K-Pop with mom (Episode 3), HanGeng & Wu Chun + latest news

안녕 친구들! v^^.

Time for another blog entry!
On my b-day on friday I did one awesome thing to let the day end: watch the second half of my bunch of k-pop MVs!
Mom watched with me. She requested MVs from “the girl group”. It was a little bit weird for her to REQUEST MVs… but okay! =) She was talking about SNSD, btw.
Yeah okeh! I said “of course I have some MVs!” And showed them to her.
“Oh!” was the first MV. Sister sis said wae the died their hair, it looks unnatural. *rolleyes* Wae do korean not have the right to die their hair in any natural color like reddish brown, red, blond or something? People here do the same! Sister Sis always tried to find a way to insult them! Photobucket Haiz!
But Mom said they look cute =D HA! At least mom finally admit that SNSD look cute! (now she only has to admit that Our 5 and SuJu look cute as well! #NewGoal… #InpossibleGoal ?)

Then we watched SuJu`s “Gee” cover performance *lol* Still hilarious! Mom said this is funny! =D You heard that?! She said it`s funny! XD -HA!- THE SECOND! (she likes Kyu and his -flip back the hair move- best XD )
BUT WAIT! We are not done yet!
We watched Mr. Simple live performance after this for… like the 100th time for me. Mom realized that I always listen to this song and said “It`s your favourite song right now, isn`t it?”
me: “*=D* OH YES!”
mom: “I hear you always listen to it on your pc.”
me: “*hehe* How do you know? ^^° I use my headphones all the time!”
mom: “I can hear it…”
me: “^^° *drop* Oops! Eh hehe… *embarrassed*”
Then we watched the live and as it ended mom was grining and said: “*hehe* The Mr. Simple, né?”(like she wants to say: He`s Mr. Simple)
me: “Exactly! =) ”
Mom always say`s this after Mr. Simple ended.

OH! And we watched the Samsung Demo of HoMin`s “Maximum”. You know the DVD of their Demo 3D BluRay (the one which is too expensice to buy… -.- over 90 Dollar is no joke ppl!!!!! *dies because of the price* It`s a god dammit demo?! Wae is it so expensieve?!?)
So we watched it, we watched Yunho dance, sister sis gave some random anti-comments and mom said “Wae? You cannot say he`s not a good dancer. Choreographically they are really good.” YES MOM! *hehehe* tell her! XDD

Well, my sister sis tried to insult our boys and SuJu like always but I told her that she can say what she wants to. I don`t care. I`m used to anti-/hater-comments. I`m a k-pop fan after all. We are all used to these kind of comments. The only reason wae I don`t fight with her over this matter is because she`s my sister and she would only fight me back because she loves to annoy me Photobucket

But this was another funny episode with my soon-to-be k-pop mom & my anti sister sis XD
And, #justsaying: in SuJu`s “No Other” MV, the car Ryeowook washes: This is a Volkswagen “Beatle”, coupé version.
Well, wae is this relevant? BECAUSE SUCH A CAR ALWAYS PARKS NEAR OR DIRECTLY BESIDES ME ON THE PARKING LOT!!!! I always thought it`s a cute car but since I realized that it`s the same car as in the MV I`m always reminded of SuJu when I see it ^^ (and I see it almost every day).
The funny thing is, that I remembered it just this week! I didn`t noticed it before and I watched this MV a lot since I found it. Well, but I always have to fangirl a lot while I watch it because it`s such a cute MV. I didn`t payed much attention to the bar. But a few days ago I was like “WTH!? I know this car!” XDD ah haha! German car in korean MV! ME LIKES THAT!
And on top of all a car that EXACTLY looks like the one in the MV is parking near me every day. Too much coincidence? I THINK SO! The chance that all these facts come together randomly tends to zero *haha* But it`s the case at my parking lot! Photobucket

Yesterday and today was a major, serious pic spam of HanGeng pics on my tl Photobucket I LIKE THAT!!!!!

It was much about the Yishion Event (I showed the making Film of the CF our Hankyung did for Yishion in a previous entry). What to say… the pics were nice! But some of them especially caught my eyes.

first: You are so cute HanGeng, really ^____^ *giggles* *pinches Han*
second: His fav black style! Me approves it very much (because it really suits him very well)
and third: HanGeng black style #LikeABoss!!!!

The next pic speaks for itself…
It was tagged with the following words: Photobucket ( <<–well, I made it bigger in size, it was very little, that`s wae it looks so blurry)
Is there anything more to say? HaGeng. Legs. Boots. Butt… >//< OMG! What kind of photo is that?! Makes me nervous >//< *runs away in embarrassment* (OMG! boots on Han maks me go nuts someday! I swear! I LIKE HIS STYLE!!!)

