A little OT5 reminiscence & random talk about my k-pop dreams…

안녕! ^___^

Just look what crossed my way! The good old PURPLE LINE!
Let`s do a little OT5 reminiscence, shall we? ^^

I love Purple Line! The first song after Doushite I heard of our boys when I became a fan.

and while we are at it: RISING SUN!

I love this MV! I love this song! One of my first songs after Doushite!
Comment on YT said “its captain yoochun sparrow!! :P” XD SO TRUE!
I still kinda dislike JJ with blonde hair… :/ I cannot say this is good. But well, hairstyles are changing. You can`t like every style. This is just very important for hair-obsessed ppl like me ^^°

Today I searched for a HD version of B.U.T … I wanted to post it here then, but -.- yeah, guess what? I found NOTHING! GNNAAAAH!!! WAAAAEEEEEE~!!??!??! I need B.U.T in HD! ㅠ___ㅠ I need it so bad!
*whines* YouTube, #waeuno stop being heartless and just gimme B.U.T in HD *runs away crying*

Okie, what did I read in my “newspaper”?

Han showed us again that he`s a deep thinking person at times by saying: “Your life and career are your own choice, you can choose to respect and be sincere, and enjoy it forever, or you can choose to manipulate, be materialistic, and have it for a short time.” __Somehow… I can totally imagine him saying this. *-*
And to stick with Han`s matters: FUCKYEAH!HanGeng! bought this to us: This Is the End: Han Geng is Legally Free from SM Entertainment.
OH MY GODNESS! FINALLY! So it`s for real now? Poor him, he suffered long enough. Congrats to HanGeng! He made it! oh yeah and: F*CK OFF SME! If you ever dare to put your hands on him again, then my rage will be terribel! Be assured of that! =.= *eyes SME*

Photobucket But besides this matter, the next one is a really happy one! →→ Super Junior’s Sungmin reveals photo of Heechul returning from military training camp!!!
YAIIIYYY!!! Photobucket
OMG! Besides being so hyper about HoMin`s “Tone” I was also restless with my thoughts about Heenim Oppa! It was the end of the month and the 4 weeks were over… =) Thank god, Heenim Oppa is back! Still23 month to go now, but we will make it! HWAITING! =D

And we had news from another “long time no see”-SuJu member: =DD KANGIN-AAAH~~~! Super Junior’s Kangin attends historical event for ‘Nakdong River Victory’
oooh *.* he`s a corporal now? oh, I feel proud and I`m not even an ELF! (but I love SuJu so much! I`m not an ELF because I sold my soul to cassiopeia and the 5 gods of the east ^^° eh hehe Photobucket, but…. I just love these SuJu guys!)
If I`m not mistaken with it Kangin will come back next year! Aw! I miss him! Korea`s strongest man~ ^^

But we are not done with SuJu now! I read about a funny but also a little sad story regarding Siwon and a compliment his fellow members made: Choi Siwon was hurt by a compliment made by Super Junior members.
First: Hyukjae quote: Not only is Siwon a good looking guy, but he’s sharp, he’s a gentleman, plus he’s really athletic. He’s the whole package…__ OTL HYUKJAE, THAT`S RIGHT! He`s not called -Prince Charming- for no reason and nothing! ;D
Second: awww! Siwon totally misunderstood his members and thought the whole day about it? It`s cute that he called Leeteuk in the middle of the night and talked that long to him but it`s also a little sad… *pats Siwon`s head* it`s okie Oppa, your members love you, they just cannot express themselves very well =P
Ah! But althought Siwon was a little hurt about this happening I thougth this story is cutie~~! Awww! Wae so cute? Siwon, just wae? Is this person even real? Sometimes I cannot believe! (and I`m not only talking about Siwon or SuJu boys now!)
Under normal circumstances I would have said it`s not possible to be so cute and charming at the same time! But since I knew k-pop I know there are really some prince charming`s around, gentlemen and even cute Photobucket they are just very far away from us!

oh yeah and I also saw today`s Music Core performances! (aaaand so there was another SuJu performance for me to save… *archives* it SUCKS SO MUCH that JYJ and HoMin are not there! I want to archive performances of them too! *pout*)

I wrote a email (or rather: two) to my soulmatesister and I think the second one was really not properly written XD I was tired and only waited for the pics to be uploaded. It sucks that I have not enough time for her. And I haven`t enough time for Emmy or Lina as well.
I`m so freaking annoyed! I want to have more time for them! ㅠ~ㅠ

At least I found the time to answer Naddi`s mail! >< I`m a bad email checker! really! Ppl who write me a mail: It´s not your fault. It`s me!

