SuJu @ Music Core, Poseidon & my In Heaven arrived!

*is TONE-ing right now* 안녕 *giggles* I almost said “t-list” right now XDD…

Yeah, sorry. Sort of habit!

What to say? TONE is playing right now, me is having a lazy day. But my day yesterday was even more lazy! I didn`t even changed fully! To walk the dog I only change from my pajama pants into my jeans ㅋㅋㅋ So this means I wore half of my pajama the whole day! ^^°

But let`s talk about Tone again: look at this! –> [TONE] Album Certified Platinum By JRIA
This means (quote): >”TONE” has been verified “Platinum” by Japan’s Recording Industry Association! it has sold 250,000 copies!<
ooooh~ *sparkling eyes* I died of proudness yesterday… no kidding! Photobucket And talking about yesterday: Poseidon Episode 5 was finally online! OMG! =D Now we are  slowly getting nearer to the thing with SuYun`s father… Photobucket Of course it ended when it was at the most interesting point XD aaah! Dammit! cliffhangers, #waeuno go away! How cruel! (yes, as you can seen, I`m watching my dramas on KimchiDrama =) always. I like this site!)

This is how my 포세이돈(Poseidon) folder looks on my mac: Photobucket aaah, bla bla KBS HD! As if! It`s not HD on my mac! ㅠ~ㅠ I shoult try to covert it to at least 720p HD!

Hm. I should also go and get the USB stick from my car! I have to put on some of the TONE songs! It`s time to update this thingy! (and I have the In Heaven songs too!)

oh and while we are talking of CDs and such: Here`s the present for my soulmatesister: Photobucket Don`t panic, she already saw it ^^ Ah, say, did I do a good job? I don`t wanted to unpack it more than necessary so I left it bubble wrapped, just added on some cuteness ^____^ Oh yeah and yesss, this is the Mr. Simple album in Yesung version for her. The first not cassie related thing I will give her. Back then, as soon as I saw the Yesung version after it arrived, I thoght “DAMN! It looks also totally cool!”, but there would be no use in keeping it because it`s only the outside that`s different from my Kyu-Version of Mr. Simple album so what should I do with two totally identical CDs? And even the picture cards inside will be the same. I know, Sis said I should keep it, but it makes no sense for me Photobucket But I have to admit that I really like this version.

Hehe… and while talking about SuJu ^^: My t-list already saw this, but: These are some random things out of my SuJu items…
The “Boys in City” Photobook (Season 3), Super Show 3 Photobook, Super Show 1 + 2 DVD (+ There`s a small photobook inside of the box of the Super Show 1 DVD) & SuJu`s 2nd album ^^
I came across them while searching for a good place for my Tone album in my k-pop boxes! and… I ended up whith my 5th box XDD the 4th big one (the 1 small box is for postcards/photos). 아~~, 진짜! My k-pop collection grew really fast! ^^° eh hehe… I need a seperate room for my k-pop items if this continues like that! ^.^° *drop*

btw…. Have I mentioned that my “In Heaven” arrived this FRIDAY?!? I`m not even able to remember with all the cray cray about the concert! *dies* But it really arrived!
Mom`s first comment as she saw it: “What is that? *critical look* Carton? How cheap…”
me: “Photobucket IT`S NOT CHEAP! *pout* It`s nice! *opens and closes the cover* See? It has a magnet inside! It`s not cheap! *continues pouting*”
OMG! What a rude comment mom! OTL WTFnessss!!!!! WTFness mom!
Jeez… as if In Heaven would be cheap! Mom should notice that many CD covers are made of cartone. SuJu`s Mr. Simple is made of carton too! But it`s thinner than In Heaven caton and printed *pout* Mom, you know nothing! *stokes her In Heaven album & bubble wrapes it to protect it from harsh comments*
Yeah, but what I wanted to say was: The pictures in In Heaven are tooootally daebak! OMG! Sooo pretty! And… *cough* to be honest… Junsu`s pics totally KILLED ME! I was freakin’ dead, okeh?! How can he do this to me! *still almost faints by only thinking of it*
So you should really take a look at what SYC Team posted: [Pic] JYJ In Heaven CD Part 5
Uwaaah…. *____* I almost FAINTED AGAIN! (but… our boys could be a little… less thin >< #4everrepeatingmyself)

Let`s take a look at SuJu`s latest A-Cha performance at MBC`s Mucis Core yesterday:

