Twitter reminiscence (again?), C-jes in another lawsuit?! & It`s decided!


…안녕 친구들… *큰 한숨*

Twitter is SO lacking today! AGAIN! okeh?! *Junsu style* AGAIN!!!!
It annoys da hell outa me! Photobucket
It`s such a fail! TWITTER = FAIL!!! Almost-breakdown today! But during and shortly after it at least posting from the textbox worked again.
I was like “Yay! Since over a week… now it`s finally working again!” but then I came back 30 minutes later and: “Oh… Photobucket so… it`s down again? *facepalm* surprise, surprise!”
WHERE`S THE FAIL-WHALE?!? I`m still waiting for the twitter fail-whale to appear! AISH! ><
Twitter, you deserve to die! Photobucket *shots Twitter*
(I really love you twitter, but you make our relationship really, really hard lately!)

How suitable!
How suitable we talked about the profits of SME and other companies yesterday! Because to day we heard that Super Junior is #1 in album sales for month of August.
Heeere we go with SuJu`s success of the month! ^^ but what to say? *shrugs* the album is awesome so: I`m not really surprised!

SM CEO Kim Young Min Says, “What TVXQ Did As Five Was Extraordinary”

And… just now Asia Bridge Contents got bitchy at C-jes: JYJ’s Agency Faces A Lawsuit, “Give Back Our One Billion Won Prepayment”.
WOAH! WAIT! WAIT! Someone wants money from c-jes… AGAIN? oO WTF!? And: Wae are all companies still acting like little kids? Wae are they arguing all the time? I don`t get it! On top of all we have once again the proof: Everyone runs to the court without trying to talk it out with the other party first. *shakes head*
Of course, C-jes is “a little” pissed now: C-JeS Says, “One Billion Won Lawsuit? This Has Nothing To Do With JYJ, Only The Composer Mr. K”.
So… it really looks like it`s baseless, huh?
And, looking at everything: C-jes is still facing the lawsuit with SME. WAE should they go around and risk things like that with not paying other ppl their money back? Wae should they risk the name of their company like that? They are not SME. C-jes is small. SME is big. SME can go b*tchig around and no one will dare to say a thing, because their power is too big (and I highly doubt that they forget to pay their invoices… *cough* they only forget to pay their artist *cough*). But it seems like with c-jes everyone tries his luck or what? oO strange!

And to end today`s news with something happier…
First: We have HoMin in New York now! =D Emmy was already totally cray cray because of the HoMin air! @ Emmy: See? HoMin air makes you automatically go cray cray!
*haha* and because Emmy was all cray cray she missed her chance to pick a couple!
You all remember what I said yesterday? The first person who contacts me until 04:00pm is in charge to pic one of the 6 SuJu couples. Well, Emmy commented first but didn`t picked one. (Maybe she didn`t wanted to? XD I don`t know!)
It will be decided by my soulmatesister now, so everyone: no trouble.

Second: JYJ`s Making Film to the “Do It Now” campaign!

OMOOO!!! Wae so adorable!? WAE? WAE? WAE? *pinches them* So cute boys! So cute! (but… YAH! all three of you are too thin! Especially YOU, JJ!! =.= *eyes JJ* )

and third: It was said that MBLAQ’s Make-Up Artist posted on Twitter today, that MBLAQ are going to Germany. #justsaying
So here we go again! New news which say that k-pop artist come to Germany. As long as it isn`t official… yeah, you know! Okay, I don`t know much about MBLAQ so far, but I think they are not bad =) But Stephi unni will be glad to hear that.
Ah ye, just btw: There`s still nothing written about JYJ on c-jes site or the Tempodrom site.

Aaaah! *giggles* Soulmatesister just decided on a new couple out of the following six:
— SiHan
— SiChul
— HanChul
— YeWook
— KangTeuk
— KyuMin
aaaaaaand the winner iiiiiisss….
The YeWook couple!!!!! *throws confetti*
YAY!!!! YAIIIYYY!!! Perfect! Sister had the right feeling and choosed my top-fav SuJu couple! (along with EunHae!) IT`S DECIDED NOW!
@ Cynthia: #soulmatesisterhug thanks for choosing the YeWook couple!… or, choosing something anyway XD I hoped/wished we can kick off the start of the news couples with them!

