#TriAngle7thAni day! & Cassie vs. non-k-popper ^^

안녕! v^^.

Yes, I`m back early today! And… to be honest, I was back even earlier! Ajeossi sent me back home after I wasn`t even 2 hours at work because there was not much work to do today. Yeah well, 1.) thanks ajeossi 2.) but NO, I don`t like you again only for doing that, you b*tch! >< & 3.) couldn`t he decide this earlier so that I wouldn`t even get up in the morning, eh!? 아이고, 진짜! 진심으로… ㄱ-ㄱ

But I used the time to check my tl early and I had the shortest tl EVER! In 8 Minutes I was fully through and even had tweeted to my #소울메이트 (#soulmate) before she went to school! Photobucket UWAH! Tooo awesome! As far as I know I never ever did this or let`s say, I was never able to do this until now.
And talking about my soulmatesister… I wonder how many of my movies she would like. Well, let`s put aside the horror movies right from the start (she don`t likes this kind of stuff because she`s scared very easily). I don`t even know the exact number of the DVDs I own. I only know I have two big moving boxes full of them here in my room ^^
hm, that leads me to the next point: What would my soulmatesister say when she sees all my DVDs? Would she think I`m insane? ^^°

Oppa & Ajeossi always told me that I`m only supposed to “lend” them from the video rental store, but… errr… da hell nu! I BUY films I like and I like to watch not only once. And I don`t like it to run around, lend DVDs and bring them back ASAP because you have to pay for every day you keep them. This would drive me crazy.
Ajeossi is watching a relatively high amount of films, at least for his standards, because his girlfriend (yes, this person has a girlfriend =.= I wonder how she can bear living with him! >< ) wants to watch movies almost every weekend. But for Oppa is lending DVDs okay. He`s not really watching movies. Just randomly. Well, this is obviously the reason wae he has no clue about movies XD

@ Emmy: Wasn`t this the case for you too? You have no clue about movies? Well, I know many ^___^ Like my k-pop items collection my movie collection is also big. Photobucket
@ Cynthia & Emmy: I would love to watch the DBSK dramas with the two of you! (maybe Emmy will tell us her real name then – I`m sure it`s a pretty name!) Photobucket
Wouldn`t it be cool if we could watch a movie together? Emmy , you would come to know your aunt ^^ *haha* How funny is that! Your auntie is younger than you! You have a younger aunt (because she`s my sister so-> your aunt) & Cynthia, I think  you would like Emmy! Emmy is one hell of a DBSK couple lover/addict! =D

Yeah well, talking about names… I still hate mine. So it`s a good thing that Bigeast calls me SangMi and my best find by my old rpg name. Yeah, and my fandom dongsaengs are calling me Unni, so it`s okay as well.
Aigoo… -.- mom, #waeuno have choosen a better name for me? I don`t like it! ><

Then: Mom was yesterday in our new house to talk the matter with our bathroom out. Well, with that bathroom-guy.
She also asked anoher guy when their think we can move in. Yeah, the answer was not what I wanted to hear: Maybe it will be May untill we can more in!
I was like “Photobucket *OTL* FACK!”
ㅠ~ㅠ I don`t want to stay here in that apartment until May! And what to do? When my current mice have all “died out” I have to repair their terrarium first before I can have new mice Photobucket This will be some difficult piece of work! I`m absolutely NOT looking forward to it!
But on the other hand I cannot be without mice vor over 3 month or so. This is definitely a no go!

— *some hours later* —
Mom and I are back! We choosed the bathroom tiles and also the ones for the hallway! Aw! This will look so great! I swear!
We are not sure about which ones to choose for the kitchen now. We have to think about it.

Yeah well, but there`s still the problem with me being without mice for over 3 month is a no go! I have to buy the things to repair the terrarium soon! Next month or in december. I want to have cute mice :/ Sangmi noona needs cute mice like her dog! Mice and dog are a good combination. With doggie you have more action and a big fluffy thingy to cuddle & mice can be on their own for a whole while, you can watch them before sleep and they are little fluffy furballs ^^ It`s just perfect. When doggie dosen`t want do a thing anymore because it`s evening and she wants to sleep, then the mice are awake and running around.
Mice, ppl. Mice I say! If you love them and take care of them the right way they are really interesting animals.
Well, that I highly recommend dogs as animals is a sure thing. Dogs are man`s best friend. I`m sure you all know about that saying!

