3D MVs on YouTube & the couples

안녕 친구들! Photobucket

first: I think I maybe have some enemies after some entries in the last two weeks. I see that some ppl are not exactly with me in some matters. Well, I cannot blame them. Some of them are kids and some of them are overly worried and therefore a little blind. As for me, I decided to look at the special matters like an adult. Well, I`m 26 now and I just think I can do it this way. I hope my kids Emmy and Lina can learn a lot from me regarding this. (I don`t want to say that they are immature, I want to say that I want to be a good sample for them to follow.)
Almost all what`s posted here on this blog is my PERSONAL OPINION based on the experiences I made in my life so far and my ethical values.
Wae am I tell you this?
It`s because we had to deal with a lot of difficult and ridiculous stupid matters lately. I ranted/talked a lot about things I never wanted to say a single thing about in the first place. This is only a thought that was running through my head lately so I wanted just to state this with a few words.

I don`t care if some ppl will be mad. (of course I don`t! I`m OT5 and this makes some ppl be mad at me 24/7)
This is my blog and I say what I want here. ;P I post what I feel like to post and everyone who dosen`t like it is free to stop reading/looking at it. #justsaying

On the other hand I also know that my soulmatesister and my kid lina are always with me to 100%.
(The only thing I care about are the ppl close to me anyway. Okay, my best friend has nothing to do with the fandom matters so there are only my sisters left to be relevant.)

@ Cynthia & Lina: Thanks for your support! #soulmatesisterhug to Cynthia & *mommy-hug* to Lina!

@ Emmy: Even though I think you must disagree with me in some details a lot lately you are still here. ^^ thank you! Mom and kid cannot always look at the things in the same way. It`s okay *pat, pat* Hope you don`t dislike your mom for looking at things in a different way. =) (but I don`t think you do)

My 3D glasses came yesterday! And guess what! Photobucket THEY WORK PERFECTLY FINE with the 3D vids I found on YouTube! *faints*

어머! 어머! Bonamana was sooo cool in 3D!!!

And I even found Mirotic in 3D!! But sadly not Hd… only 480p :/ but it is cool anyway!

but wait… there are even more!
This is serious GOLD I found just now!
Omooo!!! Hyun Joong and Jungminnie in 3D!!! *squeak* cool! cool! cool!!! *starts searching*

Let`s take a look… we have SNSD here… SHINee… SS501 just a little bit :/ sucks. Want more SS501 vids in 3D!
What else do we have here? Ah! A live of Bonamana in 3D? Seriously? I`m alsways for Heenim Oppa in 3D! =D KYAAAH! I can see Yesungs hair so clear! *reaches out to touch it*
OH MY GODNESS! *stares at the list* THERE`S EVEN A 3D OF MR.SIMPLE?!?!? *clicks on vid* *tests it wit 3D glasses* —> *drop dead* Photobucket (too much awesomeness!!!)

UWAH! Seungri`s “What can I do?” in 3D?!? COOL!
3D MV`s rock! And I found them! lalalala!

okeh! So much for the 3D MV`s! Let`s carry on here!

I just read that brian tweeted love to us Photobucket awwwww! Oppaaa~! We won`t stop loving you either! aw! Cutie you! *pinches Brian*

Poseidon news: Choi Siwon and Lee Si Young sleep together on ‘Poseidon’! OMG! How cute and funny! ^^ I WANT TO SEE POSEIDON NOW! NOW! not in a week or so! ARGH! have to search for the raw version, seriously!
And I watched the Yunho cuts yest. WHAT IS THAT?! Our Leader씨 is dying in Siwons arms?!? NUUUUUUU! YUNHO WAAAAEEEEE??????? Photobucket *runs away crying*

but… our Leader impressed many ppl! “Poseidon” Jung Yunho, Charisma Explosion Right From His 1st Appearance, “Presence Which Makes People Go Crazy”. aaah, our Leader as Leader ^^ *hehe* WHAT A COINCIDENCE! ;P *hehe* how suitable!

And then we had Kyu Jong revealig his MV teaser for “Turn Me On”.
oh, oh… looks like another dramatic love story? I`m curious!

