포세이돈 (Poseidon) post, 韩庚 (HanGeng) & OT5ness at the JYJ concert in Japan


One of the first things I did this morning was to watch the 7th episode of Poseidon! Totally cool! So exciting! But more about this later. I brought some pics of it anyway.

Just one matter from yesterday: You remember the Voting for China`s 50 most beautiful people yesterday? (you can still vote by using < Well, this is how it looks TODAY! =D
*throws confetti* YAAAAIIIYYYY!!! HanGeng is currently no.1!!! OMG! Let me say “Good job! I love you!” to everyone who voted for him! ME APPRECIATES THIS RESULT! Now let`s hope that he continues to be no.1 ^v^ Would be too cool!

But we are not done with matters regarding HanGeng yet!
While reading my tl I also had pics of Han again! I always love it to have pics of HanGeng on my tl!
This time he was at the opening ceremony for the 14th Asian Parachuting Championship and International Parachuting Open competition in Fuyang/China (you can see all the pics here -1- & here -2- at FUCKYEAH!HANGENG! website):
Photobucket His famouse black style… ME LOVES IT!!!!
…and Han goes with the Hip Hop style lately. Suits him well ^^

ah. I want him to come to germany/bavaria again. Even if it`s just a visit for fun (vacation or so)! I would be so excited! I still cannot get over his appeareance at the Audi Cup this year! *dies*
btw.: Han, the dancer to your right (from our perspective) seems cute. You want to introduce him to noona? ^//^ *giggles like a schoolgirl and runs away*
(I like Han`s shirt a lot…  *cough* I like HIM a lot! *____* )

Ai! But what is his dancer? *only staring at HanGeng* You are the coolness Geng! Seriously =) (hm, but the dancer still seems to be cute! XD ) ___And… Haaaan~~Photobucket #waeuno wear the same pants as your dancers? … … … Photobucket *turns red (≧∇≦) * *runs away giggling* *is a #HappyFan because of super-special fangirl imagination*
Ok, ok! gimme some minutes! ㅋㅋㅋ *giggles like an idiot* Han in those pants… OMG! I feel like I have to faint! My life would be SO fulfilled if I would see this only once!
Cannot even think about Junsu wearing that kind of outfit… oh oh. … … (⊙\\\\⊙) It`s already too late. *is imagining it* OH MY F*CKING GOD! >///< I… cannot… nuuu! *runs away super embarrassed to infinity and beyond*

*cough* Yeah well! >//< *is still embarrased*
Let`s change the topic before I go insane here!

We had the first Unforgettable concert of JYJ on Japan today. And… I can honestly say: Stans are going to hate it forever.
…Or twist da hell outa it again.

During this concert, we had our 3 boys of JYJ singing “Stand By You”.
JJ: “Maybe you’d like to see us perform as Tohoshinki,so we’ll sing OUR song”
He also said that Yoochun listens to their 5-songs a lot in the car and that Tohoshinki has a lot of nice songs.
OMG! OPPA! Photobucket speading OT5-ness like this… I cannot even talk about it properly!
JJ even cried and audiences cried too T___T What emotions at this concert!

Yoochun said: “When we hang out together, we always love to sing them (THSK songs).”

I`m moved! Our boys, and especially JJ, are seriously the biggest OT5 out there.
And it`s true: JJ is even a fan of cassiopeia. He loves us so much… I feel like crying everytime I think about it!
Oppa, saranghae! *hugs JJ*

He loves us so much and is always afraid that we will leave him. ㅠ~ㅠ But we would never leave. We are not like the side pickers! We are OT5! Always keeping the faith and holding onto our hope to the end!
Never leaving Oppars side. #NeverEver #notinamillionyears #damnitstrue
(Triple feature!!! of life series again!)

Seeing the Oppa`s cry is truely #AFangirlsPain. I cannot help but to cry too when I see uri Oppa`s cry. I swear, if that happens in Berlin, I will cry too!

I also just heard that some ppl already ingnoring the OT5 parts of the concert. Well, stans doing what stans do best: Ignoring the things they cannot change/twist and deny reality.
Ok. Live on in your dream world. Be butthurt on your own and call OT5 fake, traitors or what else you call us usually. I don`t mind. I will continue to support my family in the meantime. JYJYC HWAITING!

I already feel stronger again after what JJ said! There are some things which will never change: Stans suck. JJ is OT5. We are here and keeping our faith. That`s the story. Nothing more to add.
No, wait. That`s wrong! There`s something more to add….
*bursts out laughing* PWAAHAHAHA! *LOLs at the stans* ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ XD You know what time it is? ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ XDDD You poor beings! *looooool* XDDD ah haha! ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ *amused laugh* I`M SURE YOU KNOW!

It`s f*cking OT5 cassiopeia`s V-DAY again!!!!! Photobucket
*starts to moonwalk* OH YEAH! OH YEAH! Heck yes! Because we`re cool like dissss! And most important: Because JJ is cool like dissss! *is super gleeful right now*

So who of you had the super mind reading abilities and claimed to know everything about JJ`s thoughts/life/feelings? Announce that again! Now!
*continues to moonwalk*

Cassiopeia, after you are done with crying over our boys OT5ness, you are allowed to laugh about these misereable beings called -stans- (and you are also allowed to moonwalk in glee Photobucket )

Okay, I will stop now ^^ I`m so gleeful right now, it`s not even funny anymore! I`m so happy that JJ stands by us! Stand By You was totally the right song!
I only wanted to say: IN YA FACE STANS!

Stans: 0 points
OT5 & the boys: 123828378283942839482374827389492989038290874868273 points!


