Not done yet! > HoMin & GDA analysis (for the last time! >.<)

안녕 다들! ^^

I watched DVD yesterday and, after all the trouble about the GDA,  this was exactly what I needed to come down.
CSI (Las Vegas) is still the best! oooh! Archie! ^^ I always loved this guy! (of course he`s asian =P ). I also like Riley. She`s cool. I think I have to ship the pairing Riley/Greggo more in future! =)
Thinking about it… Mandy and Archie are a part of the Lab for already… damn long! I knew they are there since ever ^^ I watched this series since it`s start. But lately Bobby is missing (the firearms and ballistics expert). I wonder when he will appear again.
I LOVE this series effin’, freakin’ much! ㅋㅋㅋ I would love to spazz with my soulmatesister about Archie a bit… but I don`t think she likes CSI… (she only likes love-related things) :/ meh. …. sucks? *haha* of course nuuu! It`s okay when she don`t like it!

Then, while watching my little kid Lina came online ^^ Ah haha! My bubbly kiddo! *pinches Lina* I ask her what she`s thinking about the whole “re-buy KYHD” thingy. She had some good points!
She totally raised my mood!
She said somethings aobut to have “confidence in Homin”, “can`t win all year”, “cheating” and “money”.
OF COURSE it means this ppl have no confidence in HoMin! If they don`t win this year they will win next year. We only have to do one thing: Have faith in them and support them in a NORMAL way!
OF COURSE they cannot win all year! (they didn`t even win all year when they were 5 so PLEASE! *rolleyes*).
OF COURSE everyone re-buying it would be like cheating and HoMin would be of course not really proud of us doing so.
OF COURSE some of the cassies just don`t have the money to do such nonsense!

I already mentioned this while talking with Natali yesterday: Some of the kids cannot even buy ONE SINGL CD. So what would the “re-buy at any cost-‘cassies'” call them then? JYJ stans (because they don`t accept “excuses”)? But this is really interesting. Would they even blame ppl who are simply too poor to pay the expensive shipping and the CD?
Aaaaii! Don`t even try to answer me! No one please! This is one of the typical answers that would cause me a serious headache!

Before I continue witht the re-buy matter let`s check the most relevant news of today:
I heard Sungkyunkwan Scandal is rumored to become a movie? wow! I would love to see this movie!

a YunJae Fan met Yunho in NY!!
Omooo! And she talke to Yunho! *.* Lucky woman! (but this manager or security guy was way too rude when she has not even do a thing to Yunho!)

The victourious kick off of the pre-sale of “In Heaven” causes the first waves:“Let’s Get JYJ On Music Bank!” Fans Are On The Move
And I thought this -JYJ on music bank- video yesterday was just some kind of a joke! But it seems we could really do it this time! Let`s hope the best! HWAITING!

btw.: Han said “fighting” in his weibo entry Photobucket *giggle* THAT`S CUTE! *≧∇≦* (yes, I think even the most simple things are cute! eh hehe ^^)

Then we had Brian news: Brian Sings Kim Jaejoong’s Theme Song For ‘Protect The Boss’
Yes! Everyone listen to it! There you go!↓
Brian Joo – I Can’t Go 못가요

♥♥ I love it when Oppa sings sad love songs! Photobucket
(here is it with subs/romanized)

oooh, this is a bit sad: ‘Khuntoria’ couple sheds tears as they announce… that their marriage will come to an end! aw! This is too bad. I liked them as a couple in WGM (WE Got Married). Even though I saw not that much of them during the last time I always liked them as a couple ^^ (and here are their last official couple photos, to bad it ends now, they were a cute couple. Nichkhun and Vitoria! #waeuno real couple, eh? *^-^*)

Then I saw MUSIC CORE on my tl and was happy! (Music Core performances from September 10th)
I was happy after I`ve seen the SuJu`s performance ^^ well, there are more and more members missing now, but the show was still cool.

Uwah! Minnie singing Heechuls part? cool. I like it (although nothing can be compared to Heenim Oppa`s coolness ^^ Heechul is THE COOLNESS, no doubt about that!)

And now… since we are not done yet with the matter of TVXQ album sales yet, I want to end it with some very long last words. And then hopefully we don`t have to talk about his ever again.
To start, here`s the thing Unni talked about to me (a quote, not from my Unni):

“If TVXQ didn’t get the GDA Award in the year end, they may be seriously isolated by SM. Entertainment, and their future will be destroyed.”

