Cassiopeia is changing… but not for the better (about HoMin) & #MrSimple11thWin


Ai! I was thinking about that to write today but my tl gave me, once again, the answer.
There was a RT where someone told Cassiopeia this:

The quantity of TVXQ Keep Your Head Down album sales are not very impressive.The quantity of the album sales is not as much as the past year.This may cause they are quite hard to sucess in the Golden Disk Award while during the year end.
Because Super Junior 5th album few days already broke 6,0000 album sales,now they already broke over 20,0000 album sales within 2 months. Unfortunately, the total quantity of TVXQ 5th album A version and B version were not over than 24,0000 album sales since the beginning of the
album sales till now. The rate of the album increasing is very low.
Cassiopeia, please RE-Buy the 5th album to increase and boost the quantity of the album sales.”

(well, actually it was a lot longer, but this was the main point in it – anyway, if you want, you can go read everything here)
Now… WHAT IS THIS AGAIN?!?!? Photobucket WHAT DA HELL!?

Okay. … WAIT! STOP! STOP! STOP! Ppl, have you lost it??!? (once again *rolleyes*)
But let`s do this from the start. Properly.
Let me resume this all just for my personal understanding: Because HoMin sold not enough KYHD CDs, what maybe could mean that SuJu will take the lead in this years album sales + what maybe will mean for HoMin that they will not doing that well for the Golden Disk Awards, YOU tell ppl to re-buy the album to increase the sales?
… … … … … … … … … … …
*bursts out* ARE YOU CRAZY?!??!? And… you are serious with that on top of all, aren`t you? Oo
Let`s put aside that SuJu will be far out of your reach before you could even catch up to the sales of Mr. Simple with that method now, and let me tell this: I bought the normal and the repackage version. I`m far, far, FAAAAAAAR away from buying any of these two CDs AGAIN only to increase the sales. 진심으로, 너 미쳤어?!?
This is surely the almost most dumb thing I have ever heard! Really. Ppl, instead of spreading such nonsense and tell ppl to buy again wouldn`t it be better to just let it be? When you want someone to scold and/or take resposibility fot the fact that HoMin didn`t sell enough CDs then scold the ppl who downloaded it online *rolleyes* Because the online downloads ruin the conventional selling of CDs. This is no secret since years! And if you still searching for someone to blame then go and talk to the JYJ stans! Well, good luck then while doing this. They will not care a bit.
This is one of the craziest things I have heard so far. Telling the Cassie to re-buy the album (what`s totally senseless in the first place when you already bought it once! Wae pay high shipping again? What to do with the version I don`t need???) only to “hunt” the number of SuJu`s sales down? PLEASE! Kids, think about in what kind of situation our FIVE boys are and then think about wae the amount of sales is lower than the years before! *facepalm* This just cannot be true. Please someone tell me that this is not true, that this is not happening right now and today…

AND DA HELL NO! I will not spread this nonsense on my tl! I will not hit the RT-button! NOT BY A LONG SHOT!!!!

FANDOM, WHY ARE YOU LIKE THIS? I see now: Cassiopeia is changing once again… but not for the better (my Marta unni`s quote)

How can someone be really serious with something like that?
Kiddo, no matter if you are just a OT5 who`s ridiculously dumb or a HoMin stan: Do you think HoMin would appreciate it when you waste your money on something you already have?
Besides the fact that it`s totally silly what you ppl do you put yourselves on a level equally to the one the stans are standing on… What I`m taking about now?
FaceBook comment: If you are a cassie,go buy kyhd now and dont tell me that you have bought it. we have already bought many albums too but we are still buying now. Dont give me any excuses plz. Is just that you LOVE them or DONT”
I know this from a friend. Some ppl deleted her on FB because she`s not re-buying HoMins album. And she also told me that those ‘cassies’ told the ppl who are not re-buying it to get out of our big family.
AAAARGH! GOSH!!!! Dumb ppl, you are so annoying!!!! Photobucket

It looks like no matter how many of them you fight, you can never get rid of them!
They even said that we have forgotten about HoMin. [sarcasm] Oooh yes, now that you mentioned it… I onyl bought this freakin’ album 2 times D: OMG! I have totally forgotten about HoMin! My sincere apologies! [/sarcasm end]
But the best thing is what they said at last: They even said that refusing to re-buy KYHD makes you a JYJ stan. Oo
Now even buying HoMin CDs in the “wrong” quantity makes me be a JYJ stan? Oh yeah well, then call me JYJ stan from now on… Photobucket Haiz!
Just one question: Wae should I care about being called a JYJ stan? Because some stupid kids say so?