What else is new?
I had… errr… have?… yes, I still have my day off today.
I`m lying around all lazy and useless XD
Sadly I wasn´t able to sleep long (dog didn`t let me! *hmpf!*) and… I think I had a weird dream. Sometime in the early morning hours, around the time I normally get up, I woke up for a moment. I was kinda sleeptalking and said something about… Oppa. ___ Oppa. Cannot remember the name I said. strange. I heard myself talking while I was still half asleep but it was not Junsu`s name… I have no idea and I really don`t know wae I was saying this. I can only remember the Oppa part… Photobucket
I would really like it to know what I was talking about, of WHOM I was talking and what I dreamed. oO

Two days ago I also had a blurry k-pop dream. I cannot remember much but I think it was about Big Bang… I cannot even tell you what it was because it was totally blurry and scrappy… I know there were a lot of ppl around and I only heard someone say “That`s Big Bang!”. Well, maybe it was a fortune telling dreams again? ^^ You remember! I linked the AllKPop article about Big Bang being nominated for the Mtv European Music Awards! (weird né? American tv channel, european award and asian band XD what a mix!)

2 days ago sister sis and I watched tv in the afternoon and we saw some kind of report about tourist in germany. To be exact: some foreign tourists who came to visit munich.
There were 3 chinese girls (young girls, they were 16 at the max.!), 2 guys from sweden & 3 american girls around my age. And our TV station inteviewed them and walked wit them aroun in the city.
The 2 chinese girls were all like “WTH?!? UWAH!” when they came into a normal german backery. They have never ever saw bread. Okie, I never knew there`s no bread in china… errr… maybe tv station overdid it a bit at this part. Well, however, they were fascinated! Not only of all the different bread they could buy there, no, they were extremely fascinated by all the sweet things too. All this is normal for us, but they never ever saw so much of these things in one place. It was like paradise for them ^^ These girl were cute. And their english was perfect! (They must be childs of rich families… otherwise: Where could they have learned english that good exceot for a expensive school, maybe private teacher. There are many poor ppl in china and some of the families are happy when they can even manage to get their kids on a normal school by working night and day.). The 3 girls ended up buying different things and the sales woman at the bakery gave them whole-grain bread. Nah, I saw the next thing coming: They tried it shortly after they bought it and didn`t liked it. Yeah, not even I exactly like it always! They should have started with a Toast! Not with a whole-grain bread! Whole-grain bread can taste strange in different ways!
Next tourists: The american girls ended up in the… hm, I don`t know how to say this in english… it`s called “englischer Garten” (english garden ?? o-o … ) in german. However, they were there. Totally NOT aware of the fact that there is a place where ppl can walk around and bathe naked. They watched from afar and were shocked XD well, I don`t like ppl walking around like that either but it was amusing! Later, the 3 americans went to some kind of wurst stand that sells all kind of sausage, especially munich/german specialities. Their eyes were like “OoO” When they looked at it XDD They bought from everything a little and tried it *haha* ^^ Besides the fact that they had no clue of half of the things what it exactly was, they tried it anyway and they liked it =) Well, all americans talk about german food when they were here. well, it`s just like that it tastes very different from american food. Germany has a real food culture and therefore there are hundred of things americans maybe have never ever seen or eaten in their whole life. (american ppl, you should really visit us more often! We have good food 😉 ).
Next tourists: And then there were the swedish guys. I only saw half of their story but they liked it in munich too. They said the swedish girls have a very hard shell and it`s not that easy to make contact with them. So they spraised the german girls because they said it`s easy to get in contact with them. They can easily talk to them and such things. hm. Well, I think depends on the girls you talk with but… okeh! *Junsu style* The swedish boys were amazed by a Jaguar car that was parked at the side of the street. They almost freaked out about it and said that no one in sweden would ever part his expensive car outside like this and would leave (as it`s owner). Boys, I don`t think this car stands there at night but… okeh! *junsu style* Anyways, they said in sweden such cars are kinda locked away and no one ever sees them standing alongside the street like this. XDD they would be shocked to visit the Porsche car dealer in our city! There are standing around… 15 or 20 cars outside EVERY DAY and EVERY NIGHT. Right besides the street. Yeah well, this is because it`s a car dealer! They show off their cars!
All in all it was interesting to hear what those different ppl think about germany, the germany ppl and the things they eat.

And while we are talking about breat/food: I don`t like every food here but regarding bread I like a lot! Almost all sorts of bread! *___* oooh, from time to time, yeah maybe mor often XD , I really love bread! Even some sorts of whole-grain bread *haha* ^^ I often eat bread and cheese at work for breakfast! With salad, tomatoes and some more kinds of vegetables on it! YUMMY! –>> sample: Mozarella bread! =D OMO talking about it I want one!
@ Emmy: I think it would be called -sandwich- in US XD well, but it`s different here! It`s no sandwich in the classical sense. Only what you put on it is kind of similar. I would love to give you one to eat! ^^ One of Noona special “sandwiches”! (btw: I really like sandwiches in their classical sense!)

