, there are some things in his attitude I really dislike. Maybe he`s just a stressed out kid but he surely dosen`t know hot to behave around his fans sometimes. And that`s the only really “dirty secret” this kid holds. Really.

I don`t want to talk too long about this. So I will stop here!

What to talk about next? Ah ye! Our house!
Mom and I went to our house on friday. My sister will be not really pleased with her bed room. It`s smaller than the one she had before in our old house and even a bit smalles as the one she has not in our apartment. She already knows that it`s smaller but when she will see it in real she will not be pleased.
On the other hand: It`s her problem. I always had the smallest room of all at home and I never complained. Not it`s finally my turn.
I`m okay with my bedroom. Mom and I thought about where to put all my furniture and the end result was that I don`t have to buy that much furniture. I already have the most. I will use a closet with mom in her room and so in my room is enough space for my mice ^^ I have to plan out more possibilities how to arrange my furniture soon. I only thought of one so far. That`s not enough.
We found out, while taking a closer look, that we will have a problem with our living room area. Well, we will see hot this will end. Tomorrow we want to get our kitchen planned. It`s the most important thing for now because it was said they will begin to work on the kitchen next.
I`m still really curious how everything will turn our in the end.

oh, this week I also want to buy one more pair or shoes (for walking the dog – I don`t always want to use my white ones… it`s not good when go with the dog >< ) + I need shampoo.

hmmm… talking about things I need… I need to read on in this FanFic! I didn`t read on yesterday! I was too tired after watching a movie on tv for a long time.
And I even want to read more! Emmy gave me a FF to read. She liked it so I think I will like it too! And I still have some FF`s left that I found by myself.
OMO! I freakin’ love reading FF`s at night *giggle* It`s the best thing to read them at night. My child Lina agreed to that ^^

@ Emmy & Cynthia: Do you love to read FanFictions at night too? =) I think you love too ;D

okay, not to end this entry let`s do the couple series!

“EunHae of the day”:
*giggle* I love this gif! It`s so cute! ^^ EunHae~♥

“YooSu of the day”:
Is today hugging-gif-say? ^^ YooSu so cute! I love them!

“YunJae of the day”:
awwww! Well, YunJae don`t hug today but this is sooo cute. YunJae won the -cutness of the day- award today! (nu, we never had this kind of -award- on the blog XDD You didn`t miss something *haha*)

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