THIS IS IT! Although Siwon & Heenim Oppa are missing was this the totally most daebak A-Cha performance so far! I`m happy that I have an ELF heart in me ^w^ so I can go cray cray over SuJu too! (and can watch many awesome MVs & Live`s + hear many awesome songs). Cassies, I can only tell you: Having an ELF heart in you is really a good thing! And for all those who still wonder: I came to know SuJu & DBSK almost at the same time. I always loved both and thanks to doushite wich was SUCH A BLAST to me my heart went to the 5 gods of the east. And I already told you that if I wouldn`t be a cassie I would be an ELF. And I think this is basically the reason wae I have something called an -ELF heart- (thanks to Natali ^^) in me. Photobucket Thank you for existing my ELF heart, I really like you! ㅋㅋㅋ

*lool* I just read that my #soulmate spazzed a little over the fact that her dongsaeng is looking up to her XDD ah haha! She said it`s really cute with the words “you cute being” and this again is really cute to me! *pinches Cynthia* ㅋㅋㅋ You younger ones are all too cute. Somtimes I can barely bear it Photobucket

But not… you know what time it is? No, it`s not ‘return of the king’ neither it`s Junsu time *Thanksgiving Live in Dome -cough-*.

It`s COUPLE SERIES time! Yep, exactly like dissss….:

“YooSu of the day”: Photobucket
*loool* Okay, exactly NOT LIKE DISS! XDD Oh my! Junsu! This is not a nice sample for a couple! …but, on the other hand… Yoochun, that`s what you get for always teasing Junsu with food and never feed him! *muahahaha*

“YeWook of the day”:
ah haha! ㅋㅋㅋ As always, YeWook are giving us the perfect sample for how a couple should be! aah! Ryeowook, what`s with that super adorable smile!? Ai! My fangirl heart melts at this scenery! Photobucket (yeah well, @ patricia: What were we talking about yesterday? ^^ Here`s the proof. Again xD ).
And we even have Minnie there + they are in winter clothes. Okay, you may think “wae are you telling us that, we can see it by ourselves.” Yeah kids, I`m telling you that because when we have SuJu and DBSK together (in winter clothes) it means that this was during the filming for the MV for the DBSK/SuJu Song “Show me your love”! Ah! This MV is really nice. SuJu AND our boys… haaah~Photobucket *sighs* Just too perfect!
Btw.: Once again we have a Changmin who`s like -*ignores*-… aigoo, he`s clearly not like a fangirl a single bit! (otherwise he would go totally cray cray with all the cute couples surrounding him XDbut I understand. Our dark lord is not affected by anything, that`s just the way he is! ;D )
You know what, go and see the MV:

There you go. This is cute SuJu and cute DBSK together in 2005! ^^ OTL KYAH!!!!! O(≧∇≦)O BABIES!!! They are all sooo young in this MV!

Yeah well, now I`m overly curious what KyuMin will show us today. KyuMin, will you two be a good sample for a couple today?
“KyuMin of the day”:
aaah! yes, they will! And this was exactly what I was talking about when I showed you the reenacting scene of KyuMin back then: Kangin, what are you doing?!? You totally runined the perfect KyuMin couple moment! XDD I mean, I saw this on YouTube a long time ago. It was like…
KyuMin: *reenacting movie scene* *kissing*
SuJu: *giggling/laughing*
Kangin: *Watching like >__> & goes to drag Sungminnie away*
aaah! Kangin waeeeee!! This was just perfect! *haha* He was all like “No, no, no! You cannot do this you two!” Photobucket ___but what I think is interesting: I cannot remember what Hyukjae was holding in his hand. I saw this video such a long time ago, I simply cannot remember. Looks like… *looks closer* a cellphone? XD *lol* would be too hilarious if he took a photo of this KyuMin moment! ah kekeke…. *extremely amused laugh* keke… well, let me just believe he did! kekeke… *extremely amused*

Ppl, like it or not, but SuJu are the masters of fanservice. Really. This couple series today was totally amusing again! aaah, how will I survive when some day all the couples had their last appearance? … … … … … …

. Photobucket OMG SUN! I WILL DIE FOR SURE! >< (I love it so much to spazz over the couples… how can I survive when there are no couples anymore, eh?)

p.s.: The sentence of the day definitely came from Siwon by saying: ” Sending a girl a text that says “Good Morning Beautiful” can change her attitude for the whole day. “Good morning my world” ” I squealed when I read this! ^___^ aaah, see, european boys? This is wae you will NEVER EVER be daebak! #NeverEver
Siwon got one thing right here! OTL #KoreanGuys4everDaebak
*pout* seriously, I don`t know about such a text! I never ever received such a text from a guy… =.= But SIWON`S FREAKING DAMN RIGHT! Boys, listen and learn! End of story.


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