JYJ breaking records, HanGeng for Chinas 50 most beautiful ppl & The stans again =_=” aigoo…

안녕 친구들!

Aaah, okeh *Junsu styke*. Let`s take a look at the news from my ‘newpaper’ (Twitter)!

— We had the stans again, who compared the JYJ/SME case with the holocaust again oO … (they seriously gone nuts… again!). Mon has written an article about that on her blog! -> Comparing the Holocaust with JYJ’s case? A JYJ stan has gone nuts
KIDS! YOU ARE SERIOUSLY CRAZY! Okay, JYJ/SME matter is a serious matter but this… this goes too far! You have no idea of the meaning of the holocaust! This is not the same, be assured of that! *slaps the stan kids who agreed on that stupid tweet* AND NOW GO TO BED AND THINK ABOUT WHAT YOU HAVE DONE! Photobucket
(and this isn`t even the first time this happens! They compared it witht the holocaust before! They are really nuts!)

2PM’s Junho draws a heart for his fans
Aw! Photobucket Isn`t that super cute of him?!
Yeah, and now it`s my best friends turn who thinks such things surely happen with other artists (european/american) and their fans too.
[sarcasm] oooh, yeah. Iiiii see. So k-pop is really nothing special and all the things between the idols and their loving fans is totally the same as for other fans on earth of some american/european bands. OH MY! I was so blind! How could I misunderstand k-pop like that! [/sarcasm end]
*facepalm* seriously, @ Celebrian: I`m sorry but: JUST DA FACKING HELL NUUUUUU!!!!!! >____< Please get the k-pop thing right and don`t always say “it`s the same” because it`s totally NOT! #notinamillionyears #EeverEver #아니야~

Oh hey! this is a -Triple feature!!!- then! 😉 (3 of the live series points at ones!)

SM TOWN concert to be held in Peru at the end of this year?
OMG! If this is true acertain coconut can party >.> *looks at our Coco* @ Natali: What do you think about it? =D Wouldn`t that be super cool!?
Aigoo… Wae is everyone getting a SM Town Live besides germany? >< at least we had HoMin air this year from france… But I want to see HoMin and SuJu too! ㅠ~ㅠ … this… is so not fair! *runs away crying* (=_= and even Music Bank is going to Paris… WAAAAE oh WAE!! T.T )

— Then I hear that TONE will go to korea: TVXQ To Release Japanese Album [TONE] In Korea
Oh Tone is just awesome like THISSSS! It HAS to go to korea too! Half of the fans already own it XDD I mean… it`s even easier for them to order it from japan as it is for me. And I had it one week after it was released so… Photobucket

— There is the opportunity for us HanGeng fans/supporters to vote for Han at the “chinas 50 most beautiful people”! It`s easy! Please go to FUCKYEAH!HANGENG!, they`ve put up an easy to understand Tutorial for the Voting!
aaah, as you can assume I already voted for Han! Photobucket
And the results told me that:
WOOHOO! Han is no.2! (good thing I never fail in reading his name ^^). Chinese Gengsters, please try harder! We have to make him no. 1! =D iFans as well! Let`s work for it! (and cassie friends, if you have a little love for Han help me helping him ^___^ 제발~ *puppy eyes*)
Hm. Basically… I should vote for Wu Chun too. (I`m sure he is in that list!) ^^ But Han is more important! Sorry Wu Chun, even if you are on that list: We`re not close enough XD aw, poor Wu Chun! I`m sorry, I like you, but… Han is special to me… Photobucket

30 second preview of SNSD’s “The Boys” English version revealed well, I couldn`t watch the 3rd teaser because it`s blocked in germany Photobucket but I was able to listen to it! I have the feeling that I will like “The Boys”! It sounds like a good song!

— Really cool is this: JYJ breaks 350,000 sales mark for “In Heaven”
YEAH! This is what I want to hear! In Heaven album and Tone album are doing not only well, they are doing an awesome job! So proud of our boys! And I`m happy that we as OT5`s can enjoy Tone & In Heaven. This is really too awesome. My year is already made without even visiting the JYJ concert in Berlin =D #HappyFan #AFangirlsJoy

— The most awesome thing today was this DBSK mashup…
Credit goes to the person who made this (IT WAS NOT ME!!!! >< I cannot do such things!)
Go to db5k.tumblr.com and listen to it! 😉
And because it`s so suitable to that mashup: Our boys with red balloons~PhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucket
This is sooo nice. Although the stage and what they wear is nothing special. It dosen`t matter at all Photobucket I love this! (to be honest I like their style in that pic! ^^ Yunho`s the most)

Nah, and now… you maybe know what comes next…: The Ajeossi story of the day!

Oh my… that guy… =_=
Today he was more like normal. All of a sudden. Besides the fact that he seems stalk the thing that I use oO … he was like normal. He was suddenly able to talk normal to us. But that`s so typical for him. =_=

But the most shocking thing was: He send me home at 10:30am… oO
He even said -sorry- that he didn`t sent me home BEFORE I went to breakfast… oO WHAT DA FACK! I #NeverEver heard a sorry from him for anything! And now for such a nonsense? GIMME A BREAK!
But the clou of everything was that he even wished me a nice weekend… oO

Yeah, Ajeossi, of course! As if I would believe you that! As if! =_= *eyes him* I don`t trust you anymore!
But if he thinks he can claim to be normal again and everything is okay again then he`s mistaken really big! #notinamillionyears will everything be okay again! =_= *eyes Ajeossi* being a little friendly again will not do.
Ajeossi, just F*CK OFF, okeh!?

*sighs* Good, let`s forget about Ajeossi. It`s weekend now.

It`s much more fun to talk about the couples! YAY! Let`s visit our couples!
Sadly, I have to announce that this is the last episode of my new YooSu pics (okay, the were never really new in the first place). I will start to re-share the old ones from the old blog when we are done with the SuJu couples.
I don`t know yet which SuJu couple will join the couple series to fill the empty spot of YooSu. My #소울메이트 (#soulmate) will decide! 😉 I don`t know which couple she will pick ^^
I will ask her and annouce it at the end of this entry, after the couples did their job here Photobucket

And since this is the end of the YooSu series they will be first of course!
“YooSu of the day” … err… or more like… much Su and just a little Yoo ^^
aaah~ You guys remember THAT YunJae gif where YunJae are doing the same? Yoochun is fixing something on Junsu`s wrist. Isn`t that cute? And Junsu`s expression!
(((o(*゚▽゚*)o))) *goes hyper* KYAH! How cute! Want to squish him! *pinches Junsu*
What a pity that this my last picture of my -new- YooSu pics. I love YooSu. What a pity! #4everrepeatingmyself

“YeWook of the day”
*chiiii* O(≧∇≦)O KYAAAH! Mini dramaaaa!!!!! The YeWook breakfast scene! (We will see another one in in the next entry =) )

I somehow have a crazy feeling about the KyuMin couple today… Let`s take a look then!
“KyuMin of the day”:
O-O KYU! Where are you touching? Please remember that you are in public here!
but… *giggles* My feeling wasn`t wrong about KyuMin today! ts, ts… the cute/pervy KyuMin couple! As if we wouldn`t know! ㅋㅋㅋ
Okay now. So you want to know which couple is next, né? ^_^
Sis already decided. And the next couple will be… *drum rolls*
The KangTeuk couple!

Personally, I like this couple! Appa and Umma of SuJu are surely an intresting couple! I like those two! They are just cute Photobucket

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