Just one more day till Tohoshinki`s “Tone”& what Siwon has to do with my weird morning experience…


Mom and I were out long today to fix some housematters but now I`m back and will read my tl from today!
Sooooo. Let`s see what happened while I was busy with mom and housmatters:

SHINee’s Taemin to showoff a manly image on ‘K-STAR news’.
Oh. Really? You serious? My Taeminnie baby, my adopted son, to showoff a manly image? Not even with the lucifer pics baby could hide his babyness ^^ Don`t get me wrong! Minnie`s time will come! But right now he`s still noonas baby~
Né, Taeminnie? Photobucket

WOOAH!!! The k-pop flashmob from munich was in korea`s media?!??! OMG SUN! O: *jaw drops*

Allkpop article: JYJ dominates charts even without publicly performing on TV + to perform on KBS?
Ah! Allkpop, delte the “?” in this sentence! No doubt they are successful without performing on TV! But it`s more like: Like every other artist they would be happy to perform on tv from time to time. And we fans would be happy too.
Well nonetheless some sentence caught my attention: KBS guaranteed that once JYJ’s new album is officially released, they should be able to perform without a stitch. There is talk about outside factors possibly causing some problems, but we trust KBS and we want JYJ to be able to perform before their fans that have been waiting for them.
*faceplam* C-jes, don`t trust KBS, they are not trustworthy. Aigoo… somtimes c-jes is like a young girl: bitchy at times, trustful & way to naive >< I hope their trust in KBS isn`t wasted time! I reall hope so! (because tv station cannot be trusted, we know this since a while).
Well, Cassiopeia will eat KBS up if they do nonsense again and claiming things they never wanted to do in the first place, so… Let`s wait and see. NÉ, KBS!? Photobucket
Maybe they come up with another excuse later, like “we will let JYJ performe after they released their second album”. Yeah well, wae not the 5th? I don`t trust KBS a bit! I will only believe it when I finally see it!
KBS, never forget: We want JYJ on 뮤직뱅크!

I don`t know these two but they are cute! ^.^ –> Eugene & Ki Tae Young’s Paris Honeymoon photos for ‘Instyle Weddings’ magazine

Oh! Siwon goes religious at us again: “비판을 받지 아니하려거든 비판하지 말라 [마 7:1] 오늘도 와닿는 말씀 ^^”
amen oppa!
Dunno, somehow I can accept his way of living his religion and showing it to us. He`s not like some (shallow) ppl here around… or generally ppl who curse you because you are not some super religious being but are not living according to their own realigions` rules… you know what I mean?
That`s why I can accept Siwon`s way so well.

Fuckyeah!HanGeng! posted: “Han Geng and SME have reached a mutual agreement. However, according to Han Geng’s side, his contract with SME is void.
(trans by Windchime @ geng-bao.net)
THANK GOD!!!!!! So it`s finally over and Han really free? however: F*CK OFF SME! Let him be! >< *sends SME away* Photobucket I forbid you to come near him ever again! SuJu yes, but SME`s higher ones: GO AWAY! Poor HanGeng suffered so much! >__<

eeeh? Junsu played Starcraft at MBC Game’s ‘@Play’? Wae not Kyuhyun ^^ *haha* but Junsu is a game freak too. I would love to know what starcraft is about… is this some kind of… korean “world of warcraft”?

O: *jaw drops* shock the… 100th today while reading the tl: TOHOSHINKI Album ‘TONE’ Part 3
oh my god sun… Photobucket the pink version. The awesome pink version. My pink version… *__* I can only stare. (okie, it turns out more red here but I don`t care!)
I CANNOT WAIT TO HOLD IT IN MY HANDSS!!!!! ARGH! I`m DYING here! SOMEONE GIVE ME this album NOW! OMO! OMO! *runs around in circles* JUST ONE MORE DAY LEFT! TOMORROW “TONE” WILL BE OUT! *goes crazy* *is hyper*

*cough* …. well.
SORRY! But I´m just so hyper about it! I just want my pink/red version. Whatever. JUST THIS ONE. GAIS! *imitating Emmy* Just gimme that CD and nobody will ge hurt! Photobucket

What more to say: Due to bandwidth exceeded status now even YooSu are gone. Well, photohost played a trick on me yesterday, eh?? This is a typical episode of “The technology and I”. This time technology won. *sighs* however: No couple series today! We cannot se it anyway… T.T

*LOL* Sis just tweeted: “SORRY JESUS but Cassiopeia is my religion ^^” (haha! SORRY JESUS is a trend right now!)
I said we should say sorry, sorry, sorry to Siwon then too, because he always wants to make good and religious ppl out of us.
me says: “MR. CHOI! I appreaciate your effort but: Sorry, sorry, sorry, sorry… *sings sorry sorry* Siwon, but we are cassiopeia. It`s our religion.*”
Siwon: “*facepalm*”__ ^^
ㅎㅎㅎㅎ and sis said: “YES!!! XDD and you should tolerate every religion ;O”
(let`s cut the talk about the “xiahnism church” out now XDD ah haha! Too pervy! )

Well, but talking about imagining things… I had a really weird morning experience! The alarm of my clock rang like every morning. noona turned it off like every morning and refused to get up ^^° I always stay in bed for 15 minutes longer.
But this time I had chilling 15 minutes! I woke up for the first time shortly after I turned the alarm off because I thought I heard someone talking besides my bed. Okie, I woke up, heard no one and chilled again. Then, half asleep, I woke up like shocked for a second time and somehow I thought Siwon was just here… oO Really! Wae? Siwon? In my room? yeah, of course… NOT! So I chilled again. Now the most weird part of all this: I woke up for the third time and was really like “WHAT DA HELL!?? Photobucket WHAT DA F*CK!?” I heard Siwon`s voice like he would stand directly besides my bed! I mean… WHAT DA FAAAAACKnesssssss!!!!
I clearly heard him calling me and say “Noona, get up!” as if he would kick me when I don`t get up now because I will be late to work… REALLY! I haven`t had such a weird feeling getting up in the morning for a long time!

Well, well… Siwon makes it possible!
*shakes head* UNBELIEVABLE! How weird am I? #Hallucinations4ever … 진심으로! 아이고! >< Am I slowly going crazy? (liek back then, when I heard Ajeossi talking about some choclate chips I should bring him from the basement and I understood “The ones from -Heechul-” … oO

And talking about work: Since 2 days I have to sing Mirotic at work. All thanks to #MiroticDay. My thoughts still celebrate the anniversarry~ ^^

Oh yeah, another k-pop realated story from today: The radio at work played a song. I couldn`t understand the lyrics and realize the song (becaue of all the noise in our bakery), but I had this feeling this just sounds like “In My Head”. And when it comes to “In My Head” I only know Brian`s version. 4ever only know his version! I just thought this song could be “In My Head” and started to play the song >in my head< =P *wordplay* As the song was 2/3 finished I found out that it`s really “In My Head” (the original version) that was played and I immediately started to sing brian`s lyrics to this song quietly for me. ah haha! I cannot help myself! I… just cannot sing the song normal! And I like brian`s version way better!!! the normal version sucks, but brians version is so cool! I never liked this song untill I heard it sung by Brian and have read his lyrics! Because Brian`s version is not about sex! I hate the normal original because of it`s lyrics! >__<
Well, there you go guys, Brian`s “In My Head” MV:

OMG! Brian is amazing… and… this girl sooo pretty! >< *runs away because she`s not pretty like her* Photobucket

p.s.: It`s time to party soon! Ajeossi will be on a short vacation next week! =D and we have long weekend because the next monday is a official holiday day! YAIY!

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