JJ posted pics of In Heaven album!!! (and… killer tl T.T)

안녕 다들!  v^^.

I haven`t blogged yest because I was too tired from work but I will do now ^^

I heard cool news!
SHINee reveals teaser for Japanese “Lucifer”! =D OMG! The teaser is so cool! TEAMINNIIIIIIE! OTL Reminds me of KYHD a bit! Water instead of dust/sand. Well, it`s cool! Cannot wait to see what MV my SHINee kids will bring up!

SS501′s Kim Kyu Jong unveils new set of concept photos for “Turn Me On”. Aaah, the white hair is gone ^^ And I`m still curious what his song will be like!

We finally know how the Black Version of In Heaven looks!

So far the news of yesterday.
Let`s read my tl together not! ^^ TIMELINE BLOGGING!

— OH? Siwon! “(…) our members are really the sweetest, most noble men in the world!” & “I ♥ SUPER JUNIOR!” ^^ ah, how cute he says this about them!
— ah haha! Marta unni always give me the best RT`s on my tl! “JYJ stans you live to hate. -.- Karma is a bitch and it’s going to bite you in the ass.” *lol* I WOULD LOVE TO SEE THIS! Photobucket
— UWAH! What is this!? Really? Donghae so cool *_* Okay, I know what siwon means now! Read this: Netizens praise Super Junior’s Donghae as an ‘angel’. He`s really too kind.
— *lol* SIWON! What`s with that good morning and the pic of this highland cow? XDD how cute! haha!
— JJ has a new Ava… and he posted a new SelCa ^^
— OMG! JJ posted amazing pics of In Heaven album!? OMG! It looks so awesome!!!! O: —> Post Of JYJ Tweets OMG! JJ! THIS IS SO MEEEEAN! I want to have my In Heaven too! *dies* It looks so awesome! ah! JJ… I`m dying! How awesome! Photobucket
And JJ tweeting about goind to spain: We still have no confirmation of the concert in germany :/ And I`m still worried that Ajeossi won`t let me go. meh. sucks. :/
— uhm… okay… OO Wae is Minho in Russion? Holiday? Photoshooting? I definitely missed some SHINee news here!
— It`s still a little weird… Brian and his Ford promotion. This dosen`t really suit in his usual tweets but… okeh! *Junsu style*
— eeeh? Natali said it seems that ppl are already listening to the full TONE songs and that she wants to wait until her album arrives. I didn`t heard about ppl listening to the full TONE songs on my tl, but I don`t care anyway. I want to wait until (hopefully) my pink version arrives and my pain finally starts to fade… ㅠ~ㅠ (the pain about the price…)
— HENRYYYY!!!!! Oh! I haven`t seen Henry on my tl for a while! *pinches him* oh! he`s optimistic today! Good to hear! I don`t like him being emo. Dosen`t suit him!
— *lool* whatfangirlsdo tweeted this: “TGIF = TGIMB” XDD TRUE! (it`s: thank god it`s friday = Thank god it`s music bank)
— OMO! OMO! This is sooo cute! “ LOVE what Changmin said about WHY video on M-on!. “I’m playing the role of the god that has control over Lights. When all the lights are out… I carry the one light that remained… to see Yunho.” ” if that isn`t cute then i don`t know what is! Photobucket
— ah haha XD another tweet about Ford of brian. Oppa, I understand you do some kind of promotion but I`m so NOT gonna return my VW Polo to buy a Ford >< OPPA JUST NUUUU!
— *scrolls, reads, move tl…* Aigoo… isn`t this freaking long tl over soon? WTH… On a day I don`t wanted to spend so much time on my tl you ppl all spam me to death? WHAT THAT?! (seriously, AllKPop is the greatest spammer XD but where to get my information? they spam, but they bring much information)
— oh, major pic spam of HanGeng recording in Idonesia. good! =)
— oops! Realized again that I never ever saw or have read a translation for “Boy`s Letter”… oO or maybe I simply forgot about it? Dunno. cannot remember anything like that. Maybe I will got to check on it tomorrow. after work and after I sleep for some hours.
— OMG SUN! WHAT?!? The MV teaser for “A-Cha” is out?!?!? Let`s check it!

