JJ & Hello Kitty, Brian, brother + an old SuJu MV!

안녕 다들! ^.^

Before I start writing I will eat strawberry cake now! (I mean… while I`m writing then! *goes in kitchen and gets her strawberry cake*)

*eating strawberry cake while starts the writing* First: It`s HOT outside, okeh!? I was out with the dog a while ago and I was freakin’ melting! Photobucket
I hate weather which is that hot… -.- I want it nicely warm, not “OMG! I have to die!”-hot >___<

oooh, but talking about the dog: Today my alarm clock rang at the usual, hurtful hours in the night but I didn`t want to get up. So I, still half asleep, said “One Moment, Sis.” XDD I`VE SAID THIS TO MY DOG!
OMG SUN! I really thought I`m talking to my sis for a second! But then I thought “wait… what are you saying? *mental facepalm*”
Maybe I dreamed about Cynthia before without knowing it. Maybe I just couldn`t remember when I woke up. But I believed for a second that my sis is in my room and wants me to get up and I said -wait- XD my, my… I`m really crazy now!

This is aaaall because I was imagining what it is like to watch the SuJu MVs/Live`s with her. My thoughts were all with my Sis this afternoon.
I really imagine all kind of scenarios. Not only with my soulmatesister but with my kid Emmy too!
Sometimes I try to imagine what it would be like to sit with her in our living room, with our LapTop`s, tweeting and talking about the things on our t-lists. We would surely rant a lot and Mom would be like “WTF? oO” because she cannot understand english Photobucket I think she would often ask me “what did she say?” because she wants to know *haha* yes, mom is curious!
Well, same thoughts with my soulmatesister: We, in our living room, LapTop`s, tweeting and commenting about. Speaking german BUT mom would not understand a word either because we would be like “Omo! YooSu and YunJae couple so cute!” XDD *lol* Our talking-english-habit ;D or “Omo! Hast du das gelesen?! Khuntoria couple geht nicht weiter in WGM?? wae they no real?! Und überhaupt… wann kommt HoMin`s B.U.T.? Ich dachte Tohoshinki MV release is am… *bla bla, insert date here* Avex oder SM`s fehler?” Photobucket (yeees, Mom would be still like “WTF? oO” after hearing this.)
Not to mention that we would squeal and laugh a lot while watching different MVs. Mom would surely think that we have surely lost it! ah haha! Great fun imagining these things!

And while we are talking about my cassie friends-> Cassiopeia-> HoMin->
Yunho appears on ‘Poseidon’even more Yunho in ‘Poseidon’!
KYAAAAH! O(≧∇≦)O POSEIDON! YUNHOOOO~~! (and Siwon) *fangirls with no end*

JJ showed us his new Hello Kitty sweatshirt! Seriously, JJ and Hello Kitty have something going on XDD

And talking about showing things: Brother-in-law Junho is everywhere now. You cannot fail in seeing him!
OMG! this is like… 5×3 meter or so! *.* I want this on my wall in my room!!! It`s beautiful and hot! Photobucket

And brother shows us!
^^ yes my brother, that`s you up there! Noona is so proud of you! And on top of that #soulmate sis said “Fate” is no.15 on the charts! YAAAY! We are even more proud of you then, Sis and I =)

What I hear about the 3hree voices photo story overseas version sounds nice! —> 3hree voices Ⅱ Photo Story Overseas version
Don`t know if I will buy it yet. Cannot tell. but I`m curious nonetheless.

Then some non-cassiopeian news: 2PM’s Junho plants a kiss on his cat ‘Baby’.
well, not really sooo news but this reminded me that I kissed my dog very much. We had some cuddle time. I kiss her often #justsaying, but yesterday was special. Noona kissed her Baby too!
OTL 2PM Junho, my weakness dosen`t really goes for guys who kiss a cat u know… >_> You tried to test noona or what? I cannot even tell you apart from the other 2pm members XDD OMOOO! I`m not such a big 2PM fan! what means: I`m not a nerd-fam of them. I really like (-like- as in… near to love) their music, they are talented and all, but I cannot tell the first one apart from the others. I don`t even know all the members names. >< #EpicFail (k-pop fail) Our boys, SuJu and some others are eating up all my time, concentration and love xD

Oh hey! Talking about names of members: At the beginning of my K-pop time I looked at SuJu and was like “O.O OMG! O: … *speechless* Never knew a boyband such big exists! How many are they?!? *starts counting, stops at 10* okay, I think I will never be able to remember all of their names XD” Yeah well, in the end it came to me one by one. I didn`t even seriously tried to learn all their names! I just learned it by hearing it. Today I have no problem with remembering all 15(! SuJu is 15 for me) names of them. But I totally FAIL at SNSD`s 9 names. That`s just because I`m not really a big fan of them. I care not enough about their names ^^° *is a little ashamed* I like them but I`m far away from being a Sone in any way.