But it really bothers me the most when I cannot talk to my soulmatesister! Like she said: a day without soulmatesister-talk is empty! I feel empty then…. Photobucket

Another matter: My dreams recently suck! Lately I had some hallucinations or more like… HALLYUcinations but not one single k-pop dream!
I dream about random weird stuff I cannot even remember afterwards (but it would be of no use anyway to remember this nonsense anyway), but no good dreams! AISH! This bothers me as well! Normally I`m good in getting k-pop dreams. I wonder! Maybe it`s because I`m stressed out a little right now? Maybe this is wae I cannot have good dreams?
Well, so all I can do is remember my old dreams! The JYJ dream, my first k-dream ever, was so cool. When I think of this dream I remember two things first: The way Junsu looked like & JJ with his demo XDD *lool* too amazing!
Then this fortune telling dream about the JYJ album… this is definitely the most scary dream I`ve ever had! Scary because I was right with the content of the album! I dreamed there are some songs on it we already know and their new songs. And what was it, eh? Look at “In Heaven” now! (and my JYJ album-dream was some weeks before it was even rumored that there maybe will be an album of JYJ this year). Sometimes I scare myself… °__° …
The most strange dream was definitely the dream with SHINee at this hotel complex. Up to today I have no idea what this was about! And then only person I still remember clearly is Key… oO (and wae da hell was I staying at this weird hotel? oO )
A very funny dream was the one with Siwon and me at this seminar! (okay, besides the fact that some crazy ppl took us and the other seminar ppl as their hostages this dream was funny). It was too fun that Siwon remembered that we`ve meet before and we both thought the seminar was super boring XDD Talking with Siwon was much fun! I`m happy to see Siwon in my dreams from time to time. It`s always a nice surprise. Normally there are only JYJ and HoMin!
Aaah~~~ but there is something more! I just remember that one dream when I was resting my head on our Leader씨`s shoulder while telling him what things annoy da hell outa me ^//^ eh hehe… *embarrassed laugh* Cassiopeia will kill me now! *runs away very fast*

With my k-dreams I had very cool experiences until now!
– rested my head on our Leader씨`s shoulder ^//^
– ranted while sitting on Junsu`s lap XD
– had a very embarrassing -accident- with Donghae… >//<
– met half of SuJu
– met Siwon 2 times (and at leasted one time I was clinging on his arm ^^°… errr… oops!)
– met Henry
– met HoMin
– met JYJ (several times)
– hugged Junsu
– hugged JJ
– hold hands with my brother-in-law, Junho ^//^ (OMG! *runsa away in embarrassment*)
– watched TV with Teamin
– Minho & Key helped me taking revenge on my ex XDD
– witnessed a awesome JYJ&SuJu concert
– stroked Harang

Hm, did I forget about something? Well, these are already enough reasons that Cassiopeia and ELF`s will envy me 4ever anyway. And I`m sure these were not my last dreams! It`s just a matter of time till the next awesome k-dream comes to me!
Maybe I should archive them.

@ Emmy, Cynthia, Lina & Stephi Unni: What do you girls think? Should I open up a site here on the blog for my k-dreams? ^^

Now, to slowly put an end to my entry let`s look at some random stuff that crossed my way today.

Our dearest stans are at it again! YESSSS, spreading their hate of course!
Quote from twitter: “JYJ stans says cassies are the negative part of kpop? LOL stans, you are the EMBARRASSMENT of kpop”
*loool* Never laughed more than today! First JYJ19 banned JYJ666 errr…! JYJ3. *haha* They even hate each other! HOW SUITABLE! We always knew they will end up destroying themselves and will eat up each other alive one day.
They are not only questioning their own stanbase the whole time, no, they ban and hate each other on top of all. They even have stan-stans in their own parties sooo… what more to say about this oh so glorious stanbase of them?
But then they go and say that cassies are the negative part of k-pop. oooh, I see stans, I see!
Oh my… isn`t it totally, super exhausting to talk so much crap the whole day? 아이고…

Stans awalys want to fire a bomb but end up embarrassing themselves… Photobucket
OTL: Stans = 4ever most epic FAIL!
Twitter quote: “JYJ stans even suck at being stans. HILARIOUS” __*dies laughing* XD TRUE!
“jyj stans, as much as i dislike you (hate is a strong word), your drama is rarely amusing :)) you spread hate?well, it comes back 100x worse”__ of course it does! But they will never learn. *facepalm*
Then I saw this on wikipedia again:
I don`t know how many of you already know/have seen this, but I saw this over 6 moths ago and still think it`s interesting! This explains wae there are soooo many ppl with last name “Kim” and “Lee” are around Photobucket
The last thing is something I saw because my friend Jing Yee posted it on facebook:
*haha* LOL! I don`t know where she found this, but it`s sooo true and very funny!

hm… and I would love to do the couple series again, but photohost still says it`s over capacity… Photobucket :/ meh. SUCKS!
so what to do? soulmatesister will not be back before 10:00pm so I will re-watch the suju mini dramas! =D yay! KyuMin couple & YeWook couple in oe drama! (and they even acting as couples!). In the other mini drama we will have the EunHae couple and the KangTeuk couple! =DD So I will be a very happy couple-loving fangirl soon!

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