First working day after vacation & SuJu`s M! Countdown Comeback Stage! =D

안녕! ^.^

What a happy first working day! Ajeossi had his day off today! =D No ajeossi for me! Only Oppa!
And my junior was really happy that I`m back now. She already whined a lot before I went on vacation because then, with my other female junior left, she was the only girl among 5 guys. *haha* She said it was very terrible. She couldn`t even find words. (yeah well, I assume the talk was very… onesided with only guys at work… >_> )
As she came in the morning she said “YAY! You`re back! Yeeeyh! Yeeyh!” Photobucket She`s so cute. At least someone missed me ^^°

Nu, wait!!! Some of the sales women seemed to miss me too. Well, maybe Ajeossi was a b*tch to them again and that`s wae they were that happy. Junior said it was like “okay” with him, but not perfectly good.
Yeah well, but when is this nonsense-person, who`s saldy my work-ajeossi, good in his mood?! JUST WHEN?!? He`s a moody monster all the time. SUCKSSSSSSS! This *please insert me here, calling him all sorts of bad names*!! God dammit, sometimes I really wonder what`s his problem that he has to be THAT moody?! My junior said it once: “This person must have BIG problems.”
But back to the sales women story: They almost hugged me only because I was back °-° WTH!?  It was not my first vacation ever and… Photobucket what`s up with this kind of behaviour all of a sudden? *confused* Ppl, since when do you miss me that much? Kinda… weird but I`m happy that someone missed me =D

Further: I have nothing big to tell. The first day was like every first day. I woke up in the middle of the night and thought “D: This is the time I go to bed normally. >< ouch”
I felt so much better during my vacation! Sleeping till midday but being awake untill 03:00 am! ㅋㅋ That`s how I like it! Photobucket

What else is up: My tl was short today! That`s how I like my tl! Short, without bad news, just my t-listers and some OT5-ness *^^* nice~~ *welli welli*
What was surely not short was the nap I was taking today! YESSSS, sleepless noona is back! 4 hours tonight. Ouch. Hurts. (so I have to take naps again…)
When my alarm clock rang I was like Photobucket nuuuuuuuu, precious vacation, where did you go? ㅠ~ㅠ

Yeah, but what to do! I have to go to work in order to get money again for K-Pop stuff and my pets! (in that order? NUUU, Pets & car first, then noona`s needs – THIS is the order I`m working )
Well, and because of the Pink “Tone” version I cannot buy anything anymore this month T.T Pain, oh pain, when will you fade away. Obviously it will fade away when I hold the pink “tone” version in my hands. Only then. *sighs* It was really damn expensive. And this will be ranked high on my lost “things I only do for my boys”.

What else?
Since we have nothing else to share today, (news or anything) here we go with SuJu`s “Superman” (audio)

I like this song! Kinda hypnotizing like Mr. Simple ^^ And this audio is completely clear! Photobucket

And… I Kinda MISSED this performance of “Superman”/”Mr.Simple”! O: WAE OH WAE!!!???
So here we go with SuJu`s M! Countdown Comeback Stage:

Superman: OMFG YESUNG! Photobucket The coolness I say, the coolness! Yeah well and WE HAVE HEENIM OPPA HERE!!! Ah! Precious performance! Wae oh wae did I miss this performance? They are all so cool here! Seriously, I should give the ELF side in me more room XD maybe I would notice such things then (earlier)!
Mr. Simple: OMG! CRAZY MOVING BACKGROUND?!?? WOOOOAAAHH!!! I never saw this beforem but it`s cool XD + their hair is sooo cute! All of them! Cute! ^ω^ OMO! OMO!! 슈주Leader씨, let me touch your beautiful hair! Photobucket *giggle* OMG! Another person on my “hair I want to touch”-list! *writes Leeteuk on it* Oh yeah well, let`s not forget Siwon *writes Siwon on the list too* AI! And Yesungs hair so fluffy again! aaaah! Want to touch it as well! >.< so bad. really. AND! Have you seen the iFans there? =D OMG! Amazing! Lucky girls! I want to see SuJu one day too! But our boys are first! I`m Cassiopeia after all! And… with more and more SuJu members in the military it`s not that easy to see them. :/ meh. what to say? sucks. ><

OTL while we are talking about SuJu… I let the city hear “Victory Korea” today & “O” 정.반.합..!! I would say it was a juge success! ㅋㅋㅋ

Let`s do the couple series now!
“EunHae of the day”:
haha! ^^ Hi boys! Nice to see you ^^
everyone, be honest to yourself: Aren`t they cute? Photobucket OTL #EunHae>Cute

“YeWook of the day”:
D: Wookie, are you crying? I saw some gif`s and pics of them these suits. I think they won a price back then, that`s wae Ryeowook is so moved. But Yesung`s always right there. Photobucket awww!

“YooSu of the day”:
ㅋㅋㅋ see? It`s finally payback time Chunnie! XDD Now Junsu is mean to you =P *lol* Junsu! You are mean too? I wonder that you can be like this! =P but it`s only revenge, I totally understand!

To end this shameful short entry I wanted to say some words to you readers and some friends of mine.

Readers, I really thank you for reading. I hope I don`t bother you with my constant ranting *haha* yeah well, you are free to leave then 😛
The others who stay and read: I`m glad my bloggie receives a little love. I`m happy my life is that enterntaining to you XDD (well, maybe you come only for the news? who knows!)
Anyways: thanks for taking a note of the bloggie! Bloggie and noona are very happy!

And my to friends:
@ Celebrian: Yeah well, at least you come to visit XD Although you are not interested in my k-pop life. thanks for doing so!

@ Cynthia: I already told you: You are my biggest fan! Thank you for being you! *huggles* Thanks for reading!

@ Lina: Baby, are you reading this right now? ^^ I know you come to check by! Thanks for reading! Must be pretty exhausting for you to read in english, né? But sadly Unni`s spanish is lacking like… a lot! XD Mianhae! Anyway, thanks for reading it!

@ Emmy: Your mom rants a lot! And of course you are maybe caught in the middle more than once – between coconut and me. Thanks for reading! (OTL did your blog cut one of my latest comments short? D: It looked weird after I posted it!)

What else to say? I don`t want to see Ajeossi tomorrow! He sucks so much… Photobucket #4everrepeatingmyself

I KNOW! I have to ignore him, but when he`s all b*tchy again I will surly lose my nerves sooner or later. Then I will say things I shouldn`t…. and Ajeossi will be even more moody afterwards XD Ah, this guy! 진짜!
*talks to herself* Think of Junsu! Just think of your hubby! Eeeeasy Sangmi, eeeeasyyy~~ *welli welli*

Nu really! No kidding! I think of Junsu when ajeossi is such a b*tch again. This helps a lot! Junsu~♥♥ Photobucket

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