Oh yeah, and: While we were on our way today I went to the station in the city and got the tickets I need for the journey to JYJ concert in Berlin! Well, at least this is done now. It will be a horrible long journey by train again *sighs* but I will see my best friend and JYJ AND my soulmatesister + Stephi Unni! (well, at least I hope stephi unni wants to meet us XD @ Stephi: Ah, Unni pleaseeee~~ 제발! (^◇^) Don`t be shy! Come to Cynthia and me!)

Aigoo… have to ake sure that my PSP has a fully loaded battery and is updates! And I have to take my iPod and my Mac with me… otherwise I will never survive 7 hours in train Photobucket
my, my… major concert hangover beware that I will meet you soon! >< This will hurt so much! I have no weekend, and have to go to work an Tuesday… I will be so dead! But you know, the things I do for our boys… I accept my concert hangover willingly then! I would sacrifice almost everything. *dies*
and… unni is not 100% sure yet, but if it`s really true that she managed to get us SuperVIP tickets… OMG! SUN! Photobucket ㅋㅋㅋ I would be soooo lucky! But regardless if she managed to get us sVIP tickets or not: I`m sooo thankful to her! She`s already my heroine for life!

Yeah well, what else is new in noonas world?
I discovered a new weird ability of mine! In the meantime I can somehow… sense when a new Poseidon episode is online at KimchiDrama (oh yeah kimchi… btw.: I ran out of kimchi a while ago oh nuuuuuuuu! Photobucket HOW COULD THIS HAPPEN!!? My precious kimchi? Not available in my fridge anymore? D= OH NUUUU! Kimchi, #waeuno here anymore? T.T )

No, it`s not return of the king, it`s not Junsu time and it`s not even couple series time! It`s a totally different time today!
Today is….: #TriAngle7thAni~♡ time!!!
7 years since Tri-Angle was released on October the 13th. (and don`t complain that it`s not the 13th today… it IS the 13th in korea already! We are talking and trending about this according to the Korea Standard Time!)
Their first album. I own it. But sadly I wasn`t there to fangirl over it 7 years ago. As a “lawsuit-fan” I came to know the boys when they separeted D: SUCKS SO MUCH!!!! I just started to love them and then I heard about the lawsuit thing! I wasn`t even fully thorugh all their MVs and I had to hear that my new 4ever fav band separeted! Nobody knows how much this sucked! But picking a side was never an option for me because I simply knew that their friendship would never disappear. So I collected all their albums, starting with “Mirotic” which was followed by “Tri-Angle”. And this is what it is about today: TRI-ANGEL! Let`s celebrate it!
And since it`s Tri-Angle day, let`s all re-watch the MV together!

JJ and the long hair style = totally daebak! JJ rocks the long hair style best! No one can ever beat him! I mean… OH MY GAWD! His hair is sooo pretty! My hair will never be as pretty as Jaejoongs! Photobucket *runs away crying*
and… Minnies hair looks kinda strange but ok. Yunho = good! Yoochun = good! but… errr… >< I DO NOT APPRECIATE JUNSU`S HAIRSTYLE FROM BACK THEN! ABOLSUTELY NOT! OTL like… totally not! But it`s still Junsu and Junsu was too fluffy cute back then so I can deal with his hair Photobucket

Yeah well, this has nothing to do with #TriAngle7thAni but I feel like sharing because itcrossed my way just now: “Mirotic” MV:

Additionally I feel like sharing because it`s awesome and because Mirotic MV has magical powers! It can heal you when you are emo or depressed, it makes you feel better when you are sick and it makes you all excited again when you are in rage. Mirotic MV can heal everything! Photobucket

Then we had Hyun Joongs 2nd mini album released these days. And the talk about a collaboration with JJ/JYJ was back: Kim Hyun Joong Mentioned Jaejoong and Junsu In His Interview
Hyun Joong: “Furthermore, JYJ trio are very close to me.” *pat, pat* We know Hyun Joong. You are a good friend of them and for them!

And my SHINee boys came around with 2 dance versions at once of their japanse “Lucifer”: SHINee reveals dance version of Japanese “Lucifer”

And: I had a funny discussion with my best friend. well, in the end it was more like frustrating discussion between a 100% cassie/k-pop fan and a none understanding non-k-popper. Photobucket
For example we had this topic: If something happens, cassiopeia would fearlessly run into a burning house to save the boys. And probably our boys would do the same for cassiopeia.
Yeah, this was the start of her talk like “you ppl only THINK they would do this” (she meant it`s only in our mind that they would be like this) & as the talk went on to the point where she said we don`t know the boys appeared. I expected it to happend. I said we maybe don`t know them like their mother or a sister/brother of them, but we know what kind of ppl they are.
We can tell from their tweets if they are really okay or if they are just pretending to be okay. If they try to hide that they are hurting we can see the pain behind their smiling faces. Even if they always smile at the outside we can see in their eyes that they are hurting and that they have changed. Isn`t this called knowing a person? Who can say this about his beloved idol? I don`t think bieber kids can say thia about themselves!
Maybe we don`t know all their favourite movies, secrets, fav foods or what color they love their socks to have the most. (It`s like with my workmate Oppa. I know him for years. I can tell from little things what his mood is today. I can tell when he`s sad or mad without him showing it much.)