WHAT DA HELL IS WRONG WITH YOU GUYS?! Has everyone lost his sense now? The ones who refusing this nonsense are told to leave, called JYJ stans and some kind of ‘haters’?
All real Cassies bout the album of HoMin. So what da hell is wrong with it now?
1.) It`s just that some cassies also love SuJu. Like me. I bought JYJ, HoMin & SuJu stuff. So what?

2.) Our group is SEPARATED. You hear me? S . E. P . A . R . A . T . E. D . speak with me: se-pa-ra-ted. They are not togehther right now.
You know the meaning of this word? Don`t complain about that HoMin sold less CDs compared to the years before. Since when brings splitting a group into two pieces good results to CD sales? You should have been aware of this right from the start! That`s the truth #dealwithit

3.) How could you ever get the idea to compare the past time with now and then start something ike this? HoMin+JYJ & HoMin alone cannot bring the same results. SME said it themselves: “What TVXQ did as 5 was extraordinary”. The 5 together will always be unique.

4.) Since the whole lawsuit thing some ppl still avoid to support SM`s artists in order to punish SME. Some cassie doing so too. Sure, this is illogical because SME will not suffer only because they earn a few dollars less than before. Their profit is too big. The only language SME understands is the one of the court. + it`s also not okay to punish the artist for something the company did wrong, because they are not in the position to have influence on what their company is doing in the first place. But this is a whole different matter. However, we cannot forget about this.

And to come back to the thing that not re-buying HoMin`s KYHD album makes me a JYJ stan: I think this whole JYJ stan/HoMin stan/cassiopeia-OT5 story messed up many minds. Look how some ppl are talking right now!
Jeez. It`s ridiculous, a pity and a shame at the same time. Unbelievable.
#waeuno stop being stupid? I know, you cannot help being stupid, but just stop it.

Even some so called ‘cassies’ act totally crazy now.
Kids, only because you buy HoMin`s album 10 times dosen`t makes you a better fan.
It dosen`t proves that you love them and the others don`t love them.
It dosen`t even proves that you love them more than the others do.
It only proves that you have totally misunderstood what it means to be a good fan.
It proves that you are as worse as the stans with telling your sisters to “leave the big family” and calling them things they are surely not. (maybe YOU are the ones who should leave!)
It´s the proof that you have a very shallow attitude.

Is it really that imprtant for you that HoMin win every single award out there? Isn`t it more important to simply be a good fan to them?
Sorry, but if you value it so much that HoMin win this award that you even go THAT far (told in all the text above) then I really pity you. You didn`t get it at all. You understood nothing.
You don`t deserve it to be a part of our family. Seriously. Ppl who talk like this… *shakes head*
When prices and awards mean more to you than the support we all show for HoMin then there`s really something wrong.

Basically I don`t care if HoMin win or not. No matter what happens, my love for them will not change. I`m not their fan because I want to see them win all sorts of awards. I`m not their fan because of the amount of awards they will win or already have won.
Sure, I`m happy when they win awards. Of course I am! But it isn`t my first priority for them.
If you really want to do something for HoMin then protect them from haters and stans, be polite when you meet them and keep your faith. It`s enough to buy an album once. They will be more than happy and perfectly pleased to see that you bought it once. Or do you expect them to say “what? You only bought one?” -.-

I don`t know what you think guys, but I don`t value awards and prices more than being a good fan to the 5. As for me, the case is clear here. Some kids horribly missunderstood what`s important and what`s not.

I bought the album. I even bought it in two versions. I voted for HoMin in all sorts of online competitions. I`m still here, standing by them although our situation is damn crapy! My duty as cassiopeia is really more than fulfilled if you asked me.
If SuJu are about to win the Golden Disk Away so be it then! They deserve it as well and it was their last album before they have to go to the military all one by one.