She said she believes this and therefore worries about HoMin.
Yeah, what I say about is the following: Wae? Wae should they do this? SME is much more worse inside as they show to the public but wae should they go and destroy HoMin only because… let`s just say SuJu… SuJu wins the Golden Disk Awards this year.
SME often acts stupid, but not THAT stupid. They said it themselves (see links in the previous entries) that…
1.) What TVXQ did as 5 was extraordinary (they don`t expect HoMin to be able to repeat the history of the 5 as only 2 ppl in the first place, they KNOW about the fact that HoMin have to fight!)
2.) SME stated TVXQ`s power is astronomical. Wae should they waste this “astronomical” power of HoMin by destroying their future and dump them? Makes no sense.
3.) They were the ones who gave them the new contract back then as one of the first 3 groups. SME bound themselves to HoMin AT THE MINIMUM for the time till their contract runs out.

Let`s put aside that no one can tell us wae we should believe in this sentense from above: It would totally make no sense for SME to “dump” HoMin only because they cannot win the GDA this year. This is nonsense. HoMin are a big presence in the industry. Still. Althought JYJ are separated from them.
The fandom is strugling and SME knows this. Right now, nowadays, we cannot compare us with other fandoms. In other fandoms the world of the fans is still okay. But in our fandom the world is surely NOT OKAY. And we all know it. SME knows, the boys know, we know. All.

So wae do some ppl believe now that SME could “isolate” HoMin? And WHAT DA HELL does this even mean, “isolate”. Isolate… how? Lock them away or what?
And on top of all: Wae should SME destroy the future of one of their top artists? Really only because they don`t win this stupid award? DON`T MAKE ME LAUGH!
If SME would have destroyed every artist/group of them that wasn`t able to win the GDA in the past years so there would be no group left at this company today. + HoMin have great power in Japan. SME is able to sell everything just with putting HoMins face on it. They can sell every single useless thing at any price just with putting their face on it. Well, if this isn`t power, then I don`t know what is!

But let`s take a look at the history of the GDA! Let`s just look at the last relevant years:
Oh! Surprise, surprise!
TVXQ was not dumped in the years they didn`t won the GDA! Gee! look at that! … -.- *talks to herself* okay, stop it with the sarcasm!
And to our all surprise: Even SuJu didn`t get destroyed or dumped after Bonamana didn`t won the GDA last year! OH MY GOD! How could this happen!? (oh! sorry! I wanted to cut the sarcasm! ^^° )

Well, isn`t this laughable? I really love my Unni and I respect her worries very highly, but I for myself prefer to look at the facts first. (Let`s say partially she`s right and partially I am right. I have no intentions to fight her or something. I`m just telling my point of view.)
Reading this chart is fact enought and putting all the facts about HoMin togehter is even more enough.

Like Lina said: We have to believe in them! If they don`t win and are a little behind SuJu this year SO WHAT?! It`s not the end for HoMin!
Or do you think everyone will turn their backs at them and say “Nu, I`m not interested in you because you didn`t won the GDA!”? Helooohooo? This is not just a random little artist! This is HoMin, a big presence in the music industry.

Are Cynthia, Lina and I the ony ppl who can see this?

And even IF not winning the GDA awards makes them lose the chance to apprear in 2 shows I don`t care. They are “over-scheduled” all the time anyway.
+ #justsaying: If you want someone to take responsibility for HoMin`s “not enough”-sales then go to the ppl who were freakin’ downloading this album! AISH! And they are many! + our split fandom makes the sales automatically slow down. #4everrepeatingmyself (I already said this yesterday.)
So no need to worry THAT BIG (to the point SME would destroy HoMin) about it.
We can still make a good job. HoMin can still have good results even if they not make it to win the GDA. If not this year then let`s win it next year! (just like Lina said)

And to come back to the thing that SME gave them their new contract as one of the first 3 artist back them: As long as this contract is not running out they are BOUND to HoMin and HoMin are bound to SME.
Even if SME says at the end of their contract “go away HoMin, I don`t want to see your faces here around anymore, you are useless for me” this wouldn`t mean the end of the world!
Since the JYJ lawsuit we know one thing: The times are changing for artist who leave their company. And if HoMin would be kicked out and decide to join JYJ, SME would surely try to create trouble, no doubt about that. But just look at how well JYJ do nonetheless! There are many hardships for them to overcome, but they are doing well and SME hates it! ㅋㅋㅋ ;P
It`s not the end of HoMin even if they got kicked out of SME one day. If they still want to make music they could, even after their company don`t want them anymore.
So wae panicking about this in the first place? They already made it big so there`s not chance they will vanish from the scene so easily if they want to continue standing on stage.