OTL I love german bakeries and the things that they sell. So my job is pure gold *___* I can always eat from everything, pick what I like today and pick other thing the next day. I can even go into our kitchen and pick my vegetables for breakfast and my cheese… The place I work… really, it`s HEAVEN! Photobucket

And let`s stick with the food talk: Plans for this evening: Eating Pizza! YAY! I love Pizza as much as I love ramen! My two fav things to eat! =D
When I think about it… I have to order Ramen again next month! D:
To buy list for next month so far:
– Ramen
– SuJu Repackage Album
– Maybe JYJ concerts tickes (if it ever gets real and/or is confirmed *rolleyes* C-jes hurry up! I have to plan my journey!)

Okay, but let`s put all this aside. It`s time for the couple series! YAY!

“YooSu of the day”:
Photobucket Just one comment: CUTIES! ^ω^ (I stared at this for quite a while and… it`s just so cute how Chunnie plays with Junsu`s leg :3 aigoo, wae so cute YooSu! and these blank expressions on top of all… are you tired or bored? anyways, you are cute!)

“YeWook of the day”:
GROUPHUG! …*looks closer* the grouphug that… turned into a YeWook hug ㅋㅋㅋ Yesung was like “Let`s grouphug! *hug*” and then he was like “good, it`s okay now. Bye Siwon *turn away to Wookie* *hugs Ryeowook only*”
I can`t help myself… YeWook hugging is the most natural thing I have ever seen. Really. No kidding!

“KyuMin of the day”:
ah haha! XD see? I said they can be cuter! Minnie is taking good care of the Maknae. =) And they can still be more cute! Just wait and see! These two boys will show you soon! KyuMin just don`t want to show us their cuteness too fast ;P How sly of them! So they want to make sure the readers come to check out the KyuMin again!

HEY! so KyuMin want to help me to make the readers come back? =D OMG! Thank you KyuMin! This is really nice of you boys!

I wonder how my friends like the couple series/the couples?
@ Emmy: You are a YeWook fan now, né? ^^ hope you can still enjoy it although YunJae ended.
@ Lina: I know you are couple crazy so I assume you like the couples of the series Photobucket
@ Cynthia: How do you like the SuJu couples so far? Are you a YeWook fan now too?
@ Stephi Unni: You like the couple series? You learned about SuJu couples a little? Sadly I don`t know any MBLAQ couple but I`m sure they have at least one! (every band has a couple or more!)

Too bad! I`m extremely, completely, super not-familiar with MBLAQ! I only know 3 songs of them and I still haven`t listen to all their albums a bit. I don`t know the name of one single member ^^° eh hehe… nu, I`m really not MBLAQ addicted (due to lack of time).
Anyways, regarding the couples, I like YeWook, EunHae and HanChul very much. But basically I love all couples! They are just sooo cute!
YunJae & YooSu own my special love as couples, that`s for sure. I`m cassiopeia in the end!

About Sangmi

I am cassiopeia from germany *^-^* OT5 all the way! AKTF & hope to the end! JYJ & HoMin hwaiting! An ELF heart is beating in me ^^ Love Super Junior (all Super15 of them), I´m 庚饭 -Gengfan- too. OTL: I do not own anything -most of the media or photos that are posted- and I`m not responsilble for the content of the sites I`ve linked~~*^-^*
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  1. babyredocean says:

    //crying// unnie, wordpress works! i can finally view your site. but i’m afraid if i click out of this page or try to ‘post comment’ it’ll not load.

    ofc i dont’ dislike u //clings// ~i think we disagree very well, don’t you think?

    i would love to have some of your food. and i’m a bread lover too! bread is so yummy, any kind really, i’m not even picky! i wish i could eat your ‘sandwich’ T_T.

    ….i’m also surprised again, kyumin is also new to me! hmmmm not as cute as yewook though O_O . i’m developing a suju couple bias? XDDD

    • Sangmi says:

      ㅋㅋㅋ YeWook is my top-fav couple so far too. But wait untill you`ve seen the others! There are still more! 😉
      Maybe you will change your SuJu couple bias? *haha* I can imagine you very well, thinking about if you can allow the cassie in you to pick a fav SUJU couple ;D

      Ah yes, we disagree very well ^^ (this is the best sentence of the year! I never heard about ppl -disagree very well- but I have to take a note of it! *puts it into her collection of epic sentences*)

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