Well, if someone thinks to buy it 10 times is good so PLEASE, there you go. Do what you have to do. SM will be happy about your foolishness. I cannot change this then. We are already used to stupid ppl, unchangable ppl because of the stans.
But what to call this new subgroup in our fandom? We already have 2 groups of stans (JYJ & HoMin), we have “more” persons & “chickens”. We have wannabe/fake OT5, the real OT5 aka cassiopeia and now we have a new, strange and extremely weird subgroup of … I don`t even know if they are more like misguided cassies or more like wannabe OT5s… O-O I don`t even know what they are in the first place!
Photobucket what are you? oO *confused*

I really wonder… Those ppl. What would they call ppl who are half ELF and half Cassiopeia? (like a person I know) And what would they say when this person says she will become more ELF in future? Is she a person worth to hate then in their eyes because she “forghot about HoMin” or so?
Well, I don`t know where all this comes from all of a sudden. They try to preasure everyone to re-buy KYHD by calling us names (*cough* like -JYJ stan- *cough*) and try to threaten us with the fact that they will look at us as if we have forgotten about HoMin when we not do as they say.
Well then, call me JYJ stan.
I will go and check my bank account in order to find out if I can pre-order HoMin`s “Tone” this month! (the pink version I want so bad is freakin’, effing, horrible expensive! >< Wae oh wae have you to be so expensive, pink version? #AFangirlsPain Supporting the 5 isn`t always easy *pout*)

*sometime later* >< Bank account would be okay with HoMin`s “Tone”. But… I don`t trust the seller who is about to sell it then. I will wait with my order of “Tone” till one of the sellers I trust sells it. But I will DEFINITELY GET MY PINK VERSION of “Tone”! No matter what! *stubborn*

Generally, I think the fandom is REALLY leaning “slightly” towards JYJ. This is not okay. HoMin exist too! Don`t forget HoMin. You don`t have to buy each of their albums 1000 times like some ppl say. >__>
But just don`t forget that they are existing too and instead buying an useless amount of KYHD albums go and buy “Tone”. It`s for the better.
It seems HoMin are a little off the focus because they are having their comeback in Japan now and everyone only goes hyper about JYJ`s comeback in Korea.
HoMin surely exist too. It makes my heart feel heavy to see how biased this fandom became. :/ meh. sucks.

Sometimes I really think the only ppl who think like me are Marta Unni, Cynthia and Jing Yee. It`s like we 4 fighting a losing battle as the last 4 sane ones standing oO This is so unreal.
I have to close Twitter now. I cannot stand it any longer. I`m SO on the brink of saying things I will regret later. Wae do they have to come up with such things? We don`t have enough problems already, eh? *headache*
Fandom, why are you like this? Why are there so many stupid ppl? (and why are there fools who think it`s okay what they do and follow them? Life as a cassie is really hard and far off from being fun like other fandoms. Actually it`s 99% pain and 1% fun).

Natali wants to re-buy KYHD. *sighs* Well, this is totally stupid but what to do? You cannot stop someone who feel the urge to throw his money at SME another time.
She said it`s about the importance of the end of the year awards. But HoMin actually have nothing to lose. They actually made it big. *sighs* REALLY! *cloeses Twitter*
I don`t want to hear of this ********, this ********, anymore. I need my nerves for other things. For example: To survive in this fandom! *facepalm* It`s a shame that I have to say this as a part of a once beautiful and glorious fandom like Cassiopeia.

Okay. Let`s cut it out here. Let`s talk about something more fun now. This was a serious rant again! >__< )

So in order to distract us all: Let`s take a look at this wonderful Couple vote thingy on this chinese site!
We have a bunch of wonderful chinese couples. Man, woman. Man, woman. Man, woman. OH! HEY! What`s that? There`s YunJae XDDDD *LOL*
This is so funny! Between all the “normal” couples we have YunJae as no.17! How cool is that?! YunJae messing up all the usual couples =P *hehe* everything is more fun when you put YunJae to it! You can never have enough YunJae!

Then: We had #MrSimple11thWin today! Congrats SuJu! Conrats ELFs! Super Junior won Music Bank!
The trend went straight up for no.1 on the TT`s! I couldn`t help myself and trended a little too ^^ I`m happy for the boys!
But we will not end with this today. SuJu even did a fun cover of “Highway Romance.
어머! 어머! Leeteuk and Sungminniiiiiie~~ *squeak* and the YeWook couple!!! OMG! The YeWook couple!!!
GAIS! I`m halfway in SuJu heaven after seeing this Photobucket ㅋㅋㅋ I had fun while watching! The boys were so cute! ^^

Then: C-jes announced the release of the JYJ Worldwide Concert in Seoul DVD today. OMG SUN! FINALLY! It`s almost a year now, u know c-jes? Photobucket You let us wait way too long! *pout*

Something more: I heard some stans might will not be pleased with OT5`s ordering JYJ`s album. Pffft! As if I care!
… no wait… allow me correct myself. I care as long as I can troll, so: Stans, I`m OT5 and I pre-ordered JYJ`s “In Heaven” sometime ago today. Problem with that? GREAT! *lol*

