C-jes decides to take leagal actions + the “In Heaven” matter & HoMin/JYJ MVs are out!

안녕 다들!

Today we have/had some interesting topics on my tl.
Of course the C-jes topic was back and so also the “In Heaven” matter and the re-printing (black version) of this album.
There was really a intersting surrounding to this matter.

Wae? It was because C-Jes Entertainment issues an official warning to so-called ‘fans’.
Yeah, some of my t-listers laughed or ranted about this (because they think it`s wrong), but I don`t think this is a laughing matter. Neither I think it`s wrong to stop the overly enthusiastic fake-fans with their rumors and bad talk about the boys.
As for me, I appreciate that c-jes is willing to do something! And before anyone rants about this, think: C-jes surely discussed this matter with JYJ so calm your coconuts! *imitaing Emmy*
There is so much nonsense around spread by haters or stans. Well, so called ‘fans’. It`s really not funny anymore. This has to stop, it`s about time that someone stops this. And we all know ppl will never listen to anyone when you only tell them to stop it with simple words. Without threatening someone with consequences you will get nowhere. This is sad but this is the world where we`re living in. (oh, you didn`t know? Sorry kids, but this is the world we live in. I`m really sorry that I have to destroy your fairy tale world once again *rolleyes*)

And another thing I noticed is this general… ‘hate’ against c-jes.
Sure, companies are companies, and c-jes is a company too. But wae is everyone so eagerly waiting for a chance to point the finger on c-jes again and again?

It happened again when the story behind the black version of In Heaven was revealed recently. Suddenly ppl acted like the stans, just with c-jes instead of OT5: Blaming like there`s no tomorrow, twisting every word of them like there`s no tomorrow.
Are you ppl not ashamed of your behaviour? *shakes head* YOU behave like THE STANS! What it that?? The more I look at it the more I diskike it!

This whole matter of the black In Heaven version and ESPECIALLY how ppl talk about this annoys da hell outa me. This has nothing to do with the difference “level of tolerance” of each person. (sorry Emmy, no harm meant here) This has nothing to do with personal opinions either.
I know, most of you kids don`t go to work yet or think about how things are done when you own a company. Well, cannot blame you for this because you are kids. Because kiddos just don`t think about such things.
BUT before you go then and say such things like c-jes splits fans into “rich” and “poor” think about how our world works. I didn`t wanted to say something about this matter but now I cannot stand it any longer so I will tell you a little story.

OF COURSE the ones who ordered all 3 versions of In Heaven album (what means A SET!) will be preferred & OF COURSE the orders of the set-ppl will be first priority. When you bought a set then you want to get the set. That`s wae you boughgt it in the first place. You wanted to make sure to get all 3. Well, some of you maybe say it`s the same when you buy only one of the single member-versions, but it`s actually not.
I know nobody on earth EVER reads the terms of service or the little text below the general item discription but there`s always written clearly “EXCEPT FOR SOLD OUT” in it. Let me repeat: Except for S-O-L-D_O-U-T.
This is not a c-jes matter, this is not even a korean matter. This is a worldwide matter. It`s the same everywhere, in every country. Set orders will be always first to fulfill.
There`s no such nonsense as c-jes prefers “rich” fans. Listening to this made me think: It sounds pretty butthurt. Do you hear yourselves talking? You sound butthurt. (sorry Emmy, this is not directly against you – again! I´m just talking in general).
I`m not even sure if I will get my Junsu version. I can just hope that my seller can keep up with the amount of Junsu versions he can get to sell. Otherwise I`m fine with the black version of the album. Before I get nothing I`m fine with that! I will not rant, I will thank c-jes for re-printing In Heaven to be able to fulfill all the orders.

And the amount of CDs that were printed is the next matter!
Some ppl complained like “eeh, wae haven`t they printed more in the first place?”. Ehm, sorry kids, who could foresee that the album would be SUCH a success? I mean in THAT DIMENSION? No one knew this in advance!
And when c-jes prints 500 000 CDs and then only sells 30 000 is this useful for a company in any way? (I know they sold more but it`s only a sample here) Dose this sound rational to you? It`s easy to say for some kids “they should have printed more right from the start”, but they don`t thik about that this is also a financial risk for a company. Everything I keep in stock is wasted money and no one has money to give away for nothing.
Every company on earth has to survive and therefore has to take care about it`s investions. So It´s way better to re-print something than to have way too much in stock only that the little kids keep their mouth shut. *facepalm* makes no sense.

