KBS: Forever embarrassing themselves aka just admit it already! , SNSD`s comeback + HanGeng … etc

안녕 다들!

Aigoo…what do I have to hear again? Yes. New nonsense wae JYJ cannot appear in KBS from…. KBS itself!
JYJ · KBS “Music Bank” Appearance Battle Enters Round Two
1.) *facepalm* oh my… KBS… *shakes head*
2.) no… shit… wait! You are serious with that, aren`t you?! oO
3.) okeh, so… FU KBS, FU. *walks away*

This is so ridiculous I cannot even rant about it! seriously… ㄱ-ㄱ
KBS, what about finally admitting that you are SME`s Labdog, eh? Wouls make things so much easiert!
You wouldn`t have to come up with self-made (*cough* -obviously- very poor) excuses & it would be done.
but ooooh, I see: You cannot admit it because SME would be exposed and scolded by the court then. This means for you: SME would kick your KBS` ppl`s butts then.
Okay, nothing more talk with you. I will go first then. *walks away like-> ingores KBS now*
(AND I TOLD YOU: The only thing they are doing right these days is airing Poseidon! Aigoo… *facepalm*)

I can only say: This is so enbarrassing for KBS and… I really pity their officials who have the mission to state this nonsense every single time. Poor ppl. The bosses lean back and relax while their poor official speakers have to do the “bad job”, u know… aigoo.
KBS = the embarrassment of the entertainment industry these days. They keep embarrassing themselves with lame excuses.
Like I said: JUST ADMIT IT ALREADY! Life would be easier that way. Not better, but easier.

More news:
Goo Hara chooses SHINee over Super Junior and B2ST
Aw, what a cute answer of her! ^^ but… *lol* Kyu`s expression. haha! He`s not exactly amused XDDD

— The JYJ concert in Japan: Their words are still heard in our halls…
➤ JYJ About Tohoshinki’s songs and SBU
And what does our Changminnie say about “Stand By You”? : It’s abt feeling lonely after being separated from the one you love. *heartbroken* 😦 so suitable but oh so sad!
JYJ about japan, their pride as artist & their show
— oh yeah and regarding the OT5 songs matter: “SHE,MAXIMUM,Crazy,RUMOR were recorded by 5 members but after SM dispute all songs were again re-recorded by HoMin.”

Super Junior to release new live album of ‘Super Show 3′ concert oooh! Really? Photobucket I have no live CD of SuJu so far. Only Live DVDs XD (ㅋㅋㅋ) Should I buy it? Nah, let me think abou it later! (after we finished moving into our new house next year)

— We had our Han greeting his fan these days ^^ -> HanGeng`s geetings for his Thai fans
and now I wanted to share some “My Kingdom” pics that crossed my way lately!
OTL …. *___* hair *___*


XDD Don`t be shocked friends! This is no blood! ^^°  (It`s wine). Would be “a little too much” anyway, né? XDD (+ the color would be wrong and… what kind of movie would it be then? D: )
Only want to say: This is one hell of a scenery there! I saw the trailer! I think this is an epic scene! OMG! I want to watch “My Kingdom”… T^T *whines* #4everrepeatingmyself

I already told you: They are awesome with their waepons! (I mean: HanGeng and WuChun, which is not in that pic … hm, have to search for “My Kingdom” pics of WuChun this WE!)
I only say: Epic! I like movies like this!
btw.: HAIR! *____________* haaa~iiii~r~~~! Ai! Sooo nice! WANT TO TOUCH IT! >< *hair obsessed* #justsaying
— SNSD`s “The Boys” song/MV & album came out these days!
They introduced their 3rd album in english (vid! *click*),
they unleashed the full MV for “The Boys” (korean & english version of the MV!),
they their new concept, their past, and future plans and we can also listen to all of their new songs now!
Well, let`s take a look at the koren “The Boys” then:

Photobucket OMG! They are sooooo pretty! Each one of them looks like a princess! Such a great concept for the MV! So pretty! *4ever JAElous/envies them*
And talking about pretty…: SNSD’s YoonA chosen as best natural beauty

— Latest 포세이돈 news~~: The Power of Choi Siwon & Yunho, “Poseidon” To Be Broadcast in Japan in December
#damitstrue! That`s really the power of Siwon & Yunho! And: I shouldn`t have read the article to it`s end!
I mean… Photobucket … … … JOOMIN WAS EXPOSED IN 에피소드9!??!(Episode 9) 어머나!…정말?! O: WTH?!? BY WHO? WAE? HOW? ARGH! Want to watch Poseidon now~ wae is there no new episode yet? Drives me crazy that I don`t know how it will continue!
But the thing with JooMin: It was only a matter of time. He already was in a really bad situation at the end of Episode7. I wonder how he got caught? And even more important: by who? Was it JeongRyul? D: I hope it was no him! Would be so cruel when it has to be always him to find out about the horrible stuff… I mean: C’mon! This man already had so many bad experiences because of the triad! ><  I RELLY wonder who caught JooMin! BUT NO! WAIT! Thinking abou it, basically… SeonWoo already has the semi-proof for his betrayal… I wonder if it was SeonWoo who exposed him then! No, no. Don`t tell me, even when you know all the answers! I want to watch it by myself when the episodes are subbed and online!
Anyway, reading this article somehow destroyed the fun, u know… >->
“NOTE! of the day”/note to myself: Don`t read any articles about 포세이돈 to the end while it`s still airing! >__< BAPO! *slaps herself*

