Bandwidth exceeded… errr… again?! oO + Brother`s news

… and wae can we see the YooSu couple then and the SuJu`s couples not? They are at the same host on the same account. STRANGE!
But funny too: In the meantime it looks like photohost is just weird like that! Now hostie picks what to show and what not XD OMG! It has an life on it`s own! I always knew!

Well, well, I have nothing much to say anyway. Just a little. Let`s do the couple series when the photohost is okay again.

Today we had brother again! He was shopping ^^ *haha*
+ Junho ate yummy looking things again Photobucket
But… brother! You Outfit… >//< ehm… and generally… You in white again? *turns embarrassingly red* errr… I will go now, okie?… >///< Eat well! *runs away embarrassed to hide behind Junsu* T.T I`m so weak. Brother MIANHAEEE~ *whines* … Some day noona will be stronger ^^° eh hehe…
(but this pic is cute anyway!)

Well, and then he was shopping (he said he bought a lot XDD ):
Oooh, you like to go shopping, né?!? Photobucket HEY! Take noona with you then! Maybe the next time? Ah, you will take noona with you the next time, né? Will ya? *hopeful eyes*
…*thoughts start running* and then we convince Junsu to go group-shop with us and this will be the most funny day ever! Photobucket *imagines our -family- while shopping* *giggles* hehehe… CRAZY! ^___^
aaah, I should invite my sis for this shopping tour too! She likes Junho as well! (+ go shopping wiht brother will be less embarrassing than watching him eat with THAT outfit! >< OMG! My weakness! Korean guys dressed in white… and then it`s brother on top of all?! I`m always embarrased so super easily around brother… >//< aigoo… I`m so weak.)

The next thing was: Kyu Jong released his Mini album! OMG! The day for it was really today?! I never knew but I also never mind ^^
SS501′s Kim Kyu Jong releases debut mini-album, “Turn Me On”
I like it! I also like the MV but it`s sad… T.T
His Mini Album is good! For me it dosen`t beats Hyun Joong`s album, but it`s good! I like it.

Poseidon news: Choi Siwon & Lee Si Young’s ‘Poseidon’ boxing scene
ah haha!! ^^ cute.
More Poseidon: Poseidon EP 3 – Yunho Cut (Omoooo! So Yunho`s not dead in Poseidon?!?! =D *hopefull eyes*)

But look at this now! 어머! 어머!!! Ryeowook & Hyungshik!!
Awwww~ Photobucket aren`t they super adorable!? Let noona pinch you! *pinches the two*

Well, nothing more to say. Very shameful short entry. But I don`t have so much time today and I haven`t had dinner by now.
Tomorrow I will be away with mom to buy curtains =D I hope we find some nice ones.

And on wednesday I`m out with mom and Sister sis to look for our living room furniture. I also need one or two bookshelft(s)… and we still need a dining table & chairs. Aigoo… we have to order all this because it takes 6 to 8 weeks to arrive then and we need all these things when our house is ready. A little stressful. But we will mission make it! I think I will do a blogentry on thursday again. Kinda hurts, but what to do. C ya then again here guys! v^^.

(hopefully ALL our couple will be back then and photohost`s bandwidth is not exceeded anymore)

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