To stick with the stans and the pre-sale of “In Heaven”: JYJ reached 300 000 copies during the pre-sale today in just 7 hours. And it`s said that the red version of it is already sold out. (but only on the c-jes store! You can still get it on ebay)
WOAH! slow down ppl, slow! *haha* ^^
Originally I also planned to buy the red version, but… nah, since Junsu is on the yellow/brown and I`m his wifey… nah, guess what I ordered. Sorry red version, but I love Junsu more than the red color.
And what are the stans are saying now: All the sales are because of them. Yeah, of course stans. Sorry that I have to interrupt your fairytale-like thinking but… what do you think OT5s are doing? This whole “it`s all because of us” is too ridiculous to even rant about it!
I just want to say: Admit! Who needs us? Who needs the OT5s? oooo~h wait, it`s coming back to me! There were some ppl who couldn`t hold the JYJ trend on the TT because OT5 started to trend #2comebacks1tvxq and therefore left the JYJ trend alone. Oooo~h wait! Those ppl were… YOU! Our dearest stans!
XD Yeah well, sorry! Photobucket I`m such a troll. I know, I know!

Instead of trolling our poor, poor stans (ㅋㅋㅋ) let`s do the couple series!
And… you know what time it is? I know you all remember! ;D
Please, all the readers out there, let`s welcome our new couple in the couple series with lots of love! Here is the first…
“YeWook of the day”!!!!!
Awwww~♥ Isn`t this such a sweet kick off for their part in this series? Awww! =) And… it`s scary how much I like Ryeowook with this hair/wig… O-O *is scared by herself* we will see it better sometime later in another “YeWook of the day”-pic // It`s so cute how he hugs Yesung! OMG! I could look at this 4ever but… =.= *eyes security guy on the second pic, on the bottom right* YAH! WHAT`S WITH THAT LOOK! Photobucket Don`t look at them like this! They are cute! You hear me!?!? CUTE! Don`t give them that look! =.= *continues eyeing the security guy*
& the ELFs in the first pic: Half of you, where are you looking?! YeWook are in front of you, acting sweet… so where are you looking? The screen? I would prefer to look at YeWook ^ω^ (if I would be so close to them like these ppl).

“YooSu of the day”:
ah! YooSu, #waeuno hug here? ^^ I´m YooSu hug deprived, okeh? *Junsu style*
Yeah well, Chunnie, you almost hugged Junsu. I think we can let it count as a hug just this once 😛

“EunHae of the day”:
Woooh! This is very sexy ^^ *hehe* Hyukjae, you are killing me! Waylt, Hyukkie, waylt? *^^* (& ㅋㅋ #waeuno kiss Donghae on the shoulder? kekeke *wild fangil imaginations* ah! I really shouldn`t be like this ^//^° so embarrassing! *slaps herself* You are in public, bapo! Watch what you are saying!)

and… talking of Hyukjae killing me: I watched all my SuJu MV`s yesterday and “No Other” is still killng me! I mean… Hyukjae`s part is so >////< … sexy … >//< *cannot take it> faints*

Sometimes I really wonder how fangirls can survive all the boys` hotness/cuteness… this is a daily overload I cannot describe!

oh… *feeling guilty* and, thinkin about how to life as a fangirl… I have the sudden feeling I shouldn`t have said all this from above today. It will make my soulmatesister worried about me. She always knows my true feelings when I speak… My Sis is a real #soulmate.
D: and my twitter off-message will not make her worry any less. I should go back as soon as my dinner is ready to eat to tell her that I`m okay.

@ Cynthia: Sis I`m so sorry T_T I`m the Unni and I should keep worries away from you >< I`m such a fail at times!

About Sangmi

I am cassiopeia from germany *^-^* OT5 all the way! AKTF & hope to the end! JYJ & HoMin hwaiting! An ELF heart is beating in me ^^ Love Super Junior (all Super15 of them), I´m 庚饭 -Gengfan- too. OTL: I do not own anything -most of the media or photos that are posted- and I`m not responsilble for the content of the sites I`ve linked~~*^-^*
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6 Responses to Cassiopeia is changing… but not for the better (about HoMin) & #MrSimple11thWin

  1. babyredocean says:

    O_O unnie tbh i’ve never seen yewook before in my life. wahhhhhhh. it was a romantic pose too. *becomes more and more educated about suju couples*

    and the kyhd thing. *sigh* i’ve seen it tweeted but i didn’t want to personally RT it. my reason is, the people who are going to buy it, have already done so. those who wont buy it, just simply won’t. i guess i can see they’re trying to ‘help’ but i understand where u are coming from. it’s really up to each individual fan to decide for themselves.

    and of course they needs us (ot5). XDDDD doesn’t matter if they never admit it or not. it’s a fact.