I`m part of the ppl who go to work every day since almost 10 years. I watched our Boss handling company things every day. Big matters and small ones. I know how a company is handling things in balance for it`s own (financial) safety on the one hand & it`s profit on the other.
We are also like this: We rather go into re-production than to have too much in stock of what we are not sure about to sell in the end.
You kids have no idea of how this world works. Seriously, stop talking. Got to work in a bigger company for some years, get familiar with the things a Boss has to decide and then we talk about it again. Till then: Next please. *ignores the kids*

OTL You ever heard about something that is called “dead capital”? No? Then go to work already! >_<

The amount of copies made so far and the re-printing to fulfill all orders has nothing to do with a fail of c-jes. They just are not SME. They have to take care about their financial status even more. And you all have to admit that our times are more than uncertain. Fandom tuned into something that is inconstant, immature and ignorant. (fandom also love to blane ppl for everything quickly)
I`m not sure about nothing for myself and I don`t even try to sell CDs to this fandom! WTF is wrong with all ppl these days? oO Wae is everything anyones fault? Well, when stans blame OT5`s for everything, then it`s the same case with OT5`s and c-jes right now: OT5`s blame c-jes for everything.
Kids are so selfish nowadays. Only thing about them, them and themselves. (stans are the worst at this)
Oh my… kiddos, all of you will get the album so be happy! It`s not c-jes fault you didn`t or couldn`t order the set. (and just to say it again for your information: I didn`t ordered the set because either –  it was too much money for 3 CDs who are exactly the same except for one side of the cover.)

So what else is new besides this black versiob of In Heaven thingy and such?

Big Bang are nominated at 2011 MTV Europe Music Awards!!! OMG SUN! THIS IS AAAAWESOMMMMMME!!!! =D I`m happy! hallyu wave gogo! :3

Then I had a little shock because of SS501´s Kyu Jong! –>> SS501′s Kim Kyu Jong unveils his dramatic concept photos for “Turn Me On”.
Photobucket *jap drops* … … KYU JONG! *gasps* … your… your hair! … OMG SUN! It`s so extremely white! >< (everyone who complained about Hyukjae`s super blonde hair: SHUT UP! This is even more extreme!)
BUT I also have to admit I`m curious. I want to hear his mini album! Omo! I really want to! I want to listen to Kyu Jong!
Hyun Joong`s “Break Down” was such a blast! #4everrepeatingmyself It will be hard to beat. But I`m so curious! I love SS501. I listened to Jungminnies album and to Hyun Joong`s. So I will of course listen to what Kyu Jong brings to us as well!

Besides that we still have Yunho & Siwon in Poseidon! Photobucket
어머! 어머! *fans* They are so hot! Looking cool #LikeABoss and having tight pants! >//< I think I have to faint! You girls saw th Yunho cuts from Poseidon? *__* Our Leader씨 is soooo cool! And Siwon… Ai! Prince charming as always! (btw.: I really wonder what Yunho and Siwon have going on in this drama… Yunho seems not that pleased to work with Siwon… ARGH! I WANT TO WATCH POSEIDON NOW!!! >.< *forever complaining* )

Chunnies fanmeeting in Thailand was a huge success! He didn`t only get some new tattoos, nu there were also 3.500 fans who visited him at his meeting! YAY for Chunnie! I really hope he had lots of fun!

And now to the awesomeness part 1: Yesterday HoMin`s “B.U.T” MV came out!
Please watch it here —>>> TVXQ reveals full PV for B.U.T (BE-AU-TY) or here:

OMO! I like their dance! *.* HoMin just perfect! Proud of their work once again! And: Of course our Leader씨 can knock out that guy in the end =D It`s OUR LEADER after all! Yunho always wins! ;D Yunho gogo! =DD
*claps* Photobucket *adores Cassiopeia`s Leader씨* “Action Yunho” is my hero! *sparkling eyes* Action Yunho always saves the world… beats the bad guy! (well actually I don`t know if this guy was really the bad one but he wanted to fight our Leader so I consider him as bad!)
and… the dung dung dung-part is cutie! ^ω^ aw! I love it! Cannot wait for my pink version of “Tone” to arrive! This album is purely awesome!

Awesomeness 2: JYJ`s “Get Out” MV is also out!

I like this song! I like it bette now than before. I still prefer “In Heaven” as a song, but I like their dance in this one!
Just only one thing I don`t like: Our boys are too thin T.T

A little shock today: Shinhwa’s Eric terminates his Twitter account
Photobucket WHAT?! Eric Oppa deleted his Twitter account? Wae? When? WAAAAAEEE???? And what does this mean “I’m shutting down Twitter as well due to negative feedback and concerns.” ??! Haters` work or what?! Fucking anti`s destroyed your fun on twitter Oppa? What does this mean? He left because of antis`
Well, I didn`t followed Eric Oppa, but I know ppl who did. Guys, I feel sorry for you!
I was shocked. Really. I was shocked to hear this. F*cking antis have to just die! Seriously! Antis/Haters, #waeuno go and just die, eh? EH?!? Photobucket
Aigoo, aigoo… and we heard only a few days ago that he`s so addicted to twitter! You all remember? There was this photo series taken by a staff member or so with the title -Eric tweeting- where we saw him tweeting everywhere. He was glued to his phone. *sighs* This is really too bad. I would cry if I would haven been a fan of him! (sadly in almost know nothing about him)
@ Emmy: *huggles u* I feel sorry for you that he left Twitter. I know you liked him very much.