Then I remembered I never shared some pics from the “My Kindgom premier”! I only RTed one or two on twitter, so here we go:
These are WuChun and HanGeng Photobucket
Both #LikeABoss here! ㅋㅋ They acted as brothers in “My Kingdom”. and…. I WANT TO WATCH THIS MOVIE!!!! ARGH!>< #4everrepatingmyself
My Kingdom movie, #waeuno played in our cinemas? ㅠ~ㅠ So not fair! *whines*

*cough* however, we are not done yet!
They are really great, aren`t they?! :3

And they are cute on top of all! Photobucket

I never knew much about WuChun but somehow I was strangely familiar with him. I visited Wikipedia and knew why: He was a member of “Fahrenheit”, a chinese boyband which debuted in 2005. WuChun left the band in June 2011 to concentrate on his acting career. Well sounds a little bit like Han ^^ His first passion is acting too!
After hearing all this I don`t wonder wae they get along so well ^^ Both love to act, both are -respectively were- singers and WuChun took care of HanGeng while filming ^^ Aw! It was so cute when I hear him talk about the time they were shooting this movie.

Anyways, I found some more Info about WuChun on the net. Quote: “Wu Chun, also referred to as Wu Zun, is a Brunei-born actor, singer, a former model, and gym instructor. He was the only non-Taiwanese born member of the boy band Fahrenheit, and is known for his roles in the Taiwanese idol dramas “Romantic Princess”, “Hanazakarino Kimitachihe”, “Hot Shot” and “Tokyo Juliet”. He is also the host of the “Weekend Splash concert” season 5.
*nods* respect. He has done a lot so far! (just like Han!)

Now let`s check the latest news!

Like Leeteuk said before Super Junior released their Repackage Album “A-Cha” today.
YAY! Looking at this repackage version and when you add the fact that there are 4 new awesome songs on it… I have to say: WHAT IS B-VERSION of Mr. Simple?!? I only know the Repackage now! XDD Nu, seriously, I will but it! Next month I will but it! (this month I don`t have money for it).
The new songs are really great! I like them! Especially “A-Cha” & “A-day”! I also like “안단테 (Andante)” very much. “Oops!!” sounds funny but also… a little bit… “unfamiliar”. I don`t think it`s because they featuring f(x) in that song. It`s because they -abuse- the word oops so much in it XD (well, it`s cute but… it don`t really suits them *haha* ^^).

And just in general: The Mr.Simple Album was SUCH A BLAST! All the ones who talked about KYHD and the re-buy thing: You have to admit that, let`s just assume, SuJu win the GDA they really deserve it. I`m cassiopeia and I say this without shame. It´s just my honest opinion. I`m cassie at heart but I also have a big love for SuJu as well. It`s not that I`m a stereotypical person who can only live when our boys win each and every award out there. This dosen`t mean that I don`t love them. This just meand that if Mr. Simple was simply stronger than KYHD then it`s just like that. It`s an really awesome album, I`m happy I managed to get a copy of it, and I`m really cool with it when SuJu would win the Golden Disk Awards. Because they deserve it.
It`s just that every year only one band can win the main award. Cassies, it`s not the end of the world or the end of HoMin if SuJu win this award, so don`t bother or spread hate. I hate Fanwar so much! I don`t want to see it anymore.

All of you also know about the ruckus the “rumor” about the black version if “In Heaven” album caused. well, there`s finally a notice regarding the ‘BLACK’ version of ‘In Heaven’ I found on dongbangdata.net.
Ah! So that`s the case with it? Nothing more? okeh. I wasn`t interested in this talk abou the black “In Heaven” anyways. I hope I successfully get my yellow Junsu-version! ^^° eh hehe… nu really, black version is no big deal for me!
BUT! If I cannot have my junsu version then I`m totally fine with a black version of “In Heaven” then. To get the black version is better than to get no version of “In Heaven”. So I`m all cool with everything here ;D

The shock of the day was given to me from Siwon >< … JUST LOOK AT THAT! –> Super Junior’s Siwon shows off his chiseled abs for ‘Poseidon’
Producer said: “Despite filmings getting increasingly difficult, Choi Siwon showed a professional side to his acting by making sure to manage himself at every moment. His body is like a work of art and he has all of the manly charisma that one would expect of a coast guard. Please look forward to his performance.”
First: I KNOW! I ALREADY KNOW! >< and second: ARE YOU KIDDING?!? I will effin’ adore his performance! I`m sure of that! The tailer is amazing! I`m waiting for Poseidon since it was announce that Yunho will play a part in it! (and due to the fact that Poseidon starts tmorrow I cannot watch City hunter first… I think I have to start with Poseidon and have to watch City Hunter while waiting for the next subbed episode of Poseidon)
But SIWON! What is this with the shirtless thing again?! Aigoo… >//< You want to freakin’ kill me?! And… btw… what are you doing to me!? I`m a married woman! Don`t do that to married woman! I`m about to faint again! >///< haiz! Siwon, you are already noona`s prince! >//< no need to embarrass me lit that again and again >//< omo! cannot take it anymore!! *runs away in embarrassment*

JUNSU~~~!! HIDE ME! *hides behind her hubby*

*cough* … errr… okay, let`s go on!
SYC showed us yesterday that there are TONE ADs in Train!
*___* How coooo~l! This is really soooo awesome! *envys japanese ppl* I never ever see cool stuff around here. Not even from european bands. This SUCKS so much! (btw: I don`t even want to see stuff of european bands! I WANT TO SEE K-POP STUFF! *stubborn*)
OTL Trains/subway in gerany, #waeuno look like trains in japan, eh?!!? AISH! >< #AFangirlsPain
And… I really cannot wait for my PINK VERSION of “Tone” to come! *___* uuuh, so awesome! Cannot wait to get my hands on it, really!

