OMFG! They stole it! O: , Hyun Joong released “Lucky Guy” & mixed feelings at work…

안녕 다들!

Aigoo… when I saw THAT VID today I thought my eyes and also my ears play tricks on me!
What is this?! This indian guy (at least I believe it`s indian) is TOTALLY copying our Leader & Minnie!
Photobucket WHAT DA HELL IS THAT?!?!? They stole the dance, the outfit, the whole MV and even then melody?!?
SME! Where are you when you could be of use?

this is… seriously… so shocked seeing that level of shamelessness! I seriously have no words! And this guy isn`t even on our Leader씨`s level with his dancing! AAARGH! Photobucket DON`T MESS AROUND WITH OUR YUNHO! THIS MAN IS SO HIGHLIY RESPECTED BY ME… I WILL EAT YOU UP ALIVE ONLY FOR STEALING HIS DANCE!!!! (and I freakin’ don`t care a bit that SME would claim that it`s basically their dance! Yunho danced it so it`s his dace! period! =_= *eyes those ppl* I HOPE SME SUES YOU!!!! AAARRGHHH!!!! >__< )
*cough* but let`s put the rage aside. Many cassies, including me, left their comments on YouTube on that vid. So the matter is told oftern enough.
Something funnier: Hyun Joong released his MV for “Lucky Guy”!

Photobucket ah! funny! I like this song. MV and Song are just fun to watch/listen to! and Hyun Joong at the end XDD THIS is definitely my fav part of the MV! aww! He`s cute!
There`s also a cool rehearsal video of “Lucky Guy”
+ we have a http://new interview of Hyun Joong where he talks about Lucky Guy, SNSD and some aspects of his career.

By looking at “Lucky Guy” I also came across his old song “Please Be Good To Me/Plase Treat Me Well”

OMG! Romanization & Subs!
I always loved this song! It`s still cool and I cannot stop replaying it! ^____^

Today we decided on something. At work I mean. Regarding Ajeossi and his behaviour.
We decided on holding a “council of war”. 3 of my Juniors want to join + a junior from the other section. I`ve also written to Oppa today. He`s currently on vacation, but we have to meet up! ASAP. Next week would be best.
We cannot let Ajeossi be so b*tchy anymore. He`s beyond moody and there are just no word to decribe it. No word in no language of the world! What he`s doing since a while is just totally unfriendly, nobody is supposed to behave like THIS and it`s really not funny a bit anymore. He`s a b*tch.
And I can honestly say I don`t give a f*ck about his god dammit private problems! He just cannot behave like this and we cannot let him go on like this! He going around and beeing moody and a super b*tch for nothing just becase he is depressed or something… who`s the adult here, I`m asking? JUST WHO?

After Ajeossi left today, My juniors and I talked about everything he has done this week and even the weeks/months before. The junior from the other section joined our talk and new stories of him came to light. Yeah, as expected everything was way more worse as we expected *facepalm*
OH MY GAWD! He even attacks two of the younger ones from the other section? Hello? Is he completely insane now? He don`t even works directly with them! He basically has SO TOTALLY NO BUSIESS WITH THEM!
Ajeossi is sick. sooo sick. =_= And everyone hates him by now. well, no wonder. It`s his own fault! He deserves to be hated!

Our talk went on and on and on *starts singing -on and on-* … errr!… went on and then the topic -vacation- appeared. Next wek my older junior and Oppa are on vacation (junior for a week and oppa is having his last week). So that means I`m alone with Ajeossi! D: And due to the fact that ajeossi gave my older junior a day off tomorrow my “being alone with ajeossi” beginns tomorrow! Photobucket WAAAAH! I want to run and hide!
I hate him so much and he`s such a b*tch! I was so in rage today that I felt like crying!
You know these certain moments when you are so angry that you want to cry? well, that was such a moment today! I was so angry about his behaviour and what he had done to some of the juniors that I really felt like crying.

And when I said I`m not looking forward to tomorrow morining when I will be alone with him for 1 hour my younger Junior said “Then I have to come earlier to protect you!” and that was the point where I REALLY had to hold back my tears. Hearing her saying this I was tacken aback and totally moved! I didn`t expected her to say such a thing!
I was still angry about ajeossi`s behaviour but I was so touched by her care… and then the junior from the other section as well as my older junior stated that they don`t know wae Ajeossi hate me so much. I was really fighting my with my tears! T.T I`m such a crybaby.