    • Sangmi says:

      Nah, it`s okay. Lina said it: every one of us buying a useless amount of KYHD is like cheating. and… wae da fuck is my love for HoMin measured on the amount of CDs I`m buying? Just who do these ppl thing they are, calling us others JYJ stans?! AISH! ><

      Yes, the stans will never admit, but they need us for sure. Oh well, of course then will always say "that`s not true!" but look at their butthurt tweets a few days ago… ts, ts, ts!

      ㅋㅋㅋ YeWook are so cute! Sometimes I think they are the cutest and closest couple of SuJu ^^ (well, now that HanChul had to "break up" a while ago… :/ meh. sucks.) And I totally love their pose on this pic! It`s the best YeWook pic I have EVER SEEN! hehe… wait for the gif of this! It`s even more cute then!

  2. MissFalling says:

    Can’t believe you dedicated such a long post just to scold. You sure have a lot of negative feelings huh? Why are you so aggitated? Are you being personally attacked regarding this or what? I believe that Facebook comment was written in a moment of unclearness, you should be smart to control your anger!

    I didn’t rebuy the album. But I’m not so like, wth about this. Some fans just want to contribute their individual efforts. They believe in joint effort to do this. They don’t see your point about subgroup very normal to not sell as good.

    This issue may be a trigger for your pour of emotions. But see, people just support with different ways. It’s wrong for us to be insulted, but I’m more worried about your massive upsetedness about this. It’s unhealthy. Those people will only listen to homin themselves. Let straight-forward changmin bring opinions to them.

    But one point. SME actually lost a lot of money when the lawsuit came out. A significant part of their income source was cut. I swear the juniors were working their ass out after. I have evidence. So again I can feel the cassies’ individual efforts to ban their products.

    Take note that I did not comment on the other parts, which means I agree with you. I hope by now you are already less affected by this. Continue to blog your thoughts 🙂

    • Sangmi says:

      Hi! Thanks for your comment ^^
      Despite my massive ranting you`ve read my blog. Thank you!

      Everyone looks on things in a different way and when you are angry you have to let it out.
      When this was posted the rebuy-thing was just another final event after a long chain of negative events. Aigoo, aigoo…
      And then calling all others “fake” who don`t rebuy? aaaah, yeah. I see *facepalm* I just ddin`t get this ppl and I still don`t get them up to today.

      And: My anger isn`t for all eternity ^^ I don`t care much about this by now. It`s just too silly to rant about it 4ever 😉

      oh yeah and: When I rant I never know how long the post will be in the end. Mianhae, it was a long one back then ^^° *drop* But like I said: this was just the final event after maaaany events of sillyness. And what made me so angry was that this time not the stans were attacking our party, this time it was our own party who attacked us OT5. This is a very sad, sad change in cassiopeia. Sometimes it feels like fans went totally cray cray at each other and it`s everyone against everyone now. Just too strange! EXACTLY THIS is the moment when I have many negative feelings and it upsets me a lot!

      I wasn`t attacks myself but one of my friends was. Makes me even more angry because she`s one of the strongest OT5s on our fandom. And then she was called “fake” and “anti” by other OT5s only because she refuses to rebuy KYHD?
      My, my… still cannot believe it.

      Like you said, I really try to conrtole my anger. And in most of the cases I didn`t even said a thing about negative events in our fandom or about stupid behavious of fans. But THIS was really the final straw. That`s why I ranted to much. ^^°

      • MissFalling says:

        Good good glad to hear all these 🙂
        When I saw the post at first, I was like ‘oh man, don’t go through these, they will kill her!’
        I’m still having negative emotions about these things nowdays myself 😦

        In fact I just got like, sorta attacked today on youtube?
        It boiled down to the different perceptions on each other’s, or rather, them against me, comments. I felt like if I didn’t end that a fanwar might just start anytime :X
        I saw like other users cheering her on?! So, an OT5 amongst fans of JYJ. Result? Speaking about HoMin became a taboo.

      • Sangmi says:

        *nods, nods* depends on the circle of stans you are in so either HoMin it the taboo or JYJ… yeah well, we will have to bear the stans a while longer.

        And: Hi! Nice to have you back here ^^ Be welcome. (again ^^)

        Yeah, you can say I`m over it XDD *haha* it`s a lot better once you let it out.
        But I get extremly mad when ppl attack my friends when there`s no reason for doing so. ==”

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