[WARNING!] Major YunJae-ness by dropping the YunJae BOMB! no, wait… THE bomb! plainly. (+ my stupid work-Ajeossi =_=”)

안녕 다들! v^^.

Okay, as you can tell from the title this entry will be a major YunJae happening today of YunJae related things I once read on a Fan blog sometime back then.

If you don`t like YunJae, then GTFO! Run away as far as you can because this will be really THE YunJae-ness!
1.) If you hate YunJae and you read on nonetheless then don`t complain later! I warned you and I will delete all strange and/or anti comments I see! YOU HEAR ME!? Understood?
2.) If you are a HoMin or JYJ stan: GTF out of here and this in the first place! Stans are not welcome on this blog! (yeah, I say this out loud and without shame – this is an OT5 blog so: GTFO! Photobucket )
3.) You reading my point 3? What are you haters still doing here? Haven`t I told you to get the f*ck outa here, EH!?

Well, regardless if the haters and/or stans are all out of here now or not I will start to drop THE YunJae bomb again now.
Yes, again.
I already posted the link to this on my Twitter account a whole while ago, but no one payed attention to it! *pout* HOW COULD YOU!? It was a really cool article! AND YunJae related! (and still nobody payed attention to it? and AI thought we have many YunJae shippers! ts! What a shame!)
Nobody except for my Soulmatesister! OTL #soulmate (#소울메이트) 4ever daebak!
Well, maybe you kiddos pay more attention to it when I post it up here. I wanted to do this since a long time anyway because it was really intersting to read!
But be WARNED: This is REALLY major YunJae-ness, maybe a little too much(?). And it`s of no use reading it if you don`t believe in things like fortune telling.

As for me, I DO BELIEVE in such things. So I thought this was a super interesting read back then! so… let`s start now!

The first one is the link from back then: What two fortune tellers said about YunJae… (credit goes to the original blog)
ooooh *.* I was like “SERIOUSlY?!?” when I`ve read this for the first time! I mean… this is a BOMB!…. THE bomb! Well, maybe for those who don`t believe in fortune tellers not but I do ^^ (sure, there are many fakers, but these two seemed to do a honest job on the YunJae thing).

But ther is another story, a different fortune telling story, posted by another YunJae shipper: What ANOTHER fortuneteller said about YunJae…

EH!? Photobucket The YunJae shipper there even asked “THAT” question?! I mean… -it-?!? Aaaah, isn`t that a little far-fetched? *believes in fortune telling, but it still a little critical*
but OH MY F*CKING GOD SUN! (⊙\\\\⊙) … O: … *jaw drops* If… if this fortune teller is really right… then… if this will be ever confirmed somehow… errr… someday… 어머! 어머! I cannot even think rational about his *runs around hyper* I would be willing to write YunJae on my forehead and walk through the city… for realz!
S-E-R-I-O-U-S-L-Y-! … This is so…. so… O(≧∇≦)O KYAAAAH!!!!! YUJAE 4EVER!!!!!

More news of the day: WHAAAAT?! Photobucket JJ`s Twitter account got hacked!? WTFness through the roof!!!! DAMN YOU, HACKERS! LEAVE OUR JJ ALONE!
Aigoo… I hope he dosen`t feels like leaving now! Twitter would feel so empty without him… T.T But, like Jing Yee already said: JJ leaving Twitter or not, it will not change the way I`m thinking or feeling about him! So much is for sure!
Well, if he really wants to leave it`s his decision. >< ah, but it would be so sad 😦

*sighs* okeeeh… *breathes in, breathes out* What else is new?
–Hyun Joong released his second mini album “Lucky” today! OMG! And I had totally forgotten about it! D: *facepalm* BAPO ME! … jeez, although I already pre-ordered his second mini album… I hope it`s worth it ^^ I`m always doubting everything that dosen`t come from our boys or SuJu Photobucket yes… this is some kind of… a confession right now! (and some kind of a stupid one on top of that… somehow.)
Super Junior’s Kyuhyun releases “The Way to Break Up” for “Poseidon” aaah! I love this song!
These day`s the only drama I know is Poseidon. Nothing else. I just love it! Story is good, characters are good, it has Yunho & Siwon in it… what more to ask for as a cassie with an ELF heart inside? Photobucket 포세이돈 = my perfect drama right now.
— AI! Feel the proudness! -> TVXQ reaches Platinum status in Japan within 2 days
So proud of HoMin! So… where are the ppl now who said HoMin cannot sell enough? What`s the matter with KYHD dosen`t sold enough copies? Look at Tone! Tone is doing just fine! HoMin don`t have to win all the time. There are other artist out there who deserve to win at least sometimes too. And don`t forget kids: Our 5 boys and our fandom are in a relatively “sorry state” compared to the years before. But our boys keep fighting, and as long as they do this we don`t have to worry. Not about SME dumping HoMin nor about HoMin not selling enough copies of their CDs. That nonsense dosen`t matter. (and if you still want to talk about KYHD: KYHD was relesed when many ppl boycotted SME due to protest against the separation of the boys… well, nonsense to punish the artist for the company`s FAILS but this is what happened!)
— I heard that the release of HanGeng`s 2nd album was delayed. ah! There is is again! The BAD WORD! -delayed-. But the reason for this was that he wanted work on it a little longer. I was supposed to be out this fall but is now delayed to next year. HanGeng HWAITING! Your album will be daebak!
btw: He`s working really hard. Constantly shooting PV`s, shooting 2 movies, having his normal schedule + many little extra appearances… Sometimes I think he`s only working, never resting. o.o