포세이돈, 에피소드 7
선우~~ (our Choi Siwon as Kim SeonWoo)

수윤~ (Lee SiYeong as Lee SuYun)
SuYun was totally tired out and was dozing off in the garden of the hospital every 2 seconds ^^

She didn`t even noticed that SeonWoo came. (who had to stop her from falling from that bench some seconds later XDD as thanks she punched him *lol* SeonWoo`s face then! *haha* hilarious these two!)

SSAT 주민~ (Jang DongSik as Special Forces Leader Kang JooMin)
T___T JooMin… *sobs* Wae do you have to be one of the bad ones? Wae working with the triad? ㅠ~ㅠ I like this guy! Aigoo… you have to look at him in his special forces team uniform… OMG! Noona has a weakness for guys in Uniform! And he just looked great, okeh?! At first he didn`t seemed to me as he would be a bad human… I wonder what made him be involved with the Mafia?
But wae oh wae being a spy? T.T (in fact he`s spy no. 2 in the marine police, but he`s not exposed yet!)

SuYun personally closed the case which her dad was involved with the Black Society. It was confirmed that he`s really dead and not only missing.

CGI9 Leader JeongRyeul & his men took care of the spy no.1 in the marine police

JeongRyul & MinHyeok
(Lee SeongJae as Leader CGI Leader Kwon JeongRyul & Han JeongSu as Oh MinHyeok)

Uri pretty Siwon ^v^

Our spy no.1 shorty before… Kwon Leader씨 lost it and… errr… jumped over the table to hit him. Three of his subordinates had to drag their Leader out of the room. Aigoo… Leader JeongRyul! That was no good ><

Team conference. Ottoke, ottoke?

And now, just for fun and because it`s Poseidon related: Our Leader씨 Yunho in Poseidon ^^ Just wanted to share these pics.

은철~ (Yunho as Kang EunCheol)
Awww! I want to hug him! No kidding! Photobucket

EunChul at the gun range. Our Leader씨 is so 짱! *__*

JUST #LikeABoss! Photobucket

#LikeABoss the second! [fangirl mode] Leader씨~~~~ you look so great in that uniform! Photobucketmy Leader씨 *.* … [/fangirl mode]

well, the news of the day? (besides the news we already had)

[Updated with Video] Leeteuk and Kang Sora reveal their embarrassing pet names on We Got Married
Well, I don`t really like this show. It`s somehow… strange. But I`m starting to like Leeteuk and Kang Sora. ^^ They are so awkward around each other XD too funny!
I think we will see some surprising things of them in future. Aigoo, aigoo… but I also feel with the ELFs. Even my ELF heart was a little sad, but always remember kids: We have to be good fangirls!
And: The EunHae & KyuMin couple ㅋㅋㅋ how mean! XDD but this was too funny! poor SuJu Leader & Kang Sora! SuJu couples had way too much fun embarrassing them XD And Donghae at the end, taking a photo and runs away *loool* HOW MEAN! I`m sure he laughed about it with Hyukjae later *haha* Oh my, these boys! I love them.

— Performances of MBC`S Music Core (with SuJu): Performances from October 15th’s ‘Music Core’

— Soulmatesister finally found a video on YouTube regarding the new single of SNSD which is not blocked!
SNSD – The Boys MV Teaser_1 Kor+Eng ver. Oct14.2011 GIRLS’ GENERATION 1080p

— And this is exactly how I like it to hear/see again —> JYJ And Super Junior Take Over The Charts For The Second Week Of October
Well, I don`t care much about Infinite. I`m not one of their fans, but I have no probplem with them either =)
Let me just say: YAY! JYJ & SuJu! Hwaiting Oppas! That`s how I love it!

— On top of all, today is Donghae day! Lee Donghae`s b-day day today! (so much say in a row XDD)
Photobucket HAPPY B-DAY, Donghae-yaaaa~~~~!!!! We love you!(^◇^)생일축하한다 오빠~~~♡!!! 사랑해! ^^ *hihi* 우리는 당신을 사랑! 당신이 최고, 동해야! ⎞^o^⎛

And now, to end this gigant pic-day let`s take a look at the new couple! Yeah. Today, because we already had so many pics, it`s only the new couple!
KangTeuk will make their debut on this blog now! Please be good to them! They have the difficult duty to appear for YooSu… uuuh, KangTeuk, how will you master this difficult job?

Aw, don`t be shy you two! ^^ Ai, KangTeuk are a little shy today, but don`t be angry with them!
Shy but oh so cute! Photobucket *pinches them*
my, my… cuties you! Holding hands! ^____^ Sangmi Noona likes that!

I`m sure KangTeuk will show you their best sites during their appearance here! Don`t worry. Personally I always love the Umma/Appa couples of groups. Kangin and Leeteuk are Umma and Appa for SuJu! (well, Leeteuk is Umma of course! ^^° <- #justsaying for the ppl who are not that familiar with SuJu)

good, what to do now? Blog is done and I`m hungry. I will cook a loooooot of Ramen and watch a movie (or two)! =D C ya around the next time ppl!

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I am cassiopeia from germany *^-^* OT5 all the way! AKTF & hope to the end! JYJ & HoMin hwaiting! An ELF heart is beating in me ^^ Love Super Junior (all Super15 of them), I´m 庚饭 -Gengfan- too. OTL: I do not own anything -most of the media or photos that are posted- and I`m not responsilble for the content of the sites I`ve linked~~*^-^*
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  1. babyredocean says:

    LOL unnie your emoticon little guys are so cute. especially the one near stan and ot5+the boys hahaha. and it should be negative points for them >.<

    your poseidon watching is intense! *cute*

    • Sangmi says:

      I love poseidon! best drama for me this year! OMG! It started with Yunho & Siwon!?!? How can this drama not be good? I love all the actors/actresses. Poseidon is so cool *___*

      and yeah, the v-day onion head it the BEST! v^^.

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