FANDOM, WAE ARE YOU LIKE THIS? #waeuno stop being so overanxious? HoMin will not “die”, not matter what happens.

This whole matter deserves the title of the “Wakarimasen! of the day” today! (and even from yesterday too! I just forgot to put it up). Simply because I really don`t understand it.
Is money aka sales really more important to some fans as to deeply love/trust their idols? This is what my soulmatesister asked and it`s a question and an answer at the same time: If you love your idols deeply and trust them, then they will not vanish. NEver. If you continue your support, nothing can happen. Only when you allow this love to die THEN they are doomed to “die”.

To end this let`s look at the official SM website:
Cassiopeia on top! That`s how I like it ^^ (sorry other fandoms, but this is currently a cassie`s joy – that dosen`t means that I hate you! Love you all! 😉 )


I`m so happy! ^^ My kiddo raised my mood yesterday and now today my soulmatsister is on! @ Cynthia: You were really very busy the last days but 어떻게에에에~~? (ottokeee~~?) It`s not your fault! #soulmatesisterhug

Too bad that she missed YeWook`s kick off yesterday ^^ But we have YeWook again today! But before YeWook can start again, we have…

“EunHae of the day”:
*squeals* SEE??!? I told you back then: We will see the gif of this scene one day! *lol* look at Sungminnie XDD (on donghae`s side, besides Kyu) *haha* Photobucket too cute!

“YooSu of the day”:
LOL! XD I love their expressions! hehe… JunsuBB, your hands are so small *giggles* Although Chunnie is often a bit mean to Junsu and don`t wants to feed him XD they can also eat harmonical together! Too cute! *pinches YooSu* but Junsu, what`s with that half-facepalm? XDD #YooSu4ever

Talking of Junsu… WHAT IS THIS!?!?!? *gasps* –> Celebrity soccer team FC Men loses against Suwon FMC with a score of 2:3.
And this with Hyun Joong & Junsu playing?! OMG SUN! FC Men never ever lost! Photobucket
Junsu, noona expected you to win! *pout* But, well, I love you anyway ^ω^ Winning is not important. The important thing is the fun you guys had!

And now our new couple,
“YeWook of the day”:
Is this some kind of family picture, YeWook? Photobucket It looks like one! (only Yesung`s turtle is missing). Noona likes it! Cute dog. I don`t know about all the dogs of SuJu, but I saw this little one a couple of times and I still believe it was Sungmin who had a Yorkshire Terrier! Who knows if this is minnies dog, I surely don`t XD
anyways: This is cute ^^ Almost everyone likes dogs!

*is bothered with the dog-thing* *searches* ah ye! Heeeere it is: About Super Juunior… there we have… Donghae with 2 dogs (matlese dogs)… Kangin with a dog (japanese spitz! oh, nice choice ^^)… Hyukjae with his Choco (I assume he`s a Chihuahua)… and… Minnie with his Yorshire Terrier. Okay, this site is not with all the latest news but I mainly serached for the dog matter so: FOUND IT! I`m happy now ^^
aaaah! The pics they used for this site are too cute ^^ *pinches all of the SuJu boys*

As I watched… no, better!… as I worshipped my SuJu MV`s a day ago XD I was very happy that it was after 01:00am at night! I was completely focused on the MV`s an singing along XD Neither my sister nor my mom heard me! Good thing! Because… errr… I couldn`t stop to sing “Sorry, sorry” XDD one of my biggest weaknesses: The “Sorry, sorry” song.
First, I love this song. Second, it reminds me of Han… I always see him dance to this song in my head when I hear it (becaue of the MV and… THIS live!). Third, this song is 4ever in my head… I cannot get it out of there Photobucket It`s impossible. It`s like with Doushite.
Well, I also watched Doushite that night :3 and Mirotic. This was my personal k-pop night!

and today I`m enjoying a personal k-pop afternoon! *hehe* Mom and sister sis are not at home! Besides doggie and my (sleeping) mice no one is here. I can sing SHINee`s “Replay”, “Forever or Never” and “Ring Ding Dong” and no one cares ㅋㅋㅋ =D Noona is so lucky!

OTL Neighbours, please beware of the fact that I will sing “Sorry, Sorry” soon! ;D ㅋㅋㅋㅋ LOL XD

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