Super Junior Show XD that`s so daebak! & A mean fan at JYJ fansign event… =_=”

안녕! v^^.

I was just watching some old vids of HanGeng this afternoon and then all of a sudden the “Super Junior Show” episodes crossed my way!
ah haha! I watched this for over an hour XDD Oh my! Sooo funny! Wae do our boys don`t have such a show?
But sometimes… I think SuJu is more fun in such tv shows because they are so many so different person. It`s really too daebak!

Suju are in Thailand and Leeteuk wants to make sure that the members are asleep/going to sleep because it`s already late at night:

*loool* XDD Leeteuk is yelling around int he hallway and then said: “*laughing awkwardly* ^^° Today, I have to be a little quiet. Right now the time is 03:30am” XDD
or: “After all, who am I? I`m Super Junior`s special Leader Teukie Teuki! Eeteuk!” (Eeteuk, it`s written like that in hangul, like this-> 이특, literally it`s “I-teuk” then)
but… *LOOOOL* GEAT FAIL! Kangin & Ryeowook are just like… wild! They don`t feel like sleeping at all and: Leeteuk, you jumping from bed to bed with them? Weren`t you supposed to bring then TO SLEEP? XDD

okay, after this fail let`s go to Hyukjae & Sungminnie:

ah haha! This was a better success… untill Kangin & Ryeowook appeared XDDD *LOL* I laughed so much!
Poor Teukie… he tried his best, even gave them a good-night-kiss as sleeping ritual/ceremony. WHAT A GOOD BAND UMMA HE IS! ^____^ But then the two hyper members stormed in XD Aigoo, it must be hard to be their leader! (this was what I meant back then: Yunho is blessed! He only has 4 members. It`s a totally different story when you have 12 others to look after. aigoo… – but in that vid there is Kyu missing because he wasn`t a member of SuJu back then, so Leeteuk has to take care of 11 members.)

Okay so… maybe Leeteuk has more success with

*looool* XDDD Leeteuk: “Truthfully, Kangin`s room and Sungmin`s room… Yeah, I failed. I knew I would fail and I failed.” *pat, pat* poor leader. Must be so troublesome with them ^^
About Kibum & Donghae: “You can`t do nothing but love them!” awwww, what a sweet leader you are!
Ah haha! And Leeteuk came in their room and talked, talked, talked… He wants to put his members to bed but ends up waking up the ones who are already asleep? XD Oh my! Donghae & Kibum were like -errr… Hyung? What is this? Why are you here? *so NOT awake*- XDD
Then, on his way to Shindong and Han: WHAT IS THAT? XDDD Kangin & Ryeowook crawling on the floor? Aigoo, these boys really lost it XD Kids playing around all night… a leader`s job is so exhausting!
In the final room: Leeteuk praises Han`s body ^^ aaah, how sweet! but then Leeteuk went all cray cray with Han and his exercising again XDD OMG! SuJu Leader씨, maybe you lost it too? ^^° eh hehe… really! XD
And Shindong? Leeteuk “You are going to cook ramen, you already ate chips, you ate some of that.”
Shindong: *laughing X)*
Leeteuk: “Stop eating!”
Han: “After we finished our schedule, he`s been eating and eating.”
*haha* Shindong said he lost 5 kilo and then gained 15 XDD Leeteuk: “THAT`S WHY STOP EATING!”
Yeah well, overall, in that room everything seemed to go well but then… wae is Eunhyuk here? XDD SOME OF THE CRAY CRAY MEMBERS WERE BACK TO INTERFERE XDDD OH MY GOD!
*LOOOOL* I cannot stop LOLing at that!
But… seriously… Han… Photobucket Your outfit for sleep is… kinda… hot >///< … and… and when Leeteuk came to put his good-night-kiss on his forehead he almost kissed him first! >//< (well, this is what happens when you learn from Heechul for too long XD )