Yeah besides that no more too relevant news.
So what do you think when we go on with the couple series?
Good idea, né? ^____^

“YooSu of the day”:
*lol* THE PAPER CRANE! And Yoochun cannot stop making fun of it? (with it? XDD ) hehe… Junsu, you did this origami crane?
YAH! Chunnie! This is a piece of art! Do not touch so carelessly! AND DO NOT MAKE IT FLY AWAY! D: uwahh! Yoochun, you will destroy it! Put it down! ><
(we already had a similar gif, also with that paper crane int he YooSu part of the series, but it was not exactly the same as this one ^^ and… just two more YooSu pics to go and we run out of new YooSu pics!!!! D: EEEHH???? EVEN NOW? *shocked* Okie, this means Soulmatesister has to choose a new couple soon!)

“YeWook of the day”:
CHIIIII! *squeaks* Little, baby YeWook today! Photobucket *hehe* okie, not that baby, but young, young YeWook ^^ aaah, Yesung feels like stroking Wookie`s head, eh? And Ryeowook`s smile! Photobucket CUTIES YOU! *pinches YeWook*
I love their couple! I seriously love it very much! YeWook, #waeuno real? =) awww, they would be so cute! YeWook = the cutest couple of the day again.

So… KyuMin, can you give us something cute too for today?
“KyuMin of the day”:
Okay, a hug will do XD This time Sangmi noona will let it count as ‘cute enough’. Althought you two cannot beat YeWook with that! But KyuMin hugging is okeh~ ^___^

Now… the RANT PART of my blog entry of today… I`m afraid this could be a super rant so I really try to behave now!
well, although I will try I have the certain feeling bthat it will not turn out too well >__<

And I will give this story a title now! It will be called “Ajeossi`s b*tch-story”!

Today was not an any ordinary monday. It was the monday when Ajeossi returned from his one week vacation.
Ajeossi returning always sucks, but today it was THE WORST EVER!
I didn`t mentioned it… or… maybe I did, cannot remember anymore: He was in a bad mood 2 days before his vacation started. I mean: WHAT DA FACK IS THAT?! Who on earth is in a bad mood before starting vacation?!
… ㄱㄱ and he`s calling ME the weird person… uh huh. I see, Ajeossi, I see! *facepalm*

But that`s not the worst! I wanted to tell you about today!
Ajeossi`s mood today was… faaaaaaa~r beyond everything we were used to since he started to be totally a moody and b*tchy b*tch!
His mood was triply as bad as it was when he left for vacation… Photobucket
I MEAN… WHAT IS THIS?!?!?!? Isn`t everybody in a good mood after returning from vacation!?!? THIS GUY TOTALLY MAKES NO SENSE!!!! AAARRGHH!!!!!!!!  HE WAS SUCH A B*TCH!!! OMG! I… I totally have no words for his behaviour anymore! Seriously, THIS GUY! SADGHKHWAERIU§&”§$°!!!! AAAAAAAAHH!!!!!!! *screams* &”§ASHFJASJFKSADJF(“§)”§!!!!!!!! AISH! “§$”§&$)”§$SJF§UASLdFJSASDHF!!!!!!! *insert a lot of curses here + some really bad words for Ajeossi* Photobucket
WHAT DA F*CK! WHO! JUST WHO DOES HE THINK HE IS?!? He was b*tchy to 3 of my juniors for NOTHING, okeh?! He was b*tchy at me FOR NOTHING!