Concert matters: Super Junior to bring “Mr. Simple” + ‘Super Show 4′ concerts to Japan. Omooo! Envy you japanese ppl! And the thing with the gift for special seats sounds cool! *__*
Another concert matter thingy: C-jes finally confirmed the date for JYJ`s concert in spain!
Hopefully they will confirm the date for germany soon too! >< Cannot take this waiting any longer!

It`s time for the COUPLE SERIES NOOOOOOW!!!

“YooSu of the day”:
ah! one of the most famous YooSu scenes! Used in several Youtube videos! ^^ *haha* looks like the boys are having fun!

“YeWook of the day”:
KYAAAHH!!! O(≧∇≦)O SuJu MiniDramaaaaa!!! *hehe* I LOVE the YeWook couple in this mini drama! They were soooo natural. Maybe Jongwoon Oppa was right when he said they don`t have to look at the scrips because it will be fine when they only act natural as always ㅋㅋㅋ YeWook too cute! ~Photobucket
OTL could you guys please hug 4ever? You are too adorable! *pinches YeWook*

and now, the moment we waited for since it was announced (at least I hope you waited for it! ^^): It`s time for the…
So let`s welcome KyuMin as the new couple in this series! *let`s KyuMin in* Hi you two! Maybe you like to introduce yourself to our readers?
“KyuMin of the day”: MACRO!
*lol* Oops!! XD KYUMIN! What kind of kick off is that!? I said you should introduce yourself to the readers and not show your freaky side to them first XD
*haha* anyways, this is the KyuMin couple! please look forward to some sweeter momentens of them in furute Photobucket (they can do a lot better than that! Believe me! ;P )

Not it`s time to tell you about my last two days at work a little: Ajeossi is… friendly. oO *confused* He… even joked around with me!? Photobucket *shocked*
okay, this isn`t Ajeossi! Boss, where did you hide the real ajeossi? This one is obviously a bad (good?) copy/clone! This is not him! O= *shocked*

This is definitely the “Wakarimasen! of the day”, the “WTF! of the day” and the “OMG! of the day” at once! What means: TRIPLE FEATURE!!!! (of live series in the blog)
Ajeossi made it possible! I don`t understand wae he`s so friendly right now, it`s totally -WTF!- and -OMG!-! He scares me! (and I still don`t like him…. >-> being a little friendly now don`t eraes all the bad b*tchy behaviour from the past, u know? -.-)

Oh yeah and… ajeossi said again that he thinks I`m (very) freaky. And Oppa called me “Babaya”.
I imediately said “Babaya… bambaya! Oh yes! CALL ME -BAMBAYA-! =D *excited*”
Oppa: “oO ?? What?”
me: “*giggles* call me -bambaya-!”
Oppa: “…”
me: “pleeease! Bambaya pleeeease! *pout*”
Well… Oppa did NOT call me bambaya in the end! *pout* (neither gave me a field mouse as present for my b-day I requested from him! Hmpf! BAD OPPA! BAD! >< I wanted a cute field mouse! Like the one that was in the newspaper!)

Yeah well, but Oppa called me “Darling” and i called him “Babe” XD (yeah, we always call us that). Maybe that`s wae Ajeossi and my older junior think we have something going on… :⎢ *blank expression*
GAIS! *copying Emmy* We only have a work-marriage! This dosen`t mean we are dating each other. PLEASE! I`m already married to Junsu! (just remember the -kiss me/touch me- incident with my Oppa! I told him that I`m mentally married and that I cannot do this! >< )

The less funny part of the last two days was that we had to work very long. These days were hard for us. Much work. I came home very late. (Some of my t-listers should have noticed that)
Yesterday was a especially hard day: I came home late and then was out with mom to solve some more house matters. For the rest of the day. I got up at 03:00am, had a nonstop-day with mon after work and finally came home after 07:00pm… hurts! Photobucket
You know, I have to help her fic the furniture… So we went to 3 different furniture shops in the city yest until we found mom`s future bedroom and we still found NOTHING for our livingroom! *dies* Still 2 more shops to go T~T
I really consider it as luck that I already have all my furniture for the bedroom. It`s enought when I hae to run around with mom.
We also finally ordered our kitchen the past days and I think it will be awesome in the end!

We visited our house at the weekend and I wanted to take some photos but I realized that I had forgotten about my digi cam and… left it at home *facepalm* classic case of -stupid me-!
i will take photos this weekend!

ooooh, and talking about this weekend: I have to work on saturday (or more like: friday night to saturday morning). meh. sucks. :/
But this gives me a day off tomorrow. That`s good! Because then I can sleep long today and go with mom to search for a couch and something to put the tv on it for our livingroom furniture tomorrow!

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