But the sleepless members have to get up early. And Leeteuk comes to wake them up (followed by Yesungie)

ah kekeke! Photobucket You obtained the general key(card) fromt he security guard by doing “some of this… and some of that…” ? XDD UWAH! WHAT HAVE YOU ACTUALLY DONE? ㅋㅋㅋㅋ Don`t tell me you stole it! XD *fangirl mind goes crazy with all sort of wild thoughts now*
And the new method is really workiong. WATER SCREEN! XD
My, my… Hyukjae really didn`t want to get up at all. But Sungminnie was so cute by getting up quickly when Leeteuk was about to give him the good-mornig-kiss XDD
*LOOOOL @ Leeteuk* He`s jumping around “Go go, go go! xD” oh my! XDD
Leeteuk: “Okay, that was a bit embarrassing sice I did it by myself. Come here. *gathers the members to do it with him*”
Leeteuk, Hyukjae & Yesung: “*jumping* Go go, go go!”

awwww, extra tired Han~Photobucket awww! *melts* my new weakness will be called “Han tired”! Awww! Can I just hug him for 2 hours please? Photobucket
and Leeteuk so funny: “As for Shindong, I`ll just use food *confident* *goes and holds the ramen from yesterday in his face* Shindong… ㅋㅋ let`s eat~ Shindong… it`s ramen~ *laughs*”
Shindong: “Did you think I would wake up with that in my face?”
Leeteul: “Yeah I think you`ll wake up *still super confident*”
Ai! Leeteuk, you are too cute! *pinches him*
I wonder how Yunho would wake up his members?…

Next room is: Kangin`s & Ryeowook`s! The two hyper members of the night before are now… really tired ;D

OMG! *haha* HOW MEAN! The tape! “This tape is korea`s best” & Ryeowook is like “OoO WHAT DA FACK!” at that moment. Uhm… really, I don`t even ask where it comes all of a sudden but: wae have you brought it with you in the first place! XD
Aigoo! Poor Ryeowook!
And Kangin… uuuh, Kangin was really, really mad!
OFF comment: Note to myself-> never piss off Kangin ^^° eh hehe…

Ai! Kangin finally got up! *hehe* But Hyukjae got hunted XD *lol* Donghae was quick running away! he was really fast 😉 good for him.
keke… the way Sungminnie hugs Hyukjae when Kangin weakly wants to kick him Photobucket aaah sooo cute!
But what was even more cute: How all the members were around Kangin and giving him a massage and then Shing kissed hom as long till he was awake XD OOOOH MY GOD!

Those boys… really, these episodes killed me! I died laughing this afternoon.

The vid that made me go like squealing and “awww!” the most was this one:

KYAAAAHHHH!!!! (((o(*゚▽゚*)o))) THANK YOU FOR TELLING US SUNGMINNIE! ah hahah! ㅋㅋㅋ *amused laugh* yeah, we know a similar story from Donghae ;P You know, he told us in the mini drama making about the hugging/sleeping scene with Hyukjae that they actually often sleep like this at the dorm O(≧∇≦)O KYAH! But Minnies story is even cuter!
Waking Siwon & Eunhyuk up with a hug? awwww!
Sungmin: “Is that ALL? NOOO~
Donghae: *smiling shyly*
MC: “I think I have seen your shows where you guys kiss each other and stuff…” (OFF comment: really? You a shipper? XDD)
Sungmin: “OHH~ Donghae keeps kissing Eunhyuk, I`m starting to suspect something.
Donghae: *laughs*
Sungmin: “*keeps telling the story* When Eunhyuk is sleeping Donghae will secretly crawl into his bed and hug him from the back, and he acts like he`s going into Eunhyuks room to wake him up, but later we find them hugging and sleeping.
Donghae: *feeling a little awkward in the studio now*
Sungmin: “Donghae reaaaaaly likes skinship~ ^_____^
아ㅋㅋㅋㅋ! *amused laugh* Aigoo, what a cute EunHae story! *eyesbrows wiggle* I would love to join this hugging-sleeping session! Photobucket
*talks to herself* What kind of woman are you? You would love to hug alomst every couple, ne?
@ Emmy: Nu, I`m not going pervy here! I just love to snuggle! *pout*
hehe… I love it how Donghae was like “just telling a bit…admit something and leave out something” and Minnie was like “Ah! Don`t be shy! Tell the truth! *telling the whole story*” XD