She also started some talk about one of her fav bands. A local band of her city. And there was some kind of release party and she talked to the band after the show. Yeah… I was seriously like “WTF-ness” at that moment! You cannot compaior a local band with wordwide famouse korean idols… THIS is SICKNESS MAN! *imitating Brian*
I told her that she cannot compare this little band with our boys and her “I like this local band” with a real fandom & the biggest fanclub of the world: cassiopeia. oO sometimes I just don`t get the point of my best friend.
I really understand that she maybe looks at my fandom thing and my love for the boys in a very sceptical way. All non-k-poppers are doing this. I also understand that she cannot understand our ways of thinking, loving and caring.
But… wae is it always like this when I start discussions with university students? They tell everyone how smart they are and come along with such things in a discussion? errr… JUST NU! How can they be serious with that? *facepalm* Sometimes I really wonder! Wae oh wae?
University students, #waeuno stop talking about things which have absolutely not the slightest things in common?

However, the discussion didn`t end there! I defended cassipoeia and the boys at the same time and told her how caring our korean idols are. And not only that: Coming to us when they are sad or feeling down, wishing us good night and good morning althought they are super busy and tired & just remember how we keept JJ company on last christmas! ^___^ This was SO family love at that time! After all that she said what gave me the idea that this isn`t the same with other artist (like american or european artist). I said…; with a WTF expression on my face she couldn`t see through ICQ; that I´ve never ever seen an non-korean artists being so caring and loving around their fans.
Yeah friends, I`m a little spy!
Sometimes I go stalk some mainstream idols ㅋㅋㅋㅋ Noona does some secret research! But it isn`t like that we wouldn`t already know that there is no non-korean artist who`s so honestly caring & loving to his fans. And even if they show something like this they are not really serious about it. “love you all” is a quick thing to say or write. But you have to give it a meaning and a truthworthy background so that your fans will really feel loved by you.
I was into 3 different bands before. And I even thought they were my fav and most beloved bands at the different times. But I #neverever feelt so close to these bads. I #neverever felt so honestly loved without fake. I never ever got that warm feeling from ppl that far away. (and as a person who had to face many ppl with two faces I know when ppl are lying…).
And our boys… I don`t think there are ppl around who are less fake.
jeez, and to come back to the boys: I even have the feeling now to know the SuJu boys more and more and this is not even my main fandom oO
OTL Non-k-poppers will never understand!
Our talk somehow ended at that point XD She was not able to tell me a single artist of band who`s like them. So the topic was officially closed then.

…and I was seriously kinda exhausted after all this… it`s always sooo tiring to talk to non-k-poppers about k-pop matters. But I wanted her to know cassiopeia right and especially wae we love our boys, wae we can trust then and what kind of ppl they are.
but to be honest: this was the last time I`m doing something like this!

After all this endless talk ^^ now let`s do the couple series to forget about non-k-poppers XD
So, you couples, what are you doing today? *looks at the couples in curiosity*

“YooSu of the day”:
awwww~Photobucket YooSu, you are too cute! But boys, please remember: You are not Yunjae + you are in public here XD (nonetheless I cannot stop looking at this! KYAAAAH! (≧∇≦) their expressions, Yoochun! -> /me dies!!!!!)

And what is our crazy KyuMin couple doing today?
“KyuMin of the day”:
*haha*! KyuMin shortly before they started their reenacting of the movie scene (which Kanging interrupted so harshly then ^^)

“YeWook of the day”:
OMG! ^ω^ MINI DRAMAAAAA! Seriously, YeWook couple is the BEST thing in the “Roommate” drama! *haha* the bedroom scene was cute. Yesungie so caring around Wookie ^^
And I will warn you! YeWook can still go cuter! They will show you soon! ;D
But… aigoo… Photobucket wouldn`t you all agree when I say Ryeowook fits perfectly in Yesungs arms? ^//^ ah~ *fans* I cannot even! I think they are one of the most perfect couples around!
‘N… #justsaying: I like Yesungs figure! Same as with Sungminnie. I just… somehow totally like it!

okie, after this cute couples I can go and cook my ramen in peace XD

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