Pink version of “Tone”, “B.U.T.” preview!!! & more of my K-pop stories

안녕 다들! ^_^

Quiet, quiet day on twitter. Quiet Sunday outside. At least a quiet day after all the trouble. But it`s also my last day of vacation. *sighs*
I`m so NOT looking forward to see Ajeossi again… meh. what to say? (he) sucks.

Well, but everyone already knows this! I try to take it as good as I can. Well, at least I have only one week without my older Junior. Then, when she`s not there, I have to tattle with Oppa about Ajeossi… Ai… Ajeossi just sucks. I HAVE to talk with someone about him ><

But to talk about things that make me happy: It was a HUGE pain, okeh? The biggest “ouch” ever. Yes. The ones who talked with me the last days know: I was about to buy the PINK version of “Tone”.
and… today >< … I couln`t hold my horses any longer! …. *bursts out* I JUST BOUGHT IT OKEH?!?!? ㅠ~ㅠ 어떻게~!? *whines* It hurts so much when I look at the price but… I wanted the pink version so much… *pout* *stubborn* Well, so it happened that I bought it. At first I was like “Wait. you cannot do this… too expensive, do not buy… 아니… 하지마! ><“__ Yeah. That`s the story. So let`s hope that it didn`t get lost after it`s release… this would be great disaster! I WANT MY PINK VERSION!

I will not buy another k-pop item this month. After I bought the freakin’ expensive pink version of “Tone” (yeah, SM can sell almost everything at any price to me too T__T what a shame…) & the Super Show 2 DVD yesterday + the “In Heaven” album of JYJ even before all this… ah, I have to watch my bank account carefully. Otherwise it will sing -empty- for me soon.

While going through ebay yesterday I saw the cover of SM 09 Summer CD:
*squeals* OMG! The cutest thingy I`ve ever seen!!! O(≧∇≦)O What is this? Bunny? It`s a bunny for me! (ˆωˆ)

BREAKING NEWS OF THE DAY: We have a longer version of “B.U.T.”!!! =D OMG SUN! Let`s watch!!!
Photobucket YAY! HoMin are cool! B.U.T. is cool! Ah! I see, I will like the MV! Their dance is very nice!!! =D The only thing I have to say is: “Dung dung dung dung dung dung dung~♪”
=DD HoMin are great. That`s the reason wae SME will never be able to destroy them. As long as they have the will to stand on stage SME cannot stop them – not even when they kick them out one day 😉

Our SuJu boys had their last Mr. Simple stage today… :/ —-> Super Junior takes a selca before their last “Mr. Simple” stage
And now? Who knows what SME plans for them to do. I would want them to go on a holiday now! Maybe SME is thinking about… some tv shows, radio shows or something? I don`t know. I wish that they will go on a holiday now! They worked hard and SME hardly give them a holiday normally…
Anyways, this was their 미스터 심플 인기가요 (Mr. Simple Inkigayo) performance:

aaaaand there we go! Another performance for my PS3! (I will convert this so I can watch it on my PS3) I have the feeling I should open up a folder on it for live-performances… It think I have 3 or 4 different Mr. Simple HD performances on my PS3 by now ^^ Ah! It`s like with Purple Line: I never get tired of Mr. Simple performances. I can watch all lives + the MV in a row and it never gets old Photobucket

Ah ye, the whole talk about SuJu reminded me of the fact that I wanted to share “Sorry, Sorry – Answer”:

Oh yes, and this was/is the -real- “Sorry, Sorry” MV:

Yeeees, this is all part of educating some of my kids in SuJu matters 😉 And I share it because I love this song!
What more to say? Their most popular dance. + I always remember THIS “Sorry, Sorry” live I have on my Mac when I see that MV. OTL HANGEEEEENG!!!
Further: *.* They look so good in their suits! I love Yesung`s hair (as always)! Heenim Oppa with his long hair is just 짱! Minnie is cute ^^

And… let`s not forget what day it is today. 9-11. enough said. Siwon did this:
OMG! SIWON OPPA! *moved* You perfect person you…! (I don`t know what to say. This is just the best thing to RT for today.)

But while we`re at it: Talking about SuJu… my VLC played “Me” before.
This song reminded me of the time when I showed the first k-pop MV`s to my mom. One of the first ones was SuJu M`s “Me”.
me: “*giggles* awww! Aren`t they cute!? Photobucket  *excited and serious with that*”
mom: “Photobucket hm… You think so? *not really excited*”
me: “o_o Eeh? *disbelieve* They ARE cute! Just look at them! PhotobucketThey are so adorable!”
mom: “…nah, I don`t know.”
me: “… -.- I think they are cute. *pout*”
(SERIOUSLY! How can she be like this!? Henry was so fluffy-cute in “me”! all of them were! And mom only says “…nah, I don`t know.”?!?!? Photobucket )

Yeah well, #EpicFail in convincing mom to say that they are cute! *facepalm* MOM! #waeuno think they are cute!? Are you blind?!
Well, instead of telling me that they are cute she told me after a few MV`s that they look like girls… errr… yes. Photobucket AGAIN!
Then she saw SHINee and after that YunJae/YooSu pics by accident (my aunt was not supposed to show her these pics!!! >< relatives are chaos, seriously!) she asked if they are gay. -.-” #EpicFail…

Well, I didn`t showed her more of YooSu and YunJae or any other couple up to now! I think mom isn`t ready for them yet XDD
Well, but back then I made her watch the 3rd Asia Tour concert on DVD with me! And since then she admits that our boys are really talented (SuJu too of course!) and that their job is hard work.
She keeps repeating herself everytime when we watch some live`s. (on the point that this is really hard work) Of course I told her how much they practise all the time.