To end this cuteness-story, watch this: Super junior adonis camp – being cute
AAAAH! So this was the name of the epic series where we had the sleepy EunHae scene back then! Adonis Camp! *facepalm* How could I forget? It was so cool! (I watched some parts of this show)

The only thing that wasn`t funny today was a fan at the fansing of JYJ: A fans said she doesn’t want YC’s sign then she just walk away. D:< WHAT DA FACK!?
Chunnies face was first like “What da hell was that just now? oO *caught off guard*” and then he looked kinda confused and a little hearbroken.
Well, whatever he really thought in that moment: Wae do ppl behave like this? I mean: Wae telling Yoochun so obiously “I don`t like you” and turn away? WHAT DA HELL!?
This is the biggest WTFness I`ve ever heard about! Chunnie didn`t do something wrong. And even when he`s not her bias, he`s a good boy and always friendly. He has surely never ever done something to her in any way.
@ArielPuddeng said: “I hate biased people.People who so naturally label people. People who judge you via physical appearance.You’re ignorant and I hate your type
EXACTLY! #Theresnothingwrongwith having a bias but what did Chunnie do to give that woman the right to reject him just like that? oO Wae being rude like that?

This was obciously no OT5. This must have been a stan woman.
Altough Junsu is my bias I respect all 5 of them the same way. Seriously, if I would met one of them I wouldn`t care who it is. I would be too happy about having the oportunity meeting him in general. I don`t split our members in “I like this one and I dislike this one”. Althought now every member is my ideal typ of guy they are all good boys and their personality is the most important thing. And because they are all have a good personality I love them all.
Some ppl need to start to understand that the only thing that counts in the end is that the boys are good human. I like them because of that! And because they are working so hard for us to always show us their best. Looking at them and at what they do makes me feel so blessed as their fan. I mean, all 5 of them.
I could never ever do such a thing to them. I could never ever be rude to one of them like that woman. 1.) being rude to one of them hurts the others 2.) how can I call myself a -fan- of them when I go and behave like this? & 3.) That`s not how I was educated.

I don`t know what the parents of this person taught her for her life, but they surely missed something at the part “how to behave around other ppl” -.-”

Well, what are the other news?
— Brother was out eating again a while ago…
ooooh *___* seriously, I`m starting to get hungry!
— This is SICKness man! *Brian style*: SNSD’s ‘The Boys’ MV reaches over 7 million views in just 2 days!
I kinda understand this. The MV is very beautiful and the song is strong. Not only Sones are watching this. You kow I watched it too. Indeed, there are songs of them I like better, but this one isn`t all bad. It`s good.
— This is kinds cute ^v^: SNSD releases ‘Daum Store View’ CFs
Kim Hyun Joong performs “Lucky Guy” on ‘Music Bank’
oooh! It was cool! I watched it! But…somehow… I don`t appreaciate his current hair. Nah. However, it`s Hyun Joong after all ^^ aaaand in the end he won Music Bank! (this link also includes all Music Bank performances)
— Then FUCKYEAH!HANGENG! posted this: “Anonymous asked: How many pets does Han Geng have and what are their names? :3