Kim Hyun Joong places 5th on Billboard World Album Chart
oh hey! “Lucky” has it`s first success! YAY! And what a nice success this is! …hm, wonder when my copy of “Lucky” will arrive! Because SuJu`s A-Cha will arrive with it! OMO! OMO! I will listen to Hyun Joong`s songs when I have the album but I`m already familiar with SuJu`s new songs and so I´m waiting like a mad woman for their A-cha! =DDD

— There were also news regarding our little SHINee boys: SHINee sets a new record in the 44 year history of the Oricon
우와! *impressed* 짱!

— Brian tweeted this: New Heights releases “Nightmare” MV teaser ft. Brian Joo & DJ Yup!
oooh “Nightmare” is a cool song! Wonder what the MV will look like!
Yeah well… SINCE THE VIDEO DOSEN`T WORK IN GERMANY AGAIN!!!! ARRGHHH!!!!!! Photobucket THANK YOU YOUTUBE!!!! … I have not the slightest idea what it could look like! Haiz! What da hell is this on YouTube? I don`t like it!

— Yoochun. These days he`s often on twitter because he`s playing Zelda =D Whoever originally came up with the idea to involve Chunnie with Zelda: GOOD IDEA! VERY GOOD IDEA! I LOVE YOU!
Somehow… his Zelda promo makes Chunnie tweet a lot (at lest for his standards =) ). OTL ME LIKES IT! #GamerYoochun

— And because the best things always come last: SHILLA with our LEader씨!!! *^^*
Photobucket OMG! I WANT TO HUG HIM! *pinches her Leader씨*

My, my… sooooo many news! But these news were from the past 2 or 3 days so: basically it wasn`t that much!

oh yeah, have I already mentioned that my GOOGIMS THINGS ARRIVED IN GERMANY?!? well, they are at the customs office! (as expected). If I can make it to the office until 2pm ( ;P ) I can get it! Yeah well, on a friday very unlikely… :/ meh. sucks.
If I don`t mission make it tomorrow I have to try next week. The problem is: These lazy ppl at the customs office only work till 2pm on friday… >_> jeez, cannot believe this! LAZYBONES! Photobucket GIMME MY PACKAGE! DAMMIT! >< *mumbles* … stupid customs office… always “arresting” my packages… aigoo! And then these ppl almost don`t work?! WHAT IS THIS!? This is totally WTFnesssss!!!!

Okay, what else to do now? I`m almost done! So here we go with the couple seires once again! The new couple will start the series! KangTeuk hwaiting! Try your best to show us your couple-ness!

“KangTeuk of the day”:
KangTeuk… Photobucket You try to imitate YeWooks super natural huggin pose? Nice try, but you cannot beat/reach them! Try harder please ^^ *haha*
But at least KangTeuk start to be less shy! Give them time, they will become daebak soon!

Hm. I wonder if YeWook will show us once again how things are done. 😉
“YeWook of the day”:
ㅋㅋㅋㅋ oooooooh yeah, they do! ㅋㅋㅋㅋ YeWook are just waaaaay toooooo perfect! super perfect hugs. seriously. YeWook, you are the masters!
No kidding, those two beat the others for sure!

What will KyuMin do against the always-perfect-YeWook-couple-show-off? I`m crious now! KyuMin, competed! Show some fighting spirit!
“KyuMin of the day”:
*lool* oh, okay. Bad timing XDD Minnie is mad at Kyu! errr… okay, noona will leaven then. No interest to be involved in a couple fight here. I will go then… uhm… yeah. *leaves KyuMin alone*
(Mini drama NGs! Kyu messed up the scene a thousand times because of a constant laugh attack out of the blue at the wrong moment XDD I think they repeated this sceen 100 times, the Maknae messed it up 100 times and… at a certain point Minnie couldn`t take it anymore and threw everything at Kyu who was still laughing XD hehehe! The staff laughed a lot – especially when Sungminnie freaked out. Shindong, who was involved in this scene also was like “WTH, Kyu? Wea are you laughin? be serious!” ㅋㅋㅋ)
But don`t worry friends! KyuMin will be all sweet around each other again soon. ^^

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