ㅋㅋㅋ in the meantime mom at least dosen`t fail in getting my poit in the whole K-pop story. She knows I only look at k-pop. I`m not interested in ppl from overseas anymore, except for the fact they belong to k-pop ^^ AND, don`t forget, I made her want to go to a k-pop concert!
Well, she`s far away from being like Lina`s mom… :/ sucks. I want her to be a real ajumma fan! Mom, #waeuno transform into a real ajumma fan? You would make your daughter so happy!

Lately a thought hit me. It was moment I told everyone I would leave our fandom, right away and right now, if my love for the 5 wouldn`t be that strong.
The thought I`m talking about is how some fans feel when they leave for another fandom. Some of them turned their back to our boys and joined other fandoms where the world is still in order. Well, this is a very cowardly and shallow attitude, no doubt. But I understand ppl who want to join a fandom where the world is in order. Humans are seeking for harmony. And, be assured, Cassiopeia is far off from anything that`s slightly alike harmony.
The only thing that bound me to cassiopeia was the love for all 5 and cassiopeia, born as a fanclub for 5, is just the symbol of my love for all of them. That`s wae I`m still here. Not because it`s so easy to be in this fandom. Not because it`s the biggest fandom. It`s because I love them and I want to say one day “I waited all the time, althought it was a hard time”.
I don`t know wae some fans choose not to fight after being a part of cassiopeia for all these years, but I understand when they feel the urge to be in a fandom which is more fun. It`s really almost no fun to be a cassie these days.

Two sorts of stans, OT5 fakers, ppl who minsunderstand the meaning of fandom… who`s friend and who`s foe? It`s all very confusing.
I can tell you that I hate it very much. There are just our 5 boys and a few ppl I trust who keep me sane. Really. To be a Cassie these days needs a lot of strength.

But my unni figured out that being a stan must be complicated too. Think of all the nonsense they are talking. It must be really difficult to find every day new things to twist only to proof to others that -their way- is right.
This must be pretty exhausting, don`t ya think?
ㅋㅋㅋ of course, this is a little bit trolling now, but it`s really true! Stans acting like they building up an army and have some kind of a propaganda they try to spread. oO it´s weird. I don`t understand them. Live as a stan must be twice as difficult as to live a life as a OT5.

At work, I`m still writing my korean name in Hangul and “OT5” on my water bottle. Everyone makes a sign or his name on the bottle but I`m different v^^.
My dongsaeng once said there`s no way someone of them would confuse their bottle with mine. She said my bottle is special and very obviously mine. Eh hehe… Photobucket *embarrassed laugh* You mean because of the Hangul? hehe… I can explain this!… uhm… this is… because…. I`m completely crazy?… errr… I have to go! *runs away*

(I will never forget the moment Ajeossi has read aloud from my bottle because I had written something in korean -romanized- on it… eh hehe… ^^° and he wanted to know what it means >< NUUUU! I will never tell you! It think it was something about Junsu back then… like “Junsu-ya neomu saranghae! hwaiting” or something similar to that…)

Okay, let`s see what our couples are doing today….

“EunHae of the day”:
^^ Hyukjae, let Donghae concentrate ^^ You will disturb him Photobucket haha! But you two are so cuuute!

“YooSu of the day”:
See, Chunnie??? You were so mean to Junsu, not feeding him and play tricks on him, but Junsu is nice to you. ^^

Ooooh, and while we are talkibg about YooSu: We all were wondering who`s he hubby and who`s the wifey in YooSu, because it`s not so clear.
But since the last NII interview and since Junsu has a house full of cats we know better (now)!
You kids know the saying that said cats set an accent to the female site of a guy & dogs set an accent to the active and manly side of a guy? No? Then you know now. This came back to my mind while thinking of our “YooSu problem”. I once saw this on tv. GAISSSS!!! =D You know what this is? This is the solution to our “YooSu problem”.
In YunJae we know that JJ is the wifey. Well, it`s pretty obvious. It was since ever! But let`s analyse this nonetheless: JJ has a dog and cats, but he said he likes JiJi better because he`s small and cute. JJ likes cats better. The wifey likes the cat better. Cat = accent on the female site of a guy ;D (as we know from that TV show)
So in the NII interview JJ and Junsu both said they like the NII-cat better. They like cats better. Chunnie said he likes the dog better. Yunho & Chunnie both have only dogs. No cats. Let us assume they both like dogs better (since they are the hubbys ㅋㅋㅋ). dogs = accent on the active & manly side of a guy.
Well, long talk cut short: Junsu is the wifey in YooSu! Just what I always said! I assumed that since a long time. And the best thing: It aaaall makes sense! When they reenacted THAT titanic scene Junsu was Rose XDD Enough said! (well, this is just what I think. Basically don`t care so much who would be the hubby and who the wifey, but I just ended up thinking about it and this is the result.)

“YeWook of the day”:
KYAAAHH!!! See? I told you! YeWook are sooo cute! *pinches them* I love the fact that their drinks are all the same ^^ Ryeowook is always sooo cute besides Yesung. Ai! Photobucket I love YeWook!
Kyu looks a little like… he tries to ignores and thinks “Ai, hyungs, you are really at it again? *grin/looking away* We are in public Photobucket”  LOL and Yesung is like “Don`t panic *not doing too much*. Né, Wookie? ㅋㅋ*grins*”   and Ryeowook is in between them like “ah~♥ *^:^* *grins*” awww! Their expressions are just LOVE! (≧∇≦) YOU CUTIIIIIIIES!!!!!
I have no idea what was the real case here but it looks so cute!

Oh yeah and: Thanks readers! You welcomed YeWook very friendly. I`m glad to hear you like them ^^

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