O: awesome! I want to see the whole MV!!! Now! OMG! This week is really too awesome! since a while MVs are apprearing like crazy! In Heaven, B.U.T, Get Out and now A-Cha! *dies* cannot wait! OMG! I feel so lucky to be a k-pop fan! *___* I`m so blessed! (with good music, caring idols and many MV`s I really can enjoy a lot!) (OTL so that`s what SME made them do! Shooting a new MV after Mr. Simple promotion ended!)

HOW COOL! but… are they a little unfamiliar with their new song or is it just me? They were awesome as always, please don`t get me wrong! I just noticed that. But I love their performance!
btw: Is Ryeowooks hair darker now? They changed Minnies and Shindongs hair. Is Donghae`s hair lighter too? Is Yesungies hair shirter again? (or does it just look like it would be shorter when it`s more wavy?) ^^° oops! all hair talk agian! Yes, noona always looks at the hair ;D
And, #justsaying: YESUNG WAS AWESOME! *___* respect.
— BROTHER! What a nice pic! *__*
— *__* OMG! Leeteuk posted such a nice A-Cha promo pic! You guys want me to die today, né?

Ai! Now I`m finally through my tl! It was waaaaay toooo long! ><

To slowly end this enty let`s visit our couples!

“YooSu of the day”:
ㅋㅋㅋ Photobucket Junsu, what`s up? Kinda looks like you try to hide (just like Noona whens he`s embarrassed XD ) Ai! DB5K pic by the way. *sighs* and back then they weren`t that thin! >< Looking at old pics is… bad somehow.

“YeWook of the day”:
Photobucket aw! This time it`s Yesungie hugging Wookie. :3 I LOVE YOU TWO! *pinches both of them*

“KyuMin of the day”:
AH! FINALLY! ^^ You two finally fullfil your -duty- as a couple in this blog, eh? *haha* Minnie soooo cute! Hugging Kyu from behind! aw! You boys know fangirls love this, né? ;P
And: KyuMin will continue to show you all of their sites *hehe* please stay tuned! You will be amused!

Last words: I have to go to bed now. Yeah, it`s only shortly after 08:00pm but I have to work tonight… -.- But thanks to Music Bank I`m motivated to keep on hwaiting! (I mean after watching the performance of SuJu with “A-Cha” ^^ TGIMB! *haha*)

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I am cassiopeia from germany *^-^* OT5 all the way! AKTF & hope to the end! JYJ & HoMin hwaiting! An ELF heart is beating in me ^^ Love Super Junior (all Super15 of them), I´m 庚饭 -Gengfan- too. OTL: I do not own anything -most of the media or photos that are posted- and I`m not responsilble for the content of the sites I`ve linked~~*^-^*
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2 Responses to JJ posted pics of In Heaven album!!! (and… killer tl T.T)

  1. babyredocean says:

    -.- i think i mixed up replying to your other post. but i got too excited. *slap* u need to sleep not wait for mbank! here unnie: boy’s letter http://www.popgasa.com/2011/09/jyj-boys-letter.html. it’s really sweet lyrics.

    ooh junho update! i never paid attention to his big earring before o.o ~

    and OTL sungmin looks so happy.

    • Sangmi says:

      YES we had finally another junho update. Yeah well, there was not that much happening lately but this pic was simply nice! (and I always pay attention to erearings! That way I found out that Biran and HanGeng own the same ones XD)

      Thanks for the lyrics, I will read *clicks on link* *reads* Uuuh! Really sweet indeed! no, i don`t remember that I`ve read these lyrics ever before. (I don`t think I`ve read all translations of all our boys songs so far… I`m such a bad fan! ㅠ~ㅠ )

      The KyuMin couple is really happy. Wait untill you see HOW happy they can be *hehe* There was a epic movie scene reenacting they did! we will look at it in pic and gif form! (btw: KyuMin were the first couple I knew of SuJu.)

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