GUESS WHAT! , 포세이돈(Poseidon) & SHINee`s japanese “Lucifer” MV


… err… 안녕… I don`t know… I`m so confused. Concert trouble making me go crazy right now! okay, I said I will not complain anymore so I will stick to what I said.
But I just decided on sending Ajeossi a SMS and asking for my day off >< I`m curious what he will say! (or whem he will answer in the first place. Maybe he`s not at home… aaah. All I can do it wait!
And I think that I have to wait longer for his answer.


T___T OMOOO! And I still don`t know if I will be able to attend! *runs around like a chicken with it`s head cut off*

— *several moments later* —
*breathes in, breathes out* ooookay. *clams* Let`s go crazy over other things.

Things like…. 포세이돈! (Poseidon):

Leader Kwon JeongRyul (Lee SeongJae), Lee SuYun (Lee SiYeong) & Kim SeonWoo (Choi SiWon). All three of them are in the CGI9 team. I like the characters very much so far! (all of them, not only these 3 ^__^ )
I watched the 4 subbed episodes of Poseidon and I love it! *__* Aaaah! Cannot wait for the next episode! When is Poseidon normally airing? AI! Cannot wait for the next episode! and… will SuYun & SeonWoo be a couple in the end! =D aah, they would be so cute together!
I really, really love Poseidon! It`s so… exciting! And Yunho and Siwon were sooo cool! At first they were like =_= all the time around each other. Siwon even wanted to refuse to work with Yunho XD But in the end it was sooo simple for them to put their friendship on a normal level again. They just needed to talk properly! Awww! And their airport goodbye-scene was soo cute! ~Photobucket Photobucket CUTIES YOU!!!! *pinches Yunho/Siwon* Awww!
And… I really wonder who`s the spy inside of the marine police! Aigoo… maybe someone of the higher ones? Who of the little ones could have known so fast about SeonWoo joining the investigation team! It must be either a higher one or someone really close to anyone of the investigation team. Maybe even someone of them? WHO KNOWS?! It`s always the one you wouldn`t have thought!
+ I really, really hope they bring back Yunho in another episode, sometime later in this drama! aaah! Would be sooo great!
Ooooh! surprise, surprise! Look at this: “P.S.M. actually means ‘Performer Success Museum’ according to Jaejoong. SBS and MBC asked what it meant, KBS just assumed and banned.”
Yeah, this is the result of the story KBS brought up. That they banned Pierrot because they said PSM  means “President Lee SooMan”. Uuuuuhuuu, I see KBS. I see. =.= hrrr… *annoyed sigh* It`s sad that I have to say this but I believe KBS is already the lapdog of SME. Well, only the insiders can know if they act like this freely or if they are under some kind of preassure (or just dumb?) and just have to do what SME wants them to do. But I don`t care! This is sooo much nonsense!
Well, in any case: This is what JJ has to say about it. I`M CURIOUS TOO! What gave KBS the idea that PSM means “President Lee SooMan”, eh? And they didn`t even asked! This is what I think: That`s what SME thinks because they think everyone is as evil in his actions/speaking as they are so they assumed this and the KBS doggie is only repeating it like a parrot.
=_= hrrrr… *annoyed sigh* I will not start to make a rant out of this because this rant would surely never end!
Then only thing KBS is doing right lately is airing Poseidon -.-” REALLY!

Okay, but talking about Poseidon-> Siwon-> Super Junior’s Choi Siwon leaves encouraging words for Leeteuk.
awww! How cute of him! Wishing all the best for the band`s Umma! ^ω^
And it looks like Siwon and Leeteul have some kind of history: YouTube: “Super Junior’s Siwon is whose hyung’s boy???”
Ai! *hehe* This is kinda cute! Everyone, please watch!

OMO! Today was the day SHINee brought out their japanese MV for “Lucifer”: SHINee unleashes Japanese PV for “Lucifer”!
ooooh my god! Their dance was never so powerful before! Please watch!

Just one word: Awesome!
My SHINee kids did a really great job. I wonder wae this thingy is on Teaminnies head XD but besides that the vid is really great! I like the thing with the water! Reminds me 1.) of KYHD & 2.) of “Ring Ding Dong” MV ;D
ah! Taemin is still so cute ^^

The last interesting thing I wanted to share was AllK-Pop`s Weekly Mashup: September 2011!
Oh my! *haha* sounded really intersting and… once you got used to it not that bad. But: WAE DA HELL DO JYJ SOUND LIKE WOMEN?!? Is this the AllKPop female version of “In Heaven” or what!? STOP IT GUYS! Photobucket

What surprised me a little was HoMin saying this while in Beijing: TVXQ Hopes To Act With Chinese Actors, Wants To Release Chinese Album.
WOAH! Nothing against our beloved HoMin but isn`t this a little like… SME sending little greetings to Han via this? If SME says “TVXQ, sing chinese songs” then the boys will do. And we all know SME: They palnned since a whole to “invade” China AND Europe.
And… I cannot really see HoMin singing chinese songs yet. It will be a little weird. The point of all this is: I don`t want them to be stressed out. Learning japanese and now learning chinese? It`s not that HoMin decide in what language they will sing. It`s SME(!!!) who will tell them! Well, let`s see if they will release a chinese album.
SuJu M did this before. But somehow I have a different feeling when it comes to HoMin (maybe because it`s my fandom). I`m curious! I will stay tuned!

There are some so-so news (at least for the fans who wait for the album) from JYJ—> JYJ Are Unable To Sell More Albums Because They’ve Sold Them All!
Photobucket What exactly does this mean?!? You say I will probalby not even get my black version of “In Heaven” or do I have to wait another month?! T__T
Living so far away from Korea SUCKS SO MUCH! I have to wait 3 more weeks. Only then I know if my “In Heaven” was already shipped and I will get my Junsu version or if I have to wait. Aish! Of only the way for the CD wouldn`t be that long! … :/ meh. Sucks.
BUT: YAIIIYYY!!! Our boys are that successful! I`m so happy! and just look at this! –> A Counter Solely For JYJ’s ‘In Heaven’ Appears Yet Again, “And You Still Say They’re Unpopular?”

Now there`s only one thing left to do: Let`s celebrate another episode of “IN YA F*CKING FACE STANS!”:
JYJ said: “Because JYJ is the group from TVXQ, I don’t think we have to get rid of TVXQ image,”
Yunho said: “It’s not 2+1, it’s 5+1. Cassiopeia is TVXQ’s 6th member.” #HoMinBeijing”
Let me celebrate this OT5ness we have here again! –> *starts to moonwalk*
Stans, KYHD and Get Out! … >-> 진심으로!
(oh yeah and the thing with the SMS to ajeossi turned out like this: Ajeossi said I`m relatively late with my request and the date is not good… yeah, what to do?!? I didn`t knew it before and I know that the date sucks! >< But Ajeossi said he wants me to ask our boss *almost faints* Now I have to ask our boss tomorrow! ooooh my! My poor nerves! Concert trouble is killing me!)

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