And… since I figured out I don`t have SuJu`s MV for “Miracle” on my Mac I visited YouTube. And this is a good point to share a MV again!

*squeeeeeak!!!* Omo! BABIIIIIES! Babies I say! *pout* sadly no Kyu… He wasn`t with them back then. Well, good thing we have him today! Otherwise we would have never experienced the KyuMin couple! ;D
my, my… they were so little ^^ But if you think the cannot go even more -baby- then go on YouTube and watch the “Twins” MV~♥ (and in “twins”: I ALWAYS TOLD YOU! HAN IS THE FIRE-GOD! ^^ See?)

The last thing I want to share today: 브라이언오빠`s Domino (english version):

Opaaaaa! (≧∇≦) I LOVE THIS SONG SO MUCH! LUB U! (no, this was not a typo!)

And now it`s time for you to praise Sangmi noona`s luck!!
Ajeossi has a day off tomorrow again! Boss said Ajeossi had to do some (more) overtime compensation, now, that it´s chilly at work.

CAN YOU BELIEVE THIS?!? A day with Oppa as boss of our section again! YEEEEAAAAAHHHH!!!!! So great!
It`s cool when you have a boss who`s not a moody b*itch. No kidding, Ajeossi SUCKS as our leader… -.-” oh! wait! Tomorrow is my cute junior back as well! =D oh my double-triple luck! (My luck,) You are so good tomorrow! *praises her luck*

I want Oppa to become our leader… :/ he`s so much better in being our leader than ajeossi is! + having a leader who you are close with is always good XDD (noona and Oppa know each other for sooo many years now, would be good for me if he would be our leader!)

And talking about ajeossi: This morning, reagarding atmosphere, was kinda icy. You all know: I have no interest in talking to that moody monster aka my work-ajeossi anymore. He pissed me off so often and basically I cannot stand him anymore. So I tell him good morning (as the good kid I am) and speak nothing else with him. jeez… this is just what he does with us all the time!
Then, all of a sudden he asked me what I did in my vacation. oO WTH!? Of course, he noticed the awkward silence with chirping crickets in the room (in a metaphorical sense), so he might thought he should say something. Well, I told him in short so that he`s pleased and (as the good kid I am) asked what he did in his vacation.
You can already assume that our “talk”, if you want to call it one, didn`t last that long XD OMG ajeossi! Just leave me alone! It would be less awkward that way.

anyways: ONE MORE DAY without ajeossi!!!! v^^. YESSS!

You know what time it is?! It`s…

RETURN OF THE COUPLE SERIES!!! XD *bad in copying Yunho*

“EunHae of the day”:
GAIS! Really! *.* I don`t care if it`s only fanservice or not… *squeaks* NOONA LIKES IT VERY MUCH!!!! Photobucket

“YooSu of the day”:
AH HAHA! The YooSu couple talk in AADBSK 3!
I loved the part where Junsu was jumping on Chunnie! Photobucket And Chunnie didn`t squeak or something, he just laughed so hard~♡. This makes #YooSu4ever even more clear for me!

oh! I just saw… 12 times more and I run out of YooSu pics as well. :/ have to re-share the older ones then too! (like with YunJae) Not all of you saw my early YooSu/YunJae pics!

and what are our oh so cute YeWook doing? “YeWook of the day”:
ah haha! Being cute as always! =D Yesterday we had crying Ryeowook, today we have… crying Ryeowook again? (yes, I think he was crying there… I once saw a vid on YouTube!) Aw! How Yesung is hugging him from behind is just love! Photobucket

So now, my kiddos and Unnies, I will leave for watching k-pop MVs on the tv in the living room! 😛 I feel like I have to celebrate that ajeossi is not present tomorrow!

p.s.: … hm, we had a lot of SuJu MVs lately, isn`t it like that? I`m looking forward to share JYJ`s MV and HoMin`s new MV here! and be assured I will Photobucket oooh, my love. Oh my 5 boys~~♥♡♥♡♥ I always miss them. #justsaying

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I am cassiopeia from germany *^-^* OT5 all the way! AKTF & hope to the end! JYJ & HoMin hwaiting! An ELF heart is beating in me ^^ Love Super Junior (all Super15 of them), I´m 庚饭 -Gengfan- too. OTL: I do not own anything -most of the media or photos that are posted- and I`m not responsilble for the content of the sites I`ve linked~~*^-^*
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