After we ended work we meet again in our changing room. we talked a little and then went into the hallway. Somehow we stopped and talked about next week again. My older junior said that she already feels so bad that she`s on vacation when Oppa is away too & she said that she wants me to give her a daily report of what Ajeossi did on Facebook. I said I will report to her.
And my junior from the other section told her she should not worry, then she turned to me and said “I will support you. I will always have a open ear for you and I will be your shoulder to cry on.”
OH MY GOD! I DIDN`T EXPECTED HER TO SAY SUCH A THING EITHER! I could only say “Thank you, Melissa” and was once again fighting my tears.
I was just overwhelmed of my junior`s support & care. So that`s what I get for protecting them? Well, Ajeossi, you are doomed to lose since today then!
The kids have not forgotten about anything HE did. Looks like they noticed very accurately who shielded them and who`s the bad one. It`s a mutual thing.
And as I know now, they took a note of everything accurately. Never thought they have such a “record” in their mind of what Ajeossi did! I was stunned and overwhelmed at the same time!
On top of all my work-umma told me today that I have to come to her whenever I`m sad or angry.

So I walked home with a lot of emotions that day. I was still angr because Ajeossi is such an BAPO! AAAARRGGHHH!!!! STUPID IDIOT!!!! ARGH! Photobucket IDIOT! IDIOT! IDIOT!
But I also was totally moved by my juniors words and I almost cried on my way to my car.
I really felt like crying after their words but I shouldn`t cry in front of my juniors. You cannot show such weakness in front of them. I have to be strong so that they can be strong too.
The more problems we face with ajeossi and the more strength it takes to take every day… the more I understand a Leaders responsibility.

Of course I thought of our Leader씨 and of the fact what a strong person he must be in real. You only start to understand when you have to face difficulties yourself and when you have to be strong for your juniors although you feel like crying and all helpless. (I`m their sunbae, I have to be strong for them and endure Ajeossi just a little longer – we will find a conclution soon!)

#justsaying: Now our Leader씨 is even more the most respected person by me on earth.

When I finally drove home I turned on Big Bang really loud to clear my head. *sighs* Car, please play “I hate you” again!

Today was some kind of an exhausting working day. Many mixed feelings, so much rage… aah, what a day! Aigoo… >_>
btw: I almost overslept today! D: I got up waaayyy too late! I hurried to finish myself and drove to work very fast, so I only came 5 minutes too late. Ajeossi didn`t even notice. Ai! If I would have been too late he would have had a reason to be b*tchy at me again!
My younger junior said she almost overlept today too! XDD *haha* Just imagine when we both would have been late… Ajeossi would have been so super-duper-mega mad XDD

Oh, talking about super-mad: My mom is super mad about Ajeossi for being such a b*tchy idiot! She wants to scold him. ^^

I finished Poseidon Episode 6 two days ago! ^^

awww, let`s look at our cute Siwon!

Even cuter! Photobucket

Section 9 Leader씨 ^^
JeongRyul~~ =D
Ah! I like him! Such a nice character! I ike this character! I felt really sorry for him because his wife was murdered by the triad. He`s hunting the boss of the smuggling ring since years! I wonder when he will get him.

And like always…. Episode ended with a cliffhanger *rolleyes*
I hate dramas for always having cliffhangers! >< sooooo mean!
And while we are sharing pics things: Look at what our washing machine at work says:
ah ㅋㅋㅋㅋ *amused laugh* washing machine says Super 15! Super Junior are 15 and the washing machine agrees! Photobucket
(But seriously… I really wonder! Wae is there a programm called -Super 15-??? oO strange!) However, this little detail cought my eye while I enjoyed my ajeossi-free breakfast on Tuesday.

p.s.: No couple series today! I shared the Poseidon pics! Yes, I know. Cold comfort. But it would be too much in one entry! Let`s do the couple series tomorrow to celebrate the weekend! 😉 미안해~~~~

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  1. babyredocean says:

    youtube is being weird unnie, i couldn’t click things on wordpress today. but i heard about kyhd thing O_O. maybe they thought no one would notice…

    and your work situation T_T. i feel your frustration. but now that you guys have had a meeting perhaps things will get solved? don’t put too much burden on yourself ok? i agree with your work-umma, let out too. be strong but not too strong ok? ❤

    • Sangmi says:

      Thanks for your care ^^
      Nu, we haven`t had out meeting because Oppa is in Dublin right now. But we have to make Ajeossi change or at least behave! That guy… AISH! ><

      I try my best not to put too much burden on myself. I do my best.

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