But for day we should celebrate our last YunJae gif… “YunJae of the day”:
^^ JJ, wae are you like that. Collar grab? Yunho, what did you do to make your wifey mad? Photobucket

“EunHae of the day”:
BOYS! *hihi* This has some potential! ㅋㅋ Noona begins to imagine things *eyebrows wiggle*

“YooSu of the day”:
Ah! >< Chunnie! Always so mean to my Baby! Just feed him already! *pout* You meanie~

From tomorrow on we will have theYeWook to joing the party. YunJae will be gone for a while then, but YeWook will come. Everyone, please look forward to it! YeWook is a really cute couple.
They are worth of taking the place of YunJae. They will be able to represent the couple cuteness YunJae showed before really good.

Yeah, today theres not really much to tell.

I went to bed very late yesterday. So before I went to sleep I tweeted my love to my sisters. I`ve found out that my best friend is on twitter now too and I began to remember my first time on twitter.
It was a pretty lonely time.
For about 2 month I was completely alone with our boys & the SuJu boys. So… my tl wasn`t really moving. 1.) some of the boys weren`t that much of twitter addicts like they are today & 2.) I didn`t followed any news account.
I saw how others had conversations with their twitter friends and facepalmed mentally because I don`t know a single person who`s on twitter out of my few friends & I didn`t knew anyone from twitter either. Because I felt lonely I began to cling on the boys and wanted to know all of them better.
These two month without my sisters were lonely, but they brought many new perceptions to me. About the boys personality and what they are going through. Well, I was still half-new to this fandom when I came to twitter! So don`t blame me!

I found Donghae first, because of a web article. Then Henry, Kyuhyun, Siwon, Ryeowook, Leeteuk, Hyukjae, Heenim Oppa. JJ, Junsu and then Chunnie.
Jing Yee and Daisy were my very first cassie friends. Then came Linh, my beloved Dongsaeng. My little ELF friend Yericha! then Jeanica & Emmy Photobucket oooh, Emmy, what fateful happenings made our ways cross? We will never know!

AND EVEN MORE! @ Cynthia: SIS! WHAT FATEFUL HAPPENINGS made OUR WAYS CROSS?!?… oh, yes! *giggle* you already said it: My comment on something a stan postend brought us together XDD
*lol* Isn`t this a little bit too ironic? Two OT5 perfect-match sisters found each other because of something a STAN posted? OTL It`s a crazy world we are living in! (and stans will 4ever hate this! < that we found each other because of them)

And after them, even some more cassie sisters followed. And I was no longer lonely no more! (what a sentence *faceplam* is this even right in the first place? oO I don`t know.)
OTL and is the reason wae I`m listening to a video in UK english an try to put the spoken words in written words because *speaking louder* A CERTAIN COCONUT *cough* *speaks normal again* said she cannot understand a word. Well, I couldn`t understand either XD but I put on my headphones and… I`m so proud of me! 어머! 어머!… I was successful to figure out every single word besides one from this 2 minutes vid!

Everyone, pleas know that I suffered a lot during these 2 minutes and I don`t want to hear this accent anymore for the next… 6 month.
This accent… it… >< it just… it hurts… so much! Photobucket
AIGOOOO~ *whines* …wae was I doing this again? Oh. Yes. Because she`s my dear friend. Photobucket
@ Natali: Like you said, you owe me! ><

To end this entry: Today we gound out that which JYJ member has which color of the “In Heaven” album. Yeah. :/ Junsu is not the RED ONE! JJ is the red one. (Chunnie is on the blue one)
But… but… but… I wanted a cassie red album! And now Junsu is on the yellow album?!? I was like “PhotobucketD: OMG SUN!  NUUUUUUU!!!!! CRISISSSSS!!! ALBUM CRISIS!!!”
#2comebacks1tvxq turns into 2 comebacks more than 1 problem for noona! >__< #AFangirlsPain
I thought about it for a while and came to the only possible conclusion: That I love Junsu more than the cassie red color and so I will buy the yellow one. I would love to buy all 3 versions! DAMN! >___< But then there would be no money left to buy HoMin`s “Tone”! #AFangirlsPain
So I will buy the yellow, not cassie-red, version of “In Haven” and the god dammit Pink version of “Tone”.
Well, I maybe think the other pics of “Tone” are a bit better than the one on the pink version. OTL But I DON`T CARE!!! I want the freakin’ pink version of “Tone”! *pout* I couldn`t have Junsu on the cassie-red CD, so I want HoMin in pink now! COME WHAT MAY! I will buy HOMIN IN PINK! *more than confident*

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