When I asked him a normal question, I was friendly even though he was such a astronomical big b*tch, he only said “Then shut up and do your thing quick. Now, go!”
*jaw drops* WHAT? WHAT IS HE TELLING ME TO SHUT UP FOR?! JUST WHAT?!?!??!!?!?? I asked a normal question, I was friendly to that b*tch of an Ajeossi! ARHG! I thought I got off at the wrong station! AISH! That bastard! I was seriously in the wrong movie today! (at least it felt like it) AAAARRRGHHH!!!! RAAAAAAGE!!!!!!!! SO MUCH RAGE!!!!!!!
I was like “Photobucket What?! You b*tch, I will SO crush you into pieces on THAT wall here and now! Photobucket
I froze for a second and REALLY thought about arguing with him right away. But somehow I managed to ignore his very obvious b*tch-attack and just did what I asked for moments before.
My juniors were standing like “*jaw drop*” for a moment. They also sthought they just got off at the wrong station with his behaviour!

This guy… GNAHHAAAAAAHH!!!!! He is all what I hate! He is even more a fail as the stans!

Yeah, and now ask wae I was the victim of his b*tch-attack. Of all ppl, wae me?
I will tell you: My older junior said she`s afraid to ask ajeossi so I said I will do it. I knew he will be a freakin’ b*tch, but even I didn`t expected THIS! Photobucket

And before, when he was b*tchy at me for something I wasn`t even involved with… I would have had to blame my younger junior, but I couldn`t do this. Then he would have been b*tchy at her! So I just let him talk.
Well, it`s simply no behaviour to blame others. I never blame my juniors. Since I`m the Sunbae I have to take care of them, not blame them. And especially when someone like our work-Ajeossi is around! What to do? Tell him “Oh yeah well, go and eat up my juniors.” or what???? This is, and I´m very sure and serious about that, not an option!
The almost tragical funny thing was (and this really made me laugh): After I returned to my car, full of hate for Ajeossi, my car instantly started to play 2PM`s “I hate you”! Photobucket OH MY!
My car has a sense of humor?! HOW COOL IS THAT?! + it is surely one hell of a troll! *LOL*
I mean: How suitable is that? It couldn`t be any more suitable.

p.s.: Okay, this was one hell of a rant again… Err, you can scroll it away if you don`t feel like readig it. eh hehe… *giggles* oops! I should have told you this at the start, not at the end XDD

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I am cassiopeia from germany *^-^* OT5 all the way! AKTF & hope to the end! JYJ & HoMin hwaiting! An ELF heart is beating in me ^^ Love Super Junior (all Super15 of them), I´m 庚饭 -Gengfan- too. OTL: I do not own anything -most of the media or photos that are posted- and I`m not responsilble for the content of the sites I`ve linked~~*^-^*
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2 Responses to [WARNING!] Major YunJae-ness by dropping the YunJae BOMB! no, wait… THE bomb! plainly. (+ my stupid work-Ajeossi =_=”)

  1. Stephie says:

    *g* Deine Warnung ist cool! Ich hoffe sie hat ihre Wirkung nicht verfehlt und die Stans ferngehalten. Ich glaube persönlich nicht an fortune teller – aber die Story ist zuckersüß :). Sie klingt sehr plausibel. Wer weiss was aus JunJae noch wird. Sie wären auf jeden ein süßes Paar – ob nun als Freunde oder als Liebende.
    Was Dein Vorgesetzter mit Dir abzieht ist wirklich nicht mehr schön. Gibt es nicht einen Weg ihn irgendwie loszuwerden (nein, nicht umbringen ;)) – im Sinne von aus dem Weg gehen, Dich versetzen lassen? Gibt es bei euch sowas wie einen Personalrat oder jemanden der ihm übergeordet ist und an den man sich mal vorsichtshalber wenden kann?
    Lass Dich nicht ärgern :(. Das is der Idiot garnicht wert.

    • Sangmi says:

      *haha* oops! Jetzt haben wir den profikiller aber schon bestellt XDDD (ach nein, viel zu teuer! Mein Dongsaeng hat gerade fahrstunden, sie hast gesagt wenn sie ihn auf dem fahrad sieht hält sie bestimmt nicht an XD )
      ㅋㅋㅋ versetzen lassen… ja, wie willst du das denn machen in einer bäckerei? Lustige idee! Aber bei uns klappt sowas nicht.

      Der nächste höhere über Ajeossi ist unser boss. aktuell haben wir bereits kriesenrat gehalten. also so unseren eigenen beim frühstück. sind uns aber noch nicht ganz schlüssig wie wir verfahren sollen.
      Ja, der typ ist ein idiot. Das hast du richtig erkannt. der ist wirklich beyond moody (es gibt kein deutsches wort dafür das es so beschreiben kann! >__< *wishes YunJae luck* )

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