He has two chinchillas, a male (“Long Long”) and a female (“Rong Rong”), in his apartment; two small dogs, “Mao Mao” (Pomeranian) and “Duo Duo” (Miniature Poodle) at his mother’s, and one dog at his dad’s.
They always have this question/answer thing on their blog. But woah! Han has Chinchillas?! ^ω^ I once had Chin`s too! *haha* Is this really true? awesome! That he likes dog we know for a long time. But what is this with the separation of his dogs? Does this mean his parents are divorced? D: I hope it`s not like that!
— This one was fun: Which idol would make a good CEO of an entertainment company?
aaaah, Hyun Joong is a really good choice! I can imagine him doing this job. Maybe he opens up a own company when he stops singing? ^^
Performances from October 22nd’s ‘Music Core’
yup. This is how I like my weekend! Music Bank, then Music Core and my WE is made! I love watching it! ^^
— This was soooo cute! –> [Vid] JYJ thank you Message (melon) Eng
— This was also very funny XDD –> http://Xiahnism – How to pray
— And: Today, HanGeng`s cuteness was once again showed even through his writing on WEIBO: Han Geng Weibo Updates
awwww… everytime he write something I can SO imagine him saying this in real. It`s so… HanGeng style! aigoo… I miss him T.T My perfect SuJu world was broken into pieces the day I learned about his leaving.

Well, when I first learned about SuJu I didn`t knew much about them. I was watching their older vids and the latest one was Bonamana. Sice they were so many and I didn`t even knew their names I didn`t realise that some members were missing (Kibum/HanGeng/Kangin). I just saw and heard another awesome band.
When I realized I wanted to know where they`ve gone and… *sniff* I found out that Kangin went to the military, HanGeng filled a lawsuit & Kibum went to be an actor. I was like “O:

And can somebody please tell was THIS was:
…What da—! PWAHAHA!!!! WHAT?
To be honest: Sone is the only FC I think is really suspicious or… not to say strange. Well, but maybe this person is just a black sheep out of all the sones. I don`t want to insult them now or talk bad about them. This is totally not the matter here and I`m absolutely not the type of person to do this. (when I don`t like, I don`t look)
I have to say: To go somewhere and post such a thing, on top of all with the wrong names of the members, is like… you feel the urge to embarrass yourself and want ppl to hate you.
I mean: WHAT IS THAT?! Wae against ELF?  _1.) It`s true: They are our close friends, we will never work against them. We get along very well.__2.) Wae working against them in the first place? I really wonder!__&__3.) if you hate them and/or SuJu wae don`t just stop looking at them? What`s the deal with this statement? It confuses da hell outa me!

Something less confusing, but amusing: THE COUPLE SEIRES, BABIES!!!!

“KangTeuk of the day”:
O: *jaw drops* Leeteuk! Kangin! Now you guys go fast forward here! O-M-O-N-A! They didn`t! O: … *rubs eyes and looks at it again* Yes, they did! XDD *looks into couple folder* ah ye! we even have the gif how this scene eded XDD But you guys have to wait a little for it! I will not show it now.

YeWook, how will you beat your Umma & Appa then today, after they`ve put up SUCH a show?
“YeWook of the day”:
aaah, they are going all classic: The sweet hug :3 awwww! and Yesung is really huggling Wookie~~ Photobucket They are SO cute! *loves YeWook* But… hm, I`m not exactly sure if this can beat KangTeuk today! (although it`s super-duper cute! ^__^)

And what will KyuMin show us today to keep up with the others?
“KyuMin of the day”:
awww! It`s snuggle time for the KyuMin couple! *^∆^* But… HYUKJAE! What is this? Don`t you separate the KyuMin couple while snuggling! You had your “hugging Donghae waist/hips”-time without them interfering *pout* wae not let them be? what a pity!
But anyway: Minnie sooo cute~Photobucket

good, good. All the couples did well! I hope I haven`t had too many embarrassing typos, because I will not re-read all this now. I will go to bed after posting this. Bye bye then~~ (it`s 10:16pm)

I only want to say: I updated my “k-dreams” sub-site here on the blog! At the end of the dreams now my first JYJ dreams is there too and I also added my dream about the JYJ album from back then (the one when it wasn`t even rumored that a album will be out in 2011 😉 ).

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