Then, of course, we should not forget about Chunnie! He was holding his fanmeeting in Thailand.
3,000 fans greet JYJ’s Yoochun at an airport in Thailand
Yeah, and as you can see from the link above he was warmly welcomes ^^
The news of today said he got a new tattoo in Thailand. His name in thai letters. I`m curious! Where did he put it? ME WANTS TO SEE PHOTOS!!!! This is really interesting. He must love thailand very much – or… he wants something unique. I don`t think there are many ppl in korea with thai letters as tattoos.
It`s like… when I would go to get a tattoo with hangul. I don`t know how many ppl here in germany or even europe have hangul as a tattoo. Maybe some k-pop fans but all in all there shouldn`t be too much ppl with hangul tattoos.
Emmy said: “Jaejoong and junsu get pets. yoochun gets tattoos. the emptiness is hard to fill.” Yes, maybe that`s why…

but talking about pets! JJ posted a pic of a cute little puppy. I wonder wae he showed it to us… maybe Vick has babies now? =D would be too cute!
Another theory: JJ wants to adopt another dog. But… he said he likes cats better because they are small. Photobucket
hm. we will see.
Anyways, I hope JJ can stop being so “emoshinki” about everything. I know it`s so hard for them, but I wished he wouldn`t feel that down 😦 sucks.
Yunho is kinda strange recently too. You can tell a lot from his eyes during the last time. I can only say: After looking at JJ and Yunho for so long I don`t like what I see (talking about the emotional aspect)

Now something cool I found on YouTube by chance yesterday! This is purely awesome!

SuJu in 3D! what are you saying about this? It`s awesome, né? Né?! Photobucket
But… this only works when you use red-cyan 3D glasses to watch it. And there are even some more MVs in 3D! SHINee`s “Lucifer” will come soon, there`s SNSD and some more of SuJu. I ordered 3D glasses yesterday and saved all the vids! If this really works, then it`s tooootally daebak! =D Let`s see if this really works! It`s an awesoe idea to transform k-pop MV`s into real 3D videos like this one!

Now, to end the entry of today, let`s visit our couples!

“YooSu of the day”:
O: *jaw drops* YOOSU! Chunnie… practically… leaning on Junsu?!? O: … … … KYAAAH!!! (≧∇≦) I LOVE THIS!!! CUTIIIIIIIES!!!!!!!

oh… there`s the EunHae couple… and I just see… we have something sad to announce: Today`s EunHae will be the last for now. D: I`m run out of EunHae pics with thi one. But let`s take a look at it and let`s celebrate the (for the moment) last … “EunHae of the day”:
*LOOOOL* WTH?! XDDD Yesung! xD THE MONKEY! XD DONGHAE!!!! XDDD *LOLs even more* *falls down from the couch* *rofl* Oh my god sun! *hahaha* Bad Yesungie! Bad!
Yesung is the reason wae EunHae ends today? YESUNG! just admit it! You only want more time/space for YeWook in this blog, don`t you!? XDD Unbelievable! This was really sly of Yesungie! His plan works out very well (at least for now).
Aaaah! But ottokeeeheee?? I loved the EunHae couple so much! hmpf! Fine, Yesung, FINE! Then Soulmatesister will decide what couple will take the place of EunHae. And yes, you assume right, it will be a new SuJu couple. I announced this waaaay before.

“YeWook of the day”…. errr… or… not? oO
Ai! I think this is definitely Sungmin, not Yesung! (if a ELF is around who knows better: please tell me! ^^)
See? Yesungs plan with blocking the EunHae couple was successful, but that`s what he gets now: While he was busy blocking the EunHae couple Sungmin takes his chance to take advantage on Wookie!
Aigoo, aigoo… XD This could explain the looks on the others faces *lol*
Kyu looks like he dosen`t approves this, Siwon looks kinda shoked and Kangin… is not exactly sure what to thinkg about it? XDD ah haha! To funny! today´s couple stories are totally wild!

I`m sure everyone wonderes what the next couple will be. Good, soulmatesister already decided and it will be something that taks Minnie away from Ryeowook agian ;D
The couple that will fill EunHae`s place is the KyuMin couple!
Ah! this is fun! All couples are fun, but KyuMin is cute!

I kinda knew she would pick them as the next couple ^^ OTL #soulmate

@ Cynthia: thanks for picking a couple again! You will pick the next one too (when it`s about time) :3

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